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  1. Does anyone watch Rick Nineg's YouTube channel? He's a big "I Love Lucy" fan and does a lot of videos on the show, as well as other classic sitcoms. Usually the videos cover some "unknown" facts or trivia.
  2. I hate the GEICO commercial with Idina Menzel, but maybe it's just her voice. She sounds like a chimpunk on helium.
  3. I just started "The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women" by Kate Moore, about the young women who died from radium poisoning in the 1920s from the watch dials they painted using radium paint, the corporate cover-up, and how their suffering and deaths lead to major strengthening of workers' rights laws. The book is relatively well-written, but the author editorializes a little too much (not that I disagree about the evil of corporations) and sometimes her tone is a little too breezy for the story she's telling. I think the author's British, writing in American English, because sometimes British terms slip in, like "Boxing Day" for the day after Christmas. I also just finished "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks" by Rebecca Skloot, about Henrietta Lacks, a poor Black woman whose cervical cancer cells were harvested without her knowledge. These cells formed the immortal cell line HeLa, from which many advances in medicine and science have stemmed. The story is partly about Henrietta, partly about her family, and partly about the author's quest to tell the story. Much of the story about Henrietta's children and grandchildren is sad because the cycle of racism and poverty just repeats itself over and over and over. I also read the first two books in The Lady Astronaut series by Mary Robinette Kowal: "The Calculating Stars"(book 1) and "The Fated Sky" (book 2). The first starts out with an interesting alternate history premise: in a world where Dewey is elected president, a meteor crashes into the Earth, destroying the East Coast of the United States. The resulting climate changes will eventually lead to the Earth being uninhabitable, and the quest is on to colonize the moon and Mars. The main character was a lady pilot in WWII and she and her fellow lady pilots fight to be astronauts. The first book is fine, but it falls apart in the second, which might have been subtitled: "Look How Woke the Author Is," because she shoved in every ethnic, racial, and sexual group possible while doing 180-degree personality changes on other characters.
  4. I think the Progressive ads where all the characters are on a video call meeting are funny, mostly because my work MS Teams meetings often go like that. (And even though Jamie annoys me more than not, it makes me laugh when he calls attention to "disco snouts" when it should be "discounts." I like the group therapy ones too, except when the doctor criticizes the one guy for reading books on submarines. A lot of people would read books on submarines, especially if they were interested in naval history. I also don't like when he tells the guy helping the driver back out of a spot to stop. That's just being courteous. (Although I will confess to having too many pillows on my couch, and it does make me laugh when he tells the one homeowner that he hired the plumber, and he's not the helper.)
  5. I didn't even realize this show was back. Was it filmed before COVID? I liked the first season despite myself, and Cash was my favorite. I liked that they all ended up seeming like real friends. Is it the same thing this season? I've missed a week already. Is it worth it to try and catch up?
  6. To be fair, there's only one "slow Donnie" episode, which I think is hilarious because he's such a sleaze who finally cracks because Jack drives him crazy. I sometimes say "Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot piiiiiie," but no one gets the reference. The other episodes where he appears he's just a con man. I didn't know there were other "Just Shoot Me" fans. I have the first three seasons on DVD, but I've been binging the show on Hulu. The first three or four seasons are the best. I used to be sorry that Maya and Elliott didn't end up together, but in rewatching, I think they worked better as friends. The show was also better when Allie remained just the dingbat on the other end of the phone, not when she appeared in person later on.
  7. I've been watching the show on Hulu. First off, why does Hulu not have all the episodes? There are episodes missing from every season, including some of my favorites. One thing I've come to realize: the earlier seasons were the best, when they were in New York. I think the California episodes strained my disbelief that Hollywood would be interested in making a movie star out of a nightclub band leader. It just never seemed realistic (within the show universe). Europe made a little more sense, since he was touring with his band (although that once again, Fred & Ethel would leave their own lives to manage the tour did). While there are one or two episodes once they move to Connecticut that I like, by and large, I feel like those seasons were bad. It was stupid that Fred and Ethel would leave the apartment building they owned and managed to become the Ricardos' hired help. (And, if I recall, not even getting paid -- just working for a share of the egg profits from the chickens we never saw again. Yes, I know they had the rent money from the building, but they would be paying for the manager and they still had maintenance on it.) I've also come to hate Fred's cracks at Ethel about her weight and her eating (and Lucy's too, for that matter). Vivian Vance was a beautiful woman -- certainly on par with Lucille Ball. I know Vivian didn't like that her character was married to a man 25 years older than she, but marriages with that age disparity do happen, so that didn't strain my credulity. That she was supposed to be Fred's contemporary did. I wish Hulu had some of the Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. The Tallulah Bankhead episode is one of my favorites.
