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  1. I 100% understand wanting to do SOMETHING instead of just sitting and waiting. I hope the constant barrage of tweets or people showing up to the lake isn't hindering the actual search by divers/county officers/etc. Tomorrow (7/13) is the anniversary of Cory Monteith's death, and although I hope she's found soon I hope it's not until Tuesday. Is that terrible to think? That day is already just such a sad one for the people on this show.
  2. I tried to watch clips of the nominees when I could find them in order to make an informed vote in case I hadn't seen any of the shows nominated (which often was all of them). I think it's partly that I don't watch anything popular apparently, but also that I think some shows win on the popular vote even if the scene/whatever nominated isn't actually the most fitting for what it was nominated for. Still fun though to see what kind of things other posters are watching!
  3. I feel weirdly proud that something I nominated won. I wonder if I can list this on my LinkedIn as an accomplisment. (hah!)
  4. Also worth considering (or not): Green Arrow backdoor pilot aired in late January (aka pre-pandemic times) vs yesterday (pandemic, summer). Not sure if that helps or hurts either case?
  5. "We have actors who really want to play those characters, um, who are - who are very interested in returning, uh, to play them, even if the spinoff doesn't get picked up." This has been a problem across all the shows in my opinion. Sometimes when a story (or show) is done a character is done too. Not everyone needs a spinoff. Not everyone needs to join Legends just because it was an ensemble mixed from multiple shows. It seems like the producers/writers are influenced too much by the person behind the character rather than what makes sense for a story (Laurel on Arrow, Nate's dad on Legends, Caitlin on Flash, etc)
  6. To each their own, but I think a season with all coaches who have been there less than 15 seasons would be nice.
  7. A nice change from having a 17-year old play an 11-year old I suppose!
  8. Those books got DARK. I wonder how much they'll cover in a movie - both how dark they'll go and how much of the series they will try to cram into one film.
  9. The only "just put them on other shows" ideas I will accept are a short arc with the Legends and Mia rescuing William and returning those two to their own time.
  10. I don't think so. I mean - characters, including Ralph, have gone missing for long stretches of episodes before. (And only Killer Frost gets some big storyline and overdramatic goodbye when it happens /end saltiness) Just say he fell into a black hole or something. It's a comic book show. They had stupid-hair anti-monitor killing all the universes by making old Flash run on a treadmill. There's literally not a reason they could come up with to write him out that isn't dumber than storylines they've already written. 😂
  11. And aside from KM, the supporting actors are what's going to make this show successful. BL, JDJ, and CB should have huge roles to play in their ties to the lead character, the legacy of Arrow, the Queens and Diggles, and one of the most recognizable villains from the original, Deathstroke. I hope it's dead, only because I feel like whatever they pull together focusing on just KM/JH/KC isn't going to be very entertaining. (IMO)
  12. Also telling that he didn't share anything until it very slightly had a tangential link his world (the Arrowverse shows)
  13. I don't think Chord has ever been close to her. The closest they ever were was the "Daleastreet" friendship which was pretty obviously just promo for the show. Darren and her have hung out a fair amount, but a lot of that was also promo for going on tour. It's hard to judge, but I think Darren and Jon Groff are two that I'm curious about their thoughts on it. Groff especially seems like a pretty standup guy, and it's interesting these two either condoned it or looked the other way for so long.
  14. I don't think any actor needs to give a statement on their sexuality (no matter how bad the fans want it/hope for it), but I think if you're going to make a statement it should actually say something. This reads like a blind item from a gossip site.
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