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  1. I live near the Mississippi River, one of the most dangerous waterways for recreation. I can say that no amount of signage, or news stories about drownings (which happen every year) will keep people from making poor water decisions. Familiarity breeds contempt, as they say. Often those who spend the most time in the water are the least likely to pay attention to safety warnings. I hope her friends and family get all the time and privacy they need to grieve and heal. RIP Ms. Rivera. You and Santana were my very favorite part of Glee.
  2. It's the OP's opinion, and one I share. I don't think we have to give proof of our opinions. It doesn't matter to me who owns the home. In fact, the idea that H&M would live there rent-free doesn't make it more palatable. It's not like they're couch surfing. "They don't pay for an enormous mansion! They live there for free!" Okay, then. To be absolutely clear, my dislike is for Harry. Meghan seems like a well-spoken young woman who has worked in her life and has important things to say. Harry literally only matters to people because of who his grandmother, mother, and now wife are/were. He may be a "nice guy", but he's perfectly ordinary on his own. He hasn't earned any of this, which is why I call him a hypocrite. Within the last page (or two) I specifically called out Charles' hypocrisy regarding the environment.
  3. That's really smart, IMO. I would think anyone in her position would have a hard time trusting people, even more so with the bullshit she's endured from her own family. As for Jessica Whoever, I wouldn't blame Meghan at all for dropping that friendship (although I don't think there's any proof one way or the other). I mean, talk about awkward! I don't see anything wrong with deciding someone isn't who you thought they were, or just drifting apart, for that matter. We all have people we used to be friends with and no longer are.
  4. Same! I grew up in a not exactly progressive area, and yet I feel like I was aware as a child in the 80s that blackface was unacceptable. They get no pass from me. Article about the use of blackface on SNL...
  5. I agree wholeheartedly with the rest of your post (though I still have to watch the doco). But I'm not sure doing away with the U.S. team is the right thing to do. People train their whole lives to stand on that podium and look up at the stars and stripes. Depriving athletes of that dream because of something the organization has done seems harsh to me. Especially given what a short window of opportunity there is in women's gymnastics. So many compete for one Olympic cycle and move on.
  6. The last thing I want is to be lectured about privilege by arguably the single most privileged person on the planet. No matter how well intended. Eta - for the record, it's the same way I feel about Prince Charles flying around the world lecturing about climate change. I love ya, Chuck. But...no.
  7. This. And when you're older, I think you know yourself and your wants and needs better. You've had other relationships and more quickly realize "this ain't working." Also, the decision to marry the future King of England is different from the decision to marry his brother. Harry and his family would have a much different future than William, even if they had stayed in the U.K. At this stage in their lives, it's not a great difference, but as years go by that would change. The Wessex family lives a vastly disparate life to the PoW's family. The pressure, expectation, lack of privacy, duties... it's just a whole 'nother level. Harry likely/hopefully broached the possibility of leaving the BRF before they got married. (Just my conjecture, based on nothing.) William's wife would know that would never be an option, for her or her kids. Her MIL being the best example.
  8. To be fair, I've seen it both ways, at least on instagram. I follow the Cambridges, and there are an astonishing number of negative comments from pro-Sussex people. Like their handle will be @we_love_MandH and the comments will be about Kate's appearance, or how they parent. People still pulling out the "Waity Katie" stuff, and making comments about Kate being "lazy". And, yes, tons of negative comments about the Sussexes as well, even though they aren't part of the original post. I'm sure the same happened when they still had an active IG. I don't understand why - for some people - everything one couple does is framed (negatively or positively) through a lens of the other couple. And I really don't understand why people follow and comment on someone's posts that they clearly can't stand. It makes me feel bad for both couples, and I devoutly hope they never read their comments.
  9. My intention wasn't to scold anyone, it was to simply bring something into focus. When people make unsolicited comments about the number of children a woman has, or even if she has children, that can be hurtful to hear. While it's extremely doubtful that Mrs. VDB will stumble into this forum, it's quite likely that a woman who has been in a similar situation will read our comments. I just know so many women who have had comments like these directed at them, from my cousin who suffered miscarriage after miscarriage with people asking, "when are you giving X a little bro/sis?" to my sister with five kids who has had strangers ask her, "don't you know what causes that?" People who wouldn't dream of commenting on other personal decisions! But as I said in my post, "I know that wasn't your intention". This is admittedly a sensitive subject for me. I'm probably taking it too much to heart. 🙂
  10. Losing a baby is heartbreaking, no matter how many other children you may have. And the number of children a couple chooses to have is their choice, and theirs alone. People with big families get so much shade thrown at them. I know that wasn't your intention, but I try to speak against the idea of how many children people "should" have. My sister has five kids, and she's had so many rude comments made to her about it. 😞
  11. Definitely photoshop. If you look at that image at full size, check out his hand on her shoulder. The others look real, and the one in front of the house, I'd say they are outside, just because of the harsh lighting. It's like someone realized afterward, "Hey! We should have taken one in front of the castle/manor/house! Ah, well, I'll just photoshop it." 😄
  12. I was just about to mention this! I'm trying to imagine my reaction if a friend asked me if I know any insert-race-here women. Like ordering off a menu, or picking out a dog breed. 😲 I like Maxima's top, though. And I love that she paired it with jeans!
  13. Well done, William. Prince William reveals he is secret helpline volunteer
  14. I understand, but. Moving home is not odd, except when moving home seems to fly in the face of what you've said you want. To use a personal example, my parents are farmers. If I lived in suburbia, and made many statements about how far it is from everything, how quiet it is, how un-diverse, to the point that I said, "I've gotta get out of here!" and left? And then moved back home to my parents' rural farming community? I think that would be odd. Especially when I could move to St. Louis, have a city life, and still be reasonably close to my parents' home. There's LA, and there's LA.
  15. This thread needs a "hot" reaction. "Like" seems insufficient for the last two photos. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
  16. I had a similar experience yesterday. I got my riding lawnmower stuck in the ditch in front of my house. Sadly no hot farmboy or falsely accused fugitive stopped to help me. I've always dreamed of going to Ireland, but I fear it would be too anti-climactic when I don't stumble out of the rain into a cozy pub to find my soul mate crooning a traditional tune in Gaelic. 😄
  17. I love hearing the Queen's memories of that day. What an amazing lot of history she has seen.
  18. What a lovely girl. Kate has a nice way with natural lighting. I can't believe Archie is already having a birthday! I'm glad they're releasing a photo. It probably helps keep the paps away.
  19. Thomas Markle is truly a disgusting use of flesh. Meghan has treated him with far more kindness than he deserves.
  20. Harry and Meghan seem like good people, and no doubt it's not an easy life being in the spotlight. I have all the sympathy in the world for how they - and especially Meghan - have been treated by the tabloids. I'd probably enjoy them a great deal if I ever had an occasion to interact with them. That said, if they want to be out of the public eye, then do that already. I understand the intent of this release, but it really says nothing new, and just stirs the pot again. A more cynical person would suggest they put this out to keep getting column inches, but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say they're just naive, with a touch of self-importance. eta: I just read it again, and ugh! Edit that to more than a touch of self-importance. We know the tabloids have treated you badly, you don't need to explain why you don't talk to them. Nobody wants to read umpteen paragraphs of explanation of your opinions on the state of the media today. Just stop engaging!
  21. Vanity Fair did a really lovely profile of The Princess Royal: https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2020/04/princess-anne-opens-up-about-her-lifetime-as-a-royal
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