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  1. Jenna & Aden—Jenna’s mom was so pretty, and her dad’s not bad-looking either, even though he kind of looks like a thumb. How did Jenna get...so fug? Ok, I have to call out the show for some false drama, even though I have opined in the past that this show seemed organic, I think there is such a premium put on these baby showers so that the audience can have something tangible, instead of...an online argument, but it’s not working. The problem is that it’s not interesting, because it’s not necessary. A lot of women don’t have baby showers at all. Jenna’s dad and Jenna’s mom both don’t want to be present at the same baby shower, and they are both willing to host one of their own for her, so there’s not really a conflict. Good try, Jenna, by saying she wouldn’t know which baby shower to invite Aden’s family to, but that’s not hard—she can just invite them to her father’s baby shower, since he appears to be the custodial parent, and the one with her mom can be more intimate, if she has to have two. And she doesn’t want “two of everything”? What a problem! Get a registry, bitch! Jenna, you lie, your mom doesn’t want to be a part of it—you want her to be a part of it. Does Jenna understand footage? Her dad is so much better of a person than me. As soon as she threatened to balk from the baby shower, and then to remove him from the baby’s life, I would go upstairs, disassemble the crib, hand her the parts, and tell her she is free to bring it with her to the place where she raises her baby, as I’m not going to be in her or her child’s life, so clearly she won’t be living here, not because I am throwing her out of the house, but because she won’t let me around her child. I understand hormones are raging, but this bitch is so out of sorts because no one ever told her “no,” and that can be solved quickly if her dad actually loves her enough to show her where her place is. She’s not in a position to dictate the terms of anything to her parents. Where does she get off? Why doesn’t Jenna just let her dad throw the baby shower for this one, let her mom throw the shower for the second kid, her dad throw the shower for the third kid, etc, and by the time she’s 20, they’ll be even at two each? I am just not biting on these storylines. This isn’t interesting. Last season, the drama between Max and Chloe and whose family would be able to attend the baby’s baptism was much more interesting, because there is only one first baptism. A baby shower just doesn’t pack the same emotional punch. Myrka & Ethan—I really don’t care. I’m not sure what they’re fighting about. The online post was only shown for a second, so I don’t know what it said, and I certainly don’t care enough to figure it out. It all seems so unnecessary and immature, and, yeah, drama to make a show. Reanna & Taron—I don’t understand why Reanna doesn’t want to share custody. Taron seems like he would be as decent a dad as she would be a mom, so why not give up the baby half the time so you can live freely a few days a week? I would think the other teen moms would jump at this prospect. I think there’s something wrong with Reanna. Not because she doesn’t want to share custody, but she just acts like she’s 10 in the way she speaks and refuses to communicate. Tyra & Alex—it seems so dysfunctional that the baby moves every time there is a social shift in one of the households. Baby is with Alex’s family, Alex’s mom’s boyfriend moves in, baby moves in with Tyra’s mom, Alex’s mom’s boyfriend leaves, baby moves back to Alex’s...holy shit. Tyra is sounding so selfish about going to “my ami.” If she’s not getting paid to go there, or if there’s not a scholarship contingent on it—or even if there is—who is taking care of her baby? Unless there is a really well-designed plan in place and plenty of money to throw around for au pairs and nannies and plenty of resources to vet strangers coming into the child’s life, I don’t think the parents should be off globe-trotting when their child isn’t even in a stable home. I would say the same thing if it was the father going off (though I might even be harder on the father, because the guys tend to be less articulate, which makes me impatient). Speaking of “my ami,” I am really not convinced Tyra knows there is a place called “Miami”; the way she pronounces it makes me think she thinks it that everyone has their own “ami,” like it is a self-designated special place, and Tyra is going to her “ami,” thus when she speaks it is “my ami.” Just me? Probably. I feel bad for the child, I don’t feel bad for Alex. If he’s “not a little-ass kid,” as he asserts (though I beg to challenge that assertion), then he should advocate for himself. Until he does this, he is going to get walked over. He should do it for his kid if not for himself. Why do these people on this show—first Reanna and then Jenna’s mom—say “whenever” instead of “when”? It sounds so trashy. Reanna has said several times that she needs to get a Cesarian because “whenever I was younger, I had surgery,” and now Jenna’s mom is saying, “whenever I was married to Jenna’s father.” Where did this new blight on the English language come from? Ugh! Speaking of ugh, next week is Lilly. I see the stupid and useless train is pulling into the station.
