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  1. Whaaaaaat?!? Lacy paid $2000 extra for the best, genius sperm—and didn’t tell Chane that this baby isn’t biologically his????
  2. I was laughing so hard when she was practically rolling stuck on the ground in that pickle costume that I was snorting! Oh, man! I think that was the funniest thing to ever happen on this show. I cannot wait for this cliffhanger.
  3. Nicole is nothing like Chelsea! So what if they’re both blonde, have big boobs, are in jail, use the same Snapchat filters, use me for money, say they’ll leave me if I don’t give them more money… it’s totally different!! Taking bets on how soon before Daonte will be back living with mom again.
  4. How does one become a CO and yet doesn’t understand the laws around her job? She had to sneak in to visit him…at the prison she already worked at? Looking forward to more backstory here. ironic that the old guy’s lady friend keeps mentioning that her hair doesn’t look so good right now. Oh, honey, it cannot be worse than your beau’s! He met her on “seeking arrangements” and his friends are worried she’s a gold digger. Um….isn’t that entirely the point?!? Yes, yes, she is. As we’re his other 124 girlfriends!
  5. Rachel’s friend just came up with the perfect tag line for this show: “Yeah, I think it’s going to be a real shitshow.” Indeed!
  6. Whaaaat are these 30-lb bolognas?!? OMG. Casting really knocked it out of the park this season. It was worth the wait! The 4. B’s: Boobs, Bologna, non-alcoholic beer, and blowjobs. Wow.
  7. I think I’m traumatized from this mini disembodied torso—the size of a baby with boobs! Aaaand Daonte throws it in the dishwasher WITH dishes! What is happening to these 33 year olds that they’re loosing all common sense and think their only chance at a happy marriage is with a convict?
  8. I think this, too. I don’t think there will be anything at all from this season—new mystery altogether. Or, these characters might now become the “extras” and instead they tell us more about other characters that didn’t get a lot of screen time, like Kate and Jeanette’s siblings or mothers.
  9. I’m completely with you. I don’t understand the perspective of grasping at straws that Jeanette probably really did something good off camera and called the police and couldn’t have really left Kate there to rot. Uh, yeah, she did! It would’ve been more out of character that the whole thing was a misunderstanding. Everything about Jeanette for 10 episodes has shown us that she lies to people without remorse, is enthralled with the idea of popularity, and gets a thrill out of getting away with committing crimes. I can understand making up theories as we’re watching for things that didn’t happen
  10. The “tip” thing was conceived within this thread—not a part of the show. If someone “called it in” as a tip that Kate was being held captive, then they would have gotten a warrant not just “take his word for it” that he hasn’t seen Kate all year! It’s entirely feasible that as the year anniversary of the biggest crime to ever hit this small town that the police would decide to follow up on any and leads they had in their files. They also called Martin on night 1, so they already had him on “their list” of people who might have heard from Kate as soon as she “ran away.” So it entirely che
  11. You did not. This is like the whole “Where did Martin buy tampons?” discussion taking a life of its own, even though there was no basis for it within the confines of the show. I think the assumption was that Martin told Kate that the cops stopped by and that’s what prompted him to “introduce her to Annabelle.” And that since the show ended with Jeanette actually knowing that Kate was in the basement that maybe that’s why the police showed up because she was a good samaritan after all. But that speculation makes no sense because if that were true, she not only would have told Kate then but told
  12. I’m a little disappointed that you all are so good and figured out all of the twists! I thought the finale was a little weak just because the cast/show runners made it seem like there was some big reveal no one would see coming, literally while commenting on the theories that were actually true, like Annabelle is the gun. I mean, I guess they didn’t want to blow it, but come on! That was just poor writing to throw in the explanation for “the shootout” as the news getting it wrong when it was the show that lied as an attempted misdirect. Though, the one audible shot and Kate being an expert mar
  13. Sounds like she misunderstood the question and instead pointed out what on her head is still her original parts.
  14. What is Karl’s deal? He was a whack job on the nymphomaniac date, and now he’s Wrong Reasons hunting. Listen to the guy who doesn’t want to waste his time deducing who’s here for what reasons. What, now Karl is TELLING HER people are here for the wrong reasons even though he doesn’t know ANYONE’S reasons and he thinks it worked out for Cody so he’ll do the same?! This is like two Right Reasons makes a Wrong Reasons or something….Karl’s trying so hard and faking a Wrong Reasons accusation to try to make himself Right Reasons that he went full circle and made himself Wrong Reasons. I think I jus
  15. Oh, honey. This dress is hideous. I don’t know what’s worse: the cut, the color, or the shiny fabric in general—just all of it. Suddenly Kaitlyn’s acid-washed denim jumpsuit doesn’t seem so bad in comparison.
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