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  1. My prediction is Rhône will win at most 2 games.
  2. No clue on FJ! and I was unable to parse anything out of the clue. I got misty eyed when Amy talked about her sister. Amy seems like such a nice person.
  3. My mother finally explained to me (when I was about 15) that contestants didn’t get a year’s supply of RaR at one, they got coupons or punch cards for a certain number of boxes. I always envisioned a truck filling a garage with boxes of RaR.
  4. I did not understand FJ! let alone get the correct answer!
  5. Wouldn’t that be 4 players in the 30+ millionaires club? Ken, James, Matt, Amy. Hawaii was an instaget. Remind me what * stands for.
  6. I just watched 2 minutes of a marble race rally and Andrew Cotter (Mr Andrew Cotter) would effin rock the commentary.
  7. Dolly Madison raspberry Zingers rock. I’ve seen them at the Dollar Tree. Wednesday I made the classic Jeopardy! mistake and answered Upton Sinclair instead of Sinclair Lewis.
  8. I am enjoying Amy so much. I don’t want her to ever lose.
  9. Aren't the Badlands in South Dakota? According to Wikipedia they are.
  10. Mayim was introduced as the host of Jeopardy! WTF?
  11. I adore this movie. I've seen it so many times on tv and of course I own the DVD. Sadly I am tired of it and can't watch it but I feel that way about many of my favorite movies. One of the most romantic scenes of ANY movie is Jimmy Stewart asking Mary if she wants the moon because he will lasso it for it and moonbeams will shoot out her fingertips. Lawd, I wish a man said that to me. But I am a librarian who wear glasses. Divorced, not a spinster. And yes, Uncle Billy should have had his ass kicked repeatedly.
  12. The original movie was so creepy that I could only watch it once.
  13. I came here specifically for spoilers. I didn’t want any of them to go home. I’m gonna skip this episode and go straight to the finale. As far as Juergen, remember when we all thought Richard aka Bob the Builder was a lock for winning the season? Sadly, surprises do happen. And I always liked Ruby T from season 4. She really was a nervous wreck, but when she got her confidence, she was on fire.
  14. I like that the Brits say gel-a-teen instead of gel-a-tin like I say it.
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