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  1. Madison is engaged to someone she’s only known for 6 months, they live on opposite coasts, and he’s been “sitting on the ring for a few months” already, and SHE had also been expecting to receive a ring as they traveled this summer—even though they only met in April. Does anyone see red flags waving? (People has two articles, so if that quote isn’t in this one, it’s in the other one where they describe the 3.5 ct ring). Read in People: https://apple.news/A1EVD9TPlSZWwbT2AEGsvzA
  2. Haha. I was thinking the same thing while watching about the darts! How can Dorit at once tell Garcelle she’s not being direct and go on and on about throwing darts?! That’s the entire point of throwing darts is to directly hit the target! Either she’s mad because Garcelle DOESN’T speak her mind about grievances or she’s mad that she DOES speak up too freely with barbs—which is it? But I think Dorit was upset about the ongoing jabs to her face (as she perceived them), and maybe it was Rinna (don’t really recall) who started in on the talking heads, and Dorit just jumped on that, too. But as wa
  3. The first time I’ve ever agreed with Lala was her shocked reaction to Brock not seeing Winter and the one whose name he probably doesn’t remember for 4 years. That is beyond f’ed up that he “replaced” his daughter with another season name. And I was also yelling at my TV that she was going on and on about Madison Marie with Rob, so thank you, show, for replaying the clip! At that time she told us she’s wanted a Madison Marie since she was a kid! James’s proposal was very sweet. Tom is really a great friend, and he goes above and beyond to plan perfect moments for them. I’m somewhat concer
  4. Is the Garardi family members of Mary’s church? In comparison, Erika’s monotone, deadface delivery was so much more appropriate than Mary’s little happy dance. The show had to have edited that, right?! Right?!?! She couldn’t have possibly have danced immediately after saying, “She got ejected. Through the sunroof. And flew 30 feet. And landed in a neighborhood. Oh, she’s dead. I’m so happy to be heeeere!” Almost just as wacky was Heather learning about sex from a pop-up book—with chickens! A chicken sex pop-up book?!? What is happening in the state of Utah?! Sometimes I doze off watc
  5. This book was prominently featured in a bookstore I was in yesterday. Prison Ramen: Recipes and Stories from Behind Bars https://www.amazon.com/dp/0761185526/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_DCVS6QEHTWCJQ3Y4HA2G
  6. Shawn has not learned his lesson on lying about his age and number of kids! Then again, these paroles stick around to continue milking the cash cow for a while longer, so he’s not seeing the direct connection between his lying and the broken foundation of the relationship. Just wait until she finds out about his six kids—especially since he’s so aghast over her one child that she told him about as soon as she met him in person. Instead of taking the opening, Shawn took to his fainting couch. Prison birthday cake! Microwaved Nila wafers doused in Sprite and Coke, covered in creamer and can
  7. I agree with you. I don’t think Riley’s Saturday morning fantasy is a gimmick to win over women. It’s genuinely how he pictures his future. Now was he just trying to find any woman to fit that role? The show will do that to you, I guess. But I do believe he fell hard and fast for Maurissa. I think he can’t wait to get married and have kids. There seems to be some misconception that women are the ones who want to settle down and get married, and men need to be chased and roped down. But plenty of guys also have their “biological clocks ticking” and are at the point where they want nothing more
  8. I had high hopes for Charli when she told us that LaLa thinks she’s hood, but she’s really from the hood, so let her try it. And we had a good minute and a half where Charli was standing up to LaLa like no one has ever done before! But then we get the “It’s not about the pasta” remix and Charli completely crumpled! We saw Lala and Scheana pack for their babies…but we didn’t see the babies. Is some production assistant in a back room juggling a baby in each arm?
  9. The paradise montage and updates was really cute. So Noah/Abigail and Becca/Thomas are back on and in love? But out of all of the couples, Aaron and James are most committed—already living together.
  10. “We followed our hearts and we’ll figure the rest of it out later.” Sir, it’s exactly that strategy that got you in a pickle with Kendall.
  11. Riley hoed around multiple municipalities, counties, territories, and continents to find his person.
  12. Between the arthritis and the skinny jeans, Kenny had some trouble there. His shirt is so tight he can’t even fasten the top half of the buttons. Did Kenny say “we aren’t engaged”? Freudian slip? To be fair, it was probably the first question he asked her. 😆
  13. Joe and Serena 🥰 😍❤️ Kenny and Mari 🥰😍⭐ Riley and Maurissa 🤔 😭❓
  14. Riley is trying to do the old American Idol fakeout: I’m sorry to tell you this…but…you’re going to HOLLYWOOOOOOD!!
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