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  1. I really don’t like Gabriel so it did crack me up when he kept insisting that he was giving Tom vegetables because he hadn’t used them and the three largest components on the plate were smoked feta, watermelon and tomatoes. I realize there was some cucumber but he didn’t choose to highlight it when he kept talking about vegetables he was serving and it was a few slivers.
  2. I think it was poorly explained that it was supposed to be Nelson/Gabriel/Jaime one of those people gets back into the show (Jaimie) and then the two people left did the person to be in last kitchen for the next person and the rest can be released but because it was only Gabriel they suggested that was why. I am just glad Gabriel is gone!
  3. Exactly! It’s actually not easy to find the family histories of Jews before the Holocaust and black people during slavery so for the show to be able to trace that out is amazing! I also don’t find these stories sad because of the end results. Ron Wood Jr (IIi) is still living his best life and hugging his son but knowing the history of his family. Lewis Black will eventually do Mark Maron and talk more in depth about his life and Mark will have more to talk to him about other than if he met Lorne Michaels!
  4. Turkey pot pie and a bitter greens salad.
  5. I watched the episode with Angel’s parents 50th anniversary and I noticed that when they were planning g the guest list in her parents place that they had replaced the chairs that Angela had reupholstered and said she intentionally left unfinished (which was totally wtf) with two more modern orange chairs with foot stools.
  6. biakbiak

    Food Hacks

    I use chopsticks in the kitchen for a lot of cooking tasks but I have never eaten a takis (or Cheetos for that matter) because I am not much of a snacker but chopsticks are so very useful! Using a fine mesh strainer to pick thyme and other herbs is a real game changer!
  7. I had some leftover cranberry sauce from a turkey dinner this weekend so made a glaze mixing it with horseradish for pork chops, leftover stuffing, and spicy broccoli.
  8. Your initial post that I was responding to was that it was weird that the “moat” doesn’t in fact surround the castle and is mostly on one side and extends a decent ways from it. The primary difference is that a moat fully surrounds the building/town etc. this one does not.
  9. Naomie posted on her IG stories that Gizmo died over the weekend.
  10. 5/5. maybe it’s my vaccination that has me on this role. It probably is just that there haven’t been biblical or English royalty questions in final jeopardy in weeks if not months!
  11. It’s not a moat it’s a pond. Moats were built mainly for protection. The place though gorgeous was built as a country house for a rich family in the late 1880s, they didn’t give a shit about protection but they also legit needed a place for their shit to go, hence the pond. There is an entire episode where Dick has to locates where in the pond the raw sewage from the chateau is going and putting in the pipes to divert it so the pond is not a biohazard and got up to code!
  12. She was a regular on ER until 2009 and Lost was known to be ending in 2010 in at least 2008.
  13. If you think about it, it makes sense. I'm going to be very delicate here, because of board rules, and not be specific, but I think we're all aware that modern politics is largely based on a "team" mentality. You might also refer to it as Tribalism. It’s actually not even close unless you decided to yourself break it down that way! As for Stan culture I will always be TEAM SMIDGE ALWAYS AND FOREVER!! As in Sarah Michelle Gellar’s entire career from Swan’s Crossing to AMC to Buffy and beyond!
  14. 5/5 2*. Apparently some of the writing staff shared my interests!
  15. For which they paid about $380k for it and 10 acres which is very good deal and clearly went a lot farther than it would in many, many places or a finished one. And it actually was in fairly decent shape.
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