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  1. I like "Wow, look at you!". or, when being shown pictures, "just look at that face!"
  2. Right? What has become of us? I used to have hopes and dreams! Now I watch some idiot send a text, or pack a suitcase. (sobs softly) Just one dick move in a never ending array of dick moves. Apparently Ed is made up of sweat, mayonnaise, desperation and dick moves. If there's an African American community of any size near you, there are shops that sell outfits like Usman's. I don't know if women can wear them but there are absolutely fantastic dresses available. Bingo. She'll be the "cool mom", flirt with her daughters' guy friends (to her girls' eternal mortification), and want to hang out with their girlfriends.
  3. Well, thanks for another great nigh, peeps! Till next time, stay safe! I love you all!
  4. Another day, another shot of Darcy weeping in a hotel room.
  5. "No man will ever take advantage of me again". Until the next time, anyway.
  6. And Darcy kills the drama of the scene by rummaging in her purse. Hahahaha.
  7. Oh come on Tom. Darcy only loves you as a foreign guy she can call her boyfriend.
  8. I thought Tom and Darcy broke up weeks ago? WTF?
  9. Darcy can barely speak through her comically inflated lips.
  10. I think she's just an attention seeking narcissistic wannabe princess.
  11. Now Steph is turning on the tears. Go Erica. Show some pride.
  12. And Stephanie keeps dangling herself in front of Erica like some kind of cat toy. And Steph? You have no right to look at Erica's phone or tell her what apps she can and can't have. Shut. Up.
  13. Stephanie keeps saying that Erica is her great love and that they're soulmates and have this deep connection, but she always looks like she's heading to her own execution when she's with her.
  14. Yeah, he must have been hacked. That has to be it.
  15. Well, my goodness! I wonder what could be wrong with Williams?
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