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  1. Completely agree. I know of A LOT of women who are like this: "No, you are going to squeeze the toothpaste THIS WAY DAMNIT!" like who the hell cares. He gets a job closer to home or working remotely? (Careful what you wish for, Natalie, Mike could be home 24/7!) I think these two started out harmless enough - we are the godparents, we are both single, maybe we can hit it off? Well ya didn't so time to part, yes? No? Gonna drive it into the ground and try to make something work? Okay then!!!
  2. It ends at 5am! Per Tarik and Hazel - she needs some of his HOR SAUCE to perk herself up!!! I found that awful song on youtube.. I lasted about 15 seconds. It was THAT bad. Okay, I am going to out on a limb and say our boy Brandon is over the top with this one. Julia perhaps did not like a meal or a drink ONCE and wham she is labeled hard to please. Funny, because she seems to roll with the punches on the farm on the daily!!! Me, again, would have been booking the first flight outta there with no hint of where I was going and blocking him on my phone and email.
  3. With cat hair on it, a al Coltee and Debbie. Andrew is whiny. And dramatic as well, like the kid who did not get cast in the play in junior high or high school and now it his big chance!!!
  4. I would have been up at 2am, packing, calling an Uber ang getting the hell out. Seriously, I would have been gone. Or. "Brandon, I want to try this Uber thing to go to store while you are at work." Then packed and left with a note on the table, and made sure my flight was gone before they came back and kidnapped asked me to come back. You mean when they took more luggage for one night than hubby and myself took for six days in Florida?
  5. "You can't bring her tea in the morning!!" We are being punked, right???
  6. Fourth. Then date one of THEM, Tarik!!! "I wish I had known that before she went through my phone....." Perhaps you should be asking why she is going through your phone, Tarzel. "I was checking on Minty to make sure she was okay with this Covid"......"and to see if she was free for a hookup!" Rebecca: "I would have given anything to have the day off to spend it with him!" You had HOW MUCH TIME to know he was coming? Ask for a day off, fool! Ask some friends (or a friend) to come by to say hi and take him to lunch? Sightsee? Not gonna lie: I kinda like the exposed brick in the apartment and the huge windows.
  7. Like I have said before, I ask my cleaning person if there is a special soda, bubbly water or coffee she wants when she is here cleaning and no one here is sleeping with her, lol!!! Sadly, the parameters for abuse in many states is low. If there is access to shade, access to water most are good to go. Sad, I know, as I used to volunteer in a shelter (and still foster in my home) and we fielded a lot of calls. I do NOT like that damn "farm" either, but the animals seem to be safe and fed. Still assholes for breeding.
  8. So I assume you have seen the commercial for Smaht Pahk Huyndai 2020 commercial?
  9. Are you from Boston? Can I hope you stay wicked Fah Apaht on your birthday or is that just not funny at all??? Either way, Happy Birthday fellow Capricorn!
  10. I think he signed a contract that he could not get out of, hence he is with Hazel. Plus he DID invest in that AWESOME "Tarzel" necklace!!!!
  11. We have an even center near us called "Green Acres Event Center" and yes every time I drive by it I belt the theme song out. Yep - I have a friend whose son is getting his AA at a community college then heading to welding school. He will probably make more then me starting out....and good for him!! 90 - 110 is average, 111 is getting into the superior range and your childhood IQ rarely changes unless you have had a brain injury or traumatic event. So drink and game away my friend!!!
  12. Me too. I mean, if I am so dang smart......why am I am still working? Why is my income not in the six figures? (I am a sped teacher.....it is NOT, I assure you!) Happy Birthday @Boston!!!! He really should invest and turn that into a pot plant - and I don't smoke pot but I think it should be legal - he could make a FORTUNE. Natalie should smoke a few bowls ON THE DAILY and chill the hell out. Living in a nice home, backed up against a beautiful forest, with a kitty witty to keep me company? Yes please.
  13. I admit I did not watch the episode (Tampa Bay vs the Saints!) but could it be her ticket was one way? Or was the plan so stupid that it was never going to fly? Perhaps getting immigration advice off Reddit is not such a great idea, Andrew. (It pains me that he has that name as my son has that name and I can assure you my son is NOT a tool.) Being empty nesters, we don't make a dinner every night, we kind of wing it. Having said that, I do NOT need anyone hammering away at me for my dietary or drinking choices. I like Diet Coke. Not the healthiest thing, but I like it. I don't drink*, do drugs, smoke, etc so I do not want ANY guff or my Diet Coke, thanks. As someone who had gastric bypass, all the nagging over food will do is send Mike to the McD's drive through a few times a day and hide the evidence. "I love you, you are perfect, now change! AND GIVE ME BACK MY RING YOU SLOVENLY FILTHY LOW IQ PIG!" Maybe that is why, so far, I have a spot for Mike - in some ways (only some ways) he reminds me a little bit of my hubs: Six foot seven, LOVES his ribeye, loves a beer or brandy, loves a pasta dish, but loves a salad daily as well, just a chill dude with zero interest in organized religion but hey I am not gonna stop you from going to church. * = this show is making me question this choice, lol!!! I think you answered your own question, my friend!!! As a shelter volunteer and foster dog/cat mom, I can't with the breeding at the "farm." Just no. And yes I think his parents expect him to live there/buy the place and be there forever and if he wants to paint the living room someday he better get their permission first!!!
  14. Two drinking game squares: "My Ex From Tunisia" and mentioning Zied's age to random strangers.
  15. Or she killed Mohammed. She is trying!! Will she make it as a nurse? Maybe, maybe not, there are lots of different fields - she could be in a doctor's office and not in an ER, so you never know.
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