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  1. He had a huge bowl of macaroni pie for lunch, garnished with BBQ chicken and lamb bones. But for his dinner, I bought him some lamb necks. He's lying on his back with a big tummy that's gonna get some serious rubbing when I'm done here!
  2. I've lost count of what's going on with the "Ingrowing Toenails" numbers, but it currently stands at 143 total cases, 112 recovered, 7 RIP. This leaves 24 cases in quarantine. These numbers are entirely from people entering the country from abroad, and detected at the aeroport. Today is Buddy's birthday. He is 7 or 49, depending on your point of view. I think I will go to the supermarket and buy him some beef stew or perhaps bone-in lamb stew, which he might enjoy more (crunch! crunch!). I'd love to take his picture, but that horrible phone I'm using can't take a decent photograph to save it's life. Best news: Monday night, I fixed my shower, which has not worked since the lockdown (4½ months?). So, how was I managing? Bucket baths. Effective but not as satisfying. I tell you, that 20-minute scalding hot shower on Monday night was epic!
  3. Well, that was horribly disappointing. Both the episode and the series as a whole. Perry bribes a juror. (Jurors?) The case is declared a mistrial and everybody is behaving like they won, when Emily is one whim of the DA's from getting her ass dragged back into court. Chekhov's Eye-Thread was a complete waste of time, There is a modern tendency to acquire the rights to a piece of IP, preferably one with a large amount of historical goodwill, and completely fuck up the remake, sometimes retaining only the names of a few characters and very little else. Example Offhand: "I, Robot" (Will Smith). Supposedly the 're-imagining" is to show the creativity and vision of the new production team, but far too often, it shows that they are completely inept in comparison to the original team. This series is a case study in how to take a classic and ruin it, despite good performances by several actors. Hard to believe this got renewed, but make no matter: I very much doubt I'll be back. Why is she bothering with law school? She just has to wait a suitable interval, have Perry sign a bogus apprenticeship letter and rote-learn the answers to the known bar exam questions. It was almost a desecration of the theme, to apply it to this trash.
  4. The shocking part is the way he went. Carl (who was always hale and hearty), went to the beach for a swim. Returning home, he told his wife he wasn't feeling well. He said he was going to lie down, and asked her to bring him a glass of water. She went to the kitchen, filled a glass and took it to him. But by then, he was already dead. There was a minute of silence, and then many people described their memories and told tales. There was more laughter than tears. It went surprisingly well. Then drinks and flying. One pilot pulled the wings off a model at about 2,000 ft. (Five times over the legal limit! In our club we don't fly so far, or so high!) This was considered apt, because Carl had a habit of pulling the wings of models..... Anyway, today the wing fluttered down slowly, as they are apt to do, and the fuselage came down like a javelin, as they are apt to do. It plunged vertically between two two-story buildings about eight feet apart, and embedded itself in the ground. Everything forward of the rear of the canopy was matchsticks and sawdust. ETA: Twenty more cases today. Not certain of the circumstances.
  5. Argh! Twelve new cases of "athlete's foot" yesterday. Apparently, an aircraft arrived from Ghana carrying 100+ healthcare workers, and twelve of them tested positive on arrival. The entire planeload went straight into quarantine, so hopefully no widespread exposure to the general public. What I want to know is why, with our numbers low, and plenty of spare capacity in out our local healthcare system, are we importing foreign healthcare workers by the planeload? 134 days since isolation began, but I don't know how much sense it makes to talk about isolation when you are going out at least once a week for groceries and meds. I'm still avoiding unnecessary excursions though, and will continue to do so until Dr. Kristi says I don't need to. In other news, I heard yesterday that Carl, a friend of mine (and Buddys') had passed away. He was a member of a different modelling club, but there have always been good relationships between the clubs. I was always pleased when Carl visited us, and he always made me feel welcome when I went up there. He was a chef, and his food was sweet. He always wore a stetson. A small group of us will go to visit his club this afternoon, where a minute of silence will be held as a mark of respect. There will also be flying and drinking in his memory. I can only find a single photo of Carl, sitting with Buddy watching a plane come in for a landing. (It is in Buddy's album.) Unfortunately it is shot from behind, so you can't see anything of Carl other than his hat. It makes no sense to post it, so I won't.
