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  1. Thank you for sharing your experience! How long did they say for test results?
  2. I'm really looking forward to The King of Staten Island. I hope making it helps Pete heal from his fathers death.
  3. The Trader Joe's by me (in GA) was limiting the amount of people inside. People were pretty oblvious to distancing in the aisles but more were wearing masks than not. A friend of mine had a great tip that is probably applicable to all TJs: don't go at noon on a weekend. Try going at 2pm in the middle of the week. For me that resulted in waiting a few minutes outside where people did distance. They were spraying down all the carts and requiring people to use hand sanitizer before entering (they had a pump they dispensed it from.
  4. So you're saying if I post a photo in a mask holding a recent newspaper I'll end up in a movie and be rescued by Jason Satham, The Rock and/or Idris Elba and we'll ride off into the sunset for a happily ever after?
  5. Same. I will also enter a 1-way aisle the correct way but if I need something that I passed I'll go back and grab it before exiting the aisle. I don't drag my cart with me but I'll go back and get what I need. ---- This evening some asshat shot off a sparkler / whistler thing on the road right outside my house. It's a gated complex like an apartment complex and when I say road I mean blacktop road, not a public street and while it's a 'public to the complex' space it's not a shared space that there is another house on the other side where this dude lives. I went down to ask him to go shoot them off somewhere else because he was scaring my animals. I didn't think to wear a mask because I'm a moron and there was a good 10ft between us but then he let his puppy run up to me and I had to hand it back while finishing the conversation and now I put myself at risk. He was nice about it, said someone told him to shoot them off in the back and I pointed out the back of the complex was on the other side, where there is a public street. I washed my hands and my face but bleh. I'm so annoyed with myself for not wearing a mask. Fucking asshat, it's not even the 4th of July. There was no need to do that shit (even though it's legal).
  6. It's been nearly 3 years since I left my safe haven of Long Beach, CA .I've yet to warm to living in hell (Georgia) and this is just making me miss home even more. Going home in a few weeks isn't going to help but I really need to see my parents.
  7. I went to Trader Joe's last weekend and was pretty happy with the experience. They are limiting how many people are allowed in at once but the line moved pretty fast. The carts were being sprayed with disinfectant outside and clean carts were inside (and in hindsight I didn't see any kiddie carts). They had partitions up and ask that you stand at the head of the check-stand while they ring up and bag your groceries then the cashier steps back while you pay (and the person bagging moves to another check-stand). All employees were masked and I only saw one who had it hanging off his ear. As someone who has been bringing my own bags for the past few decades it's hard to leave them at home but we do what we have to do.
  8. If you happen to run into someone you know wave, give them acknowledgment and go about your business. For all you know they aren't looking to talk to anyone either. When you get home you can always reach out to them.
  9. Taking produces spittle which can contain viral load if a person is infected even if they are asymptomatic. That is one of the reasons masks are so important; however, unnecessary talking is still unnecessary and dangerous. People chattering away on their cell phones, especially when unmasked get a stink eye. I would ignore anyone who is trying to make small-talk with me. Please and thank you and excuse me are enough. Just get in, get your stuff and get out. Shopping is not social hour.
  10. I'm not going to get in a debate about line waiting ethics. My response was based on the information provided. We have no idea why this woman was asking to go in ahead of the line. "Senior" hours were designed for a multitude of reasons but I'll never have an issue with someone who is elderly going ahead of me in any line at any time of the day.
  11. Perhaps she had limited stamina. Perhaps she left her elderly partner at home or in the car and they shouldn't be left alone for long. Maybe she just needed to get a prescription. It's a shame that the security guard didn't allow her even if it was outside of senior hours. I'd hope if my parents were in a similar situation people would have a little empathy for the elderly who are navigating this pandemic alone.
  12. I've decided that I'm going to go home in June for Father's Day weekend. I need to see my parents. I'm going to put my ass on the first flight out of a Delta flight (masks required and middle seats are blocked), parking my ass in first class (looks like it's only one person per row) and hope for the best. I won't be renting a car this trip (to avoid people on a shuttle) so if my parents want to see me they'll have to pick me up. After reading about the filtration on the flight and reminding myself about how viral load transmission works I'll be OK taking drinks of water throughout the flight.
  13. I think you mean drinking from her bowl. She's adorable!
  14. Thanks for checking in (and sorry I didn't update). There was barfed up string on the bedroom floor yesterday morning that matches one of the missing sections. I'm 90% sure he ate both pieces but I haven't seen any other barfed string but I did go squish all the kitty litter (and poops) in their litter genie bag and I think the other string was in there. Sorry if that was TMI. I'm keeping a close eye on him and will bring him into the vet if needed but he seems to be fine.
  15. Dude. Don't tempt nature!
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