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  1. The Helen Reddy song "I Am Woman (Hear Me Roar)"
  2. No she didn't but i said "just as abusive", The Helen Reddy stereotype was the worst thing to happen to victims of female criminals, particularly children injured or murdered by female relatives or care-givers.
  3. There are female cult leaders too, who have been just as abusive as Jim Jones or David Koresh. The notion "but there are fewer of them!" doesn't really work when you remember that that's largely because of societal pressures and socialisation of women. As that disappears, you will see more girls and women acting on their bad and evil impulses.
  4. Marge Simpson being portrayed sympathetically is what i hate about Simpsons episodes. She forces her intellectually disabled husband and her children to adhere to her fringe evangelist sect of Christianity, is homophobic ("Boys kiss *girls*"), wants to turn Lisa (and Maggie) into soft and quiet girly girls that look good on the arm of a man of power We are supposed to believe that this ramshackle reactionary old trout was a Jimmy Carter Democrat? Pull the other one, it plays "Jingle Bells".
  5. I grew up in the suburbs and even there most of my year came from the same primary school. Many of us were together from Grade One of Primary School to Year 12 of High School.
  6. Samantha Reed Smith. A simple plane accident but there was a widespread belief in the USSR that it was criminal murder. It's interesting how deep paranoia ran in the Soviet Union.
  7. In the episode Tiger! Tiger!, Season 1 Episode 18, the family dog Tiger disappears and the Bradys all chip in for a reward in the newspaper. The total (after everyone donates from each family member) is $42.76 - if you look at the value in 2019 the total is over $300 in today's value. This seems like a pretty good reward for a dog.
  8. If you watch old shows, the incontinuities stick out like a sore thumb!
  9. again, seeing feminism as being adhering to the Helen Reddy stereotype is not "feminist" or "empowering" either. It is the suffocating opposite of misogyny - the pedestal.
  10. Looks like Clarence House's "Tippex the Tampax" PR offensive worked 'cause i don't see many "King Tampon the First" jokes anymore, unless the teller is of a certain age.
  11. Depicting women as paragons of virtue isn't "female empowerment" either. Women can be just as vile and as cruel as men. LMAO at the idea that girls can't be Lord of the Flies types just because of the Helen Reddy stereotype...
  12. Lime Street, starred Robert Wagner, and child peace activist/media celebrity Samantha Reed Smith. Here, from the Official Samantha Smith Website you tube channel is a clip from an episode of Lime Street. That blue satin dress Samantha is wearing towards the end of the footage? Let's just say my niece wonders how Sam could move her torso in it...
  13. The German government tried to find out what had happened to Nicky's girls, at least ("the princesses of German blood"), and Lenin just straight out lied to them. Like i said, too many people today still romanticise Lenin even though he was a ruthless, murderous bastard. He just had the luck of dying before he could get even more horrible.
  14. Nicholas and Alexandra may have been an unimpressive pair but they didn't deserve what happened to them - and their children certainly didn't As for Lenin, it's a mystery why he is romanticised even today. Molotov - who knew both of them - said that Lenin was much more ruthless and murderous than Stalin.
  15. I once did a post elsewhere about Lenin being born female... or Hitler. In the time of Hitler's youth, society had exactly ONE approved way to be a girl who was worth something, and that was being a girly girl and being soft and quiet. To survive in that kind of world, most likely the female Adolf will have to be willing to like dresses and jewellery and perfume, and to marry a nice young man from the next valley over.
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