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  1. 100% what should happen. I don't really understand what KC has in her contract or whatever that they keep having to bring her back / give her additional backdoor pilots, but it's ridiculous. Never has anything been so "fetch" (ie, NOT. GONNA. HAPPEN.)
  2. And she got her own little emoticon on Twitter for it! Fun!
  3. I decided my favorite part of the crossovers is seeing how each person decides to go through a portal. Most just walk right through. Cisco and Kara do sort of a hands out jump. Barry does a little skip like he doesn't want to trip on the edge of the portal. It's fun to watch for 🙂
  4. Every character he plays is just a variation on how loud he whispers and how shifty his eyes are. The only convincingly effective character he's played is Reverse Flash, and even that doesn't have the same impact anymore since they drain that well dry practically every year. Yeah, I think both Flash and Arrow fans can agree that this isn't what they wanted, regardless of which character they like more. Yeah I'm a little ticked that instead of getting a little more dialogue and breathing room for (what should be) huge beats - WestAllen saying goodbye, Kara losing her planet and family (and generally not being filled in on the crisis when the other two knew for months), Oliver dying and Sara/Mia/Barry/DIGGLE!/William saying goodbye, Oliver becoming Spectre, etc - we are spending time on Lex. I like that Jon Cryer is a fan and seems to be enjoying himself on screen and off but it ain't what I'm here for.
  5. It's times like this I wish there was an eye-rolling reaction. I know that just by being involved on a message board we're a little more than just the "general audience" but that seems a little off-base from what I imagine even a causal fan wants from the show.
  6. Didn't Marc Guggenheim say to all the showrunners at the beginning of writing the Crisis (or at the beginning of their seasons?) that this would be the chance to really do huge changes if they wanted too? I'm like 90% sure there's not going to be ANY changes of consequence, no merged earths, no replaced doppelgangers, nothing. Maybe something on Legends, but probably not anywhere else. And that's really disappointing.
  7. Why did they have Marc Guggenheim on both aftershows if he wasn't going to add much, if anything, in hour 2? And why did Dani Fernandez get to guest on both hours? Is she specially connected to the Arrowverse in some way? I love that Kevin Conroy and Kat McNamara and the producers of all the shows guested. Would have loved if they had more bigger names on too. Why not JWS after episode 3 when Flash-90 sacrificed himself? Or Grant Gustin to talk about not dying? Or Brandon Routh! Also would love to hear from the writers to talk about how they collaborate on something this large. Basically, I wanted more of the people who made this happen, less of Kevin Smith screaming at me for an hour.
  8. Also, we all know that Barry will ultimately live, but it would have been way more emotional and impactful if he actually had disappeared, even for one episode, and they had to figure out how to get him back (Lex could have taken over Barry instead to make it work). Instead, there was no real emotional investment here so the whole episode ends up feeling empty.
  9. There were so many big moments that were so rushed. "Oliver, I'm a random comic easter egg and you have to be a spectre." "Okay." "I'm E90 Flash and I'll be the one to die because none of you thought of that." "Okay."
  10. I love when the heroes actually have a personal connection, a reason to fight alongside each other and fight for each other
  11. So these first three eps were Infinity War, and the two in January will be Endgame where they get all the Earths and people back?
  12. I like how everyone's all about saving the earth and Wells!Pariah is about saving his own ass 🙄
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