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  1. That is so wrong. Concussions are no joke and the evidence of long term brain damage caused by repeated concussions is overwhelming. He should be out for the rest of the season.
  2. There's something up with Thomas Markle. There's crappy parents and there's this desperate, constant hustle for money. This is just my experience but everyone I've ever known that hustled this aggressively and pathetically for money either had a serious drug or gambling problem.
  3. Those Forsyth nose genes are as strong as the Windsor teeth genes.
  4. Yeah all the actors really nailed the essence of their historic vis a vis. As for Malcolm X I checked -- he was an avid photographer and always with his beloved camera. Here is a picture of him with Ali:
  5. I absolutely loved this film. I thought this film actually made Malcolm X seem realer and more human than Spike Lee's considerably more ambitious biopic. Kingsley Ben-Adir's acting is wonderful -- I love how much Malcolm X is a fan of Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali. He;s as excited as any groupie. I also loved Leslie Odom Jr as Sam Cooke.
  6. Growsonwalls

    The NBA

    Ok I think here's Kyrie's problem. He has the eccentricities of a Dennis Rodman but not the personal flamboyance. I think people always treated Dennis Rodman as "weird" because he presented as "weird." All the piercings and the weird dresses and the different hair colors. Even MJ seemed to chuckle and shrug at his antics. Kyrie has a sweet baby face. He wears the universal NBA off-court uniform of some sort of sweatshirt/jeans combo. His social media is a fairly innocuous tribute to his family and his charities. He's not a niche player the way Dennis was -- he's that ubiquitous short (by NBA standards) point guard with great ball-handling skills. (He's amazing in what he does, but the NBA right now has a bunch of players with very similar skill sets.) So because he looks so normal, people expect him to be normal. Idk if that makes sense, but I feel like Dennis Rodman got away with weird because people expected it.
  7. Growsonwalls

    The NBA

    He's definitely a very odd number. His body language in this interview is ... uh ... strange.
  8. Growsonwalls

    The NBA

    Delonte West now working at the rehab center he attended.
  9. Growsonwalls

    The NBA

    Oh I got the nickname right away and think it's great. Just wondered why he doesn;t like it.
  10. Growsonwalls

    The NBA

    Two great games on TNT today. Bucks vs. Nets and Lakers vs. Warriors. Nets are looking like they might not even need Kyrie. There must be nothing as terrifying to the opposing team as KD with the ball. It seems as if double teams don;t even phase him. Lakers played a pretty bad fourth quarter. They really should have won that game. OT but anyone know the story behind the nickname "Slim Reaper"? Apparently Durant doesn't like the nickname?
  11. My issue with the SImon/Daphne sex is the pull out is so dramatic. Simon always yelps as if he;s in blue-balled pain as he dramatically jumps off Daphne. A gentlemen rake would have had lots of experience pulling out and it should not always be this huge dramatic yelp. It's no wonder Daphne thought Simon genuinely had a physical ailment.
  12. Ok one thing I wondered about was -- wasn't it cold in those rooms before the days of central heating? Why were the women constantly in those short sleeved frocks?
  13. Growsonwalls

    MLB Thread

    Yeah I think he'll be gone tomorrow. Ugh. Why are men so dumb?
  14. Yeah like I've seen people label a meal of fish and asparagus #glutenfree. Well obviously.
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