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  1. @athousandclowns, or on a blind date like me. But I agree: Just throw a little tequila back and see what happens!
  2. I was just reading an article on this! A LOT, and I mean a lot, of men don't work. Take out homeless/mentally ill/unable, take out disabled, take out wealthy and don't need to, take out retired at 55 thanks for asking, take out stay at home dad.....there are MANY men (and women) who won't work. I mean, what the holy hell? Glad my siblings are all workers......and savers!
  3. I think it was the green card but I really think Drizzly just arrived with a delivery.
  4. It is 100% cheating as his INTENT was to bone her. Just because you were "on a break" Ross Gellar, you were STILL CHEATING.
  5. Again, this is said from someone who likes them and bought a Cameo from Alex: Just take a break from social media for a while and enjoy your little family. In private. Then again I am off IG now so I won't be subjected to the many photos plus the many MANY shares.
  6. She can still receive it as long as she remains a US citizen. There is no excuse for Sumit to be.....anything. His career seems to be scamming, lying, drawing things out, being weak, being broke, and being a weak simpering man. Not really sure what they see in each other. Maybe it is best they are together so they are off the market. but just stay off my tv. Then again, I am only halfway in on this season anyway. Steven to see how dorky he can really get, and, (hangs head in shame) these two fools just to mute her every time she mentions: visa, passport, marriage, timeline, borders, "Yo
  7. That was my nickname in high school, thank you for mocking me. 😉
  8. I would pay for live tv to make THAT happen! Just her daughter plus spouse on PT in general!
  9. Every time this thread pops to the top I think she had a hit taken out on Michael.
  10. Evelyn's sisters too. I wanted Corey to not throw the soup, just get up and walk away and file for divorce from that condescending, hateful shrew and her coven of sisters. She has never shown love for anyone but herself. My internet is STILL out so I skim through the Sunday drop on D plus. Can someone clear it up for me id Alina aver actually agreed to convert to being a Mormon? Like 100% all in, yes I am telling my mom and everything? Cause he seems like he is pushing it on her a bit too strong. And if you do convert, is getting baptized again an actual thing? I ask as I was
  11. I just watched the whole thing. Fast forwarded through a lot. Jenny gave me a hearty laugh when she told her son oops I mean Sumit that when she makes up her mind to do something, she does it! I ff through most of Corey and Evelin but she and her sisters are cruel and degrading towards Corey. Steven, you are weird. Bini and company: don't care. Kenny and Armando I ff through as I am positive it is all for show. Sumit's parents show up next week!!!
  12. Molly has always given me hives. Her whole drawl when it comes in handy, I am a helpless female.....choosing Luis over her daughter, which f**ked that relationship FOR LIFE as my mom did that too, and that wound NEVER heals, my friends. If I went on a date with a guy and his friends started drilling me I would, legit, get up and leave and block him. What is up with THAT? "What are your intentions? Do you have a job? Are you going to leave him someday? WHAT WILL YOU BE FEELING IN THREE YEARS?" And I fixed your response for you.
  13. That picture of the alleged second husband looks like she is visiting him in prison. I watch too much Love After Lockup, I guess. That bandana look is not attractive.
  14. Take 25. Telling her that a big red flag, no big red blanket is about to be waived in front of her.
  15. My internet is STILL out at home and I don't want to use my data to watch it. And my data is unlimited, lol.
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