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  1. It's nothing of importance. It's just click bait garbage (that was given more clicks by people who clicked the link here) by a tabloid trying to stoke the flames of outrage.
  2. I love this show so, so much. It has a surprising amount of character growth for a 30 minute sitcom (or is it a dramady? I don't see Ginny's job offer as a cliff-hanger as in will she take the job (doubt it) but a way to open the door to her perusing another line of work.
  3. It all goes back to the racism - gotta get that welfare queen to pay the gubbermint back for her housing. Never mind Meghan's successful career and substantial income pre-marriage.
  4. Too bad this snippet (from the speech above) won't mean shit to the people who are hellbent on blaming Meghan. The ongoing obsession and continued abuse should do nothing but re enforce and validate Harry (and their) in their choice.
  5. That's victim blaming. They should have known what they were doing would bring on heaps of abuse from the general public. Is one of Meghan's magical abilities as a black woman the ability to predict the future and anticipate they would receive such abuse from the public that there was no choice but to leave and try to forage a somewhat private life on a different continent? Reputable source this was their plan all along, please? Otherwise it's just inflammatory rhetoric and conjecture to keep the flames that fuel the abuse and hatred towards complete strangers burning
  6. Harry was supposed to divorce Meghan, kick her "black ass" back to Canada with their bi-racial child, the Queen was supposed to publicly humiliate her, strip Meghan of her title and leave Harry free to marry one of the commoners, a white lady, obvs. Since "The Firm" isn't following this imaginary plan and "allowing" grown adults to make decisions for their family instead of freeing up Harry to marry "them".... well this is where we are now. And don't worry about Prince Pedophile. We have to be outraged that Meghan is stealing Prince Harry to live a lap of luxury in Canada with her friends and closer to her family, stealing him away from the UK and his family. Never mind what Harry may or may not have wanted. He has no agency here. He's under the power of Meghan. News flash: none of us (anyone outside their immediate family) have any knowledge about what was discussed. All the internet has are rumors, speculations and feelings. The obsession is unhealthy.
  7. And you know this how? You can't drop something that inflammatory without citing some reputable sources. And people know this how? It reads like inflammatory rhetoric made by people bitter that Harry married someone who wasn't them, who now spend their free time obsessing over complete strangers. Like I said up-thread, you gotta keep the masses outraged about things that are completely none of their business to get the clicks. And since I really want to get away from this manufactured drama and back to the clothing and jewels, here's a puppers wearing a tiara. I think it may give kitty a run for their money
  8. This was discussed a few days ago - clickbaity headlines targeting the unhinged people obsessed with the lives of strangers and hellbent on blaming Meghan's magical sex for stealing away Harry. Gotta keep the masses riled up to get those clicks and dollars.
  9. Oh, no. I totally get it. People need to take a step back. At this point they need to take a seat. The level of entitlement the people have into the lives of the strangers is really horrifying. The obsession is not healthy and anyone who is angry or upset at a decision two adults made for their family, anyone who blames Meghan, thinks Harry has no spine, whatever, needs to seek some serious therapy. Serious. Where do I get those boots?
  10. And the problem with a husband moving with his wife and son is....? Thousands (if not millions) of people make this decision all the time. What's the big deal and how does it impact the life of anyone outside of their family?
  11. Discovery as in the legal term or discovery as in you're going on some archeological digs to dig up di-no-saur bones? I'm a big fan of Jurassic Park and would 110% go visit if it were real but please don't go starting shit in your discovery tiara to make Jurassic Park become real. The planet is already on fire. We don't need dinosaurs running around, too.
  12. Not that there's anything wrong with that. 😄 @BlackberryJam want to try a selection of tiara's and find the style that's right for you? https://www.rhinestonejewelry.com/13317.html?
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