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  1. I think they’ve said before that if they’re going any amount of distance she drives because otherwise she gets carsick. Edited to add: sorry, I am a little behind!
  2. Yeah...they are SO young. My older DS is 20 and I can’t imagine him getting married right now.
  3. Along with Rebecca’s father! Lol. I forget his character’s name there. Doc something.
  4. I read an article somewhere where he said he basically still speaks Italian like a 12 yr old. Which I think is how old he was when he lived there. But I’ve noticed there are several translators listed at the end, so clearly even if he doesn’t get everything that’s said to him, he knows what they’re saying and vice versa.
  5. If he was asking how to use Amazon he at least had some access to the internet, so I assumed he probably would have email for that anyway.
  6. Maybe he wasn’t on call. My younger son was born on a Saturday and my doctor wasn’t on call so another delivered him.
  7. We wondered why they sent a paper invitation for a zoom event. You have to type in the link to join that way and it’s no wonder Nicky was confused.
  8. I taught both of my kids to ride in a parking lot, and I learned myself on the sidewalk when I was a kid. Sure, we fell off and got scraped up, but we all made it through.
  9. It’s sad that that was the first thing I thought of when I heard this news.
  10. We watched the movie the other night and thought it was hilarious. Agree. We watched the show for 45 minutes and then turned it off. It was just boring and awkward.
  11. We just turned on the red carpet and Susan whatever her name is from This is Us looks like she’s wearing tin foil. Not a fan of that dress.
  12. I thought the same thing. We had to bring our car seat into the hospital and put the baby in it before we could take him home.
  13. We thought it was boring until the end with the flashforward. Which was what, about a minute or two of screen time?
  14. You just said everything that went through our minds. DS17 said to me, “I wouldn’t say that at all” when Toby called Kate unflappable. But I was surprised how unflappable Madison was, given what (albeit little) we’ve seen from her character. DS also asked “did you give me a long speech when you brought be home like Randal did.” Uh, no...and sitting on a hard chair eating ice cream in a parking lot on the way home with a two-day-old baby wouldn’t have been my choice either, but to each her own.
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