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  1. I watched the whole thing on Friday. It was so boring and more of the same. I ff'd through Angela's stuff as I don't care. You scream, belittle, shame and demean him but now you want to sexually connect? Yeah.....okay. Yara, you are a rude whiner. Your baby isn't that cute, either. (Sorry.) Tiffany and Ron: Girl, find yourself a fixer upper in your hometown. Kalani and Boo Boo Butt Butt: Stop sharing loving photos on IG then having a conversation that contains the words: "You need to talk to your mom to not beat up my sister." Mike, you are up there with Ed and An
  2. I just drove through Pennsylvania and I agree with this 100%. At times I needed a translator!
  3. PREACH! I have nattered on about this before, but I remarried a few years ago to a man I knew from childhood. We were childhood friends, knew each other as teens and young adults then no contact for about 25 years. We dated for 11 months before I would have him meet my kids. Ronald lives in his own world. So does Tiffany. So do all these fools.
  4. It is my belief, and someone can correct me, that as a non US citizen he can't be paid from an American funding source. I just a clip of PT on IG and omg......David is HUGE! Sorry to body shame but man......cut back, man!!
  5. In 1976 (I was 11) we dropped my older brother off at college about six hours away. I was seated in the front, between my parents leaving campus. My mom, who NEVER showed emotion, leaned over, dropped her head in my lap and SOBBED for about an hour. My brother was her favorite son and she never made a secret about it. When he got engaged, to a WONDERFUL woman who has made him happy since 1987, she looked at the ring and turned around and left. Yeah, so Betty is not so amusing to me. I agree 100%! The money can't be THAT good to defend Angela. Her scenes should come with
  6. Oh my gosh - that Pete was a piece of work. I can only assume that if anyone had pulled out a video camera/phone to film Pete his head would have popped of in rage. I wonder if the widow feels any guilt over staying. I would have moved so far from that psycho it would not have been a topic for discussion. "We loved the neighbors!" Yeah, well your new neighborhood with have new friendly neighbors and NOT Pete. Build a house, sell it and move. Philly: Bobby and Kenny. Oh boy. Did Bobby have a mental break with reality? NOT defending him, as the guy is dead, but man.....cool off an
  7. Okay, THIS made me laugh out loud. I am still laughing at it!! I have nothing to add except that Angela needs to be removed from the show. Now. Tiffany, cut your losses and go home. You got pregnant by an unemployed felon who is still not employed. Mike, are you really that much of an asshole? Kalani and Boo Boo Butt Butt: don't care. Yara, I am tired of your whining. She has fans but I am not one of them. She is writing a blog/vlog whatever it is of her day. Like who the hell cares? No, I don't want to watch you make the bed or load a dishwasher. Brandon an
  8. Oh God......Jesse is back AGAIN! WHY TLC WHY??? "I will never.....(crying again) be loved!" And again with the 46 year old woman wanting to have a baby. "We have been together six years and it has never happened naturally - well yeah, you have lived on different parts of the PLANET, Stacey.
  9. I was looking for Nicole (of Nicole and Azan) when I was in Bradenton, Florida........ :)
  10. Yes, one just turned 22 and the older one is 24 in the fall. Oh the days.......
  11. I am really a little embarrassed that I know/remember this, but I thought I read that in California, a baby born to a married woman: her husband is the presumed legal father, so Kris' lawyers were like: CUT HER OFF NOW. Divorce her and ditch the annulment. Was this correct? Why do I care?
  12. And Danielle. Sadly, it is no longer a thing. It is too bad, as after my WLS that show inspired me to dress better and to know my strengths and weeknesses. I could eat a turkey breast roast on the daily like it was my job! LEAVE ME ALONE! He is missing school as he can't learn remotely in SA unless his teacher is licensed in SA. (I am a sped teacher and we go through this when kids leave for weeks or months. They are disenrolled after.....14 days?)
  13. @Persnickety, persnickity.........you are a wise person, I have read your posts. If she went to bed with Carly, how could she nag Ronald?? 😉 Okay, I REALLY need to talk to you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. My kids were close together (less than two years) and girl.........I was doing everything and my hubs (ex hubby now, lol) would come home, eat dinner with us, obviously, and take the kids and dog for a walk so I could have some time, probably to clean, lol. HOLY MOLY said my mom....GIVE HIM A MEDAL! He walks the dog. I was like, yeah.....and how about me? Look, we don't get into pare
  14. My guess: Daniel was raised primarily by Tiff's mom, who laid down rules and boundaries. Tiff, not so much. As a teacher (welcome to my TED Talk) I can't count high enough parents who want to be their child's friend and can't say no. Or worse: Stick around as he feels guilty and needs to take care of her. I agree and I agree with the poster who does not like it when parents argue both in front of the kids and/or while holding them. Hey Nasty Family Libby: My son, who had stitches as an hour old infant due to being cut on the head during a C section, roll
  15. I think it needs to be verified how legal their union is.
  16. I will be gone next week. My son and I will be in Yankee Stadium watching fireworks!!! Subway series, baby!
  17. Everything! He looks like a teenage Target employee in that red polo!
  18. Yep but then what would she complain about?
  19. Hooked her up? Did you just call her a hooker?
  20. Which is why Aldi does not sell deli or bakery items, at least not in the US. I agree! It is so moist and yummy - never dried out.
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