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  1. The suit which also includes NBC and SNL states that the powers that be did know her age and knew that she was at these parties getting served drinks. An adult man having a teenager he is not related to be his guest at company events where she is being served alcohol should be enough of a flag to at least be asking some questions if only to cover for the liability of her being at these company events and being served.
  2. Not to mention it’s not like the Lion King is his only credit!
  3. Yep. It was to the friend who testified at the initial hearing and now regrets it.
  4. Yes, he specifically stated he didn’t get any sleep watching it. I can’t imagine he downloads shows he isn’t going to watch and Jake didn’t know about it so he wasn’t using Jake’s phone.
  5. They got rid of the tv and even if they hadn’t I can’t imagine Holt and Kevin owning that show even if it was on dvd which it isn’t in the US.
  6. The one that I couldn’t handwave is Terry being able to watch a bunch of episodes of Alone.
  7. She along with a bunch of equally awful housewives are getting a spin-off on Peacock.
  8. Corn chowder and sourdough.
  9. In this case they were using their work email, most likely during work hours (mainly because SNL hours are crazy) and she was present at official work events (yes it’s an after party but it’s thrown by the show).
  10. I mean she even apparently told her friend that the reason she wanted Jamie to be conservator was so he would be the bad guy and not her so that Britney wouldn’t resent her which is bad on so many levels.
  11. Especially when she says things like carrots grow on trees!
  12. She seems like a good boss. She handled Mzi screwing up the line very well: calmly taking control to get it handled immediately, then once it was over explaining the issue, telling him it happens and goes over the procedure again. No screaming, no demeaning language, supportive and informative.
  13. Well it seemed part of the point of it was to discuss relations between the black community and the Jewish community. Of course this made no sense when they invited a bunch of white non-Jews.
  14. It all came to a head this year but It didn’t happen that quickly. A lot of this litigation has gone on for years but the system helped it not be front and center and in the press. The California bar has been burying complaints for years because of his influence and same with several of the lawsuits which have been ongoing.
  15. But no one is asking that. Garcelle and Crystal are literally asking for their experiences not to be hand waved with “everyone has things” and none of them have actually asked or listened. A ton of them kind of got when Garcelle said has anyone had a direct conversation with your child about what happens if you are pulled over by the cops and they all said no. Kathy has had children arrested and gone to jail, yet she apparently doesn’t think about it all. Garcelle worries about it on a regular basis and none of her kids have been arrested much less spent time in jail. That difference or prete
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