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  1. https://heavy.com/entertainment/teen-mom/jenelle-evans-cps-jace-custody/?traffic_source=Connatix The former MTV personality hinted the network was the one who told her to go out and have fun and then Barbara Evans used it against her. “All the times I was “out partying” on mtv… WHO TOLD ME TO GO PARTY?! Who wanted that footage?! THEM. Y’all probably thought I dropped out too right? Nope, went to school every day and even completed college. She completed college??? I think this was posted yesterday, she is claiming she lost Jace because she was told my MTV to go out and
  2. Ehhh if someone wanted to interview me for something I didn't do, I would not be interested in sitting around for questioning for 11 hours. I am with Taibbi, I don't think there is anything there, and if there was anything it was probably ineptly done. It's not like they were asking for the Russians to break into the voting system, it sounds like they were just interested in general support, nothing really wrong with that, and there was nothing these Russian people could do to change the outcome no matter what anyone intended.
  3. I remember that they pulled away for a wide shot and it definitely looks like an indoor set, with walls and lighting hanging from the ceiling... But it is possible that they built a set outside to look like they are inside while filming outside 🤣 She giddily jumped in her lap like 30 seconds after she snarled and hissed at her that she "knew exactly who she is.." WTF??
  4. Steve! Vicki is filming the stupid housewives spinoff and Steve broke up with her while filming 🤣 eta I guess she could still be in love with Donn. But I am sure Donn has moved on, isn't he a swinger now?
  5. And if the viewers were on Erika's side, they would still be with her. So phony in everything they do. About $20 million short. YES! And her earrings are to die for! I need them... or a knock-off version. Her jowls are bad, I am shocked at how pronounced they are! They look like balls, hanging balls. How did no one tell her this? I believe that they filmed inside, on a set that was made to look like it was outside. Why is Dorit on this show? She brought nothing. Kyle also brought nothing, like a
  6. I am curious about this too. What a mess. That guy Ryan looks A LOT like Izaiah! Why is Kiaya wearing a sparkly baker's hat? I do have to laugh at the grandma messing up Amour's name. Also all this time I thought Amour was a girl.
  7. I had the doctor switch to 3D after the diagnostic ultrasound and omg it was so creepy, I didn't even want to keep the picture printout. My son looked like a Darkseeker from I am Legend. I can see that too. I can't wrap my head around WHY Gary would ever want to be with Amber, as she is repulsive, but he does get a glint in his eye when they are around each other.
  8. Mama sounds like a real piece of shit. And Mary is following in her footsteps. I am praying to Mary that the IRS starts looking into the "church." So much evidence that it is not on the up and up. They are basically stealing from people and hiding behind the church.
  9. “you idiots” ”you crackheads” ”shut up!” ”Happy mental health day!”
  10. I think he was like, wow I am really forming a bond and getting attached to this child.. and it can all be taken away, that scares me. I just want to be sure I can have a relationship with her, and not get kicked to the side. With the lawsuit, he was protecting himself. It’s like the moms didn’t even consider that HE had feelings. The moms even admitted that Ry did love him, so they lied to the court, like Cris said. There should be a middle ground, like how there are grandparent visitation rights in some cases. Not a full parent and everything that comes with it, but a righ
  11. I am straight up hating the moms.
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