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  1. Boofish

    S04.E15: Cayman We Get Along?

    😂😂 look here we are twinsies. I would never normally break bad with anyone over a personal painful situation - but I took a DNA test and for Ashley I'm 100% that bitch. I would have told her "I know you can't fathom what it's like for a father to fight for his kids"
  2. Boofish

    S04.E15: Cayman We Get Along?

    I love the way Katie quietly owned Ashley's Shirley Simple ass.
  3. I was offered weed on a private beach at a resort on a tropical island. A guy I know who sells luxury handbags sent me a message that read "I also sell weed." Weed is not zip codal (yeah I made that up) so Karen was being Petty Ruxpin and I'm here for it
  4. This is what it sounds like when thugs cry 😥 I'm going to give Ashley's baby the newborn benefit of the doubt and check back in 4 months for that glow up. Right now he looks like a republican presidential candidate with a 796 credit score. He look like a senior partner at the law firm of Boogers, Poop and Luvs.
  5. This has got to be Gizelle's paycheck personality. No way someone her age is naturally that unpleasant. I wonder if her eyes will turn brown once her seething jealous of Monique is cured. I get what Ashley is going thru and it's easy for me to say 'let it go.' But my daughter's father is, like Ashley's dad, heir to the Massengill fortune. I am married now and my husband loves and adores her will do anything for her and her son. She is an adult and calls him "dad" and as she puts it "anyone who tells her that's not her real dad can catch hands 😂" HOWEVER any time something significant happens in her life (marriage, baby, second baby) she reaches out to her biological dad and get the same results - NOTHING. Each time she is hurt and crying. There is nothing I can do to stop her from trying to get him in her life and I have stopped trying. I stopped telling her to let it go; I stopped telling her there are too many other people that love her; I have stopped telling her it is my fault for picking him; I have stopped. This is something she has to heal and come to terms with and Ashley unfortunately will have to do the same. I have learned from personal experience this is not something a child regardless of age just 'lets go.'
  6. Boofish

    S06.E08: The Debu-taunt

    I can't wait to see Pauline's court petition for custody - "your honor if it pleases the court I left my ex husband with our kids to go and find myself; I stayed away for years. During that time I wrote a book. I met a vibrant brilliant editor who helped make it the best selling book at her publishing house. During this time she was also the one sometimes tucking my kids into bed at night giving them that 'motherly' touch they may have been missing as young girls. I found out she was dating my ex husband. It took me a minute to get past how my ex and my kids absolutely adored her. I mean we had her on the pick up list at my kids school! Well imagine my surprise when I found out she was not 26 but 42. She lied to me to about her age and although this has no direct effect on my life right now I feel like for these reasons I should be granted full custody of the children."
  7. Boofish

    Spoilers and Speculation

    Missing Rick Grimes - party of 1 🙋‍♀️. Going see the movie, will continue to watch the show until the end. Riding till the wheels fall off.
  8. Boofish

    Basketball Wives LA

    Tami and Evelyn have physically attacked other cast members. I don't think anyone on this show right now or in the past have been a bigger bully than the two of them. Evelyn went after someone with a glass bottle and Tami out right punched Meeka in her face because she felt "disrespected." There are way too many examples of all these chicks being violent and out of pocket yet O.G. is "manly" and "aggressive." I haven't seen her put her hands on anyone - can't say the same for all the rest.
  9. Boofish

    S06.E07: Friends with Benefits

    Liza likes her life a lot better as a 26 year old assistant.
  10. Boofish

    Basketball Wives LA

    That is very brave of you to admit. I admire self awareness more than any other personality trait. And may that pretty little girl rest in peace; how sad I have been envious of other women but I was the opposite - I am the type that will ask a woman I admire to be my friend like we are going steady. I have no shame 😂 Look I hate to be "that guy" but OG is no more loud, impulsive, aggressive and messy than Evelyn or Tami or any other member of the Coven yet no one has ever used those words to put anyone else in check. For them to all sit around clutching their pearls and taken aback by the SAME BEHAVIORS THEY EXHIBIT is beyond comprehension. Tami did the EXACT same thing to Kesha and they all stood around and watched. OG is black with masculine features and they are not feeling it - YEAH I SAID IT
  11. Boofish

    S04.E12: Good Will Haunting

    I actually think of all the housewives Robyn is the one I would be friends with IRL. She really does seem like she has a sweet quiet nature about her .. yes she is flawed but who among us is not. She always come off as looking sneaky when she is around Gizzelle because Gizzelle is the type of person who only finds joy if someone is being hurt or humiliated. I don't even care that she loves a man who clearly just likes her a whole lot - it's sad to watch but don't make her a bad person.
  12. Boofish

    S04.E12: Good Will Haunting

    Whether or not Michael is gay and Ashley don't mind is not the problem I have with it all. The problem is Michael continues to make sexual advances and overtures to Ashley's employer and co-workers who are clearly not interested and that is where I draw the line. Jesus could not convince me that Michael did not grope that cameraman. It was not a crowded room as he stated. And Ashley owe Monique her life and reputation because I also believe Monique had working camera's everywhere and is refusing to share the footage and Lord knows she don't owe shrimp on the barbie and curly top a damn thing. I feel bad because I think they are all treating this like a joke because he grabbed a man. Had he groped a woman there would be no giggles and refusing to turn over evidence. 2019 Boy Band Reject White Chris was NOWHERE NEAR what happened so his whole "snitches get stitches" attitude is grating on my nerve. Why Robin and Monique are being Ashleys 3rd world country mosquito net and protecting her perverted husband is beyond my understanding. Reminds me of when Aviva's disgusting father spent an entire season begging the women of NY to start a #MeToo movement and they all just thought it was funny.
  13. Boofish

    S04.E12: Good Will Haunting

    I have watched copious amounts of House Hunters and now have been brainwashed into thinking great value Paula Patton and Robin Thicke might be able to afford that house .. "my husband passes out duck quesadilla samples at the mall and I detangle wigs. Our budget is 2.5 million"
  14. Boofish

    S04.E11: Can I Get a Witness

    I suppose it's just a matter of perception. I don't see it that way at all
  15. Boofish

    S04.E11: Can I Get a Witness

    I admire Chris. One woman's tyrant is another woman's provider and protector which is how I see him. I think he is a giant and opposing figure so he comes across as "scary" to certain people. His concern for his wife in the street PREGNANT on camera threatening to fight (whether she meant it or not) was warranted. Instead of being thirsty and bitch-assed like a lot of these husbands are for camera time and fame his concern his is wife and kids. This is a vanity project for Monique - she don't need the money and I don't blame him one bit for being upset. As for his kid, most parents don't like to repeat themselves and that was so sliced and edited. He asked him to stop and Monique had gel on her belly by the time he had enough she was dressed and getting off the table and there were pictures of the baby. This means he may have been trying to redirect the behavior for a good 30 minutes with no luck. He could always be Juan and just don't give a shit. This black man chose his wife over his mother - chhhilllle I cannot put into words what that means 😂 Chris is rocking for Monique. That right there put all doubts to rest