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  1. ^^^ Noah should definitely be called out, if he has a history of coercion, or even if he coerced once (I can't really make a statement either way, because of the format of this damn show). I recognize a power imbalance, and I don't think professors should be allowed to sleep with their students. Where it's allowed, I think the rules should be changed. I'm just specifically saying I don't recognize the idea that a power imbalance supersedes consent. If there's not consent, it's rape, and that's a whole other ballgame to me. If the coercion is serious enough, I would even say that the victim of the coercion should file a civil suit, if it caused them enough damage, such as having to leave a high paying job or something. But there needs to be compelling evidence, such as reports filed to HR, witnesses, etc. I get what you're saying about Whitney with regard to Audrey, but...I still think true is true and false is false and if you have to say something about someone that is true--and if Audrey thinks it's true that Noah transgressed so badly that his publishing deal should be gone--there's no room to consider "the children." That falls squarely on Noah for committing the transgression. Otherwise, where do we go with that? If there was a single person with no kids, it would be more moral to speak about their wrongs? I just don't see it that way. I'm not going to think about your children when you did wrong if you didn't think about them when you did wrong. Now that I said that, you've convinced me that it's not as naive of a question as I originally thought. If some guy murdered my parents, I would probably want to ask him if he ever thought about their children, even though people would probably be like, "are you out of your fucking mind, lady? He never thought about you." So...yeah. This is all thought-provoking, which feels strange on this show...
  2. I'm not defending Quad to defend Quad. I have no dog in this fight. I also understand if Mariah wants to disspell the rumors--she has every right. I just wish people would make their points better. Or maybe I should listen better. Is it Mariah's contention that she "never" did drugs, or that she only hasn't done them recently? Is it Quad's contention that Mariah was doing drugs and Quad wasn't? I just feel foolish that none of this makes sense to me. If Mariah is contending that she "never" did drugs and this is a big issue for her, which I don't begrudge, then she needs to offer the test with the caveat that "this test only goes back so many years, because that's as far back as any test goes" and "when did you say I was doing drugs again, Quad?" If I was Mariah, and I really had not done it, and it was important for me to clear that up, I can't understand why Mariah isn't asking Quad for "who, what, where, when, how" 24/7 until she gets a straight answer, so that she can refute more. Looking like you just sucked on a lemon and mumbling "low down dirty" isn't really a defense. She could do better. As far as whether Quad was there...I've been to plenty of places where some people were only smoking weed and drinking, while others were smoking weed, drinking and doing coke (and other combinations, etc), so I don't deem Quad guilty by association in that arena, unless Quad has a hardcore anti-drug stance, which I haven't heard yet. It doesn't bother me if Mariah used cocaine when she had children, so I'm not sure I can say it should have bothered Quad. As long as Mariah is overall healthy and she makes sure her children are being watched, I don't think it's so bad if she wants to do a few lines before going out. I'm not a doctor, but I don't think it's worse than taking pills recreationally and I don't think it's worse than having six drinks, for instance, and some of these women will down six drinks on camera alone (Simone). So I'm not saying it's my opinion that Mariah did or didn't do drugs--I don't care. But I wish the women would be more forthcoming with their stories and let the outrage die down a wee bit. I have been seeing that across the Bravo shows--someone accuses someone else of doing coke (I didn't even know anyone even did coke anymore, but whatever), and the person in question flies off the handle, without even letting me evaluate what their argument is. Even if that particular insinuation sticks in someone's craw, it is just coke, it's not murder, everyone say their piece, let the viewers make up their minds, and move on?
