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  1. Yea, I am super pissed. It's a culture of excuses and letting it slide and I'm the one that needs to conform and accept it. That's not happening. I will keep my mouth shut about politics but I did report another manager for being transphobic behind closed doors when chatting with a subordinate (I swear I posted about that in this thread) That's never OK. I let it slide when a coworker dropped the N word only because we were at a non-company sponsored event at a bar at 1am. He did get lit up by me but I didn't rat him out by name to HR. If I heard that shit during the day or even during a business dinner or cocktail hour (at not 1am) I'd light him up and report his racist ass. The one person who has the giant cross decorates with these beautiful, handmade decorative wreaths she hangs on the outside of her cube (one per holiday). She does it for every holiday. The Easter one is the only one that bugs me and that's because it's a giant cross.
  2. I don't even know what this means and I'm wondering why people are renaming themselves to something my cat comes up with when he walks across the keyboard. Tekashi 6ix9ine Testifies He Ordered Murder Of Chief Keef,
  3. I think Faye is hellbent on tearing the firm apart even if it means destroying relationships instead of disbanding it. So she can't break it up but she can't stand to lose so she'll tear it apart from the inside, out. She was bummed about not being able to see Harvey and Donna as a couple. Which makes no sense since she is still around in the Suits universe and they could have just as easily said she is looking forward to seeing them soon when they come to visit (or H & D go to visit). Teenagers are a lot of things, logical and rational is not one of them.
  4. I work for a global, publicly traded company. Bible verses do not belong on "motivational message boards" (every department has one) and "well it is "The South" is bullshit. Take your religious nonsense out of the office. I don't say shit about Christmas trees in the lobby (no representation for Kwanza or Hanukkah) or people who decorate their cubes with crosses and all sorts of Jesus nonsense for Easter but that board is over the line. Local HR agrees. The big HR bosses (in the same office) are the ones pulling out "it's The South" bullshit. I hope someone sues.
  5. How awful. The bus carrying Josh Turner's road crew plunged down an embankment killing 1 and injuring 7 after leaving their show in Paso Robles. Story from CBS2 here
  6. I love it when the internet has a meeting and agrees on something.
  7. Have you considered seeing a therapist to help you sort out what is going on and your [completely understandable] feelings?
  8. And he can still keep his guns unless he is declared mentally unfit. I fear that will only happen after he shoots someone. There has got to be emergency procedures in place to confiscate the guns of someone who is on a rapid downward spiral.
  9. "Family parties are for those who participate in the family". Since she isn't, no family party for her. Nothing is stopping individual family members from sending her a card or gift if they choose but why should they feel obligated to attend a party for someone whose actions are showing they aren't interested in participating in the family?
  10. I'm ready to evacuate now!
  11. I don't know anyone who still has "family birthday parties" at 18, let alone 19 so my answer is a resounding NO, especially with everything else. Besides, she's getting one, from her dad. She knows how to reach her grandparents and chooses not to. If something happens to them her lack of communication and visits is on her, not you and not them.
  12. Dr. Who taught me that everyone speaks perfect British English regardless of what time period you travel to.
  13. Perhaps, but he and his car-mate (spouse, friend, partner, who knows) seemed to be having a grand old time in their car before he flung open the door. I think he's just careless.
  14. Friday after work I was fiddling around in my new car and watched my neighbor zip into the parking spot right next to me. I had a feeling he wasn't going to be careful when he opened the door but before I could back out, he flung it open and bumped my side mirror. I got out of my car and asked him to be careful next time as he just hit my mirror. He started telling me he didn't and started taking pictures of the mirror. I told him to shut his door, I was going to move my car and he kept telling me to come look at the mirror. I knew it wasn't bad, it was just a tap and if he hadn't flung his door open I wouldn't have cared, I am aware car doors have a way of getting away from you sometimes. I told him "all I said was to be careful next time". If that's his response I can only imagine how many times someone has called him out for that. Thankfully it didn't leave a scuff.
  15. I realize this ad is probably polarizing but I know couples like this and it cracks me up every time. Go have fun and bring me back some potato skins.
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