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  1. She was cast before Covid did its number on the show. At the time, this season was going to be business as usual. The real reason she was cast was because not a single woman on Peter's season was deemed suitable. And they weren't wrong. That and they felt an older lead would be a welcome break from the legions of 24 year old influencers infesting the show. But while Clare certainly has the years, she and maturity have never been in the same zip code.
  2. He came into the NFL as an undrafted free agent. But he was only ever on the practice squad for several NFL franchises over 3 seasons, and never played so much as a down. He did get some playing time during one season in Arena Football, then his career ended. I don't know how much money he made in that time, but I highly doubt it was anywhere near enough to retire on. He must have a real job, but it clearly isn't as exciting for TPTB as calling him a "former pro football player".
  3. Was not aware of this. And here I thought my already low opinion of Hannah Beast couldn't get any lower. But never say never.
  4. As someone who doesn't care for either, I can certainly appreciate that sentiment. But this.. I could not disagree with more. At least with regards to the current controversy. If ever there was a time for Rachel to use her position and speak out, it is this one. I mean who praytell should be the one to take that imbecile, Alabama Hannah, to task? Chris Harrison? I don't think so. Even if Rachel didn't have the "position" of being the most visible African-American in Bachelor Nation, and was instead some also-ran who got sent packing on night one, why shouldn't she speak out about this?
  5. I liked it. It is some much needed entertaining piffle. The premise is kind of cliched, and I don't expect that to change in future episoes, but I can certainly live with that. In all honesty the only thing that bugged me was the scene where they were rappeling down the side of the building. I get the purpose of the scene, but I am sorry, there is NO WAY IN HELL Noa is going to be rapelling in that dress, let alone those heels. Who they hell are they trying to kid? And oh yeah, I am firmly Team Vanessa. By which I mean, I really want her to walk away from all this, because she can do much better than a chump like Daniel.
  6. That end credits scene was like a nightmarish version of "Summer Lovin". I can't imagine I am going to like anyone on a musical level, so I'm watching the same as any other iteration of The Bachelor. So as usual, I pick my favorites, and go from there. So far I like Savannah, Julia and Bri. Savannah I like purely on looks. She is absolutely gorgeous. But I get the feeling she's going to get a villain edit sooner rather than later. Julia is quite good looking as well. Thing is, she seems familiar, and I think she looks like a celebrity, but for the life of me, I can't think which one. Bri seems nice and normal, so she's probably not long for the show. The rest of the women are either annoying (Rudi and Jamie) or forgettable (the other three). None of the guys stood out for any good reasons. Frankly, I found myself thinking most of Michael Todd, but only because I heard his name and thought of Elizabeth Taylor. Then I felt really old, because I am certain I was the only one who thought that.
  7. Indeed, immature women pushing 40 need representation too. And I can think of no better representative than Clare Crawley. Don't get me wrong, I like Clare, I really do. But she and maturity have never been in the same zip code.
  8. Speaking of high school, are they really trying to make us believe that Maggie Lawson and Tisha Campbell's characters went to high school together? Even if one wasn't aware of the actresses respective ages, the audience is fully aware that Tisha Campbell played Gina, a grown woman, on Martin back in the early to mid 90's, back when these characters were likely in middle school.
  9. I can't have been the only person wondering if they offered the part of the dickhead husband with the killer collection to Cusack, can I? Jeffrey Nordling of course was built to play roles like that, as he so ably showed. But I kept imagining Cusack in the part anyway.
  10. If nothing else, you have to credit Hunters for showing us something we never expected. And that would be seeing a circa-1977, stand-in for Leni Reifenstahl being made to eat shit. Literally.
  11. Am I the only one who noticed a bit of a discrepancy with Jonah and his grandmothe?. By which I mean it appears unlikely that she is old enough to be his grandmother. Or more to the point, she could not have had a child old enough to be Jonah's mother. When sitting shiva, Jonah explains (rather snottily) to a friend of his grandmother's that he is the only family his grandmother had left. Her husband died in Korea, and her daughter (his mother) died giving birth to him. But we see his grandmother during the war, in the concentration camp as a young woman, with no family of her own. Her parents and sister are killed by the Nazis, and there is no mention of a husband or children. Considering the backstory we've been given about her postwar life, this means she at earliest had a child in 1946. Jonah, we are told is 19. Since it is 1977, that makes him born in 1958. Was Jonah's mother only 12? Who is she, Gillian Darmody? Considering both the 1940's and the show's present day of 1977 are being portrayed, something tells me this isn't some simple continuity error, and we may be in for some twist about Jonah's parentage.
  12. There is only one reason he is keeping her around, and it is quite logical. Now whether it's a good reason, well that is debatable.
  13. It is good that Zeke and Regular Size Rudy's "Big Fish/Little Fish" relationship was a success. It bodes well for their future relationship as Bob and Linda's sons-in-law. 😉
  14. I'm not surprised. This pairing just never seemed right. Put it this way, every time I saw them together, the Joe Jackson song, "Is She Really Going Out With Him" would play in my mind.
  15. Perhaps, but couldn't that be said of all The Bachelors? Obviously we don't really know these people, how they were raised, or what they've had to endure, but I'm fairly certain that, to a man, none have come from disadvantage. A lot of them are "to the manor born", literally in Prince Lorenzo's case. Even "Farmer Chris" comes from a very successful farming family. Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong, as I get the feeling there is probably one of these guys who did have to scrap for everything he's achieved. In any event, I don't think if Peter has had an easy time in life that it makes him unique here. All that said, I do think he's one of the bigger dopes this show has ever seen fit to cast as the lead.
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