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  1. I don’t remember the 16 and Pregnant episode chapter and verse—aside from trying on the cheerleading uniform—but did Angie actually block Mackenzie from getting birth control or did she just refuse to facilitate it? Because I think if you’re mature enough to consent to sex, you should be mature enough to to access your own birth control, whether that means riding your bicycle to the pharmacy to get some rubbers or taking the bus to Planned Parenthood for birth control pills. If it’s actually against a parent’s moral view for their kid to have premarital sex and they teach them against that, but the kid decides to have sex anyway, I don’t think it’s on the parent to put them on birth control, I think it’s on the person who is having the sex to take steps not to procreate.
  2. I mentioned it one page one! But it was buried in a post full of various and sundry bullshit too 😊 I rewatched this episode and I’m re-watching season eight and I had some additional thoughts to add to my other thoughts: I think Ramona does have a sex drive, and it’s not all for the cameras. I was just watching an episode of season 8 (it’s shocking how much I learn from re-watching) and Ramona told Bethenny that her second lover had a small penis, and she thought it was punishment for screwing this guy when she hadn’t broken up with her first lover, her high school boyfriend. And it was a very off the cuff thing. I didn’t get the feeling she made it up at all. I think it’s laughable for Ramona to say a woman has to have a certain demeanor and caliber in order to hang out with her—unless that person is Leah, in which case I really get the impression she’s saying: if you want to be around me, don’t throw things at me or burn down my house. A tall order, yes. Sonja has less of a leg to stand on. She vomited in the van on the way home from the apple orchard and urinated in the corn fields. I noticed that Leah only has bandwidth for feedback that says she’s right. If anyone even wants to broach the topic of her overall behavior she goes into “I’m not apologizing for who I am” mode. “Who you are” is a raging fucking asshole, drunk or sober. I couldn’t imagine how tiresome it would be to be around her in real life. She and her sister are probably so far up each others’ asses because no one else wants to be around them. I don’t get the impression that either of them has a man or good friends. That’s not a coincidence. As I’ve said, I thought it was rude for Ramona, Sonja and Luann to go up to the bar and ignore their table, but for Sarah, Leah’s sister to confront them about it was totally not her place. She wasn’t even supposed to be there, no one wanted her there, and she was lecturing them that they had a social responsibility to hang out with her? Read a room, bitch! I thought Leah and her sister going to talk to the guys at the bar in order to get them away from Luann, Sonja and Ramona was so mean-spirited, and I thought it was horrible of Tinsley to encourage it. Maybe they look better than some women, maybe they look worse than others. It’s not all about looks, it’s about how you feel about someone, obviously, given the way the guy was conversational with the older women and had no time for the comparatively younger women. But, regardless of whether they had success, I think the impulse to do that is so unsavory. I’m pretty good at trivia. I would never join a trivia contest that my less educated friends had joined just to see them lose so I could gloat about it. If the women at the bar didn’t want to come to the table, there were a million ways of cutting them out of the restaurant circle, as has been pointed out up thread. Just tell the maitre’d that you’re now a table of four and let them hang out on the vine. Done. Case in point as to what is an appropriate consequence: Last year Ramona skipped going to see an artist in Miami in order to have lunch with her girlfriends and practically jumped out of their car when it was running to get away, and her penalty was that she didn’t get a piece of art. If Leah and her sister had been there, they would have followed Ramona to the restaurant and poisoned her food. Psycho bitches. I loved Leah saying she is trying to engage in moderate drinking. The season is half over. When is that going to start? Leah sounded so do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do telling her dad he needed to become vegan and do a cleanse because of esophageal problems. Leah is binge drinking while she’s on bipolar meds. Hypocrite much? I really don’t feel bad for Tinsley. She has every opportunity to shut down the bullshit, but she squanders it. I had forgotten that Scott didn’t want to be mentioned on the show. That’s...not a thing. Again, watching season eight and Dorinda is trying to negotiate how she can bifurcate her life between the women aka Bethenny and Ramona on the one hand and John on the other, because the women don’t like John, just like Dorinda bifurcated her life between Hannah and John in season seven because of mutual dislike. It doesn’t really work. It’s stupid when you’re on a show and you have an ensemble cast with whom you’re filming. They’re co-workers before they’re friends, and I think Dorinda should talk about Scott, just like Bethenny and Ramona should have talked about John. These are their lives and they’re getting big bucks to let us see them. The fact that Dorinda brings up Scott in the worst possible way and Tinsley reacts in the worst possible way is kind of humorous. They both look awful. This is Dorinda’s sixth season and Tinsely’s fourth. None of them have learned the art of delivering not-so-pretty things in pretty packages yet? This show would be so much better if Dorinda would exclaim in a very nice voice, “Oh Tinsley, how was Niagara Falls with Scott? I heard it’s beautiful up there!” And Tinsley can respond with, “It’s so beautiful when you’re there with someone you care about. You should really go up there with...well, actually it’s ok if you go alone too.” Like, is that too much to ask from women in their 40s and 50s who have been in this game longer than it took me to get a four-year degree? A little passive-aggression instead of full-throttle tantrums? Freaking amateurs.
