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  1. An update on Pumpkin: she will eat the dry kidney food. She rejected the wet food. We make organic steamed chicken drumsticks for her as a "treat" because she was very depressed and distant with us for a long time. Now she's sort of settled into the dry kidney food and she'll eat that if she can have a little chicken once a day. She's back to running her drills around the house and being a snot.
  2. Allen has done a number of articles telling his side. He wrote an op-ed for the NYTimes. SoonYi had a friend of Woody's write an article. Woody Allen has published his own book. I mean, there's been plenty of opportunities for Woody to tell his side of the story and yet each time he tells it he sounds creepy. There has to be a reason the judge ruled so harshly against him.
  3. Just watched the third episode tonight. This episode was so icky. Woody Allen needs to burn in hell forever. His refusal to take a lie detector test said it all.
  4. Ooh my mom made a good point. My mom thinks Harry is a shit for telling Meghan about that baby skin tone color convo. She says "why tell her that sort of thing? Just tell your family it's offensive. Don't spread that sort of thing." My mom thinks that there's a strong savior complex in Harry, and he might have told her hurtful things he heard so she'd be more dependent on him. I don't know if my mom is right but I did pick up on a weird vibe between Oprah and Harry. Like Oprah didn't necessarily like or respect Harry. Maybe Oprah picked up on the same vibe.
  5. Kate doesn't do Heads Together anymore. I think that project broke up when Harry moved. Kate does early childcare and photography (which was her original passion). But the ONE part of the interview I was a bit confused about was whether Meghan was denied in-patient treatment or just treatment altogether. I've spoken about my experiences with in-patient treatment.
  6. I mentioned this in the royal thread but if the point of the interview was to generate headlines and sympathy, this interview succeeded wildly. My google notifications were off the charts on my phone today. It was a hot topic. Even my mom was talking about it. However, if their goal was to build their brand and promote their media deals, this actually wasn't that successful of an interview. I was actually surprised there wasn't more discussion of their Netflix, Spotify and Archewell projects. Most interviews of celebs have a large portion devoted to promotion of new projects -- it's like
  7. Furious. I've reported the FB group Holistology Natural Healing numerous times for false claims about the vaccine but all FB does is tag the posts about vaccines as false. A few of my friends have shared posts from this awful group. I can't believe FB will tag posts as false but not shut down the group.
  8. Totally off topic but what happened to Bogart, Meghan's dog? I saw Guy and Mr. Oz but Meghan used to have a really cute dog named Bogart.
  9. Harry did say they are talking. So both could be true. Charles could have cut them off financially at one point in time and then reconsidered and gave them a loan on the mortgage. I'm planning on buying a condo within the next year or so and my parents will help me with the down payment but I'll pay them back. It's different than paying for very expensive security.
  10. No they might not say it if it was Andrew because I think Harry is quite close to Beatrice and Eugenie. And Andrew remains the queen's favorite. If they're still close to the queen they might want to spare her yet another "Andrew is a piece of shit" story.
  11. It kind of depends on what they wanted to do this interview for. If they wanted people's sympathy I think they got it -- the American press this morning has article after article about the shitty, racist royals. If they wanted revenge against the Firm I think they got that too. If they wanted to build their brand and promote their podcasts and Netflix films -- eh, not sure. I was actually surprised there wasn't more promotion of their projects.
  12. Ok so I might be speaking from personal experience but ... I will NEVER recommend in-patient psychiatric care if there are better options available. At the hospital I went to I went days without seeing anyone, they pushed a drug that I was severely allergic to, the psychiatrist on call was this sadistic creep, and it just was not a safe environment. I do wonder why Harry didn't arrange for some private care.
  13. I think its the opposite. People tiptoe around issues of race when a more open dialpgue would be best for everyone
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