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  1. Dang @lightninggirl you should work for the FBI. How is Nail pronounced, btw? Like, well, “nail,”or NYE-ll, or something else? TIA!
  2. Make it three! But then I celebrate everything that Nicole Kidman and Luke Evans do.
  3. Yikes. With the amount of filtering she does, you'd think she’d be better at it.
  4. This. I don’t know why I keep checking back in on this show, thinking that maybe this time they’ll respect narrative, but here we are again, sacrificing what would have been a truly chilling development for The Elizabeth Moss show.
  5. Hey IP, big fan, big fan! (I’m pretty new over here but I’m familiar with your work from the Big Fat boards.) I’m so sorry to hear about your illness and will keep you in my thoughts.
  6. Pachengala


    Not to defend Mykelti because she married FT and could thus very well be dirty, but I too wash my hair about once a week. I have thick curly hair, similar to hers, and since I started following the Curly Girl method, my hair is so much happier and healthier now that I don’t wash it as much. It doesn’t stink, I promise! The key is a good-quality shower cap so I can still shower.
  7. I’m going to be the lone SW fan on the board who hasn’t watched Clone Wars—I can’t get past the third episode for some reason. (I might try again though after liking live-action Ahsoka on Mando much, much more than I liked her in CW.) Anyway! I loved this episode and can’t wait for the season. I loved Crosshair turning on the Batch and think it’ll bring some real pathos in eps to come. One thing I kind of missed—what’s Echo’s special thing? I know he’s largely cybernetic but is that his whole thing? Because it seems to overlap pretty heavily with Tech, for instance, but the other guys
  8. These two parts in particular had me sittin’ here laughing my ass off.
  9. Defs out of context. It’ll be something like, “...and if I said something to you like, ‘Meri I don’t want to be married to [Douchebag] anymore’...” As much as I want better for them, I don’t think these women are ever going to wise up.
  10. This. Plus our instructors always encourage us to get a second mat if we’ll be on our knees. I mean, I’m glad that makes Janelle feel empowered because that’s never a bad thing, but this isn’t revolutionary.
  11. Thanks for the links, @tv echo. I don't normally dive into the media for shows I watch but that finale definitely has me wanting more.
  12. Jesus these people are all totally fucked up. Dawn terrified me, hanging all over her family while they read their letters, just beaming away. What an emotional succubus. Chuck’s letter to Dawn was basically just him delineating the ways he was not guilty of the things Dawn had accused him of, and then listing her assaults on him. These people are chilling—their kids need to wash their hands of both of them and save themselves.
  13. Re: the pastor, so did Husbo! Subtext and the like are completely lost on me; I am NOT observant, but it’s okay because I’m always surprised. Roche called it ‘the corkscrew’ to his family [and yay! to meeting Roche’s family! Is this the first we’ve seen of them?) so I bet that’s a nickname or something. I’m sure Ben, Javi, and Melanie roll their eyes and are like “helix OMG.” I wonder if the showrunners are aware how unpopular the LJ character is with the audience and that’s why we haven’t seen her that much. If they’re planning for a surprise LJ power move later in the sea
  14. My husband was bored but I enjoyed this episode. I’m enjoying this whole season, really. I like the way they’ve pushed the women to the forefront: Melanie, Ruth, Audrey (though I find the actress playing her to be *severely* lacking in the charisma they want us to believe she wields), and my girl Bess Till. I didn’t see the pastor being the mole at all and gasped at the reveal. I love that they subverted the ‘mystical negro’ trope in that way. They’re really allowing their women and POC characters to be nuanced, flawed, and grey, something usually reserved for white male characters i
  15. He didn’t have very much to say at all. I know he’s in a hell of his own making but I still feel a little bad for him, that his life has gone to such shit that the only way he thinks he can make a living is to be Big Whit’s support therapy animal (-cum-buttwiper). PS to @mytmo, one of the barnacles referred to S*** as Chase’s fiancé so it sounds like they’re planning to get married. Here’s hoping she thinks his time on the show was worth it.
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