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  1. At first it was bearable... then my teeth started to hurt.
  2. Just watched the latest YT video from the local government. In a nutshell: 100 healthcare workers arriving tonight from Cuba to assist local doctors, nurses, etc. Emergency health facility at Harrison Point completed and to be handed over today, to be equipped immediately and brought on stream ASAP. 48 ventilators available across the island, 150 more ordered, paid for and en route, but $1.4M worth of them (20) were seized in the USA. The ventilators seized were not the ones paid for by Rihanna, the first 5 of which are due to arrive this week. So far only 3 people have had to be placed on a vent. 56 cases so far, ages 7 to 83. Six have recovered, and will be discharged today. Our first CV death occurred last night, an 81 year old local man who traveled abroad and returned home infected. Breakdowns at home so far: bedroom fan, living room telephone, 3 burners on the kitchen stove (one remaining), Android tablet, cold tap in the kitchen sink. Buddy is going nuts and demands food every 30 minutes. The PM who underwent surgery made a live-stream appearance on YT a few days ago. Good to see her back on her feet, and the background of the barking of dogs, the crowing of cocks and the over-revving of engines by asshole street-racers just made it somehow all the more reassuring. The completely unpolished nature of these videos somehow makes them seem more genuine, and gives me a sense of reassurance. Working my way through the fresh food in the kitchen, before it spoils. Got plenty of potatoes, some mushrooms, also some sweet peppers, and one tomato. Want to get to this stuff before it spoils. Cooking frozen meat with this in case the refrigerator packs up or the power goes out. Quite a bit of frozen stuff remains, including 15 days worth of sausages. Saving the tinned stuff (bully beef, tuna, beans, peas, channa, tomatoes, etc) and the dried foods (rice, pasta, beans) for later. Got flour to make bannock when the frozen bread runs out which will be soon, and got two 900 gram tins of Klim for when the milk runs out. Glaringly absent from the kitchen: curry powder. How did that happen?!?? Plenty of ass-fodder; 47 rolls, and I certainly don't use a roll a day unless I get The Belly, so at least 3-4 months worth.
  3. Acting PM just extended the curfew. From tomorrow afternoon it will be a 24 hour curfew until the 15th. Exceptions: Doctor/dentist visits, pharmacy, etc. One person arrested already, for breaking the partial curfew. All supermarkets and minimarts are closed; village shops may still serve the local communities (but no alcoholic beverages, only three customers at a time). I am a little worried because my pharmacy is actually inside a supermarket. I can't see how they could prevent people from visiting the pharmacy. A different, stand-alone pharmacy wouldn't work for me, because all my prescriptions are already on file. Of course, I don't actually need to visit the pharmacy until 9th May when I start running out of critical meds. However, I am not entirely sanguine that the curfew/closures won't be extended past the 15th. Fingers crossed.
  4. Last few times I was in the pharmacy I tried to buy alcohol to use as a sterilizing agent, but there was none. I considered buying a gallon of white rum, preferably 151 overproof, but in the end I didn't. I have about 1¼ liters of isopropyl which I use in the workshop when working with epoxy, and will make do with that. (Also have nitrile gloves and N95 face masks originally bought for use in the workshop. You can't see it, but there is an N95 mask under that mask/buff/thingy that I bought 5 years ago.) I'm in, I don't have to come out until the 22nd, and have meds to last until then, and food for much longer. There is nobody else in here to infect me, so I don't have to be quite so strict with the constant sanitization. So the ¾ bottle of hand sanitizer and the alcohol should be more than enough. Boredom is the trouble. Finished my supply of fresh books last night, and I have already watched every single video on YouTube. Will have to start re-reading some of my favourites. You'd think YouTube would be able to keep ahead of me but it seems every video is about Orange Man Bad or Toilet-Licking Girl. There is a curfew in effect until April 15th, but I wonder if that won't be extended before it ends.
  5. Just watched the live-stream from Acting PM Santia Bradshaw. (PM Mia is recovering from a surgical procedure - not CV.) Lockdown just got bigger locks: "All beaches and parks shall be closed... No person shall leave his home except to purchase food or medicine, or to seek medical or dental attention... The sale of intoxicating liquor is hereby prohibited... Any person who contravenes this directive without reasonable explanation is guilty of an offense and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of $50K or imprisonment for a term of one year, or to both."
