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  1. The sound wasn't any better watching it at home. I gave up half way through the film.
  2. There is a Hamilton thread in the Movies sub-forum. Definitely an unpopular opinion, but not everyone has to like everything. It was fascinating.,.. and yet, I still don't like Harold Hill. 🙃
  3. I didn't know that was Taylor until reading threads here.
  4. On NPR's Fresh Air yesterday, they reran a long interview clip with Carl Reiner from 1989, and tacked on some briefer clips with Mary Tyler Moore and Mel Brooks. Worth a listen!
  5. Close! 🙃 "I wish I could say that was the last time/I said that last time/It became a past-time." All lyrics available here. And if you don't have a copy of Hamilton: The Revolution, get it! 👍
  6. During his interview with NPR's Fresh Air last week (available online -- Google it!), L-MM said that In The Heights was being delayed to next year as Coronavirus interfered with post- production work. So I sort of assumed that Hamilton was pulled forward as compensation. I've watched Act I so far and am loving it. I think the camera work is spectacular and really showcases the acting ability of the OBC. I think the sound mixing is just a wee off at times, but I can live with it. Overall verdict: an absolute treasure(y). 😄
  7. I always wondered if that moment when he says "Grrrr!" into the phone before hanging it up was adlibbed. Coast to Coast Bigmouth is just full of great lines and physical comedy.
  8. I am pleased to share my birthday with the two of them but especially Olivia. Not sure how recent this photo is, but she is my badass hero.
  9. Youtube clip. I saw the movie in a theater with my family when it came out in 1966. We all laughed so hard! Watching it as an adult years later, I was pleased to see how well it held up! My favorite episode! I watched it twice on Tuesday. ❤️
  10. Fun interview with Joel Murray at the Open Concessions podcast site (scroll down to 5/28). As you might expect, it focuses largely on Joel's status as a lifelong Cubs' fan, but there is also lots of info about his family. He is the youngest of 9 from an Irish Catholic family that lived in Winnetka, north of Chicago. Among his older siblings are actors Bill Murray and Brian Doyle Murray. His oldest brother Ed (a non-actor) was the inspiration for the movie Caddieshack. I really only know Joel from his role as Freddy Rumsen. Terrific part and well-played by Joel!
  11. I didn't have too much difficulty with the sound on this broadcast, but in general, I've noted a severe deterioration in sound quality in a LOT of TV programs of late. It is annoying.
  12. Sounds like Aniston is saying she didn't really know how to act until recently. I haven't seen The Morning Show, but I was not impressed by her in many of the movies she made early on. To this day, I do not understand the raves she got for The Good Girl.
  13. Good god, what were the school administrators thinking?
  14. One of the best movies I've ever watched -- and I haven't been able to bring myself to watch it a second time. It was that devastating.
  15. Heavy on atmosphere, shoddy on story-telling. Reviews suggest this imbalance doesn't improve over time. I'll watch some more, but so far, I'm more puzzled than intrigued.
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