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  1. I get that it's a comic book show, and that comics have to continually reinvent the characters and start new versions/stories/histories to stay exciting and fresh after 80 years. But with a tv show this just feels dirty.
  2. That's probably the motive, but it was a real weak setup. All it needed was a throwaway line about Killer Frost offering to meet Allegra somewhere, "I'm in the office." Have Wells meet up with Ralph at some point in the future. Way easier than having them magically appear because reasons. These writers hate putting 1% of logic into the writing sometimes. I mean, Tom doesn't seem up to the task lately either
  3. I'm also really sick of Caitlin/Killer Frost. They haven't done anything interesting or useful with her in four seasons now, and her being awkwardly shoehorned into plots because they have to have the actress doing something is making me less and less interested in the episodes overall. Also they obviously don't have enough for characters to do... Ralph is MIA again, Cisco is MIA again, Wells' only plot is secretly moping about his doppleganger daughter. CUT SOME CHARACTERS if you're not going to write for them and they have no purpose!! Mirror Iris was interesting, even though I'm confused what/who exactly she is. It's not an opposite of Iris, she had some of the same skills/traits (still an investigator, still throws herself into the metaphorical fire) but some opposite ones (is a good cook now). I am interested in seeing how that plays out and it was nice to see Barry and Iris 1) as a couple, but moreso 2) working together. Barry is a superhero and a scientist and Iris is a reporter and an investigator WHY WHY WHY don't they combine their skill sets more often??
  4. So wait, super smart scientist Barry Allen, inventor of Gideon, inventor of a mobile Gideon.... had to buy an Alexa for his home?
  5. Just got back from seeing this and loved it. There were several parts I cracked up at, including everything Huntress said (or tried to say), the horn honking every time a guys head got slammed into the steering wheel, and the scene where she gazed lovingly at a breakfast sandwich being made. Stinks to hear it isn't doing well - it was a fun, enjoyable flick. All the Birds were great! Jurnee Smollett-Bell was fantastic as Black Canary - and the first screen version of Dinah/Lauren Lance I've liked since Caity Lotz. Mary Elizabeth Winstead killed it as the most awkward vigilante ever. And Rosie Perez was amazing and loved her arc of becoming part of the team.
  6. The full set of promo pictures is... boring? Here’s J’onn looking left. Now he’s looking right. Just sitting at a bar, looking at people. I’d rather have fewer photos and have them be really intriguing, hype-making photos than a collection of 10-12 of boring character stills. </get off my lawn moment>
  7. Don't get me wrong, I'm trying to keep up with all 6 (now 5) superhero shows, but sometimes you just want a show about normal people! I thought this one packed a lot in the first episode that could have been 2 or 3 episode arcs - Katy trying to get the personal shopper job, failing, and getting the window dresser job; Josie moving there, getting discovered, not getting a record deal; Ginger trying out twice for the show. It was slightly overstuffed for a pilot but didn't feel stuffed with too much exposition, which was nice. Side note - with Josie's line about Veronica "back in high school" is this show set in the future, or was Josie just a year older than the Riverdale kids?
  8. To each their own. I rather enjoy the slow, steadiness of the original. Bean's version is interesting, but the flourishes added aren't really my jam.
  9. Every Wells so far has been smug and entitled. There hasn't been much range to any of them. I think I am one of the few that doesn't really consider Tom Cavanaugh a gift to this show, so much as a curse.
  10. I would like to see someone who complements Kara's skills, rather than overtaking them. With Mon-El he had a lot of the same powers and ended up at being better at "cape tricks", etc. It lessened how great Kara was. Same with William of the Times of London. Kara's a great reporter. We didn't need someone to come in and be a more accomplished reporter on some big undercover story. I would like to see Kara date around a bit, which gives the writers a chance to see what traits work best (and what fans are most receptive too) and then go from there.
  11. I said it in the live thread, but this episode was a whole lot of "regular season plot" for a season finale, let alone the series finale. I wanted more of Felicity with her kids. I wanted more OTA. I wanted more of Oliver in general. I know he was dead but it seemed so odd to have a finale where the title character was barely around and had only three lines that weren't flashbacks. I know William getting kidnapped was just an excuse for everyone to be in their supersuits one last time, but I honestly didn't want or need that out of a finale. I've seen them fight a whole bunch. I haven't seen them say goodbye. I wanted more time for interactions between characters as this huge part of their lives came to an end. I didn't need a weird flirting scene between Tommy and Not!Laurel. I didn't need a Green Lantern reference. The saving grace was it ended with Oliver and Felicity together.
  12. Honestly, Ben's photo is the cast I'd want to see in a spinoff!
  13. Okay, I am a straight up sucker for series finales. I've even watched (and teared up) at finales for shows I DIDN'T WATCH. Which is RIDICULOUS. And I am completely bored and unmoved by this one.
  14. Diggle to Metropolis? Guesting on the new Superman show?
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