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  1. Glad Karen moved back to Potomac. It’s nice that more than one woman lives in the locale for which the franchise was named. Gizelle is looking a bit rough. Her story is that her best friend’s husband Niles asked her if there’s anyone she wants to travel with more than Jamal, she said no, so Niles told her to “fix it” and she did? Where does “cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater” come into the mix? She didn’t seem to have an answer for that. I think it’s a money thing. If her ex-husband was poor, or if Sherman was still sniffing around, it would be “Jamal who”? If Gizelle is going to get Candiace together, I’m for her in that regard. Candiace is just as much of a pinhead as ever. She’s still touching her hair and treating life like a pageant play. The only worthy contribution she made to the entire episode was that Gizelle should wear a condom with Jamal. Oh, and calling Gizelle’s new home a $900,00 tear-down cabin is the reason I watch this show. So Dean is two months old, and Ashley gave birth to him in early July 2019. Glad we’re seeing events that unfolded eleven months ago. Why do they always start filming this franchise as soon as the reunion is over and then hold onto the footage forever? It’s interesting to see Ashley as a mom though regardless. She seems more grounded now. Wow, Robyn and Juan are still awkward as hell around each other, with him evading her about marriage. Five seasons in and absolutely nothing has changed with these two. I think they’re fools—he’s the original fool, and she’s a fool because she’s an otherwise smart, assertive woman who lets a man walk all over her and it’s setting a horrible example for their kids. All he has to do is smile and she becomes complacent. It actually makes me sick. He looked like an unshowered lumberjack at Candiace’s thing. I like to see Ashley and Monique raising their babies together. It’s more interesting and organic than that bird. My hat’s off to Monique for potty training her child early. It looks like Monique and Ashley are going to team up against Candiace. As I live and breathe. On one hand, I’m embarrassed that Candiace felt the need to throw such an over the top one year wedding anniversary with a cash bar. Face palm. Hard. That’s not a party, that’s happy hour. On the other hand, I’m living for the season starting off with an event and the new cast member coming into the mix immediately. Also, no tag lines. Maybe that’s the start of a new thing with Bravo. I hate tag lines. They’re so hokey and they lend no information about the characters or the narrative. We all know Gizelle think she’s the word on the street, and very few people care! So Karen is not impressed with Wendy? The plot thickens. Karen is one of Candiace’s two favorite people in the world, and the other one is not Chris? Yeah, I believe that. Aw, Karen, your marriage isn’t perfect? I thought it was an institution. Candiace is still crying at the drop of a hat and holding stiff napkins directly up to her eyeballs to dry her tears? Has she not watched herself at all these past two seasons? She has not exhibited one iota of self-awareness or growth in her third season. This was a pretty solid opener, but I think this show would do better without Candiace. There’s nothing redeeming about her.
  2. This episode wasn’t quite the prettiest girl at the dance, but it wasn’t a dog either. Ronnie’s old drinking buddies had some funny commentary. Sonny’s landlord’s response to pretty much everything Emmett made me laugh. Emmett: “The next generation!” Landlord: “This ain’t Star Trek” Lena’s speech to Kev’s girlfriend’s dad and Douda was hilarious. I loved the cynicism of the words juxtaposed against the earnest patriotic music. Ken’s girlfriend’s father to Kev: “Were you trying to fuck my daughter?” Maisha’s mom opening the door to Papa and his dad and saying dryly, “I accept Jesus Christ as my savior.” Ha ha ha. Sure, much of the episode didn’t make sense, and there was a lot to be desired, but this show is so much better when it’s just funny. Not heartwarming—they get that all wrong—but wryly and sardonically funny. I thought the guy Jada was dating was completely right about Emmett and it was weird writing that Jada seemed to have completely reversed her earlier stance of telling Emmett she was moving and he was not coming with her, even if that meant Emmett would be homeless, and I chalk that up to shoddy writing. I liked Jada’s attitude so much better last season. Emmett is good for a laugh here or there, but he’s an irresponsible, manipulative asshole who will take a mile if he’s given a foot. Two episodes in a row he is willing to fuck up someone else’s business plan just because he felt like he was Emmett, and who is anyone to ask him to adhere to any kind of decorum or authority (last episode when Tiff asked him not to cause a stir at the dispensary and he did, and this episode when he brought his kid along to make a business pitch). Also, I feel bad for that guy Jada’s dating. First she freaks out that he is widowed and now she is letting her date with him get derailed because...there are some snacks and wrappers lying around the apartment? Run, don’t walk, hospital man. I also think it’s awfully convenient that Emmett only seems to have one child now, when last season he had three, with another on the way. Showtime’s other show Billions does the same thing—they just write out kids when they’re inconvenient to the narrative. I think it goes without saying that life doesn’t work that way...? Best episode of the season by far for me though. (I am grading on a very steep curve).
