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  1. Chelsea and Aubree were at a frozen yogurt place, and Aubree offered Chelsea a spoonful of hers and she said, "I said I wouldn't cheat today" and then took a tiny lick like she was eating poison. I think this is exactly what you DO NOT do with a young girl, small or large. Also, think about how that looks from Aubree's perspective. Not only is she teaching her that eating a spoonful of ice cream is bad, but she is also putting her on tv eating a whole bowl which will click with Aubree as bad and wrong. Aubree needs to not be on camera for this or the discussion about her dad. This is really gross. You are smart to stop watching, I keep threatening but I need to stop.
  2. Kail is a fucking kunt. Sorry I don’t use that word but it’s warranted here. Chelsea telling her prepubescent daughter that she shouldn’t cheat on her diet is setting her up for that kind of thinking. Healthy eating is great, eat healthy and she will model that behavior. Act like you can’t have a lick of ice cream or it’s “cheating” and she will learn that it’s bad to eat even a SPOONFUL of ice cream. Jade’s grandpa looks like he’s 40. He’s also kinda hot in a dirty way.
  3. Oooh I want to hear more about this! Also, what did Caryn say when asked? So, they trade off every other year? what do they do in the years in between? Does she mean they trade off every year? This woman is a "writer."
  4. I checked out Reddit, didn’t find that, and am still curious about what people said, but did find this- Wow! McSweeney as co-host, with writer Nancy Rommelmann, of videos posted on a YouTube channel called #MeNeither. ... ...in the first video posted on the #MeNeither YouTube channel, Rommelmann and McSweeney expressed skepticism about the motives and credibility of Asia Argento and Rose McGowan, actors who accused producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault.
  5. Hey everyone LOOK AT ME!!!!!! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-8756133/RHONYs-Leah-McSweeney-proudly-reveals-bruises-nose-job-not-trying-hide-anything.html Oooh what did this person say? This term just suits her. And I am STILL not understanding why she would name her brand Married to the Mob. Even if it "stands for" Most Oblivious Bitches or whatever.
  6. I bet it is Jo's main point of contention, but they didn't bring it up on the show. Kail most likely conveniently left that out. Kail doesn't follow the orders, we know that. I bet Jo is upset because he doesn't want to have to go to court AGAIN. If Jo leaves Isaac with family, it is probably after asking Kail if she wants him.
  7. Right, he stood in but Dana did the impression.
  8. Remember when Dana Carvey played both George Bush and Ross Perot in the same sketch!
  9. Chelsea's storyline is LITERALLY that her daughter didn't want to go to her grandma's house one night. She has had more than a few conversations about it, AND a dramatic "OMG she dropped off treats to my HOUSE Dayudddddd!" recap dinner about it. Again I ask, why is she on TV???
  10. Do I want to know what this means? I don't get it either, they look freakish and deformed. What I really don't get are those pointy boots with workout clothes. They look like crazy people wearing this stuff.
  11. That's true, most end up broke at 30, but Signing bonus of $15.75M largest in 'Skins history I know, slash that in half and that's what he gets after taxes, etc. but I think Chris made a lot of money. And I don't think he squandered it.
  12. Raising kids is hard, but it CAN be done without help. Women do it every day, everywhere. That being said, if you can have help, get help. When my kids were little I had a full time nanny, and I have never considered myself "lazy" for that. Monique does work (on the show) so why not get help? I think they are pretty rich. I hate the name of her business, it really gets my heckles up. Exactly - people with wealth stay that way by not spending money on crap. Also they don't have anything to prove, they don't care to show off because they are secure in their wealth. The people who buy and wear the LOOK-AT-ME expensive crap need for people to think they are rich. She said that? I am cringing.
  13. I agree with @Silver Bells I am not loving the grey. She is beautiful, but I can't look past the hair. Sperm catalogue! HAHAH! Who's Katie?
  14. I would also be sensitive if my "friend" was lying to me and about me to my friends AND the viewing audience. I had to turn the show off yesterday, I was getting so annoyed with Tamra. Then I remembered that she is not on this season and I was like OMG yayyy I can watch it!
  15. They put cut flowers into a cake? That would make the cake taste terrible, no? Looks like Jer and Jacob are fighting on Insta - https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/1465636/little-people-jacob-fans-brother-jeremy-disinformation-oregon-fires/
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