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  1. Same. So I'll continue to wear a mask whenever I am inside or in close proximity to people I don't know. I utilized my company EAP to talk with a therapist and she helped me get my head on straight and remember the science. And I credit her for not having a full on panic attack after a random woman came up to me today while I was scanning the shoes at Nordstrom Rack and started whispering some nonsense gossip about two other women in a different aisle. I stepped away and loudly said I can't hear what you're trying to tell me and left the aisle. She was masked, I was masked and I'm vacc
  2. It's on eBay Etsy for $9.95. Not sure if I can post the link but I searched Google for "small brown pyrex bowl 1980s" and it came right up. PM me if you can't find it (want want to find it).
  3. My dad eats his cereal and basically anything that needs a bowl out of this bowl. It didn't' even occur to me that it was a mixing bowl until my mom referred to it as such a few years ago. To keep it topical, my peeve is that he fills this bowl up with cereal, or chips. It holds like half a box of cereal. He has diabetes and is morbidly obese. I wish I could get him to see that this is not a cereal bowl.
  4. My mom "permanently loaned" me a bunch of her Corningware. She has so much you would never notice anything was missing from her stash. It was a sad sad day in the TRH household when a shallow square dish, perfect for asparagus, slipped out of the cupboard and broke.
  5. As a "not a dog person" I completely related to Al. How shocking it would be to come from a place where animals (or dogs) are not pets to see one in a home IRL. I'm glad he came around, for Hazel. I really enjoy the growth all the characters are displaying while staying true to themselves. The casting and writing is fantastic and it's so nice to not see any abrupt character changes because the original version was too whatever.
  6. You're not alone, @txhorns79. I also heard "do you have a loved one" not "do you have a mud room". The later makes much more sense. THank you @SailorGirl!
  7. I am intrigued by this show and love watching something where I have no idea what will happen next. At first I was watching, not laughing, thinking this show wasn't going to be for me but then I realized that unfunny sitcom bits were most likely on purpose. This isn't funny, we, the viewer, shouldn't be laughing at these antics. He's following the gaslighting mentally abusive asshole 101 playbook. He may not even realize it but unintentional gaslighting and abuse is still gaslighting and abuse. You're a bad driver so you have to walk everywhere. You're bad with money, g
  8. Did they fix the issues you were having?
  9. Take time to process what you learned. You may not have been his target or victim but your entire perception of this person has changed and it's OK to have conflicting thoughts and feelings while you absorb what you learned. It's called being human.
  10. It's complete BS to hijack a station that isn't airing the game, one that is airing new content and then keep that station airing the stupid game that is being played on the original station so now it's being aired on two stations. Samantha Bee started 15 minutes into the program. The first game ended (the one that caused this mess) at 10:31 but TBS didn't cut back over until 10:45.
  11. Omg I hate basketball now. The damn game on TNT went long so they hijacked TBS to air the next game. The first game is over but TBS is still showing basketball (same game on two stations) instead of Samantha Bee. BB is so important but fuck the rest of us who want to watch our regular programming on the station that shouldn't be airing the game.
  12. I'm really not looking forward to re-waging the battle that I'm not going back to the office as long as the GA vaccination rates are so abysmal and my office is the converted closet I had when I started that dumps the A/C over my head. Give me an office with appropriate ventilation and allow me to put up "masks are required in my office" sign and I'll think about it. We had a "training" covering the new requirements: no masks required for vaccinated people but you're not allowed to ask the status. Given the number of people I offered to help find vaccines who said they weren't getting it pl
  13. Scoot over. I'll sit next to you on the sophomoric bench because I was cracking up at the Monday night intro. I love his range from beyond serious, to disappointed dad, to OMG I have to put on real pants?? WTF??
  14. I don't think I post over here much but I am so happy Stephen is back in his element! A Late Show got me through the last year and I did not expect to actually get teary when I heard The Late Show live on tape from the Ed Sullivan Theater [end] and it didn't stop for the first part of the monologue. And he was 100% wearing undies.
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