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  1. Andy has no say in who gets fired from shows, apparently. Though, he supports the firings. https://apple.news/AQFjr15YyRSOjaB4MB81sLQ
  2. My conspiracy theory (which I’m devising out of thin air with no knowledge or evidence) is that the show itself will be canceled outright so there’s no “loss” to Bravo by firing the 4 of them, but at least they’re on the right side of social justice by doing so. There was really no place to go with the friendships of the original cast apparently truly over and not just for TV’s sake. And there’s no sense in keeping the new girls without the love triangles and drama with the new boys. I think the whole show will not be renewed. If anything, maybe a new TomTom spin-off with the Toms, Ariana, and Katie. Since Scheana is friends with Ariana, she could be a “friend of” and appear on the show. Actually now that James is sober and even Katie forgives him, I suppose he might be featured DJing at TomTom and their Garden at TomTom or whatever it is. Well, I guess LaLa is friends with all of them, too... I suppose long story short, lose the 4 plus the rest of the new cast, throw Jax and Brittany out with him (since he’s not friends with the Toms and he surely pissed off Lisa by calling it his show), and rebrand it focusing on TomTom—or just drop the show entirely.
  3. This should absolutely be the series finale. I’m saying this as someone who has always been a huge fan of this show—though that fanaticism has significantly waned this season barely above nil. Although I watched, I didn’t care enough to come post here much this year. The storylines/relationships have ALL wrapped up, and there’s really nowhere to go from here. That ending was really spot-on as a series finale. Jax is right that it’s his friendships that made this show popular. Not just HIM of course—but the relationships amongst the core group of Jax, Stassi, Sandoval, Kristin, Katie, Schwartz (even though he was a “friend of” for years), and Scheana. ANYONE else who joined later I still don’t really care about or consider them the stars of the show. I sure as hell wouldn’t have tuned in all these years if it was just Lisa and a random group of SURvers, like “the new cast” we got this year. Jax and “his friends” ARE the show! The friendships, the fights—and especially the cheating scandals, coverups, investigations, and confessions. The gang is far past that point in life, and I really don’t give a damn about whether Dana will choose Max or Brett—or “choose herself.” The original friend group did have that It Factor that made us tune in all these years to watch the drama of their friendships unfold. Sorry, Lisa, I’m not going to tune in to see you or whomever else you happen to dredge up amongst your various business ventures—despite you putting a bunch of contenders in a room and the two nobodies starting a fight out of nowhere to “prove” their dramatic abilities for the show. I admit to even tearing up a few times during this show. Okay, maybe being locked up for 2 months is getting to me. But it was enough of an “emotional closing” for me that I think it would be a huge mistake to continue on with this show. I got choked up with James really having seemingly “changed,” and Katie and Randall both acknowledging that and physically and emotionally embracing him. The sad endings to both the male and female “core three” friendships. The Toms expanding their business enterprise. Stassi and Lala joining the ranks of married homeowners. Scheana being her same old self whooping it up on someone’s shoulders. (Everyone else has grown but Scheana and Jax are still their same old selves.) And, the piece de resistance: Lisa’s dramatic speech to Jax while flashing to representative cast members while a “demented carousel version” of the theme song played underneath. That’s a perfect ending right there. The show WAS about the friendships. The friendships are over. That’s a wrap, folks.
  4. This series was terrible. But for what it’s worth, Chris and Bri deserved to win. Their love was genuine, and they really knocked it out of the park. All series I thought Chris’s voice wasn’t as strong as Bri’s, but I was wrong. Maybe they just hadn’t previously chosen songs that showcased his range like these two songs tonight. They were amazing.
  5. So, it’s not a singing competition. It’s not a love competition. It’s a “who appears to have the most chemistry by looking at and touching each other the most on stage while singing” contest. So, it’s really an acting competition then? Ryan made the dreaded mistake of focusing more on his guitar and the crowd, but Natascha could have saved it by saying how she’s such a bumbling fool so head over heels in love, she couldn’t concentrate on the lyrics or the mic cues because being so close to Ryan on stage had her heart so aflutter that she nearly passed out. Ryan, sensing this because of their deep, soulful connection, realized he needed to break eye contact and step away so Natascha could regain her composure. And, see, folks, it worked! After that Natascha got back on track. Are you going to penalize them because they’re TOO in love? For shame.
  6. Clearly this is NOT a singing competition since Natascha and Ryan went home. Sure they were awkward on stage but they’ve always been the best singers. Only Rudi and Matt are just as good... which means they won’t win, either. So, enjoy some mediocre singing by Bri and Chris opening up for Ben Higgens in the Bachelor Live show, folks.
  7. Well, jeez, I was going to say Rudi and Matt probably won’t the night singing wise—but Chris and Bri are the most in love...even though Chris is the weakest singer.
  8. So Natascha handed Ryan a microphone too soon and he played the guitar so now they’re at risk of going home even though they’re the best singers?! I don’t really get this show. Is it a singing competition or a love competition?
  9. Normally Jamie is a sobbing nervous wreck but tonight she’s like doing karate kicks and chops through the air. She’s either on something or “high on love.” Eh. Not so impressed with Jamie and...I forgot his name.
  10. Is that what he said?!? I missed it. Chris started off singing really badly, but he seems to find the key when singling along with Bri, and they sounded better together. Good thing they have “love” on their side or they’d be on shaky footing.
  11. Julia went out blaming everybody!! Wow. This woman has no self-awareness.
  12. Why is Julia dressed like a late ‘80s businesswoman? Natasha and Ryan KILLING IT and winning this contest while Julia is crying backstage is what Julia deserves!
  13. Oh, this guy’s name is Chris! I think I called him Mike before. Chris got a little lost on stage compared to Bri. But apparently I’m wrong because the judges thought Chris was great, too, and their passion was palpable. We got our first I love yous.
  14. That was great how Natasha pulled a “frenemy” move telling Julia that Brandon said he would have probably stayed with Savannah. But I think Julia was looking for a loophole to let him off the hook: Natasha said you definitively would have stayed with Savannah! Did you say definitively?!? He wasn’t lying to say no. No one said “definitively” but you, Julia. I don’t think either one of them have that word in their vocabulary. Matt and Rudi were amazing!!! She’s crazy—but they’re good singers!! Jamie and Trevor are okay. I think he’s a better singer than she is. I mean, they’re all better than I am, so who am I to judge! Oh, okay, the real judges think they’re terrible, so I didn’t think they were that bad!
  15. Oh the alleged cheater is the guy who looks like Jed who’s partnered with the 21-year-old with anxiety issues.
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