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  1. Thank you! I thought that as well, but then I'm an old comics nerd. *g* While it's fun to have Dolph Lungren on one of my favorite shows, the OOC is starting to grate on my nerves, yeah. Just because everyone tells you to date someone, doesn't mean you have to, Oliver. And, please tell me that- as another poster noted- that you figured out the security officer who passed along your movements to a reporter known for mocking you and your administration and fired their ass. I am tired beyond the telling of TPTB and their Dumb!Ollie happy times. Please let me have Scary and Smart Ol
  2. Possibly. There might be more jokes about how "ironic" her powers were ( whatever they ended up being) when her name is Snow. Then again, we might have flashbacks from this Cisco describing the trip to E2 and meeting an evil Caitlin with the same powers. The writing of "Caitlin must be Evil" falls into the lazy, simplistic, binary-thinking that seems to have set up shop in Central City. 'Omgwtfbbq! Caitlin has powers we saw a totally different sentient being have! Our Caitlin absolutely will automatically be Evil too!!!!!' Because Caitlin with powers isn't allowed to be Good, period? A gr
  3. I, too, enjoyed the episode! IA about Sara getting to stretch her ninja-assassin muscles against a warlord and that Mick was like a kid hoping to catch Santa. Others have touched on my minor gripes, so I won't duplicate here. I was curious if the trees we saw in the 'feudal Japanese forest' were anywhere close to what Japan could have; the group here is pretty knowledgeable, so ITYIA. Next week looks to continue the fun and silliness! Anytime Martin gets uptight makes me smile.
  4. While that is true, in a comic called Infinity Inc.- about heroes who were children, family or mentees of the JSA- there was a second Dr. Mid-Night who was a black woman. She had been mentored, medically, by the Golden Age Dr. Mid-Night. Both were blind, iirc, but either pills ( a Golden Age staple/trope) or something with the goggles let them see. I think the show split the difference. I enjoyed this episode and didn't expect to feel attached to any of the JSA, but I was hoping to find out more on all of them. I am excited at the prospect of Vixen adventuring with out group. ( I thi
  5. This seems obvious, but I think Wally and Caitlin are going to end up under Alchemy's sway. One wants powers so bad and one is scared of her powers. They seem like obvious targets. Maybe I'll be wrong, but no one just calls Caitlin "Frost" when they speak of her powered persona.
  6. I know I'm showing my age, but I am hoping to get a Mary Richards/ Lou Grant feel between them eventually. I like Ian Gomez, so I'm willing to wait for Snapper (#NotMySnapper) to be Kara's Mr. White. (Hee; Clark:" No, I didn't mean to imply you missed me.") Add me to the Miss You Cat group. Also the David Harewood/ J'Onn fan club. The scene with Kal in the Fortress of Solitude was very good. I disliked how entitled Kara was written. After the first rebuff, S1 Kara would have comeback with at least one good argument or have a story about what she just did ( Clark possibly giving her
  7. I realize that the show is titled The Flash, but why couldn't Jessie talk Magenta/ Frankie down? There was no real incentive for her to just trust Flash, but a young woman who has some parental ish too might be a bit more relatable? Why not showcase the new superhero of Central City in the episode that is supposed to be Jessie Quick's hero debut. I agree that Frankie should have stayed with the gang for training, quarks. I also thought, in order to keep Frankie from total character limbo, they could have said that Clarissa Stein was willing to take Frankie in. Clarissa is obviously not
  8. Please no.^ I am glad that someone finally told Barry that he was not acting heroic. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you have to all the freaking time. Also, was that the third or fourth time someone told Barry in simple language to fix the mistake(s) and he decided to meddle in the day-to-day of "Not His 'Original' " team? (Felicity, I love ya, but the lactose intolerance probably don't like pudding much. Just sayin'.) I did like the inclusion of Cisco's scene where he is angry at Barry's refusal to (essentially) bring back Dante. It was a good scene, but I felt the
  9. I loved Misty and Simone Messick was wonderful as the detective. I look forward to more Misty on Netflix. ::crosses fingers for Daughters of the Dragon, if Colleen is as wonderful as Misty::
  10. I enjoyed the series immensely as I gobbled down the season in a day. Two days later, I re-watched the whole thing with the hubby. I will be asking Santa for the soundtrack, definitely! Old school R&B with current hip hop and rap? And Sharon Jones sending us out on our melancholy way? Just right. I was another hoping Claire was talking badass Foggy. He works at Hogarth's firm specifically to handle superhuman cases, so I think Luke fits the bill. I am also one of the embarrassed who hoped the gunfight at Harlem's Paradise was how she got her bionic arm. I'm sure there is mayhem i
  11. I am really enjoying Kenneth learning how to be a part of a whole other family. He is currently not even aware of how he impacts the other kids, but I sort of hope that Kenneth helps Dylan find her running spirit again. Maybe even as unknowingly as he got her thinking about why she runs in the first place. Kenneth's enthusiasm for JJ to be cool, as fun as that is,is at least is tempered by understanding the job is about JJ. Seeing Jimmy and Kenneth be united for JJ over something could be a neat angle for an episode. But this is three episodes in and I am loving this show so much!
  12. John Ross Bowie is a stealth MVP, in my opinion. He balance's Maya/ Minnie's outsize energy with enough laidback to be a Lebowski. Jimmy keeps tabs on his other kids, knowing that May's laser-focused on JJ. He knows when to roll with Maya and when to point out when she's going overboard. The talk about what other people think with Ray was a great quiet moment in the latest episode (B-O-N-Bonfire). I hope he gets much more attention with Jimmy and the show!
  13. Michael clarified that the phrase "in the tub", as Das FlavorPup mentioned, was too much for the list the contestant was supposed to give. If the gent had kept the clue to "rubber ducks", that would have been fine.
  14. It was cool to see Snoop so competitive and Sugar Ray so laid back. (We got a double dip with Snoop; he was on Pyramid just after this show!) Mr. A and I will be trying to use 'pie in the horse' in conversations whenever we can! *g* The women of the Ali family were looking sharp! They also totally nailed Fast Money.
  15. In my post, I stated that the question was not area-specific, i.e. the holding could happen anywhere, so 'steering wheel' was reasonable, even if it didn't appear. As to the tree thing, I just mentioned it because it was fun.
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