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  1. I think if I had to live with that nutjob, I'd probably be calling the police on a regular basis, too. The plaintiff seemed very composed and in control - and I'm willing to bet if she moved a vase an inch to the right on a credenza, defendant went batshit crazy and screamed at her. Notice that the other roommate didn't show up to back up the terrorist stories. And no, ditz, you don't get to keep a security deposit for subjective emotional damages. And yes, you DID tell Judge Judy you had mental issues. Do you know what PTSD IS? The word "disorder" is in there somewhere.
  2. This is one of those cases where I would love to have an "after the verdict". I hope someone at AAA watched this case and went back and looked at the records for this tow. The dirtbag defendant gives the game away when he first arrives and asks to "buy" the car. His MO is to either buy the car for cheap or, failing that, scam the owner out of $$ to do "cheap" repairs which are never done, and "VW Mike" swoops in on day 1 to stick a lien on the car - probably in the hope that the owner would walk away. Why do I get the feeling that ol' "VW Mike" is the AAA tow truck driver? Defendant seemed
  3. Four days from the episode airing and only six comments in the episodes thread. Stick a fork in it, Bravo. Like you - FINALLY - did with Tardy for the Poorhouse.
  4. Indeed - how often on the Million Dollar Listing franchises have we heard the brokers saying "all cash - quick close" on the deals. In fact, when was the last time any of their transactions even involved a mortgage or financing?
  5. Yeah, I'm sure he's getting a bazillion offers a day. I think Harry would accept a job as a dancing tomato for Heinz Ketchup at this point.
  6. I thought the same thing. Someone needs to remind JJ that SHE's not an expert on car repairs. That estimate was perfectly reasonable and she had no business discarding the PROFESSIONAL's estimate for the repair. I did notice that defendant had the same old tired "I paid it that day! But it was going to take 24 hours to activate." Uh, I don't know about you guys, but when my son switched auto insurance, the policy was effective immediately once the payment was processed. I'd love to see a time/date stamp on that policy. $10 says he ran to an agent and got the insurance AFTER the accident
  7. Why do I think when they dab their eyes with the tissue there's a secret glycerin bottle hidden that that single tear (produced without redness of the eyes and the slight welling of the lacrimal glands) to show concern?
  8. Those facial expressions were everything. No matter how thorough JJ explained the situation to him, he refused to grasp the simple concept - until the land was deeded over to you or you had some sort of instrument regarding the land, you should have left it alone. Although frankly, that defendant seemed a little shady to me. She had an agreement with the plaintiff but was apparently still shopping the land around for a higher price. And I don't believe for one second that the man was "trespassing" - I think she was perfectly willing to let him clear off that land, remove trash, etc. (
  9. Reza really believes himself to be come sort of very popular national figure. Dude., check your ratings. There are 336,000,000 people in America. Maybe 1% of these people actually know who you are. And they have better things to do with their money than buy anything you're pushing these days.
  10. So after all that backstabbing and ambition last season the annoying BUGSY did not return as the chief stew?
  11. Okay I'm not the only one that went "what the HELL is the problem with the two of you? (Acker seemed to get the picture right away)" He asked for $2500 for the license. He didn't get the license (not enough money?) and continued the job under FALSE pretenses. My guess is that the plaintiffs have a separate action in another court against his substandard work and his failure to advise that he was unlicensed. They didn't know he'd SUPPOSEDLY put the money back into the project, and I'm not so damn sure he did. And sorry, DiMango and Corrierro - it WAS fraud. He took the money for a spe
  12. Man, the bitch is DESPERATE to get that lawyer investigating her assets, Ronald Richards, off the case - citing - get this - his "high presence on social media" that will prejudice the jury pool. Is she effing KIDDING? You're on a reality series and this guy have 67,000 Twitter followers is giving you angina? Yeah, he doesn't like you. Something he has in common with a huge swath of the country right now.
  13. All I had to do was read the episode description in my DTV guide. Destiney gathering her friends and Reza taking a trip down Memory Lane (and I'm sure that trip showed him to be the compassionate hero he delusionally thinks he is). Even with NOTHING on, I passed.
  14. I did the same thing. Stopped watching when she returned and NEVER watched her special little spin-off - what was it called "Teresa Does Time in the Big House and Pretends It's a Spa Vacay!"
  15. I was really hoping that Millian would read her the riot act. The way she spoke about the worker that came and did all her stupid little tasks, like he was a filthy human being. Oh and did you hear about her "life-threatening SURGERY?" How many times did she mention that? She was friggin' nuts. Wished I'd caught her name - because I'd love to find her FB or Twitter accounts.
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