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  1. Wow, a missionary visa isn’t for the average Joe to stay in the country?! Geez, color me surprised! I’m intrigued by Arielle and Leandro. I’ve never had an ex relationship like this and have never had a partner with an ex relationship this intimate. So Ari just disappeared one day without discussing where the relationship stood then resurfaced to announce a surprise pregnancy? So bizarre and intriguing. Bini’s surprise attack was pretty barbaric and I’d be appalled if someone suddenly turned a simple training session into a full blown fight. How awkward was that dinner with Tsion lol
  2. I think Kalani enjoys talking shit about Asuelu to her family. I think she enjoys the attention she gets as feel as well as the pity and sympathy. Not sharing a bedroom does not HAVE to mean there is no love or romance. Kalani is absolutely ridiculous; has she ever met another couple with young children? Of course you don’t have much time alone or to yourselves! Or course he doesn’t focus on little cute romantic gestures! Everyone is utterly exhausted and spent while raising toddlers. And omg, why are they CRYING?! How are they able to conjure tears at a furniture store on a showroom bed?
  3. Because of exactly what happened to Myrka. Attalie is her and Ethan’s responsibility and NO ONE else’s, no matter what they promise. Charlie and Michelle owe her nothing and sure, they’d be dirtbags to go back on their word but they certainly could. That’s why I say if YOU and your partner cannot imagine a way to feed and clothe and house your own child, you should not be having children.
  4. Myrka showed some maturity and awareness when she expressed that her presence put strain on Ethan’s parents. It might not have directly caused their divorce but it undoubtedly contributed to it. But Myrka’s tears were 90% about herself; she’s worried about her own future without financial support from Ethan’s parents and her own loss of a surrogate family. Unpopular opinion but if you cannot fathom a way to feed and clothe your baby, you should’ve scheduled that abortion. Ethan seems SO childish to me. And slow. How rich are Michelle and Charlie that they’re able to afford college for Myrka as
  5. Brandon is a weasel-faced little bitch. After Julia cussed him out for his lack of support, he laughed and said “whatever”. Even my toddler is not this rude. My mouth is agape that he would say “please don’t plan weddings and ruin someone’s special day”. That isn’t pessimism. That is dismissive and cruel. If I tried, I would not be able to be this rude to my partner. In the 10 years I’ve been watching reality tv, I’ve never fast forwarded through any part of an episode. I’ve sat through it ALL. But I fast forward through Libby and Andrei because her grumpy cat mouth and chin annoy th
  6. I majorly judge Mackenzie and Josh for their shitty parenting as evidenced by their 4 year old’s teeth. That kind of dental work can only be due to lack of any brushing/cleaning and/or going to bed with a bottle. I have a 3 year old and sometimes he can be psychotic but Bronx laughing at the notion of biting his teacher was frightening. I wouldn’t have taken it so lightly. But I give Mackenzie major props for advocating for her son’s needs when Josh would much rather ignore it (and his son). I know I’d be an anxious mess losing a grandparent and moving to a new state that’s 20 hours away from
  7. Omg stop with the insistence of a “bond” with Leah, Amber. If you have to insist you’re a good mom, you absolutely are not. Somebody watching your lame ass Instagram stories does not indicate the process of a bond. And of course all good moms reach out to their kids via Snapchat and accuse them of being fake! Leah’s realization that Amber is nothing but the uterus that housed her is giving me life. I wouldn’t have had the courage or clarity to voice that kind of opinion at 12, so I give Leah massive props for her maturity and wisdom at such a young age. She’s sticking to her boundary of no 1:
  8. Such a boring episode. Alex’s poor, poor grandma. It’s so sad that Julie’s pregnancy automatically meant more bills and childcare for her because Julie’s been such a consistent deadbeat. It’s very difficult for me to imagine her being sexually active. Aden is on his phone, bored to shit waiting for the arrival of his son. He can barely be bothered to look up. I’m sure he’ll be a lively, attentive father. I totally, completely understand Myrka’s desire to breastfeed. My first breastfed easily for 16 months. My second required exclusive pumping, supplementing with f
  9. Ugh I just realized this should be E10 but I don’t know how to edit post titles. Such a newb. I’m nauseated by the fact that Aiden, who finds his girlfriend’s labor “annoying” is going to be somebody’s father. I give it 2 weeks before the baby’s needs also become annoying to him. I’m Canadian and don’t know anyone who was induced but it seems so prevalent in the US! And of course we don’t know all the information, but Jenna’s reasons for inductions seem to just be “because I want to”. I remember having so many petty, stupid fights with my high school boyfriend and I cannot even fatho
  10. Lol at Natalie treating the legal counsel as a therapy session. Is she dressed in that skin tight midriff top to entice Mike and remind him of her irresistible sexuality? Were her boobs always that big? Mike looks like he can barely stay awake, he’s so bored by Natalie and her boring problems like expired visas, a deadly new virus and travel restrictions. Geez, why does she keep asking him about their plans like she has 24 hours to figure out her life? Annoying. Rebecca looked god awful in that dress. She kept touching her midsection probably because her lungs hurt from being sque
  11. Yes Lilly, I’m sure Lawrence is devastated about not going to a baby store and scanning registry items. I cannot believe that this girl who’s pregnant for the second time before 20 is having a second elaborate baby shower. First of all, baby #2 can ABSOLUTELY use everything you had with baby #1 even if they’re a different sex. Lilly did not have a Pack n Play or breastfeeding pillow from her first baby? And wtf is a spaghetti salad?! Poor Layla, whose mother thinks she’s property and thinks the cuteness of a bow outweighs her daughter’s comfort. It’s very telling that she cared more
  12. Amira is SO fucking dumb. Andrew’s gaslighting and blame shifting and non-stop threats aren’t an indicator that oh, I dunno, maybe he’s not a suitable acquaintance let alone fiancé? What is wrong with people?! He’s making it abundantly clear he doesn’t respect her or want to be with her. Take a god damn hint. Natalie drives me insane but I really felt sorry for her. Nobody, not even psychotic clowns deserve to be broken up with on the morning of their wedding, and especially not during the beginnings of a confusing pandemic. In March of last year, I was sanitizing my door handles a
  13. Mackenzie really shouldn’t be on her phone while speeding down a freeway, crying with grief. Isn’t there a better time to do that? Her daughter is a very old thumb sucker. Truly no judgement there because I’m fairly certain my son will be a 7 year thumb sucker too, despite my best efforts to curtail him. The lovestruck look on her face when Josh called was disgusting. I truly wish she’d forget that idiot and I’m confused why she wanted him to come and now doesn’t? Her Florida house looked pretty cute and it was nice seeing the kids so excited. I can’t believe Maci’s segments are abou
  14. Mackenzie needs to start divorce proceedings. She earns the money, she’s beautiful and thin and doesn’t look haggard and exhausted like the rest of us with young kids. She doesn’t need that comatose moron; she’ll hopefully meet some gorgeous Puerto Rican who’ll make her forget who Josh ever was. Good for her for telling him off because he really is a horrible human. Catelynn is so neurotic about being pregnant because she has literally nothing else going on in her life. When the rest of us get an inconclusive test, we wait a day or two and test again instead of buying and wasting 8 t
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