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  1. I just edited my reply. Looks like one of her kids is still a minor. The oldest kid could have been on the last season. Maybe he’s just not interested.
  2. It’s way better than her new house, I still think it looks ramshackle. Funny how now Kyle loves her old house with the new decorating… not done by Faye. I have never liked Kyle. She’s always been a try-hard, I remember her going on every A&E or E! “documentary” to talk about Paris Hilton, back when people cared about Paris. Then she came in this show and seemed kind of self-deprecating, talking about her Target clothes. She always bowed down to Vanderpump, kissed her ass. Now Mauricio is a top agent, making a lot of money, Kyle thinks she’s the big cheese of the
  3. Andy hates women. He likes that they make him rich. He is entertained by then tearing each other apart, he LOVES when they degrade themselves. He also makes sure that they know who is boss. He’s disgusting.
  4. Ehhhh you think so? I don’t think she could GIVE it away. I doubt anyone was hitting on that before Asuelu.
  5. I’m sorry I missed that! It’s crazy the different rules public vs private. If Brandon and Julia were smart they would be saving every penny right now, but it sounds like that’s not happening.
  6. I assume private schools don’t have the same rules. My kids are in private school and 50% of the class was zooming (google-class-rooming) in from other states, one kid was in the Virgin Islands. There are some families with summer homes in Florida, Michigan, etc and the kids were there. This was when lockdown first happened end of last school year, my kids were not remote this last school year. My son was in Wisconsin at a friend’s lake house for a few weeks, zoomed-in and no one said anything. Is this only a public school rule? Poor Daniel, he just doesn’t want to be in S Africa.
  7. I love Paul Downs. I guess you are right though, if you don't *know* his personality, his sarcasm may come off weird.
  8. No, they don't. Like I said, my doctor is a pain specialist, and he has no clue who carries the medication. He is certainly not calling around for it. They write the prescription, it is not up to him to track it down. Not anymore. Now the very few pharmacies that carry opiates only carry x amount every month (at least in my Chicago suburb). I can ask them to order it, but that can take a week. Walgreens for instance won't order it without the prescription, BUT the doctor can only electronically send it in after I see the doctor that month, so they may not order it in time. Like I
  9. With that much slicing and suctioning, I just cannot believe it’s a day-surgery. But it’s all about money. The “surgical center” (storage room) isn’t a hospital so they can’t keep them there. That is way too much surgery for basically outpatient procedure. IMO
  10. I mean, yeah it is probably contrived, knowing MTV. And the whole ambulance screeching up with the music... they have no other "drama" to show, so they need to create it. But again, not to take up for fricken Christy, but the rules are different state to state AND they have changed a lot in just the last few years, due to the opioid issues. Florida was a hot spot for pill mills, a lot of lawsuits later, it is hard to get the prescription filled. The doctors don't know what pharmacies carry the medications. My doctor who is basically a pain specialist doesn't know. They send elect
  11. Ok, I thought he was like maybe 2. He should be speaking more.
  12. I think she mentioned when they were picking her up that they tried to do that, but the pharmacies near the medical center didn't carry it. There are different rules state to state. The whole country has cracked down though. In Illinois, I wasn't able to have a narcotic called in, but now they can send it electronically. BUT, sometimes when they send it electronically, I call that pharmacy and they tell me they don't have it in stock. So, I have to then research where I can get it before they retract and resend to another pharmacy. It can take a whole day t
  13. Ok here to defend Christy. I used to take Percocet for chronic pain and yes I have had to drive an hour to get them. Most pharmacies don’t carry them or they only have a limited supply. AND if you call a pharmacy they won’t tell you over the phone if they have them, to prevent robberies. So you have to drive to the next one. I absolutely believe she couldn’t find them. Especially in FL after the crackdown. She should have gone to a hospital pharmacy, they carry the good stuff.
  14. Oh god please don’t bring the root here. Seriously it’s a fucked up site.
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