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  1. Or your pressure cooker!! I am an Aldi fan and sadly, no deli or bakery there. Good for my waistline and checkbook!!!
  2. I agree, but as I said earlier, I am a budget grocery shopper and I can make a whole fryer in my pressure cooker (stuff it with garlic, lemon, onions and lemons - learned this in 90 Day Foodie, lol) for a fraction of the rotisserie. Plus chicken is NOT that hard, Tiffany! YOU CAN DO THIS! I have, on occasion, picked one of those up - YUMMY! I did not know that! "In US, we all need certified. Certified this, certified THAT!" Yes, Julia, that is how we keep people safe and secure - to know your trainer knows what he or she is doing! Tiffany may win an award for outwhinin
  3. I am done...DONE I TELL YOU with these ladies who are involved/married/living with guys who ARE EMPLOYED but their jobs take them on the road or work late, like Jonathon being a realtor. "I am lonely! I miss you!" Yara is the worst.
  4. I cancelled Sling as the only thing I was watching live was Pillow Talk. I could not take "Go get 'em Angela!" and "I love her SPUNK!" - I have said it before but her scenes should come with a warning.
  5. I would live in my car to get away from Brandon's parents. I watched the whole thing on Friday on D+ and I am just getting around now to addressing it. Why is it called Happily Ever After when no one is happy? Julia, you are in a gym. High heels? Really? Just what is she doing, go go dancing at a gym? Is she teaching aerobics in heels? Tiff - go home. You are miserable, Carly was tired and miserable, poor Daniel was stuck in the middle of scraping cardboard off a floor (not sure how that happened) of a windowless escape room. I am a planner and a budgeter, so to see Tif
  6. My first MIL was constantly commenting on how mobile I was. "You know, in my day the new mom was in bed for a week." She wanted to come over and watch the baby so I could be in bed for a week. "You need to sit. You need to nap." Me: "You need to stop talking."
  7. Anna and Murcel - You want to drive from Omaha to Syracuse for an egg retrieval? Pump meds into your body? Hire a surrogate? Find child care for Leo? Find someone to cover the store? Pay lots of $$$$ for this? Asking, in a roundabout way for your kid's blessing to have a baby? Girl, you are braver than me. Beekeeping must pay more than I thought! Danielle - good for you for pole dancing. You are, shockingly, the least annoying person to me. Oh what a surprise - your three besties showed up. Again. Their story just shows how clinging to this storyline the TLC brass is. They mar
  8. As a WLS person, I can speak to this: she had MULTIPLE diet plans and MULTIPLE meetings with a dietician, surgeon, psychiatrists, therapists, etc, plus a DETAILED plan of what you can eat and when. Clear liquids, full liquids, pureed foods, etc...... When you can eat food again, you eat one thing at a time, then wait to see if you vomit from it. Throwing all that stuff in a blender is a no no. But she is horrid on so many levels I don't care. She wants to divorce/split from him so she can be on the Single Life.
  9. There is a big following of Gwen who love her, but I find her annoying. "What if you want a nap? What if this? What if THAT?" Good gosh, unless Myla Voxx's safety is at risk.....SHUT UP. I can't take Yara's whining either. Then again, and I have said this before, I wanted ZERO help when I had both my kids. Stay away, I got this, I want ZERO audience and I will feel like I am entertaining you. Go. Away."
  10. 100%. With this day and age, AND THE INTERNET, it is baffling how many young people claim "I did not know" about birth control. I told my sons, now 22 and 23, "Nope, not raising my grandkids. Loved being a SAHM....LOVED IT but now? I am done."
  11. I saw a clip on IG of PT and could not believe how pro Angela they were!
  12. Because a producer told her to, lol? I stopped Pillow Talk as it was draining/upsetting to hear people say "Go get 'em Angela!"
  13. This is one reason I cancelled Sling and only have Discovery Plus. I was watching D plus all the time and realized the only reason I kept Sling was for Pillow Talk. I mean, Angela's scenes need to come with a warning to domestic abuse survivors as it is VERY hard to listen to he. Blaming Michael for a habit you started before he was born?
