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  1. I'm so glad I'm not the only one annoyed by Jeanette. She had to be deep in some pretty willful denial to "fall in love" with this young male model for 9 months (with no video confirmation of his identity and, oh yeah, a clearly female voice). Jeanette believed what she wanted to believe and then acted like the martyred victim when it blew up in her face. Also, how many times did Nev and Max have to explain that she didn't actually fall in love with a teenager? She simply couldn't comprehend that Derica had used a fake profile.
  2. Yeah, but it would have been all about how Bethenny is taking up for Tinsley, and Bethenny thinks Tinsley deserves a break, and Bethenny feels bad for Tinsley - it's always all about Bethenny all the time - even when she's pretending it's about other people... (can you tell I don't miss her haha)
  3. I think these women don't know how to let anything go, but I do understand their point that it's kind of disingenuous for Denise to be clutching her pearls when she has gone on national television talking about her sex life in very graphic terms. I'm sorry, her kids are going to know and hear about that. And for Denise to claim otherwise is nonsense. And Denise clearly has been more upset than she has let on. But, all that said, it is gross how the rest of the cast circles around her like sharks. Like, it's not that big of a deal?
  4. And, according to the Aftershow on Bravo.com, he sends dick pics to Logan on the sly - even more proof that the editors chose the entirely wrong group of newbies to focus on this season.
  5. Alas, it seems to have been wiped clean off the internet. Believe me, I looked for it!
  6. You're welcome - I agree, it is an amazing podcast. Yes, SUP was created from the fallout of that split. Yeah, from what I understand, the male host of the old podcast (I think it was called "Pumped") became friends with several of the cast members and started refusing to make fun of them/criticize them on the podcast - even though that was the original premise of the podcast - and he always took their sides in whatever argument was happening on the show - and Lara (the female host) finally called him out on it on an actual episode, and it was literally the last episode they ever recorded.
  7. Do you ever listen to "Sexy Unique Podcast?" They went deep into the Schwartz baby talk in last week's episode.
  8. I'm not sure this show has ever asked us to love it for its economic realism.
  9. This is why I am convinced that James and Raquel's arrival wasn't planned with production. No way would she show up looking like that if she knew cameras would be there. Also, she and James didn't sound mic'd.
  10. Unfortunately, she was sanctimonious even when she was drunk.
  11. The show has always been a slow burner - which is part of what I loved about it - but it also gave us an ongoing flow of new information and continually built its stories over time. In particular, the Jimmy/Chuck relationship helped keep things moving forward at a steady rate. For many of us, the show has now hit a point where it feels like it's simply treading water. We're getting the same information over and over, the stories really aren't going anywhere. In my (valid) opinion, the show isn't doing what it's always done in terms of storytelling. It's hit a standstill. If we're only getting 8 episodes this season, then we're 2/3 of the way through, and honestly it feels like we're pretty much in the same place we were in episode 1.
  12. I kind of feel bad for Chandler but am also in the camp that the dude was lying. I mean, he knew he was pretending to win a contest that he didn't actually win. On some level, you have to know that if you're forking over money in secret, helping someone hide assets and pretending to be something you're not (with $1,000,000 on the line) that you're doing something shady. I think it's naive at best for him to maintain that he was some innocent victim in all of this. That aside, are we just accepting Frank's claim that Ma Colombo was the informant? What about Robin's claim that it was Frank? What happened to that? Why would Frank rat out his own mother? Something seemed off to me about the final revelation.
  13. They're basically already on this road with the way they're writing the wedding story-line. The whole thing feels like a very straight wedding that just happens to involve two men.
  14. Ha, I'm glad I'm not the only who thinks the introduction of Patrick pretty much ruined this show. No fault against the actor - he's great - it's the way this character is written and the way the show just begs us to be so smitten with this conflict-free, fantasy of a relationship that just kills it all for me. Look, I get that this is meant to be a light, warm-and-fuzzy, love-based show. And I felt like that worked well when the Roses still had a slight edge of vinegar to them, and they served as a gentle foil to the town (and vice-versa) - but, at this point, everyone is getting along, everyone loves each other, there are zero dramatic stakes and absolutely nothing happens in each episode. Because the characters have all essentially "grown," there's really nowhere else for them to go. And I personally will always find a wedding story-line boring - whether it's reality TV, dramatic storytelling or comedic storytelling - I can't drum up interest in it. And especially the way they're playing this - it's like a light comedy version of "The Bachelor" or "Bachelorette." "Let's all be smitten and charmed by David and Patrick's ideal love story!" I feel like other shows have done an amazing job of giving us truly loving partnerships while also being honest about the kinds of conflicts that can put a relationship to the test - Friday Night Lights, for example, or even The Osbournes for a lighter example. Patrick is just this "perfect" guy who adores every single one of David's annoying quirks. To me, it's the ultimate of it there being no there there. It's a never-ending repeat of Patrick singing "Simply the Best" to David over and over. We get it. They're in love. They're perfect together. They're getting married. Next?
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