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  1. Well yeah - when you apply logic and sense to the situation ... duh!! LOL.
  2. I hope that brings on a bigger big bad then. Because Jesse Manes has been a wimpy villain.
  3. Harry is in line before Andrew so that would never happen. Harry is still 6th in line - he didn't give up his place in the line of succession and he was never in danger of losing his place because it would take an act of parliament to remove him. All he did was refuse public funding. This idea that Harry "abdicated" in any way is tabloid trash and lies. Even though they pushed the idea that The Queen was considering removing Harry or whatnot, I can guarantee that thought NEVER crossed The Queen's mind or anyone else in in the palace - because to remove him would take an act of parliament and they would never want to open that can of worms - since Andrew would be the first casualty. PH hasn't done a thing wrong except try to protect his family. I still bothers me that he was demonized for it just like Meghan was demonized by a vicious and bloodthirsty press. Meghan never had a chance and in the end, neither did Harry.
  4. It also makes Max's death feel less important? Meaning - on the OG show, Max dying would have significant impact because that would be one layer of protection the rest of them would no longer have. Like - you could se them being in far more mortal danger because they were still being pursued. On the OGshow and books, there were almost always DUAL threats - alien and alien-hunter threats that combined created this sense of urgency and weight to nearly every decision they made, no matter how banal. Like - drinking alcohol, which is problematic if you get drunk for most teens, becomes life threatening for Max because one sip makes him completely drunk and risks exposing them all. That was part of the charm - seemingly little things could lead to them being exposed. You would think with Carina's focus on the whole illegal immigrant thing and all the little things one would have to watch to make sure one is not exposed - it's the same with the aliens. Although the aliens can still hide in plain sight - and on this show it feels like illegal immigrants are in more danger than the aliens. And that's because Carina didn't write the urgency for the aliens. In the OG show, Max dying would probably risk exposing them all. Here it's just ... nothing except Sheriff Valenti (who feels irrelevant). Half the time I'm happy to see someone revive Roswell and make a new version... the other half I'm angry because the showrunner clearly doesn't "get" Roswell. It's already clear most of the inspiration for the new show is grounded in the OLD SHOW and not the books, like she just wrote a fanfic His middle name is Dean, right? Like Nathan Dean Parsons? Maybe he changed his stage name.
  5. Exactly - this is why I cannot stand this Oppression Olympics Triangle CaM set up. Also - I took Alex's comment about Maria as a "she's so amazing, who wouldn't want to be with her" kinda thing.
  6. I already said what she could have done several posts back. I think we've beaten this horse to death now, lol. THIS. I have been struggling too. I'm an extrovert and it has been hard since I live alone and am away from family too. Work is fine and I'm healthy but I'm tired a lot more because what I usually get back from being around people I'm not getting back. And running design thinking workshops and ideation sessions is exhausting when it's done completely virtually. And my team did THREE last week. I didn't think I would make it. So that Sussex post was really helpful. Also - that #ClubQuarantine that DJ Dnice put on last weekend literally "saved my life" ("last night a DJ saved my liiiiffeeeeee..."). He's still spinning - this weekend will probably be lit! We hit 200k people on Sunday! Michelle Obama, Mariah Carey, Queen Latifah, LL Cool J and so many other folks showed up. It was amazing to be there and then some of my friends saw me and texted me - it helped us all feel connected even though we're all far flung. Praying he has a speedy recovery. This is so unfortunate and I really hope he pulls through. I hope Camilla stays away so she doesn't get sick. This virus doesn't care who you are... Such scary times.
  7. Good thing I wasn't talking about the media, but H&M as well as all the Commonwealth. It would have made a huge difference to them.
  8. About Rosa - it doesn't really matter if Max and Co did it to Rosa because her car was there or whether they intended to set up the only PoC - the result is that not only was Rosa branded a murderer, but there is the whole added layer of racist hate that her family has had to deal with since. She has every right to be angry about that - whether Max and Co intended to be racist or or not. I don't think they intended to be racist, but intentions in this case just don't matter. Their white privilege blinded them to how this would play out for Rosa's family. I still empathize with them (well, based on my love of the OG characters) but it was still an awful thing to do. Especially since there doesn't seem to be any urgency that they need fear. That Alex's dad never locked them up even though he's known who they are all this time makes NO sense except CaM didn't want the story to have any urgency. Which proves she doesn't really get Roswell, imo, but whatevs. Michael and Alex. This relationship keeps confusing me because I think CaM retconned them a bit from the pilot. Plus, the way they started off in that adversarial way that I think was meant to be angry-flirty but just read as angry has bothered me from the beginning. Well, that and the fact that the whole "cosmic" thing felt forced and unearned... and that typically that goes with Max and Liz and I didn't appreciate CaM snatching what made Max and Liz special in both the books and the OGshow and trying to force it onto Michael & Alex when it just doesn't fit them. I STILL don't know why they are into one another. I kinda almost get it with Alex - because he's such a puppy dog and he clearly got the crush on Michael when they were younger and they bonded a bit over music, but ... that's it. CaM still messed up Max and Liz too and honestly the one couple she got right has been Michael and Maria - which was established in the books and OGshow - she got super lucky that Michael V and Heather H have INSANE chemistry - but we already know it's for naught and that Michael and Alex are going to be endgame even though I still feel like their whole story is forced. Maria is being set up to be the "safe" choice and when she finds out about the aliens, her overreaction is likely to mess up anything she could have with Michael. It's too bad - M&M are honestly one of the saving graces of this show for me. I love their banter.
