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  1. So here's the problem with this current cast: Episodes are self-contained week to week. There is no larger narrative at play anymore. Nothing happening in the real world has any relationship to what's happening on screen. There are no stakes. Tins wasn't carrying the show by any means, but her on-off relationship with Scott was an organic, overarching plot line we as viewers could invest in. Nothing like that is left for us. That's why Tre is still Queen Bee on NJ. Her life's tribulations are happening on or off camera. They evolve year to year and people are invested. Same with Kim's sobriety on BH and the tenuous Kyle/LVP friendship. Shannon Beador's marriage and the Ballad of Evil Brooks on OC were also popular. You need something REAL and sustainable on these reality shows. All we have here is a lot of dinners and drinking. Cripes, Lu's cabaret isn't even on the table anymore. Nor is her failed union to Tom. Dorinda, Leah, Sonja, and Lu have nothing left to offer. Ramona isn't really showing her dating life or anything with Mario anymore. Beth's tenure, much as some might miss her, was nothing but brand promotion and an artfully crafted curtain to cover her actual personal life. Really hate to say it but they need a recast. Bookgate 2014 was far more compelling than this. Drunken meals and staged lunacy are not appealing every single week.
  2. I almost never visit Ho's personal threads, but I want to state publicly how THRILLED I am for Tins. In fact, her arc is one of my favorites ever on the Housewives franchise. She managed through all 4 of her seasons to be sweet, entertaining, uncomplicated, and relatable (on some level anyway). From arriving in NYC a notorious outcast to befriending the group, dealing with Sonja, dating 23-year-old, meeting and dating Scott on camera, losing Scott, trying to get Scott back, trying to find herself without Scott... it was a much more organic Sex and the City type of New York storyline. I love that she took off for Chicago and didn't look back. I'll miss her overly close relationship with Dale, her dogs, her fashion, her hotels, her bubbly demeanor... I could go on. She was never going to carry the franchise, but I genuinely enjoyed her nonetheless. As a single woman in her 30s, it's heartening to see that it's not too late to get the storybook ending at 40-something. And I love that she lets no one dissuade her from a big poofy wedding gown or crying over embryos. I hope she gets everything she wants. Tins doesn't have a mean bone in her body and I wish her all the best. How great that someone who believed she could have it all actually got it all.
  3. Dorinda was about the only thing that made the show palatable after B's return. I loved her in all her seasons until this one. I was a Dorinda apologist - for her drinking, for her rants against Sonja ("Not well bitch" with the hand gesture is one of my fav Ho moments ever), and so on. But I said at the end of last season that going at Tinsley wasn't going to play. And what Dorinda's done is pathological. It's been received as poorly if not worse than Jill's season 3 grudge against Bethenny. At least I could see why Jill was annoyed - Tins has done nothing to Dorinda and they were never close. Maybe the city brings out the worst in Dorinda and she should say in the Berkshires. I have never done such a 180 on a Housewife as I have with Dorinda this season. She's downright vicious.
  4. OK, I needed to sleep on the episode before crafting anything to post: Yolanda Hadid and I agree on almost nothing, and I couldn't stand her on BH, but there's one line of hers with which I shall always steadfastly agree: "There is nothing uglier than a drunk woman." -- And I don't mean tipsy, like Ramona's Turtle Time or Bethenny laughing in the Shark Room or Tinsley flashing her thong. I mean DRUNK. Off the rails. Like Leah was last night. This makes, what? Two times in a month that she's become enraged, unhinged, and destructive, as a direct result of intentionally doing her best to get drunk as quickly as insecure freshman girls at their first frat party? This isn't funny, and it's not entertaining - she has a problem. I agree with Ramona's label, except she's no longer recovering. Leah is slowly descending into madness. If she's faking it, then we have an issue that grown woman would drink that much, HOLD all that booze, and CHOOSE to behave destructively. Leah isn't just destructive towards herself, a la Sonja with her tooth and falling on the floor in Mexico, or Lu falling in the bushes, or Bethenny having a meltdown and killing a "mood" - Leah trashed Ramona's home, nearly lit her lawn on fire, and tonight she tore through flower arrangements and tried to break chairs. I hope to God she didn't remember it, but it does not matter. Either way, there is something wrong there. And I'd bet it's related to the booze. You should not be drinking heavily on most mental health meds. I take meds for panic disorder and I know people with BPD - we can drink in moderation. Copious amounts of booze like that might kill us. Leah not eating is also a major red flag. Please don't tell me we have yet another ho who regularly starves herself to be thin. I'm really fucking over it, but if it teaches anyone out there that drinking on an empty stomach is beyond stupid, then I can get over it this time. Dorinda is thrilled Leah is there because she looks serene by comparison. And she has a new off-camera drinking buddy. If Leah enjoys being that way and wants