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  1. I finally saw that this morning, and it was really disappointing. The caller complimented Jennifer on her looks, and asked if she was moving toward more inner beauty, and Jennifer was kind of just like, “No! I don’t give any shucks, thanks!!” (So not only was she writing off this caller, who just said she was skinny, she was kissing Erika Girardi’s ass at the same time). Ugh. It only takes two or three of these displays for me to change my mind about a person completely. I think Teresa likes to form coalitions, with a group mentality, and she doesn’t like it when Margaret doesn’t get along with her friends. I don’t think she thinks Margaret is old school enough. I think Teresa thinks that Margaret attacks below the belt (which, I’m not saying there’s no irony there). I think Teresa was uncomfortable last season when Margaret was making jokes about her mom hooking up with married men. I think Teresa was bothered by the “twenty-one” comment in Jamaica, and—this is the part when it gets really hypocritical—when Teresa just wants a nice time with no fighting, she gets super annoyed when Margaret doesn’t take Teresa’s cue the way Dolores does. Of course, when Teresa thinks it’s time to flip a table, all bets are off. I completely agree with you. It was charming and cute because it happened once. If it happens once a season, fine, have it, you’re on vacation. If he was doing this exact same behavior on a regular basis, it would be perceived completely differently.
  2. ^^^^ Awww, thank you so much. That’s so kind and it means a lot to me. I love your posts (and your avatar) too!
  3. If Christine wanted to be the last wife...that’s nice. Did she do anything to protect that interest? Ok, so she met Kody when she was 18 or 19 and she was brainwashed into this lifestyle...I guess. But what is she doing to protect herself now that she is a fairly worldly woman? She has been on TV for 10 damn years. I think it’s a bitch move to just gulp down the bitterness of polygamy and try to do monogamy within polygamy. That’s not what you bargained for. Kody will only give her scraps until she asserts herself. She used to be my favorite, and I actually thought she believed in this and she was getting happier and happier, and now she is clearly unhappy. Do something about it that is not half-assed. Leave, like Janelle did, but only come back if Kody meets your needs or don’t come back at all. She is still cute. I could so see her with a divorced man in his 50s who has grown children (for some reason, in my mind, he is bearded) and they can make each other happy for the rest of their days. I do not advocate for divorce lightly, especially when there are children involved, but one of the biggest reasons is because it’s sad for kids to come from broken homes. In this case, they’re already in broken homes, so what do they have to lose? It wouldn’t even be a divorce, since they’re not married to him, it would be a renegotiation and a break from a “romantic” relationship that is hanging by a thread As far as Kody and the divorce from Meri so that he could marry Robyn, so that he could get her kids, I just wanted to add that this was done as a pretext for adoption. And Kody said it was all and only about the fact that if Robyn died and he didn’t adopt her kids, they would go to her ex-husband. Alright, then why did you have that psychotic portrait made up of you, Robyn and the kids “as if you had been together since day one,” ya freak? But I will stand up for Kody for one second. After the adoption, people always asked, especially since the Browns claim they only consider marriage a piece of paper, “Kody, now that you adopted the kids, will you divorce Robyn and remarry Meri? Or marry Christine, the only one who’s never been legally married?” Kody never said this (that I know of), but I can understand why he wouldn’t get the divorce, get the marriage, adopt the kids, get another divorce, and (re)marry another woman. He’s already living a polygamous lifestyle on TV. Getting a series of divorces to manipulate himself into the best position for “this lifestyle” could look like he’s thumbing his nose at the system (because he is) and if the government can’t find a specific tort or crime that he