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  1. So did I. Also, I have another question - as someone pointed out, she seemed relatively assuaged by Shiv's response on the panel. Was it the comedian's monologue that ignited her fury? Also, I would have thought that Shiv would have had the most DIRECT experience in the spinning of negative media stories. Logan should have put his foot down and told the two boys it would be SHIV that started the panel and the boys come out after. She could even have prefaced it with "My brothers will be out in a moment, but first I'm here to address the issue that's on everyone's mind." That would have put the issue out front at the outset and kept the two idiots off the stage.
  2. I also seriously question whether this dick was ever a Navy SEAL. I'm willing to bet he has pulled this "give me the non-refundable deposit" and then the room is never available over and over again - probably gives back half the money and pockets the rest; the victims are willing to do this just to get something and out of the deal.
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies on the meeting. That's where my confusion was - I WAS under the impression that PGM had sent Rhea to Logan to tell him to back the hell off. Since they were the same day, I couldn't figure out why Rhea was so tongue-tied about what was discussed, since the assumption was that SOMETHING was discussed, since Logan and family got the invitation for the weekend.
  4. Can someone enlighten me what meeting on "September 13th" Nan was referring to that annoyed her so much? Because I'm a tad confused. Was that the meeting Rhea took at Waystar and the shooter incident? Because I was under the impression that she was sent by the Pearce/Pierce family to essentially "sound out" Logan on his offer but also to give him the "take a hike" message. Was there another meeting that painted Rhea in a bad light? Did I miss it? I get that near the end she seemed more like an advocate for Logan than Nan but I just don't understand Nan's anger. It could be Rhea is looking at the bottom line and realizes PGM is in worse shape than they realize and that they needed this sale. But I also like the idea that Rhea was positioning herself to take the control position in the organization once the sale was complete. It's become more obvious by day that Tom is severely out of his depth in this. Next week - shredded documents!
  5. After tonight's episode, here's another DVR dump for me. Right now the only one of these shows I'm keeping is RHONY. I may be alone in this but frankly I can't stand Quad and I never could, and Toya and Heavenly set my teeth on edge. I used to like Jackie and Simone when they're together discussing it all, but now it looks like there's nothing more here than several armed camps. And from what I could tell, Quad invited Simone out for dinner, was 45 minutes late, and sat down and attacked her. I did like Simone's quip "I see, no small talk, just down to it." I'm glad she walked out on her. But I would have been gone the minute Quad wasn't at the restaurant when I arrived (if indeed she made the date) and had left no apology for being late with the matre'd.
  6. I confess - I usually carry a "designer" bag - designed by Liz Claiborne and purchased at JC Penney. Not a single one cost over $50, are unobtrusive, and very functional.
  7. Not direct descendants, but Camilla Parker-Bowles is actually his 13th great grandniece.
  8. Looks like Johnny Boy has made another STINKO film: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/box-office-fanatic-bombs-career-low-john-travolta-1235930?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral Gee, you would have thought that Miss Cabbage would at least have commanded that all Scientologists so see Johnny's awful movie. From the article: I guess the "Celebrity Centre" had a field trip.
  9. Why the hell is she carrying a fugly aquamarine bag that doesn't in any way complement her outfit. Oh....is that a BIRKIN BAG??? Cannot be out in public without the magical, overpriced, BIRKIN BAG! Even if it's in an Easter Egg decorator color that screams "I must have my status symbol with me, even if I look like my taste is all in my mouth!"
  10. Of course they did. The "D" List has to feel superior to SOMEBODY....
  11. When I think of what could have happened to a little four-year-old with a housekey around her neck left on her own to ride the bus and be in her house alone. And brought to the bar. If I ever met that woman in real life I swear I'd pull a Holly McClain from "Die Hard" and just punch the bitch in the nose.
  12. Actually. I'd hazard that the child with the mother in a refugee camp is more cared for and loved because of the risks taken to ensure safety than the affection that Betsy Johnson wanna-be had for her daughter. If she pulled that shit nowadays, she would be arrested for child neglect in California.
  13. If there is even the SMALLEST chance I am going to drink alcohol, I take Uber to and Uber from. Getting a DUI in California is expensive and dreadful (as it should be). It stays on your DMV record for 10 years, entails a very hefty fine of (usually) $2500, causes loss of license for 6 months minimum (and to have the "to/from work" exception you have to prove the need to drive) and even your long-time insurance company may drop you. No thanks. Uber is cheaper.
  14. Indeed. After listening to that ridiculous asshole, I was like "so these are the options? A well adjusted child or a refugee? And if your child did not end up the latter you can count yourself a successful parent?" And Mommy Dearest, Ringling Brothers is no more, so please stop dressing like an audition for the clown car.
  15. That isn't sloppy. That's legal malpractice; you NEVER assume you've been granted a continuance. In my experience, if I have no order in hand, I'd sure as hell be checking the Department's online calendar the day before to see if the case was still listed. Oh, and Tammy Sue and Shannon? There are plenty of reasons Emily isn't defending Gina in this. There are attorneys who SPECIALIZE in handling DUI cases, and are experts on the types of arguments to make, the challenge to the breathalyzer calibration, etc., especially in the case of a first offense, as well as having a working relationship with the courthouse staff that most likely hears these cases. They have an ongoing professional relationship with the DA's in Orange County and would be able to strike a bargain regarding fines, community service, etc. They also can be useful regarding dealing with the DMV. This is the lawyer you want to take with you. A friend who got busted for DUI asked our mutual lawyer friend to handle his matter, and the friend said "no - you want someone who knows their way around these matters."
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