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  1. This sounds like a description of Haredi Judaism, which is defined as “ultra, ultra Orthodox” (though the Haredim reject this definition, it’s the best one I can come up with that gets the point across). Modern Orthodox Jews generally look like everyone else, except the husband will probably wear a kippe. Ivanka is an Orthodox Jew. Not that this is any kind of defense of Leah’s “conversion,” which didn’t seem authentic at all, but she can technically become Orthodox without looking like she stepped off the set of Shtisel. What is more concerning to me is that her sister asked her wh
  2. I think Teresa and Dolores aren’t actually friends. I think they’re more like family members (though, JFTR, I am aware they aren’t actually family). I doubt they hang out off camera. Dolores appeared as Caroline’s friend several times before becoming a f/t cast member, and I think that’s where her loyalty lies. I think that is why, on season 7, Dolores was so inexplicably loyal to Jacqueline. Strangely enough, I can’t really remember Dolores and Teresa filming as friends. Like, have they ever gone shopping together, or had a sleepover like Dolores had with Siggy? I think outside of this
  3. I take it that since you are using the present tense, it is your assertion that these constant attacks and poor treatment are all happening to black people by the hands of other races (or “group X,” and I’m not sure who that is) in the US today (and in recent years). I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to go ahead and disagree with you, because the empirical data just don’t support it. If you are talking about black on black crime, yes that is definitely a huge problem that goes largely ignored, but it doesn’t appear from the episode that Eboni was attempting to call attention to that matter.
  4. Dolores, you dumb cow, lying about a doctor’s appointment is not the right thing. She can just say she is driving up later and not offer further explanation if she is such a real bitch. I have been saying for years that lying makes everyone—the liar and the person who believed the lie—look foolish. Someone who is confident rarely needs to lie, and this wasn’t one of the exceptions. Judge Judy said that if someone lies to her once, everything else they say is suspect. May I suggest that is the case with Dolores? Right or wrong, Jennifer’s mom is one of the most interesting peopl
  5. I respect what you’re saying, and I would agree with you in a vacuum. Like, race doesn’t have to come into the equation. I get that. Anecdotally, though, I get the other side, because I was in this situation where a black friend brought me to see his brother in an all-black neighborhood, and when the brother met me (I’m white), he immediately said, half genuinely, half tongue-in-cheek, “well, we accept all colors around here,” with a big smile, and I was immediately put at ease at the fact that he said it and by the way he thought he could joke with me right out of the gate. I
  6. Oh my God, I am just going to say I love that this question was posed—it is “champing.” “Champing at the bit” comes from a poem: “Twelve beauteous steeds, of golden color and with golden mains, champ at the bit.” “Chomping” is also accepted, but it’s not technically correct. Nerd rant over. So this was the finale? What a drag. They didn’t even include Jenna, my favorite (by default), unless I was seriously not paying attention, which is a major possibility. 😊 The break broke the show, and once it came back on Monday nights, I couldn’t be bothered. I flipped my opinion whe
  7. Perfectly stated. I admire your brevity. To bolster our points that they are exhibiting unresolved issues and she’s got Frank on a leash, there is never a point when Frank has a girl around ever, not just in situations where Frank is appearing as Dolores’s “date.” For instance, this season and last season, when they went to the Jersey Shore, Teresa didn’t have a date. They were just group trips. Yet Frank never brings a female to accompany him. It’s clearly (to me) because Dolores doesn’t want to be embarrassed. Embarrassed by what though? I thought they were “just friends.” And it
  8. I don’t understand this term. It sounds like being a little bit pregnant 🤔. I assume it means “estranged husband.” I’ll just go on to use that term moving forward. I don’t think the story that was shared sheds favorable light on the situation between Dolores and Frank. Judging by what you shared, you don’t want to be divorced, and you offered reasons as to why. I don’t think it’s because of paperwork, because in ten years, there is a lot of paperwork that is done that is tedious, but we generally just do it, if we want the result enough. If we don’t want it, for medical or other r
  9. On rewatch, I noticed a few things. First of all, when Marge said that Joe had to go home to shower after fucking her, Teresa slapped Margaret five. That tells me not just a lot about Margaret, but a lot about Teresa. Second of all, it was not just that Dolores started things in general terms as I posted up thread. Dolores specifically started with Joe at the cocktail party, not the other way around. I think she was very drunk. She was the only one who thought Teresa left because she was upset, and as soon as they explained that Teresa left because of a booty call, and zero peo
  10. I would have more sympathy for Dolores about being confronted about David in front of everyone if she wasn’t such a busybody about everyone else’s relationship. The best example I can think of—the one that still makes me mad to this day—was in season nine, when Teresa was all over Melissa’s shit in a very aggressive way about Joe spending time with Giacinto, and when Dolores began to chime in on another character’s personal family matter in front of the whole group on multiple occasions, Melissa very politely asked her to stay out of it. So Dolores stopped speaking on it, apologized fo
  11. Gotcha. But...doesn’t she own a three-way mirror? She seems to have a lot of money. Doesn’t she have her outfits that make her look hot when her weight is up, in addition to the ones that are for down weight times too? I think most non-rich women have several sets of wardrobes—hot, sensible, stuff we’ll fit into someday, stuff we wear when we feel fat, and, probably most ubiquitous, that one LBD (or black sweater and slim black pant if the situation is really dire) she can wear that will mask all the flaws, even if it’s not hot off the runway or anything. Kelly Clarkson has made a c
  12. Evan really doesn’t miss an opportunity to tell the world he was drowning in pussy in another life, huh? I guess one good turn deserves another, after last season with Jackie telling us twice that Evan had to sign a prenup and that she got a ring from another guy. I wonder if that guy is still single. Maybe he can hook up with Dolores. I really don’t see yet another doctor running in to swoop Dolores up. She is shallow, materialistic, always looks like she’s sucking a lemon, no spring chicken (they say men in their thirties want women in their twenties, and men in their forties want
  13. Michelle the really pretty realtor (real-a-tor?) is the person Melissa wanted to be, it is crystal clear. Michelle has more character, substance, and smarts in her little finger than Melissa will ever have. The scene with Teresa revealing her boyfriend to Michelle was so staged, just like last week’s scene of Teresa talking about her boyfriend “spontaneously” on the yacht. There is something very stilted there, like the show has absolutely nothing else to do, so they are going to tease us with Teresa’s boyfriend forever. It had the effect of making me not care. My care is null and vo
  14. These Ho’s look so bad at Jen’s mommy party. Margaret and Dolores should be on RH Atlanta with their breasts, except the ladies of Atlanta wear supportive garments. Melissa with the two-piece outfit with the same ugly pattern that looks like it came off the same bolt of fabric—oy. Jackie’s fake braid that is one shade away from her real hair, Jennifer with the really cute dress, but the camera zooming right at her bra with the smooshed boobs...maybe Teresa left because of all of the visual carnage. Dolores has some dramatic features that make her seem beautiful to me, but her age is
  15. Thank you! I am so glad that you made the medical argument in favor of circumcision. I had a feeling there were health benefits to it, but I was too lazy to look them up, I’ll admit it. I stand by my social/cultural reasons for being in favor of it. I wrote my earlier post in a wishy-washy way, but I actually am firmly in favor of circumcision. I think that it is cleaner, or it seems cleaner, and I wouldn’t want my son perceived as unclean. Aside from the scientific evidence that was pointed out above, there is just an ick factor there that I am happy to talk about, regardless of w
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