  3. ^^^ I don’t believe in violence in response to speech, so I guess A2D. If someone talked shit about my sister, I’d let her fight her own battle with words.
  4. I liked the idea of a party with no alcohol, although I don’t believe no one imbibed before or during. Aside from what looked like bottles of wine on the table, flasks are sold for a reason. The venue for that relax, relate, reset party was beautiful New York City space. I feel like the word “iconic” belongs in there somewhere, but that word is getting overused. I liked their brightly colored and pastel outfits for the most part. Maybe because this franchise is always filming when it’s cold, I usually I find their clothes boring. This was a nice little break from that. Leah had a knot in her throat because she was actually going to have to face these women sober. She started drinking for the first time in nine years just to face these women after all she went through with her bipolar. That says a lot about her insecurity. All those drunken flashbacks were amazing!! There are so many more too. Dorinda and her drive-bys with Tinsley and Scott drives again. “You need to tell them or I’m going to tell them.” I can’t believe how ridiculous this shit is, and I can’t believe how Tinsley doesn’t just laugh her off. I also thought Luann’s and Leah’s advice was ridiculous. How many good relationships started with an ultimatum? I don’t think Tinsley should fuck with Scott, but if she wants to, go for it. At least she knows she’s not playing from a place of strength. Leah, how does laying down the law with a guy work for you? How easy does Leah it will think for Scott to impregnate Tinsley as a 44 year old woman who’s never given birth? She’s so ignorant. Let’s look at Luann and Leah’s track records in relationships. Or any of them. Why should anyone in that group listen to anyone else’s advice when it comes to love? I was just watching the season eight episode where Bethenny said “it’s like the blind leading the deaf,” and I didn’t know what it meant then, and I don’t know what it means now, but somehow I know it applies to this situation.
  5. In a game of Marry, Shag, Kill (I blame Satan Andy for the rising popularity of this utterly stupid game) Luann would “marry” Bethenny? The one who terrorized her up and down the eastern seaboard from Massachusetts to Miami (to say nothing of the other 51 states)? Why is she back to kissing Bethenny’s ass? Because she’s off the show so out of sight, out of mind? Luann’s a joke. She shouldn’t mention Bethenny’s name on camera to deny her the satisfaction. But I am glad we got almost halfway through the season without the cabaret. I wasn’t expecting such a respite. Leah’s dad is quite the drinker too, huh? An Old Fashioned and maybe a few glasses of wine later, all at lunch? If her mom doesn’t want her to drink, her dad should probably not drink in front of her either. Leah’s mom totally has her number: “Were you getting nasty?” And “I just think you’re on a slippery slope with the alcohol.” Ding, ding, ding, Leah’s mom!! Can we trade you for her please?
  6. Dorinda is so weird. She keeps sticking up for Leah for how “young” she is. She’s 37. She’s old enough to be a grandmother. Dorinda was sort of like this with Jules, who was 34, but Dorinda and Jules had some history prior to this show. But Tinsley joined the show at 40 and she’s free game? Where does Dorinda draw her line? I’ve never had a night where I’ve thrown ravioli in someone’s face. And I’ve done a lot of wild shit when I was drunk. Leah didn’t just throw the ravioli, she threw it in public and it splattered across two people. I would be mortified if I did that. When Sonja and Luann and Ramona and Sonja are sitting around making sense about someone else’s behavior, that person has a problem. Because those four cows are very seldom right about anything. “It’s a piss in the ocean.” Wow, Leah’s sis is a classy one.
  7. Good job holding it together for your kid Leah. Welcome to earth, where we hold our shit together and navigate our way through disappointments without getting in people’s personal spaces and destroying property. I didn’t think adding the sister was a good move. If it was supposed to be about the core women bonding, they were able to ignore each other to focus on Leah’s sister, which is the polite thing to do, but it definitely upsets the group dynamic, which was exactly the prediction Ramona, Luann, and Sonja made. I also just don’t have a good feeling about this sister. She gives off a loony vibe. Tinsley made out with her sister. But it was “as a joke!” <footstomp> That was WTF territory, even for Leah. As gross as Dorinda’s behavior has been this season, I’m glad Luann is there for her, as Dorinda was one of the only people who supported Luann with Tom when all the wenches were trying to drag her down. WTF is wrong with Arkansas? Having said that, why does Tinsley care if Ramona gets her flirt on? She feels ignored? Aren’t there six other women there? I feel like Tinsley is quietly judgmental sometimes. I picked up on it last week when she said that Newport was just like Palm Beach. Like this is her domain and it’s not a place to “cougar out.” Sorry Tinsley, not everyone gets drunk on a first date and leaps into the guy’s lap and makes out with him and winds up going to Florida with him for five days and then spends the next three seasons chasing him down like he’s prey. If Leah is allowed to act the way she acted last week—and they all seemed ok with that—then it’s perfectly ok for Ramona, Sonja and Luann to walk to the bar and flirt with men. It’s not proper behavior and it is rude, but it’s vacation. Not everyone is going to act to your standard. Good job getting that guy to pay attention to you and your sister, Leah! Not everyone thinks Leah has a golden pussy, when is she going to get that through her head? Pita Chip didn’t teach her that yet? I think Leah set the tone of bad behavior, and the fact that it was excused opened the door for additional bad behavior to ensue. I changed my mind—I’m glad for Elyse’s appearance on the show, because she is telling the truth—they all were drunk. Every single one of them. I thought Luann was the only one who didn’t seem extremely inappropriately drunk until she set the Indian corn on fire in the restaurant “because the energy.” I could tell Tinsley was in the cups because she got a really evil, black look in her eyes and screeched at a higher pitch than usual. Leah and her sister are trash. Throwing the ravioli for no good reason and after the night she had was like my last straw with her. I’m not sure she can come back from this Newport vacation in my eyes. I take it Leah’s trashy sister doesn’t have a man who is helping her raise her daughter. I feel sorry for that kid.
