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  1. 100% agree. I've used the press on a few times and get ALOT of compliments. Downside (?) though is that shit can be hard to take off!!
  2. So what do you think the only drink served in The Confidential is (or did they say and I missed it)?
  3. Screw the wheelchair, Dottie would still have kicked his ass.
  4. This may be the sweetest, kindest show I've seen in a while and I am 1000% here for it.
  5. Yeah, this. I can't think of one TV show or movie that understands that nurses aren't interchangeable.
  6. Jenny and Cassie are idiots. They're also obnoxious and think they are better at this job than they actually are. Jerrie is fine, if rather one note. I rather like the marshal. He's weird and smart. JW and Rand are dead and I couldn't give a shit about who did it. I still like Cheyenne and either she or her mama needs to put a bullet in daddys head.
  7. I really don't like that they went down the formulaic trope with Tayo. We can dislike the guy for being a dick without him being all evil and wanting to steal his son away from his mom.
  8. Lol, I actually like her in this (truthfully I didn't realize it was her). I remember her as the ME in Homicide: Life on the Streets. I hated her character.
  9. Iike her too, she's the only reason I watched Grey's Anatomy. And I don't think she was wrong with her comments about the writing. They made her fuck a ghost!!!! You know what? That is shitty writing.
  10. I've never seen Yellowstone but the creep, has secrets to hide ranch family is nothing new. With every single one I just simply don't understand why someone doesn't put a bullet in the racist/ misogynistic/abusive patriarch. I swear Cassie and Jenny actually got dumber over the break. How many times are they going to wander off by themselves in the Montana wilderness at night and get caught before one of them thinks maybe that's not a great idea. I like the marshal. I don't know if he's on the up and up, but he's entertaining. I actually think RonRon's girlfriend may b
  11. I'm emphatically not a plant person but yeah that was but that was not an efficient way of looking for a ring. Damn thing probably was in the dirt but she was flinging the soil around so much it flew back in the house by sheer force.
  12. I think that this is the first time they saw him visiting the cemetery. The one FBI guy walked into the office with the USB and said something about the other dude being right about installing the cameras because look what we got (not exactly that but something like that).
  13. ABC News is reporting Prince Phillip has passed away.
  14. Am I the only one who wonders what happened to the four year old who acted as cover for the "adoption"?
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