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  1. thesupremediva1

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    Bravo didn't want to talk about it because, at the time, most of the press surrounding his suicide was focusing on the the possibility that his portrayal on RHBH was what drove him to the act. People actually thought it would end the franchise. They didn't WANT her talking about it and she complied to keep the paycheck. Either way, the tone towards Taylor was bitchy and accusatory. No sympathy anywhere. Meanwhile, Beth is dating a new guy, wearing Dennis's ring, calling him her fiancé, and no one is allowed to say a word about him or her. The double standard is 100% obvious.
  2. thesupremediva1

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    I only have this to add: Taylor Armstrong lost her husband to suicide on RHBH. She faced backlash, gossip, and the Vacant Parasite that is Brandi Glanville accusing her of trading on his death. Taylor had been abused by Russell and had kids with him she still needed to raise. I don't remember Andy helping her or showing much remorse for a tragedy which many still blame at least partially on the show. Why bring this up? Dennis Shields has basically been canonized and memorialized here in NYC. I don't want him vilified, but it might have been nice if Russel or Taylor had been afforded the mafia-don respect being shown to Bethenny for a loss that did NOT involve a fiancé, a spouse, or even a baby daddy. Looking at how these incidents are handled side by side makes me a little sick, and really fucking angry. Dennis was barely on the show. How much dirt does Beth have on Andy that we have to devote packages to B's loss and pretend she and Dennis were engaged? Why do we need to proverbially stone Ramona for a comment most of us would 100% agree with? You can't be that smart if you're on drugs? Crass and insensitive sure, but both Ro and Beth have said worse. When I think of the pile-on LVP faced this year following her brother's suicide and the GIANT passes B is given year after year while other OGs handle actual conflict and are called out on their BS.... RHNYC is starting to feel like inside baseball. It can't be authentic because everyone is so afraid of Beth. I'm sick of her getting away with everything and then wanting to closeline her co-stars! LAY OFF TINS, YOU NASTY OLD MISERABLE SHREWS!
  3. thesupremediva1

    Bethenny Frankel: Skinny Girl

    What's so bothersome to me is that I loved Bethenny back in the day. I rooted for her success. I never thought she'd use that success to become a paragon of everything she once hated and derided. Her hypocrisy is gross and glaring, but I could abide it if she was kind or humble in any way. She's not. She's nasty, mean, miserable, and most obviously - STILL DISSATISFIED with a life all of us would love to have and which most of her original fans WERE HAPPY FOR HER TO HAVE. She's a walking slap in the face - lecturing us, pandering, lying, and pretending we and her co-stars are all too dim to see the truth. I should thank her for one thing - my relentless pursuit of money as life's goal ended when she came back to the show in 2015. Never had I seen a person gain so much materially and decay in every other manner. I realized that if she is what wealth looks like, I'll happily remain blue collar. Her life's not a dream - it's my worst nightmare.
  4. thesupremediva1

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    Is it wrong that those were some of my favorite eps? The cult, the fire, the coke, SWF Tara., all legendary. So silly and soapy but damn were they memorable! Even funnier, who the hell would have wanted Kelly's awful haircut? From the moment she broke up with Dylan at the end of season 4 until he returned in season 9, she looked godawful. Outfits, hair, the whole 9 yards - wardrobe had it out for Jennie Garth. Gosh, I would LOVE to have Tara make an appearance in the reboot. Between her and Emily Valentine, it would be a reunion of all the crazy pixie blondes!
  5. thesupremediva1

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    I LOVED Susan and Janet, so that would have made me sad, but I SO wish Andrea had stayed on the show. For me, something left the show with her and never returned. She was such a source of intelligence and integrity (even with the stupid affair story line that was totally out of character), and no one else filled that. Brandon was a sanctimonious douche from season 4 on, not a moral compass. They pushed Kelly as a saint but I never bought that. Steve became some great source of fatherly wisdom in the last two seasons, and that felt earned, but it wasn't the same as having Andrea around. I'd rather have seen Andrea compete for Brandon's heart against the likes of Claire, Susan, and Tracy, rather than that awful Kelly/Brandon/Dylan triangle that dominated the later seasons. Kelly and Brandon were just awful together. If Kelly needed a main man in Dylan's absence, that could have been Steve - it would have made much more sense. Then Steve could have found Janet when Dylan returned and we'd still have ended up where we did at the finale - just a much smoother narrative ride with less ancillary characters. If we'd kept OG Andrea, we wouldn't have needed the likes of Noah, Gina, Carly (God bless Hilary Swank), or Sweater Vest Matt.
  6. thesupremediva1

