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  1. Probably. They re-use/re-purpose sets all the time to save money. I really didn't notice and didn't care to notice. I remember discussions about set re-use on some of the Arrowverse boards. And... I just didn't care. Shows have a budget. Do you really want them to fire [insert actor/actress you like] so they can devote money to... having different-looking rooms? I know I don't.
  2. I will agree with the earlier poster, though in that "Don't play dumb with me, you're not smart enough." should definitely be on everyone's "Best Line Ever" list.
  3. Currently rewatching this on Hulu. I love the depth of thought that Sherlock put into helping Marcus. He carefully considered Marcus's values and personality. Then he used his (apparently considerable) influence and contacts within various US Law enforcement and intelligence agencies to secure the Marshal's Service's offer to Marcus. Plus, on a side note, consider that the Homeland Security agents were perfectly fine accepting Holmes' direction in terms of when they could apprehend the Black Pill site admin. While it's never outright stated, it's pretty clear that word has gotten around that "If Sherlock Holmes calls, you take his call because it will almost certainly be worth it."
  4. Sure it did. In our world in our Bible. But Lucifer doesn't take place in our world (except on TV), so perhaps their Bible is different from ours. Or perhaps those "sons of God" refer to beings other than true Angels. Or, again, perhaps the Nephilim are different from Linda's baby in that they aren't truly "celestials" and hers is/will be. Could be a lot of things.
  5. Unlike any other show I have ever seen, Elementary has no "bad" episode. Even in depths of the Shinwell depression (and let's keep in mind that it's likely that one of the reasons for actor's low-energy performance was that he was suffering from what killed him after the end of the season), the episodes are still quality. Some are better than others but all of them are at least decent.
  6. I think part of it is that when he's "on" and focused, Sherlock is really, really, really good at reading people. I just watched a Season Four episode where Morland tells Sherlock than an assassin who tried to killed him and did kill the woman he was dating had been "dealt with." Sherlock responded with "Well, you're lying, so I'll just have to investigate and find out the truth myself." There wasn't anything obviously off when Morland said what he said, but Sherlock detected the lie anyway. Some of this show is scripted with the audience in mind, but some it of is just the occasional "detective superpowerz." I think the bit with Michael was one of them.
  7. I haven't. I think they went for Lui first and foremost and would have gone for another actress if they couldn't have gotten her.
  8. Rewatching this. Loved Sherlock warning and then slugging the asshole Dad, then announcing that they take his case.
  9. Up to this moment I thought Goatwhore hadn't been created for Elementary.
  10. I loved how the studio audience could be heard by Huey and turned out to be horrifying laughing zombies.
  11. Just rewatched this on Hulu. Still love the "inner me is doubled over with laughter" followed by "inner me is now soiling himself."
  12. Hah! "Hans" and Gretel. Cute, show. Very cute. The bits where Jonah drifts into some goofy movie ad aren't wearing thin yet. Meanwhile, Josh Radnor packed more charm and funny into that little scene with Logan as the Hunters were leaving than he did in nine season of How I Met Your Mother. Also, I kind of need to see Alyson Hannigan killing the shit out of Nazis on this show at some point.
  13. To be fair Tatooine's economy in the original and prequel trilogy seemed to be heavily crime lord based. Jabba was the local employer. With him gone the place is drying up. This was probably my least favorite episode even with Ming-Na Wen playing the Ming-Na Wen character (tough/powerful badass whether good or evil). Not for nothing but it would be cool if they brought her on some show wearing her dark outfit and she just turns into the goofy nerd she seems to be in real life. The Bounty Boy was dull, annoying and I'm glad he's dead. I will say that I liked that he didn't die heroically making up for being tricked by Fennic or have some last-second change of heart surrender to/escape from Mando to pop up again. Nope, he's just dead. Really I'm looking forward to the next episode and... but that would be spoiling things.
  14. Find somebody on Etsy to make you one. And I don't think Disney erred all that badly. Recall that in a little less than three weeks, they have a little film in theaters called The Rise of Skywalker which will have mucho merch coming out of it. They probably didn't want Baby Yoda in competition with all of that. Also, Jon Favreau asked them not to do anything with Baby Yoda that would spoil his debut in the show. Besides, this way all those people desperate for a Baby Yoda will have to stew for a year until TM's second season, at which point Disney will open the floodgates and drown the world in Baby Yoda stuff.
  15. johntfs


    Honestly Jim shooting up the club was a little bit clever. By shooting up the club and "just happening" to kill Patrice, he gets everyone looking for a whacko mass shooter instead of for someone with an actual motive to kill her like he had. I choose to believe that Maggie is always right because the Devil gave her that power in exchange for her soul. Because Maggie knows the Devil: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0955322/?ref_=nm_knf_t3 That said Maggie has shitty tactical awareness. Jim would have killed her ass if he'd just been smart enough to shoot Odam in the head while he was down trying to recover. He had a Glock 19. That's 15 rounds in the clip and 1 in the chamber. Finish off the one threat and then go after the other one. At which point he can kill Patrice at his leisure and get a jump on the pursuit. Maggie and Odam kind of deserved to die for being stupid enough to go to a place occupied by someone under active threat from a killer without bringing backup.
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