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  1. Black Muslims are very much a thing. Killmonger is very smart and very skilled. We can assume he was able to infiltrate the 10 Rings because of that. If he doesn't save Tony, he can still use the evidence against Stane to give Tony's friends/family justice for Tony's death and maybe get in an with them that way. Saving Tony was basically an opportunity for Killmonger. If it didn't pan out maybe there'd be different opportunities later. Tony Stark is probably one of the most famous people in the world. His biography is likely also well known - like the fact that he tragically lo
  2. 1. As noted below the Ten Rings had multiple ethnic group and in our real world we had John Walker as American Taliban. Also, personally saving the billionaire mid-attack nets more gratitude than making a phone call to Army security. 2. "Why yes, Mr. Stark. My father was killed by his brother, who is the King of Wakanda and I am a member of that royal family with a huge grudge against the king. And figure everything I do here in your company will be service to that grudge." You can why "Gangs really suck" makes for the better answer there, right? 3. In the afterlife he did. T
  3. Elvis and some renegade undead Skrulls could have been behind everything, but the easiest explanation is that Killmonger found evidence of the plot to kidnap/kill Tony and decided that the gratitude of a billionaire arms manufacturer would be very much worth having. And once he saved Tony, he found other evidence that implicated Stane.
  4. I think we should give considerably weight to what the Ancient One said. For the universe to survive Dormammu, Stephen Strange needed to be the Sorcerer Supreme. In our universe that was accomplish by the damage to his hands. But why? Because the loss of his ability to do surgery, to be Doctor Stephen Strange, exploded the foundation of Strange's life and sent him spiraling into despair and desperation. Strange needed to arrive at the Ancient One's door desperate and broken, with no other place to go. And that's what happened in the main MCU. Here things were a little different. He
  5. One of the big points of "What If?" is "What if shit went really, really wrong in this story you remember?" So, yeah, it's going to be dark more often than not. Besides, this episode is set up for a "happy" ending. Thanos will murder Peter, T'Challa and Cape Scott, get the Mind Stone and snap everyone except himself cure of the zombie curse so he'll have plenty of people to eat.
  6. That "do-over desire" seemed like a two-way street to me. Based on "The Winter Soldier" It seemed more like Peggy led a "good enough" life but she still always carried a "Steve Rogers sized" hole in her heart, just like Steve had "Peggy-sized" hole in his own heart. Steve going back to her at the end of Endgame wasn't so much about him deciding that he deserved to be happy. It was him deciding that both he and Peggy deserved to be happy. If Peggy had described her post-Steve marriage as "the best thing ever" Steve wouldn't have done what he did because he did love Peggy and did want he
  7. Sure, but it's an "entitled dickdom" with which we can empathize. Over in the MCU TV thread on Something Awful, a couple of people have chimed in how this was a hard episode to watch because they'd lost people (a wife and a fiance). And one of them noted that:
  8. Because that just makes him an entitled dick. And the end consequence is Dormammu eats the universe, the end. The thing here is that this Dr. Strange, was, in many ways, a better person than Strange Prime. He opened his heart to another person, Christine, whom he loved. However, in the movie, Strange lost his hands (or at least his ability to do surgery) . Because of that he lost his sense of self. He had to absorb the idea that some things couldn't be fixed. That he couldn't fix them. He became Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme, taking up the skills of magic to replace his skil
  9. Sharon's "pre-villain" role was to be Steve's contact/helper-monkey and a Carter girl he wanted to bone now that Peggy was too old and gross for that sort of thing. Her getting to be a villain with her own agenda is in fact way more interesting than that. As for Betty, it was a little difficult to believe Liz Tyler as her being in a relationship with Mark Ruffalo's Banner (though I had no trouble seeing her with Edward Nortan's Banner). That said, Liv Tyler would make for an interesting ex for Ruffalo's Banner in the upcoming She-Hulk series. Just lots of: Betty: You du
  10. Even if she believed absolutely that this was one of Loki's schemes, it doesn't change the fact that Thor was murdered by a human. Plus he was murdered by a human with specialized technology. Recall how Odin treated Jane in Thor 2. That's probably the default attitude Asgardians have toward humans. They didn't (and won't) have Thor going "No, no they're much different" in this universe.
  11. The humans helped find Thor's killer who was another human who had killed Thor out of thoughtless spite. Thor was the beloved crown prince of Asgard. He'd been getting away with stuff for years because he was the beloved prince of Asgard. And one of these fucking upjumped monkeys killed him as a tangent pursuing vengeance against people completely unrelated to Thor. In the first Thor movie Sif and the Warriors three tried to stand against the Destroyer to protect people Thor cared about. They did that because Thor cared about those people and they (Sif and the 3) cared about Thor.
  12. In point of fact they did not cheat. It was established in the actual MCU universe that Iron Man 2, Hulk and Thor happened very close together - within the same week. There's even a tie-in comic called, wait for it, "Fury's Big Week" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fury's_Big_Week
  13. With Shatner playing Denny Crane, damn right:
  14. Wasn't that the one where the Winter Soldier almost killed Black Widow? Lake Bell makes me happy because she's awesome as Poison Ivy in Harley Quinn. Also with her showing up and James Spader having appeared as Ultron, it gives me hope that we'll get more Boston Legal peeps into the MCU. God-dammit Disney! Give us William Shatner as MCU Denny Crane already!
  15. This is all fan-wank but maybe in this reality Hank went so far as to keep Hope out of his company just in case she tried to replicate his work. So, she joined SHIELD - in part because she knew he'd hate it (recall per the Ant-Man movie that Hank and Hope had a pretty bad relationship). Pym probably demanded that Fury reject Hope and Fury told him to fuck off. Eventually she got killed as an agent of SHIELD. By who/what? It doesn't really matter. Hank Pym, who was always probably one bad day from going supervillain after his wife disappeared into Quantum Hell (while on a SHIELD-requested
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