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  1. UGAmp

    S33.E15: Death Race

    I’ve been one to complain about easy finals for the last few years. So I was pumped to see it was going to actually be difficult. But man did they overcorrect. This was brutal. I get running, I get biking, but in the sand? In the brutal heat? In the middle of the day? I don’t think I could have done one lap. Poor Georgia. Girl was absolutely delirious asking if Bear was there. I hope she comes back in a future season. And while Mattie technically quit, TJ shockingly did not give her a hard time. I mean he even complimented her and gave her advice. I’ve really grown to care for Teej over the years. I feel like his personality has come out more these last few seasons and I like it. I can’t help it... I’m still pulling for Wes. Theo seems fine but he’s been tainted by being Cara Maria’s partner. Just please not Ninja or CM. Speaking of CM, my DVR cut off. Did it end with her freaking out? Or did something else happen?
  2. UGAmp

    S38.E15 Survivor: Edge of Extinction Reunion

    I picked Chris to win it all in my fantasy league so I’m thrilled. Sure, this season wasn’t the best but Chris didn’t make up the rules. He didn’t decide that everyone voted off would get a second chance. I think that twist was a misstep by producers because maybe they thought more people would quit or not take on the second chance. He did big moves in the time that he had in the game. If he would have lost the fire making challenge, everyone would say he was the dumbest Survivor contestant ever giving up a guaranteed spot in the final three. So I give him props. He played with the cards he had. He provided for folks on EoE and built relationships. He convinced Lauren to give up her idol when it was not necessary. He performed well in challenges and won immunity (which he then gave away and then went on to win the fire making challenge). And he won the whole game with more than a majority of the votes. Good. For. Him. I’m sick of Wentworth. She can take a thousands seats. Scolding Chris for asking a question and saying she’s offended. Gavin went on to ask questions of Chris and she said nothing. She’s not that great of a player overall. She just had a good run in the second chance season and was playing from the bottom so the audience rooted for the underdog. She has a meanstreak and is not a positive role model. I’m interested to hear why Devens voted for Gavin to win it all beyond the “he never had a single vote against him” logic. If Devens has won the final immunity, he would have never taken Chris to the end. So that seemed like sour grapes in my opinion. I didn’t hate Devens. He kept the game interesting with idol play. and he’ll surely be back in a future season. I like Boston Rob but I don’t think this theme is going to do well. My expectations are low for next season. But I’ll be there!
  3. UGAmp

    S5.E7: Chapter Eighty-Eight

    Why? Why did they have to do this? Why bring Michael back? Why bring him back for it to end like this? So. Infuriating. I was ready to give up on this show last season. I honestly don’t care about Jane or Rafael as characters at this point. I really only stayed for the secondary characters even though their plots are terrible half the time too. I love Petra. I love Rogelio. I love Xo. I love Alba. The narrator is honestly my favorite character. I even love Ellie and Anna. You’re doing something wrong show when I don’t care about the main character, her one true love and their spawn (Mateo is also the worst but I blame J&R for that). Then they brought back Michael and sucked me back in for one more season. And now here we are. I don’t know if I can finish this series out. I’m just that disappointed.
  4. UGAmp

    S05.E03: Chapter Eighty-Four

    I thought this was the strongest episode of the season so far. I’ve been really disappointed and frustrated by Jane’s reaction (mainly her annoyance) to her freaking husband and love of her life being back from the dead. But Michael remembering he’s Michael was so worth it this amnesia plot. I’m Team Michael and was very ready to give up on the show before his return at the end of last season. I too cannot wait for the Rogelio and Michael reunion (probably more than the Michael and Jane reunion). Kid actors can be the worst but I think the twins and Mateo do a pretty decent job. I think one of the funnier moments was one of the twins crossing her arms and firmly saying “Don’t touch my body” after being taught to do so by Petra. Then in the tent when Jane grabbed Petra’s arm, The way Yael said “Don’t touch my body” with an arm movement just made me crack up. As the show has gone on, Petra really has become one of my favorite characters.
  5. UGAmp

    S33.E09: American Psycho

    You know what I don’t need to see on my tv? Multiple shots of Cam’s puke flying around. You know what I don’t need to hear on my tv? Paulie and Cara doing the nasty. Cara can go away forever at this point. Excited for this to turn into an individual game. This season has been better solely because they are showing challenges and eliminations in the same episodes but these last few episodes have been a little stale.
  6. UGAmp

