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  1. reggiejax

    S15.E07: Week 7

    Good for Hannah if she wants to have her "go girl" moment and defend her right to go naked bungee jumping........but why do I get the feeling that if Colton and Caelynn had indulged in the "Latvian tradition" of nude bungee jumping, Hannah would not have been so open minded?
  2. reggiejax

    S15.E06: Week 6: Latvia

    I wish I could like this post 1000 times. But alas, I have but one like to give. In a franchise that has never had a shortage of tediously annoying, self-absored idiots to inflict on the audience, Hannah takes the cake. And it ain't even close.
  3. reggiejax

    S15.E06: Week 6: Latvia

    That's Hannah in a nutshell. Seriously, for all her talk about how she wants the guys to open up and be real, or "rill" in Hannah-speak, you just know it will all be taken as an excuse for her to pontificate on her favorite subject, herself. Just because she comes at it from the angle of self-reflection (of the shallowest kind) doesn't make it any less narcissistic. But credit where credit is due, her laying the smackdown to the guys over their incessant bickering over all this Luke P bullshit was epic, and long overdue for this franchise. Hannah put it best, stay in your own lane. As or the mid-episode, season recap, there is no better proof that they realize they failed in picking Hannah as Bachelorette. That they even felt the need to stop midway through the season to go over everything, shows what a disaster this season has been. And when the most interesting part of the recap is the time devoted to the booger on Hannah's face that she inexplicably named "Marcus", you know you've got a stinker of a season.
  4. reggiejax

    S15.E05: Week 5: Scotland

    All Hannah wants is for Luke to show some fake depth, to match hers. Is that too much to ask?
  5. reggiejax

    Bachelor in Paradise 6: Speculation and Spoilers

    In fairness, that is just an assumption on my part, based on her social media going private a few days ago. I don't believe Reality Steve, or anyone else who makes a point of keeping up with this stuff, has made the same assumption. But honestly, why else would her social media go private? Bachelor Nation alums live or die by their Instagram and Twitter feeds. But as I said, it is just an assumption on my part. For now.
  6. reggiejax

    Bachelor in Paradise 6: Speculation and Spoilers

    I follow Annaliese Puccini (Arie) on Instagram and Twitter, and as of yesterday her accounts have gone private. At first I thought maybe she got hacked, but then remembered BIP would be filming right about now. No confirmation, but I am guessing she is giving it another go around. I hope she does better this season. Then again, it would be hard to do worse than she did last year. I know she is kind of a Bachelor Nation punching bag, but I have always liked her, and I think she has a good, if kind of misguided, heart.
  7. reggiejax

    S15.E04: Week 4: Boston, Massachusetts

    So much to speak on with episode, but the first thing I want to point out is that, if anyone wants to know everything there is to know about Hannah, just watch that end credits scene. The way she completely hijacks that street drummer's performance, and makes it all about her, shows her to be the selfish, self-absorbed, twit she truly is. Good luck to the dufus who "wins" this. He will need it. Luke S couldn't be more in the right in his beef with Luke P, but I have no doubt Luke S will be the one making an exit. Luke P might go too, but it is less certain. They really need to stop with the contact sports. Someone got injured on Becca's season playing football, and now this season we have another injury, this time from rugby. It is only a matter of time before someone goes down really hard.
  8. reggiejax


    Got through 2 episodes of this piece of shit before I tapped out. I love Renee Zellwegger, but there are limits. Can't really blame her too much. All the talent in the world isn't going to overcome the nonsense she has to spout, nor will it change the fact that she was seriously miscast. "Tom Hanks in Bonfire of the Vanites"-level miscast.
  9. reggiejax

    S15.E03: Week 3

    On Jesse Palmer's season (way back during the show's Cretaceous period), the women were infiltrated by a friend of Palmer's. I think she might have been his sister-in-law, but I don't remember exactly. She stuck around for the first two episodes. I don't recall her giving any real useful information. But at least it was a more valid attempt at spying than whatever they've got Demi doing. Seriously, what is the point of Demi "spying"? The first time, she was spying on the men while they were with Hannah. This time, Hannah was with her spying on the men. So what is Demi learning that Hannah isn't? The only real dirt Demi dug up (and I don't think she really dug it up) was the info on the guy with the girlfriend. But she found that out ahead of time, and the "spying" was all for show. And there is my answer. It is all for show. But I get the feeling the producers don't remember what "for show" means, as none of this is entertaining.
  10. reggiejax

    S15.E01: Week 1

    If Demi and the other woman (whose name I won't ever bother to learn) knew ahead of time that the guy had a girlfriend, what the hell was the point of their spying from a van? Especially since they only seemed to be spying when the men were with Hannah.
  11. reggiejax

    The Fix (2019)

    Marcia Clark's involvement almost made me not watch. I couldn't stand those promos that aired, especially the cutesy way she answered "Maybe" when asked if this show was her revenge. Fuck off, Marcia. You had your chance, and you blew it. Big time. But Robin Tunney and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje being the leads made this a must watch. I have never seen them be less than compelling in anything they've done, and this is no exception. The show itself is pretty much exactly the Marcia Clark fanfic/wish fulfillment I thought it was going to be. The biggest piece of wish fulfillment being that the Maya/Marcia would ever be asked to come anywhere near the new case. The DA would want to seperate themselves as far as possible from her. And I have to say, the "mystery" does not seem mysterious at all. I won't say what I think the answer is here, but I will say they telegraphed it very obviously, IMO.
  12. reggiejax

    S06.E14: Major League'd

    There is also David Sirota, and of course Adam Goldberg himself. But I don't think Jenkintown has a lock on celebrities. I think you could choose any similar burb anywhere in this country and you'll turn up a fair share of famous people. Not to mention these aren't just Jenkintown residents, but also alums of WIlliam Penn (save for Bradley Cooper), which is a fairly good school, of the type that is always going to produce notable people.
  13. reggiejax

    S06.E14: Major League'd

    Where was Ruben Amaro Jr.? How are they going to have an episode about the William Penn baseball team and not have Ruben Amaro Jr? And there is no "he graduated" excuse, because he has been established as still being in school this season. He is definitely on the 10 year plan at William Penn, along with Barry, the JTP, Rush Kid, and Rush Kid's girlfriend. I get that the point was to parody Major League, and a talented future Major Leaguer would have stood out, but it isn't unheard of for teams to have one good player surrounded by a team of scrubs. Especially on the high school level. Certainly it would have been more believable than the idea that Barry was already on the team, and not chosen as one of the scrubs to tank the team.
  14. reggiejax

    S10.E12: Blasts from the Past

    Uncle Alvaro was Columbian, and was not at the Alamo. It was kind of confusing because the story had them pitting the two ancestors against each other, and Manny even made a crack about how they were likely to find out that the uncles inevitably killed each other. But point in fact, they were merely being contrasted against each other for their merits as "heroes", and not as enemy combatants in a specific battle. Speaking of that battle, how was it not a huge tipoff to Jay that his ancestor might not have been the hero he thought, if his uncle's claim to fame was that he "survived the Alamo"? (There were in fact survivors, but it was non-combatants, such as women and children, Others who had left the Alamo prior to the battle, are also considered survivors. But someone like Jay's uncle, would have absolutely met their demise. Unless of course they went the route that was uncovered on the show. Though in fairness, I really don't know if something like that even happened.)
  15. reggiejax

    S06.E11: The Wedding Singer