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  1. Kathryn is obviously not pregnant, or they would have showed the positive pregnancy test. The reunion and current social media pictures very clearly tell us she’s basically “anti-pregnant”—practically losing the amount of pregnancy weight, lol. They’re trying to throwback to the season 1 finale. But, nothing is going to beat that one—Kathryn taking the pregnancy test, fade to black with “Nine Months Later” while hearing a baby crying, and then they flash back open on Kathyrn and T-Rav with baby Kensie. Sorry, show, you’re not getting that magic back.
  2. Seriously. How many times are we going to get the exact same scene of Destinie disappearing right before court, her family panicked in front of the courthouse waiting for her, and her pulling into the lot 2 minutes before her court time?
  3. Oh, great. Chane is passive aggressively bringing up a lesson on lying in front of the kids to start a fight at the dinner table. Speaking of dinner, Chon offers his friend the choice of an incinerated cheese or a raw cheese sandwich.
  4. Lindsey, I’m quite certain that you didn’t sign a lease. You have no rights to anything. Call your mother or Tarabelle to come and get you. I did like the camera angle up from the diploma on the ground. Looking for a cinematography Emmy here, lol.
  5. Destinie cut off her ankle monitor and is facing 7 years?!?! Did we know this??
  6. It’s definitely a Bravo standard for any show’s finale episode to be a party at which there’s a “final showdown” and blow-up of what’s been building all season. Madison was certainly playing her part and following the producer’s directions to fight with Austen and to get the girl fight swirling. I mean, otherwise it makes no sense for her to tell Leva and the non-cast members that she’s going to go get Kathyrn so they can settle it—and then promptly tell Kathyrn the complete opposite that she needs to stand up to those girls and let them know why she’s right! And then throw in an extra fight with Danni out of the blue, while you’re at it. Neither Madison nor Leva are good at Bravo fighting. They’re just too intense and too much. The viewers don’t want to see you going nonstop yelling at people. You need to learn the Bravo art of throwing in a backhanded compliment or getting offended by the silliest of slights. Granted, I don’t think anyone has had fun these last 10+ months being locked down in COVID, but these people we’re actually going places and doing things WITHOUT MASKS and couldn’t even bring us a glimmer of fun. This season was just annoying and head-ache provoking. Pringle was actually ok, so I don’t want him as a new cast member to be caught up in why this season didn’t work. Just ALL of the women were too much! I can go the rest of my life without ever hearing from Madison, Leva, and the hangers on. Even Danni annoyed me, as she at all times looked like she was one final shiver away from bursting into dust. And as much as Danni needs some anti-anxiety medication or something, give Kathryn some anti-depressants. They were both just sad to watch all season and made me worried about their mental states.
  7. I get the feeling that Clare is “like this” in real life. I can imagine it’s all marriage and babies and “showing up” decrees on the first date. I’m sure she “sees her husband” in this bar or on this dating app. It’s bad enough within the Bachelor bubble, but at least she has the backup of “trusting the process”—even though she doesn’t exactly follow the whole process and skips from Step 1 to Proposal Pointe within the first 2 days. But I can’t imagine her “dating in the wild.” If she’s scaring off the suitors of Bachelor Family, she has no chance of making a connection outside of that environment....I guess unless and until she happens to cross paths with some guy who has the same issues that she does who also wants babies before they even learn a damn thing about each other.
  8. Thank you, @chocolatine! You are much better than my friend at giving context clues! Very helpful!
  9. Ok. I know who Serena is because she had a 1:1 date this week. Do any of these other women have any memorable moments that would help to pinpoint who they are? Everyone keeps talking about Rachel, and I THOUGHT she was the deaf one who got the first-impression rose, but my friend told me that she was someone else—but wasn’t able to give me enough details for me to get it. She said she got the group date rose, but I don’t recall who got that! All I know was that Sarah showed up and I don’t even remember him giving the rose to anyone or who else was even on the date other than the dildo girl lurking behind the partition. I need about 20 more of them to go home before I’ll know who everyone is.
  10. “I think that’s why he let me go because he saw my heart.” Girl, you were not kidnapped. You chose to leave with your own free will. And if you were bluffing for days on end and wanted him to beg you to stay, that’s on you. He should have “walked you out” three days ago.
  11. I don’t know the name of the girl who was just talking to Sarah. (was that the same one Sarah interrupted on the group date?) But that was sweet the way she both told Sarah she wants her to see it through with Matt because she wouldn’t want him wondering “What if” and also how she related with losing her father. I don’t know whether she took this initiative to comfort Sarah on her own, but if not, the producers chose the right person to talk with her.
  12. I knew Sarah was going to be a Tierra and that these other girls were going to try to take her sparkle away!
  13. Carp bachelor? Is this a commentary on his fish-face kissing technique? 😉
  14. Matt, do not tell this woman that you will stop by every day to personally give her a pep talk. Unless you’re pulling a Clare and Sarah is your Dale, you are going to alienate all of these other women. Oh, great, now you’re telling ALL of them if they act like this they’ll get personal attention. Bad move, my dude. Bad move! You think life is bad with one needy, moody girlfriend. You just reinforced all 27 or however many you got there to mope and manipulate you.
  15. Wait a minute, most of these girls said they didn’t get time with him on this date. There will be hellfire raining down on the whatever resort in Pennsylvania. Bright side: at least he didn’t give the rose to Sarah?
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