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  1. I was referring to when Austen texted her saying "hope your business wasn't affected during the protests," or something like that and she was like, "windows can be replaced, but lives can’t." And I think that it's not a zero sum game and you can care about both - people and your family business.
  2. If I was hired to berate groups of people, and also browbeat an asshole mentally ill alcoholic on tv I would be like, not thanks. Leva WANTED to do this, to signal her virtue. But does it matter? She is not sorry, she does not care. What do people want from her? Accountability? She takes no accountability. Ok, moving on... They have let her know it is hurtful, she doesn't GAF. Well it works for me because I already hate Kathryn, and I want nothing from her. I am not looking to reality show people for guidance on ANY issues that matter. I think it is ok to be upset about the state of the world AND her business. I don't think Leva knows that.
  3. I don't see back seasons on Hulu. I found it and clicked on it, but it's the current season on "live tv." I thought it was on Hulu, but maybe they removed the series? The Bravo app may have the old seasons but I refuse to download the app. OH - found the early seasons on the Peacock app!
  4. That is very rare - I looked it up and the percentage of people named Justin born before 1970 is 0.001%. The name didn't get popular until the 80s, peaking in 1988. Interesting about Justin - Justin is currently the chief sales officer for a company called LifeVantage that sells a line of dietary supplements. In 2018, LifeVantage was the subject of a class-action lawsuit alleging that the company is an illegal pyramid scheme. Another housewife with a husband being sued for shady business practices. So many housewives these days are only on the show to gain instagram followers and promote their business. I think SLC is the worst of them - they are all playing a "part," (entrepreneur, beauty mogul, jewelry designer) and not very well.
  5. I don't think he should be labeled a rapist. I see what you are saying about looking at this with 2021 eyes, but I remember thinking that it was extremely messed up and not ok way back then. I remember watching the scene and I was so uncomfortable, and disgusted and horrified. Maybe he was not taught to show respect to women. I think that may be the issue. I was really glad that the ladies stood up for Tami and didn't let it slide.
  6. Yes, Lisa's house looks like her personality. I'm sure every morning she wakes up and looks around and says, "I love that!" Meredith's house looks more lived-in. Although strangely not her style... like the bed with no bed skirt. She seems to favor sleek and modern and her decor in the bedroom was not. I thought Whitney said something about "my new house!" I wonder if they own it. I have been wondering - does Whitney's husband Justin have money? What does he do, do we know? And does it ring strange to anyone else that his name is Justin? He's about 50, right? I don't know any 50 year old Justins. Like how I sussed out that Danielle Staub was using an alias - I don't know any 50 something women with the name Danielle.
  7. I understand where you are coming from, but I don't think there is any gray here. It was not ok. In a situation like that, women sometimes laugh because of how uncomfortable and embarrassed they are. That is why it is more important to listen to what she was saying, which was "stop."
  8. https://realityblurb.com/2020/09/11/photos-see-the-official-listing-photos-of-pk-and-dorit-kemsleys-9-5-million-mansion-go-inside-the-rhobh-stars-luxurious-home-featuring-a-basketball-court-home-theater-pool-and-chic-decor/ Dorit and PK are selling their house. They want almost 10 million, 🤣 I think recently they lowered it to 7.5 million. Ummm do they know that the Vanderpump cast all bought the same house and they all paid around 1 million? Do we know if they actually own this house?
  9. Most people in my area live in homes with no “stuff.” It’s a thing. Clean lines and no clutter. I’m not surprised Lisa’s house looks like that.
  10. Jen’s house is a rental, there are “receipts” out there. Another housewife from a different city called her out. Lisa is on the show for Instagram followers and Meredith is on for Brooks to get Instagram followers. Neither have anything to offer and neither are showing their true selves. Jen added that manly chin/jaw?
  11. I like both of them, so I kind of agree. But then again, they don't bring a lot to the table. I was watching the first few seasons and they are actually entertaining. Vicki claiming that the huge boobed nuts at Havasu will be there to change her diapers, Lauri and Babe headed to the Romney fundraiser, buying horses and visiting her son in jail... They thought that we were impressed by their wealth and that we looked up to them, as we laughed and laughed. Maybe they need a whole new crop of delusional wealthy idiots? I am still on the fence about Elizabeth. I believe her story, but she is just kind of a liar in general, I think. The pause to cry doesn't seem authentic to me.
  12. I heard that too, and I was like... ohh that's why Kathryn is so confused all the time. "Come up to the house and stand up for yourself" is very different from the apology the bullying women wanted from her. Madison must have figured she would whip Kathryn up into defending herself and then watch as the women attacked her. Maybe the producers told her to do that? But again I ask, to what end?? Kathryn is not sorry, she does not care, and that's kind of it - there is nowhere to do with that. I actually think Austin is the one who is gasLIT! Madison is a conniving psycho and he seems to be totally confused by her manipulations.
  13. It is a REALLY great article. I think Katie Couric brushed past it because she is one of the journalists fanning the flames.
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