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  1. From the article: Those last few years doing the show, for me, were really toxic, and when anything becomes toxic in my age at life — be it your career, relationships, friendships — you have to cut it out.” “Personally, I can’t be around that anymore,” Gunvalson says. “I can’t do the mean girls s—. I’m over it. And about halfway through last year, when my castmate was criticizing my appearance and calling me ugly, I really had a revelation. ‘What, am I going to cry every day because you think I’m less than? No, I’m not less than. We all do the very best we can with what God gave us. And I’m beautiful the way I am.’ I just had to get away from it and say, ‘You can’t hurt me anymore. No one can hurt me.’ ” Seriously??? Ok Vicki, but you didn't "cut it off," you were fired. And you and your bestie Tamra STARTED the mean girl shit!
  2. I see that you take weddings very seriously (sorry, I had to!). I didn't realize that people do take them this seriously. I went into it with plans in place, and excited for things to go well, but not expecting everything to be perfect or even close to it. I hoped my guests had a nice time, so I picked a REALLY nice venue on the water, and had really good food and alcohol, but didn't feel any pressure.
  3. And poor Scheana is always nice and friendly. And they always drop her once the other bitches take them back. Scheana is annoying, but she is a kind person.
  4. I don't like Charli. That being said, I LOVED what she said about Lala still secretly being in love with James! I don't think it is true, but I am sure it is making Lala crazy! EXACTLY! Brittany is trying to see both sides?? What sides? If my friend was not invited in order to hurt her, I would definitely not go to the stupid party. And then Brittany tells Kristen is was fun. What an ass. Kristen can be exhausting. Sometimes friendships don't work out, and that is ok. BUT to be such a miserable f-ing bitch and exclude your former friend from a girl's night, inviting all the other women in the circle, and then make sure she knows about it is just cruel. It is hurting someone on purpose. And not just a little, but a lot. It is crushing. Who could do that to another person and sleep at night? You can't honestly say that what they did is normal and ok. He was friends with Wahlberg?? Or did they work together? Is he the real life "Turtle" from Entourage? $16 million is a lot, but not by Hollywood producer standards. Seriously why would Stassi just sit back and take that? Oh that is awesome! I am going to have to go lurk on twitter!
  5. I think they are talking about physically "big."
  6. Yes to ALL that you wrote, but absolutely this right here!
  7. I really hate when she wears hats, she always perches them on her head and it bothers me. No one looks good with the perch.
  8. Yeah she didn't spend hours frying bacon and making pancakes, she made him a little granola. I really hate Jenna. As much as I hate Jenna, I do think that Madison needs to get more sleep. She is working harder than anyone else, and she is not getting enough rest, which is why she is so emotional and frustrated. I can feel her exhaustion through the screen. BUT Madison is an adult, so no one needs to tell her to go to bed like a child. It does seem like no one else is watching. It does have a different feel to it, but these days I am hard-up for good reality tv, so it is good to me! When Parker brought out the note, my heart felt crushed. Why bring out a nice note from a friend and show those jerks?? I was like, nooo Parker, they will use it against her!
  9. Yeah I initially liked Bali, but now that she was shown to be lying, I am souring on her. She is reaching. So her mom owns the flower company but her dad works retail at Victoria's Secret? Something is not adding up...
  10. I must not have been paying attention, the only dog I remember seeing is Monica's dog. I will have to re-watch.
  11. Wait, what dog is everyone going crazy over?
  12. Where did you see this Eric Balfour lookalike?? I’m obsessed with him.
  13. Are you thinking this is a BS story put in the press by Kris? I’m with ya, and that actually makes more sense! Along with the BS story that Kylie was back with Travis. Does Kris ever wonder why her “fabulous,” “beautiful,” wealthy daughters cannot hold on to a guy? And does she feel stupid that she has to plant stories that the guys are trying to get them back?
  14. When Amrit was talking about coming out, he mentioned that he told his best friend, who asked, “am I gay too?” Ummm so that was Vishal, right? Are we supposed to think that maybe he is? Brian’s hairline bugs me so much!!
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