committed, like fraud, he could very likely find himself audited by the IRS, which is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, so I’ve heard. Which is why I posted that anyone who went along with this—and apparently it was at least Meri—deserves what they get. People were responding, when I asked, that Kody was pushing for it hard, but...what are the rules? Two or three other wives couldn’t band together and put their feet down and just say, “no”? How does this work? Is there a group conscience thing, is it a democracy, or does Kody get the final say? I think—and I only started watching around the time that Christine was giving birth to Truely, so maybe I’m wrong—but I think they all three eventually went along with it. None of them were freaking 19 at that point! What was their excuse? No matter what, no matter how much they were bamboozled, the fact is that they let a woman in with three preexisting young children and no one discussed adoption, and the ramifications it would have on the family dynamic. And now they are all extremely unhappy. They’ve been unhappy at least since Christine said she was “jealous as can be,” but wouldn’t say more, since Meri fellated a banana and since Janelle doubled in size. Robyn’s not happy, but I am far from concerned about Robyn. Robyn will put a switchblade to your throat in an alley to get a crust of bread. But as for the first three wives, at least Meri and Christine? Fucking do something, anything, to take your power back. If Janelle was as mentally healthy and strong as she’s sometimes given credit for, she never would have pulled that poor high school junior out of school, and away from his sports and girlfriend to follow “the faaamily” to Arizona. They’re making me sick. Is this like a domino effect, like someone needs to take action first and they all will? Because I will book a flight to Flagstaff and take the planks out of their eyes so fast that the floppy-haired man-child will be in the fetal position, sucking his thumb, FaceTiming Nancy, and texting Caleb Branch (who has blocked him) in a feckless attempt to hold on to his identify as Stupendous Man. In all seriousness, maybe they do need a professional intervention. I don’t care what your childhood was like, or whether you were taught that monogamists are evil. Every generation should be better than the last, they have access to the outside world, and if Mitch takes a second wife or any of these kids get fucked up because their parents were too scared to take up for them, I’m going to be pissed. I’m already pissed about the junk science they were buying into about Ysabel’s spine, when the medical doctor told them it was not working. Grow up and take some responsibility, if not for yourself, for your kids. It’s easy for me to place the blame with Kody and Robyn, but they’re all sort of awful people right now.
  4. You know what? That was so well-written and rhythmic that I will give it to you. (As long as I can give it to you whilst still holding Melissa in contempt for, well, everything). Thank you. Spare the snark, spoil the network!
  5. I know! I wanted Kristi to get sent home so badly, but I was 100% sure she was safe, because, once again, she had not been featured on the episode. This week, Kyle got, like the feature edit, of The Star (two weeks ago it was Megan, last week it was Micah) and It was crystal clear that the person going home was either going to be Dolores or Katarina, with possibly Kim as a dark horse. I feel bad for Dolores. I wanted her to stay. I wonder how much wiggle room they get for dehydration tactics and stuff. I was telling her in my head to take off her earrings and her weave so she would weigh less, but then I remembered that little disclaimer at the end of the show that says the actual weights are taken at another time. But these trainers have got to relax, man. The guy gets angry and the woman gets so emotional every time someone goes home. They talk about the cosmic unfairness of it all. Earth to you guys—someone is going to go home every single week. This is a competition. These are the rules. So far it has been evenly paced between the teams. I know it’s part of the show, but relax with the theatrics about the reality of what you knew was going to happen coming in, damn.
