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  1. Monica went on this trip as if it was a Real Housewives trip!
  2. I took Georgia’s comment to mean that she treated him horribly and he allowed it until he didn’t.
  3. They dated for like a year after the show wrapped.
  4. Michael has a shit ton of evidence of being homophobic, misogynistic and attacking female comics and critics on his own unrelated to Leah showing her fucking ass.
  5. I enjoyed this episode mainly because it reminded me of the existence of the group Arrested Development whose album Mo had in place of prominence.
  6. I have had a free year of Apple+ since it launched but they initially didn’t support Windows so I never bothered, I can’t handle watching long things on my phone but boredom led me to check out if i could now watch on my laptop. I enjoyed the first episode and Brooklynn is sensational. I will definitely continue to watch.
  7. She was actually Reposting Metul’s Instastory. It also covers Shep who has different friends over all the time and goes back and forth to Hilton Head.
  8. I wasn’t paying attention at the beginning so I was shocked when they revealed that Susan and Caroline weren’t genetically related! They looked so much a like.
  9. Since time has lost all meaning my first meal of the day was making deep fried mushrooms at 1 am with blue cheese dip. Tasty. Leftover quiche and Bellini’s (light on the juice) for a late brunch. Dinner will be spicy broccoli pasta with parm.
  10. Most likely. They film these things so far in advance that it was most likely edited and completely in the can before the end of 2019.
  11. Yeah I have hated her since she invited all the women over for lunch and cocktails and only had m&ms when they arrived because she was just too cool to be a thoughtful host and when the salads that the women wanted didn’t arrive with the pizza she ordered she didn’t give a shit. Look these women are demanding assholes but being a bad host is a reflection on you not them. If it’s not your thing than don’t do it but don’t use your so deep and above it all attitude as an excuse for being lazy and ill-mannered.
  12. Kristen gave a tour of her house on the show Open House. It’s small but I much prefer her house to the cookie cutter overpriced crap of her costars (except for Stassi’s new place).
  13. Moving from Spoiler thread where I accidentally posted this! Agree with those that thought the challenge was stupid. Typically in these sort of reverse betting things the one who goes lowest than has to do it under those restrictions by themselves and if they don’t do it the other person wins but if they do they win, so it made absolutely no sense to have that be apart of the competition when they were both competing. Should have just made it random.
  14. oops just realized I posted in the wrong thread!
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