  6. Wow! Things must be getting really bad! The government just closed the Rum Shops!!!
  7. Woke in the wee hours of this morning with a sore throat. Thought: "I'm done!" Gargled with salt water, went back to bed, woke again with the sore throat almost gone. WhatsApped my doctor, she wasn't concerned. Felt foolish, but I am high-risk for this thing, so pardon my paranoia! Today would have been Day #11 were I not forced out of the house three times to go to the doctor/pharmacy. But because of the unavailability of a critical medication (the one that makes me high-risk for CV, as it happens), I had to go back to the pharmacy yesterday. So, I've been going stir-crazy for 11 days, but today is only day #1. Now I have food for 60+ days and meds for 30+ days, so I should be OK for a while. Twenty two books inbound, but can't get any of them without breaking out of quarantine, so I will soon be out of fresh reading material. Must see doctors and revisit the pharmacy on 22nd April, so maybe I can collect those books on that day. If I have to break quarantine, I might as well get much done as possible, for the single exposure. I'll probably top up on food supplies as well. The 22nd is 3 weeks away, so things might be greatly improved by then. Or they might have gone down hill. Custard. I want custard. Last time I had custard was about 50 years ago, but I suddenly have a deep desire! You have to pour custard over something, so I'll have to figure out what by the 22nd. Perhaps one of the deserts mentioned in the books I've been reading recently? Like Spotted Dick, Figgy-dowdy, Plum Duff and Dead Baby (I kid you not). Buddy is fine, although also going a bit stir-crazy. I've taken his collar off, and he is running about like a pickney. I have a mountain of 50+ cans of food for him, plus two bags of chow. Plus he demands a share of whatever I'm eating, although come to think of it, he never offers me any of his dinner... So, Azithromycin, Chloroquine/Hydroxychloroquine might be a useful treatment for CV! But what's this? All three of them are in the list of "Drugs to Avoid" for my condition. To misquote Julie Andrews/Maria: "Somewhere in my youth or childhood/ I must have done something really horrible."
  8. Next Thursday's doctor's appointment cancelled; doctor said he would call the prescription through to the pharmacy and I should collect it today. Lined up in the sun outside for 1½ before they would let me in. Man at door insisted I take off my nitrile gloves to sanitize my hands. Then he stood in the narrow doorway and made me "belly-to-belly" and squeeze past him. Another 1½ lined up in the pharmacy, to be told that they didn't have all my medication and I'd have to "come back on Monday". Over three hours door to door, and I still have to go out next week because I'll run out of meds if I don't. Any way, I got 5 gallons of gas in a can, a 20 lb. cylinder for the stove, and a buncha food for Buddy. Unfortunately they didn't have any dark Toblerone (dark chocolate is an anti-oxidant, don'tcha know?). Get home to discover that all non-essential businesses will be shut from tomorrow 3PM until April 15th. The Pharmacy is considered essential, so I should be able to get my meds next Monday, after (presumably) another 3 hour wait.
  9. First glance, and I read "Canadian Idiot" for some reason...
  10. Thank god that's over. They aren't going to bring this rubbish back for a second season, are they?
  11. Forced to go doctor/pharmacy this morning. (Ear infection, very painful. Otherwise BP and Temp perfect.) First time out since last week. Only 3 persons allowed inside pharmacy at a time, 6 foot division marks sprayed on ground outside to keep people separated. Waited 90 minutes for prescription to be filled (10 tablets and a bottle of ear drops). Thanks to the ear, my drug load is now 33 tablets a day, but if the infection goes away that should fall again within the week. No vitamin-C anywhere. People are buying anything in an orange-coloured box, including suppositories! Doctor tells me the toilet-licking, butt-chugging idiotic youth are in for a shock. I'm heartbroken. Gota go see my other doctor next Thursday, so until then it's back in lockdown.
  12. Netfoot


    If they have enough crossovers, maybe nobody will notice that Maggie Bell is suddenly "under cover".
  13. Netfoot


    Dumbass: "If we ID the driver [of the getaway vehicle] it might lead us to the kids!" Netfoot: "Ya think?!??" Dumbass: "Do you know what 88 is secret code for?" Netfoot: "Two fat ladies?" Dumbass: "They are throwing up the White Power symbol!" Netfoot: "Well, that's OK then..." Honestly this shit is hard to take.
  14. No, as well as those!
  15. OMFG, the whole Kill The Parent Adopt The Child sub-plot is aggravatingly stupid. Please make it stop!
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