  6. Right, so Melissa went to Danielle to unilaterally end her friendship with Teresa, against Teresa’s will before any info about the hair-pull was revealed. I would have had no problem if Melissa went to Danielle and said, “listen, I speak on behalf of the following: myself, Margaret, Jackie, Jennifer and Dolores—we are done with you.” But she doesn’t get to go to Danielle and end a friendship with Teresa. And she doesn’t get the credit in advance of info that spills out later. She gets credit for the info she brought to the sit-down with Danielle—that she simply didn’t like Danielle’s influence on Teresa. I wonder how Melissa would have reacted if Teresa went to Caroline or Kathy back in the day and said, “I’m done with you, and so is my sister in law.” Prior to season five, it would have been an act of war. I’m not sure what’s different about this. It’s bizarre behavior that shows no respect for the dignity that each person is afforded to associate with whomever they like. It seems like Melissa had the same amount of authority to do this as the Manzos did when Christopher Manzo took Kim Granitel—his best friend’s mom—outside of Melissa and Joe’s Christmas party under the guise of having a private conversation, but as soon as they were done talking and Kim wanted to go back inside, Albert Manzo literally mobilized his family and shouted, “Ablie, go!” so as to get his other son to physically restrain Kim from returning to the party, and she left weeping. Christopher was almost crying and rightfully cursed out his family, who told him to find a new friend. All of that shit goes in the same category to me, and none of it is remotely ok. It’s false entitlement to socially engineer other people’s lives, despite the boundaries they’ve already established. If something later came out in the conversation that may cause a rift between Teresa and Danielle, then fair enough, let that play out. But Melissa isn’t omniscient. She didn’t go into that meeting with that info, so the most she should have done was to tell Danielle that Teresa is really fragile right now. Unless one adult has power of attorney over another adult, they don’t get to pick their friends. I’d be furious if anyone in my life sat someone down and told them to leave me alone without my consent. Teresa and Danielle can go wreak havoc on every little boutique on the north shore of Long Island, and the most Melissa should get involved is to speak to Teresa about it one-on-one, and if that doesn’t work, cut them both out of her life. If that interferes with her all-important filming schedule, then she can ignore the bad behavior for a paycheck. But Melissa doesn’t get to make chess moves for Teresa’s “benefit.” It’s a huge violation of personal sovereignty. Yep. Even the part that was consensual was delivered clumsily.
  7. I was being hyperbolic when I said I was weeping. I don’t see how substituting “work ethnic” for “work ethic” is less of a mangling of the English language than substituting “clear slate” for “clean slate” and “negative swing” for “negative spin.” Except that “work ethnic” was the only phrase she mangled in that episode, and tonight it was two. If it’s a 44 minute episode and Melissa talked one-tenth of the time, she mangled two phrases in less than five minutes. Well done. Maybe Melissa should just avoid cliches if she can’t handle them. Or maybe I’m not being fair to Melissa. Maybe I’m not giving her the bereft of the doubt 🤷‍♀️ ETA—I am an equal opportunity caller-outer of misuse of phraseology. When Frank Catania said “pin point” instead of “point blank” earlier this season, I called it out. It’s all the same to me, because we can all figure out what they mean, but they’re all wrong.
  8. Melissa really missed her calling as a rocket scientist—“Jennifer always has to put a negative swing on everything.” Is a “negative swing” like a “work ethnic”? Or is it like the “clear slate” she came with to meet Danielle? I weep for the Jersey school children who didn’t get the benefit of her education. She should get a better dermatologist before shooting another scene in sunlight. Or indoor lighting. Exfoliate much? Joe being inappropriately over sexual. That’s a new theme for him. And a “man” is a man who drinks a lot of alcohol, got it. Like, he’s not even joking about this shit, he’s serious. “A man” is not someone who protects and provides for his family, a man is someone who drinks Patron on a boat. Cool. Jackie’s denim top with the bow at dinner? What the fuck? You’re in your second season, hun, it’s time for a stylist. She looked so much better at mini golf in the khaki shorts and t-shirt. I’m not going to lie that downing the beer was cool. Respect. I know everyone is going to hate me and I’m going to get no likes, but I love Jennifer. She just keeps coming and coming, and she’s quick. Everyone else is like a limp noodle. Maybe I get her because we’re both from Queens (I lived there as a baby, but went back to visit my grandma a lot) but the mouth and the mind working together reminds of the really cool older Puerto Rican girls I used to worship. No one is really able to spar with her. It’s just such a welcome change from the open-mouthed blinking and hand gestures that Teresa provides. I hate to invoke these old names for fear of raising the dead, but Caroline and even Jacqueline Laurita toward the end had mouths that would end bullshit, which I miss. Also, Danielle, when she is lucid, can actually hold her own in a conversation. Everyone