  3. Thanks, that’s very kind. I am a lawyer, but it’s arguable whether I’m great. Better than some, I guess.
  4. In addition to Lu, Dorinda was smoking inside BSM after Luann stormed out. I have a suspicion they may all be secret smokers, except for Ramona (and Bethenny and Aviva) who have been vocal about anti-smoking. I seem to remember almost every other Housewife on this franchise sneaking a drag here or there—Jules, Tinsley and Carole pop into my mind immediately. I’ll probably think of half a dozen more tonight at 3 am when I can’t sleep lol.
  5. Leah is such a child. She craves attention like one. Who gives a shit if Ramona isn’t talking to you, and if you do give a shit, grow up and talk to her like a person. Leah is a public figure who wrote a blog about her mental illness and it’s been hotly debated here whether she showed “her vagina” at the party. Her vulva was blurred. Why wouldn’t or shouldn’t anyone talk about either of those things? Leah is like Kelly Dodd over on OC—exposing her child to way too many personal adult issues that are none of her business. Luann, is English your first language? Sonja’s in the bag and this is like wrangling cats? Is “in the bag” like twice as drunk as “half in the bag”? Because I might agree with her there. Though I don’t think Sonja getting her hair done naked in a private home is comparable to humping at a birthday party of 50 when the guest of honor objects. I sort of detest Luann this season. She is a sneaky stirrer, she is not intelligent at all, and she just wants other people to fight so that they can keep this shit show going, but she’s not willing to get into it unless she’s completely wasted, like she was in the Berkshires. I think it’s time to demote her to friend of again. She’s not really pulling her weight. Ramona is not gifted in the art of argument. But she is good at bobbing and weaving when situations arise. I think the ability to ignore and walk away is one of the most powerful things in the world. Leah was itching for a fight, and she barely got one. No one needs to stop talking about Leah’s “pussy” if they don’t want to. She has this very entitled attitude that I notice amongst millennials (and I’m younger than her, so I feel like I can make generalizations about my own generation, and if others want to disagree, I’m totally cool with that) where she feels like she has some right to control the conversation and the words people speak. Bitch, have several seats. The only “right” you have in this environment is to keep people out of your physical space. She doesn’t get to control the narrative just because. I loathe people like her. Although, I guess I should feel bad for Leah. She is crazy, no one wants her pussy, and everyone is talking about it. I hope her sick ass gets the boot from this series more than anyone else. If she’s not actually on meds, perhaps she should get herself to a doctor. No one is able to sustain themselves in society like this. Whatever little voice in her head told her it was ok to begin drinking again after nine years needs to be quieted.