to be that way all the time, that's her right. It's also Ramona's right to call her embarrassing and walk away from her. I wish more people, like Leah and Dorinda, understood the concept of "getting into my business" or "judging me." No one is going to STOP your behavior. But it is everyone's right to judge what is put in their face. So, Leah, if Elise was talking about some rumor she heard or a story a friend told her or even a video she saw/found of you behaving like a drunken mess, that's getting in your business. Meghan King Edmonds calling Brooks's exes on OC, that's getting into someone's business. Elise commented on what you shoved in her face. When you behave like an animal, destroy property, ruin a dinner, and basically need to be strapped down by numerous other grown adults, you are well past the "don't judge me" phase. People are just reacting to the chaos you create and trying to help your demented ass. I would have had a lot of respect and empathy for Leah had she owned up to her shit the next morning, expressed remorse, and acknowledged that things had gone too far yet again. Instead she doubled down and basically went "Who gonna check me boo?" If that's the route she's taking, I'm over her. I found her fake the first few eps and now I just find her unstable and disturbing. The way the group picks on Tinsley upsets me. I take my own pillow everywhere, especially on a long bus ride. What if I want to sleep? I have neck issues and I hate hotel pillows. They really are super jealous of her. It's sad. Leah is playing both sides of the fence with Tins - using her as an in with the group and cozying up to her to play up being part of the young, hot faction on the franchise and then burning her with the nasty old biddies because she feels protected from vicious group dynamics. I see you, Leah, and you're not sticking up for Tins. Cozying up to Dorinda when you see how badly she treats Tins for no reason makes it clear to me you're a user and a terrible friend. I don't care what Ramona has done, or why Lu got arrested, or how insane Dorinda has been the last couple eps, or how much free seafood Sonja stuffs in her wine-soaked gob - none of that makes Leah's behavior ok. We've all called out these women when they go too far, and Leah's just being added to the list. I think they all have problems, but please let's not make that a baseline for acceptable behavior.
  5. Tonight was so disturbing and uncomfortable that I'm about to utter my unthinkable: I miss Bethenny.
  6. Another gross miscalculation on the part of Kyle and her pack of hyenas. Did they learn nothing from last season? There is no need for a PHD to understand what Denise was saying. She can say anything she wants away from her kids, but she is mindful of what people say in front of them IN HER HOME. Again, key phrase here, for the dim-wits who Bravo cast on this show - Denise has every right to control the tone and content of what is said on her property in front of her kids and her kids' friends. If her kids watch Wild Things on video, or read about threesomes on the internet, or YouTube porn or something... that's on them. It's a TOTALLY different message to have that spoken about capriciously and brought in front of you by your own mother and her friends. This nuance isn't all that subtle and I can see why Denise is confused that you'd have to keep explaining this to a group of grown women and mothers. The whole thing just smacks of a double standard and utter arrogance. Sutton is a total ass to tell Denise that maybe she shouldn't bring her kids around an "adult party." Um, it's her home... if you can't monitor your own topic of conversation, GTFO. Then she says she just won't bring her kids around them (simple solution) and they take umbrage at that as well. The collective blinders they have all put on are massive, and viewers see what's happening, and they all look disgusting, mean, and classless. Erika, God help me, if Andy doesn't take her nasty ass to task at the reunion for what she said about Sammy, I'm OUT of this show. That was the comment of a low-down dirty pig. If I were Denise, I'd clock the bitch for it the next time I saw her. No mercy on that one - MAJOR lines have been crossed. Rinna... that's the kind of friend she is after 20 years. Selling out a sister for a little bit of drama. But once again, she misses the very obvious difference in Charlie having hookers around vs. Denise throwing a family BBQ and having friends over who have openly explicit sexual conversations in front of kids. What Charlie does, and what her kids seek out, are not equivocal to what Denise condones and puts in front of her children. I'm not a parent but even I can see the difference. I was raised in a strict Catholic household. I also had internet access and watched lots of TV. I knew about "adult topics" from shows like 90210 and Melrose Place. I also understood, based on my parents' conduct and the way they spoke or didn't speak about these topics to me, that they were important and carried consequence. I didn't take films or internet videos as a road map for my own behavior - it was information, not a belief system or manual for navigating the tricky waters of sexuality. How you talk about this stuff with kids matters. It just does. And given that Denise asked several times for them to shut it down and they didn't, I can see why she is annoyed. Their attempt to deflect this and turn it back on her, because her kids' dad is Charlie Sheen and she once filmed a threesome 20 years ago, is beyond pathetic.
