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  1. They do way too much close talking for people with no toothpaste or water.
  2. This woman cant be that helpless. This kid was born well into the apocalypse and she has managed to keep him alive and safe.
  3. Oh Negan was a child psychologist!
  4. Your shirt can't be any more red than your intro in the TWD Universe is Negan thinking you're creepy.
  5. One of the Saviors killed by Carol had lung cancer
  6. Has no one noticed "privileged kid from the 90s who got away with crimes" haircut is missing?
  7. This is the happiest I've ever seen Daryl and I like it!
  8. WOW 2 people on screen and Negan is the likeable one. This kid is a great actor!
  9. Are they trying to rewrite history. Negan killed all the Oceanside kids, a 16 year old at Hilltop and would have killed Carl had the tiger not stopped him.
  10. For my grandsons first Halloween I dressed him as Negan. Complete with the bat and jaunty burgundy scarf - what made it so epic is that at the time he was only 3 months old. It was epic. This year me and the mister were Rick and Michonne.
  11. If they want to redeem Negan they need to stop allowing him to wax poetic and judge. As for the 3 idiots who attacked Lydia - living with Saviors and Negan but they beat up a kid. I'm with Negan on this one but someone else should have delivered the speech.
  12. Last night was the very first time ever watching this show for me and Mr Boofish. Soon as the black guy had lines Mr Boofish said "he seems like a nice guy; too bad he's not going to make it"
  13. On one hand I'm glad Artie was being sincere, on the other I have more fingers (ba dum dum CHING! I will be here all week) But seriously folks the change of heart was sudden but needed since Dex fell for it again. I would have never trusted her instincts again had he been playing her once more. When he ran off and left her in that truck I said DAMN he did it again but I was wrong. Then when they got cornered I thought I was right again. I personally don't need a half of season of him getting over on her so I'm fine with him being on her side so quickly.
  14. My family has 3 nemesis for no apparent reason other than other family members have declared them the enemy. My favorite one is this kid who works at the neighborhood grocery store that my husband calls a "grinning idiot." This episode was hilarious to me because I'm living it
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