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  1. She asked him every tine if he would do it. He is a grown man who immediately agreed, she isn’t his boss and he didn’t have to do it.
  2. There is a difference between asking once and than not taking the answer and apology and repeatedly asking and saying you were going to try to actively annoy her. One of the other guests even told Kate that she should cuss Jemele out. Clearly, Jemele gets along fine with Kate now and said she would be on her dream crew.
  3. She called Jemele a bitch not all of them. And Jemele did not just ask her if they were annoying her. She repeatedly asked her over and over again if they were annoying her to which Kate said no and apologized for making them feel that way and Jemele than kept it up and said she was going to do it until she annoyed her. Anyway they clearly made up.
  4. Well Jemele’s first real words about Kate were that she was going to cuss her out if Kevin’s food was bad so it wasn’t like she was warm and fuzzy. Anyway both on Twitter and WWHL she said she loved Kate and Kate said they were her favorite charter guests.
  5. Did anyone else get a weird vibe off the dudebrus all sitting around and trying to pinpoint who the lesbians were?
  6. I don’t actually think Vicki seems that into Steve their engagement smacked of getting her a storyline on both of their parts.
  7. Yeah my friend doesn’t have cable so she catches up when she comes over and so just watched episodes from earlier in their relationship and he is much more into it than she is and much more vocal with the douchebrus about their relationship than she is with anyone else. Total asshat.
  8. I just go to the website when a new season starts airing and look to see if I find any of the recipes interesting and download them to my recipe app if I do. They cycle through what is and isn’t behind the paywall fairly often so I have never had to pay for a recipe I wanted and managed to get them all from their site so neither subscription appeals to me.
  9. The magazine launched several years before the show and I do think there is a much more distinct difference in Cooks Illustrated and the magazine Cook’s Country.
  10. They would have gone to a different stall and bought them there. I mean I agree he was a dick because he knew Rhylee wanted some (in a similar situation I would have bought them all and than just given my coworker one) but blaming him for not leaving any for hypothetical customers makes no sense for him or the vendor. It’s not even like he bought a ton of them they were part of a few things he got that fit in a not very big bag.
  11. It comes across more in the magazine but their idea of the difference is Cooks Country is to explore the history of specific recipes some of which had been “lost” and revive them for modern tastes.
  12. And shouldn’t have to given Tanner is 26!!!
  13. It’s off because of the Grammys, next weeks the Super Bowl and the following week the Oscars but apparently Shahs is premiering on Oscar night so maybe it will be on than as well.
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