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  1. There would have to be more to her personality for that to happen.
  2. reggiejax


    Until a few months ago, I was completely unaware this show had ever existed. But then I caught a video on Facebook that included a scene from a season one episode, and I became interested enough to look into it, and I have been binging the show since (first on Pluto, and now on Paramount +). And I must say, I have never been more grateful to Facebook. This show isn't perfect, not by any means, but it is entertaining as hell, and features a great cast playing characters I enjoy spending an hour with each episode. And if nothing else, Katharine McPhee's presence means my chronic case of McPheeve
  3. The term was used yet again in last night's episode. Dave Kim used it describe Dave Kim's date. ;) I too am an old (high school class of '88), and I can confirm that the term "smoke show" simply was not in use back then. The show has always been bad with this sort of thing, but now they're at "post- Ron Howard Happy Days" level bad. I expect to see Barry wearing a bandanna around his thigh soon.* *one could argue that would be era appropriate, but Chachi was literally the only one who did that in the 80's. So no.
  4. I am totally of the mind that Murray's encouragement of Barry trying out for the Eagles was his diabolical plot to rid himself of the most moronic of his three morons. Because seriously, who in their right mind would encourage Barry to try out for the NFL? Thankfully, Barry showed a rare moment of clarity and realized he would have been killed out there. And I have no doubt Murray knew it too.
  5. Except WWF wasn't national at that particular time. That move was imminent, but it hadn't happened yet. They were one of the bigger regional organizations, but were still regional nonetheless. In truth, there was no national wrestling organization back then, save for the NWA, which itself was a coalition of regional organizations. I do love that this show is taking me back to my peak wrestling fan years. When I was a kid, and my love for wrestling was a lot more pure.
  6. What's going on with the show is that it is a few seasons past it's sell by date. And while it was entertaining when it was good, it was never all that clever, and it really shows now that it is limping to it's inevitable end. Seriously ABC, just put it out of it's misery already. As for Adam, he certainly is childish and coddled. but I wouldn't call him a grownup. He still just a teenager. And all things considered, his behavior is hardly out of character.
  7. I have to admit, this is the first time I have ever heard anyone concerned about Penolope's fate. But I wouldn't call the lack of specific information as something "overlooked". We were shown Penelope immediately moving on to Todd. I don't think we needed any extra scenes to show that she went on to live the life she always would, just with Todd instead of Winthorp. And it is certainly possible she was directly effected by her uncles financial ruin, but I get the feeling that just spurred her on to make things permanent with Todd that much sooner. And if we are going the route of w
  8. Not really. I get the feeling she'd start shit, and then leave you hanging. And I get a strong feeling she'd be incredibly useless even if she stayed to fight.
  9. She was cast before Covid did its number on the show. At the time, this season was going to be business as usual. The real reason she was cast was because not a single woman on Peter's season was deemed suitable. And they weren't wrong. That and they felt an older lead would be a welcome break from the legions of 24 year old influencers infesting the show. But while Clare certainly has the years, she and maturity have never been in the same zip code.
  10. He came into the NFL as an undrafted free agent. But he was only ever on the practice squad for several NFL franchises over 3 seasons, and never played so much as a down. He did get some playing time during one season in Arena Football, then his career ended. I don't know how much money he made in that time, but I highly doubt it was anywhere near enough to retire on. He must have a real job, but it clearly isn't as exciting for TPTB as calling him a "former pro football player".
  11. Was not aware of this. And here I thought my already low opinion of Hannah Beast couldn't get any lower. But never say never.
  12. As someone who doesn't care for either, I can certainly appreciate that sentiment. But this.. I could not disagree with more. At least with regards to the current controversy. If ever there was a time for Rachel to use her position and speak out, it is this one. I mean who praytell should be the one to take that imbecile, Alabama Hannah, to task? Chris Harrison? I don't think so. Even if Rachel didn't have the "position" of being the most visible African-American in Bachelor Nation, and was instead some also-ran who got sent packing on night one, why shouldn't she spe
  13. I liked it. It is some much needed entertaining piffle. The premise is kind of cliched, and I don't expect that to change in future episoes, but I can certainly live with that. In all honesty the only thing that bugged me was the scene where they were rappeling down the side of the building. I get the purpose of the scene, but I am sorry, there is NO WAY IN HELL Noa is going to be rapelling in that dress, let alone those heels. Who they hell are they trying to kid? And oh yeah, I am firmly Team Vanessa. By which I mean, I really want her to walk away from all this, becau
  14. That end credits scene was like a nightmarish version of "Summer Lovin". I can't imagine I am going to like anyone on a musical level, so I'm watching the same as any other iteration of The Bachelor. So as usual, I pick my favorites, and go from there. So far I like Savannah, Julia and Bri. Savannah I like purely on looks. She is absolutely gorgeous. But I get the feeling she's going to get a villain edit sooner rather than later. Julia is quite good looking as well. Thing is, she seems familiar, and I think she looks like a celebrity, but for the life of me, I can't think
  15. Indeed, immature women pushing 40 need representation too. And I can think of no better representative than Clare Crawley. Don't get me wrong, I like Clare, I really do. But she and maturity have never been in the same zip code.
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