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  1. johntfs

    S07.E13: Their Last Bow

    McNally is a bit like Sherlock in that he sees his profession as a calling. And McNally's profession is to protect the USA and its citizens. Reichenbach was giving McNally a way to prevent these horrible mass-killings we've seen in the news so often, perhaps even to prevent the next 9-11. Of course McNally would want that weapon in his arsenal. Over the three year time jump, McNally saw how flawed that weapon actually was and was likely reluctantly grateful to Sherlock for taking Reichenbach down before the man could potentially bring the NSA down with him. Beyond that, McNally saw Sherlock doing good work that helped him. Of course he'd want Sherlock to do even more good work to help him.
  2. johntfs

    Killjoys Actors in Other Roles

    Kelly McCormack and and Aaron Ashmore will be in a movie called Sugar Daddy which Kelly McCormack also wrote.
  3. johntfs

    S05.E05: A Bout, A Girl

    Obviously somebody thought Dutch was a guy because of her gigantic set of (metaphorical) balls.
  4. johntfs

    S07.E10: The Latest Model

    Odin's point was that if he'd just had the guy killed like he wanted then zero innocent people would have lost their lives. But because he allowed Sherlock and Joan to sway him into attempting something more "moral" two innocent people got murdered instead of zero.
  5. johntfs

    S07.E10: The Latest Model

    I think the most likely interpretation is the surface level one. Sherlock tried to intervene and succeeded in preventing the suspect's planned crime. But the guy was unstable and committed a different horrible crime instead, Odin was angry because Sherlock's experiment cost two innocent people their lives.
  6. johntfs

    S07.E10: The Latest Model

    Looks like the Odin arc is heating up going into the final four episodes.
  7. johntfs

    S07.E09: On the Scent

    Not super likely - they live in a two-story with a basement brownstone. So, lots of stairs and Ollie has hip dysplasia. That said, Sherlock and Joan are pretty well off financially, so they could afford to get Ollie anything up to and including a total hip replacement to treat the dysplasia. Given that we'll never really know more about Ollie, I prefer to think that Sherlock and Joan paid for him to get full treatment and then arranged for him to go to his old partner now that stairs would no longer be an issue.
  8. johntfs

    Relationships in The Quad: What the Hells?

    I think there's a lot of validity to this. You also have the situation where the Lady wants to keep people as far from reminders of their old lives as she can. Pree is stuck as a joyless Killjoy having to have an affair with the man he loves. Zeph is a stinky, "crazy" homeless woman no one is likely to believe. Johnny is a bar owner without any of his computers or tech. I don't know what happen to Turin, but probably nothing he'd want. The only one who came out of this somewhat normal is Da'vin, who is still basically a Killjoy. But even he is working alone instead as part of a team/unit, something he kind of dislikes.
  9. johntfs


    Currently watching "The Nail in the Coffin" from Season 9. I find myself weirdly happy for the Donna Hastings character. Sure, she got interrogated, but the end result of all that is that she gets to be a billionaire because she's basically the last Mcnamara.
  10. johntfs

    S07.E09: On the Scent

    I did too, but then they arrested him as a phone thief, so I figured he got bitten while stealing somebody's phone and dropped him as a suspect. These have mostly been answered, but the steaks were to lure all the dogs over to him so he could get Ollie. The brother learned about the shipment from his sister, the lawyer - presumably through idle gossip/conversation, though why she knew about it and was indiscreet enough to tell him is anyone's guess, but she wasn't conspiring with him to steal the shipment.
  11. johntfs

    Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

    One thing to consider is when did Tony set this up? And the clear answer to that is that he did it when he did his "Snap" in Endgame. Because he wouldn't have done it earlier since Peter was basically dead. If it had existed before Peter's death, Tony would presumably have used it when Thanos' lieutenants attacked New York to get Dr. Strange's Time Stone (I still love the way Tony explained that "He's from space. He wants to steal a necklace from a wizard." Just Tony's whole tone of "I can't believe that this is really my life."). It's pretty clear to me that Tony considered Peter to be the son he never had. Tony over-engineered the hell out of Peter's costumes, even giving the one in Homecoming an "instant kill option." In Infinity War we see that he developed another one in case Peter had to go into space - which he deployed because Peter was in the situation of going into space. In the moment that he Snapped Tony knew he was going to die. While he destroyed Thanos and his minions, Tony also wanted to do everything he could to keep his "son" protected because he'd already endured the heartbreak of watching Peter die and being helpless to prevent it. So, Tony created something to protect Peter - and that something was a deadlier version of Project Insight.
  12. johntfs

    S07.E08: Miss Understood

    I don't really think that it is. A c,loser comparison to something like that would be the Shinwell story line. In this situation, both Sherlock and Cassie are healthier, more functional people. Sherlock is showing Cassie how she can pursue a different path but isn't pushing her or forcing her to do so. For her part Cassie isn't filled with "daddy issues" or obsessing over Sherlock. She clearly prefers to let him have space and to allow whatever their ultimate relationship is to take form naturally and over time.
  13. johntfs

    Teen Titans Go!

    This show just has the best ever version of Starfire. Sweet, kind, a little naive but smart in her own way but with a capacity to unleash terrifying violence on anybody who tries to mess with her. And completely not into Robin. Plus, the way you can just diddie-bop along watching the show and something hits you and go, "Wait a second. Did they just do furries/vore/age-play/(insert weird and/or horrifying fetish) in that episode?"
  14. johntfs

    S07.E08: Miss Understood

    Young people, even really, really smart young people can still be impulsive/stupid/reckless. I wouldn't mind it if Cassie stuck around as I really like the actress playing her. I took his "She's no Moriarty" to refer to her criminal activities not that he wanted to have sex with her. I don't know how exactly those DNA testing things work, but as I understand it, your own sample only gets you genetic makeup. There's no master database where you learn who your parents actually are. Presumably if she wanted to she could get some of Sherlock's DNA and send it and her own for comparison but I doubt she will. The baby formula mod was something of a red herring but this show and others like it are known for stuff like that. The task is to learn what's not going on to get to what is going on.
  15. johntfs

    S07.E08: Miss Understood

    I don't what is with me this season, but I keep missing this show because I somehow forget it's on. Arrrgghhhh! Off to cbs.com again.