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  1. I'll try. It's because not everyone gets tested for covid. People are more likely to get tested if they have symptoms, know they were exposed, or work in front-line healthcare. Those groups are more likely to be positive. So the overall population is likely to have a lower rate (although how much lower, we'll never know unless they test the whole population on the same day.)
  2. I'm voting in person, on Election Day. My small precinct is never busy - I think once in four years another voter was there at the same time I was - so it's not a big deal at all. My mom has been an election judge for many years, so I'll be interested to see what they have in place. I'm assuming there will be a mask requirement, and markings on the floor to keep people apart. Her precinct is only slightly busier than mine, and in a large space, so spreading out shouldn't be an issue. She did promise me that she WILL wear a mask. I've worked several elections myself, and it is a looooooooonnnnngg day. Out here in the rural precincts, you can go 30 minutes with no voters during slow times of day. I can't imagine how boring it's going to be with so many early voting!
  3. Fun fact I learned on a local PBS broadcast one night... the anti-helmet people and the pro-forcing-smoking-out-of-businesses people in Illinois use the same lobbyist. They must be very good at their jobs, because we don't have a helmet law, and our state legislature has no problems trampling over any other "rights" (real or imagined). I'm old enough to remember when people didn't wear seatbelts, and it was definitely a big thing here. I honestly never really wore one until I went through Driver's Ed, where we had to put one on, and it became second nature. That, and they started making all cars with the seatbelt reminder beeps that drive me up a wall. I swear my new car gets louder and more frequent until I buckle it. 😄
  4. I don't know that they did. I'm just saying that would be slightly less ridiculous than coming home after they knew they had it. And yes, an 18-year-old should be able to handle having "the flu". But there are some cases* I've heard of where people went downhill very, very fast, to the point that they were no longer able to even understand what was going on. That's why I cautioned the OP above to schedule routine check-in phone calls with someone while he/she was sick at home. *Toward the beginning of the pandemic, my cousin's BIL and his wife caught it. It was early days, when they had people so terrified (or trying so hard to not "overwhelm! the! system!") that people weren't seeking help when they should have. The couple was so out of it that they basically lost sight of how sick they were getting. The husband refused to go to the hospital, fell out of bed, and said he wanted to sleep there. The wife was so befuddled that she didn't call 911. He died that night.
  5. A former colleague of mine did the same thing. She has three daughters, all at the same university but in separate housing. The freshman caught it first (who knows, really) and gave it to her sisters. Then they all came home with mom and dad's blessing, and gave it to their younger sister and dad. The four girls had various mild symptoms, ranging from the freshman, who had "flu-like" symptoms, to the high schooler who had "allergy-like" symptoms. Dad ended up unable to get out of bed, unable to breathe, and had to make a trip to the emergency room (though he was never hospitalized). They're all fine now and back and work and school, but it could have been so much worse! My friend says, "when you're sick, you want your mom". That's all well and good, but damn. Those girls could be suffering horrible regret right now, all because they needed mom's chicken noodle. I could see if they were dangerously ill, or if the freshman was all alone there. But she had her two big sisters, who were already exposed/positive, to watch over her, and her parents are only a couple of hours away. My ex-co-worker is an otherwise intelligent person, so I'm giving her the benefit of the doubt and telling myself that maybe by the time the girls had symptoms and were tested, they had already been home for a visit and they figured the damage was done.
  6. I'm sympathetic that Anna Faris hasn't been getting the storylines that she used to, but that's not a new thing. So why sign a two-year contract? That's the part that bothers me. She bailed in the middle of a two-year contract, when the show reportedly was renewed based on her (and AJ) signing said contract(s). It also doesn't sit well that she didn't give the show any notice so that they could write Christy out in a decent way. (Granted, covid-19 may have derailed any plans they made anyway.) But it's really a shame that she's going to have to be written out in some hokey off-screen manner. No matter what they come up with, it's going to be disappointing. Christy is kind of a dull character, and I think AF is not a strong actor, but she's the heart of the show. I've loved watching her and Bonnie come to grips with their past and mend their relationship. And now she's just... poof! Gone? Vanished into thin air like Roscoe? I really hope AF and CL can eventually arrange for Christy to make another appearance, if just a guest role. I want to see closure for her relationships with Bonnie and the other women, and I want to see her finally get to be a lawyer!
