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  1. thesupremediva1

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    I think the point that Camille, in her ghastly self-important way was trying to make, is that yes everyone has the right to be HEARD, but no one can be forced to BELIEVE anything. Evidence and due process have to be considered. Bravo needs to never put such conversations on TV again. I hated it when they threw the 2016 election into RHNYC - Carole came off like a harpy know-it-all and Ramona of course was painted like a total loon. It was not entertaining. This crew is honestly dead without LVP. I used to post several times a week. I could barely muster any enthusiasm to post at all this season. We're firmly on the down-slope now in BH. Contrast that with NJ and NYC, both of which are going strong.
  2. thesupremediva1

    S17.E13: Top 10 Reveal (2019.04.15)

    OK, literally no clue what some people are hearing here when it comes to Wade. His voice is transcendent - it has a massively unique quality and you'd know it on the radio after two notes. That's a fabulous intangible. And at least he can stay on pitch - more than I can say for many others, including Uche. I like Uche - a lot. I love watching him. But that was a pitchy mess last night, and the tears didn't do it for me - I was a little put off that Lionel responded to it by handing him a spot in top 10. Did it make for good TV? Sure. And I would have put Uche there anyway, but I wouldn't have done it that way. After weeks of annoyance, I finally figured out during the initial Sunday performance who Evelyn reminds me of - she is Jessica Pare. The 1970s garb showed me Megan Draper, and suddenly I understood why she made me twitch. Jessica Pare was a second-rate actress, Megan Draper was a second-rate Mrs. Draper, and Evelyn is a second-rate singer. Good riddance. Nice job Bobby Bones on trying to get your country girl through but I'm glad the judges didn't take the bait. Riley's voice is too thin. However, glad he put Dimitrius out there first. That guy is one of the best singers I've ever heard. Period. Who in the heck is voting for the likes of Walker and Laci over him?? I cannot fathom it. He's getting all my votes next week. Madison's range is so incredible, and it's hard to pick up on because she makes it sound SO effortless. I sing You and I all the time - it's a HARD song. After midnight, I don't even bother because I can't hit all those crazy high notes. This bitch sang it an octave up!! INSANE!! I don't think I want to sing it ever again now. Her arrangement was fab. Glad Alyssa made it. She needs to sing current pop that works for her age and emotional range - not that Waitress song which should never be sung by anyone under 25 years old. Also, that dress she wore the other night was a crime against humanity. She looked far more like a star tonight. Bye Eddie. Ryan definitely deserved to be there over you. I am still mad about it and won't forgive the judges for that major misstep anytime soon. If Laine keeps playing in this Elvis lane, I don't think anyone is going to beat him. The power of tweens cannot be denied. My loves are Dimitrius, Alejandro, Wade, and Jeremiah. I would listen to anything they do. This was mostly the right top 10. Glad everyone woke up a little bit last night and cut the fat.
  3. thesupremediva1

    S09.E09: A Wolf In Camille’s Clothing

    As if the pile-on with these silly cows wasn't enough to make me feel bad for Lisa AFTER she lost her brother, and the pill tweet from Rinna and the venom from not-so-innocent Teddi wasn't enough, well, I live in Vegas. Vanderpump's Garden opened up right outside the Colosseum. There was a swarm when I left Celine Dion's concert, and it led me to LVP and Ken. It was busy and crazy and let me tell you, the both of them could not have been more gracious to the on-lookers who wanted to take photos and get autographs. I'm sure they had a million things to do but they were kind, patient, and accessible. LVP is a goddess in person, and Ken is adorable! So yeah, after that, I pledge my loyalty to LVP. Suck it, Rinna. The only person who ever deserved your venom was Kim. Turning it on LVP makes me want to turn it on you.
  4. thesupremediva1

    Splitting Up Together

    I used to like this show. Now it just offends me. Lisa Apple wasn't that interesting of a character and um no woman would work this hard to keep her then-ex-now-current husband's side piece around. It's NOT EVEN REMOTELY PLAUSIBLE! Is Martin the least considerate and sensitive human ever?! Money and involvement is one thing, but hey, let's Big Love our home without asking my wife or children and shove Lisa and her kid in here too! Find a decent plotline or please don't renew this show. The original premise is so far away now, I cannot remember why I liked this show in the first place. We should never have seen Lisa Apple after the first episode of this season. This direction was a major misstep and disappointment. Contrast this cluster of a finale with season 1's finale, which I STILL have on my DVR and rewatch because it's so cute and charming and fulfilling.
  5. thesupremediva1

