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  1. The Carne judge was such an interesting guy and did such a heel turn. He entertained and freaked me out in Kentucky. Dude just set Carne over and over, while sharpening his knives like a serial killer. Also loved how he just downs the plates, and shows off the empty plates to everyone. Liked all 3, and happy for Melissa's win. Was actually surprised Stephanie did a lot better in the finale, when I was looking at her dishes. I was worried her's wasn't very cohesive (The greek phyllo shrimp dish, Italian veal dish, British toffee cake). There was some weird editing. Like when the judges first tried Melissa's dish, they were talking about how it was overly sweet and the sauce was overpowering. Then at judges table, they said nothing but positive things about it. So made me immediately realize that Melissa was definitely going to win. Or when there was foreshadowing about Steph's veal dish going to fail, because the veal was going to be too dry. So then there was redemption of Steph fixing the veal, only for it to be panned because it was disjointed and a mess. Huh?
  2. Still liked Kevin, felt like he got a bad rap here. I felt like he just essentially fell into the unfortunate reality tv role of (we don't really have any villains, so we are going to latch on to the one that is closest to). I do think his time was here was done. It just looked like he just ignored his ingredients and just kind of made his own dishes. If you told me that Steph would make it to the finals, when she was serving Padma that Indian Nacho, I would not have believed you. So impressed with Steph's dishes. The cabbage one reminded me of this.
  3. So Brian has Kevin, Stephanie has Malarkey (why?!), and Melissa has (Leanne). Really surprised that Gregory, or Karen weren't asked back.
  4. Yeah Stephanie still hasn't said the "I haven't been confident in a long time" yet. And it wasn't played at all in the preview. Maybe it gets played next week, and she gets eliminated. Or its during the finals. Or Bravo does weird editing, and never show that.
  5. There was a preview clip (in the things to come) of Stephanie saying I haven't been this confident in a long time. It didn't play in this preview. I'm wondering if she may actually make it to the final 4. Also, that F5 table was completely wrong. So seems like we have no idea what's going to happen.
  6. That actually was Michelle from S9 not Jess (Poor Sarah, as she always go before a trainwreck contestant). Jess was on a relay team that did ice cream (actually all the relay teams in S10 did desserts). The pressure test was kind of underwhelming as Emelia crushed it. Also, what do they do with the leftovers? There was a ridiculous amount of use of white chocolate compared to the actual end product.
  7. This was amazing. The safety round was a hot mess.
  8. I wasn't surprised that Karen got eliminated. I feel like of the 6 dishes, her's was probably the most difficult to make them uniform. It seems like cutting the duck into vertical strips wasn't the greatest idea, since not all of the strips were going to have even length, and they were going to cook differently. Maybe she could have cut them into squares? Also, I get that Japanese cuisine can have a minimalist attributes. However, her dish is just a ducke breast with chopped up grapes. (I hate how chefs love to plate with so much negative space) So I would probably eliminate hers just looking at visuals.
  9. Looks like Gregory and Malarkey in the bottom next challenge? I think Stephanie may make it to Italy? In the previews to come (after restaurant wars), she was making this yellow (looked liked lentils) soup. But in the preview, that dish doesn't seem to be anywhere for next week. Also, it looks like Bryan's dish (the one with the scallops) was in positive reviews. So he seems safe.
  10. I'm curious what they are going to do with Stephanie's prize since of everything related to Covid right now. I'm very happy for Stephanie winning, but I was kind of surprised she won. I thought she was going to get points docked for doing not a pure Japanese dish, but a fusion one.
  11. I really hated this challenge. Everything that you listed above (including lack of buffet serving space), just seemed like a ploy to get a bunch of tired people to fight each against each other and boost ratings. Like Melissa said, it felt like Hunger Games. For the most part the cast was pretty mature, so we did avoid that situation. Also, with those challenge parameters, you knew at least one person was going to get screwed over hardcore with limited ingredients. Melissa settling for salad gave me back flashbacks of her getting screwed over by that stupid artist in her season. Especially since a lot of things I saw she could have used (eggs, avocados, bacon, corn, fruit) was all being used by everyone else.
  12. In fairness to Leanne, that challenge (the wedding challenge) was probably one of the most unfair/ridiculous challenges in top chef history. Which was saying a lot. When everyone was presenting their menus, no one had any idea that they 24 hour prep, until after it was announced LeeAnne won the quickfire. That meant the menu, the cake, the service, supplies all in 24 hours. I don't think anyone could have saved their menu regardless who won. Not to mention, there were things like (LeeAnne , had fresh salmon in her menu, but they only sold frozen in the store). Or stupid stuff like be given spoons and bowls that all had stickers on them, so everyone wasted a couple of hours peeling and washing off stickers. There is a reason why Leanne worked behind the scenes, and there was a very different modified wedding challenge in season 4.
  13. Yeah Amina did really well in season 4. She was definitely in the front runners (Mindy/Kylie/Audra) in the beginning. She ended up in bottom a couple times, because there were some weird challenge twists. One in particular was pairing everything with chocolate (contestants picked an ingredient not realizing they had to use chocolate). Majority of people picked beets, or bacon which is pretty standard. Amina picked cavier, which seemed like a total disadvantage.
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