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  1. heatherchandler

    S08.E12: The Weight of the World

    Dude fuck this I’m in tears, little Gannon asking, hoping that they can make Nanny better is breaking my heart. It seems like he knew.
  2. heatherchandler

    Little Women: LA

    Yes! Oops- fixed it! She turned on him so fast. And the restraining order, please, he didn’t “lay hands on her” she’s a liar! When she was saying she had to pack because she was “scared,” oh my god! He’s not a crazed abuser, he’s just a depressed, sad little man who can barely walk.
  3. heatherchandler

    Little Women: LA

    I think I’m at my limit too. Cole has really disgusted me. Yeah Terra going on and on about how little people can do all the same stuff average size people can do... except for the people getting injured on the zip line... oh and getting their legs burned on the ATVs.. This Cristy/Todd mess is awful. She pushed him out because she has a new boyfriend. She’s a monster and I may now hate her more than I hate Terra.
  4. heatherchandler

    OITNB in the Media

    I don’t know where to put this but I just found out that in real life, CO McCullough and Daddy are dating.
  5. heatherchandler

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    Yes she is simply breathtaking!
  6. heatherchandler

    S14.E02: (Not So Happy) Housewarming

    YESSSSSSSS! Thank you I have been dying to figure out who she reminds me of - Kimberly Bryant from the 1st season!!! Remember her swinging her hair around on the dance floor?? She also said something like, "my husband would be more upset with me for dancing with a Puerto Rican than a midget!" I may be getting that quote wrong, but it was something HORRIBLE like that.
  7. heatherchandler

    S06, E15 Reunion, Part 1

    I love dry humor, I use it! I do not feel like that is what is going on with Metul. Dry humor can veer into a little teasing, but it should never be so condescending and mean. He is unkind, and frankly somewhat cruel.
  8. heatherchandler

    Craig Conover: Work Hard(ly), Party Harder

    Is that from Housewives? It sounds familiar...
  9. heatherchandler

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I saw it on dailymail, the most reliable "news" source! Kidding! But the blackmail thing is legit - her lawyer is quoted and there was a legal letter posted on the site. She filed a police report! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7359637/Todd-Chrisley-tried-extort-daughter-sex-tape.html
  10. heatherchandler

    S14.E02: (Not So Happy) Housewarming

    No one is going to hire him now. I usually take a hard stance that people should never lose a job because of something they said or did in their "private" lives, but I think abuse changes the situation. Wonder how much he was making before he was canned. No one should be on the show because they need it - that should be a red flag. The producers probably thought that she had some good "drama" but no one wants to watch a divorce with arrests, excess drinking and abuse! What a weird name for a consulting company.. just having the word "stars" makes it sound so cheesy! It sounds like the name of a children's talent agency. I don't care about Eddie, he's an asshole. When he was asking Tamra why she is letting Shannon "off the hook" or whatever - wtf is he talking about? SHE was the one throwing Shannon under the bus all last season, trying to get people against her. Shannon is kind to even speak to her again. Yeah Gina thought she would be the "cool girl" and make everyone else feel bad about their relationship and divorce. They just aren't as COOL as she is - having sex with Matt, staying BEST FRIENDS! Why can't ALL divorces be this way??? (eyeroll) She is so awful. Can't wait to see it on the auction block when she is fired and they can't afford it anymore.
  11. heatherchandler

    S01.E12: Baby, Come Back!

    That’s so funny I’ve had this song in my head since the mention here of how she’s only happy when bad things are happening. Pooooour your misery down on me 🎶 HA! This is cracking me up!
  12. heatherchandler

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    Right? It's almost like a different (horribly written) show. It was one of my favorites. Just thinking that the Gallagher house, in all its disgusting glory is cleaner than Jenelle's smelly, sinking snake pit.
  13. heatherchandler

    S07.E09: The Hidey Hole

    I did not get what was going on at all. Did she know those people who were engaged? Where did she get the gym shoes? How did her "causing" an (implausible) accident lead to her totally forgetting her entire night?? I don't think it would cause the break from reality that she has experienced. None of this makes any sense. Ehhh is she intelligent? She tends to have a good rapport with people, but I would not call her intelligent. I haven't liked her from her first flashback, and I don't like what she did to tastee but it would have been nice for her to finally get things right.
  14. heatherchandler

    S06.E14: White Gloves Off

    When she arrived with her little boyfriend, I was like, who is this little twerp she is dragging around? He looks like a 12 year old. He's a country star? I bet it was Thomas, and after she was ranting that she was kicked out of the party, Thomas probably said SARCASTICALLY "oh no, call 911" and then hung up. Shep AND Craig were LOADED, like beyond being able to speak properly. Patricia wanted the drama, and to call out in her stupid old wavering voice, "Katherine! Katherine come here!" so they could stand together to watch someone escorted out. How pathetic. The worst was Cam, running like a 10 year old to get Chelsea so they could watch from the balcony. Like someone said above, does Cam want to teach her daughter to behave this way? Or, will it be her daughter walking away from a party with a crowd of mean girls laughing at her? Losers. At the beginning of the show they showed it in SLOW MO! I was dying. I hope her mom has since seen the show and realizes that he's a prick!