  2. Lol, thanks! Love your posts too!! Thank you much. Oh man, I quit the show just so I wouldn’t have to watch these awful people be so cringeworthy, so I haven’t been paying much attention but as far as Austen, I think he is more or less a regular guy, and since he is a victim of Patricia’s snobbery, I generally take his side, though I’m not exactly sure why he’s on TV. I think Madison has shown that she is basically a trash heap of a person, often masquerading as someone else, often masquerading as exactly who she is. I gotta take off or Leva giving me a bee in my bonnet will cause my downfall. 💕
  3. I don’t think it’s “whataboutism” to call Leva out on falling short of her own standard. That’s calling out hypocrisy. If Leva wants Kathryn to dance on the head of a pin because of who her ancestors were—something Kathryn can’t control—but Leva, a Caucasian woman, is perpetuating stereotypes about Chiquita Banana, a woman/figurehead who more than likely had the blood of indigenous people of the Americas running through her literal or figurative veins, that’s fair game. This is my problem with Leva: I can’t understand why Leva, who is Caucasian by race, but has dark hair and eyes and a darker complexion than some others (not unlike many Italians) gets an audience to speak on behalf of black people. Since society has rejected the idea that someone can refute allegations of racism by saying, “I have black friends,” then Leva doesn’t get to sit in a position of unique authority because “[she] has black family.” I find no internal logic in the idea that non-black people who associate with black people or study black history should refrain from offering an opinion on black issues, but Leva believes it is encouraged for non-black people who have black people in their families to sound off on black issues, and that anyone who doesn’t listen and agree with her is running the risk of being labeled a racist. Huh? Someone needs to articulate a coherent standard, because the rules seem like they were made up by Dr. Seuss. I’ll take a shot—each one of us is empowered to be non-racist. It’s almost crazy enough to work. I respect your opinion to draw any line with which you feel comfortable. My opinion is that drawing a line between “people of color” and “white” for purposes of arriving at a judgment is just as arbitrary as drawing a line or no line between black Americans and Caucasian people of Iranian descent (ie Leva). Speaking of Leva, I don’t see any evidence that Kathryn’s ancestors were even preoccupied by Leva’s ancestors, let alone had enough ethnic beef with them to alter the course of their society in any fundamental way from thousands of miles and continents away. I would be interested in what Leva’s claims, if any, are how Leva’s ancestors suffered under Kathryn’s. I also need to unpack this “person of color” thing a little bit, because I’m not sure what it means, but it comes up a lot on this show. Every person who has melanin in their skin is a person of color, so we’re all “people of color” (except some albinos), so clearly this term doesn’t have a genetic basis, it has a cultural one. I haven’t seen evidence that the term “person of color” is anything but a phrase that attempts to lump all non-white people into a group, even when they have nothing in common except for the fact that their skin often (but not always) has a darker—in some cases, very slightly darker—hue to it. There is no good argument that I’ve heard to advance that a Hungarian in the Steppes, a Japanese girl living in Tokyo and a black American living in Seattle have compelling common interests, priorities or goals that a Belorussian-American and a black American who are both in tech don’t share because the Belorussian is considered by most not to be a “person of color”. It’s my opinion that it’s counterproductive to humankind to group people by immutable characteristics, as opposed to shared values. I mean, isn’t that exactly what Leva is proclaiming to rail against? Does she not see that the notion that one person meeting a certain threshold of natural melanin in their skin, should get “x” treatment from society, but if another person has to sit in the sun for a bunch of hours to get their skin that color, should get “y” treatment from society flies in the face of everything she purports to stand for? That is one of the strangest set of standards I’ve ever heard, especially in a place where I thought the goal was to seek equal treatment, regardless of race. The Sami people—the aborigines of Scandinavia who are extremely pale with blonde/white hair and blue eyes—have been marginalized and have said to have been the victims of “racism” in Scandinavia, and they generally have as close to no “color” as albinos. If the Sami have been mistreated—and they have—is there no call to action, because they ostensibly have no color? That is how the logic of Leva’s argument flows if I follow it through to its conclusion. Here’s an elephant in the room: it’s ironic where folks like Leva want to draw the timeline. Two centuries ago, international slave trade was banned in the US. A century and a half ago some white Americans (and some black Americans) held black people in slavery in certain parts of the US. Less than two centuries ago, Iranians were still “importing” white slaves. Slavery wasn’t banned in Iran until 1929! Does Leva wish to speak to this? [edited to add—given there is at least as much evidence that Leva’s ancestors committed violence against Kathryn’s ancestors as there is the reverse, by Leva’s standard—not mine—Leva owes Kathryn a major apology, and Kathryn should feel free to use public and social tyranny against Leva repeatedly and indefinitely until Kathryn is satisfied with Leva’s apology]. I have wracked my brain, but I can’t come up with a good reason why slavery in the Americas is Leva’s cause celebre, when she is silent on the matter that de jure—not de facto, de jure—slavery (of whites and blacks) was occurring in her home country, until the Great Depression, except that one buys her TV time on Bravo, and the other might only get her a segment on PBS. One allows her entree into Charleston high society and publicity for her businesses, and the other doesn’t. If that is not cynicism and hypocrisy of the highest order, I do not know what is. The thing I find most disappointing is that it took me an entire season—only about half of which I watched—to realize just how absurd Leva’s entire raisin d’etre on this show is. I mean, I’ve taken a stab at it a few times, but now that I’ve really thought about it, I have to question why I didn’t realize any of this earlier. I simply wasn’t paying enough attention to this hoax she was running, and I think I have some thought exercises to do. Well, I got to hand it to Leva for something—if she hadn’t been so deeply offensive, intellectually bankrupt, ambitious to get her name in lights, obtuse and shallow, I may not have quit watching this horror show several episodes back.
  4. Riiight. Which is why I stated three times in the post that you quoted that it was my opinion. If someone said that children going to school not knowing a lick of English “doesn’t happen,” it was not me. I set out facts to support my theory as to why I believed Tiffany knew “a lick” of English walking into first grade. The other accounts of your experience do nothing to sway my opinion. Once again, anecdotal evidence is just that—an anecdote. I’m not particularly interested in that. Empirical evidence is the only thing I go by, because, as much as I may have lived, my personal experience is not sufficient for me to make a conclusion about cultural phenomena when the data don’t support it. I stated very clearly in my post that I was speaking about Asians as a group. The facts are that Asian Americans as a group are highly successful by pretty most every metric available. Facts are neither racist nor non-racist; they are facts. What we do with these facts can be racist. What I do think is a form of racism is to downplay these facts. So this suggestion is that I should deny the facts that an overwhelming number of Asian people—Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, etc—have a history of emigrating to countries around the world with almost nothing and becoming very successful, particularly in educational, professional and economic affairs...so that “other minority races” don’t ostensibly get jealous and hurt them? Why wouldn’t there be a crackdown on attacks on innocent people, and a call to emulate their positive habits instead? I’m simply not a fan of punishing success or lying about it to assuage the egos of others. I’m gong to end here, because I see we not only get off on different bus stops, but we’re not even riding the same line. Peace be with you.