  3. When did Noah get married to Alison? I have been watching since episode one of season one, and I remember thinking when the Joanie paternity shit went down, like, well, thank God these two never married. I'm not saying I'm definitely right, I am just so curious about how this happened. I agree with the first part of this paragraph--although I never say never. (My middle school best friend's parents met when her dad was her mom's teacher, and they continued to have a solid marriage as long as I knew her). The last part of the paragraph is where I strongly disagree. I feel like--and I'm not trying to put words in anybody's mouth, I'm just going off how I interpret this--if my college professor or my boss wanted to have sex with me, I could always say no. There was no pedophilia going on here--it's one adult saying yes or no to another. Consent is the difference between rape and sex. If the argument is being advanced that what Noah was engaged in was coercion, I'm not sure I buy that argument, but coercion "please have sex with me" or "if you have sex with me, who knows where your career can go" is nowhere near lack of consent, which is rape. I mean, one is creepy behavior that should get you dismissed from your job and the other should have you locked up for a really long time. I get distressed when society conflates the two, because they're so different. The ability to say "no" in one area makes them completely different animals to me. Being coerced into sex requires bad decisions from both parties. Being raped requires bad decisions from one party. My perspective. ------------------------------------------------ This episode was ok, I just have a few nit picks: I didn't see any merit to Whitney's original argument against Audrey that Audrey should have thought about Noah's family before she accused him. Whitney's presence as a daughter is really immaterial as to whether a person wants to speak up about the way they feel another person mistreated them. It sounded so naive. So...if someone does something awful to me (and I'm not saying Noah did anything awful, I'm just going off this train of thought), I'm supposed to check if the person in question has offspring before I level my charges? Like, how does the presence or absence of offspring mitigate or aggravate the interaction we had? And...Colin. You total piece of garbage. You made a nuisance of yourself, wouldn't attempt to fix a toilet, wouldn't pick up coffee when you said you would, couldn't get an off-the-books job to help with the seriously overdue bills...for that? And the fact that he was painting Whitney makes it ok?? Fukrat made an entire show based on Whitney's image a few episodes ago, so wouldn't she be alright with Fukrat? The egos of these people! The retconning by the writers! Suddenly now that it's down to the wire, Colin hates America, but the whole thing was in order to be with Whitney?!?!? Give me a fucking break. Ya know, Colin, there are other countries in this world--like 200 of them--and maybe if you hated America so much you should have told your fiancé. A fiancé will tend to disclose to their fiancé which countries they hate when it comes to spending the rest of their lives there. Maybe she would have been much happier joining you in Ireland than having you grill her for some citizenship test when she was too tired to think. Nope, this is stupid retconning from the writers, I think. Colin was a total piece of shit a few episodes ago, and now he's this great guy that we should pity because he's a slow painter. Gag. Nope, not buying it. He's the utter worst. I had a few other things to say, but the only thing that's actually important to me? I want to see Martin again for some reason. They can't keep paying him lip service and he never shows up. When Oscar showed up for Alison's funeral last season after he'd been written out of the show, I was really, really happy.
  4. I don't care who does drugs. But was I the only one who saw a potential gaping hole in Mariah's story? Last episode Toya told us that Mariah took the cocaine test that goes back ten years. Ok, haven't Quad and Mariah friends going back more than 10 years? As long as Quad saw Mariah doing the drugs ten years and one day ago, her story can be true, and Mariah's test can be accurate. I can't underscore this enough: I do not care who does drugs. I have no problem with them. I just feel manipulated by this storyline.
  5. I didn't get Eden on Busy Phillips. Didn't she say she had to give up her career that she'd worked so hard for, after encountering Noah? So what was she doing marketing herself at that party with Sasha? Handing out her Avon card?
  6. This is exactly the impression I got as well. At one point, Tamra had such a lascivious look on her face, that I thought that Eddie was in that situation you see on the erectile dysfunction commercials "ask your doctor if your heart is healthy enough for sex," and, with Eddie's afib, even if they're not making a big deal out of it, maybe Eddie's heart isn't healthy enough for sex, and Tamra is experimenting with lesbianism because she's sexually hungry. All of this went through my mind in one second, even though it takes a long time to write, but my main point is that Tamra looked serious about it. She wasn't just a gal making out in a bar with another gal.
  7. ^^ tell me about it, girl friend! "Slump" is the perfect word too. It's almost onomatopoeic.
  8. I'm not sure I implied that "everything" would be "great" if Rilah and Anthony were to get married. In fact, I wrote that if things didn't work out, they could divorce, which I thought would be sufficient to disabuse anyone of the notion that I thought a ring would equal happily ever after. If I may elaborate, I don't believe in solutions as much as I believe in incremental trade-offs, and I have stated that it's my opinion that the better option for the child would be for Rilah and Anthony to wed, based on the footage we've seen. I'm fine with any disagreement anyone may hold, but the above is not so much a disagreement of opinion as a mischarichterization of my opinion, so I saw fit to clear that up. It appears you are pleading in the alternative as it relates to Caelen. On one hand you're saying we can't infer that Caelen didn't get a lawyer, yet you are supplying a reason why he opted not to retain counsel, which is interesting. I explained why I believe the only rational option I have as a television viewer is to form opinions based off the four corners of