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  1. I see the show continues to feed my conspiracy theory 😄 , as Simon again presented the dishes by all three higher-ranked chefs. Oh, and all three won or tied their rounds as well.
  2. Right, but if they have clues to who the higher seed is in a round, that can affect their decision, even if it's only subconsciously. I'm not saying that is necessarily the case, but it was notable to me that the same person presented the higher-ranked chef's dish each time (unless I missed something).
  3. I'm enjoying this show once again, and I've noticed a couple of things. First, there are fewer "upsets" this season than there were last. Second -- and this may be related -- it seems that when they're describing the dishes, Simon is always the one describing the dish of the higher-ranked chef and Justin the lower. Maybe the judging isn't so blind?
  4. It doesn't help if you mishear "Eminence Front" as "Imminence Front" either 😄 .
  5. He also knows that she hasn't been in the bottom two. (At least, I don't remember her to have been). Don't they all see the standings on the naughty/nice board?
  6. Yes, I'm in the US, but read about GBBO's impending return on the board here. I checked Wikipedia, and that's where I found out they filmed the whole season in six weeks. If GCBS can do the same, I don't see any reason it can't be on the air by January.
  7. Obviously I don't know for sure, but when the media says "winter" this is generally what they mean. If they mean December, they'll say "autumn". Also, if the show runs ten weeks and they start filming soon, they can have it wrapped by the end of November and have plenty of turnaround time. Alternatively, they could follow the lead of the GBBO and do quarantine filming for six weeks.
  8. Winter 2021 almost certainly means January/February, not December.
  9. dewelar

    Disney Films

    Also, since you're including Pixar, there's Atta. (Also Eilonwy, but nobody remembers her.)
  10. Ah, Janet. I liked her quite a bit, as I have most of the older competitors. I do wonder if there's a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation developing, in that older bakers may be applying less often because of the everything-Instagrammable mindset the show has formed.
  11. There was also Brendan from S3, who according to Wikipedia was 63 (Nancy was 60 when she won) and also made the final. ETA: Also S7's Jane was 61, but Brendan looks like the oldest finalist to date. Mind you, given S10's cast (only one over 40), that record will likely stand for a bit.
  12. dewelar

    S17.E12: Lucca

    So, I finally broke down and watched this episode while eating lunch today. Someone upthread said the episode lacked life, and I agree -- and not just because of my missing Malarkey. Gregory being obviously off his game didn't help -- I had to laugh at him putting what had to be several hundred dollars worth of truffle on each plate and his dish was STILL missing truffle flavor! Will miss him, though, as he was my second-favorite after Melissa. Indeed. If anything -- and this may make me a bad person -- whenever they highlight someone's inspirational (or, often, "inspirational") story,
  13. Oh, very well, if I must 😄 . I mean, it's not that I dislike any of the remaining chefs, it's just that I don't really find any of them interesting to watch. They're either super-low-key (Melissa, Gregory, Bryan) or bring negative energy (Stephanie, Kevin), which for me portends a flat finale. Anyway, I've been rooting for Melissa pretty much all season, so will continue to pick her to win.
  14. I didn't get the chance to watch until tonight, but I noticed something about the elimination challenge: Melissa, who picked first, won. Gregory and Malarkey, who picked next-to-last and last, finished next-to-last and last. How often does that happen, I wonder? To be frank, and I know this will be an unpopular sentiment: I will miss Malarkey greatly, as I need as much joy as I can get right now, quality of cooking be damned since, after all, I can't taste it anyway 😞 . I may even skip the finale.
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