  6. I can’t believe Ramona got her party at least partially comped, and still collected $100 off each guest for a gift. I don’t know if the words “tacky” or “gauche” cover that. Leah has such a persecution complex. She’s trying to throw Sonja under the bus as a reason why she shouldn’t be “in trouble” with Ramona “for dancing.” As if only one person can be wrong at once. Dorinda is just feeding into the complex by telling Leah that she has youth on her side. I’m close to Leah in age, and “youthful” is not a word I’d use to describe myself or Leah. Dorinda is just seeing things through her jealous lens. Just because Dorinda was jealous of Tinsley’s “youth” doesn’t mean Ramona feels that way about Leah. I think Occam’s Razor would say that Ramona was willing to sit down and talk to Sonja because Ramona has decades of history with Sonja. Sonja’s entire history with Ramona isn’t bogged down solely with drunken shenanigans. If Ramona’s relationship with Sonja began with Sonja throwing tiki torches across Ramona’s lawn, maybe she’d get different treatment too. Maybe Leah bounced from the salon so quickly because the convict thing hit a little too close to home. Maybe it was just the lighting of the store, or the display, but some of Sonja’s collection looked cute. It reminded me of that line the Kardashians had in Sears awhile back. Dorinda sober is...nice. I have to assume she was somewhat sober at Century21 and even when she first got to Cancun—she was acting like a good person, laughing and supporting Sonja and Ramona. But when that voice starts to slur, and those arms go a flyin’, head for open waters. The property in Mexico is probably overall the nicest one they’ve been to IMO. The place at which they stayed in Turks & Caicos looked like a fortress from the outside, and the place in St John was a bit too cold to me. This was just drop dead. Luann flirting with the staff. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I’m just glad we are spared from hearing about Luann’s fracking “sobriety” this year. Leah can’t think of a more vulgar term than “chubby pussy”? How about “desperate for dick” you pathetic wannabe? On one hand, Ramona is old and out of touch, and on the other, she is so in her feelings that she’s being Ignored by Ramona. As Heather DuBrow once said, “pick a lane.” Bitch.
  7. Luann...never one to miss an opportunity to get her hair done for free.
  8. If custody of Denise’s children was an issue and there was the potential that Eloise could be institutionalized because of the way Denise’s actions are rightfully or wrongfully being perceived on this show, the responsible option for Denise as a parent is to quit the show. Contracts are broken every day. The network would have to try to mitigate the breach. Denise is not in some type of unique bind that business and entertainment people of all sorts don’t face every day. Deals go bad all the time and people move on and sometimes that includes a loss of face and/or income. She’s famous—she’s on a soap, she does Hallmark movies, her husband claims to be employed—so it’s not like she’d wind up on food stamps or anything. Food stamps are a better option than having one’s children taken away anyway IMO. When people want to have their cake—be on reality TV—and eat it too—by complaining about their edit and listing the liberties they are losing when they volunteer to engage in high-profile, high-paying projects, I get annoyed. Walk away. Just walk away. It’s been done plenty of times on Bravo. At worst, she might have to move out of Malibu and move to Porter Ranch or something. Life is about trade-offs.
  9. This is a little out of left field, but after Kyle told her bizarre sex story, Erika was cheering about the fact that she was an only child, and Lisa seconded that heartily. Didn’t Lisa have a sister who died of a drug overdose? That seemed a little...callous.
