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  1. lasandi

    Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

    Shekinah! What is Yung Joc thinking asking her? Oh I forgot, this is producer driven. Nothing good, will of course, come of this. Hellloooo out there. Anyone else watching this dribble?
  2. lasandi

    Black Ink Crew

    No Kungfubunny, I am still here. I am glad to see Ryan has taken his 'balls' back and spoke his truth about how his friends/employees treated him. None of them really should have a job at 9Mag. To be honest, after Ryan said his piece and when Van started to talk I did, peace out, because I can't stand Van so I don't know how it ended.
  3. lasandi

    S11.E12: Luann Land

    I enjoyed this episode so much. The funniest thing to me was the Dorinda and Ramona spat. I have no complaints about any of the women this episode.
  4. lasandi

    S8 All Spoilers Live Chat

    I am so beyond sad
  5. lasandi

    S8 All Spoilers Live Chat

    Get him Jon Snow!
  6. lasandi

    S8 All Spoilers Live Chat

    Hurry up!!! Light them
  7. lasandi

    S09.E14: Scars

    I must say when those kids were surrounding Michonne, I was hollering “stick those f’s”. I need to stop drinking and watching this show. Lol
  8. lasandi

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    Poor Leah. No storyline except for talking about Jeremy. Poor Chelsea still with the Adam narrative. What’s with her and Cole? Anything. Nothing?
  9. If this is true, I have no further sympathy for Mahkul. He is a grown ass man and he has seen what that woman was like in his own country. He has to know she will be a thousand times worst back here in the USA. So if he likes it, then I love it. I’m taking my sympathy elsewhere!
  10. lasandi

    Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

    Omg did Apple’s manager not shut Apple’s father down!!! Loved it!
  11. Me too! I loved when she asked Ricky’s cuz about him dating girls out of his league and the cousin said nah, he’s a good looking dude why shouldn’t he get the girl he wants and the host replied “you are a good cousin”. LOL
  12. lasandi

    S07.E19: Welcome to the Family

    Once again, no, yet again I see Maci’s storyline is about Ryan. (Sigh)
  13. lasandi

    Basketball Wives LA

    Why is Kristin mad at Cece? The text said, Byron said he doesn’t want etc. She doesn’t get mad at her father in law but she’s ready to kill the messenger. Unreal.
  14. lasandi

    S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    LOL. Thanks Kungfubunny!
  15. lasandi

    S10.E21: Reunion Part 2

    Agreed! If I had a mic I would drop it,