else, even if they’re book smart, is boring. Jackie, Dolores, Melissa, even Margaret. I thought Margaret would be able to go toe-to-toe against Jen. She gave big-mouth Siggy a freaking meltdown without even trying! Fact: Margaret interrupted Jennifer to say she doesn’t work Jennifer’s (later) response: that she works to raise five kids, on which Bill backed her up Margaret could have come back and said Jennifer has nannies to raise her kids. I would have respected that retort and said point Margaret. But to just repeat that Jennifer doesn’t work doesn’t advance the discussion and shows an lack of sophistication with the spoken word. So Jennifer said she doesn’t know how Margaret raised her kid (and I think she meant that literally, not rhetorically), but she, Jennifer, puts in 14 hours a day. I think she’s lying, but she gets away with it if no one challenges her, which they should. Why didn’t Margaret just play the nanny card? She’s not having a sharp season. As for the greater conversation, for my money, it’s all inappropriate, but it’s more inappropriate to say in front of a table that someone’s only accomplishment is to marry rich than it is to ask someone in front of a table why they can suck down a beer but not a dick. Don’t get me wrong—It’s all good for me as a viewer! I could listen to this all day. And, nice job on the Pebbles Flintstone, Jen. It was accurate and props to her for being prepared in case Margaret compares your lips to a baboon’s asshole again (which, she has a point there, Jen. Get to a MAC store and update the look by 25 years). Getting a “sorry, not sorry” t-shirt made up because Jackie suggested it as a dig is why I watch this show. Oh.......Melissa was going to meet Danielle? She hadn’t mentioned it. What is Melissa’s plan—to ex-communicate Danielle from the friend group the way that the Manzo family kicked Kim G out of Melissa’s party in season three? Who appointed them to these respective positions?? Next week is the finale? I really have to say I enjoyed this season. It was nice and short and not too deep, but lots of fun. Next week looks like a snooze, but I’m sure the reunion will be fantastic. I know this is anathema, but I think this show can hold its own against RHNYC.
  9. Oh, I am not saying I blame Ariana for the wedding itself! I’m not saying she should have had some big The Graduate moment and banged on the glass to stop the wedding. I’m saying she is to blame—or she is responsible, rather—for her own situation, as a bridesmaid in what she considered a wedding tainted by a pastor who she thought was morally repugnant and bigoted against her. I’m saying she was not helpless in her situation. She “ignored the very real info” for months, when she had plenty of time to see her way out of the wedding situation. I’m saying she could have spoken up and said, “I won’t be a part of this” and let the chips fall where they may with Jax and Brittney, rather than hemming and hawing and acting like a nervous little girl two weeks before the wedding. I’ve never seen her act that way. She was less nervous to stand up to Lisa last season than Brittney this season. And I think a lot of it was to shape a narrative. This was clearly to be the episode where the anvil dropped and everyone went apeshit about the wedding. Where would the theater be if Ariana pulled Brittney aside before shooting in January and voiced her objections and made her intentions not to be a part of this known then? I feel like I don’t have anything else left to say with regard to Ariana’s behavior vis a vis the wedding, so I’ll agree to disagree.
  10. I think the blame can go around. Out of the four of them, I blame Brittney most heavily, by far, for reasons I’ve already stated. Jax is just an ass who has no morals, who will go along with anything that is convenient for him. I blame Jax the second-most for shutting down Sandoval for trying to talk to him about it. I think Sandoval was last in line for blame, because he at least tried to broach the subject directly to Jax once, even when it was “over” and he could have just as easily let it pass. This is why I blame Ariana— on this episode they flashed back to a clip in January 2019 where all the females from the show except Lisa were in the Clubhouse, Andy asked Brittney about her “homophobic” pastor, Brittney assured everyone that he is not “that way” (again, what way, Brittney?) and everyone started clapping, except Arianna, who looked down at her hands. After they showed that flashback, Ariana said she had been very uncomfortable. In January. If she thought in January that she was going to be in a wedding whose officiant was going to put her humanity into question in June, why not have a conversation with your significant other about it, and take action in January? Go to Brittney and Jax and explain your reservations and work out a plan for a diminished role in the wedding, or to be absent from it, and maybe the friendships would have survived, maybe they wouldn’t, but Ariana and Tom would have acted according to their consciences, and no one could have accused them of holding something so serious back for the sake of a storyline on reality television. Instead, they held off from acting on their consciences and talked behind Brittney’s back about it and then waited for Lisa to do the dirty work, so that everyone could heave a big sigh of relief that Lance Bass was going to beam in and save the day. This made Ariana looked like a big chicken to me.