  5. Whitney started that shit at Shah’s party all on her own; Heather delivering the message because Whitney lost her words was neither here nor there. Whitney tried to start something, it backfired, and now she’s engaging in revisionist history. Heather sounded crazy to me saying that she wanted things to pop off at Coach Shah’s party, so that Jen would ostensibly side with her and Whitney against Lisa and Meredith, in a war that I didn’t even know was occurring. Didn’t all these women go snowmobiling happily together like two episodes ago? When did the schism occur? This feels so much like people trying to make a franchise happen that isn’t there. Either that or I fell asleep during one of the episodes and missed something. Both are highly likely. Let me get this straight—Whitney’s excuse for telling Jen bad things about Jen’s friends at Jen’s husband’s party was because Jen is calm around her husband? Alrighty, what is her excuse for telling Meredith at the party that Jen was gossiping mad shit about Meredith at same party? This whole “who’s afraid of Jen?” storyline is going absolutely nowhere. This is the RH SLC version of RHOC’s “sad” and “depressing” about Gina’s home and RHBH and who was “glam” and for how long. Who actually cares whether Lisa and Meredith said “afraid” with regard to Jen off camera?? Not me! It wouldn’t be an episode without Heather’s poor me tour. Glad we got that out of the way as to what a dutiful wife she was until the rug got pulled out from under her with her divorce Zzzzzz...shades of Sonja Morgan... So Meredith’s storyline is that she and her husband are <drumroll> staying married? I wonder if there was a single viewer who was like, “Today’s Wednesday, Salt Lake City is on—I can’t wait to see if there is going to be resolution between Meredith and Seth!” This show clearly has no footage left to give. They spent an eternity driving to the spa, showing up at the spa, looking around the spa...this is the chief reason I stopped watching RH Atlanta—I clocked the time they spent on FaceTime and driving to events, and when filler moments like these started to dominate the episodes, I stopped watching. This one is not far behind. Just...end your season when you run out of story. Not a tough concept. Holy cats, Whitney, you are a perfectly pleasant looking woman, but your body is not—I repeat not—thong ready. I can’t unsee that. I hate Heather as the mediator between Jen and Whitney. They are both grown women—let them hash it out. I don’t like two against one, even if it is freaking Jen, and, to add icing to the cake, Heather admitted Whitney was wrong when Jen was out of earshot! These are just two cousins who do each other’s dirty work. What is this, summer camp? It’s not Whitney’s fault that Jen threw the glass, but she was out of line at the party, drunk and gross, and I don’t know why an apology wasn’t coming off her tongue forthwith. OMG, Heather is such a child, worrying that Jen is going to go with Meredith and Lisa!!! I also wish she would stop referring to herself as a “girl.” Heather is teetering on the precipice of being as damaged as Jen and Whitney. I have to reluctantly side with the brunettes. They are dull as dishwater, but they don’t carry on like assholes. I can’t say the same for the other women. The brunettes are so much more composed than the others, and I appreciate that. The rest of them are so damaged that it’s not even entertaining. Alrighty Jen, as if your husband is going to break up with you on camera. He is a public figure and the savviest person on this show by far. He was going to say all the right words, put on a sympathetic face, and when the divorce papers come, he’ll be out of state “recruiting” and she’ll be served with process while she is skiing down the side of a mountain. He is not brand new. That was rough to get through. Not one redeeming moment. If week 12 is not the finale, I can’t promise I’m hanging in for more. I simply don’t care. Next week looks very dull too. Only these heifers can make freaking Vegas dull.
  6. I stand corrected, and thank you for pointing this out. I also wrote that she was 31, and she is apparently 36, so that’s what I get for not paying full attention and letting the voice distract me from the words. I am still doubtful as to Tiffany’s story. I do not believe that she did not know “a lick of English” when she entered first grade. She mentions that her parents were helicopter parents, and by her own account, they had been in the US for approximately four years prior to her arrival. Based on the limited evidence available, I think it is more likely than not that they sent her to school knowing at least “a lick” of English, even if it was less than conversational or fluent. I think she is exaggerating and my opinion stands that she is an unreliable narrator, whilst acknowledging that I misstated a fact. It is also impossible for me to find her hometown online. All news outlets are reporting that she is from “a small town outside Beijing.” She came here in the early nineties. That was at a time that Deng Xiaoping had his Open Door policy, and English was being taught and encouraged in China. It is my theory and my opinion that Tiffany is purposely trying to create a narrative that she didn’t know “a lick” of English upon entering the first grade, and part of her narrative is to be vague about her hometown, so that no one can fact-check the likelihood that English was taught in the schools or elsewhere. Considering this is an opinion, I am open to the possibility that I am wrong, and if facts arise to the contrary, I will concede that I was wrong. I don’t have an agenda other than the truth, so it’s easy for me to admit when something I said or did was wrong. But people like Tiffany who seem steeped in an ideological narrative that certain groups are victims stand to lose their reputations and sometimes their careers when they are wrong, so they will defend the prevailing orthodoxy even in light of contrary facts. I don’t respect those people.
