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  1. I believe Dan's brother was still married when custody was awarded to him and his wife, when they divorced she kept the kids. Can't say about Betty's parents.
  2. You heard right: I just watched the ruling again, the judge said "$16,000 monthly until the death or remarriage of either party." That seems really odd as Dan could get married the next day! Per the damn china: Just return it. Get that energy out of your house.
  3. Good to know - so that means, from my count, she has at least five. I believe the youngest boy has three. Why do I care? Oh yeah - it is 95 and muggy outside, there is COVID and I can't go anywhere, lol!!! I was 24, not married and lots of time to follow this drama, lol!!!!
  4. One would think with all that time on her hands she could get the story straight, I read a story a while back (I am sorry I can't remember the source) where someone was interviewing Betty and the big takeaway was: Every other woman seemed to be bitter or mad but Betty was as happy a little chickadee, happily talking to others and just as happy as can be! Either she is delusional or really likes prison life. I also read that she wants visits on her birthday and Mother's Day but not Christmas or Easter or big events, she does not want the kid's memories of Christmas being in a jail. I truly hope, for her sake, that when she goes again at age 84 she shows some remorse. "Well I had 40 years to mull this over....turns out I was wrong! I never should haev shot Dan and Linda!!"
  5. This is a really good point. I was born in 1965, came of age in the 70's and no one I knew had a mom with career. The only one I knew of was later, my first hubby's mom was a teacher her entire life - no gap to stay home with the kids. I am still incredulous that Betty thought that $30,000 a month (in 1989 dollars) was not enough. It is a slap in the face to all these women who get NO support from their ex's. I had a friend who was married to a dentist - she worked for him, knew the books and everything. (He grossed over $250,000 a year) Their divorce took YEARS, he stopped working to avoid paying her, all the slimy stuff. His intent was to destroy her. She never drove a car through his house, she led her life with her head held high adn since moved to a smaller town. Good for her. Dan is a douche, no argument there, but Betty was self enititled, smug, and selfish. I am divorced and remarried and I always say, and no I did not invent this: The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference. I do not care one bit what my ex does....I don't care. I did a little jig when our youngest graduated high school and turned 18 a week later - no need to talk EVER AGAIN unless absolutely necessary. Which for me was never. Exactly this - it was 1987-89, not 1929!
  6. In the Meredeith Baxter television version of this, a seasoned female employee confronts Dan and says, and I paraphrase, "Look, you moved a chippy who can't type into her own private office....we have eyes!" She was more diplomatic than that, but yeah....people knew. And it was portrayed way worse when Betty stopped in with champagne for his birthday. It was portrayed as if he was gone all day with Linda and his staff, to Betty was like: "Yeah....this is embarrassing.....here you are and there they went!" I wonder what would have happened if Betty had sold the Coral Reef house, accepted a generous settlement and gone back east near her parents? I imagine Dan and Linda javing two kids, and in twenty years leaving her as well. Who knows? From what I glean only the youngest son has kids, I can't tell if Dan IV has kids or not, it appears the two girls do not.
  7. I agree - I want to know more about Linda and what made her tick. In other versions she is painted as very kind and loving, and I am sure she is....but like, you, @txhorns79, I would have packed my stuff and been gone. Plus as a 22 - 25 year old, a 40 something man with four kids and a VERY unbalanced wife was NOT in my wheelhouse, lol. I agree. I don't think the judge was showing favoritism, he was just annoyed that she was not moving off the "I am going to make him find fault with Dan" angle. And her ploy to have the court open backfired, too. The reporter? I really think she wanted a PR piece on her, forgetting the reporter has to get Dan's side of things. I think Betty thought being married to a lawyer would make her a de facto lawyer. I believe Betty scrawled that writing on the newspaper clip. I don't think anyone ever mailed it to her, unless she mailed it to herself. And considering her mind, anything it possible,
  8. Not to be off topic but that is classic victim shaming/blaming right there.
  9. Thank you for that clarification on it being between manslaughter and Murder 2. Parole in 2032? She will be 84 or so? Apparently her second daughter Lee is all for Betty living with her. I do not think Betty would hurt anyone else, she is no Night Stalker nor Ted Bundy, but she does need to pay for her crimes! She shot two defensless people! Five times and killed them.
  10. My hubby is a gun enthusiast and when he heard that, he just went "Wow."
  11. No kidding - dropping of the kid or kids and then leaving, not knowing if Dan was even home WAS abuse.
  12. I tried to remember last night: Death Hag, Find a Death....I was spending too many brain cells on it, actually. I am sure the Kolkena family wants it all to go away but never can, so they are not talking, nor should they!! I do remember when she was up for parole in January 2010 - she went on and ON about how Dan and Linda made her do this, they were to blame, etc. I am sure the parole board (who I assume have heard A LOT) were like......"really?" I need to read that book! I am surprised that she did not ask for custody. The thing that gets me is Betty had this great life, lots of money and, I am sorry to report, her hubby had a wandering eye. Welcome to the club. She was offered A LOT of money and presumably, never would have to work if she did not choose to, yet she still blew it. If my ex hubby offered me that much in alimony, I would be making him brownies every month and delivering them! As for her parents saying, no, we are done: Can you imagine being around her? It would be EXHAUSTING. And let's face it, parents know their kids. They knew she needed to reel it in as well. I do NOT get how the jury did not find her guily of first degree. Second degree (as I understand it) means no intent. She harrassed them, threatened them and drove over, broke in WITH A GUN and shot them! How does that NOT show intent?
  13. I watched all the episodes in a row yesterday, and althought this is clearly slanted towards Betty and is anti-Dan, I still found it interesting. I followed this back in the day, followed both her trials, read every book and have seen, seemingly, every news program and mini-series on her, Dan and Linda. My thoughts: All were toxic. Betty could not accept a divorce, and I agree with Dan that no money would have been enough for her. I do have to say I LOVED the scene where Dan told her, "No, you are NOT gonna tell me who to hire and fire at MY company." Dan and Linda - engaging in an office romance while you are her boss and married: both gross. Betty: Accept he does not want to be with you. I have a hard time with her inability to accept six figures in alimony. Yes, he was a big earner but dang!! She should not have been surprised at not getting custody. She rammed an SUV through his house. That is seen as unstable, as it is!!! I have heard a rumor that Linda is not really buried with Dan, her family did not want her near where they felt the problems arose. Just a rumor, though. I am not on as much as an anti-Dan bandwagon as others, although he was a dick, but man.....dealing with Betty? Never knowing what you are coming home to? Chocolate cake smeared everywhere? Breaking into your house and breaking stuff? There was an interview with a lawyer who disputed Betty's theory that no lawyer would represent her. His words were, and I paraphrase: "Yes Dan was a shark but San Diego is a very large city with many sharks, she could have found someone." I felt kinda bad for Betty at the hearing, she kept trying to get Dan to admit to an affair but Cali is a no fault state. Sorry, Bets. She was in waaaay over her head.
  14. I thought I saw her drinking from a bottle as well. Per Mother Jihoon saying she would have preferred a Koren DIL, why is that so tragic? They never said or insinuated they did not like her, Jihoon was answering a question. I would like DIL's someday (like in ten years) that I can communicate with as well!
  15. In all fairness, it is with the over 70 crowd. (We visit my MIL in a retirement community.) The life long Floridians have a leathery look to them. Agsin, it could be smoking and or poor genes as well. I hope I did not offend...I love Florida although here in MN it has felt like Florida lately!
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