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  1. I think the gifts were cheap ass jewelry, gift cards to the butcher store and Total Wine and More, socks, some lingerie (for him) plus a bone for the dog or something. I agree about the gifts - you can do what you want! To put a condition on it makes it NOT a gift. Per whoever said this season is gross and only these threads give it life are spot on. I saw a promo for the new TOW and I am not watching, plus I don't get TLC anymore, lol. Six couples, only two are new. I am OVER Gramma and Grandson Jenny and Sumit.
  2. @Xebug67, I really would not have scooped through and got her. I would not want her in my house, lol, telling us to go to church, telling us we can't have ribeye or a libation. They are all horrid. She does not get to show up and tell my educated self I am low IQ. Or badgering me that root beer might have root beer, lol. I want them all off my screen. Natalie is still a piece of work. Let the hooker comment go......until the tell all, lol.
  3. The thought of flying to another city, with all the baby apparatus, with my MOTHER IN LAW to bone is just too much to digest. Look, just drop the baby off, say you are doing some errands and go to a hotel for noisy afternoon sex. Waaaay less cost and stress. Yep to say he has no motherly instincts is bull and HIGHLY offensive. He has fatherly instincts you awful thespians. I want them all off my screen. And please......no spin off, TLC.
  4. I know it was a sitcom show but it reminds me of Everyone Loves Raymond when Debra and Peggy (the girl scout leader) are fighting over who gets a prime real estate spot to sell cookies. They are going at it but when their daughters come back from getting ice cream they are all "Oh hi Peggy! Nice to see you!" "You too, Debra! Now listen you take care!" I wish Tampa Trash could do that.....but it is an empty dream. 100% to the first bolding and 1000% to the next. I think there IS footage and they are holding onto it. Fighting/having conflict is not wrong, it is part of life
  5. You clearly have not seen me in the summer during a non duty day.
  6. Sigh.....I always say I am done. Then there I am, Friday mornings, coffee and tasty pastry in hand..... I do mute Tampa Trash and ff Angela.
  7. Except i dont think mike and Natalie are fake, sadly
  8. Women's breasts are for feeding babies if you choose. Jovi and Michael can shut their pieholes. As awful as Mike was in this one, Jovi and and his whining: Jeezaloo yara you used to be my hot sexy vacation f&&k, now you are a boring ass mom who has zero chill. Michael, you don't need to obsess over her breasts. They are not your property.
  9. For those of you who commented on termination for Jamaica girl who let got pregnant by her vacation f&&k: Spot on. He has zero intention of not sleeping with tourists, sleeping with women at the resort, getting married, supporting his son or moving to Illinois. Like I said earlier, she was crying with regret in her talking head. He will be gone 100% from her life in a year. I can't stand anything about Jamaica, lol. All that "Hey man! It is island life, man!" And the accent is a turnoff.
  10. Sweaty heardband. I hopped on an IG 90 Day Live chat group and was surprised by the Team Mike comments and Natalie getting dragged. Not a Natalie fan but this was cruel.
  11. Thank you!! This scene made very uneasy. His smirk......
  12. He got her gifts that would please him: sexy underwear, etc.
  13. Watched the second one. Aryanna is having body issues again. I feel for her. I hope I am not swayed. Sherlon has no other kids. Martine is giving an ultimatum. That rarely goes well. Younger Stephanie from Miami's boyfriend quit his job. Cut your losses and go home. The other couple was boring.
  14. I am sure it has been mentioned but I am tired of the constant shouting about how much time is left. The pastry chef Master Chef was all; "THREE MINUTES HAVE PASSED!" when they were in the pantry. Good Lord, how about saying there are three minutes left? And down the rabbit hole I go!
  15. Yep - my hubby is one. Skinny supermodel or Ashley Graham? Ashley all day long!!!!!
  16. I think too much about this but I would say "Sorry Mom and Dad, management will not allow anyone not on the lease to have a key." Then I would request management to tell me if Mom and Dad requests a key from management. I would be beyond pissed. Mom, Dad.....LET GO. IT IS FREEING! Plus you can have lots of noisy sex!!!
  17. Mary Stauffer was the name, it is Season Two Episode Ten, my friend! One more thing about "Your Worst Nightmare": they do a GREAT job with the acting and special effects. There was one where guy was rebuffed by his neighbor and he spent six YEARS plotting revenge. Six. Years. I was watching with my hubby and college age son and we all agreed to fast forward through the torturing stuff. I can't take it! What is it with these guys who can't take no and come back and torture and kill a girl? I mean.....really??
  18. She used to be very overweight and got into lifting and lost a lot of weight. She is still curvy, and that is fine, however, she struck me as someone who never got any positive male attention and Sherlon took FULL advantage of this.
  19. I started a thread for it (but now there are two, lol) and it is okay. There is upper body nudity of women and a waaaaaay too close up shot of a guys junk in a speedo. The Island Boy is Sherlon (Shaylon?) and the whole story is sad. He is a 35 year old who knocked up a 25 year old and she has HUGE regret for not using condoms. These ladies who think their player "boyfriends" who live this chill, laid back life where the temperature is 80 year round, have jobs that let them sleep till noon and party till 3am and sleep with a new woman every week but are magically going to step up, be da
  20. I love this! Great minds think alike..... Lots of people seem to have an odd hatred of Discovery Plus but I LOVE IT. So much content, 90% is up my alley for $5 a month. (Don't care for Chip and Joanna.) I think know he used his firefighter/military reputation to his advantage. There was a true crime re-telling of an incident that happened here in the Twin Cities (Roseville) where a former student of a high school student was obsessed on her. He did a "dry run" where he climbed up through the crawl space into the attic/upstairs where her and husband w
  21. For the record, I was dry as a bone dropping off both my kids. "Bye!! See you on Thanksgiving!! Peace Out!"
  22. Awesome. She would have made him jump through hoop after hoop to receive his money.
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