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  1. My new passport has been approved and shipped! Only glad to hear that, because they provided me with a list of documents of which I was to provide ONE. But I couldn't provide ANY! Since I paid £19 and change to have it expressed back to me, I hope it will be here soon. Meanwhile, my appointment to apply for my other passport is on the 12th of next month, with the passport being ready for pickup on the 21st. So, I will be ready to travel for the next 10 years (after which I'll be dead) but (alas) have nowhere to go. Oh well... Got an aeroplane to collect tomorrow: Unfortunately,
  2. Went up to the club Wednesday to get some fresh air. No flying by me -- the club has not yet received approval on it's protocols for preventing the spread of athlete's foot. (Today is 3 weeks since we made our submission, but not a fart back from them yet.) Some feel it is worth taking the chance but I don't have $50k to pay the fine, and my arse would never survive a year in HM Prison Glendairy. Buddy appreciates the opportunity to run around and have some fun, especially when some of his other friends show up and give him some love. Four other friends showed up, some with more money and
  3. I'll start this silly tale by telling you what Buddy's favourite thing is. (Apart from food, of course.) It is: An Empty Plastic Bottle. Like a Coke bottle or, as I've been banned from drinking Coke, a Sprite Zero Bottle. Or similar. Milk cartons come a close second, but a bottle is his absolute favourite. But not any bottle. It must have the cap screwed tightly back into place. Bud will wait for you to finish your drink, and toss the bottle into the bin. He will then retrieve it, and make off with it. Sometimes, he will catch it mid-air, between hand and bin. And occasionally, he will li
  4. This was the stinkiest pile of steaming shite that ever fell out of the ass of an arrested adolescent script-writer.
  5. Just watched "The Art of Racing in the Rain". Rewatched, I should really say, because I've seen it before. I've had it here for several days to watch, but only just got myself to the point where I was able to watch it. Because having watched it before, I knew what was coming. Why is it that I was able to watch the demise of (the wife) Eve completely dry-eyed, but had to keep swabbing my orbs and blowing my nose throughout those sections of the movie where Enzo was in decline? Because I'm a dumb-ass, that's why. And that's why if you know the names of any other movies of similar
  6. (Ever wondered why, periodically, some guy loses their shit and shoots up a post office?) Trying to renew my UK passport, I made up an envelope with the required documents, including the old passport, and mailed it off (registered!) to England. Nearly 2 weeks go by, and it has not yet been received. So I visit the post office to discover that they never sent my documents. New rules say "No passports." I was never advised of this, and they happily took my $27.40 and my envelope but then decided not to send it. They never contacted me. I'd have never known if I hadn't gone in and
  7. All men are evil. If the movie didn't make that perfectly clear, then this show (like so many others) will redouble efforts to drive the point home. I hope you aren't holding your breath.....
  8. Went to the doctor today. (Not Dr. Kristi, Dr.Sean!) And he said (and I quote) "Azathioprine! DWD!" So, DWD. Took Buddy to the club today, just for the chance to run around and breathe some fresh air. The grass didn't need cutting, which is good, because I have decided not to cut it again unless it's wet, because the dust gets really nasty. As you can see, it was a fairly good day, with a pleasant breeze and puffy-white clouds in a blue sky. If you look really close, you might find the worlds wickedest doggie, heading off for a wander. If you can't see him... I'm sorry, I
  9. Netfoot


    What about cops dragging some random, passing, civilian motorist guy out of his car to give chase? O Movie Gods! Please! Just one time! Let the civilian be a 5th Dan black belt karateka, and have him kick the cop's ass from here to Hickie!
  10. Besides Batman being drop-dead cool, and the others being totally meh? Because someone as cool as Batman is morally & ethically justified in doing WETF he wants!
  11. The main reason that *I* quit watching Hawaii 5-0, is because McGarrett v2.0 is a dick.
  12. Netfoot


    Man, that was some lame shit. Why not handcuff Vargas to the bombs? Because this bunch of clowns never does anything illegal or off-colour. America: World Police! We go where ever we want, and do what ever we please! The nations of the world tremble when we speak! And if occasionally someone takes offense and retaliates for our high-handed assholery by blowing up some Twin Towers..... Acting Assistant Director In Charge. (Pronounced Acting-A-Dick, I presume). Looks like there is going to be a cat fight! Inevitable! It's so stupid, I hope they both lose. I don't c
  13. Just heard that Donna, a girl I knew in my youth, was buried today. She was the little sister of a close school friend. Most of the guys made her aware they thought she was a nuisance, but I always felt it was mean to treat her so. This was perhaps not so smart, because she developed a bit of a crush. Which was difficult to squash without being unkind. She went to a very posh boarding school in England, and once I went with a friend to visit. We went on a motorcycle in the winter, and were frozen solid by time we got there. The headmistress had to thaw us out with cups of tea and a r
  14. Without her, there is no connection to the source material. Other than the names of a few characters. They'd have wasted money on all those moths!
  15. TAClaw works different to regular law.
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