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    Val did kinda steal the finale. I just wish she'd been in it more. She was the most complex female character the show ever created, and my favorite female on the show. TAT looked SMOKIN in the finale, as she did throughout most of her seasons. No one would have given any other girl a second look with Val around! I guess I just wanted explicit triumph for her. It would have been a worthwhile scene to have her and Dylan discuss his recommitting to Kelly. She could have ribbed him about it, since she hates Kel, and given us more info about her current life. Ah, oh well.
  7. thesupremediva1

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    Happy to take the alto line in this Hallelujah Chorus: Bethenny, shut the eff up! Andy should just take the day off and let her host the reunion. She speaks more than him, she directs the conversation, she speaks for others, on behalf of others, over others. Christ, she is awful and exhausting. I do not remember any other Housewife ever having such control, even supreme OGs like Vicki, Tre, LVP, and Nene. They all had to answer for their shit and have faced pile-ons. But in NY, everyone is very afraid of B. Including Andy. I was never a Carole fan but man, watching this is such an education. She was 100% right about Bethenny. No wonder she ran for the hills. I didn't realize Luann wasn't allowed to answer her own questions. I didn't realize one could be the topic of conversation and your arch-nemesis was allowed to answer for you. What a crock. Hey, Beth - leave Tins alone. Your hypocrisy was exposed. Not that it hasn't been on full display for a decade, but yeah. There's one standard for you and one standard for everyone else. Don't pretend you don't hate on Tins cuz she's younger and cuter and has a lighter life. We see it. Why don't you just say - "Andy doesn't force me to have my bf on camera, or anything else I don't want to share. I show up late. I get away with murder. Sorry if you don't like it." I'd respect that more. If the rest of this reunion is like tonight, I won't even watch. That bitch needs a muzzle. And while I abhorred how she used Dennis's death as an excuse to go full feral animal on Lu in Miami, I was more disturbed tonight when Beth said that she's in a better place today because Dennis is gone. Holy Mother of God, there is something truly wrong with her. What a disgusting, indefensible thing to say.
  8. thesupremediva1

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    I live in Vegas. Her garden is right outside the Colosseum. The foot traffic alone will keep it afloat. I walked out of Celine's concert a few months ago and stumbled upon a mass of fans swarming LVP and Ken right after it opened. The place is beautiful and it's been packed every night I've walked past it. Caesars is mid-strip and typically booked up; it might be viewed as "old" and "tired" by some, but people spend about $500 for a room there per night and those same people will be more than happy to try an LVP cocktail.
  9. thesupremediva1

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    For all Kyle's money and natural beauty, one thing she should NEVER look is cheap. And the way that dress read on camera was cheap and tacky. So unfortunate.
  10. thesupremediva1

    S09.E21: Hurricane Camille

    They crucified Camille for not being on the "I HATE LVP" train, which served nothing except to prove LVP's whole point about them. Camille wasn't complaining about a gang-up at Mo's party, she vocally expressed her displeasure at being railroaded at the previous dinner for the CARDINAL SIN of letting LVP off the hook. Camille wants the diamond and sees an opening, so she came into Mo's party guns blazing. It was very strange, that's usually not her style. She caused enough terror to get noticed, and then forced herself to hug it out so she could come back full-time next season. I'm on board with anyone who shuts down Buttinsky, No-Storyline Teddi so summarily. I cheered! She really never shuts up. It's pathetic and kind of hilarious how they're still going off about LVP. Yeahhhh, you're all SO CLOSE now. Erika's still sitting there like a Madam Toussaud's creation, refusing to do more than breathe. The reunion will be a snooze without Lisa there. I predict a major shakeup for next season. Faux love fests don't sell.
  11. thesupremediva1

    Season 15: Speculation and Spoilers

    Can you link me to where you got this info? I haven't seen Tyler leave NYC yet so I'll watching his IG this weekend...
  12. thesupremediva1

