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  1. Leftovers Publix subs and homemade corn chowder. I made lunch for a work group today and have quite a few slices of the sub ring left (which ended up being free due to Publix not making the order in time for pick up) so I have a feeling I'll be eating then for my weekend meals.
  2. Pretty simple but grilled cheese with a tomato/butternut squash soup. Paired with a non-oaky chardonnay. I'm not a big tomato fan so I always have to cut the soups/sauces with some sugar.
  3. #4 but the cider needs to be spiked.
  4. I really want sushi. I'll probably end up with hot dogs...
  5. Leftover leek and cheese risotto. I love risotto and when I can find it without mushroom or asparagus I jump on the chance.
  6. I quite liked it even though, like others, I thought it was a series as well. This is the only thing I've ever seen Brown in and she was very enviable to watch. My only annoyance (other than Eudora abandoning her daughter on her birthday) was Mycroft. He was such a douche. I know this is more canonical but I liked the more recent Mycroft of the BBC Sherlock.
  7. Crispy gnocchi with Brussel sprouts. The gnocchi turned out well but as much as I love sprouts these di not turn out well.
  8. Leftover tacos was tonight, but I'm super excited for lunch at work tomorrow. We're doing an office lunch and ordering out from a local mexican place that I recommended: shredded chicken with rice and black beans, fried pork chops with yellow rice and red beans, beef empanadas (& chicken but I'm all about the beef baby), and churros. I am definitely sneaking leftovers home!!!
  9. I think I got it at Sally's beauty supply. I definitely would not have gotten it at a department store. I was at grad school and that wouldn't have been in my price range.
  10. I used a brand called d:fi. They had both heavy and light versions.
  11. Wait they have lids??!! I need to get those as I use the jars when I'm cooking or need small jars for lunches at work.
  12. I liked Moseley. She was like a breath of fresh air. I'd take her any day over Hetty.
  13. When I used to flat iron the crap out of my hair I used to use a smidge of wax heavily mixed in my hands with smoothng creme.
  14. I picked up beef stroganoff from a very nice restaurant on the way home tonight. I like it and I don't get it a lot (oddly I don't like mushrooms though) so I was very excited. It was not good. So I'm having a bowl (or two) of Peeps cereal. Paired with a very nice Russian River pinot noir.
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