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  1. Liz threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid back when she was VP SoS?
  2. She could have put two in his head. And that flimsy wall he was standing behind would have had all the effect of tissue paper, had she decided to shoot through it.
  3. By Presidential decree if necessary, those reporters who threw down their passes would NEVER be allowed in the Whitehouse again. And as for the one demanding an apology? I'd be: "Apology? I'm having you taken down to Basement Nine Alpha and shot in the head! You're going to fertilize the Rose Garden. Unless..."
  4. That didn't go well in Dark Star... I didn't quite get the whole forged passport handover. You are our new CI. You will hand over the forgeries. If your client knows you are working for us, you are a dead man. So, we will stand here, in uniform, in the open doorway of this hangar. To make sure your client can see us by simply raising their eyes. If that doesn't completely throw you under the bus, we will jump out and make an arrest the instant you hand the forgeries over. That way, you have no chance of avoiding suspicion, and will certainly die.
  5. When Reagan came here to visit his old friend Claudette Colbert. He brought over 300 security guys (They filled the entire 300-room hotel next to our house), plus a hospital ship and an aircraft carrier, with her entire support flotilla. (Best part was when the local idiots decided to give him a 21-gun salute. But since they didn't have artillery, they used dynamite. Comedy gold! I'd pay money for a copy of that video!) Anyway, I hear they are going to rename the show "FGOTUS", but I doubt that will happen. I just don't know how she is supposed to make a good President if she can't make a single decision without Henry having the final say.
  6. So are Dachshunds. So what? He still has a closet in the Whitehouse, where he stands all day, waiting to pop out when someone desperately needs to know what Thomas Aquinas would say about something. And yes, this show would improve tremendously if Henry would get himself swallowed by a squid. Or something equally dramatic... but final. Cats are OK. Especially when your dog gets hungry.
  7. Netfoot


    Gotcha. You could also throw in Delta, maybe even SAS.
  8. Netfoot


    WTF is a "Ranger SEAL" ? Rangers are Army, SEALs are Navy. I didn't know you could be both.
  9. How Taylor wasn't fired, I don't know. Well, I do know. This a shitty show, that's how.
  10. Cicadas are bugs that spend the majority of their life cycle underground. After what can be many years, they surface, moult, produce wings and then fly off and do buggy things. (While making a huge racket, BTW.) So, I'd imagine the cicadas in this show are any one who were "Treadestoned" and later activated, apparently without them even knowing they were sleeper/dormant. Regardless of whose side they are on?
  11. And that they would consider it well hidden, when it makes a noise the old guy could hear from across the farmyard, once he got his hearing-aid. Has he been hard of hearing for the entire 45 years? Has nobody else set foot in the farmyard in all that time? And is a flashing light always required on hidden technology? Like when someone bugs a house or secretly attaches a tracker to a car. Pay no attention to the flashing red LEDs and the beep-beep-beep!
  12. Netfoot


    Did you know I was an alt-right, white supremacist? No? I didn't either. But the proof is undeniable. I have blue eyes. Very Arian looking. (Who writes this shit?)
  13. Chunk continues to demonstrate that he is the stupidest person on television, and blind as well. I knew she was preggers two episodes ago! Oh, and my young daughter isn't going to go live in Jordan for six months with my blessing. Or at all, if I can help it. But in this case, I don't care. Marissa (had to look her up again) is looking to divorce her husband because she lied to him about his sperm count in order not to hurt his feelings and I don't care. Recommendation to TPTB: A spin-off show with Chunk and Marissa on their own. So I can NOT watch it. CotW: How do you tactfully say, "We're interested in your company but you are too ugly to be the face of anything we're involved with?" She blinded a paparazzi. Isn't there a committee in Scandinavia that awards a prize for that? This is a show about Jury Tampering Science so no surprise they demand a trial by jury. Then they don't even go through the motions of selecting a jury! We get one (two?) quick mention about how many jurists are red/green (dubious technology at best) and that's it?
  14. You realize electric cars have to be charged up, right? With current generated by power stations burning coal, oil, uranium, etc? Electric cars only shift the pollutants from your tailpipe to the chimney of your nearby generating station. Also: A couple years ago some British agency for the environment publicly announced that by 2030 all cars in Britain would be electric. Next day, the Generating Board pointed out that there aren't enough power stations in the country to charge all vehicles in Britain (were they electric), as well as provide for normal, daily power usage, and that it would be physically impossible to build enough new power stations to handle the job by 2030. Electric cars are not the obvious solution they appear to be.
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