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  1. I agree that she has seen more than others and can spot a BS artist off the bat. Except for that pesky ex from Morocco!
  2. Now I need to go watch the tell all....... I agree on dialing down the baby. If Robert and Anny can keep their baby of the screen, so can you.
  3. I have Discovery Plus and....I kinda like it. I say EVERY WEEK - "Nope, not gonna do it!" Then on Friday I get super excited as HEA dropped on Friday. I have a problem......
  4. I thought her dream was to be an actress. Or journalist. Or wife and mother. Or to rid the world of alcohol. And red meat. Or hug trees. Or be sporty.
  5. I agree. Betty was 100% wrong in having that party but they were rude to walk out. You could have stuck around for an hour. I was wondering that the others do not watch the entire show, only the snippets they are given for commentary for PT. Anyone who saw the entire thing would never side with Trish. Mike, your WIFE is in the car, upset at your MOTHER'S ACTIONS and what do you do? "Geezaloo momma, she is really a psycho bitch from hell, no? Not sure what the bug is up her ass!"
  6. I will say this about Rebecca: I like her a whole lot more on Pillow Talk than on 90 Day. She calls people out on their crap (Trish, I am looking at you!)
  7. Line of the day!!!! Those damn scarves - like who the hell cares? They are in a Goodwill or Value Village near you. Plus if you give me one scarf, I don't need one every year following. I, unlike you, an not a hoarder. And I would squeal with glee (see what I did there?) at throwing all those pigs away someday. Look, I like owls and I have, I think, two in the house. Per the promo for next week: Michael, LEAVE ANGELA NOW. No one talks to their spouse in this fashion. No one. No one should have to listen to that. Especially us. Angela is homeschooling? No she is not.
  8. You know, Danielle is kinda harmless, she needs a stylist and some confidence.....and new friends, lol. Yep, I can NOT take a season of "Will or won't I have a baby when I had a tubal?"
  9. Man, he is just.......I have no words. What is it with the young girls?
  10. We have Sling Blue (I think, lol) and the biggest difference between the two is Sling has news channels, like CNN and MSNBC. My Sling carries local channels, but I get those through Locast anyway!
  11. Kinda sad that out of all of these I want to watch Danielle the most. Fernanda has a high opinion of herself and I find her whiny. Not watching another minute of Brittney.
  12. I am with whoever said they are teaming up to make her miserable. Because no one is that horrid.......are they?
  13. Oh and let's not forget Mike coming up from behind and grabbing her lower darby, despite her protests to stop. In front of his mom.
  14. No, no she is certainly not. I watched a few minutes of the Salmon and Salad one. Did we not know how to sprinkle oils and salt and pepper on a salmon and make a salad? Couple of things: TIE YOUR HAIR BACK. I am sure you did but could you please show us washing your hands? Then they will fist fight and shove each other over a quarter.
  15. If Roseanne Barr, who is a VERY famous person with a LOT of clout, can get fired ASAP after tweeting what she tweeted (and blamed it on Ambien) Ed should get yanked ASAP. Aw, shucks! Thank you!
  16. And don't forget them complaining about how much they gave up! What did you give up, exactly? You can Zoom/Google Meets all day long while I am work, you CAN'T work for a while so I am supporting you so I am not sure what to say here. Can you go online and find Russian/Ukrainian/Columbian/Tunisian people around here to talk with? I like the poster who said all these young people who "gave up everything" to come here really didn't give up much - it is not like they sold their home and two cars and left their grown kids. Well, Jenny did for Sumit but she was such a dim bulb I think her
  17. Yes. Excellent point. Why do broke people make stupid decisions, have kids and then complain? Why do I care?
  18. The sad thing is: I believe this could happen and yet another baby is brought into the mix.
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