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  1. I guess that if a character is popular enough, the writers will a lot of times go to the ends of the Earth to keep him/her on.
  2. I wouldn't want to be riding in that kind of car, unsafe as it was apparently!
  3. Unsafe at Any Speed, famed consumer advocate Ralph Nader's 1965 classic (this copy from 1966) about how automobiles of the time (like the Corvair, described in the first chapter) were designed to crash and fail and injure drivers and passengers, IIRC
  4. The same is true of me when it comes to even those who do not become centenarians, like the late Hugh Downs of 20/20; albeit he fell just short of being a centenarian (99), he deserved to have his life celebrated, because 20/20 was just one strong aspect of a life incredibly well-lived (Tonight, Today, 20/20, and at least one, maybe two books).
  5. You bet, and she did live a century (not many of us are that lucky).
  6. He was one of the first sportscasters I ever started to know of in my childhood (the first time was when I saw him on The NFL Today at around the age of 5 or 6).
  7. Irv Cross, famed CBS Sports commentator (former Philadelphia Eagles cornerback before that), known for being on The NFL Today on Sundays in the 70s and 80s on CBS alongside Brent Musburger, Phyllis George, Jimmy "The Greek," et al., has just passed on at 81. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/irv-cross-broadcasting-legend-with-cbs-sports-and-pro-bowl-nfl-cornerback-dies-at-81/
  8. You bet-- what if the shoe were on the other foot, and Michael J. Fox was the shock jock, and Rush had the problem that Michael J. Fox had; would Rush enjoy having the same things said about him?
  9. Even so, that is counterbalanced well, IMO, by that fact that the Big Bet only required that you bet at least half of what you had to that point (one of the best rules a game show ever had, IMO, due to that fact that sometimes your Big Bet card might not have been the best in the deck [a 7 or 8 or 9], and the half-bet rule was a safeguard against losing it all [of course, from 1978-80 on NBC w/Jim Perry, and for the first go on today's ABC show w/Joel McHale, even if it was the best card in the deck, or one of the best, too many players got burned by going all in and busting out due to doubles
  10. Another great and favorite 70s series of mine has even fewer, in fact, only one-- The Streets of San Francisco, where only Michael Douglas survives (Karl Malden leaving in 2009, and Richard Hatch in 2017).
  11. A Spanish-language graphic novel (this might be more fitting for the Comic Books section) about controversial Press Your Luck contestant Paul Michael Larson (Michael Larson, for short), who took that CBS game show for $110,237 in 1984, to the shock of Peter Tomarken, fellow competitors Ed and Janie, and all the crew, among others...
  12. The sixth of Lee Goldberg's Diagnosis: Murder novels, The Dead Letter...
  13. The fourth of Lee Goldberg's Diagnosis: Murder books, The Waking Nightmare...
  14. Jim Nantz on the recent NFC Wild Card game between Chicago and New Orleans, w/the announcement of Don Robertson's passing
  15. Just heard that Don Robertson (famed CBS Sports announcer) passed on yesterday, Jan. 9 (heard also that Jim Nantz said it on the NFC Wild Card game broadcast yesterday).
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