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  1. My hope for awhile has been that they chill on the crossovers a bit, and between shows ending and all the COVID restrictions I may be getting my wish. The big crossovers worked because Barry/Kara and Barry/Oliver had a friendship established from previous smaller crossovers. I hope they take some time to build some relationships across shows to actually give the big crossovers some emotional impact/actual stakes.
  2. Can someone help me out with what an "act out" is?
  3. Would love a quick arc with Mia on LOT rescuing William. A fun "crossover", wraps up the last storyline from Arrow, and gives LOT some time traveling to do again.
  4. What? I mean the article touched on her divorce and the many ways in which this pandemic has affected people, herself included. Like, I get that celebrities do agree to live more in the public eye in exchange for the money, but they're still human. No one feels like smiling all the time.
  5. I remember watching a video from the afterparty of the SNL 40th and he kept trying to get up on stage to sing and it was... messy at best.
  6. Someone tell the CW that "CW-Verse" is so fetch.... as in, not gonna happen!
  7. I like her, but I worry that this means even MORE Constantine/magic. I'm over it.
  8. "Actually, it's a little frustrating because people are constantly tweeting at me and I would love to answer, but there are certain things I'm not allowed to talk about until the powers-that-be decide we can." - MG So a non-update.
  9. I'm digging the comic book stylized posters they're doing!
  10. Right? I need a "rolling my eyes" reaction for this. And haven't we already done Owen's PTSD twice now?
  11. Listening to it this morning, which is a fitting time considering the more "chilled out" vibe of the album. No huge pop/radio hits like previous albums. I'm enjoying it so far!
  12. I'd like to see a bit more structure to the nominations process (Nerd alert!). Only taking the first 20 nominations meant some categories filled up with multiple entries from the same show, or just that folks who checked early got their nominations in while others who didn't get a chance to log on in the first couple days didn't have a chance at all. There could be some extra submission guidelines too - the only guideline for most seemed to be that it had to have aired in a given time frame. For some of the more popular categories there could be a bit more of a requirement. For the GOAT show, something about amount of time off the air, or pop culture impact, or binge-ability, or something. I don't have all the suggestions off the top of my head, but would happily volunteer a bit of time in the planning or prep stages if needed. I've been around since the MBTV days and have highly enjoyed and appreciated the awards and challenges and "scavenger hunts" the mods have hosted over the years.
  13. I am amazed at the impact she had beyond just the Glee world. There were quite a few big names on Glee back in the day who posted about their memories or working with her - Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristin Chenoweth, Ricky Martin, etc. But what I've been struck by are the posts from those who had no ties to Glee or any of Naya's other work, but were just fans of her characters or her impact on the LGBT/Black/Latina communities. People like Kamala Harris, AOC, Viola Davis, Josh Gad, Mandy Moore, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and more. It's been simultaneously lovely and heartbreaking to read about how well loved she was by so many. (Also Cory Monteith's mom made about post about Naya and her friendship with Cory that was just so sad)
  14. I 100% understand wanting to do SOMETHING instead of just sitting and waiting. I hope the constant barrage of tweets or people showing up to the lake isn't hindering the actual search by divers/county officers/etc. Tomorrow (7/13) is the anniversary of Cory Monteith's death, and although I hope she's found soon I hope it's not until Tuesday. Is that terrible to think? That day is already just such a sad one for the people on this show.
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