  14. I watched the whole thing on D+. I have no words. Well actually, I do: Angela is horrid, and I don't think it is an act. Claudio deserves an award. When it airs, all you fine folks will understand. Yara: Stop with your moaning and groaning. You have a tiny IMMOBILE baby. It is not that hard to take of Myla Vox. Gwen, shutee upee. Kalani: We are on a romantic getaway (with my mom and kids!) so yeah, I think I will drop that I spoke to a divorce lawyer. Mike: all three of you are horrid. You, your mom and Natalie. Family Libby: Yes, they all (sans Charlie) cli
  15. Nah, she will pick another loser that she can be a mommy to.
  16. I think Dean has a very healthy ego, being a firefighter and Air Force Guard guy. He looked just as bad as Jeff. Who knows now, but A LOT could be prevented by leashing the dog. I agree. I had a golden once and she was super friendly but I ALWAYS had her on a leash. Sure, I know she is going to run up to you and sit and wait to be petted, but you DON'T. People can really get petty about their pets. A neighbor put up a small sign saying something like "please pick after your pet. If I am outside (she loves to garden) you may throw it in my garbage." What happened? People came
  17. As someone who has a Tiffany tea set listing on EBay for $500, this made me laugh out loud* Full disclosure: My MIL bought the tea set, my hubs inherited it and we are UNLODING stuff from our house. But I would put the gravy in a nice gravy boat. Heck, I put cream for coffee in a cute server on weekends! As a teacher (SPED) those scenes are very hard to watch. I wanted to yell: "Hey you two! Let's write a four part apology letter before recess!" And I work with K-5.
  18. THANK YOU! I was watching with my hubby and college aged son and we were all yelling at the tv: "LEASH YOUR DOG!" This was another one where, sadly, no one looked good. If you are going to replace a fence, call the city, know your EXACT boundary line and build a six foot WOOD privacy fence. And ignore Jeff. Second bolding: Me thinks Dean had GOOD lawyer to argue the charges be dropped. Or as a firefighter he had connections. I mean, he loaded FOUR bullets into Jeff's chest!
  19. Both of those women were petty. I did not like real life Lora either. She was all proud that she married Alvin in prison. I am totally with Alvin's sister, saying BOTH ladies needed to move on. When you are an adult, and saying the words that I bolded.....you have a problem. Just ignore them! And I would NEVER give a neighbor money nor garlic salt (or whatever it was) at 9:30 at night. Me too!! Why the overdone eyelashes? New episode tonight!
  20. And remember his attitude towards his employer? He was so proud that he got out of paying him back, or something like that.
  21. And I suspect his criminal past has more in it than gambling. Drugs and DWI's/DUI's as well.
  22. I have really come around her, Never a hater, but never a Mo hater either. She just rec'd her LPN and good for her for not turning to Only Fans to support herself.
  23. I am sure this has been mentioned before, but what is it with the only child of divorced/widowed/still married women? Brandon, Colt, Mike, I am sure there are others. Brandon has sibs from his dad but said he had never lived with them. I know PLENTY of solo moms (my sister is one) and I assure you, they have a very healthy relationship. I agree - the dresses/tops with her breasts out on display are not flattering. At all.
  24. Same with Darcy. I have been serious (and dated) exactly two men since 1992 - married to both. It would be odd to get up on tv and within, what, four years? Five years? And announce three different guys as "The Love of My Life" Then again, my soulmate was my dog Maggie so what do I know?
  25. I have mixed feelings on this one. She was legit hurt, and should have sought help a long time ago to help her ease her trauma over the rape. The whole family needed it. But when she went to confront her ex I knew she would be full of hot air. I also predicted she would look WAAAAY better after 90 days, but was let down when she relapsed. I want these people to get sprung and live in sober housing FAR FROM HOME, not back into the poor family dynamics. But man, she was drunk/high ALL THE TIME.
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