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  1. I have done things at the moment I didnt regret and justified for years. Years and maturity helped me with self awareness. Monique not having immediate regret seems very real and unfortunately relateable.
  2. Ditto. Robyn is the most relatable and my favorite across all franchises actually. I think Potomac is my favorite because it sort of gears away from the "uber rich" lifestyle these shows moved towards for years. In the beginning with the NYC, the OC and Atlanta, the ladies had money but not all them were living la vita Dorita .. and it slowly moved into too rich territory and quickly became less entertaining (at least for my taste.) These women obviously have money but it's not to a point where I can't relate.
  3. CHEERS! *clinks glass* .. too many ladies out there dating build a bears - comes with nothing but a body and you have stuff him, clean him, dress him, take him home etc.
  4. I still like Monique. If Porsha can take the Underground Railroad train back from physical violence and an attempted rape allegation Monique will be fine if she stays on the show.
  5. Gizelle proves the old adage - no matter how gorgeous a woman is somewhere out there is a man tired of putting up with her shit 不. I mean girl - Jamal?? There is a part of me that just pities her. Jamal? 不 Jamal ranks amongst the top 10 worse men across the Housewives franchise ever. Jamal 不. Giiiirrrllll. My grandmother always said preachers and prostitutes are the best sales people in the world - you get to keep what you sell and sell it over and over again. Jamal 不不不
  6. So can a broke fool .. Men with or without means don't need a reason. If they want to go - they will. This seems to most apply to black women who marry well. No offense to you personally but it's a tired old trope and I for one will not celebrate a narrative where we are not considered a prize or worthy.
  7. Why is everyone acting like women who marry well should be grateful for him .. his ass getting something out the deal as well. What happened with Candiace aside - Chris got a beautiful wife, 3 gorgeous kids. Monique is no slouch; everyone saying Chris can do better, hell so can Monique and Ashley for that matter! Monique seemed like she was down to earth and didn't take herself too seriously until she contracted Housewife Syndrome. I did not marry a poor man and I don't care who knows it or what they think. I didn't live 53 years only to marry a man with no assets. Financial stability was on my vision board. I'm not about to struggle. Didn't struggle without you and for damn sure not about to struggle with you. If this was a 30 year marriage and sickness or something catastrophic happened that is a different perspective. But I sought out a man who had means. Not ashamed and wouldn't change a thing. Call it gold digging if you want *Kayne shrug*
  8. Gizelle's house is just as messy as she is Gizelle's daughters DO NOT want to be on TV and she needs to respect that If the producer wants to know how many kids Jamal has, she should ask the internet. She will probably get a response in 10 minutes or less. The internet delivers quicker than 1990 Dominoes. Oh Monique ... oh hon .. why. If you had just "let her go" and not did the one more run up for good measure.... oh hon *insert sideways grandmother face with hand on hip for effect* Lots of "hood rat" "ghetto" etc flying around. Don't recall any of those names when the white women across franchises got violent and it has happened but moving on.
  9. Agreed. @drivethroo great post but I have to agree and disagree - the affair is a storyline indirectly but I mean it would be Denise/Brandy, Michael/Anyone but Ashley, Nene/John, Kim/Mr. Big storyline if it was even a 1% chance of it being true. No way would Bravo allow Monique to avoid Charisse and no way Gizelle would not talk about it every chance she got. So I'm on the it didn't happen train and no one can prove it did. And of all the "plots" across this franchise history saying that is not her husband's baby is some low down dirty dog shit and I'm glad that story was trashed. And if it's true that Candiace gave Gigi Charisse's number to start a rumor then I'm back on Team Monique.
  10. I'm telling you if there was ANY truth or the slightest shred of evidence Monique was having an affair it would be this season's storyline. No way they would casually mention it one time and then let it go - especially Gizelle. Bravo don't like none of them enough to not spread rumors - true or false.
  11. That is not the word I would use but ok; her behavior is no more problematic than any other housewife who has turned to violence against a costar.
  12. If I were Karen I would be salty towards ol' stovepot legs every chance I got. She has come to plenty of things for other people being messy. Marriages hit rough patches and cameras does not make it any better. I think Chris is embarrassed (and rightfully so) by Monique's behavior on the show. Before all this, they seem to be a nice happy family. As far back as season 1, he was really trying to peacefully integrate her into the group. He was nice to all of them; especially Charisse. He liked hanging out with Candiace and Chris and now that's ruined. And culturally I just don't think many people get the significance of him cutting off his mother for his wife. That was VERY TELLING because seriously it's something black men rarely do. And now she is bleeding money on a podcast and an Instagram page. Chris just sounds frustrated. He went from what looked like a very traditional marriage to being a Real Housewife husband. I will give him a little leeway (for now.)
  13. There is not even a link to their website on the Instagram page. A few tips on natural remedies. So perhaps she can rebrand as a natural remedy brand. I just don't get it ..
  14. The problem with Not For Lazy Moms is that it is not clearly defined what they do. The instagram page is just full of meme's and pictures of Monique. No clear vision, no mission statement. She just gives away gift baskets with the logo on things like coffee mugs. Is this a lifestyle brand, a parenting brand, a product brand, a motivational brand? I just don't get it and I like Monique. But a podcast and a potty training book is not going to bring her Skinny Girl money.
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