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    I am filled with unpopular opinions but also conviction so I'm sharing them anyway: I liked the finale. The right people ended up together. Aside from Val not getting a happy ending and Brandon and Andrea not ending up together, I had no issues. I am not on board with any reboot that fucks with that peaceful ending from May 2000. For me personally, there was no show without Dylan. I have never rewatched the reruns of seasons 7 and 8. I watched them during the original run only. I would have watched to see Luke even in a limited capacity. The fact that we are now talking about a tribute ep... I still can barely process it. There was something about Dylan... he was in every triangle. He was the show's secret sauce. The show didn't work without him 20 years ago, and I don't see it working now. Even seeing promos breaks my heart. I am not on board with resurrecting 30-year-old drama. Everyone had the same story about Shannon back in the day. I'm sure she's matured but no one was more nasty about her than Jason - as recently as 2016 in fact. Luke disliked her so much he literally went to Charles Rosin, broke up Brenda and Dylan, and invented Dylan and Kelly as a couple. And yet, somehow, the other females are still being labeled as catty bitches when they did nothing more than their male co-stars to handle a notoriously problematic colleague. I want so badly to be stoked for this, but no Luke plus toxic fandom means I'm leery.
  13. thesupremediva1

    S15.E08: Week 8: Amsterdam

    Speaking from personal experience, when you are on a strict diet, drinking a lot, under stress, and constantly traveling, you'll inevitably get sick. Hannah seems to be getting smaller by the week - she might not be eating enough or getting adequate rest. It's a recipe for constant colds.
  14. The biggest Housewife miscalculation comes in the form of picking on the one person who is NOT an asshole. Ganging up on Tins was a major misstep. It made Ro, Dor, and Son look like old, jealous hags who have nothing better to do than gossip about a woman who looks like she could be their daughter. And, hate to break it to you, B, but you'll suffer too if you want to go at Tins at the reunion. No one is going to excuse that shit - you're just outing yourself as a jealous bitch who can't stand to see a younger, prettier woman be happy or successful. Lu is behaving like a monster but clearly the ladies are signing up for the emotional battery. I'm 99% sure production forced them to go to the cabaret to see Lu. I don't think they wanted to be there, and I don't think Lu wanted them there. Ro got a pass because she organized the competing event. Cemented feelings: I wouldn't ever want to be Bethenny, even with all her money and her impossibly thin body. Tragedy just stalks that woman. Misery is her constant companion. Babs is gonna catch hell for it, but I don't see why - even Lu routinely acknowledges that she is not a great singer. Everyone knows that cabaret is based on her Bravolebrity status and nothing more. If not for the arrest, the drinking, the failed marriages, and the tumble in the bushes, of course she wouldn't have a show. We are all in on the joke. I think Lu is aware she needs to bring her "persona" to that show, and "voice" is far down on the list. Is she off the deep about it? Sure. But for all the try-hard ho's who've pushed their caterwauling at us (Kim Z, Missy Gorga, Danielle Staub, Staub's offspring, I could go on..) Lu is the only one who seems to be making a decent living off of live performing. The art of cabaret is 90% chatting and relating to the audience. I have not seen her show, but I'd imagine she had to go over lines, jokes, etc. It's not like we see her warming up her voice. Anyway, I'm sick of the ladies picking on Barb. I hope Barb doesn't come back, just because I don't like to see women ganged up on and mistreated. She didn't ruin Sonja's surprise - RAMONA DID - by purposely scheduling it during Lu's show! HELLOOOO
  15. thesupremediva1

    S15.E06: Week 6: Latvia

    I don't think she'd have intervened if it wasn't affecting her relationships. But as she stated time and time again, the house arguments weren't some separate entity - apparently the animosity kept her relationships from progressing. Worth noting, none of the men have a problem with the way Luke behaves towards Hannah. None of them are trying to protect or defend her. None of them even have a single "wrong reasons accusation" toward Luke. He's a liar and an ass - but only toward them. So he doesn't play well in the sandbox. That's a shame. They've all told Hannah as much. LET IT GO. She can find out after she marries him, if that's her prerogative. Last night's argument was about how Luke lied to the guys - again, zero to do with Hannah. It all just feels petty and fake, like they needed a villain after Cam left so now Luke is the anti-Christ. Chad was worse, IMO.