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  1. Well, to be fair, a rabid ferret with sleep deprivation and a migraine would be too good for Tania. Um....Big Al's Cheap Shoe Place? Emily's used to Bitchy Betsy's ways. She's honed her coping skills. Jasmine could learn a thing or two from her about cultivating her inner peace. I think Michael wore sneakers because his arthritis plays up terrible if he's on his feet for too long. Hee.
  2. I was DYING during that bit of word salad. Looks like he was trying to say "800 pound gorilla", as in "where does an 800 pound gorilla sit? anywhere he wants!", but got it mixed up with "the elephant in the room", and burst out with "pink elephant". Oh Kody. Never change. My husband mangles sayings all the time, my personal favorite is "she was just trying to get under my goat--I mean, get under my collar". I've never let him live it down.
  3. She, like Zied, always looks like she's just been hit on the head with a frying pan. She always has that slightly stunned look. This whole show was a bunch of staged scenes, strung together into a semi-coherent narrative. Porn granny and her charmingly quaint "checkbook", Mike's visit to his lawyer, Mursel's amazing Return From Turkey (and captivity in his family's storage shed, I guess? Luckily he was able to chew through the restraints in time!). The horrifically embarrassing sight of Sarah making it all about herself at Michael and Juliana's wedding, while pouring Chardonnay down her neck as fast as she ever could. Best of all, Tania's visit to the bridal shop. As I posted last night on the live chat thread, no power on earth can convince me that Tania would not insist on one that's locally sourced, hand woven, vegetable dyed, produced by an indigenous women's collective. Come on, show!
  4. I'm screaming "GO ANNY!" These rubes are shit. Porn Gramps is a dick. "You're taking our insulting offer of cash and insinuation that you are a money grubbing hoor all wrong!" Stuff it, Porn Gramps.
  5. So, I'm guessing PSG hasn't won any AVN awards for her acting. Sheesh.
  6. So no waiting period in Nebraska? I got married in 1987, in Massachusetts. We had to do the blood test and wait.
  7. Why are they asking how Bryson's doing? I thought they were super involved and saw him all the time?
  8. And she's telling them this with no notice? She's shit.
  9. Maybe Omar is hanging around, he could be a witness!
  10. "Why are we sitting in an empty restaurant, not ordering food?"
  11. Love the dog walker in the background. Local color.
  12. Bitch sister Betsy shows her disapproval by letting Emily know that she couldn't be bothered to buy a new dress or pick a color she'd like. She is Bittercakes all right.
  13. I used to work at Harvard, and I can confirm that they are total whores.
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