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  1. I have grave doubt of that. She gets worse and worse every season, so I'm sure she's encouraged to amp it up and be as "outrageous" and "outspoken" (that is, vulgar and crass) as possible. Her performance in the doctor's office was just one giant cringe. I'm sure she thinks of herself as a beloved, heart of gold mainstay of the franchise.
  2. Well, Cillas looks good. Tiffany is a lost cause. Just mewing about how she's "working hard" and "continuing the journey". Well, so long, Pounders! I hope I'll see some of you on 90 Day. Stay safe, wear your mask, get your vax! Hugs to all and watch your eating habit!
  3. According to the info I got, this place sorts everything, donates anything that looks sellable to thrift shops, and recycles the rest. I felt really great about all that stuff being put to use! This is from their website: 95% of what we collect is reused, upcycled, or recycled. 75% is reusable, 20% is recyclable. It is first sorted by our partners and divided into grades. The higher grades are resold to thrift stores in North America and other second hand markets around the world. The lower grades get turned into rags for industrial use or things like stuffing and insulation. Clothing re
  4. That's very fishy. Isn't every place gasping for nurses? At my last job, one of my co-workers went to nursing school, she had a job in hand the day she graduated. She finished her two weeks notice and was at work as a nurse the next day. My work gave us all a nice fleece throw for Christmas this year, and I do love it. My boss and her associate's research project does an event every year, and we've experimented with various types of swag. (I plumped for fridge magnets, I think they're actually useful). One year we got T shirts, oh my god. The director got way too many Smalls and
  5. A couple of weeks ago the mayor posted on FB that the city had made a deal with a recycling company that would pick up ALL of our donate-able textiles curbside. Not just clothes, either. Towels, sheets, placemats, napkins. Also shoes, belts, bags, hats, gloves, scarves. I filled SEVEN trash bags. And a lovely guy named Glen came by on a Sunday morning and hauled it all away. That was a good day.
  6. She works all day, she skips and jumps, she likes to press wild flowers.
  7. My husband is an AV guy, he does a lot of work for conferences and big expos and stuff. He's constantly bringing home swag from them--travel cups, water bottles, backpacks, notepads, portfolios. I sneak around and throw out the extra water bottles under cover of darkness.
  8. As my dad would have said "he took off like a striped-ass ape" DEAD
  9. She probably has a lot going on, you know, a lot of stress, so she's probably been too busy.
  10. And this is what TLC considers an irresistible teaser that will have us flocking to sign up for Discovery Plus or whatever it is. To which I say "HA HA HA!"
  11. She can't work out if she's in a hotel? She can't make a salad? She's making every excuse to fail. To save my life I cannot understand why being "busy" (Narrator: They weren't that busy) precludes being able to eat a healthy meal.
  12. She's too busy lying in bed, staring into space, willing the weight off.
  13. I mean, just look at Tiffany, lying on the couch, working hard. Or some horrible mashup of both. But it is filled with oh-so-trashy goodness.
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