  7. Isn't that true everywhere, though? Since lots of people apparently have it and don't have symptoms? I make the assumption when I go out that anyone I encounter could have it, and act - or don't act - accordingly. 🤷‍♀️ @Harvey - best wishes to you! If you live alone, I'd think about setting up scheduled calls with a person or two throughout the day. I've heard that people can get quite disorientated, so it's a good idea to have someone else monitoring your symptoms. (Really, that's probably true of all sicknesses that cause high fevers.)
  8. Same. The one from the Georgia Institute of Technology in particular... a lot of people reference it as measuring your risk of encountering the virus, but it's really measuring the likelihood that anyone in the entire crowd has it, which isn't the same thing. From their site: Theoretically, an event anywhere with a million people would be 100%, but you personally cannot be near a million people. That's an extreme example, but it shows how the data can be misleading, IMO. I recently attended a child's birthday party with about 30 people, but only got near other people from my bubble. (My family runs a small essential business; quarantining from each other is not possible.)
  9. Yep! I would also add, for those employees who can't WFH, it's better that those who can stay home. I've been sporadically going back to the office (voluntarily) for the past few weeks. It's been great because it feels "normal", although we do have to mask in common areas, etc. But I'm comfortable going because the vast majority are still at home. If everybody else starts coming back, I do NOT want to be there. (For lots of reasons both related and unrelated to the virus. lol)
  10. Agreed! If they think it's so dangerous they're actually going to PLACE A TRACKER ON YOU, then why the heck make you come in at all? Presumably you've been WFH for six-ish months. That's absolutely crazy to me. Like, next level crazy.
  11. I will definitely not be wearing a mask when this is over. I absolutely loathe them. They're hot, uncomfortable, and make life as a hearing-impaired person exponentially more difficult. Exponentially. And from a mental health perspective, I feel like it's very damaging to our sense of community and how we connect with others. I wear one now anytime I am instructed or requested to do so. I comply with state mandates, and I don't give anybody a hard time about it. But any suggestion that this should be a permanent change gets a hard "NO" from me. People who are severely vulnerable to the flu* should protect themselves, as they have always done. But I want to shake hands, and hug children, and see people smile again. I will die someday from something, but until that day comes, I will live my life. *I'm not saying covid is the flu. I'm speaking of the regular flu, post-covid.
  12. RE: white vinegar... it may be people are actually using it for pickling. You can't get regular-sized canning lids anywhere near me, nor on Walmart or Amazon. (Well, there are some available from resellers on Amazon, for roughly 10-20 times the regular price!) The local Mennonite store said their supplier told them the canning jar manufacturers have exhausted this year's supply and they won't be getting more. Basically all the people who made the seed companies run out this spring are getting ready to can it all.
  13. @athousandclowns - I think a really important question to ask is: would you even enjoy yourself if you went? I'm guessing you would not. I think your son's solution was a wonderful one, and you could ask your friend to do the same. Since your friend is clearly more comfortable going out in public, maybe he could pick up food from a restaurant you both like and bring it to a park or other open space. For those worrying about what the cashier thinks of your purchases, let me assure you that she/he isn't judging you. I was a cashier at a home improvement store while I was in college. Unless somebody was a massive jerk, really hot (being honest!), or bought something super weird (like one nail, or 20 cans of paint) I wouldn't have remembered you five minutes after you left. Especially with modern registers, you just scan, scan, scan, and don't pay any attention to the items unless it starts beeping that something didn't work.
