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  1. Especially since we know precisely what that Board Chair thinks of her.
  2. I think she is. She comes off as genuinely hurt when raging bitch Lala comes after her. And speaking of Lala - Lady, you were blowing a married man three years ago for cars, clothes and rides in a rented personal plane . While there are plenty of people who have the moral high ground to judge Brock's relationship with his children, YOU aren't one of them.
  3. Yeah, I'm afraid DVR deletion is imminent. Nothing likeable about any of them anymore. Sandoval used to be fun, at least. Now he's just another full of himself asshole. BTW - do we know if that "new" bar of theirs is even in "design and construction" at all?
  4. Wow. Even with two threads open. Three comments 9 hours after the episode airs.
  5. ONE page of comments three days after the episode airs...... Yeah, show's done. You don't even need to stick a fork in it.
  6. Oh my God....the defendants in the repeat case yesterday. Bitch-slappable defendant landlady and her needs a knee-to-the-nuts husband. My GOD - watching Judge Acker's long fuse get lit every time that eye-rolling turd opened her mouth. She and her husband accuse the plaintiff tenant of being in "cahoots" with their con-man of a property manager. And you can't tell me that they didn't get that effing full-year's rent paid from the con man. Those two jerks would have been down there on the fifth day of the second month asking where the hell the payment was. If anyone was in cahoots wi
  7. I'm sure Mommykins thought it would be their "big break". That casting directors would see their smuggy mugs and say "I must have that middle one for my next picture." Because otherwise you just showed the entire nation you raised a trinity of BRATZ.
  8. Early episodes when Altmann joined the cast had him continually whining about Flagg's connections, family, and trust fund, which made him come off as a jealous prick.
  9. Whenever I hear that "call me out of my name" expression, I think of those IRS scammers that tell you that a "lawsuit is out in your name at the 'Courthouse'." (Not knowing, of course, that a "lawsuit" is a civil proceeding and not criminal; hence, no one would be coming to arrest you." I always love to ask them "WHICH Courthouse?" But my personal favorite was the time I told them "I always knew you'd catch up to me one day......you can go ahead and send the police - I won't put up any resistance."
  10. They'll be Rob and Amber 2.0. Anyone seen the ratings for this? I understand they were WAY DOWN last week.
  11. Me too. Also surprised how many people shelled out money to read this drivel of hers.
  12. Now that I think of it, I'm trying to think of SOMEONE on this show that I actually liked. And then I came to a said realization. There are only two people in this series that I've ever really really liked. The cooks. In the episode where Kristin got fired.
  13. So this season is going to revolve around two idjits who still haven't the FOGGIEST idea how to plan, design, finance and open a bar/restaurant get something off the ground. Yeah - I didn't care when TomTom was in the process, and I'm not going to care now, especially when we've had an episode entirely devoted to haggling over the name. I'm alone here, I guess, but I actually think "Schwartz and Sandy's" is not all that bad, but what the hell do I know. Heck, why not ask LISA to suggest a name? Ask John Taffer. Ask ANYBODY. Just please, put the issue to bed. And seriously, Ariana?
  14. Actually, yes they do - signed in 1996. If you are an American, commit a crime and flee to France and they capture you, they will send you back. Ira Einhorn, the Unicorn Killer, was captured and extradited to the U.S. in 1997 after several French legal appeals. However, to make the path smoother for the French to send him back, they agreed to vacate this conviction in absentia and retry him in Philadelphia.
  15. Hell, I came home one night to find someone PARKED in my driveway (I'd been away all day and I think my inconsiderate neighbors told them to go ahead and park thinking I wouldn't be home for awhile)! I pulled my car across it and went inside. Loved it when the inconsiderate clods had to ring my bell and ask me to move my car. I told them if they ever did it again, I would again block the driveway and call the tow company and not move my car until they were hooked up.
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