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  1. She was finally able to do what I cannot: Quit Whit. Godspeed old friend. You have done what I haven’t the strength to do.
  2. I wish @Dot were here to bitch about Whitney calling that a bikini 🤣🤣🤣 I miss that.
  3. Oh shit, I said Marie Claire but it’s actually Glamour. It’s a series of articles about planning for her wedding, including my favorite, one unconvincingly and repetitively discussing why a prenup is romantic.
  4. Stassi’s house “only” cost a little over $2M too (I know that’s a lot but for a house that size in the Hollywood Hills it sure isn’t), so between the show, book, podcast, Marie Claire column, and appearances, I have no trouble believing they could at the very least afford a down payment. Related: I suspect something’s seriously faulty with the house, at that price. I can’t drink tequila because it’s my ‘devil jumps in you’ drink, but co-sign on smoking yer weed in the garage!
  5. I think it’s probably a mixed bag for him—on the one hand, since they’ve ceased filming, he probably isn’t getting that sweet, sweet reality show money, but on the other hand he doesn’t have to run his fingers through her sweaty extensions or be groped and pawed by her in the name of verisimilitude. My guess is it’s mainly a wash with a little lean toward gratitude.
  6. I think I’m out. I haven’t had the chance to watch my recording yet, but reading here, seems like just more of the same: Jenna being a gaslighting monster, sociopath Adam letting his normal-dude mask slip more and more, and the only likeable people in the boat continue getting shit on. I was hanging in for the scenery—I love that part of Greece—but it’s not fun anymore. Or, well, it’s still not fun.
  7. SAME! I was like, shoot I'll fuck with those as well...
  8. I don't watch OG Below Deck so I don't really know anything about Kate, but I do know that Jenna is a bitter, mean hag who should not be in charge of a gerbil, much less a crew. She gives NO direction then gets pissy when her team does it incorrectly, she undermines them, and she shit-talks them constantly. She's just so unbelievably awful that I can't believe someone hasn't gone to Glenn about a hostile work environment.
  9. Oh my god I’m obsessed with their wedding website. Every single link is ‘coming soon’ and the pic is taken from Instagram with his head cut off. I feel like they have to TRY to be this bad at this farce. Maybe it’s quarantine fever, but I’m so tickled!
  10. Oh no, please tell me this is scripted for the show. Whitney barely takes care of her cats, letting them poop all over her house and dragging them around when ill, and that’s not even to mention how little she takes care of herself. Dogs need a lot of care and attention! They need to be walked and trained and groomed, and standards in particular have particular grooming needs. Plus standards are super intelligent and need stimulation. This is a huge mistake and it super bums me out for that poor dog.
  11. @Yours Truly your entire post is perfect, and when I found myself trying to ‘like’ it multiple times, I figured I’d just say thank you. I also agree that Parker’s a good dude. He keeps getting the short end of the stick and I can’t understand why beyond him being caught between a dysfunctional couple. He follows Paget’s instructions and gets in trouble, he volunteers to work the late and Paget takes credit with the captain, he asks a fair question in the face of Jenna’a favoritism, and she flips out. He’s being gaslighted, something I never thought I’d say about a young white bro.
  12. With a 45 year old’s face. She proves my only-half-joking theory that a weak chin = a weak character. Agree! I found myself getting a little stressed out watching their crazy amounts of entitlement and simmering rage. When those women went back to the boat with these creepy thugs, I was pretty shocked. They’re essentially trapped on that boat! It’s so strange to me that this group would book an Ionian charter. Corfu has party spots but in general is chiller than, say, Mykonos or Santorini. Did they not do their research or were they specifically wanting to be on the show? It’s weird to me.
  13. I’m so jealous you had that, @heatherchandler! We went to REI once I could stand to brush my hair and leave the house (so, like, weeks postpartum) to see if we could find her a PFD, they were like, ‘we’ve got nothing,’ and we didn’t pursue it further. (Also Kauai is my happy place!)
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