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  1. The "my truth" thing... IMO it depends on context. I think it originated with the idea that your experiences are "your truth", while acknowledging that someone else's experiences - even of the same event - can be different. We are all shaped by our own backgrounds and past events, and that makes us perceive things differently, and sometimes there is no one "truth". What is true for me might not be true for you. It allows people to tell their stories, and other people to hear those stories, without getting bogged down in defensiveness. But there's a massive difference between that and
  2. @stewedsquash - is this the one?
  3. I never notice bad photoshop, but I never notice bad wigs, either. LOL If Meghan manages to bring pleated, mid-rise, relaxed fit pants back into vogue, I'll be her fan for life. So flattering for real women! I'm so sick of seeing everyone's lumps and bumps, not to mention their asses hanging out. Harry's face remains punchable.
  4. It's not my gossip or my grammar, and I know nothing of McCain or The View. I just happened to see it and thought people here might be interested. *shrug*
  5. I fully support businesses' rights to do whatever they want in regards to employee relations, and employees' rights to work somewhere else, basically. But I do think there should be reasonable exemptions made. My niece is a teacher, and while vaccinations will soon be mandatory for educators here, they CAN opt to rapid test every week instead. (That said, I wish she'd just get the damn vaccine! Everyone else in our family has.) I honestly don't see many employers mandating the vaccine, even if they want to. Hiring is at a complete standstill in my part of the country. Everybody who is wil
  6. From the celebrity gossip IG @deuxmoi... No idea if it's true, but they're usually pretty accurate. 🤷‍♀️
  7. Maybe it's your posture? I could swear my niece (mid-20s) grew while she was at boot camp, because they made her stop slouching. Six years later, she still gets taller every time she puts on her fatigues. 😆
  8. Even so, I think it's a big stretch. Whoever the original poster was, it's safe to assume that they have a wide spectrum of people as FB friends, with an equally wide spectrum of... perspectives, let's call them. And I can tell you from my own experience moderating forums, often the person who reports posts is NOT engaged in the conversation. In fact, I'd say that's usually the case. 🤷‍♀️ It sounds like you're assuming it's her simply based on her whacko beliefs, with no other proof? And I'm just thinking you might be happier if you attribute it to an unknown third party.
  9. That... seems like a really big stretch? Why would you assume it's her? Your uncle likely has many friends who saw the post and could have reported it. And if his original post vanished as well, I'd guess it wasn't just your comment. Likely there were further comments that turned ugly (for lack of a better term) and so the whole thread was reported and removed.
  10. How in the hell do you even get four pair of tights ON???!!??
  11. This just came across my Facebook feed, and I thought I'd share. Especially exciting for those of us who don't live in NYC (or any "real" city) to see all these great shows. Win a trip to see Hamilton anywhere in the world in 2022! It's a fundraiser for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. You can make a donation, buy merchandise, or just fill out a form with no purchase. In addition to the big prize, there will be weekly winners. TBD, but LMM mentions in the video NYC movie premieres, NYC trips, etc.
  12. Jane Tuesday

    MLB Thread

    Yadi is coming back for one last season before retirement. Not gonna lie, I teared up a bit (and then laughed at myself for it).
  13. A thousand times, yes. I especially love when they keep emailing, and act all perturbed that I haven't replied. Uh, I've never heard of you, and you cold called me. You have zero moral high ground to expect a response. I've thought about changing mine to, "I don't have any authority to buy anything or hire anyone."
  14. Bunco is tons of fun! If you can roll dice, you can play. It's 100% chance. We play it at showers, and the little kids have no trouble playing along. Your neighborhood sounds fun. :)
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