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  1. Yeah, my pencil-dicked pipsqueak was a withholder who sexted with like 30 women a day.
  2. Sex addict. I was married to one. It's all about using sex as power; he uses sex to prove he can get his partner to do anything that he comes up wiith. If she wanted sex, he would withhold and say she was 'crazy' for wanting it. They get off on using sex to use or bully others...the dopamine hit is in messing with the other person's head. Coltee looks like he has too much estrogen to be that horny.
  3. I hate myself for this, but I think Brittany is beautiful. Like, unusual and different and just beautiful.
  4. Is he wealthy? Like, wealthy enough for Liz to hold her breath and close her eyes for a couple of years?
  5. He looks like a damned talking kernel of corn. That yellow shirt completes the picture.
  6. Or lack thereof. Or the fact that he is Humpty Dumpty reincarnated.
  7. Hey people. I skidded in just in time to want to bean Ed with a golf club. Hi!
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