    S17.E11: All-Star Duets (2) (2019.04.09)

    They are the weakest of the bunch by a country mile. I have 4 people who I actually want to win this thing (Alejandro, Jeremiah, Dimitrius, and Wade) and several who I think are great and want to see lots more of (Madison, Alysa, Laine). There is no room for error here - the low-hanging fruit need to go ASAP.
  6. thesupremediva1

    S17.E11: All-Star Duets (2) (2019.04.09)

    Popping back in to say that I really like Bobby Bones, but WOW what a marked difference in the show without Ryan. That man is the glue that holds Idol together. It could never survive without him. He brings a certain energy and gravitas that elevates the show. SEACREST OUT FOR LIFE, Y'ALL!
  7. thesupremediva1

    S17.E11: All-Star Duets (2) (2019.04.09)

    Ok so with all the talent they had the judges really got it wrong tonight. They should gave ditched Evelyn and kept Ryan. They must be deaf to have sent Ryan home. I'm quite angry about this stupidity. And I have no use for Eddie Island. Would have kept Logan over him without a second thought. I cannot believe I have to endure Evelyn again. She's a one-trick pony and they ordered her trick for this evening. That's shady as hell. Just ugh at her staying over Ryan and Logan. They stacked this group. Only a few weak links and they kept two of the three! I could trade in half of last night's group to get one more spot for Ryan.
  8. thesupremediva1

    S17.E10: All-Star Duets (1) (2019.04.08)

    Well, I'd have traded Riley for Shawn but.... other than that, it was a pretty entertaining night of singing without filler and emotional manipulation. Tonight should be an all-out fest of utter perfection. All my favorites are in tonight. Alejandro and Jeremiah are my total loves for this season. I still wish we had more time with the top 10 (or 12 or whatever it'll be this year). I liked when Idol ran January through May. I feel like I'll struggle to learn names up until a crop is eliminated.
  9. thesupremediva1

    S09.E08: Showdown at Villa Rosa

    I finally found a commonality with LVP besides our love of dogs. If a friend came to my house and said they believed all that garbage about me, I'd show them the door too. You have to know when to let people go and cut ties. If that's someone's opinion of me, out they go. I've never been a big LVP fan. She enabled Brandi up to the moment that lunatic slapped her. She was beyond awful to Adrienne. But she has always and ferociously stuck up for Kyle. She's right - Kyle has never returned the favor. Kyle, in fact, has played the victim much the way she did with Kim. Like the man fasting who walks around clutching his stomach to prove how pious he is or who makes show of giving to charity, Kyle proclaims her loyalty at the top of her lungs while crying to anyone who will listen about how hard it is. "I LOVE MY SISTER BUT SHE'S SO DIFFICULT." "I LOVE LISA BUT I BELIEVE SHE DID THIS." She's not defending them - she's winking at their guilt to prop herself up and make herself look venerable by comparison. Not fooling me anymore. If Kyle had healthy boundaries, she'd have cut ties with Kim long ago - or definitely after Kim's dog put Kyle's kid in the hospital. And if she actually believed LVP was Bobby Fisher, she'd have pulled back. But it's been 10 years, and that hasn't happened. So we have two options here: 1. Kyle doesn't believe this and is being swayed by the group / is saying she believes it to get back at Lisa for something. 2. Kyle believes LVP is a master manipulator and has stayed close to her for continued relevance on the show. Pick your poison - Kyle has.
  10. thesupremediva1

