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  1. To be fair, many of the women (Lala, Kristen, Katie, Stassi) do too.
  2. Candiace also hit a new low even by Housewives standards when she outright mocked Ashley's sadness over her miscarriage. It is true that all the women throw shade, but there is a way that Candiace hits really far below the belt and then never wants to take any responsibility for it. It reminds me of how Jax would always proclaim, "You're not perfect either!" whenever someone tried to confront him about his atrocious behavior. Yes, none of them are perfect. But Candiace goes to a place that feels outright nasty a lot of times. No humor, no sly wink to the camera, just nasty.
  3. Interestingly enough, I saw Garrett and Josh of all people hanging out together in LA last week. They seemed very chummy, and they were literally taking pictures and videos of each other on their smart phones (lol). I will say both men are quite tall in real life. And Josh is just gorgeous.
  4. I think we see so many empty, feature-less homes because decorating costs money! And I think most of these women are either living beyond their means or they have very little financial room to spare. I would not be surprised at all if Candiace and Chris stretched their resources for the house. It's one thing to acquire the home, it's another thing entirely to furnish it in a tasteful, abundant way. I guess it all depends how much credit they have available (it's hard for me to imagine they live a cash-only lifestyle, though I would respect them if they did). My suspicion has been that
  5. I think about Rocky's "New York scene veggie salad" with cocoa nibs (Oreos) crumbled on top at least a few times per week.
  6. Personally, I saw no difference between the way Eboni was acting and the way Ramona, Luann and Leah were acting. In fact, of all of them, Eboni probably stayed the most calm - Leah literally stormed away screaming at everyone, Ramona was banging her hands on the table at one point and Luann was very quick to defensively infer things that were not actually said (ie insisting that Eboni was saying that she was uneducated). And I think that's the point here - Eboni was being held to a different standard than the other women, and, in that different standard, she was specifically being called "angr
  7. Literally the letter "s" lol - and they repeatedly said the username, so it was clearly named. Not sure why they blurred it out but didn't bleep it. In other news, I totally called that it was going to be a vengeful person from Michael's past the second that it was revealed that the Catfish randomly texted him out of nowhere. It definitely seemed like Michael was leading the ex-boyfriend along a bit, but it also bothered me that neither Nev nor Kamie impressed upon the Catfish that it was wrong to be so deceptive. I felt like they gave him a lot of leeway and slack for his hurt feelings. It's,
  8. Most people in Hollywood have money managers who manage and pay their bills for them. I worked as a personal assistant to a Hollywood couple and any question regarding bills, credit card charges, frequent flyer miles etc went straight to the money manager. Considering both Garcelle's career and also her marriage to a high-powered agent, I would be seriously surprised if she sat down at her desk each week and wrote checks. Same goes for Kyle, Rinna, Erika or any of them. It's how certain corrupt financial advisors are able to steal easily from clients. Anyhow, I've seen no other evidence from G
  9. Except that's not what Garcelle said. She explained clearly why being accused of "stiffing a bill" plays into a stereotype she has experienced around black people being cheap or not paying what's owed. And apparently she was taken aback by the accusation at the reunion because she hadn't realized that the donation hadn't been made - that is a big difference from someone who is simply trying to slink out of responsibility for an intentional shitty thing they did.
  10. I miss Max so much. His response to the lamb skin dildo was everything.
  11. I came here to find out this very thing. I just couldn't help but feel that Chris was transgendered - or, now that you say it, a lesbian - who was pretending to have a hormonal imbalance. He didn't even mention the name of the condition. How awful for him that he has to go to such extremes to hide himself.
  12. Apparently there are three "newbies" on the show.
  13. Yeah, I can imagine if D'Andra initially offered him half, and then the stepmom came for all the money, how she would be reticent to make any sort of deal or compromise with that side of the family afterward. It's pretty vicious and aggressive to try and leave D'Andra with nothing. I'm sure the court battle soured things for D'Andra in a major way. It would be hard for me to be generous to a family that essentially tried to come after me.
  14. Because she made him sandwiches!
  15. Because she lives for being a victim! It's such an energy suck. Don't leave Margaret's horrible decor out of this!
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