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  1. Thankfully I only saw the stills so didn’t have to hear it though the look on some of the faces of the other people in the store indicated it wasn’t great.
  2. She also had no problem going a long with the ping pong themed THs after the fact. I agree with Stephanie that the only problem LeeAnne had was that Kary and Kam were getting along.
  3. Lord there is entitlement and than there is I demand that my kid be allowed to play a ukulele in an Uber level which is cray cray. At least most of the comments appear to think her complaint is ridiculous. I just saw stills from her Insta and Brynn is going around playing her ukulele in a bunch of high end boutiques.
  4. I also don’t think LeeAnne cursing at Kary and pointing her finger while Kam and another friend looked on was LeeAnne bullying her. Both of them are assholes who give as much as they take.
  5. He is very particular and believes it should only be played from the day after thanksgiving to New Years Eve so he would have issues!!
  6. I love when I have no idea what I want for lunch and discover I have the ingredients for a simple and delicious lunch so was delighted to find out I could make a brie, ham, and Dijon sandwich on a yummy baguette we had for dinner last night. Today is SantaCon which means my neighborhood will be taken over by drunken Santas and elves so will be making chicken and andouille gumbo and not leave the house. I remembered to use Cooks Illustrated method of browning the flour for the roux in the oven for 40-50 minutes so you get the flavor of a deep dark roux but aren’t spending active time on the stove.
  7. Wasn’t it revealed that her dad was helping her pay the rent on her apartment when she was on the show? I have no problem with parents helping out adult children but acknowledge that privilege.
  8. My point was that he paid for the food before it arrived so he should have been able to tell by how much money he paid for the food that it wouldn’t be enough unless he is an idiot or if she charged him enough money that he thought he had for fifty people for than she is vastly overcharging. He doesn’t need to know how much a serving is but what was brought couldn’t have cost more than $50 and that’s including delivery. We have seen him out at a variety of restaurants so he knows the cost of food. And the brief exchange with him and the delivery guy was just that he had ordered for 50 not that he had ordered specific dishes.
  9. 4/5 and 1*, my father will be very disappointed that I missed a Christmas music question since he forced us to only listen to Christmas music from the day after Thanksgiving until New Years.
  10. Because her position was that Kevin should be able to find her something to fit her dietary restrictions with no guidance for a diet she doesn’t understand or follow. Shouting keto/paleo over and over again isn’t a position it’s someone who doesn’t want to make a decision.
  11. Yeah I remembered this one because I am not saying he deserved to die but the victim seemed like a douche.
  12. I guess I have a very different view of bullying. She was a total asshole who ranted a little too long but at the end of the day she gave her honest opinion, one that many many people agree with about a product that LeeAnne manufactured and sold to the public.
  13. How would this get him out of paying child support? The courts aren’t just going to take his word and Vicki’s color coded binder and say he doesn’t have to pay he would have to be submitting his financial records.
  14. I made the Lemon Almond cake from the Paris pastry episode and I copied the recipe weird so I ended up putting in two tablespoons of lemon juice in the actual batter and not all if it in the syrup and it was the perfect amount of lemon for me so it turned into a happy mistake!
  15. Ben is either a complete moron who has never paid for a meal in his life or Mama is running quite the scam because I have ordered that much food for 2-3 people!
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