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  1. The prizes from Travelocity are essentially gift cards. They can use them however they want. So glad our show is back. I enjoyed the tasks. And Phil was thoughtful and reasonable as usual.
  2. So very delighted to have our show back. Very much enjoying the “regular people” casting. ( though the athletes all seem a little super to me). Just the theme song makes me so happy!
  3. Wow, glad to hear it Netfoot. I once got a small crack in the windshield of my Subaru. It was small, I kept ignoring it, I just didn't want to deal with the repairs. Then we had some really hot weather and it got much worse. Turns out the repair was not a problem, they came to the house and the insurance covered it completely. They really don't want you driving around with a problem in the windshield. Who knew? Buddy didn't alert you to someone breaking into your yard? Ok, maybe you do need a puppy. Something small and yappy to wake up the big guy. It's been a bit complicated arou
  4. Glad to hear you are healing AND your Kidneys are ok, Netfoot. Every time this year I have to back track through your posts and make sure you really are in Barbados. Every single year. We sent money to the shelter that kept our dog originally. She was found on the streets with mange, and usually the shelter puts down dogs with communicable diseases, they can't afford the risk. But she was so sweet , and she had four puppies so they put them all in isolation ( together) for 6 weeks and got them healthy. So we make sure to send them some money and an update every year. The weight gai
  5. Netfoot, please let us know how you're doing since the latest hurricane if you can. ( edited to add, OK You're in Barbados, not the Bahamas, dialing down the worry several notches.) Hope you are well. My son has joined the High school Marching band and it's taking over our lives! I feel like we've joined a cult!
  6. Very glad you are doing ok Netfoot!. Sorry to hear of all your trials. Here in the cosmopolitan Bay Area you would have your choice of a dozen food delivery services and grocery delivery services. Someone on the islands should set this up! I need to figure these services out at some point because my parents will need them. My mom still drives, but she is 85. and I am happy to get things for them, but I know they don't always want to call me. I like your doctor checking in with you by chat, that's very clever. and kind. Lots of scratches to Buddy, here's hoping you stay warm and dr
  7. Really glad to hear you are ok Netfoot. Our crazy summer of travel is winding down. glad to be home for more than 10 days!
  8. Just checking in on you NetFoot, How are you doing? I'm having a bit of a TAR summer. it was supposed to be one short trip and one long trip and then the short trip turned into a medium trip and another short trip was added in. That's a couple family visit trip and then vacation. Really looking forward to the vacation part! Hope all is well!
  9. Wow! What an ordeal! Glad to hear you are home again Netfoot! Nothing better than your own bed. Glad you friends and family are looking after you - despite waiting on the new baby. I hope buddy lets you take it easy for quite a while. Enjoy your music and books and get lots of rest!
  10. I didn’t like the live U turn at all, that’s part of why I stopped watching Survivor and have never watched Big Brother. I’m here for the travel and the racing please. I’m delighted to see the Reilly sisters go! They were messing up my show. Switzerland is so lovely. The tasks were great, very glad to see some self driving. I’m happy with whoever wins the race and I’m rooting for Colin and Christie.
  11. Fake Jan Brady, Yes the Travelocity editor should have caught that. I'm guessing you know that the actual prize is Travelocity Vouchers, and they can do what ever they want with them - Travel together or separately wherever they want.
  12. I enjoyed these episodes. I did wonder if Tyler and Korey had said anything about and being LGBT in Dubai is punishable by years in prison possibly death. Uganda is bad but Dubais 's bad too. I understand their sadness, it's awful to think of people like you being harassed, jailed and killed for who they love. I wonder if it got edited out...? I thought the tasks were interesting, - it's hard to make watching other people do VR or listen to head phones interesting, but they managed. It did seem very obvious that it was a non-elimination leg in the first episode. I really can
  13. Ah, Sorry you have to wait another 3 weeks. Are the surgeon and the anesthetist traveling together to work? ( around the island?) or are they off on vacation? Those are some limited medical resources you are working with, friend. Hope all goes well with the new baby. I think my husband and son just noticed that tomorrow is Mothers Day. I expect they'll be some quick shopping this afternoon, fortunately I've learned to be pretty clear about what I'd like. makes thing easier for everyone. I'm taking my mom to Stars on Ice tomorrow afternoon, we'll both be happy. have a good weekend!
  14. Wow, I've "known" you on line for a very long time Netfoot, , you are a completely different person without a beard. Interesting how people can change their looks if they want to. Buddy looks so innocent! My mom was supposed to get a knee replacement once. She did her pre op appointments the day before. They day of surgery I took her in and they postponed her because she had a 1/4 inch scab on her knee. It had obviously been there the day before and the nurse had missed it. Scabs are full of bacteria and it was right where the incision would have been. She never re scheduled. Fortunatel
  15. Oh dear, are we sure they haven't taken you into custody? OK Netfoot! Heal well! Sending you groovy good vibes from California!
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