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  1. This thread needs a "hot" reaction. "Like" seems insufficient for the last two photos. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  2. I had a similar experience yesterday. I got my riding lawnmower stuck in the ditch in front of my house. Sadly no hot farmboy or falsely accused fugitive stopped to help me. I've always dreamed of going to Ireland, but I fear it would be too anti-climactic when I don't stumble out of the rain into a cozy pub to find my soul mate crooning a traditional tune in Gaelic. 😄
  3. I love hearing the Queen's memories of that day. What an amazing lot of history she has seen.
  4. What a lovely girl. Kate has a nice way with natural lighting. I can't believe Archie is already having a birthday! I'm glad they're releasing a photo. It probably helps keep the paps away.
  5. Thomas Markle is truly a disgusting use of flesh. Meghan has treated him with far more kindness than he deserves.
  6. Harry and Meghan seem like good people, and no doubt it's not an easy life being in the spotlight. I have all the sympathy in the world for how they - and especially Meghan - have been treated by the tabloids. I'd probably enjoy them a great deal if I ever had an occasion to interact with them. That said, if they want to be out of the public eye, then do that already. I understand the intent of this release, but it really says nothing new, and just stirs the pot again. A more cynical person would suggest they put this out to keep getting column inches, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they're just naive, with a touch of self-importance. eta: I just read it again, and ugh! Edit that to more than a touch of self-importance. We know the tabloids have treated you badly, you don't need to explain why you don't talk to them. Nobody wants to read umpteen paragraphs of explanation of your opinions on the state of the media today. Just stop engaging!
  7. Vanity Fair did a really lovely profile of The Princess Royal: https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2020/04/princess-anne-opens-up-about-her-lifetime-as-a-royal
  8. My company is a heavy user of Zoom. We have locations across the country and a significant WFH population, so we already did a lot of videoconferencing, although it has obviously grown exponentially in the past month. Our security team made three changes to mitigate the danger of using Zoom that might be helpful: Require passwords for all meetings. Turn off screensharing, so that the host has to enable it. Don't post links to Zoom meetings anywhere that is public; use email invitations generated from Zoom instead. Also, if you're worried about your webcam security (ALWAYS a concern, even pre-COVID), you can get a little adhesive sliding window to cover it when you're not using it. Or go old school, and use a post-it. This also protects you from making awful mistakes, like this one:
  9. Damn, I forgot how smoldering hot young Wills used to be. And Kenneth Branagh? *growl*
  10. I just think Harry and Meghan - especially Harry - seem incredibly naive about the press, given their backgrounds. They often seem to be caught flat-footed and end up coming off as reactionary. The tabloids suck, to be sure. But that shouldn't be surprising, at this point. edited to add: Case in point, this Archewell announcement. They know (or should know, or should have people who know) that these things are public record. They know they are subject to huge amounts of scrutiny for everything they do. They know there has been tons of speculation about what their "post-Royal" brand would be. And yet they seem surprised that their new brand name is a story. The argument could be made that the press should back off and let them go at their own pace. But since when has the press - not just tabloids, but all of them - EVER done that? They should have been ready with what they wanted to say. It's like they either don't have PR people, or aren't listening to them. They seem to think they can just assume that information will only come from them, at their pace and direction. They are celebrities, and clearly want to continue to be. That's just not how it works when you're actively trying to use your fame, whether for good or greed.
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