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  1. Blanket season is his favorite season!
  2. There was at least one elephant replicas from the Tar Pits shown in the first or second episode when they were panning around. If my memory is correct, it would have been from this display that was pulled in. But no, there hasn't been tar from the present day tar pits shown, and now I think about it, it's that's a bit odd (and most likely meaningless).
  3. The La Brea Tar Pits did get sucked in. The map above is a snip I took from Google Maps to see what was around there.
  4. Has anyone started mapping out what is in the sinkhole or the radius around it to see what should be in it? If it sucked in the Petersen Automotive Museum it should have sucked in the LA Fitness which would mean a small selection of hygiene products from peoples gym bags, and food and Gatorade in their little store. There is a Ralphs (grocery store branded Kroger in other parts of the country) and a Walgreens not too far. T
  5. I forgot something else I really liked: Levi telling Eve that Gavin's visions were real, and that Gavin knows about them. I fully expect some sort of triangle drama but Levi isn't trying to manipulate the situation by withholding the knowledge that the visions were real.
  6. My takes: They know they are stuck in the past but haven't accepted it as reality yet. I have no idea how I would react in that situation but I'd probably be freaking the fuck out. Heroin isn't illegal in their current situation, but drug dealers aren't anyone I'd want to fuck around with. I can't blame Scott for burying it or not wanting Lucas to know he hid it. Marybeth (the cop) and Ty definitely knows something isn't right with Lilly and Veronica. I hope they step in real soon to prevent further abuse. I also really like that they aren't dragging things out. We know they ar
  7. I laughed so hard at Manischewitz joke. It's crap wine and after all this time there should be much better Jewish wine. Manischewitz could even update it and call it "New Manischewitz" (and hope it doesn't meet the same fate at New Coke)
  8. Thank you for that explanation. That makes a lot more sense than what I was imagining.
  9. That's crazy that you're comfort is at the whim of the landlord or building owner. I'm sure a lot of people think I keep my house way too warm. I keep the A/C at 76 in the summer and the heat at 72 in the winter. At night I'll drop the heat to 68 but that's almost too cold for me. Note to self: never move to the north east
  10. But why do they control the heat? Does that mean you can't adjust the temperature in your own home?
  11. I am very confused about individual apartments or apartment like living not having individual climate control. I could not imagine living somewhere that I could not turn on the central heat or A/C to control the climate in my own home.
  12. And an update - my house lions woke me up earlier than I would have liked, so I got up, dressed and took the sign off my door. The guy just left, they didn't even get started until 9. What a bunch of BS stress for no reason.
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