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  1. He called his girlfriend a cunt, stupid, an idiot, and a child and yelled at her in front of all of their friends for once telling him she was going to not be late for a party for her friends baby and that if he wasn’t ready on time he could take an Uber and following through. These aren’t the actions of a decent person. He has also lied about multiple things and told his life coach that he did it all the time because he was an amazing liar. He is also dim.
  2. Armie Hammer says he won’t respond to the “bullshit claims” but drops out of his new movie to spend time with his children that he has barely seen since July.
  3. Or the people who have continued to regularly employ her because people apparently enjoy her.
  4. I wish no ill will to the man but that story is suspect as fuck.
  5. Most definitely Brooklyn! Though the exterior shown was in Greenwich Village, the show placed them in Brooklyn Heights.
  6. Especially that it was supposed to be Brooklyn Heights in the 80s.
  7. Bruce has been a problematic asshole for a gazillion years so nope.
  8. Also, having been born and raised there through the mid-90s it’s important to remember that the cost of living and home prices in Seattle in 1992/1993 were nowhere near the level they are today and particularly new skyscrapers overbuilt. I am suggesting that like most things in life Frasier stumbled into a good deal, did nothing and over 10 years saw it appreciate.
  9. I made blood orange marmalade this weekend so made a marinade for shrimp tacos with guacamole, mango salsa and cilantro rice.
  10. Bruce Willis asked to leave an LA pharmacy for refusing to wear a mask.
  11. Andy spent the next day defending his behavior and support of them saying he didn’t realize it was so bad because he had only seen clips. People have skipped reunions and the reunion is not produced by the same production company that does the show, it’s done by WWHL. Also, the producers themselves said they were shocked by the backlash against Ashton and his crew.
  12. It happened before most of his awful shit with Kate. Also, that is not at all how I remember the reunion with Andy making all sorts of excuses for the brus and acting like Kate, Courtney, and Riley.
  13. Yes.. Rocky and Caroline both locked their cabin doors. When Eddie was in the worst of his “Rocky is insane and lying about us hooking up,” he tried to break the lock with a butter knife.
  14. Given that Ashton wasn’t fired for jumping around and splashing water all over DJ equipment causing the club to send the boat a bill for damages on the same type of outing last season, I sincerely doubt it.
  15. It had various garnishes. The guests and Captain Lee seemed to be impressed with the ohs and ahs and one saying “that the wow factor right there,” so I guess she knows her audience.
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