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  1. I'm curious, why do you think permission has not been given by the parents? I would imagine that releases were likely obtained by the photographer and/or the distribution company (if they are separate entities).
  2. Okay you guys I just got my 24 pack of BarNone candy bars from Amazon. We shall see....
  3. Appetizer of water crackers, cream cheese and smoked salmon (but from a store). Dinner I think will be roast beef hash, eggs and toast.
  4. I will have the same thing I have had every year for (probably) decades: crackers, pumpernickel or rye bread (that small square shaped kind, cheese and summer sausage. This year I'll add in some smoked salmon, caviar and capers. It was tradition with my mom since I was in my teens and I've continued since she passed away - though I graduated from coke to champagne and gin.
  5. Totally down with that, but some of them are divas so choose wisely....
  6. Lady/Lord (Nova/Juanita/Milky/Clementine/Winston) Gravlax of Walgreens. I got five cats and can't show favorites.
  7. According to an article I read on the commercial (I think it was ispot or some other advertising based sure) it is their mailbox, they just live in a rural area. Makes sense. I live in an area where some need to take a car to the mailbox (or atv type vehicle).
  8. My annual marathon of baking is halfway done. Hopefully I bought enough flour to get for cakes done tomorrow. I REALLY do not want to go to the store again.
  9. Yeah I live in a semi rural area and we just denied 2 roosters to be kept at a house (I work for local government). The hens were fine though. All I could think of was this has got to be a code violation.
  10. Ooh this hard, but going to have to go with cauliflower. I have had soamy people try to test me with various cauliflower dishes but it is still vile.
  11. I had Thanksgiving at a friend's house so I finally got to make some of my traditional food but the biggest tradition of all was sliding out that yummy jellied cranberry sauce into Grandma's cranberry sauce bowl.
  12. What will be for dinner is Chrissy Tiegen's spicy miso pasta paired with a French red and followed by a pumpkin cobbler.
  13. Leftover Mexican food (I caved and got tacos last night) and waiting for this tropical storm to hit.
  14. I don't really eat chicken but I do love me some fried chicken skin. I'll eat the legs and maybe a little though but for the most part the actual meat gets tossed (or given to friends who aren't bothered by it). However I may need to cave and try that Popeye's Chicken sandwich.
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