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  1. I have a weird habit of watching the series finale of shows I never actually watched any other episodes of. I'm always interested in seeing how shows wrap things up - life goes on, we all end together, flash forwards, big life change, etc. But also - are they able to write an ending that can get an emotional response from me when I have no prior emotional connection to the show? I don't know much about this show besides "Book 'em, Danno" but to me it was really strange to have three totally separate endings. One of the main guy leaving the whole team and saying final goodbyes, one of the guy leaving his partner, and one of the guy actually leaving and running into his ex-wife? Long lost love? I don't know, but they had zero chemistry and maybe it was the fact that he left his team and his partner and his dog without so much as a single manly tear, but I was just like "well they're gonna get back together and be miserable." I would have liked to see the guy that got shot in the chest be with the rest of the team during the goodbye, or at least have suddenly showed up for a more private goodbye at the end? He just got left behind on a beach? Weird. I guess this was a "big life change" ending but it fell really flat, and didn't inspire me to go back and watch any episodes the way some finales do. Hope regular watchers found something to enjoy, or at least didn't find anything that retroactively ruined the entire show (a la HIMYM).
  2. I hope they air all the completed eps without breaks. It's not going to help ratings at all airing a new episode only like once a month.
  3. I get that you can't have a character (on this show especially) just have a trauma-lite life or age gracefully but this new plot for Richard of hallucinations and illness is just awful. I don't want to lose any more original cast but if you're out of stories for him, just let him retire and move on. Adding yet ANOTHER trauma into his life (and Mer and Bailey's) is cheap storytelling. UGHHHH why do I keep watching this show? Also, I was more into Teddy/Hayes or Teddy/Allison than I've ever been into Teddy/Owen. I just don't like him.
  4. Finally watching this movie during a quarantine binge. Can someone smarter than I am fill me in on what was up with Megyn Kelly's assistants? They both kept getting these heavy beats that didn't seem to pay off to anything. The red-headed assistant (Lily?) seemed like she was going to confess to also having been harassed by Ailes, though I didn't see anything that indicated that she finally did so. She kept having weird facial expressions when Kelly was talking to the small team, and even asked if she truly wanted to know names. The darker haired assistant (Julia?) seemed like she was being set up as one of those spies from upstairs that the local anchor talked about. Maybe it was just the actress, but she played the character as very shady, with no real payoff at the end. Anyone else think so or was I reading into it way too much?
  5. I could have sworn this would be his 4th? I can't remember his first appearance, but I thought he's been back when he knocked Barry off a building and Iris jumped off to save him, and again when Joe and Iris went undercover to break into some lab (I think with the young rogues?). Maybe one of those was his first? He is unique though which is good! I just don't want this to be another Reverse Flash where he shows up every season (or more)
  6. Ragdoll has been creepy but he is also now verging on the point of overuse.
  7. Abraham Lincoln doing karaoke was verging on weird Legends of Tomorrow territory. I think there were better ways to point out "VR is weird and the platform is malfunctioning" than that and the cranky emcee eviscerating people? I'm still not really into the whole Leviathan plot, it's just been too choppy for me. It started last season with Eve at the bus station with the old lady, then there was the weird Earthbender guy working with/for them, then it was an ageless woman in a hidden hotel suite, now it's the old lady again and she's stealing comatose bodies. It just makes no sense and I can't imagine there's a conclusion that ties all these things together in a satisfying and coherent way. I think they had a really interesting premise with the people hiding out from sad/traumatic realities and then getting stuck in VR and that could have been a really interesting business/investigative/superhero plot all on it's own. I'm still hoping they do something with it, the "too much of a good thing" premise has a lot of potential. I'm a little sad about less Lena, it's weird that they don't know what to do with her. (Side note, why couldn't the Andrea Rojas plot have been a plot for Lena? All these DC shows have a problem with bringing in characters that duplicate existing characters) I don't mind less/no Lex though. He works really well as an off-screen villain being referenced in passing. It stops working when he takes over the whole episode. I still don't like William Day of the Times of London. This was probably the best he's been used thus far - strictly in a supportive role, as a reporter, and not as the perfect true love for the lead. He was still a bit annoying - he's got NSA contacts! He's got the perfect caring words for Kelly! But it wasn't as bad here. I really liked Kelly's role too. They're finally starting to tie her into the story in a way that makes sense and hopefully that continues.
  8. Also, Gideon's one single tear as she said goodbye to Dr. Palmer! I wouldn't be opposed to a Zari/Constantine romance.
  9. And if they're not going to include him in a storyline that makes a lot of sense for his character, why have him? (Don't get me wrong, I like Chester. But if none of the "old guard" is leaving, there's not really room for him here unfortunately) I thought for sure he was going to end up being the mole! The way the actor played it, especially when he told Joe he believed him and wanted to be the one to handle the transfer of the mirror ball... it was so shady! Crisis would have been a great time to cut down on people no longer being part of Team Flash, especially when so many skillsets seem to overlap. Instead it's just awkward to have a cast of 10+ and then not see half of them for several episodes.
  10. All I wanted was Ray and Nora’s parting shot to be them walking off happily together. Instead we had to coddle Nate one more time. Ugh.
  11. "What happens to all the other Wells'?" "They'll be tortured by Thawne forever" Well then they'll know how I feel watching this show. Tortured forever by a thousand versions of Wells. Enjoyed everything else this week though! Siri was good, Barry using his brain was really good, Sunshine was good for a meta case of the week that also tied into the larger season mystery/villain.
  12. It took me a rewatch this morning to realize that the snowy VR scene at the beginning was the creepy Richard guy spying on his wife and Corbin Bleu. The rest of the episode, including Kelly saying she'd been reporting the failsafe fail for months now makes a lot more sense. I'm still a little curious why there isn't more of a worry about failsafes failing though? Also, were those children real kids allowed to run around unsupervised in the VR world? That seems unsafe. Much like allowing players to create their own sections of VR world with no guidelines or oversight or accountability seems unsafe? And they're just like... letting it happen? I genuinely did not remember Yvette as a previous character, so I was a little ticked that they created a roommate just to have her be assaulted in a hate crime. Though it's also ridiculous that they only bring this character back to be assaulted. I thought Nicole Maines did great in this episode, even though it must have been a difficult one to act out. I really love the mentor/mentee relationship Nia and Kara have and wish we saw it more consistently. I find it hard to believe Kara didn't know more about how Nia felt, or that Kara was surprised by how she felt. I also found it ridiculous that William had to tell Kara about hate crimes going unreported, like Kara who 1) is a reporter, and 2) has friends/family who are LGBT+ wouldn't have some idea of that already. (Or 3- exists in 2020 and has watched the news at some point). I mean I guess it's consistent to write Kara as incredibly naive when confronted with how evil people can be, but there really should be some growth on her part by now. I honestly thought Jeremiah was already dead. I thought he died during that whole CADMUS kerfuffle back in season 2 and that's why he was never mentioned again. Also agree that the episode should have picked an ending - the emotional punch of Alex telling Kara that Jeremiah was dead, or the creepy mystery of floating bodies. I feel like the bodies could have waited (unless Jeremiah was the body being rolled in at the end? Or was it Richard? Or the transphobic guy?)
  13. shantown


    Yes, having also watched ZEP now too I agree that they should stick with lip syncing!
  14. I don't blame her - mythology wise, Lex Luthor is arguably the 3rd biggest character after Clark and Lois. And in this cast, Jon Cryer seems to be well-liked. As a watcher of Supergirl though, this season has definitely gone downhill for me in terms of the characters I want to watch not getting (quality) screentime.
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