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  1. Hi back! Thought I saw your name in that thread. It is a dumpster fire of a show on TLC about the 90 Day fiance process.
  2. YOU WENT THERE! Thank you. Holy moly do people really stand around and discuss that they are having trouble getting a jonnybutch? This made me laugh! Do I know you from 90 day? If so, hi!
  3. No empty nest till 60? And no guarantee he will move? Ahhhh.....it has been my dream to have a baby with a dimwitted man who barely speaks English. At age 42.
  4. I am going to leave this right here. My hubby sent it!
  5. I just really NEED at this point to have KIMBAAAAAAALEEEEEE ask a cab driver, cafe worker, anyone if they have heard of Usman. But she must know the answer, right? RIGHT??
  6. 1000% this. My childhood was awesome and again. I just want to say thank you to my deceased parents for NOT bringing us up in a cult. I mean, really. First bolding: I know, right? Second bolding: B-I-N-G-O is his name-o! I have an actual sibling who is a therapist. She would not watch this show in general but if she tuned in once she would be like, nope. Live it all day, do NOT need it in my off time.
  7. A few thoughts: I am super grateful my parents did NOT raise us in some weird fundamental religion where there was no tv, no radio, etc. Have you known these people as adults? Some can shake it off but others, not so much. If I were in any area of performing arts no way no how would my hubby be around. Separation of church and state. He would, however, keep his lips zipped.
  8. I have not been to Alaska but Denali, Gateway and Glacier Bay are on my list of places to see. KIMBAAAAAAALEEEEEE needs to have a friend just give her the facts. And stop writing checks.
  9. Sorry for the confusion. I should have said Elk's Lodge or something. Heck, it could be ANY watering hole. Ever noticed the percentage of men to women? 10 to 1! I was cute when I was 19, too. Heck, I am still cute! Who am I kidding??? Lol!
  10. They find them at the VFW in Grand Rapids, MN. NO NO NO! You need to hang in there with the rest of us and snark away! You are in a cult! YOU CAN'T LEAVE, DAMMIT!
  11. I will say this: after watching Sunday's episode, I am, and I am not joking, planning a trip to Turkey. Not kidding. Then I really got going: Turkey! Budapest! I am getting a Eurorail pass! I was going to go summer 2023, but not to get heavy, I just turned 57 and my dad died suddenly at at 53 - please no sad emojis, I worked through all of it and I am good. The thing is, I am not promised 2023, no one is. First I was like, one week! Then, You ain't working ESY (well maybe I will, lol) so let's make it two weeks! And I am going to learn a few words and phrases in different languages,
  12. I do not care for Allina either. Blabbing your sexy time, sending your friends in to do your dirty work and the biggie? Talking in Russian in front of Caleb" About him? Double yuck.
  13. One of Darcy's spiked ones that got caught in the escalator?
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