  7. But see, she won't say this. She refuses to admit to being closer to Teddi on any level. THAT is what's weird. That's what is annoying Dorit and the other women. If Kyle could manage to say half of this sentence then I'd be 100% on her side. But her pathological need to deny that the sky is blue is infuriating. And there's nothing wrong with her close friendship with Teddi - her denial of it is what makes everyone question her relationship with Teddi.
  8. I am really here for anyone who's willing to go at Kyle and stop kissing her ass. Everyone is walking on eggshells around her. She's simultaneously having a go at people for no reason (wtf does she care when Dorit shows up and how long it takes her to get glam?!) and crying at the drop of a hat when the people she attacks come back at her in any way. Kyle is... dare I say it.... like Brandi during her last few seasons. Yikes. Kyle digs at Denise and Dorit, and they calmly try to shut her down, and she curses at them. Classy. So Kyle is either losing her mind or she's playing shit up for the cameras. Either way, it's annoying. No one gives a shit that Kyle and Teddi are super close. In all groups, there are besties and stronger alliances. What is pissing them off is Kyle's pathological need to deny it. It's easier to deal with a duo like that if they just cop to the fact that they're going to be a team. Otherwise, it's an inauthentic dynamic. Kyle and Teddi stick up for each other and pile on people because they're a sycophantic little centipede, not because they actually agree with each other in any impartial or organic way. Kyle cannot own anything. It's weird. And that's why the relationship with Teddi is weird. For all the "accountability" she preaches, you think she'd just say, "Yeah, Kyle and I are extremely close." Having arguments to deny it just makes no sense. Denise has every right to dictate what kind of conversations go on at her home. She can say anything she wants when her kids aren't around. That's not a double standard, it's called common sense. Kyle has done this and I stood up for her in Amsterdam when Brandi flipped out about her not wanting to eat space cakes on camera. Totally a parenting choice and nothing anyone should be telling you about. And Erika really gets off on telling people how to behave in her home - especially when Tom is around. I am much the same and have always supported this "My home is my domain" creed. I just think Denise should be offered the same courtesy without judgment. In short, I'm somehow on Dorit's side here. Fuck off, Kyle. I'm with Garcelle and Denise right now. Denise was chill til everyone started being an asshole to her. It's not that complicated. I really thought Erika was going to tell Kyle to leave her home. That would have been my reaction. She's giving Kyle a lot more respect than she's getting back. No one would get away with speaking to me that way at my own dinner table.
  9. I picked Just Sam from the first time I heard her sing in Hollywood week. She tells a story when she sings, and her tone is glorious. I think she'd have benefited immensely from some time on the big Idol stage, but I'm so thrilled to see her win. What a heartbreak to get such big news and be all alone. I have to admit, my cold nostalgic heart broke a bit when I realized Ryan wouldn't be saying, "Kieran, dim the lights." No confetti, no group hug, no big ovation... how lonely to experience the biggest moment of your life alone in a 1-bedroom apartment. Thank goodness she had her grandmom on FaceTime. Happy for Arthur as runner-up and I thought he was going to win. I still think he sounds like Phil Squared and it's no coincidence that was Idol's last successful winner. Jonny West can have a career as a singer-songwriter or just a songwriter. I think he'll have his pick of post-Idol gigs, and good for him. Both Dillon and Francisco showed up with great performances tonight. Big fan of Dillon and I will follow what he does after this. Thrilled we finally got rid of Julia and Louis. I might have gone straight to bed if Julia had advanced. I hope we never have to see this format again, for multiple reasons. But thank you, Idol, for stretching into the unknown to bring us fresh content every weekend. It's made the last few months slightly more bearable.