  8. I rewatched this and I noticed a few new things. Spoiler alert: none of them are in Denise’s or Aaron’s favors, but all the players involved were wrong on some level: They flash-backed twice to Denise saying “I will be mindful of them being in earshot of all of us,” “them” being the kids. Clearly Dorit’s daughter being right behind her while she was cussing up a blue streak didn’t fit into what Denise said. Dorit was sitting two people away from Denise in a small, intimate gathering. I would think part of being “mindful” would mean that she could crane her head to the left and the right before saying all iterations of “fuck” at a children’s party. She was professing one standard while exhibiting another. That is the definition of a hypocrite. Dorit didn’t have to make the specific request that Denise not say “fuck” over and over in front of her very little daughter. Denise said she was going to be mindful of the children’s presences. Those were her words. Is there anyone who doesn’t know it’s not good to say “fuck” and “fucking” in front of little kids? Does Dorit have to explain to Denise that she doesn’t want her to drown her daughter in the pool also? If Dorit had gotten all up in arms about it, I would take Denise’s side. I would say that’s what happens when you shoot a Housewives show at your home and alcohol is served. Shit happens sometimes. But Denise was still wrong. She was not being mindful of the kids. Yet she got a pass on this from everyone except Teddi, who got a tongue-lashing. The most disingenuous part—the part that really bothered and kind of shocked me though—was that Denise is putting this all on Sami. She said, “I wasn’t even going to say anything until Sami said something to me and I was like ‘oh shit’.” Meanwhile, there is no footage of Sami saying anything other than they overhead them talking about threesomes and stuff and it was really funny. What Sami said verbatim was, “Mom, we were dying of laughter, it’s fine.” If Denise doesn’t like the way the women were talking in front of children, fine. She can say that. What she doesn’t get to do is lie by omission and make it bigger than it was. I would have 20x more respect for Denise and I would be so much more on her side if she had said, “in all honesty, Sami said she heard it and it was funny for her, but I was kind of embarrassed that I even had to have that conversation with her about threesomes in the first place and I wish we had established better boundaries.” Sometimes you have to give an inch to get a foot, and Denise clearly didn’t get that memo. I’m not going to entertain any conspiracy theories that there was other footage of Sami being embarrassed on a grassy knoll and this was swapped in to save the reputation of Denise’s daughter...the way I look at this is that I have to go off the four corners of the episode or there is literally nothing to discuss. I think a lot of this is being told backward, especially by Aaron. And I am kind of ashamed that there is not one woman smart enough to set him straight. Aaron was saying “what is your problems” when the one with the main problem was his wife. Aaron got to skate on that one because everyone was so worried about how they were being perceived to say, “hey, wait, bud, you’re not making sense.” Prior to the barbecue, the women’s collective problem was the idea that Denise perhaps didn’t want her kids around them, which is what they said at Garcelle’s event. But no one confronted her about that particular issue. I think they were wrong; they were a little embarrassed and ashamed that they were talking loudly about sex with teenagers in earshot and they didn’t immediately calm down. It seems like their party line is, “yes, we fucked up, but we’re good moms.” They probably did a little Monday morning quarterbacking and thought that Denise is all over TV—reality TV, not just Wild Things—talking about happy endings and big dicks, so they thought they were free to say those things in front of teenagers and when they were stopped short by Denise, they were a little like, “what the fuck?” And there pride was too strong and they had to dissect it and it looked petty. That was about their biggest mistake as a group before the barbecue. I am not excusing them; they were wrong, but this is what I think was going on with them before the barbecue at Kyle’s. It was hashed out too far and too long, and I wish someone would have just spoken from the heart and said “I’m embarrassed and part of my embarrassment is manifesting in looking at ways that you have exposed your kids to inappropriate sexual situations, and I’m trying to think it through.” (Then again, if Eileen were there, she would have said that, and she got all kinds of shit for talking in “therapy terms” during her tenure—and I was one of the people who thought she was laying it on a little thick—so sometimes there is no winning with these women, even with me, so I have to be honest about that). But I do think someone should have said something genuine to Denise, especially if they were going to spend so much time trying to trap her in her own web. What happened to Rinna’s “own it!”? It is just my opinion, but I think it is more objectively wrong to curse violently, like “fuck this” and “you’re shitting all over me” in earshot of kids than it is to talk about sex acts within earshot of teenagers. Having said that, I’ll say this for the 90th time because I feel like this keeps getting confused—Denise has a right to set any standard in her house she wants. She can mandate that everyone has to wear magenta eye shadow or they will be escorted off the property (Rinna would like that one) and that should be adhered to, but right besides house rules, there is common sense. I don’t think it can be discounted that Denise was serving alcohol and filming a reality show that has sexual overtones in her backyard. Same goes for Kyle. She also shot a reality show with alcohol in her backyard, and that’s probably why no one did make a big deal when Denise and Aaron were doing so much cursing. