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  1. Well I actually thought Izzy';s birthday celebration was sweet. Meechelle bringing kids over with presents was nice. And Jill seems to be taking Covid19 seriously. I'm glad Izzy could have a somewhat nice birthday celebration.
  2. Well Charlotte-lores is also cutting herself ... So either the bot is malfunctioning or the Dolores-bots are gaining consciousness and decided that they don't like being Dolores?
  3. I really hope they give Evan Rachel Wood storylines which allow her to express more emotions other than cold glee at killing people and/or stealing money. This is not an issue with an actor's limited emotional palette. In S1 ERW was way more convincing as the tragic, lovesick farm-girl. I'm also confused about Charlotte-bot. Last week Charlotte was given a backstory that she has a loving relationship with her son. It kind of fleshed out the home life of a Delos character that was annoyingly one note. And we saw Charlotte-bot crying real tears about Nathan. Now that we know Charlotte-bot is really a copy of Dolores, is there a possibility that the Dolores-bots will malfunction and veer off Dolores' grand scheme?
  4. She had Arnold/Bernard. If she's so determined to overtake the world that she's sent out clones of herself to do her deeds by proxy, why did she let Bernard out of the park? That part I never got. I can only conclude that Jeffrey Wright's character is so popular that they wanted some way to continue his story.
  5. Ok I might have mentioned this on the other thread but I recently binge-watched this, caught up on all the episodes, and this was the first episode I watched "live." I think it was pretty exciting that Dolores replicated herself into all the hosts' bodies. However after having watched her entire character arc in two weeks of self-isolation I feel like the writers are making her Dany v. 2.0. Someone defined by who she kills/conquers over who she is. First season host Dolores had a heart and soul, and this vengeful take-over-the-world Dolores might be more exciting but it's so cold and clinical that I can't get behind it. In GoT the writers finally ran out of people for Dany to kill/conquer. I think that will happen with Dolores too. A reminder of how much the character arc has deteriorated was the brief scene of prairie dress Dolores with William near the end. Ed Harris's character no matter how evil is always a real, flesh and blood person. When he's dealing with the delusions of his daughter or talking to Charlotte-bot/Dolores or finally talking to Dolores herself you believe that this is a human story of a might man who has been reduced to nothing. "End of the game," as Dolores said. Evan Rachel Wood and Ed Harris/Jimmi Simpson have such amazing chemistry that for a moment we remembered season one Dolores. Of course the arc is now that Dolores is merciless and cold so Dolores left William alone with his own demons. But it was a reminder of the heart and humanity that season one had. By the way if that was Ed Harris's last episode he did an amazing job making us care about William/MiB/ManinWhite. Great acting. Bernard, Maeve, Caleb, and Stubbs all chart the world between robot and human to varying degrees but their characters are all still redeemable. Hell, even Charlotte-bot/Dolores emotes more and seems more human than actual Dolores. I wonder what will happen to Maeve though. As much as I love Thandie Newton I don't see how she fits into this Dolores-conquers-the-world narrative. I can see Bernard and Stubbs putting up a strong fight because Bernard knows what Dolores is doing. But Maeve just found out and she's dead again. Who will revive her? Anyway I really hope the writers have something more planned for Dolores other than her killing her way through the real world with the help of her bots. Because we saw that in Season 2 in the park and I don't want to see it again in Season 3. I mean at this point how is Dolores any better than Serac?
  6. Whoever Hale is, it has to be someone Dolores is very comfortable with personally. Enough to show affection. In this show, I can only think of these people for whom Dolores has shown open affection: 1) Bernard 2) young William 3) Teddy 4) her father
  7. Not exactly related but, tigers have tested positive for covid: https://nypost.com/2020/04/05/a-bronx-zoo-tiger-now-has-coronavirus/ Poor captive tigers 😞 As for Carole and her awfulness, I don't think she's an animal abuser the way Joe and the rest of them were. However I do think that with all the money she got from her dead husband, she could have done more to make a better home for her tigers. For one, pay her workers. How are volunteers with different color t-shirts going to really care for the tigers the way they need to be cared for?
  8. Ok so a friend browbeat me into binge-watching Westworld and now I'm all caught up. Saw first two seasons in 2 weeks. So far the third season is more interesting than Season 2. I got tired of the Dolores bloodbaths in Season 2. Guesses as to who is in Hale's body: a copy of Maeve? This Hale is definitely more maternal than Hale was in the past. Abernathy? Again. a parental figure. Trying to think of who else has kids. Maybe another copy of Bernard?
  9. I watched the video. Tbh what they said doesn't sound so different from what I've heard young people all over the country say. Which is to say it sounds really dumb but also typical of 22 year olds who probably at most get the cold once a year.
  10. Jeff is that sort of sleazeball who shows off his money that he (doesn't) have and unfortunately a lot of girls (usually from broken, abusive homes) get impressed by the bling bling. They might be under pressure from their families to marry someone who seems to have money.
  11. I also love: Lee Sizemore-bot: Fuck me. Maeve: Not likely, darling.
  12. I just caught up with the first two seasons. Quarantine times. I think my favorite line still has to be MiB's response to someone praising him for his philanthropy: "I'm on vacation here!"
  13. Looking back season 6 was the last season where ER believed that beloved characters deserved nice things. Like Mark's dad's storyline was an example -- Mark made peace with his dad, his dad got to live out his life in a way that made him happy, we all cried and everything was good even though Mark's dad died. Carol got the feel good ending with Doug too. After that the writers just stopped believing that TV audiences wanted to see good things happen to their favorite characters. Nothing good happened to Carter, Mark (duh), Peter, Luka, Kerry, Abby, Sam, Rocket Romano, etc. To this day I don't get why the writers wanted so many calamities to pile on top of each other. Why did Romano have to face The Attack of the Helicopter ... twice? The only nice thing was the final season had more of the optimism that was a hallmark of the early ER seasons. The finale had some optimistic threads. Rachel Greene was going to be a doctor at county. Peter and Lizzy seemed to want to start things again. Carol and Doug were doing well.
  14. An article aboiut the weird aesthetics of Tiger King: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/02/arts/television/tiger-king-style.html
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