  7. Ok, but Tiffany is talking about institutionalized racism, not random acts of racism, which occur everywhere in this world and across time. If a patient actually looked at her and said within her ear shot that he wanted a doctor who didn’t have COVID, and she wasn’t taking it out of context (which I don’t believe; she hasn’t exhibited herself to be a reliable narrator—she came here when she was two, but didn’t know a word of English until she was six? Get your facts straight) then she would be well within her rights to say “that guy’s a [bleep]” and move on. But to use words to the effect that we are living in a particularly racist time and that certain races need to stand up, she needs to point to the empirical evidence of institutional racism in 2020 US. The problem with this assertion is that it doesn’t exist, so people like Tiffany who are more interested in being professional victims rather than looking at the hard data have nowhere logical to go, so they use rhetoric instead. If Tiffany can point to the institutional injustice that is currently being visited upon her, I would be happy to join her shoulder-to-shoulder and demonstrate against it. I won’t hold my breath. The empirical evidence shows that Asian and black Americans have been breathtakingly successful, and have overcome tremendous obstacles. Just one example is the way that black people’s literacy within two generations of slavery was higher than the literacy rate in Albania. That is a remarkable achievement. Asian-American achievement is too staggering to get into more than I already posted up thread. I am very suspicious of people like Tiffany who want to downplay the facts in favor of some intellectual notions that have no relationship with reality when they are actually tested.
  8. I can’t take the uptalk and the dry crying and hand holding histrionics that went on between Tiffany and Brandi at the beginning. Also, what is Brandi apologizing over if she only made a video of herself “and [her] squinty eyes”? If she thought she was being racist, she should own it and apologize, and if she was actually doing a video about her squinty eyes, that would be the same as doing a video about her high cheekbones or her big lips, and there would nothing to apologize over. Brandi needs to pick a lane. Or, even better, shut the fuck up about it completely! I officially dislike Tiffany intensely. I cannot relate to what she said about this country being in a racist time and Asian people and black people needing to stand up. To what time and place on earth is she comparing this to? 1860? 1960? Malaysia? South Africa? Bueller? Anyone? (Rhetorical question, because I have my mind made up that she is wrong from the scholarly reading I have done for the past 15+ years, so no one’s going to change my mind, especially not some silly 31 year old woman-child who will tell her sob story over and over, but, no, it’s not pity or accolades that she’s looking for at all. Nothing to see here, folks! Passive-aggressive asshole). If someone made a crack at work about her having the coronavirus, I’m sorry, but that’s life. Every single racial and ethnic group has experienced some form of discrimination and stereotyping at some point in time. I’m reading a book about this history right now that has 63 pages of footnotes alone. I have a degree in this. The fact is that Asians have been some of the most successful, achieved people in America’s history by a lot of metrics. As a group, they have better test scores and are more likely to get loans than white people, and the empirical evidence points not to any racial or genetic advantages; it’s because of good habits. Tiffany thinks she can sail onto a reality show and tell me differently?!? I have to laugh at her hubris. By telling those stories, Tiffany was trying to draw attention to poor me, poor me, and I detest that narrative. Yes, she has a great house with a fingerprint lock on the closet, but that is not sufficient for a good Housewife. Her voice and her attitude cancel the whole deal out for me. My husband (who is Asian and born in Korea—not that this matters to me, but it matters to some people for some reason) watches this with me and he said that if Tiffany had been his doctor at any point, she would no longer be his doctor once he saw her on TV, because he thought her display of wealth on TV was too crass for a doctor. It is also his opinion (and mine, but for some reason it is in vogue for my opinion to be cancelled because of my cosmetic makeup) that Brandi posting that video however many years ago was not an act of bullying against Tiffany in any capacity, contrary to Tiffany’s assertion. The closest anyone came to bullying this episode was Tiffany intimidating, threatening and coercing Kameron over the chicken foot. She’s a horrible hostess and seems like a horrible person for anyone who has the displeasure of knowing her. Real diversity would be diversity of opinion. If Bravo thinks race is so important, then the honest thing to do would be to cast two Asian women, one of whom feels like Tiffany, and one of whom feels otherwise, but this is a toxically shallow show on a toxically shallow network, so there is no surprise there that the prevailing school of thought is that cosmetic diversity > intellectual diversity. Is it too soon to miss Leeanne?? I am so interested in Kary’s daughter’s opinion on Black Lives Matter. <hard eye roll> D’andra doesn’t know what is inconsistent between being Christian and going to a shaman? Has she read the first commandment? OMG, was that elastic around the waist of D’andra’s jeans at Tiffany’s house? I don’t know whether to be mortified or to give her a virtual high five for going there. Ok, that just about did it for me when Tiffany said that white people “need to be cultured up.” The racism is not even what offends me—the snow job Bravo is attempting to do on us with this season by beating us over the head with Asian culture because it wants to rehabilitate this cast for what Bravo considers a cast with a racist reputation is beyond the pale. Hey Bravo, I have an idea—grow a pair, and if you think Brandi is racist, fire her or give a press release this this is a candid reality show, and you are just a vessel for airing real women’s opinions, some of which may include prejudice. But beating the viewer over the head with political correctness because of Leeanne’s and Brandi’s alleged mistakes? Homey don’t play that. Hey Tiffany, some people think the term “lazy Susan” has sexist and racist connotations. Now that we’ve gone down the politically correct rabbit hole, i guess next season Bravo is going to need to cast a woman named Susan who can pull Tiffany aside and “share her experience” (without wanting to make a big deal out of it, of course!) This Kafkaesque nightmare that Bravo is self-imposing is, quite frankly, very boring. Well, I’ve had more than enough of a lecture masquerading as entertainment for a lifetime. Not to mention the parts that weren’t about race were like watching paint dry. I’m not terribly interested in consuming chicken feet for what felt like 6,305 segments. This show is bad. Kameron, good luck with the home, Stephanie, good luck being a generally pleasant person whom I’ve grown to like and with your awful husband. Kary, Brandi and D’andra, go fly a kite. Tiffany, best of luck to your husband and kids; you are an exhausting woke scold of a person. Peace out dolls, and, it’s not a moment too soon that I get this hour free on Tuesday night again! 💋
  9. He said that eventually, but he also said “code-grand-parenting” when he was struggling to get it out. My husband and I looked at each other and cracked up when it happened.
