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  1. Realistically, Shannon is going to live in Asheville until her kid finishes high school -- which is many years away. I think the distance issues got telescoped into one episode so that the series could move on, but that would have been a heck of a commitment to make between people who really hardly knew each other (the almost-moving-in-together nonsense of 2 weeks ago notwithstanding). Is this show on the chopping block for sure? I've been enjoying it. It's the only network show I'm currently watching.
  2. Sorry, I meant I stopped watching during the car scene where Jake and Amy are being tailed in the dead of night.
  3. In Godfather II, Vito's birth year is given as 1891, making the character only 55 or so at the start of The Godfather. Perhaps they retconned his age and had initially envisioned him as older.. Morgana King didn't sound like any Italian-American lady I ever heard from that era. I heard no Italian accent when she spoke. I think Sonny was boinking Lucy Mancini, who was a bride's maid. Sandra was his wife's name. FFC talked about the making of The Godfather in this NPR interview earlier this year. The story about surreptitiously auditioning Brando is great.
  4. I hope I can get Mr. Inqui to watch this with me. He grew up in Chicago and later majored in political science at UIC. Though a bit younger than you, he has a visceral connection to these events and it's therefore sometimes hard for him to watch movie depictions. But I would love to get his perspective, so I'll work on it!
  5. This must be where I stopped watching. Scenes of impending horror/doom are not my thing.
  6. I recall reading that Courteney Cox wanted to have short hair again, so they just worked it into the show. I really enjoy that one, too. I love Jacques Cousteau! I love all of those, and would add TOW the Videotape on my all-time fave list. Rachel: How do you know about that story? Joey: How do YOU know about that story?
  7. He was also perfection as Prince Yakimov in the Fortunes of War miniseries from the 1980s.
  8. My 88-year-old mamma would be thrilled to know this! ❤️
  9. I hope that this show is making it clearer that there really isn't such a thing as what "Italians" eat or do. The regional differences are enormous. No cream-filled breakfast buns in my homeland of Trentino! I commented to my husband that I hoped that restaurant had a vomitorium. Sorry, offal with herbs and great olive oil just tastes like gussied up garbage to me. I guess it depends on one's tastes and tolerances, but the diversity of the Italian peninsula is quite staggering. And the only place I've been so far where I'd say the food was generally sub-par was Venice. If he makes it to my homeland of Trentino, I will be truly impressed! Our staple dishes of polenta and dumplings aren't as exotic, perhaps, but they are delicious when done right. And the scenery is luscious.
  10. Thanks for the HBO tip. I haven't seen that movie since it came out and would love to revisit it.
  11. I was just quoting the article. 😉 Looking forward to seeing the gang again on 1/30!
  12. From the article linked above: I don't follow country music. Is Garth Brooks considered influential?
  13. Yeesh, they took a helluva long holiday break this year. Hope everyone is refreshed and recharged on Jan. 23!
  14. So fitting that it ends with the luminous Olivia de Havilland. ❤️
  15. I find it horribly distracting when it's not needed. My eyes keep getting drawn to reading ahead instead of listening to the actors. Ugh.
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