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  1. I thought it was a name plate on her medical/tinctures box, which was in a drawer, wasn't it? I thought the drawer was partly open and that's how Brown saw it.
  2. Reading your post was like whiplash, lol. I said the same thing to myself last episode - wasn’t Jemmy supposed to be a redhead.
  3. Whitney promotes Fab Fit boxes or something like that on her instagram. So it's possible a lot of her clothes and accessories are free in exchange for promotion. I know nothing about law enforcement salaries but my son goes to a high school for science and technology and there are also a lot of trade programs there. My hairdresser was in one of them, she's maybe 30 and her husband is an electrician. Sounds like they do well from the things we talk about when I see her, like vacations and weekend plans.
  4. Eureka

    S03.E09: Fire Pink

    Just finished this one. Omg, heartbreaking.
  5. As soon as she was washing his hair I knew that’s where it was going. I was cringing and yelling at the tv the whole time. My son thought I was hilarious (but was creeped out too from them.).
  6. Eureka

    S03.E01: Wartime

    I hear you. My son (19) and I watch together and we generally only do two at a time. You’ll find out soon.
  7. Eureka

    S03.E01: Wartime

    Keep watching and you’ll find out.
  8. This is all assuming she even gets into the trial. You don’t just decide to be in a trial. You have to qualify and I think your doctor has to recommend you. They shouldn’t be moving to St. Louis until they knew she got into the trial, but of course it’s tv land so it doesn’t work that way.
  9. “And why should we care about them?”
  10. Great use of one of my favorite Billy Joel songs. Poor use of Gerald McRaney, didn’t like that scene at all. Loved Kevin telling Randall off but it also made me sad. I totally called it along with the rest of you that Madison was baby mommy.
  11. Was the backstory about Jocasta’s daughters in the book? I know the stolen gold was. Can’t remember much of her details at all.
  12. Lol. But seriously, do you think they plan their weddings around their cycles?
  13. Bree always bugged me in the book, did not like her. So annoying without even a plot reason makes sense to me. 😉
  14. It's Super Tuesday next week. All the major networks will be having election results/commentary.
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