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. At the restaurant the night before the barbecue, Aaron laid out the standard to which he supposedly adhered: “ It’s so simple. Don’t be rude and crude when there’s kids around.” He would later go on to totally fall below that standard. On the way to the barbecue, it was clear Denise was pissed and she was on a mission. Just the fact that Denise said, “I won’t be eating” and that she wanted to go to a restaurant because all the women would be fighting meant she wasn’t going there in good faith. She shouldn’t have gone. She should have just went to another restaurant with Aaron if she didn’t want to be with these women. No one was putting a gun to her head and making her do her job. Denise was lying when she said she wasn’t upset with anyone at this table from Santa Barbara, because she had been to a facial where she was bitching about it and then she called Teddi a “shit fucking stirrer” about Santa Barbara. So she was given the opportunity to give her side and say why she was pissed, but she was being passive-aggressive in denying it and then throwing stones. Lisa asked if Denise was more concerned about the friends being there and Denise replied “both.” The fact that you can’t be “both” more concerned about your daughters’ friends hearing sex talk and more concerned with your daughters hearing it being an impossibility aside, Denise clearly had an issue with them. At the barbecue, Denise made that comment about not bringing her kids, namely Eloise, around “this group,” and Teddi and Dorit asked her directly what she meant and she was just silent. Teddi asked again and Aaron jumped in mansplaining (I don’t really know how to define mansplaining, but like Justice Potter Stewart, “I know it when I see it,” but if that is going to detract from my argument, please just substitute “explained condescendingly” for “mansplain”) and asking what the issue was. And I think this is where it got really stupid, because the person with the issue—as I laid out above—was Denise at this juncture. It could have/would have been so clean if Denise had just come and said Eloise had a play date, and acted pleasantly and if anyone brought up the sex talk, then Aaron could have swooped in to make all of his self-righteous and demeaning comments about moving on and being honest and talking about something else. They played their cards wrong, because they were on different tangents. That’s why I said I think Denise should have just skipped the barbecue and gone to a restaurant like she wanted. If anything, Aaron should have gone to the barbecue alone. But it’s dissonant when one spouse walks in with a puss on her face and an attitude and passive-aggressive digs and the other spouse is going in to ask the other women what their problem was. If Denise could have refrained from having a problem, it would have packed a substantial punch. Good teamwork geniuses. Something that keeps gnawing at me is that Erika was Denise’s biggest cheerleader last year. She was fan-girling all over Denise like an embarrassed teenager. She took all these pictures of Denise as Bond Girl in the Bahamas and said that her sexual fantasy is Denise and Aaron. I don’t think it’s as simple as to say, LVP left, they needed a new target, so that was Denise. I don’t think Erika would have just gone after Denise—I think she would have gone after any other woman on the show before Denise—just because LVP isn’t there. Something is different about Denise this year. I think she’s much more image-conscious than she was last year and she’s setting new standards and being more abrasive and saying she’s “fucking Denise Richards” which she never would have said last year and I don’t think Erika is merely “going after” Denise. I don’t think Erika is suddenly jealous of Denise this year when there wasn’t an inkling of jealousy last year (aside from the fact that it’s my opinion that Denise has more to be jealous of with regard to Erika than vice versa. I’m just going off what I witnessed, not my ideas). I think Denise is acting like she’s suddenly above them and that may account for the change in attitude of the cast toward her. Denise seems like she’s above it all this year. Erika has been a stuck up bitch in the past, but I never got the impression she had an ego about her fame aka Erika Jayne. If Erika had to leave Garcelle’s party early, she would have just been like, “baby girl, I’ve been up since six and I’m so exhausted, I’ll see you tomorrow, love ya, bye.” I don’t endorse the hokey overly familiar shtick; it’s not my style, but it wasn’t cold. I feel like Denise felt this sense of entitlement about leaving Garcelle’s awards party early that was expressed like, “don’t these bitches know I don’t have time for this shit show and I have to work. On my soap opera. Because I’m Denise Fucking Richards.” It’s not something she’s said verbatim—there’s no smoking gun moment—but for me the subtext is there, and that could be why they are turned off to her and channeling it into some controversy over sex talk at a barbecue and who said what when. I think it’s even more thoroughly ridiculous for Denise to take this superior attitude when this is not a show full of shrinking violets either. Denise may be the most famous I guess, but she’s got no other superlative to claim. She’s definitely not the richest, the prettiest, the skinniest, the youngest, and I don’t think she’s that funny or cool or nice this year either. So even though it’s disguised in jeans, I think Denise’s ego has taken a turn and that could quite possibly be what the women are reacting to. Every single one of them has said something about her, including Garcelle. The same couldn’t have even been said about LVP at the same point last season. So, giving the wisdom of the crowd its due, I think there’s something up with Denise that the cast is sensing and reacting to, albeit in a very bush league, immature way. I have said in the past that I get the sense that Denise is a good mom. I remember hearing about her taking in Charlie’s children with Brooke, etc. But that doesn’t give her a pass, let alone a pass for life. I watch this show and judge it episode by episode. If someone is behaving badly, I’m not going to excuse it because she picked up Eloise so many times she got hernias. I wouldn’t even know what the point of watching the episode would be if I had my opinions made up ahead of time. If Denise turns it around again next week and pulls out a win, I’ll be the first one to say it, just like I said I think she won last week. But everyone has to earn it through making good points and sophisticated moves. I’m not just going to hand it to someone because they happen to be a good person. It’s not that kind of show to me. It’s the opposite of that kind of show. It’s a bunch of women competing to be alpha bitch, and Denise could have achieved that if she’d gone into the barbecue with a game plan with her husband, instead of acting like a surly child. Maybe next week will be a better week for her. I’m not sure it could be much worse for her than this week.