    S38:E08 I'm the Puppet Master

    Seriously, did they have alcohol at the reward meal because David made that drunk/sober comment? Rick did a complete 180 from the calm, collected game he’s been playing this whole time. It’s one thing to be emotional. It’s another thing to rip out your heart and hammer it onto your sleeve for all to see during his conversation with Wardog and later David. Even when he was originally voted out, I still thought he was getting the #winnersedit (I promise I have not read spoilers) but he may have tanked his game in this episode. What an idiot. Considering Lauren is not eating, she is still doing so well in the challenges. Minus the fainting which was truly scary. I wonder how long she was unconscious because it seemed like a couple of minutes. I doubt she goes much further in the game but I’d love to see her in another season (where hopefully her tribe wins good rewards or their part of the island at least has fruit, fish, snails whatever) because she’s such a competitor. I’m ready for that weasel Ron to go.
  7. UGAmp

    S09.E15: The Calm Before

    My DVR only recorded an hour and ended with Alpha sitting down next to Lydia so I had no idea why Dalton Ross from EW was hyping this episode so much on Twitter. Fortunately, I thought to look at the beginning of Into the Badlands and saw TWD had carried over. NOW I see what he was saying. Yikes. I’ve given Tara (and the actress) a lot of hell over the years but man, I didn’t want her to go out like that. I also liked Enid (and might have been a party of one in that opinion) so that sucked. Henry...ehhhh. And then a bunch of randoms. I did laugh at Addy still having her glasses on. Probably not the show’s intention but I was grateful for the chuckle. I did think Siddiq was one of the better actors in his speech. I hope his story was true and he wasn’t turned or something. Oh and Daryl, when you have the bad guy with her back to a cliff dropoff and you are standing in front of her on solid ground and have leverage, just give her a little nudge next time. If the fall doesn’t kill her, the hoarde of zombies will.
  8. UGAmp

    S09.E10: Omega

    You’d think with lady who plays Alpha being the voice of Ruby (according to IMDb) on Max and Ruby (Ruby and Max!) for a few years would help her 1) have a consistent accent and 2) a convincing accent with all the voiceover work. However, it was absolutely was all over place and awful to hear. I’m not saying Lydia was a great actress but managed to play crazy relatively well. I kept hearing the Matchbox 20 song “I’m not crazy/I’m just a little unwell” every time she was on the screen. Glad to see the new group also consists of idiots to keep the show consistent. Let’s sneak out at night time with few weapons and stand around in an open area while discussing our non-plan with walkers shuffling around twenty feet away after one of our group almost gets eaten. Great plan y'all! I think the actress who plays Tara has gotten slightly better over the years (and that was the lowest of low bars she set for herself) but I’m not looking forward to her being Maggie 2.0.
  9. UGAmp

    S33.E02: Hellraiser

    A challenge AND an elimination? In the SAME episode?! AND it got rid of Ashley? We have been blessed! Zack is the worst again with that complete manipulation of Jenna. Jenna, you’re better than this, girl! Even if he didn’t cheat, the whole argument was gross to witness. And that’s how he talked to her when he knew he was being filmed. Yuck. I think Davonne is my new favorite. “That’s a hard pill to swallow. Let me go and get you some water.” Amazing.
  10. UGAmp

    S33.E01: Apocalypse Now

    This season looks promising. I’m excited! I’m so sorry to say this because I do think she’s a cute girl but Nany straight up looked like Michael Jackson in her first talking head. It was startling. Honestly, the lighting for most of the girls during those is awful. They either look dirty (Cara) or their powder was very obvious (Nany). Jenna looked different too. Has she lost a lot of weight or did she have work done on her face? Cara is just pathetic. It’s just sad at this point. She needs to step away from reality tv for a loooooong time. Ashley is the worst but I did chuckle at her threatening the guy that she’d pick him as her partner and then drop out of the entire competition. And Davonne’s (I think that’s who it was) SHE STOLE HER PARTNER’S MONEY exclamation after Ashley was selected by her partner was absolutely amazing.
  11. UGAmp

