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  1. I CANNOT wait for John and Kristianna’s wedding.
  2. I want to like this lady but I just cannot reason why she had six kids with this guy.
  3. Well, if he just got those braces on his teeth probably fucking hurt. Leave him alone. Those first few weeks are brutal.
  4. I don’t know if I could be friends with someone this stupid.
  5. He’s self conscious about his teeth but not that hair??
  6. This guy has got to be the dumbest person on this show. And there is a lot of competition.
  7. I sure didn’t spend that much for my bachelors and masters. Geez.
  8. What is the deal with filming on beds in furniture stores? 90 Day Fiancé did it last season too.
  9. Maybe they shouldn’t have given all the ex-cons access to the account 🤷‍♀️
  10. I’m sure we will see them searching Vegas for her sometime this season.
  11. Summer is a cute baby (and I’m not much of a baby person). Surprised she picked a fairly normal name. I pictured Lacey to be more of a “Bryanniahnalynn” or one of those type of made up names person.
  12. I can’t believe the mother of his kids is back on this show.
  13. Hey y’all. Got a giant bowl of ice cream and ready for some snark tonight. Trying not to melt here in Texas.
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