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  1. It appears Naya’s body was found.
  2. She died of breast cancer. She chose to keep her health issues private from her having a later in life child to her breast cancer. One cannot blame her for choosing to not discuss them based on all of the speculation and “fan” diagnoses of her son Jet’s entire life and his death.
  3. biakbiak

    I Need a Recipe!

    Giada’s have always hit the spot for me.
  4. Jess Tom is pregnant with her first child.
  5. If Lu is acting than she should probably channel some of that talent into her acting roles because she has been extremely awful in all of them; however brief.
  6. They have detailed all the reasons this is not a quick process including the fact that underwater visibility is only one to two feet and dangerous for divers.
  7. Clean out the fridge frittata with spinach, mushrooms, red pepper and blue cheese, an arugula salad and homemade bread.
  8. Paget and Ciara got engaged. She appears happy with the ring, so there is that! (Last picture on her slide show). It’s um something.
  9. I hadn't seen this repeat, Vanished, about a nursing student in Hayward, CA but Keith’s one minute plus explanation and demonstration of what a key card was and how it was used was crazy even in 2013 when this apparently originally aired!
  10. Jesse and his husband welcomed their baby a boy named Beckett!
  11. Sonja is the one who never shuts up about Lu and Tinsley staying with her.
  12. Armie Hammer and his wife, baker Elizabeth Chambers split. He left the Cayman Islands where they have apparently been staying during Covid.
  13. Especially for me because I basically watch the beginning, ffwd the middle unless my boyfriend is watching, and then watch the reveal!
  14. But I hear your governor's winery is still open for business? Maybe he has a bunch of out of control staff that would like to be on tv? Because it’s located in a county that meets the requirements for reopening and isn’t showing a rapid spike in cases. Vegas would allow production of this show so fast that I am shocked they aren’t already filming if that is the direction it’s going in.
  15. Sonja isn’t even the one who brought it up, Ramona did. I mean clearly Sonja had bitched to Ramona about it privately but I did sort of feel bad for Sonja that Lu’s reaction was so over the top mean to her when she wasn’t the one who started it.
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