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  1. Easy - you write for them and take care of them. Especially on a show that is supposed to be about THEM, not the damn batfamily. It's pretty clear these showrunners and writers think no characters are as good as batfamily characters, but they're wrong and they're also showing why DC is headed into the toilet with that mentality. The Avengers were no where near as popular in the general public as the X-Men characters (and def not more known than the Justice League characters) until Marvel decided to truly focus on them. They gave them amazing stories centered on THEM and didn't fall back on
  2. I wonder if Kory's visions are related to the woman Kom possessed? That feels too simple - it's something else. Kom is clearly using Connor to drain his powers or something - her powers coalescing under the bed was spooky tho. Then Kory went into a trance again... what is going on? Her vision was in a theater of a blank play with Crown in the title and then her vision leads her to circle some shop with Crown in the title... so this is about the throne of Tamaran? Connor/Kom was hot tho ... Was the water leak in Babs office symbolic of the poor Gotham infrastructure or was th
  3. Even though I felt sorry for Dawn last week, I too was relieved to see her go this week. And I too noticed how she tried to convince Dick to come be with her in Paris. Like - Hank just literally got blown up - partially due to HER actions - and now she's macking on Dick and trying to convince him to come live with her in Paris? Whew lawd - they wrote her into the ground, lmao. About Kory and the therapist - I don't trust him either. I thought he was just a one off last week but now ... I dunno. He's also creepy as hell - trying to treat and mack on her at the same time. Pick a lane,
  4. Dawn has always come from money. She and her mother had a tumultuous relationship where the mother was pressuring/forcing Dawn to live a socialite existence with a lot of control, etc.. stifling her. I think there was also something with Dawn's dad who was abusive or something and how the mother accepted that just to hold onto money? I can't fully remember but yeah - Dawn's family has MONEY money.
  5. I'm way late on commenting here about this episode but WOW. This ep broke my heart - I really thought they were gonna save Hank, even though I knew the actor got another show and even though they practically telegraphed him dying. I just had an irrational hope I guess that they would manage to save him. Wow. And like others, Hawk and Dove weren't my faves - but I defintely liked Hank way more than Dawn so I was really devastated to see him die. Like - screaming at the tv in a loud "Nooooooo!" and then sitting in complete silence at the aftermath. And I couldn't even blame Dawn - she
  6. Interesting how people see things - I thought it was abhorrent the school was taking the stance that it did - and how the school just wanted the kids to ignore casual racism and misogyny. Also, it wasn't just the affair - it was all the stuff about Nick that had nothing to do with any of them they were trying to use to force her out. Also - she wanted Kai to go to that meeting because the dad of that racist bully kid was threatening to press charges - which would completely destroy Kai's life. It wasn't at all about saving her job - and as you said - she made a decision later on to put
  7. I thought the show ending resolved this as he never went on any dating site - that it was Dawn who set up all of the accounts? She was the one chatting with everyone - she tried to chat with Mandy but Mandy shut her down. That's the rub - Nick was completely innocent. Dawn did ALL of the accounts? Right? Ya'll making me doubt what I thought I saw, lol. This show really fooled me. I totally thought Matt was the bad guy and the murderer and whew that twist was so far out of left field I just never even guessed anywhere near that. Wow. I too thought Nick was silly to
  8. Apparently Dylan stole the journals just in case Erin wrote in them who the father was of DJ because he wanted his parents to keep DJ. He threatened Jess because she told and he was angry? It was still pretty flimsy storytelling obviously set up to make us think Dylan could have murdered Erin but in the end, he just wanted to keep DJ with his family. Just another poorly plotted out red herring. Mares also lead from the back of the pack - letting the stallions run in front. Mare seemed whiplashed about by the town more so than her whiplashing other folks, but maybe I'm wrong.
  9. The necklace and photo are of John. The receipt just said "Ross" which is either brother. Mare assumed initially it was Billy. But John bought her that necklace.
  10. It's interesting how people see things - I find Emily Lynd to be the blandest of bland actresses and her histrionics don't come across as "strong acting" to me - just a failed attempt to elicit "Blair". I actually find her to be the worst actress on the show and cringe during her scenes. So the fact that she seems to be more centered in the writing is actually really problematic given who the leads are. It is also problematic how Zoya and JC as characters are given scraps and not elevated in the writing more. Especially JC as she's the top billed lead. With the original show, this was
  11. Even though I love this show - the Zoya/JC familY dynamic is sucking me in - I just don't like the triangles that are set up already because I don't see how they work long-term and I'm not invested? The only character I truly like is JC. Oh and Max. Low key wish they'd end up together because that's the only spark I see (the other characters feel uber bland to me - esp Aki and Audrey). Obie going for his ex of 1 day's half-sister is just cruel and mean and ruins Obie for me. I do like Zoya - but she also went antagonistic so fast that she is suspect herself. So I' fine with Obie/Zoya
  12. I enjoyed this episode more than the last two - but even I feel the Barry+Iris birthed the Forces thing a bit overwrought. Love Iris as lightning rod - but this kinda pushed a bit too far, imo, though connecting their connection to the Forces was interesting. I feel like there is a better way to tell this story but whatever. I loved the Deion actor chewing up the scenery - that was just good old fashioned villainy and he's pretty compelling. Nice shout out to DMX at the end too. RIP. I am intrigued by this forces storyline but the show's storytelling is just so simplistic and chi
  13. I'm glad the KF episodes are over - given the show didn't actually talk about the actual crimes KF committed, I don't feel she's faced justice at all. I'm also wondering if she ever apologized to Cecile beyond that stupid girls' night episode where she didn't even apologize to Iris for trying to kill her and basically bashed Iris for forgiving her unprompted - she didn't apologize to Cecile either. Neither of these women has ever had a real apology from KF for any of it. I'm tired of this show using the black characters to give KF/Cait a pass for abhorrent behavior. And these two
  14. It's not like they killed her in a random traffic stop or killed her during questioning. This show using Joe to draw some kind of BLM parallel to KF's situation is GROSS AF. Especially given KF actually conspired to kill his own daughter - and if it hadn't been for HR, her conspiracy with Savitar would have succeeded and Iris would be f'n DEAD. Joe defending her like his life depended on it with no one ever holding KF responsible for the ish she's actually done just ... WTF. And of course we have a black showrunner signing off on this BS. I SAID when he was hired that I wasn't sure ab
  15. No, Eric doesn't care about SB - but his white feminist writers DO and they are the ones who keep baiting SB in S6. EW isn't really paying attention to that - but he should. I don't want to see him even try to touch BLM when he's got those writers undermining WestAllen with their crackship writing and continual shoving of Iris into the SBW trope.
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