  11. Oh, I should have explained better—Proposition 8 was a proposed amendment to California’s constitution to prevent gay marriage. It was voted in by over 7 million people. And it was overturned a bunch of years back. My point in bringing it up was that it is not a fringe viewpoint to have reservations about the LGBT lifestyle in California, let alone the rest of the country. The reason I brought it up was to point out that Bravo does not always represent the mainstream point of view of this country. There are people who feel all kinds of ways, and it’s not that one has been proven right and the other proven wrong. I found this episode really tough to swallow. I couldn’t sleep last night—if I’m being honest, it was probably related to this episode—so I re-watched it at 4 am, like one of those movie detectives who re-watches film over and over because they think it will clue them in to the identity of the murderer. And I was intrigued and appalled. Then I looked into the minister, and it got even stranger from there. I am finding myself re-thinking some of my own beliefs. It really got to me. Re-watching the episode, I found it was positively Orwellian. And Kafkaesque. From the beginning, when Lisa is talking to Ken in the car, and she pretends she just heard about the minister, Ken tells Lisa that this minister’s views fly in the face of everything Lisa believes in and Lisa says in this chilling way, something like, “well, we’ll just have to tell them.” And she’s completely calm and almost charming about it. It was so chilling. Like, in that moment, obviously Lisa was going to change Brittney’s and Jax’s minds about who was going to officiate their wedding, and that was going to be that. And, of course, that’s what happened. Then Sandoval, Ariana and Lala kept saying how uncomfortable this thing with the preacher was, when the info had been out since at least January 2019. They just kept saying—especially Sandoval—that they are getting tagged in these re-tweets about this pastor and they’re really unhappy and uncomfortable. I have to agree with everyone who posted here—why did Sandoval wait so long? Why didn’t he bring it up to Jax and Brittney a long, long time ago that this was wrong to him, and he had reservations about supporting it? Why didn’t Ariana, as a bi-woman, who said twice that this pastor is trying to invalidate her humanity, not say anything? Why did Ariana go to Lisa? Lisa is not even Brittney’s boss at this point, not that I would understand why a boss gets a say over someone’s nuptials. Who is Lisa? Is she Napoleon? Then Brittney doesn’t even have the decency to call the pastor, she texted him. I can only imagine what kind of conversation happened between her and Lisa and God knows who else behind closed doors. The thing is, I don’t think Lisa cares about the LGBT cause much further than it’s lining her pocketbook. She knew about this “homophobic” pastor. There is no way Andy knew in January 2019, but Lisa didn’t. So why didn’t she go to Brittney and Jax then? Because it wasn’t causing her a personal problem until two weeks before the wedding. Then, after Brittney and Jax changed the pastor to Lance Bass, Lisa aka Napoleon clearly gave the order, A Few Good Men Style, that Brittney wasn’t to be touched. Everyone except Sandoval suddenly wanted to whitewash the whole matter and pretend it didn’t happen. Brittney was back in full good standing with everyone except Sandoval, and, by asking questions, Sandoval made himself the target. Why can’t he ask questions? What are you guys hiding? If there was a grave ill going on, better late than never, right? Say it had been a Nazi that Brittney and Jax had hired to officiate their wedding—no one can say “boo” because they changed their minds at the bottom of the ninth? Huh? If this preacher is really a bad guy like everyone is saying, the question still stands—why did they choose him? Then I