  10. Reanna & Taron—I, like, can’t stand her mom? With her...uptalk? I have to keep reminding myself that just because this woman is going to be a grandma, she’s only about four years out of her twenties, though I still think she’s immature and uneducated by that standard. I’m starting to realize that Taron is ghetto trash. Dude. Pull your fucking pants up. So what if Reanna wants her mom there for the Caesarean section instead of Taron? Are Reanna and Taron even a couple? Didn’t he have sex with someone else? I fail to understand the premium this show puts on the father being there for the birth. I think it’s fine for the father to be there when the child is born if that’s something agreed to by both parties, but on this show, they act like if the father doesn’t physically see his child get birthed, the man will abandon his child, like he’s some kind of wild species. I don’t know or care if my dad was in the delivery room with me or my sister, but I know he was there when we were growing up, and that’s what matters to me. I know I brought this up last season, but since this is the NFL Playoffs, this is on my mind again—when Tom Brady got Bridget Moynahan pregnant, but then he immediately got together with Gisele Bundchen (whom he went on to marry and have several more kids with), the media asked Bridget if Tom was going to be in the delivery room when she had the baby and she just laughed and said “no!” Having a baby is a very intimate experience—probably more intimate than sex—and if the parents aren’t a couple, I think it’s fine and rather normal for the mom-to-be not to invite the father to be there. Jenna & Aden—Aden’s mom with the kids all spread out in age is actually interesting. I liked his mom. If she had a baby at 17 and the child is now 31, I assume she’s around 48, which is old enough to be Reanna’s mom’s mom and that’s clear from her demeanor. Then again, the bar is set on the low side. Jenna’s apple didn’t fall far from her father’s tree with his “code-grand parenting.” I disagree with Jenna when it comes to her dad’s attitude about her mom—they’re divorced, which kinda means they don’t have to deal with each other anymore. That is why people get divorced! The mom can very easily have another <eye roll> baby shower for this stupid spoiled brat; the dad doesn’t have to shoulder the burden of paying for the thing and then also deferring to his 17 year old daughter about whether he is going to socialize with his ex-wife. Jenna can miss me with that shit. Myrka & Ethan—is all they have the “gender reveal”? This is so boring. Failure to launch. I’ve given up trying to understand Myrka when she mumbles down into her huge ta-tas. Here’s hoping she and her ambiguous boyfriend will be one and done. I knew that Myrka’s mom would show up at the “gender reveal,” because even if she thinks teenage pregnancy is not something to celebrate, she isn’t that adamant that she wouldn’t sign a release and show her face on this show to have her life and talking heads filmed, and given that the “gender reveal” is their only storyline, it was plain as day Liliana would show up. Snore. Could that “gender reveal” have been dragged out any longer?!?!? I don’t remember last season being this slow. When the show went to commercial before they would reveal the “gender,” I said to my husband, “if that’s not twins—if there is not pink and blue in there—this show is really taking the audience for a ride.” That entire last segment was beyond bogus and a waste of my time. I don’t give a shit about cha-cha dancers and fake mustaches—there are four other girls in the sophomore class alone who are pregnant—helure!!—you guys aren’t special. Tyra & Alex—it’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that Tyra is away at college in an effort to pawn off her baby on her mom and sister. If that works for them, fine, but since it doesn’t work for the sister, who is younger, I think it’s time for Tyra to make a change. She’s being selfish. Don’t drop out of school, obviously, but stay home and attend a school within commuting distance until you can work your shit out enough to get someone who is willing to watch your baby all the time. That’s called life. If I remember Tyra’s story from last season, she knew about birth control, as she had been pregnant before and miscarried at five months. So, after that fabulous mishap, she decided to have unprotected sex with a guy who can barely tie his shoes and...she expected this to somehow work out differently? This isn’t on Alex’s mom moving her boyfriend in either. No one is directly responsible for that child except the parents and neither of them are stepping up to the plate, even though Tyra is making a better show of it than Alex and using better buzzwords. Hailey—I am not a baby person at all, and I think her kid is cute. Much cuter than any other baby that’s been on this show IMO. Hailey is also really pretty—now that she’s no longer pregnant, her bone structure comes through, and I could see her doing some amateur modeling or something, which is great, because let’s face it, she’s not exactly going to win the grammar bee anytime soon. Big fucking shock that Matthew and Hailey II broke up. I think it’s gross and sad that Hailey I is still having sex with Matthew. She can do so much better. I’d like to see her get on really solid birth control and find a different guy from a different demographic, maybe a man who’s been married and divorced with his own kid(s) and earning some kind of paycheck and living in his own home, maybe a guy in his early twenties who can set a good example for her. God knows her mother—the one that bragged on camera last season that Matthew was still coming over to have sex when he was with Hailey II—isn’t going to lead her to the promised land. As much as I complain about how stupid and arrested these people are, they strike me as so real. I believe each and every one of their stories is unfolding pretty much exactly the way they’re telling it to us on camera, and that type of authenticity has become increasingly hard to find on reality shows, so, even though nothing even happened on this episode, it is still probably my favorite reality show right now.
