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  1. I don’t think that Dale looks like the boa constrictor from The Jungle Book. Oh, wait a minute, they’re young. They probably know the live-action remake, not the original cartoon that old fogies such as Clare and I would know. Jungle Book images Nope. Still not seeing it.
  2. It wasn’t a “hot tub date,” it was a “jacuzzi appointment.” 😆 But, you are entirely correct. She tried to make that guy out to be a monster for being upset that she didn’t show up for their jacuzzi appointment—when meanwhile she was just upset that she probably should have stuck with Benoit but SHE had sent him home by picking the other guy. Moreover, she expected that guy to read her mind that she had buyers’ remorse without actually TELLING him. This is just like how now Clare is upset that the guys DON’T chase after her—while simultaneously being put out that she is forced to interact with anyone besides Dale. There is no winning with this woman. Everything you do is “wrong.” She seems utterly exhausting to be in a relationship with—one of those people who probably goes on about “fighting for our love.” Dale’s nice smile and “smell” is only going to take him so far with her. Right now, he can be her “knight in shining armor” and hug her when those mean other men hurt her feelings, but what’s going to happen when it’s ONLY him?! Ironically, Juan Pablo was the most-despised Bachelor by producers and staff because he didn’t “follow the rules” and kept messing with production schedules, and here comes Clare—even worse than he was!
  3. Holy shit! I can’t even FAKE enough interest in ANY of you to give this rose to anyone. And she’s already calling Dale her fiancé!
  4. Bennett tells Clare he doesn’t want to talk about Dale anymore—and she immediately follows up with another question about Dale! Oh, here comes the next guy, “Did Dale tell you he wants to marry me??” And the next...and on and on... She doesn’t want to know a damn thing about any of them—Enough about me, what does Dale think about me????
  5. They said she’s a member of The Friar’s Club, which invented the roast. Eazy reacting to the jokes was funnier than any of the actual jokes.
  6. I missed what happened in the pool because I was busy reading all of your hilarious and insightful posts, but that was WRONG how she obviously did NOT want to kiss him and he GRABS her and is angry that she won’t kiss him?! Yikes! Harrison sends him home—and don’t want this dinner to go to waste so why not get Dale out here...
  7. First Dale was playing dumb that he got lost from the way back from the bathroom. Then he swings the other way that he’s the “best suited” to comfort Clare. He should have just admitted that yeah, he took some extra time to make out with her. I feel like the “bros” would have just accepted that. Oh, this poor Zach guy thinking he’s going to have a great date with Clare. You are NOT “present,” Clare. You’re ogling Dale and telling the camera you wanted to fuck him last night but got cockblocked by these pesky other contestants.
  8. So, she cancels all day, only spends the evening with Dale until Eazy interrupted. Then Clare has the sheer audacity to tell the producers to “hurry the rest of it along”?! Now Dale is waltzing back in without knocking and Clare kicks out the other guy. ALL these guys should take a page out of Yosef’s book and “choose themselves.”
  9. Clare just canceled the whole day-long date just to gab to DeAnna about how in love she is and to sniff Dale’s sweatpants!?! I’m going to double-down on her being called out. SHE’s the one Here for the Wrong Reasons! She’s not giving anyone a real chance other than Dale.
  10. Harrison, the guys being “exposed” is what caused all the kerfuffle in the first place! And the group date card is “to tell the men from the boys”? Here we go again! Strip miniature golf!
  11. Ok, I’ll be the only one to say it: Team Yosef! I thought he was bad news when booted lawyer was Wrong Reasoning him on night 1, but I agree with what he’s saying. And of course Clare has to pull out her “catch phrase” of saying she would never want to have kids with him. Um, Clare, too late to try to turn this that it’s YOUR choice that he’s not good enough for your hypothetical kid after he just spent 20 mins (according to your calculations) that you’re not good enough for his actual kid. Ok, the yelling back at her that she’s old kind of ruined it, but he wasn’t wrong until then. And here comes Dale to make things better. No wonder why she runs off with him.
  12. That’s what the kids nowadays would call a snack!
  13. Destine has an escape charge? She probably just didn’t show up for court. But I like to imagine she planned some elaborate caper wherein she dug out of prison like in the Green Mile or escaped in a laundry bin like Annie. Basic white boy John is really trolling us with his Native American look. First the wedding, then the jacket, then the braids—now he added leather fringe to his braids?!? Come on! His cultural appropriation is even worse than Sarah’s! And do you see all of these glass-ensconced horror-movie collectibles in his house?! If he’s “into” something, he’s all in! But, I guess we should have seen that coming when he forced Kristianna to marry him 3 minutes out of prison. This is breaking my heart hearing Maurice talk about how happy he is to finally have a Pops to teach him stuff and have a family. I think this is the only couple on this show that I’ve ever rooted for. A drawer full of cash along with his welding supplies?! Oh, damn, “I’ll go to the casino and turn this thousand into three-thousand real quick.” No, Maurice, noooooooo! Lindsey, “I’d prefer for you to not think I’m a scammer, but...you know.” John actually has a huge-ass “Bonnie & Clyde” decal on his truck. Oh, no. This is NOT going to end well with a warrant out for her arrest and him romanticizing going on the lam. You think the producers/cameramen are going to risk a harboring a fugitive charge by NOT turning her in!?
  14. Ah, yes. Like a bad business book for new bosses circa ‘80s and under: Get in there and fire someone immediately to assert your dominance. Or, like, mobsters to off someone at the first sign of disrespect, so the other mobsters fall in line.
  15. I think it’s because she’s been on so many spin-offs that she’s convinced she’s a “TV Star.” The producers probably buttered her up about being a “fan favorite” that Bachelor Nation has been clamoring for. And I’m sure she probably has enough social media followers that she’s an “Influencer” on top of being a “TV Star.” There’s a whole new realm of “fame” nowadays. All of my 12-year-old’s favorite “celebrities” are YouTubers. I’m sure Clare was SHOCKED that these suitors don’t know who she is. She wants to believe that they all came for HER, but she’s been around this show long enough to understand that a portion of these people are Here for the Wrong Reasons or signed up hoping for it to be someone else. (Though they did specifically recast for her and/or COVID.) Then again, she’s such an old-timer that back in her day, being There for the Wrong Reasons meant having a girlfriend at home and not trying to become an Influencer.
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