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  1. Thanks - my point was more that none of that had anything to do with my post, which is why I was confused at the other poster's response.
  2. Stacy Haiduk has always played Lana Lang on the tv Show Superboy in the 80s, going into the 90s. I'm not sure what show you're talking about? Who is Meg?
  3. He claimed he wasn't changing anything in the final S6 episodes, so she better stay gone. The only reason I'm barely hanging on after that mess in e19 is because I was gonna get a CS-free zone in the 1st 3 eps.
  4. Caitlin almost dying happened AFTER Julian did all that and they still said Cait couldn't go into the hospital because she was still a wanted meta. Julian's charges would have just added to her felony count - it didn't wipe out what she'd already done. So - CS should STILL be wanted by CCPD. Teflon Meta is right. ICAM about the way CS is protected and shielded by this show for her actions and what that reflects about our society. The show will never address this though. Frosty Sue will never have to pay for what she's done. The writers believe we've forgotten. I haven't forgotten any of it.
  5. I agree that they need to look for a lesser known actress - someone who is really hungry and will be excited to work on a show, even with a grueling schedule. I wish RR the best though. I liked her scenes with MB in the crossovers... I do wonder what this means for the other cast members though. Will they recast some of them too? Like if the chemistry is off, would the new actress just not be cast or would they recast the existing cast to make the new actress fit?
  6. Also - John Haymes Newton was replaced as lead in S2 of Superboy by Christopher George. The show went on to reinvent itself and actually became more popular in later seasons, oddly enough. Even if my teenaged heart much preferred Newton because he "felt" more like Superboy to me and I loved his chemistry with Stacy Haiduk's Lana Lang. Also, I thought Newton played Superboy with more intensity in his facial expressions. And okay - he was just hotter. I still rewatch S1 and then lament the moment in the S2 promo when I realized he'd been replaced.
  7. I really don’t understand the show’s compulsion to make KF into a saint. It’s unnecessary. It’s worse than Legends and Mivk, but at least Mick stays grumpy. For half the season or more, you couldn’t tell the difference between Cait/KF. And since when could Caitlin go out in public or to hospitals, etc? Isn’t KF/CS still technically wanted by CCPD police? Isn’t that why they wouldn’t take her to the hospital in S3 when she was dying of that wound after miraculously directing her own surgery that should have had her pass out from shock? Frosty Sue strikes again.
  8. What? Oh my God! That’s just horrible. I wonder if that’s why they changed actors - the addiction part I mean. How tragic. So young to be addicted to drugs! That just made me incredibly sad!
  9. I saw the live ratings for the network and was really surprised at the gap between The Flash and all of the other shows. The difference is probably the kids/family viewers. Of course - the DVR/streaming ratings could be a different story that closes the gap between The Flash and all the rest, but ... eh.
  10. I agree with this - I feel like it's a missed opportunity for it to hold its own on the network. The Flash literally aired on its own without a crutch on Tuesdays at 8pm from day one and it premiered at number 1 and never relinquished that title. S&L should be able to do the same - they are gonna lose a huge kids audience.
  11. I feel like it might do as well - but it would have to pull folks from other networks to beat The Flash... so ... we will see. It is Superman though - it's probably going to be like Lois & Clark.
  12. I was wondering if there was a common writers behind this nonsense. I need to see if she has a twitter and if she's giving off any Karen vibes.
  13. Thank you for this whole post. What's frustrating to me is that it's clear the writers are being shady about this but the "there's nothing to it!" stuff is making me feel like I'm being gaslit and it's really frustrating. This part in particular is SPOT ON.
  14. I'm not threatened by their crackship - I'm threatened by white supremacy that always works to restore the white status quo. There are SO many shows where that happened, even after we thought the shows had finally gotten it together: Sleepy Hollow, Twisted, Krypton, Titans, Roswell, NM. The reason is grounded in the points I made - about how the writing has specifically sought to elevate Caitlin in the writing to being almost as important to Barry as Iris - I gave examples - when that makes NO sense narratively. If Iris West was played by a white woman - I wouldn't have any of these fears - but I've been burned so many times, how could I not be suspicious when I see manipulative writing/directing?
  15. So there is a crossover planned, but The Flash won't be in it? I'm totally fine with that.
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