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  1. Let me provide some extra context for this statement. Tre has had an awful decade (yes you can blame it on her choices and Juicy and it's her own fault, etc.) and it shows on her face. She's not the young, vibrant, bouncy Jersey girl we met season 1. My comment about Melissa was simply that she hasn't "aged hard" or anything like that. She's just trying her best to look like "Italian J. Lo" as someone else observed, and she's completely changed her appearance by choice. The nose, the skin tone, the hair, the boobs - she used to look like Antonia and now I wouldn't even peg them as mother and daughter. Melissa may very well have had a very difficult young life. I did not watch that on TV. I'm commenting on the past decade, and aside from a family feud she worsened and exploited for the sole purpose of getting on TV, Mel has had what appears to be quite a cushy existence.
  2. Let me cosign this whole post, and the original poster quoted here. You can dislike Tre all you want, for any reason you choose. Tre is out there. We know what she is. Melissa is just a not-so-great pretender. She's a snake, a fake, a phony, and a camera whore. And she's still a glorified hanger-on who'd be nowhere near a TV if her for her sister-in-law AND copious amounts of plastic surgery. She literally looks nothing like she did her first season on camera. And it's not like she's had a hard life or anything.
  3. For me this was a truly perfect piece of episodic television. I will rewatch the last 5 minutes forever.
  4. THANK YOU! A couple weeks ago on the NJ board, I made a statement based on my own judgment - that women as thin as Jackie G. can't possibly eat much and we have to stop lauding borderline eating disorders as sustainable diets. It's something done on a lot of reality shows, and it bugs me. Last ep, it was pointed out multiple times that Jackie really isn't eating. This isn't news. Almost no one is that thin, naturally. It's less than 1% of the population and those people are usually models of some sort. Think Brandi, Kelli Bensimone, etc. The Rinnas of the world have to choose to not eat almost at all. It's why I never pursued acting as a career. I knew I'd end up anorexic. Tamra is incredibly fit but not emaciated. She does, however, own a gym, work out every single day, and eats a very specific diet. Braunwyn is scary thin. And you can tell that Shannon wants to be thin again at all costs and walks around hangry. In all honesty, this cast is the least offensive in terms of emaciated women. Kelly, Vicki, Gina, and Emily all look like they eat regular meals. Tamra eats but she counts every macro and calorie. Braunwyn probably doesn't eat much. It's a choice - you see how little you can subsist on so you can look thin on camera. I have tried it - I had to go down to 1,000 calories per day with daily exercise. I'm 5'2. I started having racing heartbeats, night sweats, and trouble sleeping. I couldn't think clearly. Eventually I gave up on wanting to be size 00 again. But let me tell you, if I was on camera 6 months out of the year, I would have kept it up. I just cannot with the "fat" comments about Gina, Emily, even ol' Vicks. There's a difference between having body fat and "flab" in undesirable places that you'd like to cover up and being "fat" or unhealthy. And emaciated, a la Braunwyn or Jackie on NJ or Bethenny on NY, does not equal healthy! I will not shame or blame anyone for wanting to be thin on camera and controlling their diet to do so. But I will also not shame a woman for wanting to eat regular food and still appear on camera while not being a size 00.
  5. If we're gonna get on these women about age-shaming and body-shaming, we shouldn't be doing it ourselves... Gina is having a rough year. Maybe she didn't want to go shopping for new bathing suits. Maybe she doesn't like one-pieces. Maybe she didn't realize she wasn't perfectly toned. Maybe - gasp! - she is still totally fine with the way she looks. Her stomach looks normal to me, healthy even. I don't know, I guess I find it bothersome that we're gonna call out a skinny person for not having chiseled abs. Most women look like this, and a lot of us wear bikinis. I'm really sick of worrying about every little pocket of flab and whether that makes me "unworthy" of wearing a bikini. If you're offended by my not-totally-flat stomach, that's your issue. Look elsewhere. I think Tamra has the blackest, ugliest heart I've ever seen, but her chest and tits are always out and that's her right. Gina's stomach is the least offensive thing about this episode to me.
  6. She is such an ass. Stupid statements like this - that's how Hannah won. Way to fire up a voting block, Carrie Ann. Has Bobby Bones been forgotten so quickly? 🤦🏻‍♀️
  7. Having a cupcake and champagne cuz I LOVED and called this outcome. THRILLED for Hannah and hard-working Alan! WELL-DESERVED win! Have some buttercream icing, haters. That includes you, Len and Carrie-Ann. 🎂🥂 Ally never had the votes. She wasn't winning. I agree completely with the order tonight. Should James have been in the finale? Yes. Did he deserve to win? Yes. But those idiots behind the table saved Fetch Brooke instead, so this was our finale. And the right person won out of these 4. Even if James went through last week, I don't believe anyone was beating Hannah. She won a freakin People's Choice Award. She's got votes. And she was also a good dancer, scored liked a mediocre one. While another good dancer was scored like an untouchable goddess. The scales have a way of balancing themselves. Beyond satisfied with this outcome, but reluctant to tune in next season unless Sharna and Artem are back.
