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  1. Apparently Aaron will not be on. Rumors was that Miami might be the next one. I can't see Boston, as apparently they had some video call reunion last year and Kameelah (being a doctor) freaked out seeing Sean at a rally with no mask and got into a huge argument.
  2. https://www.realityblurred.com/realitytv/2021/08/real-world-homecoming-los-angeles-cast-production-starting/ So apparently this is happening. I liked the NY homecoming. Have a lot of reservations of this one. The idea of Beth, Tami, and David E reuniting? eek.
  3. Are you talking about SYTYCD Australia. The girls name is forever.
  4. I could watch this over and over again. Seriously that is some quick thinking. Derex reaction is the best.
  5. This is great. I'm laughing so hard. I'm so curious how production decided to do intros.
  6. I want Jamie Peck from Majority Report to replace Meghan McCain. Just so Meghan would freak out of having a socialist on the panel.
  7. In retrospect its kind of crazy how much they spoiled in the trailer. The fact that they showed both Shota and Dawn in the F3 challenge is pretty crazy.
  8. Yeah I actually felt that the challenge was pretty difficult especially with the time management with the crab. I was actually surprised none of them cut themselves. I guess I'm pretty accident prone, but shelling crab is a nightmare.
  9. The preview seemed to show that Dawn was struggling in one of her plating. Her and Jamie looked like they were just dumping things on to the plate....ugh Dawn stop it!
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