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  1. Not good. I started making a list of people that should be 'spaced'. Judd, Karen, Matt, Rav... Then I realised I was including people that weren't in space. I'll give this one more chance, because Hugh Laurie. But I'm not sure even he can save this.
  2. Went up to the club this afternoon a little early, and cut the grass. Several friends came later and we had a great time. A huge hare passed through, but Buddy was standing in my lap, looking the wrong way, and never even saw it, the silly boy! The wind was light, and several different aircraft were flown., only one crash (A FW-190 'Butcher Bird' which re-kitted upon impact). Our duncs tree is full of fruit, even though the season is at an end. I don't like them when they go orange and brown. Some people seem to think that is when they are at their best, but to me, they taste 'gamey' and I don't like that flavour. I like them yellow, with a slightly tart taste. The fruit this year aren't as large as previous years, but they are plentiful on the tree, and very tasty as usual! We all ate too many. This is the first time at the club for several weeks. We've had high winds which allow us to go to our favourite slope soaring site and have fun with the gliders. Two weekends ago the winds were howling! Gusts measured at over 30 knots! Last week wasn't nearly so windy, but the wind was smooth and steady, and there was bags of lift, far out in front as well as above and also, unusually, behind the edge where you'd normally only expect "The Rotor" (turbulence). Doctor tomorrow, for a blood-draw. I've had this test 14 times in the last two months. Fortunately, my Doc is very gifted with a needle. If I look away, I never feel a thing. I just wish the numbers would stabilize instead of see-sawing up and down. It's the constantly changing dosages that are the PITA! It takes me long enough to lay out tomorrow's meds as it is, without having the dosage vary with the day of the week! Buddy is also on meds. His infected toe almost got better, but then it took a turn for the worse. (Did you see the photo of the poor boy in a huge lampshade?) And getting him to take two large antibiotic capsules a day isn't something I was looking forward to. But I have found a method that works, that involves Vienna sausages. I hollow one out with a plastic straw and slip the cap inside. Then I pretend like I won't give it to him... but I let him steal it! And yams it down quick! So far, he is none the wiser that a large turquoise capsule goes down with it. I hope he doesn't catch on, because otherwise he is a bear when it comes to taking medication. Now I gotta stock up on Vienna sausages. He has another 13 days to go...
  3. You'd think that a retired admiral, selling all that high-priced wine, would be able to afford real Earl Grey then, wouldn't you?
  4. Hmmm. So... 1) Everyone has a replicator in their home to produce food & beverages like tea and milkshakes. 2) Replicator technology is advanced enough to accurately produce distinct but subtle variations in flavour like Earl Grey as opposed to Orange Pekoe. Question: Who is buying wine produced in the Picard vinyards when they could simply say "Wine. A Picard, 2341. In a coffee mug, with two olives!" to the replicator?
  5. Well... I liked "Number One" the pittie... As to the rest, we will have to see!
  6. I doubt any amount of money would bring peace after the loss of a loved-one, but the $5M was punitive, and I guess you might experience some satisfaction to know that the bastards suffered at least that much punishment for what they did. Plus, your loved-one is gone now, and there is no advantage to not accepting the money. Especially if you know that as a result, your other children will not need - and therefore won't be driven to extreme lengths to achieve/retain - scholarships. Sure, celebrating the win solely because of the settlement doesn't seem realistic, but the settlement can punish the wrong-doers, and allow the family to adopt a more supportive, dare I say "better" lifestyle for the family ongoing.
  7. I know, right? Besides, Afghan Black is crap hash.
  8. From bad to worse. Rhyme is a butthole, Sachs is a dumbass, most of the team are cardboard cut-outs. The episode didn't progress to a conclusion. They introduced a number of suspects and then... Voila! It's the painter! TBC is supposed to be scary, I guess, but instead he's just coming across as clownishly devoted to proving how smart he is. I guess I'll watch another, but this is careering rapidly towards being so un-entertaining I just can't be bothered to downcoughload it.
  9. Weak. Very weak. Did I see a toothpick this episode? Don't remember one, so hopefully...
  10. At least Dana Delany was hotter than Hell. (And still is...)
  11. I was just thinking myself: Don't they have more serious criminals to pursue? How did this become a federal case anyhow? Woman shoots up a lawyer's office. Surely this is a matter for the local cops?
  12. An empty box, presumably waiting to convey body-parts to LR when TBC is finished with his captive. That's a guess, not a spoiler.
  13. Not terribly well written, nor acted, nor shot. And yet, I am looking forward to the next episode. But FFS lose that god-awful toothpick!
  14. Just made a comment on this elsewhere. It's acting. You don't have to play a character exactly like yourself. The ability to successfully play a variety of characters is the sign of a good actor. If actors were only allowed to play characters exactly like themselves and characters could only be played by actors with identical natures, who would play Yoda? Jabba the Hutt? Super{man,girl}?
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