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  1. Lacey will never lose weight. In the scenes filmed in her apartment at the end, you can see the jug of pancake syrup on the counter, and the huge jar of mayonnaise in the fridge, and a giant tub of what looked like cream cheese. Pathetic. I did laugh about her bemoaning the loss of her pictures (yes I am a bad person). What did she have pictures of? Food?
  2. Oh my friends, we have all shared something special tonight! Thanks to all of you for the laughs. I sure needed them. You are all excellent and witty and I laughed a LOT. Take care of yourselves, keep those masks on and schedule those boosters! See you next time!
  3. Sigh. Inspirational. Oh, its all Sharon's fault.
  4. Pauline! She misses Ricky, with his mad ass wiping skills.
  5. And take a walk in some sad, crappy park while droning about her "journey".
  6. Didn't Maja do something like that? Find a church group or something, then do "volunteer work"? (which consisted of her oversharing and making everyone uncomfortable at a soup kitchen or shelter, if I recall).
  7. She needs to flee to a remote island and change her name.
  8. What can possibly happen in the next ten minutes??
  9. Some people will do anything to be on TV. Those kids will probably never see another Cheerio.
  10. I feel like we will need a "car trouble" square. Didn't someone have an issue with a trailer a few weeks ago?
  11. I knew someone would know! I'm sure each and every one of Lacey's possessions was discreetly burned. She's lost FIVE POUNDS. Lordy.
  12. Holy shit, they donated her stuff. That is cold.
  13. DEAD. I'm just a ghost haunting this thread, I've died so many times.
  14. Someone did--who was it, who drove her scooter to the drive through?
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