  9. Call me simple, but I’m still confused how Denise saying that Aaron still has a “big dick“ at that same party that she didn’t want the talk of lesbianism and threesomes doesn’t square with me. She has the right to do it—her house, her rules. It just makes no sense to me. That wasn’t last season. That was not at a different place or time. That was at the same damn party. I guess I won’t get that part until it’s explained at the reunion. Dorit’s six million dollar house looked kinda crummy. It’s so early to make any judgments other than knee-jerk, but Sutton’s Michael reminds me a little of Camille’s David. Garcelle kind of won me over when she said she wouldn’t eat placenta. It’s so fucking Teddi to want to eat the placenta “in pill form.” 🤮 I thought the twins—who are younger than Denise’s Sami and Lola—calling out their mom saying “shit” was a welcome contrast to all the controversy surrounding Denise’s barbecue. I go hot and cold on Garcelle, but I think this overall was a good episode for her. Aaron sounds fucking crazy. He really needs to not talk. If Kyle “tricked” Aaron into sounding crazy at her dinner party, what the fuck motivated this bullshit healing talk this time? Denise said she didn’t want to bring the kids around the group. Then she flipped to needing a date night. This is like saying that Sami talked to her about hearing threesome, but she didn’t want to get into what Sami said, because Sami was laughing. It’s double talk. She has every right to feel this way, but she said “fucking” when Eloise was right next to her at her own barbecue. It’s behavior I can’t understand. I don’t think anyone really expected Denise to bring her teenagers. If she didn’t bring Eloise to a kids’ barbecue, but didn’t want to cause a stir, she could have stuck to the polite excuse of a play date and not made any more of that. But Denise and Aaron came to a children’s party basically armed with verbal machine guns. If they were going to do nothing else, they were going to make their fucking point. And it was crude and disgusting and it undermined Denise’s entire argument. Aaron seemed really aggressive and it’s not a great look to be slurring about how to act in front of kids. He is completely crazy. And he said “fucking” too, which...makes him a hypocrite. When he asked Kyle to define “passive-aggressive,” that was when I would have gotten up to leave the table or invited them to leave. I echo every sentiment Erika had in her talking heads about Aaron. I’m going with the idea that he’s a psycho who also has good drugs. Denise was being a total hypocrite to say “fucking” in front of Phoenix and “shitting” when there were kids around too. “I was not fucking mad.” What kind of message is that sending? “Fucking come on” and “there’s a fucking line” is ok to say within the earshot of kids? She’s officially lost her damned mind. Very classy with the “fuck it” in making your departure, Aaron too. You really showed them! Of course it’s Denise’s right not to bring her kids around a group. But if she’s gonna announce it, she should be up to discuss it. Last week I gave her accolades for being restrained, but I also said I thought she won the battle but was going to lose the war. Now I feel like I’m being proven right. On the day I need “a hint” from Aaron, I will hang up my hat. The two of them and their fear of saying anything they didn’t already say because it’s “all on camera” while they are filming a reality show is fucking crazy. I really think Aaron thought he was going to walk in there and set everyone straight and knock their socks off with his logic and they were all going to be eating out of his hands when all was said and done. I’m not sure his appearance had its intended effect. That was horrifying. I wish the Phypher-Richards would have left long before they did and stupid Kyle didn’t chase after them in her stupid robe. They couldn’t have left fast enough for me. If I can make a legal metaphor, the women drinking and talking too loud about lesbianism at Denise’s barbecue was negligence. What Denise and Aaron did at Kyle’s was armed robbery. Last week I said Denise was well played and this week I am abhorred at their behavior. Dorit’s outfit was perfection. Edwin was the only smart one to stay away and play with the kids. I’ve got nothing else positive to say about that barbecue. As Peggy from RHOC would say, “Dis-gus-ting!”