  10. I don’t hate Kyle at all. The only time I hated her was season one, when she was queen of mean and ditzy. Something about her standing up and cheering for the Lakers at the Kings game that Adrienne flew them to privately did something to me. I was totally on Camille’s side season one. And that sort of stretched into season two when Kim hid Brandi’s crutches and Kyle did a talking head of “that’s the Kim I know!” Since then, I think she’s changed a lot, she’s become more vulnerable, she’s let us into her life. I like her kids. I liked her husband, until he apparently became a stoner, and I think Kyle is a warm person who has flaws. I just can’t deal with Kyle’s stories. Last season in Provence, remember she choked up about her “eating disorder” where she would sometimes swap out a V8 juice for a meal and she was down to only 99 lbs? Kyle is 5’2” or 5’3”. Weighing 99 lbs at that height in one’s early twenties doesn’t exactly set off alarm bells; it’s just being a skinny person. Similarly, with this story about sex, I know it was for a game, but it didn’t have a beginning, middle and end. A proper story, for me, is like, “the first time I had sex, my sister told my mom and we had to have a family meeting and I was so embarrassed and I was grounded for a month. I never saw the guy again, because my mom called his mom, and my mom never let me shut the door again until I was in college.” Kyle’s story was like, “the first time I had sex, there was a family meeting. And Kathy! And Kim!” Like, ok, where is the story there? I noticed something creepy about that story too—Kyle wouldn’t reveal her age when she was caught and at first I thought it was so it wouldn’t embarrass Mauricio, but then I realized she said that Kim saw the two of them having sex and pulled the covers off. Kim is four years older than Kyle. So, what’s the earliest Kyle would have been having sex? Fourteen? Fifteen? That means Kim would have been an adult who walked in on her teenage sister having sex and instead of shutting the door or telling their mom, she did something really abnormal and almost incestuous. I don’t think that was the best story. I’ll also call Kyle out anytime she displays bad behavior, just like I call each and every one of them out or there would be no point for me to watch the show. I do like Kyle though. Despite the bullshit, there’s something down to earth about her that I don’t recognize in, say, Erika. That’s ok if that’s an UO. I have many of those. As far as Denise telling the waiter she is allergic to garlic, and I said that annoyed me as a former server, it’s not the message that’s being conveyed; I said that in my original post. I don’t like the bitch, but I don’t think she should suffer an allergic reaction so that some waiter doesn’t have to write something down. My impression was that she was being condescending with the “sorry” and the smirk. I don’t like when people say they’re sorry for things that don’t need apologies, and it’s really not a big deal to have the cook take something out of the dish. Last season on RHOC, Braunwyn wanted a milk substitute for her coffee, which is fine—I don’t love milk in my coffee either—but she was so little-girly about it and hemming and hawing that it bothered me. Everyone just order like an adult to an adult. When I saw Denise do this, it reminded me of the time at the beginning of the season when she started dressing down the waiter for bringing her the wrong tequila in New York, and now I’m starting to see a pattern. It’s so easy to say, “this isn’t what I ordered. Please take it back and bring me the Patron” or whatever, instead of making it a big deal. And if the eating establishment messes up in any way that significantly impacts a dining experience, they should comp the meal or the drink. But you have to speak to a manager to get that. The only time I think one should get into it with the wait staff is when the staff is actually being rude. In what might be a tiny defense of Denise, when I was in Rome, the vast majority of the servers were middle-aged men, and a lot of them had a chip on their shoulder. I think it’s because the tipping system is different over there. Maybe she sensed passive-aggression from the waiter, and was serving it back. The only point I’m trying to make here is that I don’t care if Denise modifies her meal for any reason in the world. It’s just, ask like a person, not like an entitled prick. I never would have even noticed it if the New York/tequila thing hadn’t happened. I agree with some of this. I don’t think Brandi saying, “well at least I’m not doing crystal meth in the bathroom” made her a liar. She was implying that Kim was doing crystal meth in the bathroom, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she had been. I also wouldn’t be surprised if Mauricio had cheated on Kyle. I agree with you that Kyle can’t have it both ways and say on the one hand that Brandi is telling the truth about Denise, and on the other hand, Brandi was lying with regard to Kyle’s family repeatedly. That’s a good point. I was thinking about this last night, and I remember something totally