the show, and to do otherwise would be an exercise in futility for me, so I have inferred that Caelen was not seeking legal counsel at the time this was filmed, and I stand by my inference based on the footage. I am perfectly fine if others want to seek extrinsic evidence. I'm just not terribly interested in it. To quote the great scholar Austin Powers, it's just "not my bag, baby" to do that extra legwork when I watch a TV show. As I've stated, I'm already sour and bitter and disagreeable about the fact that this show eats into my Sunday night NFL viewing, and I can't DVR it for Monday night, otherwise I would be deprived of my ability to discuss it with you fine people on Monday, so I'm content exactly where I am. It's not "a total myth"--it's not a myth at all--it's actually a fact that a parent can relinquish paternity in Ohio. I never said Caelen wouldn't be financially responsible for his offspring; I merely stated that it's an option not to father the children, and an option he might consider if things continue to be as bleak as they appear. https://legalbeagle.com/8636617-motion-terminate-parental-rights-ohio.html Thank you for your opinion, and have a blessed day 😀
  9. Brandi looks so good this season, but I can't put my finger on what it is, which means she had really good work done. Now only if she could match the skin color on her face and neck to that of her shoulders, that would be good, but baby steps. Also, I didn't see any bad behavior from her kids. I think the younger one--is that Brinkley?--gets a bad rap. Also, where is Brian? Second consecutive season he's just not around. Weird. This is the last time that I'm going to comment on grammar, since I never produced a Twitter account😟, but during the gynmastics scene, when Brandi said, "Brooklyn and I's relationship," I went into cardiac arrest. I really find that about as vile as anything else said on the show. Stephanie has no duty to take up for Kameron in an argument against Brandi or anyone else. These two are making me dizzy with the loops they're in. Stephanie, put down "trash." Kameron, put down the fact that Stephanie spoke to Kary in Mexico when she was sharing a room with you. Everyone just put your weapons down and no one will get hurt! I will say two nice things about Kary: she looks fresher than the other ladies, and I love the fact that she can keep her cool when someone is screaming at her. I can tell it actually doesn't faze her, which I respect. But she had no place to bring up D'andra at the damn bachelorette party. Leanne has a legit beef about that. I am actually on Leanne's side with regard to D'andra and the cheating rumors too. At first I had been like, "just forgive and move on, damn," but when Leanne explained it to Kary last night, it sunk in: that was a shitty thing for D'andra to do last season, and it's a product of human nature to be convinced you've forgiven someone, only to realize you're still mad. It happens to me. There was a very funny episode of The Office where Dwight was trying to take Michael's job, Michael found out and said, "hug it out bitch," only for the episode to pan to Michael in a talking head saying, "turns out I was still mad!" juxtaposed against a scene of Dwight standing on a desk holding up a shameful sign in punishment. Some things can't be forgiven. I think D'andra and Leanne should go to therapy, and it would be more intereresting than the vast majority of this non-starter of a season. And it's really of no moment to me whether Rich forgave it. If someone was telling my husband I was out fucking every Tom, Dick and Harry and I just laughed it off as a rumor, that doesn't deprive my husband of his reaction, which might be very different. Cary was far more upset with Leanne about the dick sucking at the Round Up comments than Mark was, and rightfully so IMO. The only thing I will say about the haunted house is that I found it weird and dopey of Brandi to keep equating the "spiritual" with the "supernatural." It seemed like she kept thinking ghosts have something to do with Christianity, and I'm glad Leanne did a TH about it, cause she was starting to go into "Brooklyn and I's" territory there, but, yeah, other than that, I think all psychics are completely full of shit, so I hate to see them anywhere, including Bravo, and now that I feel like haunted houses are the new "vaginal procedure" of Bravo shows--as in, they are featuring them across the network (a few years ago it was escape rooms)--I'm trying not going to give it light or air, because it's so stupid.
  10. She's from North Babylon, NY. Does that inform your opinion of her? I've never heard of anyone getting rejected from Hofstra, lol, so it doesn't surprise me that she got in. I think sororities are great, but if Gina joined one, I think it was for access to the Shannons of Hofstra, and to disclude the Emilys, not to do any good, unless it was for herself. The most surprising thing about this part of Gina's life is that apparently she graduated from college, but never worked. That's very odd for a middle-class person from my/Gina's generation. I feel like this would be the perfect time to say "bread and circuses," but bread is verboten in the OC.
  11. OMG, yes! "if they don't like it, they can go stand in the vasectomy line," said with conviction, is hilarious and the new, " my weave is tired. My pantyliner is tired." Damn, every time I want to quit Leanne...
  12. I get this. Gina really couldn't have started off the season worse, between her awful physical transformation in her TH's, her DUI that she blatantly and repeatedly lied about, her tiny house which resembled the slums of London from the outside and no furniture on the inside, crying relentlessly, missing her court date, treating her parents like they were persona non grata, dramatically "revealing" Matt's affair to anyone who would listen, being condescending to Emily was all a lot for the first few episodes. Now she's just a garden-variety bitch asshole, but she's one of them, and she's been more consistent in how awful she is, so that can contribute to a lessening of the hatred. Also, I think as viewers, we look to establish an equilibrium, and I think we as a collective viewing audience thought there might be someone to root for in Braunwynn, so therefore Gina could be the devil incarnate. In Miraval, when Braunwynn revealed her true colors, and Gina didn't overreact to the slap on the head by Kelly, I've very slightly adjusted how I view Gina. Very slightly.