    S32.E20: Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

    Might be an UO but I enjoyed the finale. I think it showed SOME improvement compared to seasons past in terms of challenges. At least there was an endurance task that lasted for hours. And they ran quite a bit. I’m over the gross food challenges. I don’t need to see Joss puke in slo-mo. But also, it seems like it’s just them barely trying to consume something and just immediately spitting it into a bucket. What’s the point? If the producers must keep it, I’d rather have them eat A couple of gross things and they absolutely have to keep it down. No puking or there’s a penalty. I do wish there had been a puzzle of some sort. But it seemed to my limited memory that these tasks were more reminiscent of the tough finales of previous seasons. Has a team ever cried that much at coming in second (not counting Sarah)? Pull yourselves together, Joss and Sylvia! I get that it’s a million dollars but it’s your own fault that you trusted another team with your own game. Never voluntarily step down. Sylvia is the worst so I’m glad she lost. Joss is so pretty but he was obnoxious this season so I was not rooting for them. I don’t see how Ashley could have won but another site I read said he was penalized for falling off of the rope ladder and she finished faster than him in one of the runs. *shrugs* CM and Marie coming completely undone. Natalie going back on her word. Sylvia sobbing. Ashley taking the money. Hunter sobbing. And they didn’t make us sit through a two part finale and reunion show before finding out the winner! It was entertaining to say the least. oh and I think I’m officially over Cara. Her hissy fits at Marie were just ridiculous. I get being competitive (and wanting to win) but yelling at your partner (who has a history of performing poorly) ain’t gonna help anyone. And her absolutely freaking out about Paulie possibly getting the grenade? Have some respect for yourself, girl. He’s not even your boyfriend (yet). You do have to wonder why it didn’t even occur to them to throw it at Hunter and Ashley.
  12. UGAmp

    S27.E11: Week 9: Finale

    Wooooooow. Put a nail in the coffin of this show. It is dead. I like Sharna. I’ve wanted her to get a win and thought she deserved it other seasons. But this sucks. And she knows it.
  13. UGAmp

    S09.E05: What Comes After

    Seeing Scott Wilson after his recent passing was TOO MUCH for me. That was my favorite part of the episode. The green screen was awful but that sunset was gorgeous. I honestly haven’t enjoyed watching this show for, what feels like, 4 seasons at this point. I don’t know why I torture myself. But they do they just the sliiiiightest bit to keep me interested. I thought that Rick’s death would be enough for me to close the book for good but no, they couldn’t even give me that. They had to have a magic helicopter save him. I might give it to the mid season break just to see what happens with this time jump but then I might be out for good. Oh and I read on EW they originally had Negan also stand up and talk to Rick from the pile ‘o dead bodies. THANK GOD that TPTB showed some sense and nixed that scene. Could you imagine the revolt?
  14. UGAmp

    S02 E03 Help is Not Coming

    Thanks a lot 9-1-1 for making me care about a fictional character that got less than thirty seconds of screen time. You couldn’t wrap up all the stories with a bow and give me a three second clip of the boy at the church being reunited with his mom?! I was waiting for that moment in the montage. You let me down. This show was never at the top of my watch list on my dvr last season but I’ve really enjoyed this season’s start, especially the earthquake episodes. I don’t 100% buy Athena and Bobby together (yet) which makes me a little sad. I blame Peter Krause more though. I still see him as the dad from Parenthood and it’s easier to see him in that role than a badass firefighter. And he’s a little one note here. I’ll say this though... dude had some serious guns at the end of the episode. Not sure if wardrobe got him a smaller size shirt than usual or if he’s been hitting the gym but they. were. there! I wonder if the Ali girl who was rescued will end up being in a love triangle with Buck and the new guy. They were initially adversaries (in Buck’s eyes) who are now this dynamic rescuing duo and seemingly friends. It’d make sense to create tension between them again but I hope they don’t go down that path. She’s definitely ending up with one of ‘em. I’m glad Hen lived. And rescued the little girl. We all saw it coming but I’m glad it happened.
  15. UGAmp

    S05.E11: After Paradise

    Yikes. I wanted Annalise to get her comeuppance but that was AWFUL. I get you have to be a special kinda person to go on not just a reality show but a dating reality show but how stupid is Kamil?! What producer was able to convince him to break up with the girl in front of a studio audience? How could he have thought that could have gone even slightly okay? Even Arie is probably thinking the dude took it a step too far. And Grocery Store Joe... I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed.