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  1. And the cover image was what I grew up around when I was a boy; that image is also inside the book (forget what page); the caption on it shows it as being from 1980, but that is not entirely correct, as the CBS Sports logo on the jackets of Musburger, Greek and Cross started in 1981, so this is, again, from when I was a boy.
  2. You Are Looking LIVE! by Rich Podolsky (2021 retrospective on how The NFL Today on CBS w/Brent Musburger, et al. changed sports broadcasting as we know it)
  3. Now on the third and final of the three main Kissing Booth books, One Last Time (novelization/adaptation of the script of the Kissing Booth 3 film on Netflix):
  4. Yep-- that was pretty much the gist of it! Even so, it was quite the page-turner.
  5. Completed the first of The Kissing Booth novels by Beth Reekles, and now onto the second one...
  6. What is so involved with walking across the street that takes ten pages to write?
  7. The first of the novels in The Kissing Booth series, by Welsh author Beth Reekles (decided to read these because I saw and enjoyed the films, so why not read the books):
  8. The original-recipe Five-O family is now officially no longer-- Al Harrington (who was Ben Kokua there) has passed on @ 85. https://deadline.com/2021/09/al-harrington-dead-obituary-hawaii-five-o-actor-was-85-1234843275/
  9. And BTW, an example of a "blooper" (this one not used on the show, though): "In The Kissing Booth films, Elle Evans was played by actress Joey Bishop" (correct answer: King). The underlined part is what was incorrect, and what had to be corrected. Also, the bonus game was called The Gauntlet of Villains, and the winning player had to correct 10 more bloopers in the basic space of 60 sec., plus one more second for every $100 earned in the game during charging and blocking (so if a player had, say, $700 won up front, that would be 7 more seconds added onto the base minute, so the player wou
  10. Hearing Tom Kennedy say it, I take it?
  11. Buzzr has an old CBS Tom Kennedy game show on now called Whew!; it's kind of like a timed mountain climb version of Jeopardy!. What you had to do is correct what were called "bloopers" (clues with one part wrong, usually, but not always, the last part). You (the player playing the board, who was called the "charger") had to do that once per level on each of 6 levels within a minute; your opponent (the "blocker") could stymie and frustrate that goal by laying "blocks" (6 in total), and if you ran into one, you lost 5 seconds from your clock. If you fulfilled the goal (reached the top), you won
  12. That, I think, was what endeared him to many-- wishing happy birthdays to centenarians and showing them on Smucker's jars; here's an example from 2010:
  13. Just heard it that famed Today weatherman Willard Scott has passed on at 87. https://www.nbcmiami.com/entertainment/entertainment-news/willard-scott-legendary-today-weatherman-dies-at-87/2544452/ And alongside Bryant Gumbel, Jane Pauley and Gene Shalit on Bryant's first broadcast on Today, 1/4/82 (next year will mark 40 years):
  14. End-title billing as Lou Grant on MTM (as Edward Asner); MTM herself was the only cast member billed at the top (because she was the star of the show, and the show was named for her); all others (including Asner, Knight, McLeod, etc.) were billed at the bottom (from MTM condensed all-in-one)...
  15. Billing cards, from CBS DVD Dynasty releases (first from Seasons 4-6 [1983-86], and then Season 7 [1986-87]):
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