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  1. Yes, his daughter who got married last year did so in the Berkshires and Dorinda and Hannah were there.
  2. I do not know what he reposted, sounds a bit dumb to me from his side, but hey, the guy is a deck hand and not a Nobel prize candidate. Do you have any idea what "guys" on a vessel talk about, and pictures they share? In addition to Pete’s meme which wasn’t just a repost was also extremely racist and wasn’t the only problematic garbage he posted.
  3. She had most of her settlement before the show, she just pissed it away attempting to screw over people by trying to pretend to be a producer. Sonja is and always has been a poseur grifter.
  4. And if it wasn’t planned why would he leave his phone home? Going to meet your mistress on a non usual workday at her home where her entire family was present seems extremely unlikely. He also had an alibi witness who probably didn’t miss him for a few hours.
  5. I have never waited in line because it’s not popular here in SF to the point that it’s come and gone multiple times over the years but I have had it a few times here and in Asia. It’s a Filipino fast food chain that takes on more American dishes than classic Filipino food and a lot of the dishes are overly sweet for a lot of people, myself included. The fried chicken isn’t that bad. Oddly enough I was just listening to the Doughboys podcast ep on Jollibee today on my walk which was recorded several years ago.
  6. Another gender reveal the spawn of Jax will be a boy.
  7. Characters from Modern Family a hugely popular television show on for over a decade. The little girl is named Lily.
  8. She screamed and yelled at Heather, was frequently vicious to Sonja, tried to blame Kristen for John’s sketchy behavior and was an asshat to John. All of her negative personality traits were highlighted from jump.
  9. I had planned to roast a chicken but my boyfriend picked up burritos at lunch from our usual neighborhood place that recently changed hands and came home with the largest burrito I have ever seen, it was so large I weighed it and it came in at just over 2 1/2 lbs so that will be feeding us for the foreseeable future.
  10. This was at a beach house in Malibu which is also an extremely safe area.
  11. I made it from a similar recipe a few weeks ago! Easy, tasty and pretty.
  12. I found it odd that the show hired two lawyers to present the defense’s case and who were strong advocates for him and than hired a third who was much more neutral and not really arguing the prosecution case in a similar manner so it felt very off balance.
  13. Oh dear Yuko Takeuchi from Miss Sherlock and the Ring dead at 40 of a suspected suicide. I just started watching Miss Sherlock on HBO Max and really enjoyed it.
  14. Thanks to a completely random argument with my dad last week I pulled Phil Mickelson out of my ass for 5/5!
  15. Penn State isn't Ivy League...University of Pennsylvania is Ivy League. She could be at Brown, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Dartmouth or Cornell. She goes to U Penn and chose not to appear when Sonja spoke at Wharton, U Penn’s business school, and got thrown out of the gay bar also off camera.
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