different in the season nine war between Camille and Dorit. To my recollection—and I watched it when it aired, and right before this season aired—Camille’s house just burned down, so no one was going to be mean to her, and she came to the restaurant and repeatedly told them to bring any issues they had to her, and they did, and Camille retorted by saying that PK owes millions of dollars to a close friend of hers, Dorit denied it and was somewhat taken aback, but she didn’t shy away from the issue. I think they both knew it made for good TV. Denise was the one who shut it down, and I remember posting at the time that I found that very annoying, because who is she to control Camille or Dorit’s narratives? They have spoken about the lawsuits against PK, Tom and Mauricio at the season nine reunion. All three women had to answer for the rumors. That was when Kyle got very defensive and started making fun of the name or place of origin of the questioner, and it was a really bad look for her. Lisa has had Harry brought up on camera, and she decided to break a glass on a boat in Amsterdam. If the glass-breaking was that scary that no one dare utter his name five seasons later, then they are just a group of chickens, but I don’t think it’s Lisa’s job to survey the group about their opinion of her marriage; people should have the balls enough to bring it up on their own if they want to. Kyle has had to deal with the Mauricio cheating allegations in season four, and somehow got away from them, whether people believe it or not (and I don’t totally believe it, so she didn’t completely live that one down to this day). Denise is not a victim here. She can and should bring up all of these incidents and more if she wants to. I think that makes great TV. I’ve also said repeatedly that I love a fighter, and if she started fighting back, below the belt or not, I would, ironically, start to root for her. If people are actually making shit up about her whole cloth—which I don’t believe they are—make up shit about them whole cloth. In season two of Real Housewives of Melbourne (my favorite—when are you coming back, Melbourne??), Janet heard Gamble was saying some really mean shit about her that I believed was true, and Janet didn’t even bat an eye and said to Gamble, “I heard you’re doing heroin!” Good for her. No one signed up for The Real Saints of Beverly Hills, or The Real Martyrs of Malibu. Go big or go home. While it may not be the most trackable story to tell how these women’s husband’s are either in lawsuits or Canada or both, I have confidence that they can make hay of it if they want to. Lynn Curtin’s daughter getting the eviction notice on season five of Real Housewives of Orange County was great TV. So if Denise wants to keep pretending she’s on another show—a show that allows you to cut and keep things off air, perhaps the way her old reality show on E! allowed—she is going to keep getting stepped on. Everyone on this show had to take their licks to one extent or another. Kyle literally cornered Lisa in Mexico about her allegations about Kim being close to death. “The view” of Erika’s vulva was discussed for an entire season. Dorit had cocaine allegations made against her. Erika almost cold-clocked Teddi for saying she had “pretend amnesia.” Kyle is still smarting from the beating her reputation took for going to LVP’s house to say she didn’t believe her about the tabloids. The only one who hasn’t had the shit beaten out of them metaphorically is Garcelle, and maybe next season it’s her turn, or maybe she just gives off the vibe that she can’t be fucked with. But Denise has to learn to run with the big dogs. If someone accused me of sleeping with Brandi, on or off camera, I’d deny it once in a calm voice. I might laugh about it a little. If I had slept with her, and I didn’t want people to know, I wouldn’t talk about it, and if I didn’t think it was their business, I’d calmly say, “I’m not sure that’s any of your business.” If I was confronted once about whether I said people were cold hard bitches, etc, and I hadn’t said it, I’d state once that I hadn’t said it and I’d return to my meal. If I had said it, I’d cop to it and explain why in a no-nonsense matter. If they kept hocking me past the point that I thought it was pleasant, I would say, “you’re making this meal unpleasant for me and this is inappropriate.” I guarantee another fight would have broken out around the table in the time it took me to utter three or four sentences. Worst case scenario, I’d have to excuse myself from the table like Erika did in Provence and we’d resume the discussion at a cooler time. When Denise engages in all the fragility and the histrionics, she becomes her own worst enemy. She’s kind of reminding me of Tinsley on RHNYC—if you are a forty-something year old woman and you refuse to stand your ground against other women, then how can I be expected to stand behind you? If you fight, even if you’re wrong, I’ll pick up on that spirit and back you. I can’t back a person who returns to the well of women who are hazing them time and time again without a game plan or a cogent defense.
