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  1. I could watch this over and over again. Seriously that is some quick thinking. Derex reaction is the best.
  2. This is great. I'm laughing so hard. I'm so curious how production decided to do intros.
  3. I want Jamie Peck from Majority Report to replace Meghan McCain. Just so Meghan would freak out of having a socialist on the panel.
  4. In retrospect its kind of crazy how much they spoiled in the trailer. The fact that they showed both Shota and Dawn in the F3 challenge is pretty crazy.
  5. Yeah I actually felt that the challenge was pretty difficult especially with the time management with the crab. I was actually surprised none of them cut themselves. I guess I'm pretty accident prone, but shelling crab is a nightmare.
  6. The preview seemed to show that Dawn was struggling in one of her plating. Her and Jamie looked like they were just dumping things on to the plate....ugh Dawn stop it!
  7. I've actually posted this on the past seasons challenge (you guys can debate there). But there are a lot of people who forgot something on the plate and survived elimination. It seems like the only time they got eliminated was when they completely whiffed (Angelina who didn't get anything on the plate). In all times (one was a quickfire, so who cares) that Dawn missed something, there were way worse dishes. I like Jamie, but her dish through conception sounded really bad. Also mixing tahini with cheddar sounds absolutely disgusting.
  8. So with the whole forgetting on the whole missing things on the plate controversy. I am trying to recall all the times contestants forgot things on their plate and got eliminated or not. Feel free to add others, as I don't remember all top chef. not eliminated: S1 LeeAnne-Forgot to sauce her plate in the gas station (yes its a quickfire so no one got eliminated), but she actually won the quickfire. S2 Elia and Carlos- Carlos forgot to add (forgot what it was) to two of the plates. Josie/Marissa got eliminated instead. S3 Howie-Forgot frog legs in his surf and turf dish. (So 50%
  9. In terms of missing components and still staying in the competition, there have been many chefs that had forgot parts of their components and didn't get eliminated. One in particular is Howie in Season 3. The first challenge they had a surf and turf challenge. Howie actually didn't get his frog legs on the plate. So he had 50% of his plate incompleted. The judges thought another contestant had a worse dish (even though it was completed) and Howie survived.
  10. I mean I totally understand Kameelah's agitation with Sean since she was working in a hospital in NY (at the height of the Covid pandemic).
  11. The premiere was so good. Probably the most hilarious first boot ever.
  12. Seriously. When the ties were happening, it felt like Hell's Kitchen (I hate Hell's Kitchen) where every team challenge always coincidentally is a tie or a "close vote". I was like okay who let the Hell's Kitchen production team take over? Also I didn't realized the guest judge was Ed Lee. He was unrecognizable when he shaved off his moustache and beard.
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