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  1. Molly is giving me fucking hives. ALL of these stupid women are giving me hives! This whole "I want my friends to meet my new guy so they can tell me if he's right for me" is so monumentally stupid that I am reduced to jibbering incoherently when these scenes come on. "My friends are brutally honest and have no filter so I know they'll ask the hard questions!". Pro tip--ask them yourself. Expecting your unsuspecting date to perform like some kind of trained seal for your rude, pushy, oversharing friends is probably number one on the checklist "How to make sure your guy never calls you again".
  2. But Ed is also stalking her! The poor girl has a jealous ex stalking her, and gross, creepy Ed stalking her (and now potentially the jealous ex!). So poor Liz has two, TWO! creepy guys following her around, demanding to know where she's been and with whom. And Ed, rather than take her side, was all "How did he know where you were? And who was that, walking you to your car? What were you arguing about? Was it me?". Agreed! Molly's friends were way out of line. Kelly's "expiration date" remark was perfectly innocuous. Not all relationships are forever. They run their course and end. Ke
  3. And this is why all their relationships fail. They want to show that they are "strong, independent women". So they have to constantly "stand up for myself", usually by starting an argument with their partner, over nothing. I could not believe my ears when Stacey started huffing and puffing about how Florian wasn't listening to her and letting her express her feelings. (Stacey-ese for "he's not agreeing with every word I say"). She doesn't want a husband, she wants and echo chamber. Her demanding to know how he was going to feel in 20 years was just laughable. Who knows how they're going to fee
  4. I agree, its really appalling how Sharp snickers and rolls its eyes (figuratively) at any "foreign" religion. Remember how freely Libby's family mocked the Russian Orthodox Church? I'm an atheist and leery of any organized religion but I've got enough basic good manners not to openly mock a person's religious practices to their face. I respect that its important to them. Armando has a young child he does not want to uproot. Mexico is not a savage wilderness. Lots of people don't want to live in the US. Its cheap to live in Mexico and the quality of medical/dental care is very high. Th
  5. Good night my snarky loves! See you Friday night for Love After Lockup! Have a great week!
  6. If Kelly is smart he'll go home and burn Molly's number. She is a pain in the ass and too controlling. These people who sit with friends and say "So, have you had sex yet?" just boggle my mind. So rude! And I am a child of the 60's and 70's, when we were all having sex, with everyone, all the damn time!
  7. Ed, you have no right to demand an accounting from Liz! She needs to run from this guy, he is way too creepy.
  8. Oh, how hard up is Vanessa? Surely she could find someone, anyone, who's less creepy and disgusting than Colt?
  9. Seriously, these friends are being rude as fuck. Molly needs to snap them back.
  10. "I have to ask!" Um, no you don't. And seriously, Molly's friend? What makes you think that Kelly is interested in learning anything about you?
  11. Oh for fucks sake. Sometimes relationships run their course. Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill.
  12. Molly has to have her friends vet her dates? And her pals don't really have much to brag about. They ain't no great shakes.
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