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  1. Same. Like all the Peloton ads it's ridiculous and checks all the elitist tags but level of vitriol its getting is over the top. And the posts I've seen about the woman is really screaming for help, she's in a cult, it's distopian, it's the exercise version of the Handmaid's Tale... no it's not. I never thought I'd be defending the uber-pretentious Peloton but here I am. Sigh...
  2. Nothing big, just going to a restaurant with a friend. A little early (3:30) for us but that's the latest everyone was open. Friday I'm doing takeout Indian food, wine, and movies with another friend.
  3. I know it's been mentioned before but I think even CBS forgot about CSI: NY. I used to have CBS All Access and they didn't have it (had the other two and even 1 season and done shows) - never got a response the two times I emailed them. Oh well. I cancelled it soon after. I also wish WINGS was on somewhere. I got in a half hour long discussion with a bartender at a restaurant I go to regularly. We both understood the awesomeness of WINGS, Joe & Helen, and lamented it not being available anywhere (except CBS All Access).
  4. Aaron Sorkin (when I love, mostly) is horrible for this.
  5. Welp, I’m back to hating Darlene again. Everything I disliked about her in the original show is in full form again. What I really want to know though is where the fuck is Bev in all of this. I fully think she knew exactly what she was doing when she put Darlene as her power of attorney instead of Jackie. Jackie definitely has her issues but she saved enough money from trucking (and a lawsuit it seems) to live on her own and support her mom while the old bag was “destitute”. Bev is and always been a shitty parent to both Roseanne and Jackie. And on a side note, who would have thought that DJ would be the “successful” kid? Doesn’t live with Dan, raising his daughter on his own house , and seems to be self-sufficient (or at least mostly). Doing better than either of his sisters.
  6. Agree. I think the type of show influences this a lot. A show like The Good Place is going to be hard to maintain over a lot of seasons. The premise is unique enough that after a while it's just not sustainable. On the other hand a show like Modern Family is not exactly groundbreaking tv. Sure there are elements of it that are/were but at it's core it's a family-based sitcom. In my admittedly UO, Modern Family isn't really any worse or better than when it began, it's just an 11 year old show that's old. I came into the show very late, just a couple of seasons ago, and ended up watching most of the series within a few months. They're isn't any difference between the latest episodes than the S1-2 that I watched earlier this year. Cam is still an ass to Mitch and they have a semi-toxic relationship, Gloria still screaches, Hayley is still an idiot, and Clair is still uptight. They are all caricatures and tropes that last. Some shows have a premise that lasts longer, some don't. Just the way it is.
  7. I think this is a great thing to remember. Listen, I'm admittedly a little ambivalent on Woody Allen. I think that him sleeping with his step-daughter is super creepy and weird, but I also get that it isn't incest, he didn't really raise her (at least that's what everyone seems to acknowledge - however if Andre Preven wanted to beat his ass the very southern Mississippi side of me would totally look the other way). And leaving the controversy over him allegedly molesting Dylan (whom I do believe) the guy is still a fucking asshole. The guy cheated on his wife, and his muse, with her daughter. And instead of growing a pair and having a fucking conversation he let her find out with photos he "oopsy I forgot" left out. WTF??!! (Full admittance, I am not a fan of his "artistry". I find his films over-wrought, pretentious and immature. Shoving a shit-ton of dialogue in a scene with coquettish looks from whatever it-girl is currently in fashion is not art. It's a middle-aged man still trying to work through teenage dickishness. Grow the fuck up Woody.)
  8. Okay, so I don't know much about newborns, except for holding the random baby when my friends have given birth, but that kid liked way to big to be a preemie to me. At some point it's like they thought if they kept saying it, then we'll just ignore the obvious. I really wish they would include DJ and Mary in the show more. I mean if we switch them out for Harris it's like a 2 for 1 deal. (Although I'm glad someone called Darlene out on her David/Ben bullshit).
  9. This is timely as I am reading this and eating a quesadilla from dinner or on Saturday. I hadn't touched it yet so I just heated it up at work, bit in and found to my utter horror it contains green peppers. And yeah that is all I taste.
  10. I'm not in love with it, but it's okay. I like the characters (& I don't want every single person to die in a blazing fire like I do with Family Guy). It'll do for now.
  11. Finally watched. And like everyone else Harris is still highly annoying. I don't know if it's the acting choices, the character in general, or just the way they are writing her, but dear lord please just get her off the screen. Can they deport her in exchange for Daddy Dishwasher? I liked him. I don't mind the love triangle. I do feel bad for Ben as he seems like a nice guy, but I think Darlene and David are endgame, especially with Galecki seemingly free now that Big Bang is over. And I'm with Jackie. Don't name that baby after the evil that is Beverly!!
  12. Omfg, I was ready to shoot my TV if I heard that damn Steven Universe song one more time this weekend. Creepy fucking kid. And Rick is an asshole. (I have no opinion on the other two.) My big UO, I don't really get the love for Netflix. Other than Taylor Swift concerts and the occasional Queer Eye I just find it exhausting. Most of the time I came really find anything interesting or they simply don't have it. I keep starting and stopping my subscription and everyone thinks I'm nuts
  13. Yay! I'm catching up on my episodes waiting for Dorian to figure out what it's doing and saw that the show wasn't in my forum homepage anymore! Had a little moment.
  14. It's Margot Robbie playing Tate. I think she is the neighbor of DiCaprio's character. Apparently Sharon's sister loaned the movie jewelry and/or clothing of Sharon's for Robbie to use.
  15. I just binged the first 6 episodes and Butcher is about to make me quit. I don't think I can take much more of his sanctimonious bullshit. At this point I'm not sure there's much difference between him and Homelander.
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