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  1. Thank you. I didn't mean to imply that I'm 100% isolated. I do have friends here but at the end of the day their #1 priority will be their own families. A life long friend of mine lives in PHL, it's a 12 hour drive and 2 tanks of gas and my friends parents live just outside of Nashville. Hit Target today for my normal Target run plus a little extra. Got 2 boxes of litter and an extra bag of food. If I couldn't go to the store effective today, kitties would be fine for about 6 -8 weeks. The litter box would be a bit gross but I could stretch if if I changed it every other week instead of weekly. I've moved towards plant based cruelty free products but the one thing I still use is bleach, for the kitty box and whites so I got an extra bottle of bleach and a thing of straight up Pine Sol. I'm not going to chance my trusted Seventh Generation and Method products. Best case I wasted $10 on cleaning stuff I may not use. I need to reorganize my freezer. It's one of those bottom drawer ones and it's so easy for stuff to get lost. After I do that it's off to Sprouts for my normal produce grocery run. In completely unrelated news, I just started a composting service called CompostNow. I'm pretty excited that my food scraps will go to good use instead of down the disposal or into the landfill.
  2. I'm a little concerned but that's because I'm so far removed from friends and family (they're in CA, I'm still stuck in hell GA) and my anxiety is permanently at a 'what if something happens, I'm by myself out here'. I don't have a lot of faith in the response measures so I'm going to a bit of prep-mode. My mom says she says she's not concerned at all. I was doing 'eat the pantry & freezer' that could continue for another week or so but I decided to restock this weekend. When fully stocked I can go about a month without having to go to the store (frozen fruits and veggies by week 2). I'm also buying an extra bag of cat food and extra kitty litter. It's not a terrible idea to keep an extra bag of cat food around regardless and I have an airtight container. Prescriptions are mail order and I was filling up my gas tank tomorrow, regardless because it's time to fill up. The one OOT thing I did was get some masks from work. The shortages have me concerned. Worst case they're used for this. Best case they're used for their purpose, painting, heavy cleaning, etc...
  3. It may have been explained but people hear what they want to hear. I think it's one of those "I was today years old when I learned" things in general and a process that while easy to understand the concept of having to sue just sucks.
  4. It's the same thing (albeit a much larger scale) as someone suing over a car accident or injury on their property. You aren't usually suing the person, you're suing their insurance company. The lawsuit is a formality [with terrible optics] that is required for a settlement even if the other party is accepting blame and willing to pay without contesting it.
  5. That's what I'm thinking. Bryant (and her lawyers) are suing the insurance companies (and possibly the estate), not the people. It's a formality that has terrible optics.
  6. And I get that. My point was, Melissa McBride is nailing the storyline they are giving Carol. I don't mind that everyone is relatively clean looking and they arne't depicting people with rotting teeth. I couldn't watch the show if I had to look at the main cast with a mouth full of decaying teeth. My stomach couldn't handle it.
  7. Say what you will about the writing for Carol, she is a woman in crisis and Melissa McBride is bringing it!
  8. I found out Petsmart will price match Chewy.
  9. I'll be over here in my party-of-one chair saying that I thought this was a solid episode. Neegan is learning he may have bit off more than he can chew with Alpha and the Whispers and he seemed pretty scared (good) when he was walking in front of Alpha. I'm never going to say no to a shirtless JDM but Alpha leaving the mask on was a bit much. I'd put my money on her wearing the mask was a mind-game to get Neegan back to being "murderingraplingNeegan" and it did seemed like he switched personas from reforming / deep spy to murderraping Neegan pretty quick.
  10. His first and second marriages lasted nearly 20 years, each. This one is going on 10. Give him time. Though it would be nice if he actually quit running around and the third time was the charm. I don't usually GAF what people I don't know do in their personal lives but his "advise" just grates given his history. Now, Mark Harmon can give advice all day long.
  11. Here's the same story for those who don't want to give Fox clicks https://parade.com/997970/amyspencer/harrison-ford-call-of-the-wild/ And the "secrets" Pretty ironic from a dude who cheated on one wife with Carrie Fisher, and cheated on his second wife with either Minnie Driver, Calista Flockhart (current wife) or both. I love Ford as an actor but he is in no position to give marriage advice or "advice".
  12. FWIW, my company (and our direct competitors) have stopped selling N95 and similar masks to anyone who isn't an established customer with a history of ordering these masks. We (and our competitors) cut off sales to the public several weeks ago and cancelled all public orders trying to ship overseas. At this stage I would be very wary of any third party re-seller, price-gouging aside. And FWIW, the N95 mask won't provide more protection than a basic surgical mask.
