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  1. Costco has PJ sets and sleep shorts that may suit your needs. And Duluth Trading Company (my newest clothing store obsession) has shorts with a longer inseam.
  2. @JTMacc99 don't push your friends down!
  3. Just leave the TP and nobody gets hurt.
  4. OMGoodness, @shapeshifter I'm so sorry.
  5. I'd probably wear a mask or face shield at home if I was around other people, and limit contact (in addition to making sure I cover any coughs and sneezes) but I wouldn't worry too much about clothing or shoes. Remember, the virus begins to die the minute it leaves the host and the CDC continues to say the risk of surface transmission is highly unlikely. *Also remember it took me months to get to this point - in the beginning I was in the "OMG it can self propel and will get wisked up by a gust of wind, like a dandelion and find its way directly into my eye when someone closes the trunk during contactless delivery". **I'm not a doctor and don't play one on the internet.
  6. I want to know where Vermont Country Store gets their inventory. They have candy & snacks that has been discontinued for years!
  7. I don't think it's discontinued. It's probably just sold out everywhere.
  8. Anyone else anxiously awaiting the splashdown of the Dragon capsule? Man, love science and space stuff!
  9. They can and do. It's called "neighbor spoofing" (I think).
  10. Impeeding traffic is a major hazzard and is ticketable in most, if not all states (check your state for applicable laws). Slower traffic to the right, if someone is driving so slow they have to have their hazzards on, it is safest for everyone for that driver to exit the freeway. One thing this shithole state gets right is the "minimum speed" signs on the freeway. They're like 40, but if someone can't even go 40 they need to get off the freeway. I used to carpool with someone who would get in the far left lane and turn on cruise control at 65. Not OK. I eventually started driving all the time and ultimately stopped carpooling with her.
  11. And I get extra irritated when I have to be there early and have to pay for parking for that extra time. I get why they do it, I find the doctors that have "check in" 15 minutes early tend to run more on time than those that don't but, still. Meh.
  12. I've been rationing the stash of N95 masks I got from work back when this all started. Now that masks with the valve are not good I ordered some KN95 masks from a company I saw on Instagram that had great reviews through multiple sources on the internet. I paid for expedited shipping, the order supposedly shipped Wednesday, tracking never updated. Company sent a replacement out Thursday but it won't be here until Monday. I am flying Monday AM and the masks I currently use are banned on Delta. I have other masks, I just feel extra secure with the ones I've been using. I'm not optimistic the original order will show up tomorrow and I intend to ask for a refund on the shipping costs. If the replacements actually show up I'll keep them. My pet sitter can bring them in for me)
  13. I visited my parents in June and am going again next week. I have to fly to get there and I isolate (my state also allows testing for all so I get a test). I wear a mask and I fly Delta which has been uber strict about masks (they turned a flight around) and limiting capacity. My parents are older and already not in the best of health so I can either isolate and never see them and something happens and now I can really never see them or I can take a calculated risk (with their OK) and hedge our bets things will be OK. I have a bendy silicone straw that I can slide under my mask to drink water. I ate a big breakfast before my first flight so I wouldn't be hungry but I did take my mask off for a couple minutes to inhale a snack.
  14. Ice cream can be a proper meal if you choose wisely. I recommend PB & Chocolate. Peanut butter for the protein, chocolate for the beans, milk in the ice cream is dairy. Rocky Road, too. There is protein in the nuts and RR comes with a built in dessert! Marshmallows!
  15. Awww. He just wanted to make a friend! But if @JTMacc99 adds vodka, some Worcestershire sauce, tabasco and it and garnishes it with celery he may care about the smell less.
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