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  1. Ehh, I don't think this is the best way to evaluate a show. I know I'm on the minority but I like this season way better than anything with the candle monster and that damn kid. I also like the exploration of the other characters (though Ronnie does not need to come back again).
  2. Damn, that was worth it!! well I guess I now know the point of Jan. Mabel killing bunny just doesn’t make sense though. They finally one-upped her and she now didn’t have any credibility with the residents. Why would they run that? I guess next year will tell…
  3. Nevermind. Drop time is 3am EST. Tomorrow night it is.
  4. Douglas kidnapping Goodwin because of his secret plot with Kofo cracked me up.
  5. Oh my gosh, do you want some more?? I think mine are mating! I and just one person and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. Every place I go that has swag/goody bags = another bag!
  6. After every crazy, weird ass, ridiculous thing the past two seasons, creepy pseudo step-dad of the not-quite-as-moronic-as-her-friends kid may break me. Everytime he's on camera I just want someone to punch him in the face. Repeatedly.and then hit him with a car. Or chopper. Or loch Ness monster.
  7. I never saw Scandal, but I will always think of Scott Foley in The Unit and I was definitely get Bob Brown vibes in the hotel scene when he rescued Wayne.
  8. Hell yeah! You are my new favorite person and I will find you when I'm 95! (That's not creepy is it??) 🤔😳
  9. Shoes, purses and cats (adopt in that last one).
  10. She's Nicole Sullivan and she's been in a ton of stuff but I mainly remember her from MadTV and Scrubs (Jill Tracy).
  11. I know. I mean I suppose if they violated some portion of a HOA or something similar maybe, eventually, an eviction could happen, but it's take likely a lot of money and time and Bunny doesn't seem that popular.
  12. So does that make Tim Kono Ratchet/cassetti?
  13. I'm definitely in the minority as I don't mind reboots or revivals. For the most part I've watched both versions of the ones mentioned here and truthfully don't see much of a difference between the originals and the remakes (whatever your want to call it). Most that were ridiculous the first round are ridiculous the second round, if they were poorly written and/or one-note originally, they are again. And I don't necessarily mean this as a criticism. I the first Dallas, but for the most part is was fluffy bullshit. I watched the second time and it was still fluffy bullshit. Fun, but still ridic
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