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  1. That is very true! I took the collar off last night at bedtime. Woke at 6:00 to find Mo sitting up and watching me. As soon as he saw I was awake he started raising the roof! Took him out for a wander and he did P but not p. Brought him back in for a cuddle on bed (he chomped my chin). Point is, tho, that I observed him scratching neck/jaw several times as well as chewing on his legs. Do not the collar! Uh oh! I just saw him departing with one of the Crocs. At least he isn't a mink, although his teeth are probably just as sharp! . Anyway, I will make up a much simpler collar for him
  2. Dinner was great! 🙂 But less. 😕 Oh, shoot, and I was supposed to put Pinto beans to soak but forgot, and don't plan to climb out of bed now to do it. Mo has been scratching his neck all day. I immediately suspected the collar, but several times I caught him scratching his chin and jaw, not the collar. Anyway, I've taken the collar off and we'll see. If it is the collar, that's too bad, because he has to learn to wear one. But we can start him off with a single strand of cord, and only for an hour or two at a time to get him acclimated. If it's not the collar, does that mean he'
  3. It looks big for such a little boy, but he will outgrow it quickly so I made is a bit larger than necessary. I think he's actually grown since Saturday! He was a hit at the club today in his new fashions. I caught one of the guys trying to persuade him into the cockpit of their model! But I think I was supposed to catch that..... Mo has taken to grass, which I don't think he ever saw until he came home. I'm glad, I say, because there is a lot of it in his future! I am on the hunt for a thinner cord to make a less-heavy collar. But dunno where to get anything suitable locally, and don't
  4. This is Mo's homemade "Safety Orange" collar under construction. It doesn't look too bad, but I'm sure it could be better. I'll probably improve, if I have to keep making these. Depoending on how much he grows. It's made from boiled Paracord. The boiling is necessary for two reasons. It makes the collar slightly softer and less stiff. It "pre-shrinks" the cord. Paracord will shrink over time, with exposure to moisture. Boiling eliminates the gradual tightening of the collar as time goes by. Not that I think this is of much concern in this case, since I believe he will outg
  5. I shouldn't be saying this, but I am feeling pretty good tonight. Better than I have in days. So I'll probably expire in the night... I've been feeling crook ever since Bud was attacked and the sun hasn't helped over the last few days. Bought some cassava and spare ribs for lunch, and it was delicious, but I could hardly eat it. I'll try it again tomorrow. But right now, I feel good. Went to see Dr. Gabby today for my PT/INR. Results to come, but the needle stick bled profusely to the extent of my tee shirt sleeve being bloodstained. Didn't know it was happening; didn't feel a t
  6. I've just dug through my big bag o' Paracord. I was looking for some Zombie Green I know I had, but instead I found some "Safety Orange", a hue used to paint lifeboats and the like, because of its high visibility. Measured Mo's neck (an achievement, believe me) and cut myself a suitable length of cord. Let the steaming hot, solar hot water run over it for five minutes while the kettle got up to a boil, then dribbled boiling water over it for another minute or so. It's now hanging out to dry. Mean time, with an odd length of black Paracord (unboiled), I set my jig to the size collar
  7. I'll be honest, All the info I've heard about the "intelligence community" IRL, leads me to believe that this IS how they usually work...
  8. You spelled it wrong. It should be "It just wokes, you know."
  9. Iz bcoz damm yanquiz inzizt on driving on de wrong zide of de road!
  10. I surrender! On checking, I believe Aaron is the proper name for NeuJackson.
  11. Yes. I have a folding chair, so when it is time I will go sit out on the grass and read a book with one eye, until he does his business. That's a favourite of mine. He was about two, and we still lived in the same house as when he was a baby. I used to have to go to work each day, and he always wanted to come with! I actually took him once, and he was very well behaved and everyone was pleased to see him, but it wasn't much of a day for him, so I didn't take him again. Yes, his serene face shows what a sweetheart he was, but his choice of perch reminds what an absolute rascal h
  12. Who is Aaron again? Really? because it's his show! I must admit they could have given the role to another cop and added some related comedic dialogue now and again, but if anyone is going to be accidentally launched into orbit in this show, it's going to be Nolan. How old are you?!?? Probably almost my age! :-) That guy was annoying AF. I dunno which looked stranger, the clothes or the hair! Yup. Wesley is very stupid. He goes to loyal sniper-dude and essentially admits that he wants to double-cross bad-guy? Lucky the sniper got killed in prison, or it could hav
  13. So today, I decided the time had come to dispose of Buddy's Bottle Collection. I removed the mattress and the bed slats to achieve my goal. I know what I am about to tell you will be a condemnation of my housekeeping abilities. That's OK. I am a terrible housekeeper. First thing I noticed on the bottom of the tatty old mattress was this patch: Made with 2" Duct Tape eight years ago when a micro-sized Budweiser dug a giant hole in the mattress and scattered small pieces of foam rubber far and wide. I patched it then, intending to get a replacement mattress when Bud was old enoug
  14. The bedside crate went well. He cuddled with me in bed for a few minutes and then I put him in the crate which is directly beside the bed and on the same level. (With the door open, he can literally walk back and forth from crate to bed and vice versa.) He complained for a minute or two, with me offering a soothing finger to chew through the bars, but then he curled up quietly. It wasn't long before I turned off the light and went off to sleep myself. For the last 30 years (since my house burned down as I slumbered) I have not often slept the night through. I wake every 1½ to 2 hours. I n
  15. I will pay attention to both of your suggestions, @Spunkygal! ETA: I should mention I am on Lasix and have had issues in the past with cramps due to flushing too much salt out of my system. So, I know of which you speak!
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