  13. How did I miss @bilgistic's news?! Congratulations! While it's not idea I hope it's better for you than your current job! -- Made it back from Costco unscathed. People were stalking spots, but thankfully the aisles are wide enough that cars can go around. My Costco peeve is people who can't navigate that gas line. It's not tandem in & out. If you happen to be done at the same time as the person in front of you, great, otherwise use the wide-ass aisle and pull out so the car behind you can start pumping. On that note, people who don't park close to the pump which prevents other cars from using the aforementioned wide-ass aisle. The pumping lanes are wide enough that you don't have to hug the pump but there is no reason to stop your car in the wide-ass aisle! There's even a line for guidance!
  14. Unsafe drivers irritate the crap out of me but people who don't pull over or make a hole for emergency vehicles piss me right the fuck off. Years ago I decided that all drivers driving like idiots are trying to get to the hospital or the home to say goodbye to a dying loved one, or to get to the birth of their child and it's really helped my stress level. I'm off to Costco now. The parking lot will either be packed or dead. Wish me luck!
  15. Yes, I would like that very much. How can I get that to be delivered to my desk immediately?
  16. Yea, that ruined the entire episode for me. Animals don't understand why their hoomans don't come back. I get why he committed suicide but that poor doggie.
  17. It's possible that person has been circling for awhile and you're the first spot they've seen. Or maybe they don't see the other spots around you and the spot you have looks to be the only spot they may have the chance at without circling. Or they could be like my mom, who will circle because while she doesn't have a disabled placard it is difficult for her to walk through the parking lot to the store, shop then walk back to her car with a cart. Help at the store isn't always available and it's just easier for her to wait for a spot that's closer. Besides, taking longer because someone is waiting is just causing more cars to back up behind them. It doesn't take an average person all that long to load up a car and return the cart. It's not unreasonable to wait for a spot.
  18. That's totally on her! On the flip side I have endless patience for people who are moving as fast as *they* can. I made the mistake of going to Costco on a Saturday afternoon. Found a promising spot with two adults and a couple infants loading up their car. The man was loading up the trunk and the woman was loading up the kids. It took awhile because of all the things but things take time. Honking won't make them go any faster.
  19. Matched with a dude. Initial small talk reveals that he goes out of state every weekend to visit his son. Awesome, involved parent but I need someone who is available on weekends. So I basically said it doesn't sound like our schedules mesh, I need someone who has weekends open because I work long hours during the week. His response was he's not afraid to make time after work but it's up to me. Yea, no. It's not about time. It's about energy. And also if you're gone every weekend social event options are limited and it sounds like you have a secret family you're stepping out on while your away for work.
  20. I think it's the same of every other spot, moreso for a limited quantity spot like a spaces for people with disabilities: if someone is waiting you get situated, seatbelt on and vacate the spot. I realize you may not have known someone was waiting in this situation and may have been scouting so they saw you get into the car and prepare to leave before stopping to look at something so they beeped to alert you to know they were there. I would have, and have done the same thing when someone is taking far too long to vacate their spot in a packed lot.
  21. Lindsey really needs to learn how to read a room, too. Interrupting with an "OMG I'm so glad you're OK hug" is fine but not ending their interaction with "I'll catch up with you later" was not.
  22. That was intense! For the first time since the premier I wasn't sure there would be a positive outcome (in the hostage situation). I'm cool with the drama being in the personal relationships but I'm here for the 'do the right thing' courtroom time.
  23. If they turn them off they'll save electricity! Your tax dollars at rest.
  24. I've been thinking about this. Darlene spending the night at Ben's and at David's wasn't something she was doing every night and IMHO it's unfair to paint her as a harlot who was out with a different man every evening neglecting her kids. When we picked up she just moved back to Lanford and she was working at a casino, probably a night shift. That job probably kept her away from home way more often than either of her relationships. Harris is a teenager and we have no idea what kind of relationship Darlene and Harris had in Chicago. We do know Harris took the move to Lanford extremely hard and is not handling it well, at all. Not to say Darlene isn't handling Harris' not handling it, well it's not as if Harris is trying to adapt to the [temporary] circumstances.
  25. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and I hope it inspires people to register and vote, period. Harris may have done well in school before moving back to Lanford but with Lanford being a depressed town I can't imaging their public schools are that great, which means any sort of guidance counseling would be subpar, if at all. I don't find it unbelievable that Harris wasn't provided any support or guidance with college applications. What knowledge she has probably came from her time in Chicago. I don't blame Dan one bit for feeling as he does. The family way over-stepped, even without knowing Dan and Louise "broke up". The reality of the Conner family day-to-day life is depressing but it is real life for more families and people than we want to admit. I think Mark and Harris will be the ones to break the cycle but it shouldn't be easy for them since it's not easy for people in that situation.
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