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  1. Hahaha, if this show is a demonstration of Caesar's acting chops, well, he might find a spot on that "Mysteries of the ER" show. Where bad actors go to die. One thing for sure, that girl in the photos is not the woman he's been talking to for the last five years. I am convinced of this. Oleg, a hairy, vodka swilling guy with at least one stainless steel tooth, is running the whole operation from a one room apartment in Odessa. He hires beautiful girls to pose for pictures and make generic videos. The real work is done by middle aged ladies who gladly give up their crappy jobs cleaning offices or working in factories to pretend to romance dumb clucks like Caesar. Can you picture Yelena, stirring the borscht and saying "Oh my darling, I can't wait to see you in Mexico"??
  2. Hahahahaha, I'd forgotten all about that! "Fala! FALA!" Hee!
  3. Love how Kail had to have a vacation. Its so exhausting to take three kids on vacation without help. Poor thing probably needed a break. Seriously, Kail getting teary because she couldn't do "everything everyone wanted" on their vacation at a luxury resort had me roaring. Girl. I never took my kid to Mexico, because I am poor. Get. Over. Yourself.
  4. Don't know about husbands, but bride burning is a thing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bride_burning
  5. There are plenty of places that well off Americans go on vacation that are pretty rough and poor if you go a quarter mile from the luxury resort. Jamaica comes to mind.
  6. Watson is adorable, as is Layne. It was also nice to see Randy in his own environment. I bet he's in demand as a dentist. He has a nice friendly way about him and was great with the little guy. Jade and Sean, oy. I'm with you. I think Jade is really trying but Sean is a lost cause.
  7. Thank you for reminding me! I wish I could have seen my face when Grandpa asked McKayla's permission to turn on the radio! None of them see how ridiculous this little princess is. Her "stop talking" gambit will work really well with a lawyer. Not. I can just picture it. She galumphs sulkily into the lawyer's office, flanked by her enabling grandparents. She flings herself into a chair and pulls out her phone. She'll expect Grandpa Tim to do all the talking while she mutters instructions at him. When the lawyer suggests that she speak for herself, she'll snap "stop talking". The lawyer will announce that the meeting is over and express his or her hope that Mckayla can find someone else who can help her. As they leave, Tim and Cindy will dole out the hair pats and hugs and explain that the lawyer is just a big old meanie who's probably just jealous. Then they'll ask McKayla if its OK to put on the radio, or maybe go get a donut. She will pout and say no. they will go home in silence. What a rich life.
  8. Hell, I'd take cosmetology school, a vet tech program, or cake decorating class. Someone with interests and a purpose in life.
  9. If TLC subsidized Liam's trip, you can bet your bottom dollar that he was expected, and possibly coached, to be as negative and shit stirring as possible. They LIVE for this stuff. (See: Chantel, Family). If Liam had said "oh, I support my mother in every way, I support her choices and I just want her to be happy. Aladin seems like a great guy and I know that they have a great relationship!" they would have left him to his own devices in Florida. Right? Its like middle school. No one is capable of even sometimes acting like an adult. Its all "Becky told me after second period..." gossip and backbiting. These drama queens are exhausting. I simply can't believe that Jenny is that good an actress. I think Sumit snowed her and she wanted to believe so badly she ignored every huge, flapping red flag.
  10. LOL, she'd probably put that phoney, pained smile on her face and say "oh wow. OK, honey. If that's what you want, I'm happy! (sniffle). No, its fine. Its just that I always envisioned, you know, a church, you know, with flowers (sob) and a Vera Wang dress...." (breaks down bawling)
  11. Mother Pole will want access to that chubby nugget of a grandbaby. I bet she finds the wherewithal to co sponsor Karine with a quickness. I can't figure Tiffany out at all. She chose to live in South Africa! Now she needs to suck it up and make the best of it! Her constant whinging is foolish and worse, boring. I would give a lung to clap my eyeballs on Wife Sumit. There must be some pictures floating around in the blogosphere! They must be found. I want to see if Sumit looks happy at his wedding or if he looks like he's going to his execution. (I think I can guess)
  12. It'd probably been days since the epic showdown with Sumit's parents by the time the film crew got there. Consider the time difference and having to make travel arrangements. Where's Sharp based? California? New Delhi is 12 hours ahead. So Jenny tearfully calls production in the middle of the night. Even if they leaped into taxis and went immediately to the airport, flights are about 20 hours long. I wouldn't sit around with broken glass and crockery on the floor for three days. Ronald's rage is barely contained, I noticed it in the first episode. He is a ticking time bomb.
  13. I used to be disgusted. But now I try to be amused. Good night all! You guys were on FIRE! See you around the forum!
  14. Jenny doesn't want to look like a fool. Jenny. Honey. That ship has sailed.
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