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  1. As a casual MCU fan, I thought the the Steve/Sharon/Bucky/Sam team at the start of Civil War was a great chance to have a smaller team doing exciting espionage type stuff together. I would have liked to see the movie focus on that more, rather than being an Avengers movie without being called such. ETA: I clicked away long enough to realize a similar smaller team of Steve/Sam/Nat/Wanda(/Bucky? honestly don't remember if he was there) was one of my favorite parts of the Endgame movie too. So maybe I really just wanted a crimefighters on the run movie!
  2. I liked it, being a fan of both Broadway (and DEH) and old school challengers. I wonder how much crossover there is in those two markets!
  3. Are Cedric the Entertainer sitcoms that well-known and enduring that this skit makes sense to anyone?
  4. There are a very limited number of winners who shouldn't be played off... this guy isn't one of them
  5. Are we really doing a VP debate skit? For real? Real timely jokes here.
  6. I don't think SNL should be eligible in most of these categories, but they do pull off an absolutely amazing feat of writing, acting, costuming, stage decoration, and more every week so it's hard not to recognize the hard work they put in SOMEHOW.
  7. A cheesy opening, but isn't that the point? At least everyone seemed into it and like they were having fun!
  8. Dragged back in for another episode like I'm getting rolls of $100 bills and new wigs for it :)
  9. Only an hour? Bummer! There was so much happening at the end! Was cracking up at Cory getting right up in everyone's business goading them into fighting. And Fessy hitting Josh! That's gotta be why TJ shows up at the house next week right? I didn't think Emy's alien song was that great, but props to her for being an entertaining part of this season and working hard to get a callback for future seasons.
  10. I really hope that's the last we see of Sara, at least with Shawn. Not that I dislike her, I just hope she's smart enough to realize those WETV checks aren't worth it!
  11. Sarah is smarter than I thought - don't give any addresses, girl!
  12. Her mom really told Daonte to kick rocks, bahaha
  13. The more he talks the more she's trying to paddle back to land
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