  10. So this is a big revelation for me this episode, but Dorinda is... the new Bethenny? Angry and crying at every turn, offended by Tinsley's existence, jealous AF of Tins because she's younger and prettier and doesn't have money worries, and has the whole group on eggshells, terrified to call her out on her behavior. WOW. I have no clue how or why the group allowed Dorinda to speak to Tinsley like that. WTF did Tinsley ever do to ANYONE, let alone Dorinda?! It's a farce. It's a big nasty show for the cameras but it's pissing me off. Tinsley is harmless, and quite frankly, it smacks of desperation that Sonja and Dorinda are so obsessed with bringing her down. That tennis bracelet/small dick comment was way fucking below the belt. Sonja, you wet-brained sop, if Tins was just looking for a guy with cash she could find one. And she'd be out screwing half of Manhattan, as you've done for years. Tinsley loves Scott and can't get over him! The comment was not based in any reality. Dorinda has not moved on from Richard. Ok. I get it. Sonja yet again chiming in about "losing" her husband does annoy me. Divorce isn't death. Both are painful, though, and neither have moved on. I don't care that Dorinda isn't over Richard or wants to go on and on about him. And John knew exactly what he signed up for when he swooped in on a grieving widow. If Dorinda treats him badly, he should move on too. But there is no excuse for weaponizing grief to grind some girl into powder who doesn't deserve it. That's when you need to apologize and seek therapy. That lunch table was a Mean Girls high school cafeteria. Everyone watching Dorinda slice and dice at Tinsley and no one standing up for her, because they're all afraid of the Big Bad Wolf. I wanted to dump rose on all of them for their lack of moral fiber. Interesting to me that it's been the last two seasons Dorinda went from crumbs-on-the-mouth weirdo when drinking to full-on front assault mode. And then it occurred to me that this nasty turn coincides with losing Carole as a castmate. Carole, the fellow widow and Dorinda Whisperer, is no longer around as a grounding force. She understood the grief, wasn't a heavy drinker, and I think generally brought out a lightness in Dorinda. Sonja, Ramona, and Lu are close with Dorinda but they're also wino-partying whackadoodles and that's not what Dorinda needs. All the close friendships in this cast are bringing out the worst in her. I really didn't enjoy what I watched tonight. I also had a huge issue with Lu getting snooty about Leah's apartment. It's lovely, and she enjoys it, and that's all that matters. It's nicer than Sonja's by a mile! Speaking of Sonja... I have rewatched season 3 a million times. Where did that beautiful, classy, level-headed woman go? Was it all lost to the bankruptcy and booze? I have a hard time believing these two women are the same person. She's SUCH a mess now, and it's hard to watch. I used to think she was acting for the cameras but it's too frequent and embarrassing now. I think Tinsley is misplaced in this group. She's too young for this cast, too light, and too full of positive energy. They can't abide her happy persona and are trying to smother her. It must be like dealing with 6 of her mother, so no wonder she flips out.
  11. For me this was the clearest vote I can remember - Tony dominated the whole game. He hit all three pillars - building relationships, working hard and winning challenges, and managing to find a way to spy on people in a tree! I love this guy! I hadn't watched Survivor in over a decade but I came back for this one to see my old-school loves like Boston Rob, Amber, Sandra, and Ethan. I didn't think I'd watch once they were gone but I grew fond of the new-schoolers as well. Tony is just my kind of guy and, starting about a month ago, I couldn't have rooted for him any harder. I didn't watch his original season so, pardon me, but I'm puzzled by any dislike of him. Natalie had every advantage going into that last challenge and still almost lost. If she didn't have all those idols in her pocket she wouldn't have made final 3. No disrespect to her at all, she definitely was Queen of Extinction, but I am just not a fan of putting someone back in the game that late. Tyson's entrance should have been the only opportunity to rejoin. Oh and Natalie didn't break up the alliance; Ben made one of the stupidest decisions I've ever seen. There was NO reason for him to willingly leave the game. If I was his wife, I'd be furious that he threw it away to give an advantage to Sarah. What was he thinking?! Michelle would have been out. Tony really won it for me when he told Ben and Sarah that Natalie had an idol and they had to vote Denise. Both of them prattling on about what they "knew" - and then Sarah going off about calming down Tony when he was right on the money - just told me that these two overly confident yahoos didn't have the "outwit" acumen Tony possessed. Natalie wasn't around camp long enough to realize it, but she should never have put Tony against Sarah in that fire challenge in front of the jury. Their love and respect for one another, plus their reactions to the result, sealed the deal. I knew once the jury watched that exchange that the winner of the fire challenge would likely win the game. They both played exceptionally well and stayed true to their original alliance. When a jury sees some level of true "loyalty" and love in this game, it sticks with them. Natalie got where she did on challenge strength and hidden immunity idols. Having just rewatched season 1 on Hulu, it's funny to see that, even 20 years later, challenge dominance will get you to the final but it won't get jury votes. Kelly Wigglesworth literally made it to the final 2 on nothing but immunity challenges. Most contestants couldn't stand Rich but they respected his gameplay. Tony's 4 immunity wins helped immensely but he still managed to NEVER see a vote go to him. And as the recognized alpha of the game, that's amazing. This has actually brought me back to Survivor. I enjoyed this season and will watch 41. Kudos, Probst and cast.
