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  1. candle96

    S02.E01: What Have They Done?

    Plus the look of her flawless skin at age 50 plus makes me think she has made some deal with the devil. Whoever her plastic surgeon/skin care team is - Bravo. (about a decade ago she did some weird stuff to her face, but she seems to have toned it back and now just looks amazing.)
  2. In some ways it makes feel better, knowing these people aren't just unsuspecting house staff just going along in their job, and then one day find themselves on television with no choice but to serve these women. I still think Sonja's behavior was despicable, though.
  3. ITA. Late to the party here, but I had to come on to say that despite the table flips, physical fights, and way too many accusations of husbands being gay (why do they do this??), Sonja's behavior was some of the MOST appalling I've ever witnessed on the Housewives. The way she treated Tej wasn't amusing or funny, it was horrific and it was harassment. I wasn't laughing, I was ANGRY. I wanted to reach through the tv and yank her away from that poor man who was likely working for minimum wage and a tip (hence deciding to put up with that BS). I think a producer should've stepped in. I shudder to think what Sonja's daughter must deal with, and how she must feel seeing that. I love the Housewives shows, but at what point are they crossing the line from entertaining to enabling terrible, destructive behavior?
  4. This would not surprise me in the least, but I also think part of the reason Ramona doesn't like Barb comes down to her looks. She's not as thin or pretty as the other women (at least in Ramona's mind), and Ramona is pulling a classic mean girl on her. She really doesn't have any reason to dislike her as much as she does.
  5. ITA. The color, the style, what was she thinking? More appropriate for a winter wedding in Connecticut. And then they added the traditional flower crowns, and they looked even more out of place. Bridesmaidmaids for a wedding in Hawaii should be wearing, IMHO, a bright or pale color, and they should be sort of flowy and, you know, "beachy." The funny thing is that Kyle complained about the fit of that dress on her and I think she looked great. Much more flattering than some of the dresses she picks herself! I will admit I was a bit disappointed with where they stayed as well. It was certainly nice enough, but didn't seem super luxurious. That's why I watch these shows - to see the women go on fabulous vacations I could never afford!
  6. candle96

    S11.E11: Upstate Girls

    I'll join you in the statement necklace corner! Maybe because I'm tall like Lu, but I like statement necklaces and wear them sometimes. Almost always get compliments when I wear them. I think the talking head where she's wearing the light blue blouse with one of her necklaces, Lu looks stunning! (and I'm not a fan of hers at all) That being said, I can easily get a necklace like hers pretty much anywhere. Not going out of my way to likely overpay for a Luann cabaret "original." 🙂
  7. candle96

    S11.E11: Upstate Girls

    Her bedroom screamed "Home Goods" to me. Everything in it! Nothing wrong with Home Goods, I shop there myself. But I also don't pretend I'm a countess or rich. Her going on about how "busy" she's been getting it ready - girl, you took like 3 trips to Home Goods or Marshall's. And she ripped on Ramona for the same thing with her Hamptons remodel! And the tile floors in upstate New York? It's not Miami. How cold will that be in the winter? Her bedroom downright depressed me. Round houses may look cool on the outside, not so much inside. So, does Luann have any type of home in Manhattan now, or is this it? Her finances are definitely a house of cards.
  8. candle96

    S11.E10: Shalloween

    I realize what I'm about to say is not in the realm of possibilities for Tinsley in Tinsley's and Dale's world, but I personally think one of the reasons Tinsley finds herself so miserable is that she has nothing outside of being a socialite and trying to become a wife and mother. Girl, you need a JOB, maybe even a career. I think she's probably bored. She may be immature, yes, but she doesn't strike me as stupid. A short little appearance in the Big Apple Circus is not going to be satisfying in the end. She needs to find a larger purpose, and because relationships and the possibility of having children don't always work out, I think she'd be better off pursuing something for herself. (dare I say, she could take a page or two from Bethenny in this regard?) She got through Columbia University, where she was also on the varsity tennis team - that takes a fair amount of dedication and time! So clearly she has it in her, or she did. And now she just sits around in her hotel, shops, and goes to lunch? That sounds like something I'd be happy doing for a year or two, and then I'd get pretty bored.
  9. I would've paid money to see the two of them wander around a Costco! Seriously, how could the producers have passed up that opportunity?!? Sonja stealing as many free samples as possible, Bethenny buying a ton of stuff.
  10. candle96

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    Totally with you. I have a soft spot for Kyle, and think we might be a pretty small club around here. I think she's terrible at communicating, especially when she gets in a fight, but think she mostly means well. But the hats! Enough! As I heard on a podcast she and Teddi seem to be doing a lot of "aggressive hat work." Luann over on RHONY too. I wonder if with Kyle it has to do with covering grays before she gets to next colorist appointment. . .
  11. candle96

    The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley

    In the podcast The Dropout, it's explained a bit more. She initially cozied up to the female professor interviewed, Phyllis Gardner, about a different idea, having to do with a slow release patch and antibiotics. Gardner told her it was literally impossible, based on the chemical makeup of antibiotics. (something with potency, don't ask me, a non-science person!) She eventually landed on this other professor, and when he was quoted in the podcast talking about Holmes, he sounded utterly enchanted by her. Honestly, I thought it was going to be revealed that they were having an affair the way he was talking. My guess is that she just kept going around until she found a professor who liked her and until she an idea that seemed somewhat plausible.
  12. Becoming a Duchess, moving to New York City. Watch out, Luann! Oh man, I'd love to see her mix with the NY ladies. (although not really, please don't infect that branch of the Housewives with her poison) They would eat her alive in about 5 seconds.
  13. candle96

    S09.E16: Reunion Part 1

    Teresa to Jackie: "You're not my kind of people. You don't talk to your sister." Oh, Teresa - the woman whose godmother to her daughter is not speaking to her sister. 😂
  14. candle96

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    OMG, you're right! Never could put my finger on it, and that explains it perfectly. I will never un-see it now! And yeah, I'm tired of the way it's infected the other women. I'm fine with a little show and tell when they arrive at dinners and such, but it's gotten to be waaaay too much. It lends to the artificial air that the whole BH franchise has, that nothing is real or spontaneous. Meanwhile, on RHONY, you have Ramona showing up for a manicure looking like she just rolled out of bed and Luann waking up with a hangover. The thing is - I think most of them look equally beautiful without makeup or the crazy clothes. I love LVP in a white tee shirt and jeans. When Erika went back to Georgia a couple of seasons ago to visit her mom, she looked beautiful dressed "down."
  15. Not to mention her fashion - which has not changed one iota. When she was going to dinner with Dorit and PK I thought to myself, "here comes Lisa in another black pencil skirt and button up blouse." Nothing wrong with a classic style or knowing what works for you - but mix it up a LITTLE!