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  1. Inquisitionist

    The Waltons

    I'm getting tired of the way everyone treats Elizabeth like a baby. Yes, she's the youngest by far, but by Season 4, which I'm now watching, she has to be at least 7, and she's a sharp little cookie, when she wants to be. In yesterday's episode, The Search, a tire blows out while Olivia is driving with Elizabeth and Jim-Bob to visit a friend on the other side of the mountain. The older boys, Ben and Jason, had been instructed to replace that tire before Olivia set out, but they neglected to do so, and were chastised for this later. But here's why fries me: Elizabeth goes wandering away from Olivia and Jim-Bob to follow a loose chicken without saying anything to either person. As a result, they go looking for her and find themselves lost in the woods, away from the road. And no one EVER says to Elizabeth "Don't you ever do that again." I can understand not coming down hard on her while they're lost and she's afraid, but after they were rescued and safely back home? She would have gotten an earful from me.
  2. Inquisitionist

    The Annual Academy Awards Topic

    I'm with you there. Not terribly impressed.
  3. Inquisitionist

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    That's exactly what makes it different. Universities make a calculated decision to consider parental donations to admit some students -- the trade-off in these cases is one potentially less-qualified student displacing another better-qualified student in exchange for resources that benefit a large number of current and future students (and possibly space for more students in the future than would otherwise be the case). Here, the parents scammed the universities -- their offspring benefited but there was nothing in it for the institutions.
  4. Inquisitionist

    Leaving Neverland

    This comment ties to an observation in the movie Spotlight. Priests tended to abuse boys because of (a) greater access (e.g., altar boys, boys clubs) and (b) the shame factor (boys were easily cowed into silence).
  5. Inquisitionist

    Leaving Neverland

    "Looking the other way" suggests the parents had explicit knowledge of Jackson's actions and condoned them. I don't think that's an accurate or fair characterization. The parents had been seduced as many people have been in the past by a very sly con man who had them convinced (and not just them) that he was still a child himself. I think Part I makes it very clear just why these parents were so trusting, and why many other parents would have been, too.
  6. Inquisitionist

    Leaving Neverland

    Not sure what you mean by "in real life," that that may be a key to this -- it didn't feel like "real life" because of Michael's larger-than-life celebrity. Also not sure what you mean about the numbers not making sense. Have you seen the movie Spotlight, about the Boston Globe's investigation into abuse by priests in Boston and Cardinal Law's outrageous actions to cover it up? It's really excellent and portrays well through a variety of means how abuse is allowed to occur and then be covered up. They quote the research of Richard Sipe, a former priest turned psychologist, who found that 6 percent of priests are pedophiles and that this is the same percentage as in the general population. Six percent. That's a lot of people. Michael also had them completely convinced that he was NOT a grown man, but an overgrown child, an asexual being.
  7. This problem seems to have been fixed. Thanks!
  8. Inquisitionist

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    Finally caught BlacKkKlansman last week, and there is a brief scene early on where a white police officer is looking at a magazine spread about Cybil Shepherd and kind of taunts the young black recruit for saying he thought Shepherd was a talented actress rather than the 1970s equivalent of "I'd hit that." The white dude also admits he hasn't seen The Last Picture Show because he doesn't like B&W movies.
  9. Inquisitionist

    TCM: The Greatest Movie Channel

    I have loved this movie for years despite its notable flaws. My husband and I quote it a lot. Yup, and we use "You like it? I only wore it once." quite a bit. Also, "You think I was born a minsk-a-pinsk?" and "Well, we know he can do that." Also, totally not politically correct but my Jewish in-laws loved the line regarding the the lack of pork in the Filipino pork'n'beans: "You can't! There's Jews here!"
  10. Inquisitionist

    S06.E07: The Honeypot

    Thank you! I'll have to revisit that one.
  11. I can see my followed forums and topics, but every time I go there, I have to hit my preferred sort option again (by most recent post). Is there some way to make this choice stick?
  12. Inquisitionist

    S06.E09: The Golden Child

    Can. Not. Wait (for it).
  13. Inquisitionist

    S06.E07: The Honeypot

    Uh-oh, there was a "poopers" callback? What'd I miss? What'd I miss? WHAT'D I MISS? 🙂
  14. Inquisitionist

    The Waltons

    I recently found The Waltons in the INSP channel (wish it were being shown ANYwhere else). INSP was about mid-way through season 2 when I picked up, and now nearing the end of S3. It's already starting to feel a little repetitious and occasionally contrived, but the quality level is still pretty high. I wish I'd been able to pick up from the start. I'll keep an eye out for when INSP gets back to that point. I've skipped a few episodes in S3. The acting by the youngest siblings was not very good -- those playing Ben, Erin, and Jim-Bob tended to rush their lines and not sound very natural. Elizabeth, the youngest, was actually better than them, IMO (Kami Colter).
  15. Inquisitionist

    SNL Cast Discussion

    As far as I'm concerned, he can leave last week.