  14. That's wonderful! Do you mind sharing where you signed up, in case others want to volunteer? Watching CSI turned me off birthday cake long ago. *shudder*
  15. Thank you for all the replies. I definitely agree that Harry likely is, and should be, disgusted with how the Andrew situation has been handled. I was curious if there was any proof it was a factor, or if that is speculation. Sounds like it's the latter, at this point. The new book isn't authorized, and supposedly no info came directly from Harry and Meghan, so I suppose we'll never know.
  16. I'm curious, because I see this assertion made a lot (by a lot of people, not just @Ohiopirate02...) Did Harry or Meghan make a statement about Andrew? Or have "inside sources" said they have a particular issue with him? I'm just wondering what this opinion stems from, that the BRF's silence about Andrew was the final straw for Harry. I mean, I assume the entire BRF (besides the his daughters and the Queen*) finds his behavior disgusting and wishes he - and Fergie - would die in a fire. But unless I'm mistaken, no one in Charles's family has made any official statements one way or the other. (But I don't follow them that closely, so maybe I missed something?) *I personally think even his daughters and the Queen know how loathsome he is deep down, and just can't admit it to themselves.
  17. I absolutely adore the vintage dress, and that very special tiara! The flowers are stunning. It looks like it was a lovely day. ❤️
  18. Perhaps they were tested. I can't imagine anyone is taking chances with the queen's health.
  19. Thomas Markle needs to forget he ever had a daughter named Meghan, and just leave her the hell alone. Maybe after a year or two of NOT selling her out, he could send her a birthday card. Maybe.
  20. I live near the Mississippi River, one of the most dangerous waterways for recreation. I can say that no amount of signage, or news stories about drownings (which happen every year) will keep people from making poor water decisions. Familiarity breeds contempt, as they say. Often those who spend the most time in the water are the least likely to pay attention to safety warnings. I hope her friends and family get all the time and privacy they need to grieve and heal. RIP Ms. Rivera. You and Santana were my very favorite part of Glee.
  21. It's the OP's opinion, and one I share. I don't think we have to give proof of our opinions. It doesn't matter to me who owns the home. In fact, the idea that H&M would live there rent-free doesn't make it more palatable. It's not like they're couch surfing. "They don't pay for an enormous mansion! They live there for free!" Okay, then. To be absolutely clear, my dislike is for Harry. Meghan seems like a well-spoken young woman who has worked in her life and has important things to say. Harry literally only matters to people because of who his grandmother, mother, and now wife are/were. He may be a "nice guy", but he's perfectly ordinary on his own. He hasn't earned any of this, which is why I call him a hypocrite. Within the last page (or two) I specifically called out Charles' hypocrisy regarding the environment.
  22. That's really smart, IMO. I would think anyone in her position would have a hard time trusting people, even more so with the bullshit she's endured from her own family. As for Jessica Whoever, I wouldn't blame Meghan at all for dropping that friendship (although I don't think there's any proof one way or the other). I mean, talk about awkward! I don't see anything wrong with deciding someone isn't who you thought they were, or just drifting apart, for that matter. We all have people we used to be friends with and no longer are.
  23. Same! I grew up in a not exactly progressive area, and yet I feel like I was aware as a child in the 80s that blackface was unacceptable. They get no pass from me. Article about the use of blackface on SNL...
  24. I agree wholeheartedly with the rest of your post (though I still have to watch the doco). But I'm not sure doing away with the U.S. team is the right thing to do. People train their whole lives to stand on that podium and look up at the stars and stripes. Depriving athletes of that dream because of something the organization has done seems harsh to me. Especially given what a short window of opportunity there is in women's gymnastics. So many compete for one Olympic cycle and move on.
  25. The last thing I want is to be lectured about privilege by arguably the single most privileged person on the planet. No matter how well intended. Eta - for the record, it's the same way I feel about Prince Charles flying around the world lecturing about climate change. I love ya, Chuck. But...no.
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