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  1. Normally the smothering Beverly does offsets how awful Erica, Barry and Adam are but man how awful Barry and Adam were to Murray really hit me in the feels. To this day I wish my dad would have done something like that (or any sporting event or concert, or anything in the nosebleeds) with me. I would have been confused because like Murray he was (and still is) very much a come home and watch TV type of person I would have never considered ditching him.
  2. @Bastet thanks! I'll check them out. I did a quick Google which took me to the Leaping Bunny website that has a search, too. Adding to the difficulty mix learning that while a company may not do animal testing in the states, the UK or Canada but if their product is sold in China the Chinese government requires animal testing. This all started with me when I got shampoo in my eye. It hurt so fucking bad that right then and there I decided I would no longer support companies that test on animals.
  3. I'm trying to be a better resident of earth and have migrated over to Certified B companies like Seventh Generation and Method for my cleaning and laundry. After being a life long Tide and Downy user (original scents only, please) I fully made the transition to Seventh Generation Free & Clear and Method Ginger Mango fabric softener. I can't stand lavender or most scents but the ginger mango is super mild. Granted, it's just me I wash clothing for and my stuff isn't heavily soiled but I think these work just as well as Tide and Downy. Their bathroom cleaners are great, too) I'm also trying to migrate to cruelty free make-up & toiletries and was not looking forward to paying Sephora prices (I'm a Target girl for most things). I moved over to Method body wash which seems to be thicker & lasts longer than the Up & Up soap I had been using. I was also stoked to discover that E.L.F. is cruelty free and budget friendly. Their face gel and night creme is great! Next up will be shampoo & conditioner. Any suggestions?
  4. I love Halloween. I'll give candy to anyone who comes to the door. Baby with parents, teens barely dressed up, I don't care. In California I had a ton of kids since I lived on a main street behind another main street that is also a shopping area. I hated hearing how people would hassle teens for trick-or-treating. Be happy they're asking for candy and not out pranking. I'm not talking about the teens who come out after the lights are off and are there to be jerks, I'm talking about the ones who are out during "big kid" hours and are having fun. We don't know what their home life is, or why they aren't all decked out but is the angst over a fun size candy bar really worth it?
  5. I always go with national chains instead of the "local guy" because I know the national chain is national and if there are are issues there is recourse. Speaking of, anyone have a good "national chain" of electricians? I need to have two switches moved. Garage switch needs to go in the garage and the hallway switch needs to go by the garage door. Does anyone here have experience with Angie's List?
  6. theredhead77

    S3.06: Monsters

    I had no idea the man in the windshield was based on a true story. How awful. The kids held in the basement was based off the real life Turpin case. https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/19/us/turpin-parents-sentencing-friday/index.html I'm new to this show and I get their premise is snap-shots of several events but I wish they had spent more time on the kids storyline.
  7. I did too. I'm going to hit Home Depot this weekend and talk to them. Maybe I need a different style.
  8. I replaced the ballcock in my toilet with a fill valve (suggested by the internet and the dude at Ace). It was pretty easy once I found the second bolt to unscrew. I also bought a new flapper as the one in the toilet fell apart as soon as I touched it but the chain on the new one is shorter than the old one. Right now I have it MacGyvered but I need to get a different one because it's slow leaking and ghost flushing.
  9. I remember my mom used to have these bath things (probably the 80s version of a bath bomb) in a cardboard tray (with a clear plastic lid), all individually wrapped and they all had a different flower scent... And I did a Google crap shoot and came up with what I was thinking of!
  10. That was a great idea. If I ever need to evacuate I'll use a gym bag or luggage. or pillow cases.
  11. He's still a teenager and they aren't known to be perfect all the time. There's a difference in the situations above and asking why someone is asleep on the couch as "why is he still here". There's even a better way to ask why is he still here that Missy obviously hasn't learned yet.
  12. The World Central Kitchen is feeding all evacuees and first responders fighting the devastating fires in NorCal. If you're inclined, you can donate to them directly through their site https://donate.wck.org/give/236738/#!/donation/checkout
  13. I think it's a problem if the man or woman isn't supporting the children they created.
  14. As an added bonus, it's some savings to taxpayers, too.
  15. I sure hope so, they came out in 2014. I love them. And I love the cold weather because my two sweet cuddle bugs have turned into snuggle monsters. Sometimes it's emphasis on the monster part, usually at 3am.
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