  10. I thought that was a really obnoxious way to open the show—basically to tease us with what’s coming up this hour to induce us to watch. It’s desperate, like “Coming up on Dance Moms.” Teddi’s closet looks like shit, I’m sorry. To have that much space and to just have t-shirts and jeans in messy piles is a shame. It was funny to see Lisa try to stir Garcelle up about Denise not saying something to Kyle’s face and almost realizing midstream that Garcelle isn’t a Kyle fan, and Lisa switches right over to talking about Kyle. The more things, change, the more they stay the same. I thought it was obnoxious of Garcelle to throw food repeatedly at a formal event. If it was supposed to be endearing, it missed the mark. She is making up for her diminished presence on the season though by bringing us to a black tie dinner and showing us her children and ex-husband more than we see half the husbands on this show. I think Kyle and Garcelle might be somewhat similar. That passive-aggressive dig during her speech was Kyle-esque to me. It was immature for the audience at large. I am predicting it now—if Garcelle comes back next season, she and Kyle will be friends. If Denise can’t stay for this “shit show” because she is so busy shooting another show, they should dock her pay. They should have docked Erika’s pay last season, and Garcelle’s and Kyle’s pay for the beginning of this season, and give it to Sutton, who is working overtime. Same with Rinna filming 24/7 and Teddi doing this at like 11 months pregnant without complaint, because this is their job. Oh my God, Garcelle is lecturing Kyle because there was someone in Nashville with whom she connected with better than Kyle??? This is the dumbest argument since “glam.” She is really just like Kyle. Reeking of desperation if she senses someone doesn’t approve of her. And I was so glad Kyle didn’t take the bait, because there was nothing to take. Lol at Sutton with the package deal. I’m really liking her.
  11. She’s worse than a liar, she’s disingenuous. She just says whatever is expedient. I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth. If she says something, it’s probably the opposite. So, at the reunion, Jax and Sandoval were in this whole back and forth about whether Sandoval held Max to the same standard as he held Jax vis a vis Max’s “racially inappropriate” tweets, and Lisa jumps in, tells Jax to shut up and says, in part, “If I fired every one of you that made mistakes, it doesn’t matter to what degree, probably none of you would have a job.” Sooo many problems with that statement. So, now she’s leveling the playing field by putting “racially inappropriate” and “racially insensitive” tweets in with all other mistakes, like wearing mismatching socks? It doesn’t matter to what degree? Is she kidding? Nice way to muddle the issue. The human condition is to make mistakes. We are all flawed. We’re born flawed and we will die flawed. Lisa, too, makes mistakes, but not all mistakes are created equal and she knows that. She’s just trying to spin it away from her. Don’t only a handful of them anymore “work for” her on the show? Is she talking about the big picture, like being EP? I don’t think she has exclusive hiring and firing power there either. So, what is she talking about? If she wants to say to err is human, why doesn’t she include herself in that statement too? Taking the racial aspect out of it, which is really hard, because racism is a big deal, or at least she pretends it is to her, why can’t she say that if everyone got fired for making a mistake, nobody would have a job, including her? It’s because she really thinks she’s above all the peons. Meanwhile, these people are living in multi-million dollar houses. And they got there by making mistakes that she encouraged. So cool it with the double-talk, sis. Then she tries to do damage control by telling Max he has “a very diverse family.” She’s saying that so she doesn’t look bad, so she doesn’t look like someone who “employs” a racist. Come on. Then Lisa says that if she had any inkling that Brett and Max felt that way now, they wouldn’t be working for her. Why doesn’t Lisa tell us what her statute of limitations is on racism? That would actually require deep thought and honesty, so of course she doesn’t have to say it. She just gets to cover her ass so that no one starts a social media campaign against her and ruins her business. That’s all she gives a shit about. That’s why she covered for Brittany with the pastor. Lisa can tell Andy that Brittany was blind-sighted when she called her and told her about the pastor? No, that’s not fitting the narrative. Brittany had just finished divulging that she saw a tweet from the pastor and texted him to ask him if he was homophobic and she took whatever response he gave as the truth. That is the opposite of being “blind-sighted.” Their stories that they are telling within seconds of each other don’t jive, but Lisa’s story has to reign supreme, even as Brittany is telling us that she was not blind-sighted, because it would create a big media problem for Lisa if anyone thought she supported someone who supported homophobia. How does she get away with this shit? Brittany was not blind-sighted. Lisa may have wanted her to have been blind-sighted, but she was not, but why bother with the truth when a convenient narrative is handy? This is why I say she is disingenuous and I don’t believe a word she says. People will put the truth out there, and as they are saying the truth, as sordid as it is, she is spinning it into gold and covering her ass and partially covering the asses of the people around her, while also allowing them to get some mud on them. And we’re supposed to be charmed by that, which is the most insulting part. Call me crazy, but I prefer someone who has a halfway decent relationship with the truth. She couldn’t care less about the truth, she cares about how she looks so that she can line her pockets. She’s kind of always been this way, as people pointed out up thread about calling attention to herself through her antics with Cedric since season one of Beverly Hills, but now she is just lying through her teeth about serious issues, so I’d say she’s trending steeply downward.
