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  1. Up to this moment I thought Goatwhore hadn't been created for Elementary.
  2. I loved how the studio audience could be heard by Huey and turned out to be horrifying laughing zombies.
  3. Just rewatched this on Hulu. Still love the "inner me is doubled over with laughter" followed by "inner me is now soiling himself."
  4. Hah! "Hans" and Gretel. Cute, show. Very cute. The bits where Jonah drifts into some goofy movie ad aren't wearing thin yet. Meanwhile, Josh Radnor packed more charm and funny into that little scene with Logan as the Hunters were leaving than he did in nine season of How I Met Your Mother. Also, I kind of need to see Alyson Hannigan killing the shit out of Nazis on this show at some point.
  5. To be fair Tatooine's economy in the original and prequel trilogy seemed to be heavily crime lord based. Jabba was the local employer. With him gone the place is drying up. This was probably my least favorite episode even with Ming-Na Wen playing the Ming-Na Wen character (tough/powerful badass whether good or evil). Not for nothing but it would be cool if they brought her on some show wearing her dark outfit and she just turns into the goofy nerd she seems to be in real life. The Bounty Boy was dull, annoying and I'm glad he's dead. I will say that I liked that he didn't die heroically making up for being tricked by Fennic or have some last-second change of heart surrender to/escape from Mando to pop up again. Nope, he's just dead. Really I'm looking forward to the next episode and... but that would be spoiling things.
  6. Find somebody on Etsy to make you one. And I don't think Disney erred all that badly. Recall that in a little less than three weeks, they have a little film in theaters called The Rise of Skywalker which will have mucho merch coming out of it. They probably didn't want Baby Yoda in competition with all of that. Also, Jon Favreau asked them not to do anything with Baby Yoda that would spoil his debut in the show. Besides, this way all those people desperate for a Baby Yoda will have to stew for a year until TM's second season, at which point Disney will open the floodgates and drown the world in Baby Yoda stuff.
  7. johntfs


    Honestly Jim shooting up the club was a little bit clever. By shooting up the club and "just happening" to kill Patrice, he gets everyone looking for a whacko mass shooter instead of for someone with an actual motive to kill her like he had. I choose to believe that Maggie is always right because the Devil gave her that power in exchange for her soul. Because Maggie knows the Devil: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0955322/?ref_=nm_knf_t3 That said Maggie has shitty tactical awareness. Jim would have killed her ass if he'd just been smart enough to shoot Odam in the head while he was down trying to recover. He had a Glock 19. That's 15 rounds in the clip and 1 in the chamber. Finish off the one threat and then go after the other one. At which point he can kill Patrice at his leisure and get a jump on the pursuit. Maggie and Odam kind of deserved to die for being stupid enough to go to a place occupied by someone under active threat from a killer without bringing backup.
  8. johntfs


    The fact that the racist group was run by Kylo Ren (since it's the First Order) took me out of the episode quite a bit.
  9. As I understand in some weird future in the old show Webby and Doofus ended up married. I kind of hope there's an episode where Doofus develops a (creepy, possessive) crush on Webby. He'll kidnap her to make her his girlfriend. And she will beat the tail-feathers off him and it will be glorious.
  10. I never saw the original Ducktales but I love this take on it. Webby is just completely adorable and super-badass. Also, Scrooge travels around having adventures with younger companions. He is The Duckter.
  11. My work schedule shifted so I usually don't get to original FiF. I never bothered to get into Knife or Death. Just the previews caused my IQ to dip.
  12. The Diamonds seem to be much, much older than other Gems, so that might be part of it. Also, do me one of two favors. First favor: just mess around on your computer and live your life for hour. Second favor: Stand on one leg on your tiptoes, other leg behind you and arms outstretched. Hold that pose for an hour. Do nothing else. Don't speak. Don't move. Hold that pose for an hour. I'll be that second hour will be a whole lot longer to you than the first one. Pink told Spinel to stand still and wait for her. Even worse, she didn't use her "Diamond command" to do it. She made it a "game." She turned Spinel into the "jailer" for Spinel. All that effort. All that isolation. And for nothing. It's not surprising that Spinel had a murderous psychotic break in the face of that.
  13. Good for her. I liked her fine on LoT but since she's gone I'm glad she's still getting work.
  14. I admit that I'm pretty much indifferent to any Arrow character joining the Legends. Mostly because I pretty much stopped watching the show after Season 5 (Oliver is having this much trouble with this one guy? Really? Because Season 1 Oliver would have popped this dude like a zit. Hell, Island Year 3 Oliver would have popped this guy like a zit).
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