  9. Exactly. It has really frustrated me a lot that Carina stole TWO major Maria stories and gave them to other characters. I will forever be angry with her for that.
  10. Especially since she's already been in the hospital - clearly these Roswell aliens don't have fears about being in hospitals and being "discovered". That's the ONE thing CaM gets wrong about Roswell. There is still no urgency. It's too self-contained. It's hard to buy the argument that Max and co had to set Rosa up for murder because of their fear of discovery when there is still zero urgency and absolutely no one is breathing down their necks to capture and torture them. I'm still kinda mad that CaM clearly missed this HUGE part of Roswell - without it the show is worse off. OG Roswell (plus the books) was almost like X-Files meets 24 in that sense and this show desperately needs some of that.
  11. Michael Vlamis and Heather Hemmons - GAHD DAYUM!!! This show is leaving money on the table by not investing wholly in Michael and Maria - whew. That kiss was just ... scorching and searing hot. I was so unprepared for Michael to go in like that, lol. The show is really hitting some kind of stride - Rosa's anger at being made the villain and having the whole town hate on her and having "Max and his white friends" set her the PoC and town druggie up for murder... that was realistic AF. I couldn't even be mad at her - it was like her dialogue was lifted right from this board. Isabel - what the hell... she's trying to abort her baby. Yikes. I wish Max would tell Rosa why he can't be brought back - he's stuttered out plenty of dialogue - no reason for him not to say so other than plot.
  12. Actually I think it is fair. We are dealing with soulmates - he doesn't have to understand how he knows this - he just needs to know. That's it. Period. Iris in his position has known. Since they have dealt with doppelgangers and the like before then he needs to wonder if she's been merged with hers like Nash was... something... but him walking around as if that is HIS Iris just makes him suck as the other half of what is supposed to be an OTP soulmate couple. It may not make sense from a realistic perspective to expect this of him, but it makes total sense from a "soulmate best practices" perspective. Soulmates are supposed to know this stuff. Barry and Iris literally find each other in whatever universe or time they are in. Iris is Barry's lightning rod... and he is hers... If Barry doesn't figure this out before being told, the show will have broken that and I will never ever forgive them. The writers should have NEVER written this storyline so that Barry wouldn't somehow figure it out or "know" in the end before being told.
  13. I have this exact same fear - I will be SO ANGRY if this is what happens. That's just inexcusable to lock Iris in that mirror for all those episodes and then the fallout be shared as a TF thing. NO. The minute Kamila got sucked into the mirrorverse, I was like - not cool. What's sad is I really don't trust Eric Wallace NOT to do this. The only thing that gives me hope is that he's claimed this is about Iris on the back half - but we've seen he exaggerates in interviews (or outright lies) so ... dammit.
  14. I agree with you in general about S3, but it also had a lot of really good moments. We had: Iris actually being allowed to get emotional when confronted with her impending death (not being forced to be a strong black woman). Iris actually being comforted over her impending death with several people, including team flash concerned about her welfare Barry moving heaven and earth to try to save her Barry flipping out when she was dying from that guy who touched her to kill her Barry a wreck and TF falling apart after her death in the future Hell - even that part with Iris touching Savitar's face and seeing him melt was a dark-shipper's dream Iris not wanting to die without accomplishing more Iris having more agency Far more romantic moments - there are so many it's hard to count them all Iris did have focus - in the episode where she teamed up with wally, the episode where barry lost his memories, etc.. yes there were some where she wasn't the focus (that part when barry came back from a future where she was dead and went to hug JOE - lol wtf - was stupid). Contrast that to Crisis and this... and it's not even close, even with some of the issues you mention... because some of those issues are STILL issues now and we aren't even getting the good stuff (and there was a LOT of it) from S3. How much more impactful would Crisis have been for all of us if after a moment of Iris SBW'ing, we caught her in the hallway of Star Labs with her hands over her mouth breaking down and trying to hold in the sobs? Or a moment with her holding a pic of her, barry and nora and struggling to keep it together? Instead we got 3 whole ass episodes of TF dealing with Barry's death and NOTHING from Iris except that first scene and then one scene in Crisis. S3 was a damn masterpiece in comparison. S6B is better than S6A, but it still proves Wallace either doesn't get it or he's incapable of delivering it.
  15. She could have at the very least NOT looked like she was coddling her pedophile loving son, propping him up until he bombed in that ill-advised interview. What she could have done was not be seen publicly supporting him like that while he clearly did all manner of wrong things, including willingly cavorting with a convicted sex offender and possibly raping underage girls himself. In contrast, her never supporting H&M publicly until that statement after the fact made it look like they were worse (for needing to get away from racist and debilitating abuse) than Andrew - which is absolutely ridiculous. And had she supported them publicly, perhaps they wouldn't have left. Yet Andrew got all of that public support from her? But there's *nothing* she could have done? I just do not believe that.
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