  11. This is where I come out on it 100%. I’m also really confused about Heather’s (and, to an extent, Whitney’s) current religious status. A few episodes ago, Heather and her daughter discussed whether they were going to go to church or sleep in. If Heather is against something—if she thinks it is racist and anti-gay (a paraphrase of her words, not mine)—why is she continuing to support it? That’s a really strange standard to set that no one is calling her out on—if I had kids, I wouldn’t bring them to a place that was bigoted, unless perhaps it was court-ordered and I would face jail if I didn’t do it (and I’d still probably not do it—I’d probably take my case to the media). So how does Heather answer for that; I’d really like to know. As ex-Mormons, where do Heather and Whitney stand? Are they agnostic? Do they just not believe in God? Do they just not think about it? I think these are fair questions to ask with regard to a show that pans to a Mormon Church every half a dozen scenes and women who trash the Mormon Church like nobody’s business every flipping chance they get. And I’ve given up on trying to define “Mormon 2.0.” It means, “we do whatever we like, but we are paying lip service to 4/5s of the population, so they don’t make our lives hell” as far as I’m concerned. The other thing I noticed is that in episode one, Jen said she was “converting” to Islam. In my opinion, she’s never going to do it, because it would mean giving up drinking (I know that some Muslims drink anyway, but Coach Shah was adamant to Seth last episode that drinking is completely forbidden in Islam). Jen’s religious stance reminds me a little of Heather Thomson from RHNYC—the husband was Jewish, the kids were Jewish, she followed all the Jewish traditions and used Yiddish words, but she wasn’t converting. At least Heather was honest about it. There is nothing honest or authentic about these women.
  12. Geez, Mary is grown, there is no reason to cry over not being invited to the hip hop/golf party! She’s supposed to be a leader; this is immature. And I didn’t think Mary should have invited Jen to her Louis Vuitton ear bud lunch either. They’re not friends! Ok, Whitney, Mary’s house is not 20,000 square feet. It doesn’t even look particularly large; probably closer to 2k than 20k. Is Mary ever not talking about her grandmother?!? Her closet was disgusting. And I actually like her personal aesthetic. Color me shocked that Heather’s ex-husband showed up on camera—he reminded me so much of Kim Richards’ ex-husband Monty on RHBH, the one that died of cancer. Just as I was warming to Heather, she sounded so shallow and immature in pretty much everything she said about her ex-husband and former marriage: he “checked every box” by being over six feet tall, he was “cool and rich”, and had a “pioneer history with Howard Hughes” and Heather was “the never say no girl”? What does that even mean?? Isn’t that exactly what she got all up in a snit about Lisa saying about her in episode one?!? Heather is confusing, because Heather is confused. She’s trying to be the moral compass of the franchise, but she doesn’t really believe in herself, so why would the viewer get behind her? I feel like Heather is trying so hard to convey an image every time she opens her mouth: “I’m still a divorcee, ostracized by my community and totally alone.” Oh my God, Heather, you have a business that you claim is valued at over 20 million dollars, you have three healthy daughters, and you are somewhat arguably attractive if one squints enough and puts enough Vaseline on the lens. Why is she always lamenting her life? Even tongue-in-cheek, enough is enough and she needs to pick herself up once and for all and stop being poor little pioneer girl. And...does she know what ancestors are? Because her tag line is about “my pioneer ancestors,” but apparently the pioneers in question were related to her ex-husband, so I really hope she realizes how strange that sounds. If Heather and her ex-husband shared ancestors, I wouldn’t even be surprised at this point. It might even be somewhat interesting. Aw, poor weird Whitney again, with her poor weird familial problems of her in-laws having her picture mounted next to her husband’s ex-wife’s. I’m not sure how a viewer is supposed to relate to her story. She seems like an ex-Mormon fembot, like she shows up, delivers strange stories and smiles creepily and it just doesn’t elicit the desired reaction from me, at least, which I think is supposed to be amusement. Whitney is really charmless when I think about it—she probably has the least charm of any of the women on the show—and I’m not here for her. I have no idea who I’m here for at this point. In my mind, they all have big X’s next to their names, for various and sundry reasons. I really thought I was going to like Lisa in the beginning. I thought she was really cute in her smushed up kind of Bratz doll face, and it seemed like she truly didn’t give a shit, unlike Heather and Whitney, but it’s not a still waters run deep situation there—it’s just a vapid woman who is quite obsessed with goals in the abstract, which is a really weird preoccupation that I can’t relate to. I wish Lisa would stick to making astute observations, such as Whitney needing a lot of attention, negative or positive. (That sports bra and standing on her hands was not flattering to Whitney’s body type). The highlight of the episode for me was Lisa getting in Whitney’s face and telling her off. It took nine episodes, but apparently Lisa has a personality somewhere deep down inside. I just hope she sticks with confronting dumb bitches instead of staring into space and looking at her family blankly, like she has no idea who anyone is, or why they are together. Meredith has quite possibly the most annoying voice across the Housewives franchise to me, which isn’t really her fault, but the pregnant pauses as if she is always on the verge of saying the most important thing in the world is, and I can’t stand her scenes because of that and the attention-seeking Brooks, ugh. Coach Shah completely knew about that party in advance. Once again, he kind of won the episode by pinning his wife’s drinking as the problem. Does anyone have any idea how old Jen is? She has a 14 year old son, but can she be much less than 50 with that tight-as-a-drum face and struggle body (the one where she isn’t heavy or fat at all, but the skinny arms and legs don’t match the short neck and torso that gravity’s had it’s way with)? I can’t believe Heather—the Heather that eschewed gossip about Meredith’s marriage last episode—was the first one to jump on the Whitney runtelldat to Jen about Lisa and Meredith being scared of Jen. For someone who is a “straight shooter”, Whitney was so freaking tongue-tied. She wasn’t just stuttering, she was like hyperventilating. What an awkward try-hard bitch. Jen’s reaction to Whitney’s nontroversial gossip of throwing the glass and blaming Mary was perfectly on par with a Jen reaction. Le sigh. I don’t think Lisa and Meredith are afraid of Jen, and Whitney is really playing both sides of the fence, trying to stir up a season, and it’s not working. Whitney couldn’t even get the gossip out of her mouth without Heather having to speak for her. The fact that Lisa and Meredith—who aren’t exactly passionate or aggressive—swatted Whitney away like a fly speaks volumes. Whitney has emerged as the real asshole of this franchise to me. She’s taking Jen’s place. Whitney really needed “liquid courage” to tell someone someone else is afraid of her? She is dead weight on this franchise, and that’s saying a lot. Someone needs to lead a charge against Whitney and restore order. I (reluctantly) nominate Lisa. So, they mentioned a few times that this was close to Valentine’s Day. If this was really filmed over 2019-20, which other posters have said, then this show should be wrapping up soon. If it was filmed over 2018-19, which I suspected, there is no end point in sight. I’ve never wanted so badly to be wrong about something!
