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  1. I don’t think he can do that if she paid for it!
  2. Pasta e fagioli with fresh cranberry beans. The season is short and I don’t know what it says about me but I find shelling beans super relaxing.
  3. The CIA (chefs not spies) dedicated a hallway to Anthony. Eric and Jose were there for the dedication.
  4. I had somehow missed this story in the past so I didn’t mind the two hours because the story wasn’t really about if she was involved but rather would she be brought to justice.
  5. Kam has been doing things in “society” long before she met LeeAnne which was in this show. Neither are that high up because otherwise they wouldn’t be on this show but thanks to the Wescott name Kam is at least on the inside whereas LeeAnne is not really anyone in that world.
  6. 5/5*! I hope they keep this no bible and English History thing up!
  7. Kam married into Dallas society she certainly didn’t need help from LeeAnne who grasping on to the lower rung.
  8. He had to have his shoulder “rebuilt” at The Mayo Clinic.
  9. But most like the stupid mixed tape, arrests even if they don’t results in charges is not something that look great for Dex.
  10. Commercial flights but what that means is based on the crew and people at the desk but it’s basically nonexistent on private planes.
  11. The Barry shit annoys me so fucking much because it’s holding back two different shows on a relationship that lost any chemistry it had several seasons ago.
  12. I do wonder where the garage is and what was in it from the start of the show before they moved Jenny in there because they have always parked their cars on the street because they don’t have a driveway even though Marv and Honey have one.
  13. This total felt like a Buffy episode to me! Not a bad thing but Kristen was rocking some Smidge energy and the tight convos reminded me when the Scoobie gang were trying to figure out a demon.
  14. Given they dated when they were younger and than got together again right before he died I will still not be surprised if that tape was made by him that some way found her again, as it is it’s so forced so wouldn’t surprise me.
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