saw that the Tweet they put on the screen was dated February 2015. So this info was 4+ years old. I figured this must have been a really bad guy that people would be unearthing his Tweets going back so far, so I looked into him. I can’t find any evidence that Ryan Dotson is “homophobic,” much less a piece of shit. He gave an interview to Page Six, and he sounds like a mainstream, Christian clergyman with small-town or traditional values: https://pagesix.com/2019/06/14/pastor-who-made-anti-lgbtq-comments-wont-officiate-jax-and-brittanys-wedding/ He says in his full statement, which is buried in tiny font at the bottom of the article, that he is an American who is entitled to his Christian values, and that Brittney and Jax approached him, because they wanted a Christian wedding. He says he loves the gay person (he uses the term “homosexual,” but I’m not sure I’m allowed to use that word, so I’ll just say “gay.”) He says he never discriminated against a gay person. He leased his property to a gay person, he has gay people working for him in all of his businesses, and he reports that they are some of his best workers. He reports that he has been the target of a smear campaign of hate and intolerance by people who claim to be on the side of tolerance. I simply don’t see what’s wrong with those statements. Where does Ariana derive that he wouldn’t recognize her as a person? I feel really bad for the guy, though I think he was naive to agree to officiate this wedding. I think Brittney and Jax were much more in the wrong, especially Brittney, to have one foot in each world. As others have said upthread, you don’t really get to move out to one of the most pro-LGBT places in the world to sleep with a guy you barely know, become his live-in girlfriend, let him buy you silicone breasts, become employed by a huge LGBT activist, participate in her Pride events for years...and then ask Ryan Dotson to marry you. It’s like being a little bit pregnant. It’s confusing when someone has one foot in the traditional world (when it suits them) and one foot in the progressive world (when it suits them). If you are going to straddle both worlds, you need to put a lot of thought into your responses when your friends from both walks of life come to you with questions. The more I think about it, the more awful it was that Brittney screamed “fuck you” to Sandoval for asking to ask a freaking question. But I don’t see what the pastor did wrong, other than agreeing to this in the first place. He was just living his life according to his conscience in Kentucky, which is leaps and bounds ahead of what Brittney is doing—living the unexamined life in which she stands for nothing and appeases all. And I guess it caused me to reconsider my views, because I posted yesterday that I wouldn’t go to a wedding that I didn’t support. This used to be one of the few small things my husband and I would disagree about—I would say I wouldn’t go to a wedding and be phony about a couple who shouldn’t be together, and he said he didn’t care. But does my “conscience” extend to the officiant? At what point would I be willing to throw down the gauntlet and refuse to attend a wedding? If the people getting married aren’t exactly how I want them to be, and the officiant isn’t in lockstep with my belief system? Why? Would it kill me to celebrate something that doesn’t adhere, chapter and verse, to my lifestyle? Would it kill the people on the show to have attended the wedding without fanfare, or at most, raise a conscientious objection as soon as they realized what was going on, and bowed out of the wedding graciously if they couldn’t abide by it? Because nothing even resembling that happened here. I think everyone on this show who was involved with this thing behaved terribly. Lisa, Lala, Jax, Sandoval and Ariana, but especially Brittney, and the whole thing makes me sad. I don’t enjoy this type of entertainment.