  8. Actually, I liked the idea of Dave and Penny. I think they would each have helped the other even out a little bit. I've been rewatching on Hulu too. The Penny & Hitler episode is one of my favorites, although I think this show was funny from the start (with the exception of the Dave & Max episode where they go to confront the guy with whom Alex ran off). I liked the Zoom episode too, although not the fact that they made Alex a COVID denier, which gave her a little too much credit, even if she's not as dumb as she is. :-) Sometimes I feel sorry for actors on popular shows. Popular shows end but live on through DVDs and streaming. Fans will discover the shows and fall in love, but for the actors, it was a job that ended a decade or more. When the moderator asked them what their favorite parts were, I felt like it kind of put them on the spot. I would be hard pressed to tell you a favorite part of my job from 10 years ago, but actors are supposed to remember and act like it was the best thing ever. (That said, I would totally watch a reboot if it showed character growth, not like the awful "Will & Grace" reboot.)
  9. When did Jack become human again? I thought the last we saw him was when they defeated Santa at the North Pole and he decided to stay up there. I was sorry to see them kill him off.
  10. Why should that have been a problem? They heard about their dad banging a multitude of other women on his quest to meet their mother.
  11. Testify! I don't hate watch because there's too much else on to enjoy watching, and I have been soured on a series because of too much criticism from message boards and trying to defend a show I enjoyed. I would give up a show but catch the last episode wrap-up too, but eventually, I stopped doing even that. Now if I'm really interested in how a show ends, I try to find a recap the day after. I loved Harper's Island! I didn't realize it was basically a miniseries slasher movie (which is usually not my thing), but there was something about it that was so stupid and so enjoyable. I had given up The X-Files by season 8 when Mulder left, but at some point when my interest was rekindled (thanks to slash fan fiction!), SyFy was rerunning the series, and I did watch seasons 8 and 9. They really weren't bad. Doggett & Reyes made a nice team, and Scully's role could have transitioned more to a mentor role. I never saw any of the X-File movies other than the first, and while I watched the first season reboot, I didn't bother with the second. And in an extremely UO, I hate that they paired off Mulder and Scully romantically and that she had that miracle baby.
  12. I think they tried too hard to show she was a hard-ass fighter jock, just any other macho dickhead. I will add this about Jacob's recaps: one line has stuck with me after all these years (assuming I'm remembering correctly). I think it's the episode where Apollo and Starbuck start kissing, aggressive and almost feral, and Jacob says: "There are hands, and they are angry hands." Is "Lexx" the sci-fi show that had giant insects (or something that looked like them) as spaceships or flying machines or something? I think I watched maybe one season of it. If it's on Tubi, I might have to check it out again. (If you can accept Tubi's limitations, with oddball show selections and commercial interruptions that don't follow any logical placement, it's not a bad streaming service. I was able to watch "Space: 1999" there.)
  13. Out of its four seasons, nu-BSG had 2 1/2 good ones. I think after the colonials escaped from New Caprica that the show turned into a mess. This is still one of my favorite scenes. Gives me chills every time.
  14. I remember those discussions on the old TWoP boards. They were really good, and, if I recall, usually without the rancor that makes up so much debate and discussion these days. They would go on for pages and pages [and so did Jacob's recaps, the point where they were novellas (increasingly excruciatingly pretentious novellas)].
  15. I got Hulu last year at the special of $1.99/month for 12 months because I wanted to watch "The Orville." Now that we in the time of COVID-19, I wonder if it will air any episodes before my special rate runs out. As much as I'm enjoying discovering old shows and new things on Hulu, I'm not sure I want to spend $7/month for a streaming service since I still have cable.
