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  1. The fringe tiaras are absolutely my favorite. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has a nice fringe tiara too, but the Queen's is my favorite tiara. The Lozenge bandeau tiara is second.
  2. Because I'd rather not see her centered? But we can still have Evil!Iris take as many jabs at Iris choosing to be friendly with someone who tried to kill her and never apologized. Evil!Iris could even set up the other one for bad stuff happening to good!Iris. Okay new idea. Evil!Iris is now renamed woke!Iris and she goes around calling out TF for how they've treated Iris... first in small potshots, then in larger moments... like an angry translator, lol. I'd watch the hell out of that... Or or!! Woke!Iris could be Iris' subconscious coming to life that was somehow created during Crisis and she basically goes around making TF pay for their shitty behavior. Hahaha... maybe she can call Barry out... he's been acting weird lately.
  3. I agree about this - my thought going into Crisis is that we would end up with one Earth-1... the question is, would all of the doppelgangers merge into one person, or would they co-exist? Merging them would be SOOO New-52 and I'm not sure I want that, but co-existing ones would be interesting - seeing an evil Iris West trying to kill E-1 Iris West to take over her life, sort of thing? I dunno.
  4. Pretty sure Crisis was moved up because Arrow was ending - that's why they teased it at the end of Elseworlds - TPTB knew Arrow was ending then. Crisis probably would have been moved up all along, it's true, but if Arrow wasn't ending, they could have done what TF had been planning for 5 years instead of the version we've gotten. Like I said originally, I always thought Crisis was going to be The Flash's series finale - and instead it's become Oliver's for the most part. Aside from that - now I'm wondering (if Barry continues to live past Crisis) how the show will explain that he's not dead from him essentially being a time remnant? I don't think they will explore this at all - which is a shame. It could be a really interesting storyline for Iris to realize that the article she's written doesn't line up with the original article and realize that Barry's days are still numbered. Maybe that will be part of the impact of Crisis that the writers keep telling us will happen...? I'm not hopeful.
  5. Ohhhh - sorry - I didn't realize there was such a thing so assumed it must say 'Batman'. Explains why it was so hard to make out.
  6. phoenics

    Barry Allen

    Yes - clearly MG and Berlanti and co changed it. I wonder though if it was done with or without The Flash team's blessing - or if it was forced on them. Besides the obvious plot hole this change (to accommodate Oliver and give him a send off) created and the shafting it's given Flash fans, there are two other major plotholes and reasons why this change is just stupid. 1) Nora came back from the past and the show spent a TON of time telling us that this change was impossible. That it was a fixed point and couldn't be changed. Ever. And Nora died without any of it changing. The ONLY thing that changed was the date. It got moved up. 2) Barry saw infinite futures where the only way everyone lived was if HE personally died saving them. HIM. Not another version of him from another earth. Or are we supposed to believe that Jay Garrick from ANOTHER EARTH only created his little machine thingee to probe Earth-1 possibilities for saving the multiverse? No - that's stupid. He said he was rigging this thing to look across all the multiverse and plot out all of the possible outcomes. Hence, Barry not seeing E-90 Barry Allen dying to save the multiverse is a PLOT HOLE. They threw away 5+ years of buildup for this mess. This is Game of Thrones bad.
  7. This makes me sad. I hope HMQ or other members of the BRF manage to buy some of the pieces so they stay in the family... 😕
  8. Ha! I should have guessed that - it does look like a honeycomb!! It's really pretty with Camilla's hair... I'm not sure anyone else could pull that off. You gotta have big hair!
  9. The future QC looks really nice tonight in her dress and tiara - it's really flattering for how Camilla wears her hair. I really love this tiara - what's the name of it - does anyone know?
  10. Sentaler (also here) has been using pictures of the DoS on their website for over a year - if they haven't been screamed at to stop doing it, I doubt Meyer has... this literally feels like a made up controversy to drag DoS while she's not even visible by the tabs. That and we don't even know if Meyer and DoS know each other personally or are friends. I certainly never heard of her being connected to DoS before this. My point is - I don't believe a word of that article until I see a statement from BP myself. One reason Meyer may have removed some Instagram posts is because the Daily Mirror article that all of the Page 6 articles are based on came out way before. Then Meyer likely saw it and worried over it and took the pics down, and then Page 6 came along and elaborated further on the already made up Mirror story. Again - Sentaler currently has pics of MM in both their red and camel coat ON THEIR WEBSITE RIGHT NOW and they've had it up for a year with no blowback. I've also seen websites advertise with pics of the DoC with none of this blowback. It's a non-story, but I'm sure there will be tons of people who believe the articles and blame DoS.
  11. Wow - this is soooo cool. I love how she can switch it up according to what she's wearing... I wonder how they do that...
  12. phoenics

    Barry Allen

    OMG - thank you for this... this part caught my eye:
  13. The Crisis that we have gotten was supposed to be the culmination of the future news article that The Flash has been teasing since The Flash Pilot episode. That's 5 years. THAT article was about RF and Flash and was tied directly to The Flash's Origin Story being directly tied to his disappearance during Crisis. That Crisis article also references multiple heroes, including Oliver, surviving Crisis. The Flash is the only one who was supposed to die. According to that article. Even when the name changed on the article with the Savitar storyline, it was still all about Barry and RF and the events that led to RF deciding to go back in time to kill Nora and Barry chasing him back and thus disappearing, RF getting trapped in the past and him creating the circumstances for Barry to become The Flash... it's part of the paradoxes that The Flash comics always explore. The Crisis that we have gotten today in 2019 doesn't look anything like that, but TPTB HAVE tied it directly to the future newspaper article about Barry disappearing. That's why after Nora died, the date on the article changed and then the Monitor showed up to push even more that yes, this Crisis is the same one teased on the Flash (hell, that The Flash built most of its story around in 5 seasons) was happening... But it's not happening at all the way it was built up to happen. Part of the reason this Crisis feels so rushed and so weird emotionally is because TPTB knew they were mucking stuff up by deciding to use this as Oliver's swan song, but they spent FIVE YEARS building this on The Flash and couldn't just not follow through with The Flash, so we ended up with this crappy version that failed both fandoms. It's like having a room with two focal points - it doesn't work. I am beginning to get Game of Thrones vibes as a Flash fan. Worse than that - because I binged that show in 5 weeks and caught up to watch the finale with the world. So I wasn't as pissed as longtime fans of that show were. Now I really feel their pain. Well... 5 years of it, at least. I actually believe GGustin was impacted by this too - he seemed rather flat in his Crisis scenes... like none of it mattered. He just felt hollow to me.
  14. It's some kind of Batman pin. Batman is in orange, but I can't see what might be written underneath in a dark purple/violet color. It might just be the background of the pin too, but definitely says Batman in orange.
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