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  1. How do the space people know about Terrans enough to look down on them? Are there a bunch of other humans (besides I guess Star Lord and Captain Marvel if we’re still in some variant of the MCU) who’ve gotten into space somehow and are giving Earth a bad reputation?
  2. DavidJSnyder

    S05.E22: Legacy

  3. DavidJSnyder

    S07.E19: Spartan

    It's nice that Team Arrow has carefully marked Classified folders to put the printouts of classified files Felicity steals into.
  4. DavidJSnyder

    S02.E09: Project Daedalus

    That wasn't this episode.
  5. DavidJSnyder

    S02.E10: The Red Angel

    She has been in a couple of previous episodes this season. She is also the actor who played Airiam last season. (This season she was recast.)
  6. DavidJSnyder

    S02.E10: The Red Angel

    She's taking over Airiam's position.
  7. DavidJSnyder

    S02.E07: Light and Shadows

    Though on Voyager Tuvok survived Pon Farr by having sex with a hologram of his wife.
  8. DavidJSnyder

    S02.E09: Project Daedalus

    Was there a line that I missed about why they couldn’t beam them off the station? Earlier they said if there is any trouble we’ll beam you out if there, but then trouble arose and they didn’t seem to try to attempt it. Also, when Airiam disabled her helmet, I wondered why they couldn’t just eject her into space with her helmet on and then pick her up later. She still would be in transmitting range? But that means transmitting requires her organic components?
  9. I wish they had come up with an offensive power for Nia that didn't look like generic energy bolts (even if they're powered by "Dream Energy", whatever that is). Feels like you could tie into dreams with something more trippy. On the other hand, I liked how they handled the Hat's powers. Though I'm not sure about his accent.
  10. I don't know if they've always been entirely consistent, but Supergirl has been previously shown as not being able to breathe in space. Back in the finale of the first season she flew a spaceship into space, lost consciousness, and had to be rescued by Alex flying the pod that brought Supergirl to Earth.
  11. DavidJSnyder

    S02.E05: Saints of Imperfection

    I found it distracting that Pike and Georgiou are supposed to be Academy contemporaries even though Yeoh is about ten years older than Mount ( who is already older than Jeffrey Hunter was in The Cage.) I liked their interactions, but I think a different prior relationship could have been established.
  12. DavidJSnyder

    S02.E07: Deflectors

    MacFarlane is the credited writer on eight of twelve in the first season and I think three so far this year.
  13. There are negotiations to put the kid-oriented animated Star Trek series on Nickelodeon. https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/star-trek-animated-show-nickelodeon-1203138869/
  14. DavidJSnyder

    S02.E04: An Obol for Charon

    Also Prince, who Jett was dreaming about playing drums for and mentioned like everyone would know who was.