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  1. Sometimes certain people need to just shut the eff up about certain topics and stay the eff in their lane.
  2. So I just binge watched and I am so mad at who won. That person's style is just horrid and he/she kept forcing it into everything and it was just ugly. I felt punked at the end like - they can't be serious! The other finalist was robbed. I wouldn't let the winner anywhere near my home - just the worst style ever and consistently (except ONE week) bad design choices. I'm so mad, lol. Maybe I just don't get British design? Because I'm appalled that person won.
  3. Yes. Because racism is systemic and the effects build upon themselves. Which means that ADOS living in the US are experiencing the cumulative effects of 400+ years of oppression in the US. Redlining, blowing up or paving over thriving black communities just because of white jealousy, unequal lending, segregation, etc... those things happened here. Yes, atrocities have happened to black peoples all over the world - but there are certain nuances that only ADOS peoples experience here. Thus other black people from other places may not get all of the nuances and covert forms of racism that exist in the US. Just like if I moved to the UK, there are probably certain racist terms I wouldn't understand or recognize because I didn't grow up there. I would have to be told and it still would not have the same visceral effect on me that it has on British black people. I wouldn't feel comfortable contradicting the experiences of a black brit and claiming their racist experience wasn't really that bad, etc.. but sometimes it feels like the same courtesy isn't returned when it's the experiences of ADOS. I think of certain offensive terms like "gyp*ed" and how that made it into the American vernacular and was highly normalized. I didn't know the term was racist/xenophobic until I read an article about it later in life. A term I'd seen my whole life had been normalized with most people not even realizing it was offensive. Clearly various forms of racism and xenophobia hit differently depending on your proximity to them.
  4. phoenics

    Batman Movies

    Well, they've pretty much turned Titans into Nightwing and the BatFamily so ... I hate that, btw. I wanted a Titans show and got nothing but Nightwing and BatFamily drama instead. But on the Titans show, they show Dick's struggle with working for Batman as a teenager and his conflicted feelings over that. I wish they'd just have done the Nightwing show instead of calling it Titans though. I'm very excited to see The Batman movie - that's if we actually get it given Robert came down with Covid (best wishes for a speedy recovery). That teaser trailer was just SO good.
  5. While I don't know if British black actors should turn down roles in the US, I do wish they would look at the privilege being extended to them and the unearned assumption that they are "better" and "more trained" than ADOS actors. In the same way I would expect white actors to look twice if they were asked to play a role that a POC should play (looking at you Scarlett Johanson), black British actors should pause as well when they get offered roles playing legendary ADOS black people. It's a really complex topic. I can't help compare this to times of Jim Crow where American black people had to sit in the colored section, but black people from other countries didn't (as long as they were recognized as being foreign). Even in the deep Alabama south. And while I don't know if black Brits should turn down roles - I at least wish they would stop pretending like they aren't benefitting from a sort of class privilege here in the US.
  6. I'm not sure if you read all of his tweets, but it's clear that his issue is more Ben-Adir's arrogance and off putting comments than him playing AA legends. If Ben-Adir's comments had been better, it's likely WP wouldn't have said a word.
  7. It would be the right thing to do - the similarities are SO glaring it's impossible for me to believe the designs weren't copied in some way, even if it was subconsciously. I mean - they even have the SAME cat. Something is up - and I'm guessing Matthew Cherry sued. He was pretty unhappy about it on twitter. Also in other news - another British Actor puts his foot in his mouth after accepting both an Obama and a Malcolm X role and Wendell Pierce of all people called him out for it. I read the whole article - Kingsley's comments were disappointing. I'm glad Wendell called him out. This tweet right here was absolute FIRE:
  8. Which voice is she using? Her stereotypical and racist "fake black hip hop star" voice or her "I've made it now and turn off my fake voice" voice?
  9. Red hood confirmed, per Titans panel at #DCFanDome. Also apparently Blackfire will be staying at Wayne Manor? Not sure if that was a joke or not. Also the Titans will be going to Gotham. So - this storyline will focus still on the BatFamily. Starfire/Blackfire feels almost like it's gonna be filler. I'm unhappy. Titans really is just a vehicle for a Knightwing show and nothing else.
  10. Yeah - I was in that thread when it popped off and literally just watched as the tweets kept going... by the end I was apoplectic with rage. I thought I posted that thread here, but maybe I put it on the SH thread. What made me sad was that Shernold has pretty much had crappy experiences trying to write for tv because of racist white showrunners and producers. That's awful. What really frosts my cookies is that the showrunner from that show is STILL THERE and all of the PoC writers are gone! WTF I hate CBS. The only good thing they've created lately is the Charmed reboot (especially s2 from a storyline perspective) , but honestly I doubt they have much to do with it really. I get so tired as a black woman having to weigh stuff out before I get invested in a tv show, asking myself if the show is worth the investment (which means I believe it will treat the black and black women characters the right way - especially if a black woman character is the lead character). How nice must it be to just be able to enjoy a tv show without having to form defense squads for the black women characters. I can't relate.
  11. This is doubly upsetting because this show has a black female lead. I wonder what stories she has to tell about the BTS. I hope they don't cancel the show - but I hate that the showrunner is still there. He should be fired and they need a better one. Mo Ryan on twitter has an amazing thread on this.
  12. I said it was part of his plan to stop the apocalypse - not that the killings themselves were for that. He joined up with the commission to gain access to their tech and science so he could get back to avert the apocalypse. I guess I could have made that clearer.
  13. I keep wondering if that was his home planet or if he just hops planets?
  14. Probably because when Five has killed - it's always part of a plan to stop the Apocalypse. There is a difference between a hired assassin who is killing solely to stop an apocalypse and Vanya's killing (I didn't mind her taking out the agents at the Farm or the police or FBI). I think we're supposed to think Five is kind of an asshole - but he's a necessary one to stop the end of the world. He never comes off as self-centered or selfish - his sole focus for 2 seasons has been averting the end of the world. But even Five doesn't get enough of a storyline for us to even fully understand him - he's like a point guard on the show - he facilitates the stories of the other characters but we never really learn much about him. Vanya, unfortunately, is the reason for the apocalypse. It's like the writers make her sociopathic, but they want us to like her and empathize with her, so they create plot armor for her that no other character gets to excuse her actions and let her off without actual redemption. I just have a hard time seeing Vanya as anything more than a mass shooting archetype. To be fair, none of the characters are ever really held to any kind of real good/bad standard - everyone kills, etc.. I think the only one who actively attempts to turn away from her powers because she recognizes they are inherently not good is Allison.
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