  13. Yeah, Phaedra's a litigator, or at least she was when she was last on the show. I don't want to get too deep into it, because it's potato/potatoe at this point, but the way I see it, we all graduated from law school and took and passed the bars in order to be practicing attorneys, and I would like to think that gave us something in common, such as being able to compose ourselves in times of distress, but things happen, I get it. What intrigued me about your statement is that I am exactly the same way, and I never heard it phrased so well: you are rational, so you give people the benefit of the doubt of being rational, and it becomes overwhelming and almost outside of the realm of what you/I can handle when people act like flagrant ninnies and buffoons in the professional world. Another reason to ignore, ignore, ignore, I've found! 😀 -------------------------------- As far as men paying their wives for blowjobs, I'm not really gonna judge it. Couples act out rape fantasies, and daddy fantasies and God knows what else, and if a prositituon fantasy is a turn-on to both members of the couple, why not? Which brings me to the fact that I thought Kelly's joke that she's bisexual--if you buy her something, she's sexual--hilarious, and I definitely intend to use it tongue-in-cheek in the future, and I usually find Kelly's puns appalling. I am so ashamed, but I liked this episode. I just feel like all these women I kinda hate are finally being exposed, and that makes my deep black soul smile. I don't mean to associate Maya Angelou with this trash, but they're finally telling us who they are, and now we have video evidence to believe them!
  14. I agree, but it still wasn't lawerly of Emily. I generally think lawyers are assholes, don't get me wrong. And they get into their fair share of fuckery, but they handle it differently. Just by way of example, Phaedra Parks on RHOA was an attorney, and she--for the most part--was very cool, calm and collected in her dealings with people. She was an asshole, but she was calculated (except for the time she held up her purse to hit Kenya, but nobody's perfect). Emily just seems governed by her emotions. She has got to know she's on a show and that people are going to play games. She has to--well, clearly, she doesn't have to, because she's not--but I think it would be a much better show if Emily was constantly appraising her situation and thinking, like, "Ok, Gina is avoiding me for Sh-Anne-Anne (I hate the way Emily pronounces "Shannon") so I am just going to ignore her. I'm going to put on my big girl pants, I'm going to stay relatively sober, I'll talk to Kelly, and I'll use this time to think about how to outflank Gina." A great way to get to people and to get them to absolutely lose their shit is to ignore them. If someone ignores me in a way that I think is either intentional or negligent, I will ignore them so much harder, and I rather enjoy it, because it's so easy. The way I look at it if I'm Emily is, "ok, Gina has ignored me for three full days when she earlier complained that I was a bad friend because I wasn't doing my daily check-in. I am now officially ignoring Gina. If she tries to approach me today, she will either get radio silence or, even better, I'll just be cordial and marvel about the weather. But the bitch is not getting a conversation from me until she grovels or until it's otherwise strategically beneficial to me." That's how you play this game. If you want a friend, get a dog. (This is my advice for people on the show. When it comes to real life, maybe you're a bit more yielding with friends. Fortunately or unfortunately, I'm like this in real life, but I don't have a whole boatload of people whom I can call friends, so take my advice with a grain of salt!)
  15. It was nice to see Kelly and Dr Brian Regan (with practices conveniently located in San Diego and Orange County, y'all) have a normal, rational conversation. From the little I was able to take away, I am Team Kelly as far as communication. If Brian said he was going to call Kelly after work, but he doesn't and she tracks him down to a bar/restaurant, he is wrong. If your work life is too stressful to send a text saying, "Just got out of surgery. Going to Doctor Bar to unwind. I need an hour to myself, but I would love it if you would join me for dinner at 7:30" or whatever, then he doesn't need to have a damned girlfriend. And, I know, it's a relationship of convenience that I'm twisting myself into a pretzel over. I'm just so sick of the partner who wants more communication, more openness and honesty labeled "crazy." How about...y'all are just "incompatible"? I'm tired of women prefacing their stories about their significant others with, "Since I am completely crazy, I asked my boyfriend to call me after a guys' night out and he didn't call me for two days, and I know it's crazy for me to ask that of him, but now that he didn't call...". I think couples should be free to make their own rules, and whatever they agree to should govern their relationship.* *Of course I'm going to snark on it if I don't agree with their rules, such as Braunwynn and her husband having thressomes for 'special' birthdays, but at the end of the day, it's their business. What seems manipulative to me is to say "ok" to something, not to do it, and later chalk up your lack of responsibility to "pressure." Ok, now that I've thought about that far more than Kelly has--by this point in the convo, she is asking Brian if he gets turned on by "boobs" (hate that word)--I'm going to stop thinking about them. By "them", I mean Kelly and Brian and boobs. But I repeat myself...
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