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  1. How is it that these mothers who raised a kid alone know what it is to make a marriage work?
  2. In the damned teeth like you would any other lumberjack with a pig collection.
  3. Rolling! Screaming! I can hear his early-movie cackle in my head!
  4. I want cake. Not that this applies to anything we're watching, but I so want cake. Meanwhile, I think it's easier to watch Pillow Talk and get the Cliff Notes on this thing. Wow, the family Brandon really wants to see that couple fail. Once a damn week is enough?
  5. She says she's what, 54? Her damned lighter is 54.
  6. The sarongs are hiding tummy tuck and other reduction scars.
  7. Geez, these bitches are just like my family.
  8. I'm Team Asuelo on this one. He effing tried! He put up with you bringing the kids and your mother! He did the cabin thing, yes, but that's not the worst he could have done. He tricked the place out for you, and you are STILL unappreciative. She is such a gloomy pain, always mocking and criticizing Asuelo who is none too bright and from a totally different culture. For god's sake woman, can't you like anything?
  9. Hi all. Skidding in for the You, Me and my Ex commercial. How desperate are women these days? I'm glad I'm old.
  10. dead. I'd be loopy too if I had kids that were that...odd.
  11. What will happen if one's baby starts to sit or walk before the other? Will they collapse in agony at the differentness?
  12. Vanya's pink fridge is the total and complete bomb!! I want one!
  13. Dyyyying...once while I had a houseguest, I looked outside and saw that our garbage cans had been strewn about the yard. I called to my then-husband "Honey, could you bring a rake? The bears have been in the trash again." I heard from the guest "BEARS???" They were just little black ones about the size of a St. Bernard...not big Pacific ones.
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