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  1. Now I remember. James is the highest scorer for a single game, beating Roger "Uriah Heep" I can't remember his last name because I found him so creepy. I often say "be that as it may, Alex" but nobody gets it....
  2. I never liked Ken, and stopped watching during his run. I do admire his playing skills and depth of knowledge. Brad is all class. I always liked James, but what is his claim to J! fame? Brad has won the most money, Ken the most games. Did James hit the game at a time when the show was a bit meh? And did he make a sly reference to taking over Alex’s duties she he said words to the effect of waiting for,the media to call?
  3. What was the Potemkin clue?
  4. Never heard of the person who was the FJ! answer.
  5. Karen is as dull as dishwater.
  6. Did Jay McCarroll, season 1 winner, go to design school? I don’t remember him saying that he did.
  7. FJ! instaget from Paris and Cuba. I knew Hemingway lived out west but wouldn’t have gotten it without Paris and Cuba.
  8. I’d rather have an Astaire/Rogers of Marx Brothers festival than That’s Entertainment. I’m rather disappointed in TCM’s line up over the last few months, especially the choices of holiday movies.
  9. I saw this over the weekend and in the words of Blaine Edwards and Antoine Merriweather “hated it.” It was so stagey. There really was no mystery. Not one likable character, most likely intentional, and Daniel Craig was ridiculous with that southern accent. The scene with the rants about illegal immigrants was so obvious and trite. I hated this movie.
  10. Eric looks like and dressed like PeeWee Herman.
  11. I know every word to every song of The Music Man. However, Ursala Kitteh was not amused when I did "Trouble." She jumped off the ottoman and stalked to her food dish. Seems to be a lack of holiday movies on TCM. They are running "Holiday Affair" like it was "A Christmas Story." I watched HA once. Not appealing at all.
  12. I knew Kirby would be a one and done. I had no clue as to FJ! even though I can't even remember the answer.
  13. I answered The Barber of Seville for FJ! Clearly I know nothing about opera.
  14. Bunch of dim bulbs. Teen Tournament had smarter contestants. And yes, wrong to say “birds of prey” and “light opera” were correct. How is birds of prey from Latin?
  15. I hated the Disney category. I can’t stand anything Disney, and that category was a time suck. Instaget FJ! On a shallower note, I loved Elise’s dress.
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