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  1. No, that was mentioned when David got sued for an exorcism last season, back when they originally introduced Renee.
  2. I loved prank calling Armus so, so much.
  3. The info Beth sees in the goggles about him when she got them shows him born in 1914, so presumably there's something like that or the JSA time jumping or being frozen in time at some point.
  4. It’s also on Disney Plus buried in the Iron Man 3 extras,at least in the US.
  5. He's also been on Sara's favorite Winonna Earp.
  6. Or clones don't start with souls, but normally achieve them over time. Or the clone soul voluntarily left and returned from whence it came. Or something else weirder.
  7. With Nate and Hank we’ve also seen the soul can sometimes hang around for a while after death watching things so it’s not clear to me it couldn’t still be there to jump in a new clone body given the opportunity.
  8. I think it’s really underestimating the families to think they didn’t realize that the chefs were going to have to cook with this stuff.
  9. Mr Carroll noticed it missing during the night Ryan had it after hearing a noise outside (presumably Ryan taking it). He only recently returned to the shed and noticed it returned.
  10. That bugged me because there was no apparent weight to it so it was clearly an empty pizza box (aka the empty coffee cups shows use all the time) and if it had been real the pizza would be all messed up from not keeping it horizontal. Also the courtroom stuff was silly. But padding your pizza box so it has weight and treating it like an actual pizza should be so easy.
  11. If you go back and watch the actual footage he showed them it was stuff we saw here like Wanda using her powers to open the doors into SWORD so it looks like she forced her way in and her bursting through the glass to fly down to Vision’s body. Hayward just says she took the body.
  12. They don't have artificial gravity, but the ship was accelerating so there's apparent weight at the moment.
  13. The thing that bugged me was the storty where Saru claimed they were descendants of the ship's original Starfleet crew members. The story doesn't stand up to much examination and even if it had if things go well talking to Earth you're eventually going to have to come clean. Telling them you've traveled from the past would have been a simple enough explanation and still allowed Saru to omit information he didn't want to go into yet without actually lying.
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