  12. From the reunion... She needs a makeover stat. She is hanging onto some outdated form of youth by a thread, and it looks awful. Everything she wears is straight out of the nineties, sometimes the eighties. Does she know how current she’d look if she’d bob her hair instead of having this wild lion’s mane? She always has the same look, with the shirt buttoned down to the navel and a lot of tacky jewelry. Lisa, what is beneath that shirt that you think anyone wants to see? They’re just some really saggy, fairly large natural breasts. Cover that shit up. And wear a different lip. “Shiny bubblegum” has been pretty much her only look since we’ve met her. Take some risks, make some choices. What’s going on is not working. Oh, and the high-waisted belt with the big silver buckle. I can’t understand what’s going through her head when she straps that on? Is she looking at her shiny satin shirt with its huge buttons and her four necklaces and does she think, “you know, there is just not enough bling here. I need the belt with the giant silver buckle. That will complete this”? Cause no, just no, honey. Why doesn’t she look at someone who has fashion sense and emulate it? Just off the top of my head, Kenya wore a gorgeous off-white dress to her RHOA reunion during quarantine that showed no cleavage and Jennifer from RHNJ wore a totally cute short sparkly turtleneck dress. I just watched the season seven RHNYC reunion and pretty much everyone looked better than her. She’s stuck in a time warp. Would it kill her to change something up? This would look so good on her: Can she not take a risk? She’s not ballsy enough to have this hair even though it would look so much better on her, because she is not confident, even though she pretends to be. That’s why she’s constantly has sycophants around her. She can’t stand dissent. She seems to think she has to look Uber feminine in a very daytime soap type of way, and I’m just going to say about her what Lala said to Billie Lee in season seven: “You’re boring to look at.” I have no idea if she could be a beautiful woman because she does herself so many disfavors in the looks department. I was going to devote my entire post to something different—which I’ll post next—but I felt like this needed to be discussed first and foremost.
  13. Katie and Schwartz are always lying about money. They’ve been doing it since season five, when they went to the lawyer for the prenup and they estimated that they have about $4,000 each. A few episodes later, Tom wrote a $50-something thousand dollar check to the wedding venue. Way to stay consistent. I see that they’re continuing their lies and bulllshit with Tom saying the prenup is “somewhere.” Either you have one or you don’t. Stop jerking the viewers around. If you don’t want to talk about it, just don’t talk about it. Ariana has flip-flopped on being bisexual. Or at the very least, she flipped. At the season six reunion, she said that she felt privilege as a “straight, cis-gender woman.” I just re-watched it. She’s just as full of it as everyone else. And she looks dead in the eyes, like a shark. Too much filler. Wow, so much for the Lala-Ariana showdown that I was hoping for, that was so richly deserved. Those two have been sniping about each other for two seasons now, but for some reason they persevere in kissing each others’ asses. What a disappointment. What do they have on each other? I’m so glad Andy asked Sandoval why he didn’t bring up the pastor sooner. That is the $64,000 question. They thought it would be “taken care of”? By whom? According to Sandoval, when the episodes first aired, Tom was fretting that people kept tweeting and re-tweeting him and he was uncomfortable. He never spoke to why he didn’t say anything. The pivot to “racial equality” was a good attempt to not answer the question, I guess, as he did get out of answering. That was such an inelegant segue into Max and Brett’s racially insensitive comments. Why wasn’t that on the show? Why did they have to defend themselves on something that wasn’t presented to them directly or the viewer? That’s downright un-American and stupid at the same time. Why should we care about Max’s apology if we don’t know what he said? I don’t accept his apology. I would have no idea what to accept. And as far as Brett goes, “it’s” something Brett regrets? What the hell is “it”? This either should have been on the show or it shouldn’t have come up at the reunion. Such a sloppy job of virtue signaling, Andy. As long as that money keeps rolling in, he doesn’t give a shit. Just because Tom is a 5% owner doesn’t mean that he can’t go to Lisa and say he has a real problem with an employee and I guess what were public racist remarks. He could have resigned in protest, or at least chosen against expanding the garden bar with her if this was his problem. Also, why did he film with Max and Brett socially? He can do things; he just chooses not to, so he can bite me. I loved Ariana’s grateful little hand gesture when Lisa went on her little tirade about “firstly, as a five percent shareholder, [Sandoval] wouldn’t have the right to terminate [Max’s] employment.” So, it’s cool to just tolerate racism because Lisa says it is? Lisa is such a jerk covering up for whatever inappropriate racial remarks Brett and Max made, but telling Ken earlier in the season that Brittany and Jax weren’t going to have the pastor of their choice at their wedding because of tweets he made in 2015, as per the show. She can bite me too with her inconsistent standards. Schwartz made no sense trying to cover up for Jax and Brittany with the pastor. Jax then blamed Sandoval for the pastor’s tweets. I can’t believe these people. Brittany and Lisa are thick as thieves with their fake story that Brittany had no idea what was going on, she