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  1. I think it was Sam’s 20th birthday in season 1.
  2. This is exactly what happened with my now-18 yr old. He still didn’t say his Rs at age 5 but I want to say by six or seven years old (maybe a little older? Don’t remember) it all worked itself out without speech therapy.
  3. Same here, we couldn’t figure the intros out either.
  4. We watched it last night and I agreed with the liking the interviews. I think given what they had to work with the show went well, but as someone who lives in the D.C. area, seeing the different locations wasn’t too exciting for us, because we’ve been to the KC many times. We kept saying, “we’ve seen that, oh yeah, that’s where we took pics with Grammy when we saw Showboat with her,” etc. First world problems, I know. Lol.
  5. See I think next season when Rebecca has declined and remembers the past more than the present, that’s when we’ll get her story with Miguel. I think it’s going to be through going inside her memories.
  6. I thought Max was kind of supposed to represent the music exec that she had an on-again off-again fling with in the book. Was his name Graham? But without the pregnancy. I hate all these changes. Guess that’s what happens when I watch a book-to-screen on a book I like a lot.
  7. I’m just getting to this show now. Enjoyed the first book (didn’t like the sequel) and I agree, seeing Tully on the screen is much worse than reading her. I feel like we’re not seeing enough of her vulnerable side like we get a glimpse of in the book. I also hate what they’ve changed. Why are Kate and Johnny separated? Why did they make Kate’s brother older with the storyline they gave him (avoiding spoilers here) instead of much younger like he was in the book? Why is Mara an only child? Sigh. I’m on episode four but not sure I like it enough to continue.
  8. They totally were thinking that was how it was going to go.
  9. I always think that about whatever Frances wears.
  10. Lol, I just read this to my 18 yr old son and he said “well, obviously.”
  11. We didn’t think it was that great. We wanted to like it more.
  12. I just said the same thing to my family. It really doesn’t work for her.
  13. Impressive with your score! My husband and son always do predictions and my son is winning but has missed three so far.
  14. That’s the way you give a speech. (Animated short)
  15. I was hoping Feeling Through would win. It was very good.
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