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  1. I want someone to point that out to her. Today. I agree. How frustrating to do that with a guest at a BBQ for thirty minutes, let alone your future spouse?
  2. @mamadrama, my younger son drove home from Virginia from his NASA internship in August and said WV was stunning. Thank you for sharing the photos of the house.
  3. Yes and her comment on "sitting around in the basement, smoking weed and playing video games like a teenage boy" was off putting. Has he ever given that impression? Is that what she thinks of teenage boys? Syngin is being a good sport about all of this, as I really really REALLY want him to ditch Tania's ass while she is studying to be a bitch oops I mean witch doctor.
  4. This^^^was the post I was thinking of when I wanted to chime in and say he was SO full of himself per: Julianna's sister needs hearing aids. OF COURSE I am going to help her. Why aren't you a benevolent guy? Why must you advertise this? His constant comments on how rich he is, followed by her narrative of being poor and stealing food, coupled with the age gap - no wonder people are giving you the side eye. And tell your wife to stay out of your business with the talk of the prenup. Not her business. At all.
  5. I thought it was a combo of Shacking up and living together. Per how friendly Michael and Sarah are: My son, while home on break, borrowed my car to go to dinner with his brother and dad. Fine. THEY USED MY CAR! I was like, your dad was in my car? I tried to be all stone faced but I was like EEEEWWWW! I need to light incense and have a ceremony to de-funk it now, thanks!!! So hell to the no on him ever being in my kitchen, driveway or garage. Or even my shed, lolol!!!! @mamadrama - I agree that your area of the US is indeed, some of the most beautiful in the whole country.
  6. Or: "Didn't you say that last time??" Exactly this. I am going to throw serious cash your way we need to get two things clear: Dress like a professional and give me details on where my money is going.
  7. Anna needs to expand her horizons. He is not worth the drain on your life, Anna, no coitus is worth what you are doing to your sons.
  8. I really can't take Anna. I wanted to like her, I really did but her choosing Mursel over her kids is just painful to watch., especially since she said she would not choose him over the kids. But she does this on the daily. Seeing the promo with her tiara and sash at a bachelorette party just makes me realize she is going to marry him. He brings NOTHING to the table!! It would be like having a robotic person walking around, saying "Anna - I do not know." "Yes Anna." "I don't know with that glazed look in his eye. No coitus can be worth this, Anna. Had he rolled up in his $500,000 car I would have charged $20,000 without batting an eye.
  9. I have a friend who, along with her then husband, shared with their kids they were divorcing. Fine. TWO WEEKS LATER he has them sleeping on the floor of his apartment while he was in the bedroom with his new woman, who I am sure you can all connect the dots that she was not too new. The kids were in older elementary and middle school grades so yeah....they connected the dots. Sasha's head is an odd shape and I can't take the cadence of how he talks. "Emily....is.....upset....with me. She....does.....not......feel......that.....I am able.......to....take care......of my......son!" Gotta say Emily's voice would cause me to day drink.
  10. Any financial obligations to his kids (medical, dental, school costs, college) would be spelled out in the divorce decree. Michael can, if he wishes, marry Julianna and make her the sole beneficiary on everything if he wants. I doubt he would as he seems like a nice guy. My chatter on being pro prenup is to protect Julianna. He could leave her high and dry and homeless if he wanted to do so. Again, probably not as he is a harmless fellow. If he buys her a car it should be titled in both names or just hers. Are we related? The whole "stay together till the bitter end" line of though bothers me, too. So with my first marriage I was supposed to be downright miserable every day? And I was only 45!!! 40 more years with OCD/Anal Retentive/Stubborn Eeyore? 17 years was enough thanks for asking!
  11. I always liked Alla, I wanted her to drop kick the weird BFF who seemed to have a crush on Matt. I figured that, I use my Capital One card to at Aldi and I get a notification, hard to fathom such a large charge not getting flagged. I agree with poster who said she needs a bilingual attorney ASAP. She should push for a prenup as it will only protect her. And Sarah? "Yeah, hi!! You need an officiant? I can help! Have you guys talked about a prenup? No? Sorry for the awkward conversation! Gotta go!!! Bye!"
  12. I agree and there seemed to be a disagreement on her arrival, like she moved up the date and got there too soon, perhaps he was banking on a later arrival and his parents would have been gone. For Blake to think "Well I am just gonna move the bags in, she won't say anything" was so miscalculated. Both my MIL's felt the same way. Neither of them would have zero problem saying exactly what Blake's mom said. Blake had to know this!! I kinda liked watching Blake squirm on the couch. Then they lobbed one more at him: "You are welcome here, Jasmine, when one of us is home." LOVED IT!!!!
  13. 100% this. Whenever she starts in with Joey being a problem I am like, no, you are the cause of all this. And for what? A guy who stares blankly at everyone and everything and hates everything (seemingly) about Nebraska. When I saw the clip of next week of her sitting there with a "bride" tiara and sash, starting to cry I was like oh girl just no. Just stop. I want Syngin to clean up the shed, put it back together for Tania's mom just how she likes it, then calmly tell her he is leaving. Or better yet leave a a note to say he is leaving!!! He is like a hostage at this point. Blake, you KNEW your parents would not allow her sleeping over. I thought Jasmine would be relieved to have to sleep with him!!!!
  14. Okay. I have to share: My hubby's parents* were (and are) straight up gangster about people living together without being married*. You. Just. Do. Not. Do This. Period. Blake had to know this before, I mean, my hubby knew this when he was 10!! *= My first hubby's parents were the same way. You are living together? Then you must be married, right? *= When my second hubby left college/grad school with a woman 12 years older, to live with her, unmarried with zero plans to wed.....it was NOT cool.
  15. Anna's problem with her boys, especially the oldest, go back to before Marcel arrived. There is something more to it than Murcel. She cries at every opportunity over this sad sack lump of a guy who does not like Nebraska, her cooking, her eggs, her clothing, her drinking or her kids. He even thinks she is a bad beekeeper. Angela, I am so done with your "He better get approved or we are DONE!" We have heard that so many times. And what is with that thing on your mom's chin?
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