  16. There are some good episodes from the TBS seasons, but I think they're more miss than hit. I agree with you about "Rabbit Ears." It's very good, except for the Roger-as-baby B plot. Stan's story was strong and could have been fleshed out a little more, maybe getting the family involved and dumping the Roger plot. I think "The Talented Mr. Dingleberry," with Steve as the "puppet-talker" and Roger as the dummy had some genuinely scary moments (beyond just the evilness of dolls in general). I like "Love American Dad Style" but really only for Hayley's singing. I usually turn it off before Roger goes full-on crazy. Is "Stan's Best Friend" the one with the dog? Yeah, I don't do dog episodes of any show. (I will never rewatch "Jurassic Bark" of Futurama.) One of my favorites is "Ricky Spanish." (*whispers* Riickyyy Spannnnishhh)
  17. Well, it was from the same guys who make "Robot Chicken," so I guess that was to be expected.
  18. That's what I found strange in that episode. I figured Jimmy Pesto lived above his restaurant the way Bob and family do. Jimmy Jr. and the twins always walk home with the Belcher kids to what was I assumed their own home. Have they always just been going to Jimmy Pesto's for after school care? I used to think Jimmy was divorced or a widower, since we've never seen Mrs. Pesto and she's never mentioned (although I think there was one time she was mentioned early on -- maybe the episode where Gene "learns" baseball from the scam artist). Jimmy's apartment would seem to indicate his children live elsewhere. I hate Teddy so much. His plots are always awful and he's such an unpleasant character. He's one outburst away from massacring the whole town. Even his short appearances are awful. The trouble is, I think the writers are enamored of the character and keep putting him in. I'd rather see Mort or the transvestite hookers again. (At least we get the occasional appearance of Marshmallow.) In one of the early episodes, Bob receives a package from the women who bought his dad's house or something like that -- the package contained Bob's old "toys." Isn't the implication that Big Bob was dead? Obviously, he's alive and has his own restaurant, so that must have been a retcon.
  19. This came up on my Hulu recommends, so I binged the series over the weekend. It was cute, but I think at least some of the humor comes from what are basically children's toys swearing, kind of like if it was Emmet from "The LEGO Movie" or Woody and Buzz from "Toy Story" swearing. I like that they ended up having a unifying story line with the assassin. Princess Blossom sounded a lot like Tammy from "Bob's Burgers"; I wonder if it was the same actress.
  20. I was watching an old episode the other day that had a cut-away for the saga of the golden turd. It ended with the cleaning woman bring it to the Vatican and the religious leaders saying it needed to return to the source, which was an image of Roger. There needs to be a new chapter in this story, although given what "American Dad" has become, I doubt the writers could continue a plotline that has appeared sporadically over the span of many years, but which is still compelling. The Golden Turd And here's all of them (as of December 2019) American Dad | The Complete Golden Turd Saga (2019)
  21. I keep a bunch of old "American Dad" episodes on my DVR when I feel like having something on but I don't need to pay too much attention to it. I liked the show much better when the drugs the writers take weren't so obviously affecting their abilities to tell a good story. Back in the old days, episodes had real plots and the humor didn't come from increasingly bizarre and disgusting visual gags or outlandish situations (and yes, I realize there has always been a fey alien and a talking fish). This is the show that took Christmas stories and turned them on their ear -- "Rapture's Delight" or any of the ones with evil Santa trying to kill the Smiths. Now, it just seems like they throw crazy shit at the wall & just write whatever sticks.
  22. I know they just died, and they're considered comedy legends, but I did not care for Jerry Stiller or Fred Willard. I vaguely remember my parents watching Stiller & Meara as a comedy team, and I think they were funny then, but I hated Jerry Stiller on "Seinfeld" and "King of Queens." He played, mean, nasty old men and neither of those roles were as funny as the creators seem to think they were. (As an aside, Jerry Seinfeld was on "CBS Sunday Morning" today, and the interviewer called his show a "classic" -- I think the show is unwatchable now -- it probably doesn't help that Seinfeld the comedian has shown he's an asshole time and time again.) I never particularly liked Fred Willard either. I always thought there was something creepy about him and the characters he played.
  23. Frank was the one designer I liked on "Trading Spaces." I think Vern Yip and maybe Genevieve were the others. Hildy was awful and so was Doug. I never watched its newest iteration. Color me surprised that he had a wife.
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    She's terrible. No comedic talent at all.
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