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  1. biakbiak

    TV Tropes: Love 'em or Loathe 'em

    I don’t watch Blue Bloods but none of the others were beat cops and Carisi was going to law school part time after he was a detective, it’s not that uncommon for people who might want to move up.
  2. biakbiak

    The Bachelorette in the Media

    That’s a lot of tulle!
  3. biakbiak

    What Did We Eat Today?

    Watching two 7 year olds so it’s make your own pizza, a mandatory green and banana splits for dessert!
  4. biakbiak

    Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    Interesting it's funny if true because that’s one of the reasons Thomas deemed her acceptable even though VP John Calhoun was a horrible dude.
  5. biakbiak

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Perhaps they kept showing only the same bullet hole over so maybe I missed it but even if it was in the direction of the headboard it’s still a lucky shot to hit her head.
  6. biakbiak

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    That absolutely pissed me off, I get they were most likely over 18 but if I were either of their parents I would have read them the riot act for putting themselves in danger and not at the bare minimum contacting a lawyer before dealing with the police.
  7. biakbiak

    S06.E15: Reunion, Part 1

    He’s a whiney lazy man child who slut shamed Kathryn when she wouldn’t sleep with him, called Naomie a child, stupid and a cunt when she didn’t kowtow to his behavior and prides himself on being a manipulative liar, so yes really!
  8. biakbiak

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Yeah I could be missing something but I was not convinced by the fact that he intended to kill her, I mean one shot through a wall that didn’t have a window to see how she was lying on her doesn’t seem to be an easy kill shot! It doesn’t matter if he might have been five feet away he can’t see through walls!
  9. biakbiak

    S06.E15: Reunion, Part 1

    Because she didn’t want to be around someone who doesn’t give a shit about her? It’s a two way street, Kathryn doesn’t want to be friends with most of these people either and has been a hell of a lot ruder to them than they ever were to her. Not to mention Cam refusing to go to coffee with her actually aired, their coffee date probably wouldn’t have because it wouldn’t have been interesting because they were never friends.
  10. biakbiak

    House Hunters International

    She hasn’t paid rent for six years and makes a decent salary.
  11. I get that studios now care about IP above all but much like with the St. Elmo’s show I don’t see a built in audience for this based on the name. I mean they chose the two more interesting characters to follow in the prequel but Dianne and Stockard were the reason those characters were fun and they obviously won’t be playing them.
  12. biakbiak

    House Hunters International

    Having parents and a boyfriend who are avid cyclists I knew that place was an absolute no go, bicycles come with a lot of shit and is going to take over that guest room more than guests. I would have also said no because of the kitchen.
  13. biakbiak

    Paid Streaming Services

    Exactly what should have been expected using their massive catalogue and wallets to make this a loss leader to price out a lot of the competition and than slowly raise the prices as competition dies out. It will be interesting to see how Apple positions itself because they have the massive pockets but not the catalogue that will most likely be able to sustain Disney and HBO Max and than there is Amazon where most people have Prime for the two day shipping and get shows and movies as an extra tossed in for free.
  14. biakbiak

    Get A Room With Carson And Thom

    I get not everyone cooks but I gasped when Carson revealed that he had turned over most of the storage in his kitchen into drawers that opened in his bedroom for extra clothing storage because they shared a wall!
  15. biakbiak

    S06.E15: Reunion, Part 1

    Kathryn was apparently very difficult to film with often delaying filming for hours and other issues so it seemed pragmatic to me. Can also didn’t invite Thomas to her dinner party or go hangout with him on his own which is all she was refusing to do with Kathryn she didn’t refuse to film with her just not go out of her way to pretend they were friends.