  13. Myrka’s mom—“teenage pregnancy is not something to be celebrated.” Yup, that’s about the size of it. Reanna’s mom is taking way too much glee about her daughter being in pain. I don’t get that. I think she looks at it as a rite of passage, which is so weird. What a creepy, lumpy family. They think it’s time to break the cycle now, not 40 years ago? Reanna’s symptoms and misery are so palpable through the screen that it makes me not want to have a baby...and I’m older than her mom, so, job well done on that front, show. Also, if Reanna is in that much pain, but Taron needs to know that his baby might be coming, why doesn’t Reanna’s mom, the over involved genius, make herself useful and pick up the phone and send him a text? That was hopefully manufactured drama. Big shock that Alex didn’t confront his mom about her online boyfriend moving in with his infant daughter, because he doesn’t want anyone to be mad at him. What did Tyra see in him in the first place? This is a situation where she might have to leave college to come home and watch her kid. I didn’t realize Tyra was away at school and coming home on the weekends. That seems like something that has to be deferred in this situation. Alex seems useless. I know this is damning with faint praise, but at least Jenna’s dad seems able to articulate a thought, and I think he doesn’t have mixed feelings about this, the way some of the other (grand)parents do—he clearly thinks it’s wrong, but he’s doing the best he can to support them now that it happened. I think he was refusing to turn the guest room into a nursery because he didn’t want the baby living with them to be a permanent situation—I think he wanted Jenna and Aden and their baby to get their own apartment. That was the vibe that I was getting, I and I agreed with him, and I wish he hadn’t backed down. Ethan’s parents (of Myrka and Ethan) seem unhealthily ok with this. Who gives a shit about a “gender reveal” party for kid or adult parents? Like, people are supposed to attend and bring presents like it’s something newsworthy? The baby is either a boy or a girl, both of which are familiar concepts. Self-important much? If it was an “alien or person” reveal, I could see the theatre in that.
  14. I think it “surprises” me that Lisa doesn’t have her story straight about her religion, because she is on a reality show where she doesn’t stop talking about it. I wouldn’t even characterize it as “surprised”; I am more dismayed that a woman who converted to Mormonism and drinks/sells alcohol and is asked about it doesn’t have a ready response, and she just descends into talk of being spiritual and personal. Coach Shah asked a direct question to Lisa whether there is “some religious proscription that says you can’t have an alcohol company and still practice” and “is that at odds from a religious standpoint?” If it’s allowed to be sold, but not drunk, as someone suggested vis a vis Marriott upthread, then perhaps Lisa should have said that. I would have accepted an answer such as, “no, we can sell it, but we are just not allowed to drink it” (and then she might have to explain why she was drinking earlier in the episode) or “yes, there is a religious proscription against selling alcohol, but I choose to anyway” or, “I don’t know,” which would ring strange to me, considering that the woman converted to the religion, so one would expect she knows something about it. I think she does know, but she is being deliberately obtuse, and that’s where my consternation originates. The stuff Lisa said about not being a cultural Mormon is bullshit to me. The church has a strict stance on alcohol. If Lisa and her husband want to ignore it, they are departing from their religion, which is fine, I guess, but the religion does not bend to meet Lisa and John at their comfort zone That’s not how this works. I had to agree with what Jen said in her talking head “that is not the Mormon Church or religion that I grew up with...it’s really not the Mormon Church; it’s like the Lisa Barlow church” after Lisa and John mumble-answered that they don’t care. If Lisa had said point blank that she didn’t care, I would have had a lot more respect for that answer. When Lisa says in a talking head that God doesn’t care that she owns a tequila company, maybe she’s right, but the religion that she converted to is unambiguous that it does not wants its adherents drinking, and there’s no getting around that, so why not just be honest and say money is more important than following the faith to the letter? It’s not like she’d be burned at the stake; everyone probably just would have shrugged and moved on. I don’t think Lisa is used to people asking her very direct questions like Coach Shah did, and I subtract points for unpreparedness, especially on TV. I’ve been this way my whole life—I expect religious people to adhere to their religion, or what is the point? I don’t think it is unique to Mormonism; I used to think it was kind of...gross (for lack of a better word) when my Jewish grandma would say she was going to fast for Yom Kippur and hopefully lose a few pounds, and when I would ask her why she was actually fasting, she would get defensive and not know. I mentioned in an earlier episode’s thread that where I’m from, a slim majority of the people are Catholic (not me, I wasn’t raised with a religion) and the hypocrisy was overwhelming to me. In the office where I worked in college, people would be horrible to each other, but no meat other than fish was consumed for lunch on Fridays! And in another office, there was the secretary who had a child out of wedlock and was currently on artificial birth control (hopefully at least), and when it was time to get paid time off to run down to church to get their ashes for Ash Wednesday, I don’t know who was quicker to leave the building first—her or the attorney who was sleeping with a different girl every week. I don’t get that stuff. I never have. Maybe it’s easy for me, because I wasn’t born into organized religion of any sort, and it was only in my twenties, through inquiry and reason that I arrived at the conclusion that I believe in Christian principles and I am, for all intents and purposes, a Christian, but the only things that really requires is for me to believe Christ died for our sins, He was resurrected, and I should try to be a good person. I’m not prepared to make religious sacrifices, I’m not prepared to tithe, I’m not prepared to attend church, so I don’t commit to anything, and I don’t claim to do otherwise. And I guess that if I have my attitude, it makes it hard for me to see it differently. Maybe I would be different if I was “born into” a religion (highly doubtful), but Lisa opted into this religion, so that makes it all the more puzzling to me. Then again, there is that famous quote by the Catholic woman—I forget her name—but when they asked her how she could simultaneously be so Catholic and so rude to people, her reply was like, “Can you imagine how bad I would be if I wasn’t Catholic?” At least that’s witty though, at least that’s something. Lisa looked like a deer in headlights, and like she was in physical pain when she was asked a direct question about her religion and business. This is why I think Coach Shah should get a snowflake and a tag line. I could not imagine any of the women on this franchise having the balls to cut to the heart of a matter without being offensive or awful about it. He just respectfully asked Lisa what was the deal with regard to her religion and her business, and she crumbled in on herself like a dying star.
