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  1. shantown

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Wishful thinking on my part that maybe we'd be blessed with no Wild Dog
  2. What rude person nominated Olicity as the couple they want to break up?! Using my five votes elsewhere in that category for sure!
  3. I didn't even think of this, but I hope ALL the Earths merge and that is the end of the "wacky" new version of Wells every season.
  4. This cast is so huge that they don't get to explore some of the current characters - I'd rather see Behrad bite the dust than Sara or Mick or Ray (and Charlie and Zari and Nora). There's a few characters that I wouldn't mind if they died or left for their "adult life" or whatever narrative is getting pushed, but I don't want to learn about another new character at the expense of current ones.
  5. Oof, no wonder they do so many con appearances! They could conceivably make more in a weekend than they do for an episode that took 7-10 days to film!
  6. Arrow and Flash fans both (rightfully) seem a little salty about how the Crisis is affecting their own shows. Legends fans don't seem too excited about it since those characters are minimized, when they actually even include them (and LoT would rather joke about a "hard pass" on the crossover anyway, lol). Are Supergirl fans stoked about the Crisis crossover? The writers are really betting big on going all in with this so I really hope it's actually worth it for all the shows.
  7. shantown

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    I think the audience is putting too much stock in the line "we're gonna need more diapers." (more than the writers are, at least). Aside from "This house is bitchin'" being somewhat of a recurring joke, how much of Barry's speed force gibberish has actually played out? I mean, we're still waiting on learning anything more about that speed force language he was writing in! When Nora was also writing in that I thought FOR SURE we'd get more about it and nope.
  8. shantown

    The Voice in the Media

    Coming back in the fall is too soon (as many others have said). Especially with all the same coaches. Too much of the same, and just too much period.
  9. shantown

    S04.E22: The Quest for Peace

    What? Those are asterisks and it's to denote that it's the finale, not just the next episode.
  10. shantown

    S04.E16: Hey World!

    This was my thought - Nate dying wasn't dramatic/emotional enough on it's own, they needed some sort of "lost love" aspect to it and so quickly rushed a romance. It really did a disservice to both Zari and Nate as characters. I think it would have been a lot more of a gut punch to get more of a reaction from others on the team - Constantine, who made that agreement to get Nate killed to save someone else. Sara, who was so adamant about not losing anyone on the team during this mission. Ray, his bro and the realization that they had sacrificed their lives for each other. I know Legends is the more funny/wacky show and not so much the "high stakes emotional wreckage" of the other Arrowverse shows, but I think this "death" could have been done better, and then still get the funny "singing James Taylor resurrects people" bit in there too.
  11. shantown

    S04.E16: Hey World!

    I’m sorry, we lose Zari AND are still stuck with Mona?!?! I can’t even appreciate anything good about this episode because that is all I’m gonna be stuck thinking about for the next 7+ months.
  12. shantown

    S04.E22: The Quest for Peace

    Agree with your whole post, @iMonrey. Also, it's like the cheapest attempt at DRAMA™ that is not actually compelling or good storytelling.
  13. shantown

    Season 6 Wish List

    YES to this! Barry has a lot of money, a whole research facility, and a police lab all at his disposal! If he's gonna become the guy who invents Gideon I need to see him have at least a little scientific curiosity, let alone actual competency!
  14. shantown

    S04.E22: The Quest for Peace

    A little ticked that the big bad of the season was focused on defeating Superman, but at least Eve’s story didn’t end with being Lex’s flunky so I guess that evens out. REAL ticked that not only did Kara not tell Lena, but that Lex told her, AND that Lena didn’t already secretly know anyways. I would have way rather seen Lena respond with “Duh.” before shooting him again because I am not looking forward to this drama being dragged out over how many episodes next season.
  15. shantown

    The DC Extended Universe: To Thanagar and Beyond!

    I'm neutral on Pattinson and think (as usual with comic casting rumors) that reactions on both sides are over the top. What matters WAY more is that they come up with a script that is actually well-written and interesting. The DCEU will probably never come close to what the MCU has done as far as movies, but they certainly can do better than the mess of the last few attempts (Wonder Woman being the exception, IMO). Come on, you have Justice League superheroes that were way more instantly recognizable than most Avengers were at the start and you can't put together ANYTHING compelling for them??