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  1. There was no way in hell Shannon was going to miss this. Fly to NYC? Spend the day in the studio, getting her hair and makeup done? Shannon the shit stirrer was ready to go full metal Springer but Ananda shut that down. Since she couldn't get all trashtastic she didn't know what to do with herself. And where were her kids?
  2. @Liamsmom617, I don't doubt any of that for one second. For instance, Rachel seems to have positioned herself as her family's "anti-Malorie"--the good mother who takes care of her baby. I have also heard more than one of these girls say that they "don't believe in abortion". I doubt that many of them would have one, even if it wasn't practically impossible in their areas.
  3. I love your whole post, especially the bolded part. Seriously, is she off to the Met Gala? Get over yourself Malorie. She'll be another pasty, overweight holler dwelling skank with stringy hair and bad tattoos by the time she's 30. Why do these girls have babies if they don't want to raise them?
  4. Maria is Caesar's true love! From Ukraine! I too think she is very pretty. I think Pao has a face like a smacked ass, but a nice body. Kirlyam, Aleksandra, and whats her name, the South African girl who married the Mormon boy Danny, she was pretty too. I think Olga wins for me. She had a nice, open, pretty face.
  5. I wish you and your son could have a watch party with me and my son. We would probably have a blast. A professional butler would be better dressed and groomed on his day off than Michael was. His clothes would be good quality and fit well. His hair would be well cut and styled. His posture would be good and he would speak well. Michael might be a grounds keeper maybe.
  6. Thank you, @teapot! He is a delightful person all around. When he was younger his dad picked him up at school and sometimes friends would ask "is that your real dad or your stepdad?", he'd just laugh it off. But he gets pretty salty if someone tells him he's not "really black". He's very proud of all his antecedents!
  7. Everything Kail does is about Kail. The end. To so cavalierly move her kids' stuff to a new house and not even tell them, Jesus Christ. I would have fallen apart as a kid. And who is going to clean that place? The thought of cleaning a place that big is giving me the vapors. I hate it when parents shush a kid who's just being a kid. I was on the bus one time and a woman was riding with her bright, curious, outgoing preschooler who was chattering and asking questions the whole time and she just kept saying "Shh. Shhh". I was so mad. He was delightful! Why shush him?
  8. My husband is black. I am white. Our son doesn't "look black" (whatever that means), he has brown hair and grey eyes and fair skin and looks just like me and my brother. But his father is his father, and he is biracial. I think Stephan is biracial so its not unlikely that his son doesn't "look black" (whatever that means). Izaiah dodged a bullet if he doesn't resemble him, because an uglier and more unattractive person than Stephan I have never encountered. here is my half black son who is most definitely fathered by my husband, his dad:
  9. I cosign this 100%. He's showing off. "I'm so rich and I'm dating a hot Brazilian model!" He gives me the creeps. I thought the call might be staged except he looked like he was having chest pains and shortness of breath when he was talking about it. Nine months pregnant Emily complaining about the cold? I am always cold but when I was pregnant I never buttoned up my coat or wore socks, I was so hot all the time!
  10. Ugh, me too. There was shag carpeting throughout (a lovely tasteful brown. Like the walls, furniture, and decor.) so near the water it must have reeked of mildew. I'm getting the shudders all over again. Team Masha. Emily is an IDIOT. She's so fragile and easily upset she gets the vapors and has to go outside whenever she doesn't like something. She does not appear to be too bright. what the heck does she teach? I'm guessing Jazzercise.
  11. Right? Go to college? Hahahahahahahahaha. Loved her choice of outfit, with a little hint at the Boob Tattoo That Started It All. Looks like she and McKayla both shopped Walmart's Young Skank collection. Those outfits were tragic. Shelly was absolutely right, and you could see it on all the dumb stupid faces on McKayla's useless, enabling family. Shannon went in loaded for bear, ready to make it a Springer episode, but kudos to the host, who shut that down with a quickness. Tim still has a chip on his shoulder, I see. Who exactly is he mad at? I'm guessing Caelen, since he can't be mad at princess McKayla. My eyes practically rolled out of my head during his charming exchange with Ananda. who does this cud chewing, pencil necked, mumbling dumdum think he is? I was just joking last week when I said that he was the prince of Shitville or whatever crap burg these bitches are from, but his ill gotten and (hopefully!) fleeting fame appears to have gone to his otherwise empty head. Jesus Christ Matthew. You and Hailey 2 are not Bogie and Bacall. Slow your fucking roll. You'll be stacking cans at Walmart soon enough.
  12. Other thoughts: Anny is very pretty, very sexy, and way out of Robert's league. She's gone in two years, tops. Poor little Bryson is so attached to her already and she was sweet with him. She probably likes him way better than his daddy. And Robert's friend is a real dink. He's probably a "nice guy" who gets mad when a woman dumps him. Which probably happens all the time, since he's a dink. Seriously, he really rubbed me the wrong way. "Those girls from the DR only care about money". Sounds like more than one woman has dumped him for being a cheapskate, or for spending the grocery money on a few scratchers and a six pack. So, Michael wears lifts? And a binder? Or a corset? The way he holds his body is just weird. To me he looks like Matthew Broderick's younger, sweatier, socially inept, not too bright younger brother. I very much dislike the way he holds Juliana's poverty and disadvantaged life over her head. He's a creep. Speaking of creep, that jeweler? Sheesh. The smarm just oozed off that guy. I wouldn't buy a letter opener from him.
  13. Syngin is even thirstier then Tania. His every action screams "LOOK! LOOK AT ME!" He and Tania are made for each other. I especially loved how he announced that he was "flebbergosted" by NYC. I'm going to just love him, I can tell. He out-Patrick's Patrick. Remember Patrick? The guy who was turning handsprings in Paris? Hahahaha, good times. At least the Parisian object of his affections had the good sense to send him packing. Re: bolded--are you kidding? Edit it out? That scene was probably insisted on by production and rehearsed a dozen times!
  14. Checking in, peeps! Missed the live chat because I'm running a big event at work and have to be there stupid early in the morning! Looks like I missed a good one--hope to check in later today or tomorrow to get caught up. I missed you all like FIRE.
  15. I screamed with joy when I saw Liam, I LOVE him.I didn't care who won or lost as long as I had my hour of Liam-y goodness. I mean really, was there any doubt that Jane would win? And I liked her haircut.
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