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  1. I laughed out loud when they showed William suddenly decided to leave work to go serve food at a homeless shelter. Wasn’t it late at night? Did he forget he was supposed to go? Why did he just waltz right in and grab a serving spoon without checking in or apologizing for being late or anything? I’m all for making him a more rounded character but that was so poorly jarring that it was comical rather than redeeming.
  2. So wait, if Killer Frost is going to be a person full-time now, what happens to Caitlin? Is she just the weird voice in her head now? I guess she has no outside job or family or friends that would notice she was missing so...
  3. Yeah but to compare shows from 1998/2002 which was a pre-any sort of streaming world isn't really a fair comparison. So much has changed in terms of not only the amount of content but the number of content providers (instead of just networks and cable) that it's no wonder that shows with lower ratings survive now - they're surviving against a lot more than what's primetime on the Big 4.
  4. I had other shows I planned on watching tonight, but after that episode I needed to take a quick breather (and take an aspirin for my cry-headache). Episodes that have to account for a real-life death are hard for so many reasons, not the least of which is knowing that so many of the on-screen tears are not acted. This was no different, though I enjoyed hearing the characters reminisce and seeing the tribute parade. It was a nice change of pace from the usual WTF-ness of Riverdale. Also seeing Shannen Doherty get a chance to pay her on-screen respects to Luke was such a wonderful moment.
  5. I enjoyed it. A good balance of characters, a fun backyard BBQ scene, good WestAllen moments. The team all seemed to gel and contribute and not just have a bunch of them standing around in the cortex just to be there. Also no Wells, which I HIGHLY enjoyed. We were allowed to focus on characters and story rather than be distracted by whatever new annoying version of Wells was bumbling about. If this episode set the pace for the season, I’m liking what I see so far!
  6. 100% THIS! My favorite crossovers have always been the mini ones between just LOT/Arrow, Arrow/Flash, or Flash/Supergirl. It gives the actual characters more time to interact and I love seeing that they actually know each other and are friends. I don't give two forks about any form of Superman, or a random actor who voiced someone in DC, or whoever. Give me the actual characters interacting!!! (I'm really hoping after this big blowout Crisis crossover that we go back to just mini one-ep crossovers here and there rather than these 5 hour movies overly jampacked with shows outside the Arrowverse)
  7. I'm hoping this is something they explore between those characters!
  8. Ooof, I didn't realize how squicky of a concept this was until I was watching it. They have a tough line to walk with not underplaying the seriousness/illegality/grossness of what the dad did and not getting bogged down in all that. I thought the pilot did a decent job in trying to manage the two very opposing sides (criminal sexual assault vs sisters, yay!) while also having to establish everything a normal pilot does. It was overstuffed and characters were a bit over the top, but that's par for the course with pilots. I liked it enough to check it out so I'll give it 3 episodes to hook me for real or not. Totally agree with this, but somehow I found myself weirdly liking the former child star character. Something about her bringing Brittany Snow a coffee and trying to add her on Facebook and stuff was so awkward it came back around to endearing. It looks like she had a pretty solitary childhood and all that awkwardness of trying to make a friend and being so bad at it, even without the awkwardness of being newly discovered half-siblings. I think she's got potential to be a really good, interesting character. (I mean, she also has the possibility to be the worst, most annoying character but I'm choosing to be glass half full!)
  9. Thanks for that great contribution... I am excited to finally check this show out tonight. I'm a fan of Brittany Snow, and out of the Pitch Perfect alums with new shows out right now, this one seems the most promising.
  10. I hope not! For as crappy as the show was this year I would hate to see one of the "Big 4" (EGOT) be relegated to basic cable or YouTube. I think they tried too hard to modernize the presentation (no host, "quirky" commentary, bits that would have been scrapped from a late night show opening, etc) when they really need to modernize the categories and who is recognized/honored/awarded.
  11. I would like to see the coaches make pitches more based on a critique of the performance and how they could help them, or how they could help them grow in general. You have superstars who know business, know music, know artists, know promotions. The whole pitch shouldn't be "You're the greatest singer on this show and you're going to win this season" because for 99.99% of them - that's not true. That being said, even with Blake's schtick wearing a little thin, there seems to be a cheerfulness to all the coaches this year and a friendly camaraderie between them all. It's a nice change!
  12. The millionth stupid plug for Masked Singer was too much for me. Turning it off, and I'll catch the worthy clips tomorrow. Best of luck, fellow watchers!
  13. The "no host" bit was the only actually fun bit so far. Sad for JLD, but very happy for PWB!!
  14. Cranston's bit is pretty good - why couldn't they have just opened directly with this, rather than two unfunny comedy bits?
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