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  1. I’ve watched too much Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul because I was 100% prepared for the bus driver to get shot by the farmer at the beginning of the episode (and the herd of goats stuck in the middle of the road was just an excuse to rob tourists). Then they would have to perform emergency surgery on the bus. I was SO relieved when that did not happen. And I felt a little silly for thinking that would be a plot line on The Good Doctor. Then Lim leaves the group to get in a taxi in a foreign country BY HERSELF. She’s for sure gonna get kidnapped! Then the hot doctor got on with her an
  2. UGAmp

    S04.E13: Suspicion

    It’s somewhat rare for my jaw to actually drop at a show but it was on the floor with that ending! But at the same time, I remember the actor getting in trouble for comments he made last summer so I was actually surprised to see he was still on the show when it came back. I enjoy the character (and Christopher and Carla) so I hope Eddie pulls through.
  3. Zoey and her dad’s song was my favorite of the season. May have shed a few tears. I’m Team Max so I’m good with the ending (but not really Team Zoey with her constant flip flopping). I thought him hearing a heart song was a nice twist. Mo had some good moments this episode cheering on Zoey and his quick retort of “You’ve got kids. I’ve got her.” A little too much singing from Mary for me this episode (and really any singing from her is too much). I agree it felt like a series finale. Hoping it gets renewed for a third season. Fingers crossed!
  4. CT and Big T’s partnership is EVERYTHING. I love them together. Lolo is one of the most miserable people on reality tv. She and Josh would be a perfect pair with all of the tears and drama at all time over absolutely nothing. Nam’s goodbye to Lolo. LOL. “I love you. Wait. I meant love you. Like I like you. No, that’s not it either”. I like Nam. I hope he comes back in the future and doesnt have a partner who absolutely sucks. Could the security breach have anything to do with someone who has a gold skull being sent back in? Is this the first time that has happened this season?
  5. UGAmp

    S25.E02: Week 2

    At certain angles, Victoria has a Jenna from DWTS look. They aren’t twins by any means but they have similar features. and they are both annoying though in different ways.
  6. You should definitely watch it! Whitney gives a lot of insight into her fashion line. I forgot how much it was a featured storyline on the show, especially the second season. Basically, once her dad sadly passed away, it was too hard for her and her sibling/s to continue to run the business. The line was never super successful. She actually says Kelly Cutrone advised her go down the path Lauren did: an affordable fashion line in a store like Kohl’s. Whitney wanted higher-end stores to sell her stuff with a higher price point. She says if she could do it all over again, she would have done what
  7. I did! I enjoyed it! I think Lauren keeps everything close to the vest and isn’t going to share a ton after being completely out of control with what was shared on tv of her life for several years. I saw some complaints that Lauren didn’t ask Whitney many questions but it was technically an interview with Lauren, hosted by Whitney. I thought there were good questions but you could tell Whit was nervous. I hope they can truly rekindle their friendship after growing apart. It didn’t seem like there’s any bad blood between them. Just time and life got in the way. I’m very curious as to the f
  8. UGAmp

    Ted Lasso

    I thought this show lived up to the hype. I’ve never really had an opinion about Jason Sudeikis but I thought he nailed this role. He was easy to root for and there were several moments I had to watch again especially for the physical comedy (him “rewinding” and then when he burst back into the door at Higgins’s Caesar pun). I think at the very least he will get an Emmy nom. The supporting cast was great. Coach Beard. Sam. Nate. Dani Rojas. Excellence all around. And Keeley could have been an easy character to hate. I’m glad they didn’t go down that path with her. And it blows my mind that
  9. UGAmp

    Little Voice

    Overall I liked this show. But I think they were trying to do too much. Especially with only 9 thirty-minute episodes. Bess’s 4 jobs. Her singing career. Her brother and his special needs. Her dad’s money problems and substance abuse issues. Hinting that Bess might have an issue down the road. The love triangle. The mom coming back. The creepy producer. Bess’s friend/manager. June Squibb at the nursing home. The roommate and her love life and family. Just pick three, maybe even four of the above, and you could have had a solid short-run season. The music was the highlight for me and what
  10. Jimmy performing Stephanie’s telethon routine in a replica outfit KILLED ME. That was one of my favorite episodes as a kid so the nostalgia hit hard. Amazing.
  11. I was really pulling for Jenna. I’m glad she gave it her all and didn’t half-ass it with Zach on her mind. She seems like a genuinely sweet girl who tries not to rock the boat. But that, sadly, includes her relationship. I know they’re engaged now but I hope someone talks some sense into her before she walks down the aisle. She will be in for a lifetime of arguments and disappointment. Zach seemed legitimately insane (not to mention immature with his screaming demands) on the FaceTime call. Girl, there are better people out there who will treat you well. Honestly when she and Fessy were sittin
  12. I really loved this show as a whole and thought it got stronger as the series progressed. I really only tuned in for Skylar Astin but was pleasantly surprised by the rest of the cast. I truly hope it gets renewed for a second season. I read an interview with the creator that they are cautiously optimistic. Fingers crossed! I do wonder if Lauren Graham taking over Spark Point (however it is spelled) leaves room for her to have a reduced role in the future (and her role is already pretty reduced. I just can’t believe this is what she wants to be doing in tv after carrying several shows on h
  13. I love this show and I’m so glad it’s back. Asaf is very attractive (he actually looks a lot like Stephen Colleti from Laguna Beach but with a wig) but that attraction was short lived after seeing him stick his tongue down Nany’s throat. Plus I love Jay from Survivor so I’m glad he lives to see another week. I LOVE the twist that you have to win an elimination to make it to the final. As much as I love CT, he has skated through a few seasons because no one wanted to go against him. He’ll probably still win an elimination but it’s going to shake up strategy and I’m here for it. I’m
  14. And I thought the Arie and Becca breakup was bad. That was the most UNCOMFORTABLE thing I have ever witnessed on this show. Biggest loser this season is Peter. He could have maybe redeemed himself at the very end if he would have interrupted his mother and said “That’s enough. I love her. You don’t get to talk to the woman I love like this, whatsoever, but especially not on national television. You need to respect our choices. We are willing to forgive you but you need to take a serious look at yourself and see if you really love me as much as say you do. Because someone who loves me wouldn’t
  15. How is Elaine’s name not coming up for votes? She seems like the biggest social threat to me. Everyone seems to love her, including Jeff. Everyone says karishma will keep sliding by each vote so let’s get her out now BUT WHAT ABOUT ELAINE?? She will get votes at the final trial (not from Missy, obviously) but I seriously don’t think Karishma would get many. Her remaining original tribe is just Karishma and Dean right? The rest were all on the purple one. How has this not even been mentioned since the merge? I still think a woman is winning this season.
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