texted the pastor once, he said he wasn’t homophobic, and Lisa called Brittany and Brittany was blind sighted and Jax texted Andy that they were in “a situation”? What the fuck? Why couldn’t they just..break their contract with the pastor? Every person who got involved in this conversation, starting with Schwartz, acted like such an ass. What is not disputed is that every single person involved with this pastor knew or should have known about it at least since January 2019. Andy brought up the controversy on film. Who am I going to believe, them or my lying eyes? No one did diddly squat. They waited for Lisa to swoop in and clean up their messes because VanderPump Rules. I feel like I am going to vomit. And as soon as all the fun was sucked out of the room and the topic was sufficiently dark and obfuscated, and everyone was supremely uncomfortable, Andy said he was going “to put a pin in” these really gross exchanges. Oh, but next week Schwartzie is going to wear a nightgown with an ice cream cone on it and sing into a microphone, so...I guess all is good? Similar to last year, but much worse, I feel dirty having watched this reunion. I feel like I need to go take a shower. I’ll watch next week, I guess, but I’m no longer enthusiastic. That was a snow job on decency everywhere. It’s very hard for me to put that genie back in the bottle and go back to laughing at Lance Bass officiating this farce of a wedding or whatever we’re supposed to enjoy. The form it took was just awful TV too. We are going to talk all about racism without saying what was said. Andy and Lisa are the most duplicitous people on TV. This was such bullshit that I am excited to cleanse my palate with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills tomorrow night...and that’s about the most damning thing I can say. 😒
  14. I like this reunion format over the other one. It seems like they are able to slice through the bullshit more easily. I don’t know if Scheana and this Brock are going to last. How has it been going? “It’s been good, but we argue” is not the most ringing endorsement. Plus, Scheana. That unseen footage of Sandoval planning a “Basic Bitch” drink with Beau when they “literally“ had a happy hour the day before Stassi’s event was kind of damning for FI. At least he admitted he was completely scared to host Stassi. Max is such a loser. He backed off of being exclusive because people were asking him about it at work? Does he know how this show started? With a bunch of people who were exclusive. I agree with Lala that Max doesn’t deserve any pussy. Just by virtue of the fact that Max answers a question beginning with, “Soooo...” makes him seem really girly. Count me in as someone who doesn’t see what the issue is for Kristen and Max to hook up in November if all the Dayna stuff happened over the summer. I loved Scheana trying to get her two cents in as someone who had a right to be aggrieved, as someone who once dated Max. This was Stassi’s hill to die on...why? Because she had to jump in to be relevant? She looked like a pig, like Miss Piggy, yelling at Kristen. What business is it of Stassi’s? Also, it’s not a rite of passage to have people be mean to you at Sur. That’s gross. James and Kristen continue to make each other look horrible and bring out the worst in each other. This is literally the fifth season she’s letting James set her off. Get a grip on it, both of you. I love Charli as the truth cannon. I was surprised the rest of the cast circled the wagons against her. The devil(s) you know, I guess...
  15. Mackenzie’s dad seems so nice and heartfelt. What is he doing on this show? Cheyenne looked so jealous when she found out Cory and Taylor had gotten a place. Ryder having her own bed, was the icing on the cake for some reason. I don’t think Cory should go to DC six weeks before his baby is born. Women go into early labor all the time. Taylor’s also, I’m sure, really uncomfortable being seven and a half months pregnant. But Cory goes where a camera goes. His outfit in DC was way too tight! Cheyenne’s speech was so banal. It sounded like something I would have come up with my friends in seventh grade. “We are here to make the unseen seen.” Ooh, goosebumps. Maci looked like she gained a lot of weight in her face and arms, like she’s on prednisone or something. I notice that Ryan never handles any of his children. In both scenes, Mackenzie was holding the baby, and Ryan was fiddling with something else in his hands. Why did Tyler and Catelynn’s mom keep referring to Tyler as someone who has three girls, and three girls are enough for him, etc? Why would he count Carly (I could see why Catelynn might count Carly if she was counting how many times she was willing to give birth, but that’s about it). Also, going to a “gender selection” doctor? 🙄. Why do they keep saying “gender” when they mean “sex”? Does it fall under the same category as “Tyler and I’s”? I wish we got to see more of Taylor’s birth. I know she’s not a teen mom, but it would be more interesting than anything else going on. Ugh, Cheyenne, you want to wrangle your girls into a bra before going on national TV? At least at the end she admitted she was jealous about “the feeling of having to drop your daughter off to another woman,” which was a weird turn of phrase. It’s not permanent. They share custody. I think she’s jealous of Taylor, but Taylor only has one baby too. If Cheyenne wants two babies, wouldn’t she be jealous of a woman with two kids? I dunno what’s going on there. This episode was a snooze. Mackenzie and Amber aren’t even worth mentioning. Is this the finale? Please, let it be. I’m bored. If I watch a Cory/Taylor spin-off, I will deserve every single boring and stupid thing that comes my way.
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