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  1. Yep - I am NOT a fan of Julia. She is a Mean Girl who thinks she is superior to Natalie and probably every other female on planet Earth. But she is absolutely 100% correct in THIS case with parents, adult kids and money. There are a lot of parents out there who would gift money to kids for a house and never speak of it again, but not those two manipulative a**holes. Mom's complaining "Well we have to do it ourselves!" Yep - or HIRE IT OUT. I had a LARGE (large to me, lol) gardening project where I needed a 20 foot by 6 foot area that had dandelions up to my waist with the hooky thorns re
  2. It is also a mortal sin to leave Washington state while separated and move to Florida and possibly date. I am not a violent person but I want to punch Shruggy McShrug square in the mouth.
  3. I don't want to sound like "that poster", lol, but it could depend on the state. I am in Minnesota and I had to provide the month and year it was final and what type of court. Me being me I brought the decree with just in case I had a super clerk but I did not have to show it. I am a teacher and my stuff is nicer, too, probably because I married a man who does NOT settle for cheap stuff in terms of furniture, furnishings, etc. And my diamond ring and gemstone rings are real and small and classy.
  4. 100% this. Waaaay too overinvolved!! Same with Brandon and his mom: "Yeah, I need to get away from Julia so rather than go golf, or bowl, or hey kick back a pint with my all males buddies (no wives or gf's reporting back to Julia), naaaaah - I will to go Mommy and complain about her. Them Mom will say "Yeah, we knew she was changing you." From what? A Man-Child still dependent on his parents? To a grown young man of 28 who needs to cut the cord?
  5. I was just trying to make a play on words as she loathes that farm with the intensity of a thousand suns. The only thing she likes is her dog Simba. Please not she never says she misses her in laws. Not that I blame her. Trish and her Neck of Epic Proportions show up, too.
  6. They live in the Inner Portal Of Hell. It is my understanding they had ZERO interest in being on the show. I am in that camp, lol.
  7. I am attempting to watch this on D Plus. Nothing happens for the first fifteen minutes, it is everyone arriving. Like who cares. Angie makes a grand entrance and I muted her. My casting kept buffering and seemed to only buffer on Shrug Face Mike, so I am taking this on a sign to go work in my garden. Julia is about to go all Mean Girls with Jovi and Tiffany on Natalie. Tiff, ease the throttle on the calories. You look visibly larger. So farm Julia clearly has an agenda to get a lot of camera time and said under her breath "Get back to your country" or something similar towards Natalie.
  8. She will have a makeup line to promote in 3...2....1.....
  9. Okay, not to get off topic, but my mom was like this: I took care of two boys, less than two years apart all day. Loved it so I am not complaining. I would head off to work around 5, my exhusband would feed the kids and take a walk and take the dog. My mom wanted to throw him a parade. On the daily. My work was never recognized as I was the mom. By the way, I am totally stealing "frost my ass."
  10. I have Discovery Plus and I have ZERO intention of watching them drink, argue and fight and pile on Andrei when they SHOULD be piling on their shitty dad. But can't kill the goose now, can they? Is this season 2? Because D+ only has season one. Can you share what singles are on, please?
  11. I apologize and will admit this is off topic, but is there a thread for the ID show "Reasonable Doubt"? Seems like the folks here would like that show as well and I would love to hear other's opinions of it! Thanks! Is there a specific show you are looking for on Bravo? I can look at D+ and see if it airs!
  12. I also read (not verified) that Ed is back. Just no!!
  13. Is this airing on TLC as well at a specific time? I don't have live tv so I am confused how we can have a live chat when people can watch it anytime they want on D+.
  14. I have Discovery Plus and it is had not dropped yet. Still only season 1. I am feeling a little dirty even looking for it.
  15. And I know the same thing. They are stupidly smart. Gotta be real: still don't want one in my home, lol!!!
  16. 100% speculation: He is not on the birth certificate, therefore, no legal claim in Carly. She knew then that this whole thing was a HUGE mistake. Thank you for bringing this up, but.....yes family is first, but you are talking to your BOSS. You know, the person who pays you?
  17. Chuck is not having a will. He is type to say: F&&k it! Let THEM figure it out.
  18. Well he clearly values her opinion over Natalie.
  19. I would have peed in the woods before entering that home.
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