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  1. Oof listening to the song I posted and “river deep” got to me. Didn’t tie it in at first, hope it doesn’t seem insensitive. Her voice brings tears to my eyes.
  2. The BEST was - I remember buying the Glee Cast recording the day after I saw it.
  3. Bravo is over. Come on over to TLC (90 day fiancé). I’m not saying it’s good! But it’s more entertaining than anything on Bravo.
  4. When I saw that she jumped in, for some reason I thought maybe suicide. I actually surprised myself by bursting into tears when I saw the news report, I just feel so sad for her little boy.
  5. Maybe they wanted to show Pete in all his misogynistic glory before they fade him out. Oooh what did he say??
  6. People on twitter were joking that Asuelo graduated from the Ash School of Understanding Women! I think Oliver annoys me more than anyone else on this show. He is always crying, and he just looks like a pain in the ass. Yes he tossed them over the fence into the neighbor's yard! I can only imagine what the neighbors think of him. You know they are like, "that f-ing a-hole Paul is back in town and now he's f-ing throwing old food into the yard!" I had it done and my doctor put me under with general anesthesia, thank god. I didn't feel a thing! You may want to ask about that.
  7. 😮😮😮😮😮 wow I never saw this, and wtf??
  8. I think I missed something.. what tee of Leah and the gorilla?
  9. They do get sick, but not dying. Not that getting sick isn’t horrible! And we don’t even know all of the long term health problems. But according to the CDC, very very few young people have died. Maybe that’s why they are not worried about getting it. I agree Bill shouldn’t have told people to go out and get sick, but the young people are doing it without him telling them to.
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