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  1. Is Shannon pretending to be dumb to fit in with the tres amoebas? I believe Tamra knows zip, Vicki probably the same.. I loved Hemingway’s house, with his polydactyl cats. We went when I was little, and our tour guide kept saying “that’s Hemingway!” when throwing out a fact during the tour. It’s our family saying now- we still say it 30+ years later.
  2. Sounds like Mr. Shnow left DeShawn without any money. Otherwise, why is she mixed up with this fraud, trying to get an advance on funds she hasn't made yet? I wonder if they had a prenup. Anyone know anything about the divorce settlement? She didn't get "some seven figures" like Sheree was hoping for. Sheree got seven figures... seven zeros!
  3. I would maybe look into a vocal chord surgery. There has to be a way to fix it. Or - hope he always has a cold?
  4. Isn't that the Canadian National Anthem? "Uugh, Canada" I agree - they both are really ugly. Porsha's baby looks like Dennis, oof, and Shamea's baby has some kind of a bottom lip problem. I wonder if they see it... probably not?
  5. YES! He has the helium voice of Beckham. This may make me a jerk, but I think a little lady voice is a real turn-off.
  6. This! Also, I bet his buddies are like, "hey, saw you on TEEN MOM! HAHAHA" Let's be honest, the show is really corny. I do not tell people I watch. So I am sure he doesn't want to be ON it, the ridicule would be insane!
  7. I have a hunch that he either didn't go, or dropped out. I have never seen any info on his school or degree. When I was researching his job, I saw an article that says that Chelsea was his first girlfriend. He is a good-looking guy... so it has to be the VOICE that kept the ladies away.
  8. FOR SURE! For anyone who listens to Watch What Crappens - they do the BEST impression of him, squealing, "ooOOHHHhhhh!" For anyone who doesn't listen to WWC - start listening!
  9. Yeah I knew he wasn't going to even step outside. He barely squeaked out a "bye, Aubree." Ok, so Cole was a Traffic Control Specialist - I looked it up and it says: Responsibilities: Setting temporary work zones on highways with cones, barrels and signs Loading/Unloading work zone equipment So still I ask, he went to college for this?
  10. She really does not have much to say. I am confused about this. Although, web series don't usually go anywhere.. so she will probably not get her own tv show from this. But still, what do her fans see in her?
  11. This picture is the epitome of the Chelsea-Cole dynamic. Coley always in the background, always in a perched cap. He went to college and graduated, and then went on to have a career as a sign-puter-upper?
  12. I think Bowen is funny, I like his style of humor, but they are not giving him anything to do. He gets a line here or there, and it isn't showing his talent at all. I don't think they know how to use him. That's like 3rd wave feminism, and the first wave of feminism was very much NOT this. It was the opposite. I believe we are on the 4th wave, which is pushing back on dancing for men and calling it feminism. That's funny - I know a couple with the names Chad and Stacy. Like @Ms Blue Jay said, credit for what?? Being hot? She has great genes, she has a personal chef. She probably works out a lot, which - great, you go! So, why are we clapping and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over hotness? Are we booing for someone ugly? I don't get this.
  13. I think Kris knows where each kid is at every single moment. She scripts it all. BUT, she likes to pretend she has no idea where the "kids" are because she likes to pretend that they are all such jet-setters, she can't keep track! Like when she pretended to not know that Kendall was in Europe for something.. Kris sets her schedule - she knew she was there. She is just playing dumb because she thinks is projects an image of an on-the-go family, so busy in every continent! 🤮 Totally! They hide 99.99999% of their lives. This is not reality, it is the most boring "scripted" show ever.
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