  12. Why is Julia still there? She has not done anything noteworthy since Hollywood week. Who is voting for her?!
  13. Well... how tall is Sonja? Because it certainly does for me. I'm 5'2. Three pounds is maximum margin for error if I want to properly fit in my clothes. Just googled and she's 5'7, so no, Sonja probably has about 10 pounds to gamble with in terms of her clothes fitting properly. She looks puffy but I chalked that up to extra surgeries. I typically love Dorinda and have no issue with her walks down Medley Memory Lane, but the need to attack Tinsley at every turn is making her totally unlikable. She's downright vicious to a girl who's never done a mean thing to any of the women. Geez. Dorinda, can you back off for a second? I don't know why Elaine is there. Ramona being motherly to Leah reminded me of how Ramona used to try to comfort Bethenny. I hope Leah is kinder in repaying Ramona than B was. Jacques will always be a fav of mine. I love that Lu is still close with him. Nice to see that all relationships don't have to crash and burn. Lu and Jacques, Ramona and Mario, Leah and her baby daddy... nice to see compassion between exes. I've never been lucky in that department. Tins and Dale used to get under my skin, but I lost my mother 4 weeks ago and now I can't even get through their scenes. I'd give anything for my mother to nag me and take a few digs at my poor choices again. Tins seems to know how lucky she is, which does my heart good. Still, I wish Dale would just let her daughter be her own person.
  14. So, talent-wise, I think we left some of the best on the cutting room floor here. A lot of mediocre balladeers got through while some vastly more-talented women were sent packing. I know Idol has always been unforgiving to women (Kelly and Carrie being major exceptions), but this format does them no favors either. Grace belts to a fault but she's the only country girl left so she's not splitting votes. Cyniah, McKayla, Lauren, Olivia, and Kimmy must have all split the diva vote. I think they were some of the best in the competition but they didn't do enough to separate themselves vocally or personality-wise. This format isn't helping their case, either. Singing in your living room to millions of people is weird. Belting at the top of your lungs makes it even stranger. The setting matters - I miss the big Idol stage. I think it's necessary at this point in the competition - you see who can handle pressure, play to a large crowd, display real stage presence, and fill a space. This? You gotta go low-key and acoustic almost. That's how Louis and Francisco took mediocre, one-note vocals and were voted through. Singing those songs in your living room feels authentic. I think if we'd been on a real Idol stage you'd have seen different results. These kids should be considering context when choosing their songs now. I'd have saved Lauren Spencer Smith over McKayla now that she's picked two dud songs in a row, but I can't complain too much because my two top favs, Just Sam and Jovin Webb are through. I'm also a big fan of Dillon James. I was on the Grace train but... you do NOT do that to Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It's not a "big ol' voice" song. Grace would have had a real moment had she pulled back, used some dynamics, and sung the original intro, "When all the clouds darken up the skyway..." But who am I kidding? I can't even stand Kat McPhee and she owns that song on Idol. No one ever did a better version than she did. I thank the judges for finding a highly talented group, but now I chide them for being useless on critiques. These kids need way more help than what they're being given. And lack of critique is how we ended up losing great voices in the top 10. One more time, for any producers reading this stuff: Please take a page from what made Idol successful, and give enough time to get to a top 10 and do one elimination per week. If it means we end up with a final 3 or 4, I can handle that. But culling the her like this is so pointless. No one has any room to grow. Did Alejandro win last season? Do they hate Laine? Why is the winner never mentioned and Alejandro is making cameos and being tongue-bathed constantly? I love Alejandro but this puzzles me.
  15. This is perhaps unfair, but I'm going to say it anyway: I lost my mother last week, tragically and suddenly (not related to the virus). I watch Survivor to escape and enjoy myself. My dad and I were sick to our stomachs watching these people sob uncontrollably about a 3-week voluntary separation to be on TV and possibly win $2 million. I have always found these visits slightly grating, but this week it was untenable. By the end I wanted them all voted off for lack of perspective. Tribal was so confusing. I hate the whispering. You wouldn't have gotten away with that during the early seasons. There are too many idols and advantages. I haven't watched religiously in about a decade, and now I see why. This is the pampered snowflake version of Survivor, and I'm not here for it.
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