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  1. I found it and thinking about buying it but I don’t have Jackie’s body...
  2. I LOVED the denim top with bow! I have been trying to figure out where she got it so I can get one! I go back and forth with Jen. I don't think she is always so quick - like last season when Marge told her that her lips look like a monkey's asshole, her response was NOT good. And I have judged her by that since then.
  3. The producers are sitting around with headphones on, making notes, etc. They knew what happened.
  4. What a loser. He is grasping at some kind of instagram-career.
  5. This is such a great analogy! I also agree with your findings, there must be A LOT that went on behind closed doors. It was like a badly acted play, and the timing is not "right." Everything seemed rehearsed. Something about Max is off, and I am not buying the Max & Dayna relationship at all. You can see there is nothing between them. They must have gotten together before filming started and decided to play out this couple -act.
  6. It was a send-up of Dr. Phil and his "famous" guest Danielle Abrogli (??) the "Catch me outside how bout dat" girl. I wish I didn't know any of this, but Alec was pretending to be backstage, and then I think he even said the "catch me outside" bit while taking off his earrings... as one does before a fight.
  7. "I am a good Christian woman!" minutes later... "Knock him the fuck out!" I usually HATE a gang-up, and usually take the side of the ganged-upon... but I hate Jax and really hate Brittany, so fire away, gang. I love that they are getting roasted on twitter.
  8. This is true about the pipes.. unless they keep the faucets dripping. Not sure why I am reasoning this out, I think I really like Luke and I bet he did have the heat turned off, but maybe not when it was -40.
  9. YES! I was like, how do I know about this?? Then I remembered. I also remember learning from 90210 about the Santa Ana(?) winds and how they make people crazy, or something... Hehehehe!
  10. I was going to ask - why would he be doing this fake flips stuff. Of course he is trying to get into the seminar game. I am sure he will go far (HAHAHAHHAHA).
  11. The stupid theme song is in my head and won't leave. The worst part is that I cannot for the LIFE OF ME decipher the lyrics. I feel like I have tried to figure them out before, and got nowhere.
  12. Isn't he from Minnesota? That could be true, as it does get cold up there. Not sure about -40.
  13. So Spade came out and started his first monologue joke, and Annie started to say something, and Spade said something like, "uuhhh right away you have something to say?" So she stops talking, and the other guest, who I can't remember who it was, says something and Spade laughed at it. So Annie was like, "oh he can talk, but I can't?" And Spade just kind of ignored that. So he continues with the monologue and she sits there with a hurt, sad look on her face and doesn't say a thing or laugh the whole time. I only notice this because I have been there - oversensitive about something, and once you are upset it is hard to just joke and forget it. So, he notices she is upset and tries to tease her into laughing, and she does kind of come around but seems not herself most of the show. At one point during break you see him talking to her and throwing his cards down which could mean he was like calm down, or jokingly throwing them. Who knows. I just don't think it is a good idea to get pissy with Spade, it's his show! I actually don't like her very much so if she isn't on the show again that would be ok with me.
  14. And 99.9% of parents don’t NAP!
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