  11. Color me unfazed at Kyle’s story about being called out the first time she had sex. I wasn’t even sure what the point was, except to get a mention of Kathy and Kim in there. Too much Kim! I was glad Kyle called out Dorit’s ridiculous glam in a fun way. I think this show would be fine without someone to pile on. It might be sort of boring, but they have their moments. I also liked Kyle calling out Dorit ordering at the restaurant in Italian when the waiter was speaking English. I thought the way Denise ordered was obnoxious. “I’m allergic to garlic. Sorry.” <smirk> It reminded me of the first episode of the season when they were in New York, someone asked Denise a question about Charlie that she didn’t like, and she started yelling at the waiter for bringing the wrong tequila. I’ve been a server. There’s a very polite way to send something back or convey an allergy. That was not this. I loved seeing how much everyone spent. It was very low for people who want us to believe they have enough money to fly glam squads around the globe with them. I didn’t think Teddi did anything wrong at the Fendi store by being civil to Denise, but otherwise ignoring her. I noticed she didn’t even talk shit about Denise in her talking head; the producer had to prompt her with a question about whether she was “subconsciously” ignoring Denise, which was a dumb question. It was pretty obvious Teddi was conscious that she was doing this. She just didn’t feel like being fake. Even if the stuff Brandi said wasn’t true, Teddi doesn’t have to be fake to Denise. She’s like six months pregnant and she was on her phone. No one has to drop everything to talk to Denise about fur the way that Denise hasn’t dropped everything to talk to her co-stars or even attend their events in the past. Maybe, in Teddi’s mind, Teddi is “Teddi Fucking Mellencamp Arroyave” the way Denise is “Denise Fucking Richards.” Did that ever occur to Denise? That you can’t just be obnoxious and not have at least some of the population write off your bullshit? These two have filmed exactly two scenes one-on-one in the past two seasons—shopping in a store after the fire, agreeing that Camille was “off” and the brief make-up scene last episode at Kyle’s house that didn’t really get anywhere. They’re not friends. They’re barely acquaintances, and that’s exactly how Teddi treated Denise. It’s better than calling someone a “shit fucking stirrer.” That was nice that Garcelle was able to apologize to Sutton and everyone was able to move on. It was weird that Sutton brought it up in front of the whole table, but whatever. Garcelle is not too shy to be shady in an acceptance speech for an award, so I doubt she was fazed. Wow, everyone—including the producers—breaking the fourth wall! Denise must have pissed off production something fierce for them to go back to a clip at Bravo con to evidence that Denise is lying. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that before! Denise doesn’t come off very convincing to me when she says “I’m telling you, there’s no truth to that,” Teddi says, “so you already know what it is?” And Denise replies, “To nothing! There is no truth to anything!” She’s starting to sound like Aaron “cancer is your friend” Phypers. I don’t believe Denise. Sutton heard it too, and she doesn’t even know Brandi. Nothing happened...yet Denise’s defense is that “Aaron was there.” So her defense is that Aaron was there for nothing? Good one. Teddi was 100% right that this is what Denise is being paid to do and it’s out of bounds to yell “Bravo, Bravo, Bravo” when she wants to stop the conversation. Bravo to Bravo for airing it anyway. Otherwise it feels like Denise is...cheating. I really hope Denise was sincere in her implication that she’ll leave the show if Bravo aired that scene. Kyle was being so rude to Dorit, and I would have been annoyed if I were Dorit too. Dorit was trying to say it’s hard on Teddi, however, things at this moment are really hard on Denise, and Kyle cut her off at the knees to only let her get out the part about Teddi, which made it look like Dorit was part of the pile-on, when Dorit was actually trying to come to Denise’s aid, and somehow Kyle wound up taking credit for pointing out that Denise was vulnerable. That was really not cool of Kyle. If I were Dorit, I would be fucking pissed at Kyle for that. I actually hope someone makes Kyle cry, because she’s been pulling this nice girl who throws rocks and hides her hands bullshit all season.
