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  1. Not the Doobies. Orleans. What's really sad is that I actually know this off the top of my head.
  2. And I remember how Katie and Stassi were saying what a dick move it was. But I'm sure they're just fine with this behavior now.
  3. Have a seat next to me. My first thought was "who the hell plays Manilow at their weddings these days?"
  4. Lala still loathes her, and as long as her BJ's keep providing the Chucklefucks with the potential for private jets, nothing Raquel can do will make them welcome her into the group if Lala says no. If she dumps James, there's really no need to keep her around - she's just another SURver, and the most vapid one at that. Notice that she wasn't placed in the opening credits even though Beau, Dayna and Matt are all getting billing even though the latter two are in their first season. Do we know if James and Raquel broke up? If so, they'll no doubt minimize her the rest of the season.
  5. And by the way Peter, who the hell invites one-half of a couple to a birthday party? "Hi, you can come, but your boyfriend can't. I'm sure he'll be just fine with it." And frankly Raquel, why the fuck did you even mention it? Admit it, you WANTED to go and you WANTED James to tell you it would be all right if you went. Don't whine to me about how "volatile: he is - mentioning this was pretty much designed to set him off. If my live-in boyfriend came home and told me he was invited - without me - to a party where most of the participants either have in the past or would be smack-talking me, I'd tell him to go and while he was out, changed the damn locks.
  6. Because of the delay between filming and broadcast, I'm still hazy about the timeline of when everyone knew. I think I first heard about it here probably at the time of filming. But considering Bravo's unqualified support for the LGBTQ community, it would not surprise me in the least of these two jackasses weren't going to do anything about it initially (especially since from what I understand, the vile comments had been out there for months). It would not surprise me to learn once the story went viral Bravo (justifiably) stepped in and either (1) told Lisa to get them to fire the pastor or (2) told them directly that there would be no financing of this farce if presided over by this walking turd with a clerical collar.
  7. Can someone explain to me what exactly Kristen did that has the useless blob otherwise known as Katie so effing upset? That Kristen has difficulty with Carter? How often did Kristen (and the rest of us) have to listen to that worthless twit whine about Schwartz's commitment issues / cheating / drinking or whatever until that engagement party (and then the constant bickering afterward)? Or how about Stassi and the narcissic man-bun known as Patrick? I don't even like Kristen but I really want to drop kick Katie over the Wells Fargo Building. I rewatched Seasons 4 and 5 on Hulu over the last week and watched her morph into Stassi season 1, especially regarding Lala. She hated her from jump street. No one can be friendly with Lala because she called me fat. And you insinuated she was a slut from the moment you met her. But of course that all changed when the "married man" they were all upset about turned out to be someone who gave them a 30-minute ride in the crappiest private jet I've never seen.
  8. Yesterday's case regarding that cantankerous jerk and his scooter really got my Irish up, especially regarding Judge Acker. The woman was SEATED on a damn bench, Acker - in what universe is she required to get up to make room for this nasty old coot who acts like he's in a perpetual bad mood. She even snotted when the plaintiff told her she was on the phone. "OH! You were on your PHOOOONE!" as if she had some gall talking on her device and not paying attention and be on the alert for assholes who probably lose their Social Security check at the Blackjack table and then aggressively ride their scooter through a crowd. And frankly, the video showed that the defendant dirtbag not only didn't give plaintiff any time to move, he didn't give ANYONE time to move. From where I sat, he wasn't paying any attention to the position of anyone. He didn't stop, he swerved first into the woman standing by the pillar and then ran completely over the plaintiffs' feet. He was a dick from start to finish. And lied through his teeth. "I tapped her on the shoulder a couple times and asked her to move." Dude, you never took your damn hands out of your lap and didn't have time to either ask the plaintiff to move or to allow her to do so.
  9. Am I naive to think that there is no serious decision made regarding operations at TomTom that even involves these two chucklefucks? Scheana is such a twit. "I'm not jealous!" Here's another bit of news - without autotune, you're also not a singer. And Lala - the entire WEB world was laughing at you and Mr. Fat and Ugly and your silly feud with Fifty Cent. You should have checked HERE. Compared to us, James was kind. And did I mishear or didn't Raquel say earlier that day that she was scheduled to work at SUR? She really is a vapid creature.
  10. Sandra and Rob will be booted at the first available opportunity.
  11. I have State Farm insurance on my home. When I first obtained it, my agent asked me if I had a dog. I did, and told him it was a German Shepherd. That was fine. He told me, however, that if I owned a Pit Bull, my rates would almost DOUBLE for the year, if they were willing to issue the policy at all. Apparently, they check with animal control and local P.D. to see if there have been complaints against the dog and if so, no policy.
  12. Scheana has never learned that in the end, pretty is not going to be long-term compensation for narcissic and vapid.
  13. In the case yesterday regarding the car, did anyone catch a "this smells to high heaven" vibe from the two litigants? She lives in her car, but ponied up hundreds of dollars to detail it; needed her trunk fixed; he paid for her lunch and dinner, with the added bonus of dinner theater when the plaintiff snotted to Judge Acker, right on cue, getting herself booted from the courtroom. The real problem with their having to solicit cases (in addition to combing through small claims filings in California) is that frankly, you get cases like this one, which make NO sense whatsoever. There's no way this woman filed this in small claims.
  14. I know that in Northern California, girls with a little bit of throw-away money will do a weekend in Las Vegas. But that's it as far as I know. Most of my daughter-in-laws' friends go for a night of clubbing in San Francisco. Scheana really believed that by this time, she would be a pop star. Have we seen anything of her singing career after Season 3?
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