  8. And both exploited their family drama for camera time. Except, at least Kyle didn't NEED Kim to get on the show. Mel would have zero place in this franchise if not for Tre, and now she knows it for sure. But Mel and Kyle are both vacuous opportunists who think we're too stupid to see the game they're playing.
  9. I wasn't that outraged. And I don't get the level of anger about him either. I never expected him to win but he seemed likable enough and I adore Sharna. I was rooting for Milo, but Bobby was miles better than Grocer Joe or the likes of Spicer, Engvall, or Bristol Palin. He was about on the same dance level as Candace Cameron Bure, and she placed third in her season. I'm FAR more outraged about what went on last night than I could ever be about Bobby's win.
  10. James joins Juan Pablo before him, and Simone Biles, and Nastia Liukin, and Charlie White as massively talented frontrunners who were eliminated before the finale. It's not a new trend, but it doesn't suck any less. I said weeks ago I'd only get angry at Spicer if he outlasted someone who could win. How ironic that I am SO MAD this week and can't blame Spicy. This is squarely on those three morons sitting behind the table. Carrie Ann and Bruno are buffoons, but I expected better from Len. Sometimes, the best dancer never sees the finals. BUT, in all previous situations, that was on viewer votes. I just can't wrap my head around what was done to James last night for a girl who really isn't that great. The ire is understandable and I hope the producers and judges are called on the carpet for it.
  11. The amount of hate Hannah receives is baffling. She's been critiqued more than any celeb this season and she's right - it's been more about her personality than her dancing. Something tells me Ally would be far worse, had she ever been critiqued during the season at all. Ally isn't winning, and Hannah would be a worthy victor. I've suffered through enough of having contestants shoved down my throat (cough Bindi cough) and now I'm throwing every vote I can at Hannah. Whitney and Kel have a blah partnership and the less I say about Lauren and Gleb the better.
  12. How many times are they going to over-score Ally? How many times are they going to save her?! Clearly viewers aren't responding to her - what a sickeningly stupid move they made. I am all in on Hannah now. I hope she and Alan take it. James deserves better in life. ❤️Dawson girl forever❤️
  13. People like Tamra make me ill. She reminds me of the Trinity Killer from season 4 of Dexter - cloaking herself in religion to hide what an evil person she is. She has no intentions of improving or changing - she'll hurt anyone she can to keep herself relevant and draped in designer clothes under the roof of a big expensive house. I don't know how that cross hasn't burned her. She's way worse than Alexis ever was. I wonder if she even recognizes what a blasphemer she really has become. Talking about God, Jesus, etc. every 5 minutes doesn't make you Christian. You know what does? NOT BEING A MEAN ASSHOLE. Not purposely hurting others. She fails so spectacularly in these areas as a human being. And allow me to offer what I'm sure is an unpopular opinion: I do not dislike Ryan. I think he was dealt a raw hand in life, and I think Simon's discipline would have been good for him. If Tamra had one ounce of real concern for her son, she'd have backed Simon up. Instead, she stoked hatred between them. Why? She was the shiny object in the middle, and she loved the fact that her son and husband competed for her affections. She's a sick woman. Fuck Eddie. Ryan is not his son, and as far as I can see, he has built no relationship with him and done nothing for him. So guess what, Eddie? You have no business saying or thinking anything about Ryan. Your ideas of "manhood" mean jack shit to anyone. Shut the fuck up, you nasty Munster. You seem to have plenty of compassion for the demon you married, but none for her son. How curious. I wish he'd wise up and realize that Vicks - who he despises - is actually nowhere near as awful as her bestie, Mrs. Tamra Judge.
  14. I have a major problem with this as well. This is a trend we need to stop perpetuating on TV - on Ho'wives shows and others. I am really, truly disturbed by the amount of stories that go something like: "I used to have an eating disorder but I'm fine now. See, I used to be "pudgy" but now I'm thin and I really suffered to get here but I just have to make sure not to get too thin." There is no way that going on camera doesn't exacerbate the disorder. There's something so fake and dangerous about this, and it makes my skin crawl. I have a similar issue with Bethenny, but at least she admits she works to be thin. It is highly unlikely that one can be as thin as Jackie (or Bethenny or Jules or Carole or Brandi) and eat much if anything at all. There's already a pathology at work there. Mel has a banging figure I know she works hard for but it's also clear she eats three meals a day. And Jackie is noticeably nipped and tucked in the face and looking more drawn than ever. It's common after a first season on camera. But I, as a viewer, do not want to buy into this fantasy that it's fine to start out a weight loss journey with an eating disorder as long as it eventually gets under control and just as long as you end up thin. It's not something we should be peddling to the general public.
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