  12. I’m already tired of Dorit speaking Italian. I have been liking her this season, but her glam is utterly ridiculous. She made Erika look tame by comparison. Actually, Erika looked great on the first night. The second day she looked like a combination of a condom, the Michelin Man, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Is one of Erika’s enemies paying Mikey to do this to her? I think Rome is a fine place, but it’s not that far off the beaten path. I’ve even been there, and I’ve never been to Canada. Some of them were acting like rubes. There’s something disingenuous about Dorit freaking out about it and Kyle saying, “I can’t believe we’re in Rome,” when Kyle goes to Europe all the time, she’s been to Dubai, and they’ve both been to Hong Kong. And that’s just based on what we’ve seen firsthand. Why are they giving us so much Kyle, like it’s Kyle Goes To Rome? Isn’t this Lisa’s trip? When I realized that Erika was sincere in her belief that she had been a Spanish boy in a past life, my only question was whether she had also saved a nation like Shannon Beador.
  13. This is exactly how I feel. IF one believes her story—and I believe a good portion of it—Brandi still hasn’t cheated on anyone. To “cheat,” one needs to be in a game with an agreed-upon set of rules in the first place. If I walked around the poker table at The Bellagio and flashed a signal to one player that another player was holding an ace ten suited and just walked away, I’d be an asshole, not a cheater, because I wasn’t in the game. If a woman walks by someone’s husband and flashes her tits, she’s not a cheater either. She’s not in the game. I’d call her something else, like a weirdo or an asshole, but she’s not a cheater, because she didn’t cheat, simply put. If one wants to make the argument that Brandi is a cheater, as in, she is cheating society (of which she is a part, by virtue of the social compact), running around, wreaking havoc on people’s lives for at least the last eight years, I’d be willing to hear that, but that hasn’t been advanced. And, again, I think we generally tend to call those people assholes. Or psychopaths. Or genocidal dictators. And I’ve just gotta add, because I just re-watched VPR, Scheana 100% knew that Eddie was married. She told Brandi that Eddie bought her diamonds and when asked why she would divulge these details to Brandi, she said it was because she didn’t want Brandi “to think was just some Tuesday night floozy.” I just wrote about it in March or April in the VanderPump Rules Past Seasons thread. It may be semantics, but it’s not “just” semantics. Words have definitions for a reason, and I think we need to be precise in our language for the sake of communicating properly. What would be the point of having so many words with precise definitions if one could just be traded out for another? “Liar” and “cheater” are not synonymous, and if someone asserts that someone is both, I would need them to explain to me why the person was both a liar and a cheater. One is not a proxy for another or there goes the language.
  14. It happened during season 8, when some of the Shahs were flying to Phoenix to see Destiney do something that required no talent. So, definitely post-TWOP, but they were so short on the details on the actual episode at the time this happened that I don’t believe what they say to Andy after the fact, when he’s trying to gin them up. I’m chalking it up to a nontroversy unless a disinterested party verifies otherwise. Ha, I would like nothing more than to share interesting details, but as I posted at the time, the message was lost in the medium of Tommy’s shouting and inability to control his impulses. Tommy was screaming stuff you already touched on in these threads this season, Rahul, like the fact that Adam & Reza will never split, because Adam has so much dirt on Reza, like hiding his assets so that Reza could file BK and commit fraud and I thought, “this is good, but not good enough that I’m going to sit here and feel like Tommy is verbally abusing my face and ears. I’ll catch this at the real reunion if he takes a Xanax.” Joke’s on me, though, because the reunion films months later, Tommy has disappeared into the ether like Lieutenant Colonel Markinson in A Few Good Men, and no one has word one to say about the backstory, because Andy and Reza are acting in cahoots as Colonel Nathan Jessup, ordering a cone of silence (ok, I’m mixing pop culture references there, but something very strange happened at Bravo, there was a cover-up, and it makes me frustrated that we can’t get a healthy dose of reality on a reality show). There’s time to go back and rehash a five year old bank robbery allegation against MJ, but we can’t talk about Reza’s bankruptcy filing (unless I missed it in another fit of shouting?). Fuck you Bravo, we’re smarter than this.
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