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  1. In the words of Jill Zarin, "Just because you say it, doesn't mean it's true." Yes, Vicki chose to believe Brooks - and I fully admit she may have done so suspecting things weren't totally on the level, but that doesn't mean she and Brooks sat down at the start of the season and hatched a scheme together. It's important to remember that Vicki actually asked Shannon to help Brooks find a great doctor at City of Hope - why would she do that if she knew Brooks was faking and couldn't actually go see a doctor? He ended up faking two flat tires in order to avoid the appointment. I don't believe Vicki was consciously in on some scheme to make money off Brooks' fake cancer. Kelly never had an issue with Vicki when she (Kelly) also needed a friend. None of the other women liked Kelly for her entire first season. Tamra, Shannon and Heather despised her and Meghan waffled in the middle. Kelly needed Vicki as much as Vicki needed Kelly. So, I stand by my assessment that Kelly had no trouble overlooking Vicki being a conwoman when it suited her. She is not some benevolent, self-sacrificing friend. And Vicki absolutely had other friends when she befriended Alexis. She was getting along with both Heather and Tamra that season. Did she get closer with Alexis in reaction to Tamra becoming fake besties with Gretchen? Absolutely. But she wasn't on the outs with Tamra by any means. Vicki also stayed loyal to Alexis to the end of Alexis' time on the show (and even some time after).
  2. Call me naive, but it's really hard for me to believe that Vicki knowingly, consciously went in on a cancer scheme. I'd actually believe that sooner of Gretchen than I would of Vicki. In 14 seasons on this show, we've never seen her do anything else remotely like that. I can believe, however, that she would be a self-involved partner who wasn't really there for Brooks in his time of "need" and lied about the binder to make it seem like she was helping out more with his care than was actually true. I would also believe that she perhaps "knowingly/unknowingly" stayed away from his cancer treatment because some part of her knew that he was lying and she didn't want to know the truth, and so again, she made it seem like she was involved in his care when she was really keeping her distance. That would of course be a kind of complicity.
  3. The problem though is that Kelly never had an issue with Vicki being a "conwoman" before, so which is it? Does Kelly really care about the morality here or is she simply looking for ways to defame Vicki? Either Kelly was originally willing to overlook Vicki being in on a cancer scam in order to have a friend on the show or else she is now lying about thinking VIcki is a conwoman in order to make her look bad. Either way, Kelly doesn't have a moral leg to stand on - there's dishonesty on her part in either scenario. Which makes her not much better than Vicki.
  4. And let's be honest, Kary has no interest in actually working for her money. She has a vanity business that she wants to be successful a la Skinnygirl. I think if having her own money actually meant humbling herself to, you know, work for someone else, put in steady hours on a daily basis and be very much behind the scenes, she would gladly let her husband take care of everything. This woman is kind of awful. She comes off like a huge, entitled whiner.
  5. And what's weird is that she didn't squawk in her first season of the show. A fringe benefit of "Fun Shannon," I guess?
  6. All well and good...until Kelly decides one or both of them has done her wrong - at which point Kelly will throw her patented "nukes" at them. It reminds me of the old expression, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them." There is no way Kelly judiciously saves her destructive behavior for people who "deserve" it. She's a loose cannon and she blames others for her temper rather than realizing that she is ultimately the common denominator in all the conflicts in her life.
  7. This was the first episode of the season that actually worked for me. Finally felt like the show I used to know and love has returned. Can't wait to see what's next.
  8. And she said you'd find a picture of Tamra when she really meant that you'd find a picture of Shannon (the hostage).
  9. Jamal actually conceded that he understood Kellee's point and he seemed totally open to hearing what she had to say about his fears of all-girl alliance. I thought he pretty much walked the walk that he talks in terms of not getting defensive or trying to argue with her that she was wrong.
  10. Which is crazy because of Shannon's first season on the show - when Tamra repeatedly lied about her, spread gossip about her and gaslit her. How Shannon ever came back from that introduction to Tamra I will never know.
  11. But that clearly and decisively wasn't the main lesson from the show: By the end of the exchange, there was actually very little division - in fact, both Jack and Jamal very clearly expressed that they felt closer to one another than before, that their friendship felt more real than ever, and that the whole incident gave them both a chance to heal something inside themselves - Jamal said Jack's willingness to hear him was a healing experience and Jack said he learned something about his own privilege that he never would have otherwise understood. I think the main lesson here is quite the opposite of what you're saying - everyone should be free to express themselves and to hear others, and by Jamal expressing his hurt feelings to Jack, and by Jack being willing to listen to him, and by Jamal being willing to listen to Jack's remorse, they now feel more comfortable than ever with one another. The real "walking on eggshells" would have been if Jamal had never said anything - held in his hurt, held in his disappointment and then grew distant from Jack (which Jack would of course feel/sense on some level). This whole sequence was an example of people willing to stomp on the eggshells, get into some respectful conflict and come out the other side closer for it. And I also find this idea of "white people having to walk on eggshells" a bit ironic as minorities of all types have had to keep very very silent in response to subtle digs, unintentional slights and microaggression for ages - is that not a form of walking on egg shells? And, as you have pointed out, it hasn't gotten us anywhere. Last week, Survivor in fact showed us no one has to walk on eggshells - if we're willing to listen to one another, even in disagreement, there can actually be deeper unity than when we're all sweeping things under the rug for the sake of not rocking the proverbial boat.
  12. I don't think the crux of the conflict was whether only black men wear durags out in the world. It was more that those items are always called "buffs" on Survivor and yet, when speaking in reference to a black man on the cast, Jack changed it to "durag." Would Jack have called it a "durag" if speaking about Elaine or Elizabeth? Probably not. Though unintentional, Jack was stereotyping. That was the crux of the issue.
  13. Same here. And when they flashed back to him on All-Stars, it all came rushing back how gorgeous he was back in the day. Those pretty eyes. His fierce protection of Amber. It was all too much. He's still sexy, but damn, he was smoking back then.
  14. My thoughts exactly. People rooted for her because, yes, Brooks didn't have cancer, but it doesn't change the fact that her behavior was shockingly invasive. And her justification for it was Leeanne's cancer. Her husband's ex-wife's cancer. That was the flag she was waving as she called Brooks' ex-girlfriends and doctors. So, so gross. And I'll throw in another startling Meghan moment: she learns that the entire rest of the cast has been a major car accident - an ATV that literally flipped over - and she doesn't feel compelled to tell Shannon about this first thing when they meet. Instead, she happily reports her pregnancy news. Only hours later does she break the news. And you could see Shannon's total shock. I really felt like I was watching a sociopath at that point.
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