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  1. Kinda sad that out of all of these I want to watch Danielle the most. Fernanda has a high opinion of herself and I find her whiny. Not watching another minute of Brittney.
  2. I am with whoever said they are teaming up to make her miserable. Because no one is that horrid.......are they?
  3. Oh and let's not forget Mike coming up from behind and grabbing her lower darby, despite her protests to stop. In front of his mom.
  4. No, no she is certainly not. I watched a few minutes of the Salmon and Salad one. Did we not know how to sprinkle oils and salt and pepper on a salmon and make a salad? Couple of things: TIE YOUR HAIR BACK. I am sure you did but could you please show us washing your hands? Then they will fist fight and shove each other over a quarter.
  5. If Roseanne Barr, who is a VERY famous person with a LOT of clout, can get fired ASAP after tweeting what she tweeted (and blamed it on Ambien) Ed should get yanked ASAP. Aw, shucks! Thank you!
  6. And don't forget them complaining about how much they gave up! What did you give up, exactly? You can Zoom/Google Meets all day long while I am work, you CAN'T work for a while so I am supporting you so I am not sure what to say here. Can you go online and find Russian/Ukrainian/Columbian/Tunisian people around here to talk with? I like the poster who said all these young people who "gave up everything" to come here really didn't give up much - it is not like they sold their home and two cars and left their grown kids. Well, Jenny did for Sumit but she was such a dim bulb I think her
  7. Yes. Excellent point. Why do broke people make stupid decisions, have kids and then complain? Why do I care?
  8. The sad thing is: I believe this could happen and yet another baby is brought into the mix.
  9. Apparently neither is on social media so it is hard to tell!
  10. I don't know how anyone can listen to Asuelo for more than a minute. "I feel....like I want to cuddle (begins to cry)......my wife....(voice goes soprano) because I love her.......(continues crying.) He is so draining.
  11. I am not sure I will continue to watch Pillow Talk.......I have Sling, I may switch back to Phillo but the only reason I would keep either is for Pillow Talk. I watch Discovery Plus and Peacock like it is my job and frankly, Pillow Talk is: "OH NO! Did they really do that?" "You tell 'em Angela!" and "I am SO EXCITED for next week!" and here comes Shai.....again. (And remember, I bought a Cameo for my hubs with Alex.)
  12. But does Tiffany have the resources? I would laugh OUT LOUD if a judge ruled: Yep, he has rights and oh by the way Tiffany you are paying her airfare both ways. Don't like her traveling alone? Guess you are buying two tickets.
  13. I watched this scene on Pillow Talk last night and yes, Becky was 100% the aggressor. Chuck started the "Masterpiece Theater" portion of the evening by saying Andrei was taking advantage of our dad. Well, Chucky, if that were true have you heard of the expression "No one takes advantage of you without your permission"? So turn to Daddy Alleged Moneybags and ask if this is true. Chuck could have stopped it right there but no......and he was right there, in the middle, looking at Becky, saying nothing until he finally said "Just stop." I felt kinda bad for Libby (which is rare) when no only
  14. I mean, Mother Mike, my Gluten Free relative came to my backyard gathering and I made it clear: "Is there something I can get for you? Can I heat up the food you bring if you choose to do that?" and it was not even a holiday, lol. I did it because I am .....polite?
  15. Like my former MIL who thought EVERYTHING in her house was worth ten times what it was really worth. Frankly, Nat has much bigger fish to fry than that. You are being teamed up on and bullied BY YOUR HUSBAND and his mother. And you useless husband, who seems to think it is funny to grab your ass and make crude jokes in the kitchen while his mom is right there, seems to shrug everything off. He is an ass. I will not be moved from my thought that he was bringing her back over for the TLC $$, then covid 19 hit and they were stuck. She demanded to marry her to keep her legal an
  16. Don't forget PETA loving vegetarian and Carrie Nation non drinker who believes root beer has alcohol in it.
  17. WTF is up with these grown women coddling their grown sons? Ed's mom, Colt's mom, I am sure the list is longer but I am at work, lol. As the mom of two college age sons I find it weird. And we are close but c'mon.....CUT THE CORD! Trish is another one of those people that think her piggy collection is WORTH A LOT OF MONEY so do not even THINK of getting rid of them. First off, Mike is in Sequim, you are in Tulsa, How often do you think you are going to see this alleged grandbaby? And if you are coming to Sequim you are staying at the Best Western - we are crowded over here and no I
  18. Whaaaaat? Mike? Make Natalie comfortable and help her shop for what she needs? THAT IS CRAZY TALK!!!! That is women's work, don't ya know? I am not impressed by her tacky jewelry but I will admit - I love my pawn store rings from my hubby. Then again, they are NICE pawn stores, lol. And mine are small gemstones, nothing huge and gaudy. Pass.
  19. I am going to try Alex and Loren's chicken again and this time in the pressure cooker. It already has a trivet that I can use as a roasting pan and it is going to be at least 80 if not higher for the next two weeks. We can leave the oven off, thanks, lol! And I may up the lemons and tone down the garlic, and I love garlic, but I would prefer the lemon to be stronger and let's face it, garlic is stronger! Poured the magic green sauce into a Mason jar (about 3/4 full) and froze it. Had some on scrambled eggs over the weekend - YUM.
  20. My husband was watching with me and he was like, "What the hell is wearing? Someone's grandma's curtains?? I also noticed the flag of the boat rental place was always in full view, flapping in the wind for full compensation.
  21. "And now I am off to talk in my sexy voice to Mrs Hanson.....see ya later, daughter! At least SHE covers her shoulders!" Yes but then the TLC $$ might stop and the whole spin off show would not happen. Thank you for your honesty and congratulations on being 20 years smoke free! My mom never missed drinking but yes she missed smoking.
  22. Exactly why I wanted anyone to come over to "help." Great, now I have to clean and put clothes on? My jammy bottoms are too casual for you? Mine was checked when I wrote (and still believe) that Daniel and Carly are........unfortunate looking.
  23. I thought the same thing! I would have looked at her and said "You believed that load of bull? Look, daughter, I am sorry I was not in your life as I should have been, but really......cut your losses and move on. Have you heard of the sunk cost fallacy?" It is hard as there are kids involved but Tiffany, growing up with an absent dad, SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER to get knocked up by a guy on another continent with a criminal record. I think there is a lot more than the gambling. I think there was some illegal drug use and perhaps intent to sell as well. But I kinda hate Tiffany so there is
  24. I agree, and yes minor damage can total a car, especially it ruins the alignment. But to listen to those two chuckleheads natter on and on and ON about a fender bender........plus Aseulo's voice grates on me more than Angela. Now THERE is a statment!!! Angela: "What if I give you my word I won't smoke?" 20 minutes later she smokes in the Uber while her boob is hanging out, berating Michael. And then Michael's sweet relatives bring up.......having a baby. Please move along to a new subject. She ain't totin' no baby. I watch Angela but on mute with closed captions as her voice is gr
  25. Look up Becky's mugshot and you will agree Jen is the prettier one, pre surgery.
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