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  1. I always thought a US company can't pay a non Us citizen. I REALLY want to be wrong as the thought of Michael relying on getting money through Angela is horrifying. And Abuser Angela finally admitted that Skyla is not giving up the egg.
  2. As a native Minnesota girl I kinda love you. I am just watching the July 1 episode now (out of town) but Annai, really? It is a BAKING competition and you made a no bake dessert. And it was crappy on top of that. It was really nice to see Aaron in the top three as he was so crestfallen the week before. I know some feel it was beaten to death, but no way does someone feed her family at 47 cents a meal.
  3. Mean. verbally abusive, untruthful, thinks waaaay too highly of himself, defends his mother over his wife, belittling. I could go on. Per the drinking: I am never offended when we go to Applebee's, an afternoon baseball game, whatever and someone is having a beer. But these people....drinking at a two year old's birthday party? But that is the least of these Poddhast family problem.
  4. I watched this on D plus. I won't spoil anything but: Please, if you have been in a verbally abusive relationship, please mute Big Mike. I am 100% serious. Angela is 100% horrid on her own, but Big Mike equals her if not surpasses her in this one. Mike gets Trish involved, again, via cell phone so it was even worse than usual. He tried to get the crew involved too. As much as I believe the Poddhasts are all producer driven and they are angling for their own show, I believe Mike and Natalie are 100% them. He keeps defending his horrid mom and she won't let go of the hooker comment (and
  5. Help! Our streaming stopped three minutes before the end. Who got booted? I, too, do not believe Lexi feeds four people at $40 a week.
  6. I had to look up "odious." You are very correct, friend.
  7. I could not agree more - there was one with the male/female owners of a side by side duplex where he became unhinged and crawled up through her house, killed her and had 100 snakes or so could be a rival. But yes I looked up the Florida psychologist on FB, too: Boy isn't she a peppy little thing with ZERO remorse?
  8. I feel both proud and unclean at the same time. The sad and impressive thing is: I popped that out in one try!
  9. There once was a woman so horrid We can't believe she is recorded Her clitorious is on fire Barf bags we acquire Brain bleach we are awarded!
  10. And if there was, be glad your man is not broke.
  11. They both should have thought things out before getting pregnant a second time with Mylla Vox.
  12. This is off topic, but I need to share how sheltered I am: I know none of these items mentioned except for soda water and cherries.
  13. I was born in the United States (I am an AMURRICAN!) and i keep $100 in a zipped compartment in my purse. Especially when traveling. I do not like surprises.
  14. First, my husband had a girlfriend a few years ago who would say: "If you don't know I am not telling you!" He was like, BYE! Second, I agree and then many men do NOT accept a request to stop.
  15. Thank you! Had I found a stash of cash of my husband's I would be like: "Yeah! We be balling TONIGHT!" I hate to defend these witches, but two of them appeared to have water in a wine glass. I notice these things, too!
  16. It is up on Discovery plus. 42 minutes of AWESOME!
  17. I think men want to think women like them. News flash: we don't.
  18. Okay, we are sisters: I thought the EXACT same thing about Oscar Pistorious too.
  19. You will need libations. Drink every time you hear: red flag, not sure,not ready, "questioning things" or trust issues. Or they switch out the She-Ra headbands, or make a passive aggressive dig at each other. I do give props to divorced Mom and Dad sitting around, chatting and eating. Me no do that. I will be fine on a wedding day, or similar, but just because? Let's talk libations my friend!🍺🍷 I once learned my exhusband was a rider in my car and was like.....EEEEEWWW!!!
  20. Dr Pimple Popper!! Darcey: "Here we go again!" Darcey, we ALL feel that way. I am into the photo shoot scene now and I may peace out. If I were that photographer I would LEAVE. "Lady, I AM THE PHOTOGRAPHER. SHUT YOUR DORITO SHOOT." And for the record, my husband has never said to me: "Shut your mouth. I am serious." And I talk A LOT. I can't take Georgi as his hair reminds me of a New York Yankee fan on the subway who was drinking and smoking pot and using profanity and thought he was the sh*t. (Please don't come at me hard, Yankee fans, that game was kinda trau
  21. I am old enough to remember the Unibomber and yes, yes he DOES look like the unibomber! Okay, I was not going to watch this trainwreck but ya know what? I don't work today so.......here goes.
  22. Season 1 of 90 Day: Caribbean Love will feature four couples: Aryanna and Sherlon, Steven and Martine, Mark and Key and Amber and Daniel. Aryanna is six months pregnant with Sherlon’s baby, so she returned to his native country of Jamaica to see if they have a future together. The Illinois native is also hoping to find out if Sherlon would be willing to move to the United States and get married. Steven and Martine met when Martine went on a cruise to Steven’s native Barbados. But the couple is experiencing trust issues after Steven cheated on Martine once in the past — and she has vo
  23. I laughed out LOUD when she was nattering on and ON about wanting to be a SAHM then after 8 HOURS she demands a nanny. (That was a few weeks ago but it stayed with me, like a bad rash.) Why, oh why......do people complain about their spouses to their families? I mean, my hubs is the BEST and we rarely argue but if I do have a small complaint it is this: He leaves cups or plates EVERYWHERE. And we laugh about it. Very solveable!!!!❤️
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