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  1. The Alec Guinness series from the 80s was more excellent than the recent excellent movie with Gary Oldman (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy). Both available from my public library. I cannot believe it’s been 18/19 years since Claudia was on. I forgot how much I liked her.
  2. I swear I recognized Brad Ritter in the gang...but I guess it wasn’t him.
  3. I wish the entire 10th anniversary tournament was shown. I recognized Brad when all the contestants came out at the end, but only him. I couldn’t come up any “women” playwrights but I know Helman wrote before the 1980s.
  4. Frank S. will always be my favorite Jeptestent.
  5. Wednesday was Chuck F.'s 5th game, but I did not notice any Forrest Bounce. Was that in subsequent tournaments? I had to laugh at the female contestant who stumped Johnny Carson with "Big Blue Frog." I sing that all the time to my cat. "He's got glasses and he's six foot three."
  6. These first games exhausted me. Alex was on speed! Thanks to whoever said Frank S. and Chuck F. will be on later this week. Those I will be happy to watch.
  7. My favorite musical. Robert Preston was robbed of an Oscar. I know all the words to all the songs which makes me proud and embarrassed the same time. Balzac!
  8. Matt Lucas and Noel will have viewers howling. The only thing that could be better is David Walliams and Matt doing Lou and Andy on the GBBO.
  9. Doing a rewatch of a few seasons and here are my humble opinions. Mike I. (season 6) talks and acts just like a 6th grader. I cannot stand Jen Carroll from season 6. I want to punch her. I really hated her on season 8. Season 5 didn’t have any strong chefs but I loved Carla, Fabio, and Stefan. Hosea was o.k., no spectacular meals from him. Couldn’t stand Leah. Kevin G. from season 6 seems like the nicest person. I refuse to watch season 2 because of the head shaving incident. Fucking hated Lisa from season 4. She wasn’t worthy to be in the final. She had anger seething out every pore. Last, I have no problem with Blaise...
  10. Can Alex please not read the FJ! annotations that were banned midway through JJ's appearances? Stop indulging these people.
  11. The TS of zither made me sad. Apparently none of the contestants has seen The Third Man. And can we stop with the modern interpretive dance movements during the intros?
  12. I said Saskatchewan and Alberta. I know nothing about geography but do know that Sask is a prairie province from The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be.
  13. I was gobsmacked that David Lee Roth was a TS. Yet the former champ knew Hendrix.
  14. I smugly replied Michael Caine to FJ! I was stunned by how obvious DVD was for the answer and how the heck did I not get that?????? I replied Chicago for the 1904 Olympics. How the heck did St. Louis pull off the World's Fair AND the Olympics????
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