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  1. I caught some of this yesterday along with some of Oak Island. Oak Island at least brings in some occasionally cool stuff. Skinwalker Ranch, with the segment dates from 2019, seems like the world longest, kind of dullest found-footage movie. Like at the end we'll exclaim, "Oh! So that's how they all ended up as dismembered, radioactive skeletons."
  2. As the Winter Soldier Bucky was trained to be coldly ruthless when fighting. To kill as efficiently as possible. Bucky doesn't want to kill anymore. So he's not fighting as "efficiently."
  3. Private boats. Private planes. She does have a huge sympathetic network. Look at Osama bin Laden. After 9/11 it took the US not quite ten full years to find him and end him. Osama bin Laden was a 6' 5" Arab dude with a huge beard and kidney disease. The idea that Karli and her group could get into New York is far from a deal-breaker for me.
  4. Well, it's been awhile since I saw it but IIRC the art restorer was killed by the person he himself killed. The restorer and his wife concocted a plan to make money that had been in close contact with drugs seem dangerous so the DEA would give them a contract to literally launder/clean the money to make it safe to use. Part of that plan involved the restorer going to an acquaintance who was now a criminal and getting him to steal money from a safe - money that they had tainted with a deadly poison. In the course of robbing the safe, the acquaintance killed the restorer to keep all the money
  5. A thing to consider about the Dora Milage is that they are the "elite of the elite" warriors of Wakanda. They are its "John Walkers." Wakanda is the powerful "super-power" nation-state in the world as far as we know. Just as American special forces are the "big swinging dick" in Wakanda the "big swinging dicks" have vaginas. Walker's "shoulder touch" represented a challenge to the Dora Milage. And in Wakanda, a challenge like that only ends when one party either yields or dies. And "ignorance of the culture" is no excuse as far as the Dora Milage are concerned. As for Karli the
  6. It seems less than likely that HYDRA would give their Winter Soldier slave weapon time off to bang, but who knows? I hope that the situation with Ayo doesn't end with a fight but with her and Bucky talking things out and then joining the group to keep an eye on Zemo. It'd be funny to watch Sam bounce hard off the idea that Wakandans are not African-Americans. I mean, Wankanda has basically been a nation-state since before the beginning of recorded human history. Zemo being a Baron is basically a child playing dress-up compared to the lineage of their royal family. Plus, it's proba
  7. Maybe, but figure "Invite yourself onto top secret military missions" is still probably not going to be one of them.
  8. Most people would include most white people. Most white people would not feel entitled to go on to a military base to lecture a black man on some choice he made and then invite themselves along on a mission to continue said lecture. I'll agree that it's privilege of some sort. It's just not specifically "White" privilege in this case.
  9. I don't see that as "white privilege" because the person who holds all the power in that moment is Sam. If Sam says "Get your ass off this base" Bucky has to leave or beat the shit out of some soldiers and become a fugitive again. I mean if some random white person had trespassed onto the base to bitch Sam out about giving away the shield, that's exactly what Sam would have done. This was more "friend" privilege or at least "friend of a friend" privilege, because that's really what Sam and Bucky are at this point, two people who were friends with Steve Rogers but not friends with each other
  10. I was making a joke about how unlikable John Walker comes off as being. I really hope there aren't actually idiots harassing Wyatt Russel over the character he is playing.
  11. I think Wyatt Russel is doing an excellent catering to the writer/director/studio requests "Okay, Wyatt, what we want is for your personality to be such that random people on the street in the real world will walk up and try to slap the life out of you."
  12. Bucky and Sam did help save the universe from Thanos, so there's that. Also, Bucky is likely known to be one of the deadliest human beings on the planet, so the beat cops are probably more inclined to "handle him with care."
  13. From the Something Awful forum by someone who has a PhD in critical race theory:
  14. I liked the little call back we got to Wakanda with the White Wolf reference. I think it's a little funny that people always talk about the Shield but nobody really considers the Arm. I mean figure the Shield going to Howard Stark could easily have been: Wakandan1: So what did you give to that colonizer to get him to go away? Wakandan2: That old disc of Uncle M'Bakran's that he used to play "fetch" with the War Rhinos.
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