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  1. I just watched the whole thing. Fast forwarded through a lot. Jenny gave me a hearty laugh when she told her son oops I mean Sumit that when she makes up her mind to do something, she does it! I ff through most of Corey and Evelin but she and her sisters are cruel and degrading towards Corey. Steven, you are weird. Bini and company: don't care. Kenny and Armando I ff through as I am positive it is all for show. Sumit's parents show up next week!!!
  2. Molly has always given me hives. Her whole drawl when it comes in handy, I am a helpless female.....choosing Luis over her daughter, which f**ked that relationship FOR LIFE as my mom did that too, and that wound NEVER heals, my friends. If I went on a date with a guy and his friends started drilling me I would, legit, get up and leave and block him. What is up with THAT? "What are your intentions? Do you have a job? Are you going to leave him someday? WHAT WILL YOU BE FEELING IN THREE YEARS?" And I fixed your response for you.
  3. That picture of the alleged second husband looks like she is visiting him in prison. I watch too much Love After Lockup, I guess. That bandana look is not attractive.
  4. Take 25. Telling her that a big red flag, no big red blanket is about to be waived in front of her.
  5. My internet is STILL out at home and I don't want to use my data to watch it. And my data is unlimited, lol.
  6. I kinda was, too. I bet Anne will find a way to cling to Kelsey via social media or some other platform. She realizes she is not up to snuff compared to Kelsey and will suck up to work alongside her someday. I think she is a good cook, but as someone else said, she probably has three or four dishes that are REALLY good and that is what got her on the show. In all fairness, Kelsey was consistently good.
  7. Aw shucks. Many people rag on Natalie or Julia, and other females, many with very good reasons. I often agreed. I think because Tiffany presented so well, with hair and makeup being on point, dressing well and (usually) having a flattering outfit on she slid by. But her total and complete bullsh*t over not EVER owning her own crap was SO DRAINING. Then, on the tell all, her lovely MIL was so supportive and reaching out to her. Tiff cries. "Why are you crying, Tiffany?" Did Cold Shoulders say wow I am filled with regret over my actions? No. Did she say I am just scrambling to get stu
  8. Is tonight the final episode? Is it two hours?
  9. Yep, I hope the sex was worth it, lol. I think they met a year prior when she was in Jamaica but had not stayed in touch. (Read that someplace.) But yes, they had spent 17 days together and now she is pushing for a fiance visa. I would refuse too. Seems like the episode that dropped on Labor Day was the last one. So......looks like Sherlon is a long distance dad. Anyone surprised? I have rehashed this before but I did feel a little sorry for her as she was clearly regretting getting pregnant but then came the harping on him over the K-1 and after the baby was home came the whole woe is
  10. He had days to drive across the country to learn some Spanish. No, no, no, you are fine! Go back and find the epic post from summer of 2019 (maybe 2018 I can't remember) how I UNLOADED on tiffany for being a horrible person. Tiffany broke the three C's of addiction: You did not cause it, you can not cure it, and you can't control it. But, in all fairness, she, like a lot of people, think they CAN control it. Ya can't. Then I unleashed my rage at her involving Daniel in adult decisions. Then I went to town and back over getting pregnant six hours after landing. So, @bichon
  11. Trust me, at the end of this you will be paying movers to have Liz move far, far away from that troll. Look up Liz Ed phone call" on youtube via Dr Kirk Honda and you will agree!
  12. I have never cared for Molly either, especially with the "Ooopsies! I guess we are married!! I thought it was just a license! My bad!" Because some people give their kids authority to dictate adult choices and now those kids are in school, thinking they can dictate their day. I waited 11 months before introducing the man who is now their stepdad. Not eleven hours like these fools. Devan (of Jihoon fame) took the cake by having a MAN SLEEP WITH HER TODDLER - cosleeping off the bat. Gross.
  13. I never found that to be entertaining. Maybe I am a rough crowd. If he sat next to me I would politely ask him to stop. If he kept up, which I am sure he would, I would just straight up tell him to shut it. After that I would ask to change seats. I don't like ANYONE talking to me ad nauseum on a flight. About anything. Although......I would take his religion talk over someone nattering on about their baby, toddler or grandkids.
  14. That whole argument reminds me of the middle schoolers I work with who hang on to real or perceived grudges FOREVER. Or as they say 4-EVAH!
  15. Was he on? EWWWW! Well in all fairness Julia did a great job auditioning for the show. I have no live tv (except antenna) so I don't miss it. I would love to be on the show with my hubby! He can snark like no one. And I am bitchy and sarcastic by nature, lol.
  16. "Welcome to Wal-Mart. When is Sumit going to marry me?" My internet is STILL out - grrrr.....so no following the live chat and I have not even watched the episode that dropped on D plus. When it returns I have a A LOT of catching up to do. Skimming this thread....you guys were on fire tonight!
  17. It just seems like Kelsey is the Chosen One, that is all!
  18. Well her auditioning for the role on the Tell All clearly worked! I don't have live TV so darn.....gonna miss them. I stopped watching Pillow Talk when the cast was all "Go get 'em, Angela! You tell them!"
  19. I hate that term too. I had WLS and what was I getting revenge on? Carbs? And for the record, I never posed with duck lips and took selfies. Not sure that was a thing back in 2006. I still eat protein first. How some of these fools gain it back is a mystery to me. Like you REALLY have to work at it to gain weight back!
  20. Martine - she bugs. I kinda like Stephen, not sure why. I need to add to my annoyance of Ary: "Yeah, I am a single mom, but come into my mom's house where I live, free, have some coffee and a snack that she bought, turn on the A/C with the electricity she pays for, oh wait did I tell you I am a SINGLE mom?" Dude ain't coming to a cold place to live. If I were her mom I would be like no way no how is that man living in my house. Figure something out. Martine yammered on and ON about demanding a ring then suddenly - nope, I am good. I have an issue, clearly, lol, with women
  21. I have a hunch, and it is only a hunch: Autumn will win. It is has been edited and portrayed that Kelsey is the shoo in but I don't know.......I just have a feeling. Autumn pulled some out some pretty impressive meals that wowed the judges. I noticed this too. As a special education teacher it bugs me when neurotypical kids are praised for behaviors that my non neurotypical kids are criticized for.
  22. They should just go off and have a Cliff Claven and his mom kinda deal. Waaaaay too enmeshed. I agree. Ellie seems wounded and Stephanie was just drunk and high on painkillers.
  23. How up each other's asses these people are makes me laugh out loud. Look, I am close with my siblings but good fences make good sibling relationships!
  24. Was it any more staged than the Ari telling Bini's sisters the "great news!" that her ex was coming to visit and to stay with them?
  25. Ha ha! I just asked the middle school staff during lunch if there were any watchers and sadly, no. It is for the best, really, I am weaning myself off except for the two new couples. I can only take so much, lol!!! I will still tune into the live chat to read the snark when my internet returns.
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