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  1. LilDumplin

    Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Isn’t there some basement access in the outdoor area where they do those ‘fumbling in the dark’ competitions? Maybe they partitioned that off and soundproofed it somehow?
  2. LilDumplin

    Season 20: Live Feed Discussion

    Ok, I’m old and not too social media savvy (and a loooong time lurker here, going back to TWOP lurkdom), and have to ask. Is this ‘what’s poppin’ app supposed to post blurry pictures of where you are, or is it just poor photography skills? Also, Team Tyler here. He’s cocky with enough ‘I can’t believe I’m pulling this shit off’ to make me like him...
  3. LilDumplin

    S03.E19: Reunion Part 1

    I'm sorry, but I was a bit annoyed by the interview with Rachael. Yeah, there were a few good tidbits on the behind the scenes stuff, but when she said that Kristen & Stassi have bonded (along with her & Carmen) because of the aftermath of their relationships with Jax I had to laugh. Does Kristen's quick f* or two on her boyfriend's sofa with this guy qualify as a relationship?
  4. LilDumplin

    Frankie Grande: Overwhelming No

    I have a feeling that Frankie's appearance on The Talk was part of his 'deal' before he entered the house. I found it odd that he kind of squealed when Julie mentioned Derek was going to be on - I have a feeling it was a squeal of disapproval, not surprise, because he was going to have to share his spotlight... I'm thinking he'll probably find a way to get on the soap opera, as well. The only redemption I'm getting is knowing that famewhore is googling himself like mad and seeing how much he was detested by the majority of viewers.
  5. LilDumplin

    Live! Feed Discussion (S16): Keeping an Eye Out

    Can't there just be a button that they push that says "Bummer you pushed that - we're giving first, second, and AFP prize money to Donny, and the rest of the episodes will be dedicated to watching all of you cope in the real world again. Better luck next time."??
  6. LilDumplin

    Live! Feed Discussion (S16): Keeping an Eye Out

    I just had to come out of many years of lurking, because this made my freaking day...