  12. I appreciate your tone toward me. I’m not going to give my perspective, because it’s not relevant here. I’m just calling it like I see it as the devil’s advocate: The preacher said in one of the Tweets that they featured on the show that it is possible to love the sinner and hate the sin. I am not taking up for him, I am just getting the record straight. It is pretty mainstream for someone to be against homosexual activity, strictly speaking. It’s not fringe. It has nothing to do with race. For a lot of people, it is a belief that they grew up with their entire life, from the Bible, Koran, and Talmud. But I’d like to direct attention to another demographic: There are a lot of secular people too, who may accept all lifestyles, but don’t choose to celebrate them. They have gay people whom they love, but they do not overtly endorse the lifestyle. And since they’re not obsessed, you almost never hear from these people. Proposition eight would never have passed with 52.3% of the vote in California if there were not an overwhelming amount of people who believed this way. Perhaps many of these people changed their minds in the last seven years, but it’s doubtful all of them did. Ignoring the rest of the country, there are millions of Californians who feel this way. I’m not quite sure they are even close to being bigots. I just don’t see the nexus. I appreciate your tone too, and I agree if Brittney wanted to keep her job and her station in life, she made a really poor decision by hiring this pastor. She could have just walked away from it all if this is what her conscience called for. The fact that she couldn’t express a coherent thought about it either way buys her no favor with me. Did the pastor demand that they exclude gay people? If he did or if he didn’t, if someone is that uncomfortable with his positions, they shouldn’t attend the wedding, and they should probably reexamine whether to continue to have Jax and Brittney as friends. I wouldn’t attend a wedding I didn’t support. But I think respecting the right of someone not to attend that wedding would have to go the other way, logically speaking, and extend to people who choose not to attend a gay wedding, because it is against their conscience. —————————————————————- With all the fanfare surrounding this pastor, getting Lance Bass do the wedding is in extremely poor taste. It’s such an obvious pander to the people in the gay community who are against the ideals of the original pastor, so condescending to the people who hold these beliefs dear. Unless Jax and Brittney can articulate at length what caused them to change their minds, I would hope Lance Bass would think it’s beneath him to do this. He’s obviously being used as a prop. Although Lance Bass would attend the opening of an envelope. This has nothing to do with his sexual orientation, but he’s a ridiculous fame whore. I loved the Disney princesses at the shower, because I’m a sucker for that kind thing. Kristen and Lala looked so pretty. Congratulations, Brittney, you got to keep your friends and your life, and you got the “moral high ground” in the form of Lala throwing gang signs at Sandoval, to boot. I hope it was worth it to turn your nuptials into a circus. The only way for me to have had a shred of respect left for Jax and Brittney once this became a hot topic would have been if they’d broken every contract they’d signed and moved their wedding off the air to show that you don’t give a damn about their press. Now I am convinced that’s the only thing they care about—more than they care about each other. They’re gross, but what else is new about this show?
  13. If Lisa’s lips are moving, she’s lying. If she tells Ken she just found out about this pastor, it means she knew about it for quite some time. Stassi said it came out six months ago. I know Brittney is not very smart, but what does she mean when she keeps saying, about the pastor, “he is not that way.” What way, Brittney? If you want me on your side, you have to be able to articulate a side. I could be on her side if she would say, “his Tweets are in keeping with my understanding of the Bible,” because she’s entitled to her point of view. This would probably get her kicked off the show though, and she should be prepared to accept the consequences. I would be on her side if she said, “I completely disagree with my pastor’s take on ____, but he’s a family friend, and I want him to marry me.” Because I don’t have proof, but I have a strong feeling that the minister who married my husband and me is really far removed from us ideologically. But she was the best woman to do the job at the time, and she advanced our ideology at the wedding, and that’s all that should matter to the guests. If Brittney can’t even articulate where she’s coming from though, because she doesn’t want to alienate anyone? I lost all respect for her. I want to see Raquel with no makeup and her hair pulled back. That would be fucking scary!
  14. As a 340-lb underemployed man, Buddy can’t think of an adjective to express his emotional state that doesn’t compare himself to a tiny rodent who has to fight every day to meet its basic needs or face certain death?
  15. I’ll hold off on commenting with specificity until this airs, but I think everyone has a right to have their point of view, whether others agree or disagree. If this is the choice that Brittany and Jax made, their friends can voice their opinions and even opt out of the wedding, but friends will give their friends the space to make their marital choices. I defend Ariana when she doesn’t want to live a traditional life, and I defend those that do. I just have a feeling that this is going to turn into a one-way morality street of hypocrisy. But we’ll see.
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