  6. Not in my country, it doesn't.
  7. The Storm Warning for Gonzalo has been discontinued, as has the High Surf Advisory, as the storm weakens and seems to be sticking to a southerly route. The Small Craft Warning has been downgraded to a Small Craft Advisory, with 2½ to 3 meter swells still expected. Small craft operators and sea bathers best if they stay out of the water. Seems like we dodged a bullet. Again. This happens a lot, to the point where I feel I should just ignore it when it happens -- a move almost guaranteed to bring the storm straight to my door. So... no. And besides: 2020.
  8. TS Gonzalo continues to weaken. Latest Advisory (#15) terminates the Hurricane Watch but the Storm Warning continues. Small Craft and High Surf warnings also continue in effect. This is contingent on the storm following the predicted track. But the storm track has been erratic, and it wouldn't take a lot for it to swerve in our direction, in which case..... Just watched the PM on YouTube, telling everyone to take precautions but not to panic. Next intermediate advisory at 8:00 PM.
  9. According to the forecast track, it will slip neatly between us and T&T, which places it on a direct path to Grenada. We are still under a Storm Warning and a Hurricane Watch. A Small Craft and High Surf warning is also in effect for the next 36 hours. Next advisory at 2:00PM Windspeed is down a bit, but it is expected to increase to near-hurricane levels as it progresses. Apparently, a hurricane hunter is en route. Sustained storm force winds are likely here from the morning of Saturday 25th. A rainfall/flooding hazard exists and a formal advisory may become necessary. An hour ago we had a brief but very intense shower. I got months of food stockpiled. If anything develops, all Buddy and I can do is shut up the house and hope for the best. @Browncoat, thanks! 2020: what next?
  10. We're on Storm Watch for Gonzalo as of 5:00 AM today. This system is small, but with 60 MPH winds at the center it could be unpleasant. And it's small size makes it difficult to tell how much it is intensifying. Predicted track is south of us, but I never like to see a storm to our south, because they love to turn and the always turn north! The chaps have decided that most of our gliders will be overcome with 45 MPH windspeeds, so.... no flying tomorrow. The next MET Office advisory will be issued at 11:00 AM.
  11. Perry Mason. Cheat, liar, intersectionalist hero. Erle Stanley Gardner rotates in his grave.
  12. I don't think anyone is saying it was unrealistic. What I was saying was it was unethical. The PM we know from previous portrayals is a man of integrity. This PM is a liar and a cheat, as well as (apparently) an alcoholic bum. His good intentions, his positive motive, and his ability to pull off the fraud does not change anything about that.
  13. Which reminds me of a grizzly Mortician joke.....
  14. Steroids reduced by 20% today. This is good. Computer keyboard gone naff. The M, V, 3, * and ( keys were all dead which made the computer very difficult to use. I was down to cut'n'paste to enter stuff. Bought & installed new keyboard. This is also good. The 'gonorrhea' numbers are up: 8 active cases. All in isolation; they came in on recent flights. Dr. K. says there are currently no cases free-range at the moment (this is a good thing). So, upon her instructions, I just had a haircut.All hair off, and also removed incredibly long, bushy beard * moustache. can now eat soup without the 'tache straining out the chunks. This is good. 2020 being what it is, I predicted a couple months ago that we'd probably get a hurricane. Well, it isn't a hurricane yet, but it is a Tropical Storm. TS Gonzalo, to be specific. The good doctor instructs me to stock up. Met Office: "The system has become better defined within the past few hours [...], in addition visible satellite imagery has been indicating a hint of an eye developing. If this trend continues then the system could be on a rapid intensification trend this afternoon. [...] As a result Gonzalo could become a category one hurricane within the next 12 to 24 hours." I never like to see a storm passing so far south. NOT good. Next update 5:00PM.
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