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  1. My prediction: Angela never registered the marriage in the US, they are not legally married here, Michael will tire of her crap (abuse) and now we all get to see Angela on "The Single Life" - ugh. Angela on a date: "You know, I am a strong bitch who can take care of myself. Are you good in the sack? (Or some other crude comment - followed by her trademark cackle) followed by: "Who are you LOOKING AT? The cute server?" Followed be her storming off to smoke and announce to no one, "I am a strong bitch. I don't need no one."
  2. This is highly unlikely. Like other posters have suggested, Ronald has ZERO intentions of coming to the US, hence has tanked the interview, trying to force Tiffany's hand into coming to SA. She refuses, Daniel begs to stay in US with Gramma, and then we call a divorce attorney.
  3. If Brandon and Julia were smart they would research where the demand for his job is high and MOVE THERE. Somewhere with a low cost of living. And adjust your cell phones that incoming calls from Mommy can only come in at certain times or off to voice mail you go! She is unsure of what to go, right? And nervous over Ronald's interview. Thought I heard her say those things.......
  4. I did, but I was kind of in and out. "I am going to marry the love of my life" Again. Was there something epic I missed? I can put off pulling weeds to watch it again, @mamadrama!
  5. Yes it is a public school rule. Private schools take no federal funds so they can do what they want. As a special ed teacher, I can't work in a private school as they are not required to recognize special education. Sped is paid from a different pot of money. As for Tiffany homeschooling Daniel: HA HA HA HA HA! The chick can't figure out she is pregnant, does not make enough to sponsor Ronald, yeah no.....gathering materials, lining them up with state standards, pacing out lessons, assessing those lessons.....not gonna happen. And if Daniel DOES miss a lot, he will probably not be re
  6. Of course! It is Cameo. My Cameo for hubby is available for others to see (public) and you can watch it! My only tick with Cameo is you get a really short window to tell your spouse's/friends/coworkers interests. I really want for Alex to mention a certain National Park that my hubs LOVES but there was not enough room. And if you do watch it, the birthday wishes were belated but that was my fault, not Alex's.
  7. I can probably try to answer that: In Minnesota, we can not teach to anyone online/in a DL model who is not in Minnesota. Even if they go to Florida I can not teach them. (Why a kid would want to go to school on vacation is beyond me. Then again parents who take their kids out for a week annoy me as well, lol.) I would need a teaching license from that state or country. We have an Indian/African population and kids will go there for three months to visit and I am legally prevented from teaching them. We were told that by the state, I can't imagine Maryland being much different. The seco
  8. It won't work that way. When a student moves to another country, even for a short three month visit, we can't teach them in India, S. Africa, France or wherever as we are not licensed in that state. We had quite a few student go to India for months long vacations, a few to Somalia and were told, by the state, that we were not allowed to teach them. So if I were to work at a DL school that taught kids in California, I would need to be licensed in California. And she has been smoking longer than Michael has been alive (she started at 14) but still blames him?
  9. I agree that she has seen more than others and can spot a BS artist off the bat. Except for that pesky ex from Morocco!
  10. Now I need to go watch the tell all....... I agree on dialing down the baby. If Robert and Anny can keep their baby of the screen, so can you.
  11. I have Discovery Plus and....I kinda like it. I say EVERY WEEK - "Nope, not gonna do it!" Then on Friday I get super excited as HEA dropped on Friday. I have a problem......
  12. I thought her dream was to be an actress. Or journalist. Or wife and mother. Or to rid the world of alcohol. And red meat. Or hug trees. Or be sporty.
  13. I agree. Betty was 100% wrong in having that party but they were rude to walk out. You could have stuck around for an hour. I was wondering that the others do not watch the entire show, only the snippets they are given for commentary for PT. Anyone who saw the entire thing would never side with Trish. Mike, your WIFE is in the car, upset at your MOTHER'S ACTIONS and what do you do? "Geezaloo momma, she is really a psycho bitch from hell, no? Not sure what the bug is up her ass!"
  14. I will say this about Rebecca: I like her a whole lot more on Pillow Talk than on 90 Day. She calls people out on their crap (Trish, I am looking at you!)
  15. Line of the day!!!! Those damn scarves - like who the hell cares? They are in a Goodwill or Value Village near you. Plus if you give me one scarf, I don't need one every year following. I, unlike you, an not a hoarder. And I would squeal with glee (see what I did there?) at throwing all those pigs away someday. Look, I like owls and I have, I think, two in the house. Per the promo for next week: Michael, LEAVE ANGELA NOW. No one talks to their spouse in this fashion. No one. No one should have to listen to that. Especially us. Angela is homeschooling? No she is not.
  16. You know, Danielle is kinda harmless, she needs a stylist and some confidence.....and new friends, lol. Yep, I can NOT take a season of "Will or won't I have a baby when I had a tubal?"
  17. Man, he is just.......I have no words. What is it with the young girls?
  18. We have Sling Blue (I think, lol) and the biggest difference between the two is Sling has news channels, like CNN and MSNBC. My Sling carries local channels, but I get those through Locast anyway!
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