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  1. Hopefully they get you hooked up with a chair. If they don't, you can get a nice one from OfficeMax for less than $200. I'm trying to find the one I picked up earlier this year (an upgrade from an IKEA one) but my email isn't cooperating. It had an absurd amount of positive ratings and was all over Buzzfeed for awhile.
  2. Hour and a half? I'd do non stop on a full flight, especially if I could sit towards the front, over a layover or driving 10 hours.
  3. The thing about science is it is always changing. My decisions based on facts are just that, based on the facts currently at hand. Not my opinion, not the opinion of scientists, not the opinion of researchers. I don't know how I can make it any clearer that my decisions are based on facts and not my or others opinion, so I'm going to stop engaging in this facts vs opinion debate and get back to the decisions I've made based on the facts at hand and personal experience with traveling during the pandemic.
  4. To clarify, I am basing my decision, not opinion, on facts provided by science (transmission methods) and the facts of what the airlines (filters, ventilation, requirements) are doing, not opinions on what they are doing. I am sharing my personal experience (what this thread is about) on what I've experienced in recent months and how those facts I based my decision on came into play. That sounds like a solid plan. American is flying full flights but it's probably a 50/50 shot of which is safer, the non-stop on a full flight or a layover on a flight with empty seats. How long is your flight? You can say that again!
  5. And if he did shake the hand of this other person he could make a conscious effort to not touch his face and use hand sanitizer or wash his hands as soon as possible. The HEPA filtration isn't new for COVID. It's getting a lot of air-time these days because so many people (like myself) were always under the impression the air on the plane is recycled and the air in the vents is just dirty, recycled air. I'm sharing my personal experience with flying and the science based decisions I've made to do so with others, like @shapeshifter who may have to fly in the near future. I've felt safe on Delta. I've felt that the precautions Delta has in place, the filtration systems, plus the fact that people aren't participating in high risk droplet producing activities such as talking, yelling, singing, and are wearing a mask if they sneeze or cough, plus the precautions I take make for as safe as an experience as can be. These are all my first hand experiences that I hope can help someone who may have to fly.
  6. Someone here pointed it out in the first episode. I'm terrible with placing most people in other shows and her face was someone that was driving me bonkers because I couldn't place it (and IMDBing the cast was too hard because I'm lazy on Sunday nights).
  7. All we can do is make smart, educated, science based decisions. Since I am choosing to fly, I trust that Delta is telling me the truth about how their ventilation system works. And I've felt safe on my flights and at the airport. Masks are worn (required), no one is is really speaking. I'm not talking to the person next to me and the people in front of or behind me aren't speaking. The air coming out of the vent over my head is just that, over my head. I've come a very long way since this started, when I was too afraid to even get curb-side pick-up at Target. I hope that my experiences will help others.
  8. It was so nice of kitty to box them up for you, too! Orange kitties are the best kitties (I have two orange boys).
  9. I enjoyed the season finale as well as the episodes leading up to it. It seems Huck may be rethinking her loyalty to her mother and I'm really looking forward to the fallout once she learns they killed off all of the Campus Colony. We had a bit of foreshadowing to Hope's intelligence when she took apart and reassembled the tornado siren earlier in the season. All in all it's a fun ride and something new to watch. I do hope that Annet Mahendru's cadence changes next season. I've only seen her in The American's and can't tell if she is trying to hide a natural accent or add a random accent but the way Huck speaks can be improved.
  10. I'm sure airplane ventilation technology has come a long way since 1984. Everything I've read from reputable sources such as Delta.com, the airline I choose to fly, (scroll down to "Cleaner Air and Surfaces" for the videos), has indicated the air coming out from the vent over your head is directly from the HEPA filter. In addition, the air is circulated from top (clean air is pulled in) to bottom (stale air is sucked out), it's not recycled air (as I thought prior to my research once I knew I'd be flying during COVID)
  11. My mom called right at 9 and I missed the first 15 minutes. Was it more Hick backstory?
  12. My dad goes to the store 3-4 times a week. It's his "outing" and no amount of begging or explaining about curb side pick-up made a difference. He spent his entire life hating having people over, hated going out, always wanted to stay home and now... now he has to go to the damn store multiple times a week. I told my mom to tell him he has to limit his trips during the next 2 weeks, before I go out there. To tell him I'm not planning on doing anything, going anywhere until I go to the airport where I'll put on a mask in my car after I park and won't take it off until I am in my mom's car when she picks me up.
  13. It's extra fun here in hell (Georgia). The governor refuses to implement a mask mandate. The city of Atlanta, which is where the airport is, has one which means the airport is supposed to have one but it's over-written by the governors "we won't require masks and ask that people do the right thing by wearing one'. Look at our numbers and you can see how well that is working out. I fucking hate Georgia and living in "the south". Bleh. Thankfully, the two other times I have flown everyone was wearing a mask and keeping distance. I won't get on the sky train, instead I opt to walk between terminals. I want to get a shirt that says "mask the fuck up or back the fuck up".
  14. I've flown several times and have felt safe. If you can't drive, then fly but do so, smartly. Fly Delta (they are blocking middle seats until 2021), require masks on board and in the boarding area. If you can afford to, book the aisle and window seat so you have the row to yourself. The air coming out of the vents is directly out of the HEPA filter. I'm sure I've posted links to articles in this thread but they are easily to find in Google. At the airport, people were good about social distancing in line (I also have TSA Pre-Check and you only lowered your mask for a moment for TSA to see you are who you are on your ID. TSA is masked. Once in the boarding area (again, Delta requires masks in the boarding area, too). Just remember how it's transmitted. There's no need for Depends (unless you utilize them already). If you go into a restroom, masked, and don't lick anything, chances of contracting it are slim. You'd have to be in the exact wrong place at the wrong time.
  15. I'm spending my first ever Thanksgiving, alone. It's never been a big event in my family, always just me and my parents. After I moved, I flew home the first year, had dinner with some neighbors the second year and went over to a friends house last year. I ordered a fancy dinner to-go and am supposed to be having a zoom dinner with my friend and her man-friend. We'll see if it actually happens.
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