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  1. Went up today, with the weather looking good and the field dry. Winds were light and smooth. Wanted a relatively quiet day, but five other guys turned up, two of them specifically claiming they were there only to watch me screw up. Asked the guys to take some photos of the model, because I couldn't. They took this photo of some ugly guy instead: My flight-box is still being overhauled, so I was relying on everyone else to provide everything from fuel and start, to cleanup. As well as the photos. We did an engine tune, and attempted to take off, but she just wouldn't lift the front end, so she came back into the pits and I increased the elevator throw well past what was recommended. Second takeoff attempt went OK, but she was in need of trimming, and I was very nervous, so my friend told me to bring her around into an upwind straight & level pass, and he took the transmitter and adjusted the trims. In no time she was flying hands-off, and I reclaimed the controls. We sat on the bench outside and talked about her performance as I flew several circuits without any trouble. No loops, rolls, hammerheads, snaps, S-turns, Immelmanns, Cubans, spins, bunts, knife-edge, inverted or anything really fun, but maybe soon. (It's been a long time since last I flew powered, but it comes back really fast.) Unfortunately, nobody had taken the time as I took off, so we weren't sure how long she had been up, but everyone agreed it was probably in the order of 10 minutes, so to make sure I didn't run the tank dry, I came in and landed. It was a bit long, but I'm proud to say it was a greaser, and the guys applauded (which we all will do for a good landing, but not for much else!) Anyway, I was able to taxi back to the pits and cut the throttle. There is some work to do. I have got to adjust the throttle linkage, and revisit the control throws. I think some Exponential in the transmitter would be a big help, and I may activate Dual Rates later on. Also will add Flaperon if I can figure out the programming. Got to program a flight-timer on the transmitter, too. I could have gone for another flight, but with various adjustments to be done and the light fading, I chose not to go up again. Turns out the fuel tank was still ¾ full! But then, this is a tiny engine (a .25) and the model has a very large tank for that size of engine. Probably 10 oz. instead of the usual 4 oz. you might expect. So we sat around and chewed the fat as the sun set. I did present the bar with a bottle of rum, as the club tradition demands for every successful maiden flight. And I think the flight was successful, seeing as it went to full length with no mishap and the machine coming home perfectly fine. So, on the bar right now is a 1¾ liter bottle of Old Brigand... which probably won't last all that long. That being the case, I'm going to have to build something else, right? Anyway, you folks now have a problem! The other guys have promised me plenty of photos and even videos, of the model on the ground and in flight. So you just know I will be bombarding you with a selection of those as they reach me, right?
  2. Rubbish as usual. They ignore the issue of who shot the other guard in order to play with a #metoo plotline... for which they required two (not one, but two) Deus Ex Machina events to complete their case. The mysterious Sea-Turtle-Study Camera, located (for some reason) up in a tree and (strangely) not pointed at any portion of the ocean or the foreshore thereof. The revelation of a another van, which must have had some sort of arousing effect on the guard, because that is the only van he ever used to to engage in his 20+ molestations... right up until he decided that he would switch to a different van because his 'favourite' had been taken out of service. I know that Deus and his Machina plays a frequent part in the resolutions of TAC cases, but twice in the same episode is ridiculous. (Why do I watch this crap?)
  3. Let me try to help: What's SOP? = Standard Operating Procedure Who are the Risibles? = Will & Whiny Little Shit. "G and D" = DeAngelo & Gary. Only backwards. "Blinds"? = Blonds, but with a typo. So much Covid = so much time on my hands. = Maybe too much time on your hands! LOL!
  4. Happy Independence Day! Not yet. Too much rain on Sunday and Independence Day (Monday). Well to tell truth, the weather was fine on those days, but the ground was so waterlogged from the days prior, it was a no-go. I can (and do) fly under less-than-ideal conditions, but prefer not to do so with a new model, in case there are issues with the setup. If there is something wrong, I prefer to have every advantage in my attempt to get her back on the ground in one piece so as to make adjustments. Started work on the Ahi. WTF is "Clear, Non-yellowing, Office Tape" ?!?? Do they mean like, Scotch Tape?
  5. I'm not thinking about who benefited from the alliance. I'm thinking about who was blighted by it. Specifically, me. I have no problems with one team throwing another a bone now and again. Such as one team telling another to hook up a truck horn. But when half of the teams decide to form an alliance that helps those teams exclusively, and then actively "gangs up" on other teams to get them eliminated, it is detrimental to the race. It spoils the spontaneity of the show. It ruins the suspense. Is there anyone who didn't know going in to the two-episode "megaleg", that the outcome was a foregone conclusion? So, two episodes of the race (which is only 12 episodes long to begin with), were completely ruined from the viewer's perspective. I've watched every episode of TAR ever produced, many of them several times. I do it for enjoyment and entertainment. And TPTB film and air the show specifically so I will enjoy it and be entertained by it. Because if their audience (Meaning me and people like me. But mostly me.) stops enjoying and being entertained, they are out of business. So they need to take this in hand and prevent race-destroying alliances from occurring.
