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  1. RE: older couples... this will probably be an unpopular opinion here, but I'm fine with an old-fashioned division of labor, if that's what works for them. My grandpa likely never washed an item of clothing or a dirty dish. (He did feed himself breakfast and lunch on days grandma was working.) But grandma never, ever, mowed the lawn or did anything involving automobiles. He kept her car fueled, and every day he would start her car and check the oil and tires so it was warm and ready to go for her. (Of course, all adults should be capable of taking care of their basic needs, and should be r
  2. Thanks for this. I don't follow H&M news outside this thread, so the tweet above was the first I had seen. 🤷‍♀️
  3. I thought it was being discussed here because Harry issued a statement? But I don't read tabloids, so maybe I'm wrong.
  4. Okay, but Brady is American, so... It's been a few years, but I actually remember this coming up as a discussion in my Sexuality course in college. Our professor asked, if you took home your college BF/GF to meet your parents, would you have sex in your parents' house? The universal answer was between "hell, no" and "maybe, if they weren't home, but still maybe not". So I'm still not buying that Brady and his GF are both so laissez-faire about the whole thing.
  5. Out of curiosity, how did you know he was unvaccinated? Not saying you're wrong, just wondering if he was talking about it or something. At this point, I'm honestly treating everyone outside my immediate bubble as if they are positive. I'm fully in support of vaccinations, but between breakthrough cases, people who haven't gotten the booster, and the ever- changing CDC recommendations*, I'm masking and doing what I can to avoid being within six feet of anyone. *I understand recommendations will change over time as more is learned about the virus. I'm not blaming the CDC for that. Bu
  6. @GHScorpiosRule, all my best to you, and to your Nana!
  7. Setting aside for a moment whether the school SHOULD have told them, I don't understand how not telling them works, as a practical matter. This is their NAME. (A child's sexuality wouldn't be expected to be discussed by teachers, but their name would be used a million times.) So everyone at school calls them Rock, and then seamlessly switches to Rose as soon as Charlotte enters the building? What about written materials that go home (permission slips, report cards, invitations)? Rock is never going to have a friend over? So Charlotte and Harry show up at graduation some day and can't find thei
  8. Oh, no! I wonder if they'll go ahead with her 100th birthday celebration. I was going to take my mom to see it for HER birthday present. What a legend.
  9. Of course, there are always breakthrough cases, with any vaccine. This is not new. The vaccine reduces your chances of catching it and reduces the amount of virus you shed. Those two things combined - if all of even most people were vaccinated - act together as a "fire break" to keep the virus from spreading. That's why we needed everyone to get it. The fact that the vaccine isn't 100% isn't a valid reason to NOT get the shot. It's a reason why everyone SHOULD get it. It's also worth pointing out that the vaccines were not created or tested to keep people from getting it. That ended up be
  10. Or, just good grammar? Yikes! I'm passive aggressive all over the place, I guess. Lol @Cloud9Shopper, I wish you all the best. I agree that your mom is WAY over the top and ignoring your boundaries. It's your money. Unless you are asking for her help, it's none of her business. Hopefully the cops just ignore her complaint since SHE is not actually involved in the transaction. I understand you were hoping to move some things early, but in my experience it usually isn't worth it. You end up moving things twice because you can't really put them away in their final homes.
  11. Exactly! Not to mention, a lot of these people who bitch the loudest basically ARE living their lives like it's 2019. They don't mask, travel freely, gather for parties, etc. Sometimes I think they don't actually care if it goes on forever, because they're not actually DOING any of it. It infuriates me. My dad pointed out the other day that we've now lost twice as many Americans to covid than we lost in WWII, and in half the time. It's also more than died in the Civil War, on both sides (750,000). Maybe if we buried all the covid people in giant covid-specific cemeteries, it would sin
  12. I completely agree. It's understandable that they want to see their friends, etc. But there are a lot of hours in the day. Many moons ago, my dad was home on leave before heading to Vietnam. He and my mom had just started dating before he left for boot camp, and when he came home, he was spending all his time with her. (Young love!) My mom's parents finally stepped in and told her, "you need to send him home to spend time with his parents." They were right.
  13. The mention of "war on Christmas" triggered a remembered social media peeve.... I have a few FB friends who have spent the past several days posting memes mocking people who complain about the "war on Christmas" and saying it's a pagan holiday anyway, etc. But here's the thing, I've don't really see anyone actually complaining. And I have a ton of FB friends who would definitely fit that demographic. I just want to tell them, if these posts about the supposed "war on Christmas" are so irritating to you, unfollow that person, or tell THEM about it in their comments. But don't fill MY feed
  14. I'm aware of the trend, I just think it's stupid. My dislike isn't specific to Harry. It's my personal preference. Where I work, we can wear jeans but not ripped ones, so I see hundreds of pairs of "regular" jeans every day. It probably is why my gut reaction is "not professional".
  15. Your "mom's" reaction was exactly mine, but I wasn't going to say anything. 🤣 Why does Harry always look like such a schlub, when his wife looks so put together? Meghan manages to look casual, but still like an adult professional. She probably spent an hour on her hair, and he can't even manage to throw on a decent pair of jeans. And get off my damned lawn!
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