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  1. theredhead77

    S16. E24. Daughters

    I loved everything about this finale and hope Ziva is real. The only part about Ziva's return I'm not looking forward to is all the complaining about it.
  2. theredhead77

    Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    There are definitely two sides to the Depp / Heard situation and it doesn't appear either of them are innocent.
  3. theredhead77

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    On Saturday and Sunday the kitten-cat was urgently alerting me that I was late for work at 7:45am (I don't work on the weekends). He went so far as to bop me in the head on Saturday. This morning all my alarms and coffee makers go off and I slept through it all. Woke up late. What was Mr. Alarm Clock doing? Sleeping in a ball of kitten-cat on the edge of the bed.
  4. theredhead77

    Online Dating: The good, the bad and the ugly

    @Lantern7 walk us through a date. What type of place do you meet at? What do you talk about? How long is the interaction?
  5. I wouldn't have noticed except for the constant airtime of that scene in the premier over the past few days and right before the final episode.
  6. In the final scene Penny is wearing the shirt she wore in the first episode.
  7. I loved every minute of this finale and felt it was pretty true to life. I'm down with the way they handled Penny's pregnancy. Penny didn't want kids, then drunken SURPRISE! I have friends who didn't want kids end up with a surprise baby and they are awesome parents. Not moving from the apartment or moving on from jobs - why should they? All of them have successful careers. Leonard toyed with the idea of moving on and is happy with the path the University offered him. I would have been annoyed if it ended 'Friends style" with them giving up the apartment and moving into a house. Nothing in the last season or last few episodes built up to that. Their apartment is awesome. I do think Sheldon finally saw how his behavior impacted others and he looked beyond crushed when Amy included herself in the people that tolerate him. Life goes on, a big award doesn't have to mean a lifestyle upgrade and neither Shelon or Amy are materialistic. I loved Amy's makeover and Raj helping her. I follow MB on Instagram and saw her new hair cut, I had no idea it was part of the show. I'm going to miss this show so much. Thankfully it looks like it's going to become the next Law and Order and will always be broadcasting on some station.
  8. theredhead77

    Pet Peeves

    @GoodieGirl I'm too confrontational for my own good. FWIW, I don't think "no judgement zone" covers being disruptive. They may not even know they are being that loud and a a smile and a reference to the volume may be all it takes.
  9. theredhead77

    Pet Peeves

    @janestclair your doctor should be able to help you get in touch with a patient advocate. If you're already been receiving this treatment and it's working there are supposed to be provisions that you don't have to jump through all the hoops with a different insurance company. Talk with a professional before completely freaking out (I would be freaking out too) @GoodieGirl - I can't deal with that level of noise from either gender or the asshats who decide to take a conference call while on a cardio machine (I loathe the commercial that shows a dude on the phone at the gym). I used to take out my ear buds, interrupt the loudies and tell them I'm listening to my music, or action movie at full volume and can still hear them clearly and it's usually enough to get them to lower their volume or move on.
  10. theredhead77


    Interesting. The oil I bought is in a clearly labeled container that it doesn't contain THC and it's goes under your tongue, not vaped. It smells like orange. I won't take it with me when I travel because it would be just my luck that the ATL TSA stops me for a product that is legal in GA while traveling to CA where actual weed is legal. I read about a grandmother who was arrested after her prescribed CBD products were spotted by Disney World security. She was arrested by the Orlando PD.
  11. theredhead77


    Amy Farrah Fowler said it best
  12. theredhead77


    @KnoxForPres science can probably help with your feelings. I'm a huge hypocrite since I can't bring myself to schedule an appointment with a therapist (to deal with my pre-move issues and the acclimation to GA and "the south" issues that are only getting worse). I did just pick up some [legal] CBD oil and it may be a placebo effect but I've felt calmer, more focused and less distressed since I started it. It is my last resort before I go the science route but I'm already on medications that require liver function tests every 3 months and I don't want to add more medication to that (and eventually have to give up my craft beer habit since you aren't supposed to drink with those medications). The doctor who prescribes the medication I am on is aware of my social drinking and says it's fine as long as I don't go crazy. I'm old. Going crazy results in 4 day hangovers.
  13. I'm still bitter about Jericho. I was watching The Kids are Alright and then I couldn't find it anymore and figured it was cancelled awhile ago.
  14. theredhead77

    S03. E22. Pillar of Salt

    I fell asleep (not due to lack of interest). What was the outcome?