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  1. Pachengala

    Maddie Brown: Seeking a One-Woman Man

    Ha! No, ours was definitely BYOB[leachers]. My immediate family was there but no one posted up on a chair in sight line of my cervix so that’s another way my homebirth differed from Maddie’s.
  2. Pachengala

    Maddie Brown: Seeking a One-Woman Man

    We had a home birth and even with insurance it cost us more than a hospital birth would have. Maddie’s home birth looked a lot less ‘planned’ than ours though so maybe hers was cheaper?
  3. I think Ryan can’t stand her any more than anybody else, but like all her barnacles, his wagon’s hitched to this star for better or worse at this point. When it comes to their business, she’s lazy, obnoxious, and apathetic, but what can he do?
  4. Pachengala

    SURly Staff In The Media

    This is your moment, Schwartz! A cosmic do-over! It’s like the universe agrees with everyone that these two toxic messes should not be married and decided to do something about it. Walk away, Bubs! I shudder for any child these two bring into the world.
  5. Pachengala

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    This weekend I asked my four year old to clean something of hers up, and as she went to do it, she said, ‘You’re an asshole.’ My husband had to give her The Lecture because I had to leave the room so she wouldn’t see me laughing. She’s experimenting with language so we’re frequently explaining what’s appropriate and what isn’t, but I have no idea where she picked that one up. On topic, NK’s acting in that scene gave me literal goosebumps. Give her ALL THE EMMYS. (Laura Dern too.)
  6. If it’s true that they’re on a break or broken up, I feel sad for them but think it’ll ultimately be for the best. Mariah is far too young, immature, and inexperienced to be getting married. First loves are intoxicating, believe me, I know, but she needs to live some life for awhile. Learn some shit, Mariah! And this concludes the only time I will ever agree with King Dipshit Brown on anything.
  7. Pachengala

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Barb is a bigger nut job than the guy who literally beat a small dog to death? Huh.
  8. Nope, I’m totally with you. I LOATHE THE WIND. I’m known for it among my friends and family, how much I hate the wind. It is the very worst of the weathers. I’m impressed you went out anyway. I would have probably stayed in and done a workout dvd (read: crabbily drink a glass of wine and bitch about the wind).
  9. Pachengala

    SURly Staff In The Media

    I don’t think that’s her?
  10. Pachengala

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    So...no fence around the pool then? 🤣🤣🤣
  11. Pachengala

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    Hmm. I was already tapping the brakes after @Ceindreadh said it was a prequel—I consistently detest prequels of any kind—and with this review, well, I may just skip it.
  12. Pachengala

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    Ooooh I didn't know there was a sequel--I loved TGWAtG! My 2019 reading challenge is to only read books by women and BIPOC so it'll have to wait a bit, but thanks for clueing me in!
  13. Pachengala

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Once when my daughter was a baby, I locked her in the car in the Costco parking lot. I put her in her car seat while I loaded the groceries, idiotically letting her play with my keys because I thought she didn’t have the motor skills to push the buttons. My phone was locked in the car, so a guy nearby said he would call 911. Even in my hysterical state I was like, maybe call the non-emergency line? He insisted and I’m glad he did because the firefighters who showed up not only were so kind and helpful, but they said every truck has a jimmy kit because this happens so much. Oh man, I still get upset remembering that moment! All of that said, if I locked my keys in the car and my child wasn’t locked inside, calling 911 wouldn’t even enter my mind. Get AAA, dude.
  14. Pachengala

    Authors You Used to Love, But No Longer Read

    This is exactly right, in my view. I don’t care for Tolkien’s writing or his storytelling—why use one word when fifty will do?—but some of my friends think he’s the greatest author of all time. If imagining why they’d want to read Tolkien is indeed ‘beyond him,’ well, how good a storyteller can he actually be? Try harder, my dude.
  15. Pachengala


    As a Portlander, I’ve got some issues. Most egregiously, Amadi says her troll is ‘over in Forest Grove,’ as if it’s the next neighborhood over. Forest Grove is AN HOUR AWAY from Portland. No one goes there. That coffee shop was in SE Portland! And another thing! All Portland’s (and environs’) addresses have directionals before the street name (SE, N, etc.). ‘ 431 Live Oak could not be a Portland address. Finally, as if I’m not being nitpicky enough, the establishing shots are from all over the city, places very far apart from each other. Anyway, I know these are pretty typical location issues but that Forest Grove thing really pushed me over the edge into pedantry. One thing they did get super right is Ryan, who is every single guy in Portland.