    Good Girls

    I haven't been able to post, all my limbs turned to jello after last week. This show is utter crack. The writing is bad, the plots are outlandish with potholes the size of smart cars, and generally we are rooting for terrible behavior and the destruction of the family unit but OMG I CANNOT STOP NEVER TAKE THIS FROM ME. Here's the thing I'm sure no one wants to admit in the showrunner's room but it's the truth: This show only works because of Brio's chemistry. I love all three main actresses and Matthew Lillard will live in my 90s girl heart forever, but there's no show without Manny Montana. That man is on screen for a minute at a time and the whole world stops. The tension ratchets up to 100. I'm sort of into every other plot line but anything involving Manny Montana has me turning my phone on silent and holding my breath. No distractions allowed. You can't plan for chemistry like the kind he has with Christina. Though after years as patient 0 of the Mad Men fandom, I think that woman would have chemistry with a lamp post. The writers have done here - smartly - what most writers on other shows refuse to do or don't figure out until it's too late - they're writing to what's happening on screen. This isn't fan service, they're making their best show. It's clear this wasn't the intended arc when the show started, but I'm all for a hard left that switches up the game and excites people. People are talking about this show and if Brio gets us a third season then heck yeah I'm showing up for it. I think this show was going to be about three nice ladies who had some hard luck and turned one bad idea into an accidental life of crime. Two of those women still fit the bill. What I'm loving is watching Beth come into her own - and how it's not a pretty picture. She's not a born lawbreaker, but WOW she can shift that moral compass for a few bucks. This transformation is the most compelling thing about the show. A year ago I'd have seen her reconciling with Dean and going back to her life with a few more zeroes at the end of her bank account. Now? She's Walter White - she's doing it for her. I don't want the old Beth back. This one is far more watchable. I'm also enjoying the subtly and slowly shifting tectonic plates that are her relationship with Annie and friendship with Ruby. How are they going to respond to this new Beth? The crux that all this hangs on is Beth's chemistry with Rio. It's total fire, and I'm not here for moral judgment and rationalizing. NOTHING about this show is rational or grounded. They're getting away with LOTS in that 10:00 p.m. slot and I've never enjoyed the show more.
  11. thesupremediva1

