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  1. It has nothing to do with the sexuality of the Filmmaker. Make good Films nobody cares about the Sex of the Characters ,we are not in the 60tes . But i dont need to know the sexual Preference of a Character in a Actionmovie or a romance Movie only if its the Maincharacter . If its essential to the plot the Preference is ok but tell me way do i need to know if a secondary Character is gay trans etc ? Nobody cares about them. I dont care about the Race or Gender of a Character only if its a good Character thats PRIMARY and it should always bin. I loved Blade i didnt care
  2. So you say its no Problem to hold those Standarts ,way do you need them ? I dont think Hollywood is that Racist or conservative so that is the reason there are this "underepresentations" ? Quotas never solve a Problem. Because if there are quotas nobody knows if you are there because of them or your Talent.
  3. Yeah better make a Movie with a Agenda then a good Movie. 1917 no Chance for a Best Film Oscar now,The Godfather nope not diverse enough .... Yeah great way to make the best Film Oscar useless. So if a Film wins with this Criterias anybody will think did he win because he was the Best Film or he got it because he got all Checkboxes ^^
  4. Why is a Cass Cane in the Movie if the Character has nothing to do with her Comic Character? If they needed a Damsel in Distress dont use a established great strong Character and detroye her.....
  5. The Movie was Bad thats all is has nothing to do with Trolls it was BAD BAD BAD . Did you see the Comparison of some of the Jokes of the Gostbusters and the 2016 Movie ? Its a Eyeopener ,the one is a good Movie the other is a Movie that Women look stupid....
  6. It looks more to me as would Fallon Fox be the Coolprint,but there are more than enough Man to Woman Transathlets out now who would fit as Inspiration.
  7. It has nothing to do with Genderpolitics,its only a Story and they wanted to use Jean later again. If she could had handled that Power she would be gone from the Comics ,you cant have a Character that Powerful if its Male or Female it brakes the Story. I didnt see the movie but from the Spoilers i read they put to mutch in the Movie. The entire Mindwipe Storyline didnt happen in the Orginalstory,they Phönix Saga is enough Story and not enough Time to tell it .
  8. Its not a Reviewscore its a Want to see Score. And it will go away then the Film starts in the Theater.
  9. The Problem i got with Captain Marvel other then the bland expression we got in the first Trailer,is they preachynes i hear from Bree Larson and the Advertising. Without it the standing up segment of the Trailer would look cool ,so it looks like Politics. Look at Wonder Woman there you got a strong Hero without preaching,Ellen Ripley ,Buffy ,Xena ,Aeryn Sun, there are so many Strong female Heros out there ,show a strong Women nobody will say a thing and like the Movie if its is good. But if you start to be preachy you will get anoyed Reactions.
  10. My guess is she Transformed the Bear or his Magic in one of the Coins ^^
  11. I watched a new Clip of the Movie and wanted to post it ,to my surprise i noticed there was no Thread to the Movie yet ? The Movie realy looks like Fun and the newest Clip is great 😄 Latest Clip
  12. I hope for the best. I will watch the Movie ,but the Clips to Date dont make me to confident in her Performance. Not every Actor can act in a Superhero Movie . Look at Natalie Portman she is a great Actress but was uncomfortable with the Thor Movies.
  13. The Clip looks Good but it shows that Brie Larson is the weakest Part in the Movie . She might be a good Character Actor but she has no Charisma in a Action movie. Look at her in Comparison to Jude Law or SAJ ,yeah her Action Pose looks Badaas but then she talks its terrible for a Action Movie. You need to be larger than Live to own it and be confortable with it^^and thats not there.
  14. The Episodes are around 46 to 50 min . The Witchfinder only got around 46 min most Episodes are 48 min. So you dont need to fill a Episode up to the max. And mostly the Episodes are cut because there is more Material as Airtime (in every TV Show) ,so if the Episodes look bloated after the cut,the Writing and Editing is off this Season.
  15. There is no set Runtime of 50min for the Episodes . And i cant remember there was a Problem bevor with the Runtime of the Show. If you got 3 Episodes less and your Show feels bloated the writing is off......
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