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  1. I saw Little Women today and thought it was better directed than The Irishman. I haven't seen the other nominees yet. And I'll probably never see Joker.
  2. Carrie Coon is currently appearing at Chicago's Steppenwolf Theater in a revival of Bug, written by her husband, Tracy Letts. Saw it last night and she's very good. Still processing the play itself.
  3. I see what you mean in that it kind of harked back to the one with Fisher Stevens as Phoebe's annoying psychoanalyst boyfriend. But Rachel wasn't pregnant in S1. 😉
  4. Darn, no new episode tonight. I'll actually miss it!
  5. Because so many real life kids are also unable to do so. In my experience, training kids to do chores isn't as prevalent as you seem to think!
  6. Heard the sad news about Terry Jones during my drive to work this morning. Monty Python had a huge influence on my sense of humor (as you might guess from my avatar). When I started watching in high school (Sunday nights on PBS, after Masterpiece Theater), I initially didn't "get it." After an older friend explained some of the references that were flying (pun intended) over my head, I grew to love it. To this day, my close friends know that they may be bombarded with a Python reference when they least expect it. My Crunchy Frog refrigerator magnet is a prized possession. RIP, Terry Jones. Thanks for all your wacky (and often highly literate) humor over the decades.
  7. This reminds me of Hugh Grant talking about Renee during his Inside the Actors Studio interview. He said that her British accent was so good that when "Texan Renee" finally came out at the wrap party, he found her "frankly, unconvincing." Hee.
  8. Forgot this was on last night, but youtube has a lot of clips. Damn, that Brad Pitt is charming. 😁
  9. OK, I definitely have to start watching TGP. This backstory on TO's casting is very interesting.
  10. Color me baffled. I have never understood the appeal of Charles Dance.
  11. I enjoyed this episode a lot. The bit with making Michelle feel needed was predictable (I cheered when Ben finally got those little braids right), but I loved Forrest's weird interaction on the "dad bench" and his emergence as a fashion guru, as well as Wade's conversations with Noah sparking the realization that Wade should go for it, sexually. It's not the greatest series in the world, and Walton Goggins sometimes feels like he's trying too hard to be the anti-Boyd, but I like the gentle humor and the secondary characters are being fleshed out pretty nicely. I'll keep watching.
  12. Aw, that's sad. While he was very young looking on Friends, it's interesting that he was actually a bit older than Jennifer Aniston and Matthew Perry, the youngest cast members.
  13. Yay, much prefer Amy and Tina. The former, in particular, is not afraid to "go there" with cutting humor. "When it comes to torture, I trust the lady who spent three years married to James Cameron."
  14. Sundays? That will feel a little odd. According to IMDb, the first 2 episodes air on 4/19 and the last on 6/14.
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