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  1. heatherchandler

    SURly Staff In The Media

    Ok that is really weird, the Daily Mail had that pic with her name under it, but when I go back to the article the picture is gone. I was fooled. In that same article, there are pictures of Beau and Stassi and Beau is really loving the spotlight! I really liked him at first but something is bugging me now.
  2. heatherchandler

    SURly Staff In The Media

    Ariana I don't know if this link works but Ariana looks really different! I don't know if she has gained weight or did some work on her face but she looks like Jennie Garth.
  3. heatherchandler

    SoCharmers in the Media: The Post & Courier

    I am also an artist and this enrages me. I believe Naomi's parents own the building, so she was only doing it for free because of that. I think you are right, they didn't want to pay the artist, so they ripped it off. I think what galls me is the fact that she was making fun of him for not having as many Instagram followers as she does, so she was like, "oh go ahead and shame me in front of all of your followers." That is seriously messed up. She seems like a sanctimonious asshole, so judgmental and high and mighty. Yet when confronted with her own faults, she resorts to childish teasing and taunting.
  4. I don't really feel bad for her, he's a well-known cheater. She probably thought he would never cheat on HER! But here we are.
  5. heatherchandler

    SURly Staff In The Media

    I know this is from last month, but this is the best part of the article - Kristen Doute agreed. “She can literally come up to you and say, ‘You ran over my cat,’” the 36-year-old explained. “And you’ll be like, ‘Number one, I’m not even in town, and number two, you don’t have a cat.’ And she’s like, ‘Keep telling yourself that.’ And you suddenly are like, ‘Did I run over her cat?’”
  6. heatherchandler

    Jacqueline Laurita: Bailey's and Bankruptcy

    Jacqueline is moving?
  7. heatherchandler

    The Naughty Hamptons: Summer House In The Media

    Right? Why keep her around? My question is - why keep Lindsay in the house??
  8. heatherchandler

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    He is so weird looking. Part of it is his huge noggin. But also he looks like he has an old face, or something. I feel mean too, I will say something nice - Leah is really cute despite having Amber as a mother, and Gary as a father.
  9. heatherchandler

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I agree it is hard for kids to understand, but the sick person is a human being, and should not be shut away like a broken toy. This is life, life is sometimes messy and there are people who have a lot of troubles, but they are still worth being a part of the family. You can't keep a person stashed away from the kids because they are an inconvenience. Also, most mentally ill people are not violent - they are more a threat to themselves than to others.
  10. heatherchandler

    S06.E05: In Sew Deep

    YES I thought he was talking about Katherine in the previews, it was when he as sitting on the couch at Craig's. I didn't hear him say it in the show - I wonder if they took it out? Because she is a stuck-up bitch.
  11. heatherchandler

    S08.E01: Walking on Eggshells

    Apparently Butch's girlfriend is loaded. She is also a crazy person, but that goes without saying. There was a text-war (or whatever the kids are calling it) between her and Tyler's sister Amber. It is really awful!
  12. heatherchandler

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I agree that Colin is probably having delusions BUT I could also see David drugging his dogs. He's got nothing but time on his hands, anger and drugs.
  13. heatherchandler

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    I don't think she thought about it at all until she was standing there with Kim in front of her. I don't think she planned to ACT like Erika until that moment when she started giving the finger for whatever reason. Also omg this is the WORST story line EVER! How do I not remember this SFU episode? I have watched the whole series like 10 times! What season was it?
  14. heatherchandler

    S02.E02: Jewels and Bad Juju

    She got out when the money was gone. He can't take care of her, poor guy is broke. I think he does own that house, but like someone said above, he will probably sell it and move into a smaller place.
  15. heatherchandler

    RHoBH in the Media

    They always say that, “long day, so exhausting” and they always go out to dinner. And I’m sure we will hear exactly none of them if she joins. They all play this game now where they only show the parts that make them look good. Season 1 usually exposes some stuff but then they all learn what to hide and how. Kathy won’t come on the show and spill her guts, she will carefully craft her bullshit. Jesus Christ that Beverly Hills Bums is insane. The charity one-upping!