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  1. Slow as molasses in January. Period, end of discussion.
  2. I don't like Matt because I don't like runaway games. I stopped watching J! because of Ken's winning streak. Is it possible that Matt will never lose? And there's been plenty of female contestants I haven't liked. Specifically the one who said "you're the devil, Alex Trebek." Who is Jimmy Macguire?????
  3. I was kinda hoping Fran Leibovitz was the bitchy elevator lady....
  4. I watched the first 2 episodes. The story is good, but by God Selena Gomez is a horrible actor. I’ll keep watching it because I heart Martin Short.
  5. Why the fuck can he not say “true Daily Double” or “I’d like to bet it all”? No, Matt has to state the dollar amount. He annoys me more with each win.
  6. Ark of the covenant because that's what Indiana Jones calls it. All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful, The Lord God made them all.
  7. I gotta say that Richards would be mid-list for me. I'm Team Buzzy, then Team Anderson Cooper. My interest in this show is waning with each successive guest host.
  8. You have obviously never ridden a horse. It's work. It engages your abs, legs and arms. It increases rider's respiration. Your brain is working 100 miles an hour. Don't diss until you've done it.
  9. Looking forward to this. It seems so cheesy and campy. Perfect for winter viewing.
  10. I'm not watching til Matt leaves, not because he bugs (well, just a little because his jackets are too tight and he is a monotone with no facial expression) but because I hate runaway games.
  11. Mark Spitz is still my GOAT. Yes I am old.
  12. I still can't figure out what event is on what station. I don't have Peacock and the Olympics Channel seems to be all tennis. That leaves NBC which God forbid shows anything that isn't mainstream. Whatevs. I'm very happy that the US medalled in dressage. That's quite a feat to beat Carl Hester and Charlotte DuJardin. I can only hope SOME cross country is shown somewhere...
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