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  1. But beyond the bullying... they are scared of her. She's a wild card with a truly nasty side - and they're not sure what she's really capable of. We saw it with Eileen, we saw it with Teddi, we've seen it with Sutton - pure venom can drip from her. And now, she's desperate and losing any measure of self-control. There's a reason none of these ladies have ever intervened on behalf of the injured party when Erika goes full feral beast - they just don't want that hatred spewed their way. And you'd think that, at least in years prior, it made more sense to be scared of her, because
  2. Erika crossed many lines last night. Viciously teething at someone like Mike Tyson is not ok. This is what? The fourth time she's done this? First Eileen, then Teddi, then Garcelle, now Sutton. When will the coven put her in her place? Why is this behavior ok? I'm disgusted with all of them even more than Erika. We all know what Erika is. It's well-documented. Why do they allow it? Why the fuck didn't Kathy Hilton tell Erika to take her threats, promises, and spittle out the damn door? Condoning this behavior is despicable. Thank God Garcelle has some sense. Crystal is still han
  3. So, many months back, I said I was out of this season, and I stayed out. I lurked here instead. Last night I decided to watch this to ensure I stayed up for the premiere of American Crime Story at 10. I see I made the right call bowing out. This show is donezo. The cast has no chemistry. Aviva sounded the alarm on Sonja's downward spiral in season freaking 5, and here we are nearly a decade later dissecting the same stupid antics. Most of the season wasn't worth airing; why did Bravo think this episode would draw anyone? I guess this was all they could do without a reunion. I think it wo
  4. I don’t know What show everyone is watching but Crystal is the nastiest most insufferable mean girl I’ve ever seen on one of these shows. I wouldn’t want to be within 1,000 feet of someone so critical and full of hubris. She’s insanely full of herself and judgmental. She has ruined this season for me. I’m out of this franchise too.
  5. What an unnecessary amount of mealy-mouthing, both in the narrative of the show and in the press from Darren Starr. The man loves a triangle, and at the end of the day, the messier, less obvious portion usually wins out. I cannot believe how much time was wasted on Charles and Liza, and we get 30 seconds of Josh and Liza at the end. If you're ending the series the way you started it, then guess what guys, it's OBVIOUS you are all Team Josh and that was her person all along. In principle, I agree with the ending. In execution? Why didn't we get more meaningful interactions between them? Ni
  6. Well, I saw that outcome being inevitable. I enjoyed the finale. Grace was exceptional last night. It truly is near-impossible for women to win these shows anymore. I love Willie, and I think he will be signed by a label. Chayce is someone I could see having real success, and I'm happy for him. Overall I enjoyed this season. Ryan looked quite dapper last night.
  7. This ep was obviously the best yet - Mare and Zabel by the bridge was gold, as was the funeral and car ride home. My only gripe is that it was terrible police work for Mare and Colin to go in there unarmed without backup and not leave immediately upon realizing what they were dealing with. Or Colin should have had his weapon drawn before the guy got back in the room. Mare and Colin both looked terrified and weak during the confrontation, which I wouldn't expect of a hardened detective like Mare. Maybe Zabel but even that is stretch. All those issues aside, this ep was like watching "
  8. Yes, they've been this bad since the show returned in 2018. There's no constructive criticism at all, let alone actual criticism that might help these kids. When they do attempt to "offer advice," it's often nebulous, non-specific babbling that does not even make sense or apply to the contestant. I know Simon Cowell would never play in today's sensitive snowflake environment, but what these three offer is far less than even the constant pep talks we hear on The Voice. At least on that show, the judges are ALSO mentors, who invest in the contestants, so it makes a lot more sense that they
  9. Well I truly thought Casey had this sewn up. I guess Grace and Willie might split the votes in the finale? Whatever flaws this season had - and there were plenty - this was the finest top 4 show I can recall. Every performance was entertaining and spotless, including the duets. Finneas was awesome - that song is perfection. I truly had no idea who would go home - no one "deserved" to. This was Casey's best night ever. Chayce is radio and tour ready. Grace and Willie should have their voices studied by science. I created a dossier last week about why I believed Chayce had the vo
  10. Tre's costume was the most memorable thing about this season. Anyone get major narcissist vibes from Louis? He's a textbook love-bomber! I'm worried for Tre - I want her to be happy but something about this guy is off. He's definitely Juicy 2.0 - a little younger, no jail time, better body. But his face is kinda jacked. Mel and JoeGo are the worst actors. Can they please be cut next season? Marge should dye her hair black and grow it out. She looked stunning - like a china doll. And that look de-aged her by at least 10 years. Cheaper than a face lift! Jen is adorable, I lo
  11. Some things became very clear to me this week about where votes lie, things about which I hope to be proven wrong... Some folks are worried about Caleb winning... I'd say it's looking more likely every day that Chayce takes this whole thing. I'm a fan of Chayce and I've voted for him, but in about two months of competition he's never once reached for a big note, stepped outside his comfort zone, or had a moment. In fact, he typically is near the bottom in terms of singing, IMO. Where he shines is in his comfort on stage. And yet, he is typically called safe early in each ep. I truly
  12. He really does look petty and vindictive. Juicy served his time and is out of the country. Why does Joe Gorga feel the need to publicly go on about him? Tre is doing really well and so are the girls. In fact, the WHOLE FAMILY spent time together recently - clearly no one has an ax to grind. I'm sure Gia doesn't take too kindly to it, and JoeGo always goes on about being there for his nieces. Maybe one way to do that is to keep your feelings to yourself and stop trashing their dad, who already paid his debt to society?
  13. I found this one particularly loathsome because in my brain, what you show in previews for the next ep should actually BE in the next ep. We didn't even get a shot of Louis and his weird scarf getting out of the car until the show screen was minimized and WWHL was taking up three-quarters of my TV. It's insulting, it's poor planning, and it's lazy on Bravo's part. You can advertise two to three eps ahead in "Coming up this season, on the Real Housewives of NJ" trailers, but not ep to ep. Even if we'd gotten 10 more seconds of footage and seen him ringing the doorbell and Tre opening it, I woul
  14. I am beyond annoyed that the episode title refers to a man we still haven't seen. UGH Bravo, this isn't The Sopranos or GoT, "TO BE CONTINUED" is only worthy after something like the Amsterdam dinner or Tre's table flip (they didn't even it use it then). Unless this guy turns out to be Brad Pitt, you're setting us up for a big disappointment. This might be the one and only time I ever sympathized with Joe Gorga. My dad got kidney stones every summer, and was always in the hospital for at least 5 days, doped up on morphine. They seem utterly terrifying and excruciating. You have to change
  15. I think this might be the end for me and NYC. I moved out 12 years ago, but quitting this show will be my final exodus. 5 Ho's? This ain't season 2 of RHNJ, folks, and none of these bitches rival the crazy that early Staub could bring. Too few women + COVID = Valium season opener. I recognized Eboni from her days on Fox. I'm kind of annoyed already that she's being billed as "Leah's friend" when it's explained five minutes later that she's known Lu for years through Jill Zarin and the charity circuit. Call me a nostalgist, a traditionalist, what have you, but even as an erstwhile Vil
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