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  1. bmasters9

    The Act

    Probably not-- maybe it was part of what was fictionalized for the show. Even so, this 6th episode showed the seeds of what Dee Dee was toward Gypsy, and did it well. The best part, however, was Gypsy going crazy from the sound of that insistent child at the vending machine, and not being able to get back in the hotel room because Nick locked her out (apparently for modesty purposes). She really took him to task!
  2. bmasters9

    The Act

    Just finished #6, and I personally believe that Margo Martindale's character of Emma (Dee Dee's mother) took far better care of Gypsy than Dee Dee ever did!
  3. That's Joey King for me-- she's masterful, and I can't wait to finish out that Gypsy Rose season of The Act!
  4. bmasters9

    The Act

    Did you see it through the leaks on YouTube?
  5. Bumping this up-- I've felt the same way about Joey King of late!
  6. Great point! Without her, The Bob Newhart Show would not have been near as worth the money as it has been to me!
  7. Bumping this up-- yet another: the late, great Richard Boone as Paladin, in Have Gun, Will Travel (1957-63 on CBS)
  8. bmasters9

    The Act

    On the show page for The Act on Hulu, under "Extras." I'm just guessing, based on what I heard in that promo, that such is the direction the last episodes of the season will take (I hope I'm not wrong).
  9. bmasters9

    The Act

    Saw the preview for the 6th episode, and it seems like the Gypsy Rose saga might take on sort of a Dallas-like twist (not about oil, mind you, but more going in the direction of the best primetime serials of the past).
  10. Thanks very much! I didn't want there to be any confusion between the two names.
  11. Being that these forums are now under the Primetimer name, will there be a change of domain name from "forums.previously.tv" to "forums.primetimer.tv," or something along those lines?
  12. bmasters9

    The Act

    So that Gypsy Rose saga is going in a more intense direction towards the end? Can't wait to see what it'll be like!
  13. bmasters9

    The Act

    I just witnessed Dee Dee smashing up Gypsy's laptop (Gypsy having fallen asleep with it on), and the big fight between Dee Dee and Gypsy, and I cannot believe that Dee Dee would be so mean like that (not just smashing up Gypsy's laptop, but whaling on Gypsy)!
  14. bmasters9

    TV Tropes You Hate

    And it can work vice versa (all Democrats evil, reverse-racist, black-power, anti-white, and all Republicans pure as the driven snow, Godly, patriotic, and having the monopoly on morals).
  15. bmasters9

    Worst TV Parents

    True enough-- it's still shameful that Kirk held so much sway, though.