  15. I just find it hard, if not impossible, to get into a show that starts with quarantining, so I’m not sure how this season is going to progress for me. It’s certainly not the fault of the players—I just don’t care to hear about it. I liked what Stephanie said off the bat about how they’re filming a TV show, they’re testing all the time, so save the tweets. I really like when they break the fourth wall like that. Now we don’t have to talk about it ad nauseam. There’s something off about Kam opening the show—she is great, but she’s not a lead. There is also something off about Kameron this year period, physically and mentally. It’s like she’s phoning in the role she’s been playing the last few seasons—like, “I? Am? So? Upset? About? My? Dog?” And then she looks at the camera like she’s not sure if she delivered her lines with the requisite air headed ness, like she is over it. Brandi’s mommy makeover was apparent when she was slipping on the slip n slide—like Tamra Barney, no belly button to be identified. Her face is starting to look hard and scary. She went away to treatment because she was suicidal over a video about squinting and stuff? I don’t believe that. I think she had to go to treatment, because last reunion she pulled out a folding chair for Leanne to sit on so she could get roasted, and then Brandi looked like a big damn hypocrite when her stereotyping (or whatever, I don’t know what to call it, it really doesn’t faze me) video showed up. Not to mention she was probably within an inch of losing her job. Bravo can miss me with its thumping music and panning to Tiffany when the idea of Kameron’s friend Jen meeting Brandi was broached. (This show loves a Tiffany and a Cary/Kary). Also, Kameron’s friend Jen was caught in a white lie about Kam’s age. When Stephanie asked her how long she knew Kameron, Jen said she knew Court in high school, and they’ve been together 15 years, so she’s known Kam for fifteen years. That would make sense...if Kam was 32 or 33, which she’s not... So Mama Dee just gave D’andra $100k? Sounds about on point. I don’t generally like D’andra, but I like that she can poke fun at her weight, and it’s not the elephant in the room that she gained at least 30 lbs since she joined the show. Once it’s addressed, it loses shock value, so, good move D’andra and Mama Dee for tackling that straight out the gate? Now I feel dirty for saying something good about D’andra. Where is Jeremy? And Travis and Brian for that matter? I have a feeling Jeremy is not going to be on the season a lot at all. I always said Kameron had a small-ish home (with no pool apparently) for someone whose claim to fame is that she’s a Westcott, and I got so much shit for it, but I guess Kam agrees with me in that she wants to upgrade her home to something more Stephanie-like too. Tiffany appears to have a lot of money. Her energy is a little high though. She’s a little alpha. I despise helicopter moms, but maybe she was kidding (didn’t seem like it though). I like people a little more laid back, but there’s no way I can fully gauge her after just one episode. She also seems a little young for this group. I think, from the editing, Kary Brittingham was on the chopping block for this season, and she was saved by the skin of her teeth. She barely showed up until the episode was 2/3 over, and barely a talking head was to be had by her, and she got no storyline or update, except that her stupid jewelry isn’t selling, which doesn’t bode well. The audience doesn’t seem to respond to her and her gravelly voice and the husband from whom she was always trying to elicit material goods. I don’t think she brings anything to the show. I think it was time for Leanne to go for a few reasons. She became too big to fail, and a franchise doesn’t flow when one of the players sucks all the air out of the room. But Tiffany and Kary are not the answer IMO. I’m still not clear on why we lost Cary Deuber. She was pretty perfect for this. Stephanie and Kameron are well-casted too. This show will lose me if it becomes the Brandi Apology Tour. I don’t know why she’d “need to talk” to the Asian woman in the room. By that logic, Brandi would need to talk personally to every Asian out there. That’s not something I’m interested in watching. I have no idea what Tiffany’s personal story has to do with Brandi. I am not here for the virtue signaling hour. I’ve quit three Bravo shows in this month alone, their concept and agenda is becoming increasingly ridiculous to me, and I have no hesitation in taking this one off my DVR. I’ll give it one more episode, and if this video thing doesn’t die, I’m done, and I’m done with pleasure. There’s not really much to see here, judging by the first episode. This show was so good seasons 2 and 3! Something happened, but I don’t care enough to investigate.
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