    S03.E17: R&B

    I had the same reaction. I was wondering how bad it would have to get for Randall to give up. That was the line. I guess I can't really write this without getting personal - I had this argument with someone once. The great love of my young life said that to me when we were breaking up. It hurt like hell at 27 in our living room condo after almost 4 years. Thank God we weren't married, and the house was a rental. But I remember hearing that and feeling like I'd fallen into quicksand - everything was sinking and I couldn't save it. He didn't hide his annoyance as well as Beth hid hers, but I'd never heard that level of malice and resentment directed toward me before. I was firmly on Beth's side in this entire argument. This episode really puzzled me at points because it would make you believe Beth and Randall had no business being together, let alone getting married - when for three years, they've been shown as the solid, unsinkable couple. I cannot imagine how crushing it was for Randall to hear Beth say out loud that his anxiety held her back in life at that point. 20 years later, a home, two children, a foster child - and that's really how she feels. All that work, all those accomplishments, all that joy - when just beneath the surface was her dissatisfaction. I know she wasn't trying to be cruel, I know she wishes she hadn't said it - but she meant it. And that's devastating. Randall IS a lot. I think in his passion he sometimes doesn't realize he's evangelizing people into roles or responsibilities they don't want. But as I share many characteristics with Randall, I just can't be mad at him. That's how he loves. I didn't want to blame anyone this episode. I just felt bad for them. Watching this opened up a lot of old wounds. Anxiety sufferers worry at all times. It's how we are wired. The biggest fear is that anxiety - which already owns us - will cost us everything. It prevents us from feeling maximum joy. But sometimes, like we watched tonight, it actually has the capacity to steal our joy - or erase 20 years of it. When that fear is realized, it's like a death. It's debilitating. And it makes us not want to "manage" it anymore. What's the point, if you've already lost your reason for fighting? I saw all that on Sterling's face tonight when he left the house. Both performances were Emmy worthy.
  12. I wish Dorinda hadn't sent the text. It was a cypher. It wasn't useful. All it did was muddy the waters even further after this episode's Clambake Calamity of the Dis-invite Debacle. That was not appropriate to send, unless Dorinda was going to preface or follow it with her own words. I would be confused by such a text. After such a long time of no communication, that's like throwing a fake grenade through someone's window. They're just sitting there, waiting for something to happen. Use your words. Make them count. Be real. I think Dorinda was mad and felt the need to say something, but that reach-out wasn't conducive to moving forward. In fact, I think it set them back. Barbara's dis-invite already moved them backward, and this only aided that process. If someone sent that text to me, I'd have felt compelled to respond: "Please converse with me like a real human and tell me what you mean by this. Otherwise, I have no cause to respond."
  13. This is something I notice about B now that she's successful - she only surrounds herself with those over whom she can imperiously lord. She's in Lu's corner now - Lu's marriage went down the way B said it would, Lu was arrested, publicly humiliated, sent to rehab; Lu's own kids sued her. Beth can play wise sage and savior. Lu is not a threat. Same with Sonja - B loves a charity case or someone who's "down on her luck." Dorinda, Ramona, Tins, and let's remember Carole - successful women who WILL.NOT.COWER. B wants nothing to do with them. Let's remember the only time B showed kindness toward Dorinda was when she called her a drunk on camera. And B was so kind to Ramona when she was handling the new divorce from Mario. Once Ramona moved on? B hated her again. I used to think B rooted for the underdog because those women reminded her of herself when she started the show. But watching how it's all played out over the last decade, I just think B can only be comfortable around those who are happy to kowtow. Lu isn't going to bow for long. Soon she's going to stand straight and tall again - earned or not, sober or not - and B will go at her, guns blazing. I'm here for it!
  14. One more thought that needs its own post: What drunk do you know who runs around in a manic state looking for millions of dollars for a house they cannot afford? This story makes absolutely no sense. I believe this happened, and I believe the ladies intervened, but I seriously doubt alcohol was the culprit. I really can't abide them playing Jamie Foxx all season to "blame it on the alcohol" when common sense tells me MUCH more serious stuff was at play here. It sounds like there might be a substance issue or mental disorder to consider. If that's the case, I concede Luann doesn't owe us those details. BUT, it's a massive disservice to pretend that alcohol can cause such behavior. It doesn't do that alone. Pretending it does only masks the real problem and will confuse people who might be dealing with these issues themselves.
  15. Lord help me when I find Ramona to be the voice of reason. Lu's rehab is like a hall of mirrors - perspective is skewed and everyone is seeing themselves in her scenario. How convenient to use it as a reason to be shitty to Ramona (B) and to hold a grudge against Dorinda (Sonja). If Lu is doing cabaret shows in the city around the drunken proletariat masses, there is no reason to believe the very presence of Ramona Coaster and Dorinda is going to lead to her falling off the wagon. If anyone genuinely believed that, they'd be sending her back to rehab. Lu's sobriety is her responsibility and only hers. I think it's wonderful that her girlfriends staged an intervention and try to protect her, but they can't protect her from herself. I think they're gleefully using Lu's breakdown as a card to play against other cast mates. Problem is, it's making for a dull season. I'm on Dorinda's side in all this. She doesn't want to talk to Lu, or be around Lu. That IS the healthiest thing for both of them right now. Lu's demands are not Dorinda's problem. Lu can get over it, or they can cease to be friends and start being colleagues. That is a fine choice and no one should push for more. Dorinda is not in rehab or talking about rehab. She really shouldn't be shaming however long Lu spent there. And on the flip side, Lu needs to stop projecting and deflecting her shit on others. Just because you did two vacation stints somewhere doesn't give you the right to start diagnosing and bullying others while insisting they too have your problem - only worse. ::side eye:: Isn't part of the program to be taking accountability for your own actions? I wouldn't apologize to anyone unless it was sincere. So I applaud Dorinda for not apologizing out of need for camera time. It is CRYSTAL CLEAR Lu doesn't want an apology. She wants a pound of flesh and a punching bag on which to unload her pent-up anger. And B, sharpening her knives in the background, is only too happy to serve up Dorinda or Ramona for Lu to bludgeon. She's very much what the RHBH crew insists LVP is - a manipulator who indirectly gets others to do her dirty work. Remember the MESSAGE she had Alex deliver to Jill? Jill and Alex never recovered, and somehow Jill was groveling to B by the end of season 3... Tins is so adorable. She's kinda boring, but that car is gorgeous and her style is on point. She's absolutely beautiful in person and it translates on screen. Barbara uninvited Dorinda and Ramona to have a moment and wedge her way into a storyline. Nothing authentic there. She'd bury Lu under sheetrock if it got her another construction job. Sonja is probably loving this uninvited storyline. God, I wish they'd incorporated the Alanis Morisette song somewhere in this ep. I would have been rolling as hard as I did when The Bachelor closed its season with the snarky performance of Air Supply's "Making Love Out of Nothing At All." She's still mad about being uninvited to the Berkshires, and is taking every opportunity to show Dorinda how shitty it is to let that go on.