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  1. I never watched Bosom Buddies, but I enjoyed Peter's performance on Newhart. 😢
  2. Of all the LOL moments in the show, this was the LOL-est. I remember seeing a promo for the show on a United flight and thinking, Good lord, what has Andre Braugher sunk to? I tuned in for him and stayed for the ride. Just amazing work by everyone. Yes. Simply the best.
  3. Me either. Not fun for me. Who are they trying to pull in with this format? They lost me after about 4 minutes.
  4. Carol Reed and team did a great job staging those big production numbers. On a walking tour of London almost 30 years, led by an actor/carpenter, we thought we were seeing the "crescent" of houses where Who Will Buy... was filmed (our guide said he recalled dancing there), but according to many reports, the entire movie was filmed on sets at Shepperton Studios. Amazing!
  5. Uh-oh, the big NY v. LA debate looms ahead. 🤣
  6. Well shoot, it's gone now. 😟
  7. Markie Posts's guest-starring turn on Cheers, Season 2, as an old friend of Diane's was very good. RIP, Ms. Post. So lovely, so talented, so brave.
  8. Episodes is really fun and it elevated my opinion of Matt's acting ability.
  9. Great insights, possibilities! Thanks for sharing. As I posted way back when:
  10. I've watched the first four episodes to placate Mr. Inqui, and I think that's enough to say the writing sucks and the acting isn't good enough to overcome that. And good lord, what kind of payday did Dustin Hoffman and Brian Cox get for those truly abysmal "performances"? 🙄
  11. Somehow I've managed never to see Stand By Me. Must correct that.
  12. Victoria may have been victimized, but don't understand why she had to go along with framing Fonny. Her testimony that she couldn't identify her assailant (which apparently was the truth) could have exonerated him. Was her return to safety in Puerto Rico the price for her complicity? She seemed adamant in telling Tish's mother that Fonny was the one, though we know he couldn't have been. I have to say that the soundtrack was overpowering at time, to the point that I needed subtitles to make out much of the dialog. This seems to happen in a lot of movies these days and I don't get
  13. Did anyone else catch 1988's Running on Empty the other week? I've always had a soft spot for this film. Some of the plotting is too coincidental, but the performances are lovely. The one scene between Christine Lahti and Steven Hill as her estranged father is devastating. The film makes me incredibly sad for the early loss of River Phoenix. He was an amazing talent.
  14. Terry Gross did a Fresh Air interview with Questlove about Summer of Soul and other topics. Well worth a listen!
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