  6. I was to say something About the gliders: It seems that I decided to assemble the little yellow aeroplane at the wrong time, since the wind and weather generally are more favourable to gliding at this time of year. Therefore, I've decided to build myself a DreamFlight Ahi glider, the bits for which I happen to have sitting right here. So I'll get stuck right in to that. As soon as I have had a nap.
  7. No, she hasn't flown yet. Last Sunday we went to the cliff and flew gliders. (More later.) Wednesday, I was hopeful, and took myself and Buddy and the model up to the club where I'd arranged to meet a friend who agreed to do an independent pre-flight check. What I didn't want was a whole audience. But three other members showed up anyway. I didn't bring my flight-box with me. I have taken it apart to give it a full service, bought a new starter battery ($$$$!!), and painted the actual box itself, which was looking a bit scruffy, it being 20 year since I built it! I painted the bottom (where it would sit in the grass) last Monday morning and it's still wet! Fortunately, my pre-flight check guy offered to give me a tankful of 10% fuel, and the use of his starter because I am too old to pilot a chicken-stick. Pre-flight went very well, until it came to doing the range-check, wherein everything went extremely well except the throttle servo which did not behave as expected. I decided not to fly with an unexpected result during the range-check. Subsequently, it turns out that we misunderstood a paragraph in the operators manual for the radio - a paragraph that was written in engrish and not easy to comprehend. We think we have it now, but the opportunity to maiden on Wednesday had passed by time we worked out what was what. So, hopefully, tomorrow. Weather permitting. I can fly in poor weather, but I do want good conditions for a maiden flight, so as to have the best chance of saving the model if something goes awry. Like a wonky throttle, maybe... And the guys didn't fail to remind me on Wednesday, that a successful maiden means I owe the club a bottle of rum!
  8. Actually... Since I am (or was) one of which you speak... Software Engineers participate in more aspects of the production of software than only programming. Software engineers can also be a part of the systems analysis, software design, and documentation, and (usually after the fact) training, testing and maintenance. On one project, I was a part of, the software engineers even developed coding standards for the programmers. A "computer programmer" (or informally, I prefer "code cutter") implements the design in code. A software engineer might actually hire a "computer programmer" to do the "easy" part, while concentrating on the other phases of the project. But many software engineers (like myself, for instance) prefer to get hands-on with the code, and thereby participate in all the various aspects of the project.
  9. True, but they (somehow) redeemed themselves very successfully by time their second run (Season 11 All-Stars) came around.
  10. Funny how TAC was able to operate with no technical analysis id the jury pool, no mirror-juries, etc. I thought that was the backbone of TAC's raison d'être.
  11. Does this mean he has been found guilty of the acts that he has been accused of? Or is this another case of #BelieveAlmostAllWomen ?
  12. I am so sorry to see the DBBCF team Kaylynn and Haley eliminated. I know they have not presented themselves as great racers, but they have had the best (by far) attitude of anybody on the race - and probably the majority of earlier races as well. And as for not being great racers, they did manage to do the three turbans in three goes, no errors. So some tasks they have done well, and others not so well, but I think their biggest problem is taxis and luck. Perhaps they just don't know how to pick a decent cab, and/or how to direct the cabbie instead of just sitting there. Cabbie might be driving, but you can surely do some navigating in the back seat. Any way, I'm sorry they're gone - in no small measure due to twin 20-minute Yields. Goodbye, ladies, and if there comes another All-Stars, I would be happy to see you return. Will & Whiny Little Shit just are the worst. I'm almost (almost!) at the point of wishing for some sort of vehicular accident medical elimination. And the Mine5 alliance is a perfect example of how to spoil TAR. I don't know how this sort of thing can be eliminated but TPTB need to make the effort. OTOH, perhaps TPTB want the Survivoresque throat-cutting type of behaviour and not the simple "cross your fingers and race your best" that I prefer. And for the record: I Love Flo.
  13. At the mat, Phil said: "The next leg of the race is a megaleg. A megaleg, meaning double the Detours, double the Roadblocks, double the distance." This rather implies that they have been having Roadblocks all along, otherwise "...double the Roadblocks..." would be a pointless thing to say. Of course, no way to be certain without consulting Phil, racers or someone with first-hand knowledge. I must admit I've never liked to hear about challenges that were edited out. To think that they did something and then hid the video from me!
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