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  1. We sleep apart as my hubs is a six foot seven heat machine, and I am a toss and turner. I toss twice and dear Hubby is like: "You were tossing ALL NIGHT!" Mike also threw in another "She has gotta work on that!" again. Oh lord I forgot Brandon and Julia. She went for a job to be a wedding planner, was told to be more familiar with the vendors, etc. Brandon was the typical thief of joy. She hates the farm life, shocker, and Brandon is happy to play video games. Next week: "Let's meet my friend Melanie from high school!" Julia proceeds to lose her shit over the hours and hours
  2. Okay, here it is: Angela met with her doctor, they called Michael. I fastforward through these scenes. I was glad they put her under so she could not talk. Jovi and Yara: Holy hell. Did everyone know that Yara just had a baby? That she is overprotective and misses her family? That she is obsessed over HER baby and and won't stop yammering about her? And that Jovi is leaving? Yara won't leave the baby with anyone until she is six months old yet bitches about being tied down. Tiff and Ronald are......wait for it.....fighting. She has a new apartment. Ronald is upset
  3. Angela's surgery does not go as planned, Andrei deals with Libby's family at work, Kalani's candor offends Assuelo. Julia reveals a new side of her personality. Ronald is jealous of Tiffany's fresh start, Michael and Natalie deal with the birthday fallout.
  4. Because, to me, many MANY women hold onto a dated look as it a comfort to them, no matter how horrid it has become. Anyone remember the lady from Texas on What Not to Wear? With the BIG Texas Hair? Cried at her haircut and went right back to extensions and BIG HAIR - a giant FU to the stylists. She also went back to her rootin' tootin' good time cowgirl wardrobe as well.
  5. Loved Justin! So determined and just a good guy all around. Maja: Oh Lord. Yeah, keep losing 8 pounds a month, leave Houston and go home to your mom and grandma and all the home baked carb filled goodies and start fighting with everyone. Sounds like it will all work out great! And Maja? CUT. YOUR. HAIR. I am glad Crisshun is free of her weird ways. I can't help but remember when she fell in the parking garage and looked like a giant beetle on her back. Yet I did not feel bad for her as she was so rude to the car rental clerk. I can't express how much I love this!!
  6. Yep, when she said, about Punchable Charlie and Andrei: "They better work it out", uh.....no. YOU stand up for your husband and say "He is my number one, just like your wife is YOUR number one!" The best thing she can do is find employment outside of her dad and limit what she shares. Oh, and Punchable Charlie? I was "a little rowdy" on some vodka back in the 80's in college....YOU WERE LIT.
  7. Sarah is/was in love (and married him while he was in jail) to a guy named Michael, who let's just say, fidelity was not his strong point. Upon his release, or "off tether" as the kids say these days, she got knocked up.....again. And he had multiple women on a string and yet she was/is trying to change him into a family man, which he will NEVER be. She just can't quit him! Or won't.......
  8. And I am good with that. You mean Sarah from Love After Lockup with Michael??
  9. This whole movement of sending pics of your privates.....please just stop. I am no prude but please......full on stop. I know you have junk down there, I am aware you have junk down there. I do not need to see it on my phone or laptop. Never ever would I have thought, as my two kids were 2.5 and 4 years old, that someday, the birds and bees talk would include THIS topic, lol!!!
  10. Me too. Pay off my house, pay off what is left on my car and work when I have to. Sounds good to me! Of course, OF is really not my style...... House Hunters: "I make sculptures out of wet cereal and my wife makes ornamental squirrel pillows! Our budget is 2.1 million!"
  11. I once had a doctor say that if she could prescribe exercise it would be the most common prescription, ever, and I believed her! People gotta move! It is not that hard to incorporate fruit, vegetables and salad into your life. I had to take the McDonald's app off my phone as I was like, "Hmmm......that sounds good!" It wasn't a daily thing but dang those daily deals are yummy! Yep - my hubby would rather date a Tiffany than, as he puts it, "a bag of bones." ME ME ME ME ME!!!!
  12. Not sure - in my 20's I had several forms and was NOT afraid to talk and discuss. When she is on , we have closed captioning on and the tv is on mute. I can't stand that cackle or all the talk that EVERY! MAN! in AMERICA! is out for her so you better watch it, My-Kul!!! Yep, and I I were Ronald I would fully expect to see Carly showing up on FB, IG, or whatever the kids are using in the future calling baby dad #3 "Dad" - she did it with Daniel she will do it with Carly. 100% this!
  13. Once Zied can work, let's get him a job at the hot chicken place. Rebecca can keep an eye on him all day long!
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